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My first time with a man, not related to me

By the time I turned 18, I was a father, and quite the seasoned lover thanks in large part to my wonderful f****y.

A few days after I graduated from high school, a buddy and I joined the military. And when we got to boot, we realized that we had gotten ourselves in a world of hurt, but we pushed through and eventually graduated at the top of our class in the number one and two spots.
And for my fellow vets out there, you understand that this means that we got our choice of duty stations from our dream sheet.

We went to Hawaii, and did quite well for ourselves. We would take off and go ... Continue»
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Out in the Woods

I'd imagined many times that first touch of another man but being 47 and married it was never going to happen until one Saturday afternoon when I decided to at least see if I could make it happen. I drove to a place just outside the city to an area I'd heard was well frequented and pulling into the car park I was really nervous but excited at the same time. There were a couple of empty cars which I assumed belonged to the usual dog walkers. Having sat in the car for ten minutes or so I decided that as it was still light I'd have a look round. I climbed the fence and followed a well worn pa... Continue»
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Guy in the park

One night I was d***k and walking home late at night and I decided to cut through a park as a shortcut. I don't know what it was but being alone in this park late at night made me really horny and I got the urge to strip off all my clothes and walk around. And that's exactly what I did.
It was unbelievably thrilling walking around completely naked in a public park like that knowing I could get caught at any moment.
Well doing this got me so fucking horny that I needed to jack off BAD!!! So I went over to the playground and laid on the bottom of a slide and started jacking off wildly.
... Continue»
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Cottaging was my introduction to this side of my sexuality. I discovered the various pornographic stories and the like on the local (though, unfortunately, no longer there) quay toilet walls and would regularly go in to read them and wank off. A couple of the cubicles had gloryholes and as much as I fantasized about using one I could never seem to time it right as far as having a willing partner next door.

Then one day I went in to have a read and a wank and saw that one of the cubicle doors was locked and, as the ones with the gloryholes were well away from the main door, with plenty of ... Continue»
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The Lake District

The Lake District in the North West of England was the
proud host for a number of glory holes from Carlisle
in the Northern part to Kendal in the Southern part.
Many a happy day was spent in each of the venues. Two
events stay clearly in my mind.

On the West Coast were two towns of Workington and
Whitehaven. Workington had two amazing toilets, one in
the centre and one in a nearby park. On one visit
there, just I was getting heavily involved with an
attractive young lad, when the attendant felt it was
time to clean the place and announced loudly that
(even tough it was lunch tim... Continue»
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Public Toilet Encounter

I have always loved wanking myself off in public toilets, and seeing who else is hanging around: either to wank or show off their cocks. I stopped off on a number of occasions in Chesterfield - a market-type-town in Derbyshire, England. Two real hot and interesting cruisey toilets are located there: one on the bottom level of a multi-storey car park and the other on the edge of town.

The one on the edge of town is quieter, and I called in around 8pm one night in late autumn - I was in my early 40s at the time. The toilet lights were off, or broken, so the only light available came from the ... Continue»
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Another GloryHole Story

A true story in a cottage with a gloryhole in Romford market which is now demolished. The toilets were so niotoriously cruisy in it's day that it ended up as a shocking headliner in the local paper. Anyway it's not about that.

It was a warm summer day and the air was still. I spent the day browsing around the town centre looking in the shops, drinking coffee and browsing in the library. I felt a bit bored but I did not want to go home. So I walked across the Market plain and then I decided to go into a portacabin toilet. I had been there before watching guys wank at the urinals while bein... Continue»
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fun with a neighbor

First time with a guy? Was not expectimg that, but now that I experienced it, I would do it over and over again. I'll try to keep my story short and sweet, at the time I was almost 19, I was 5 ft 10 and a bit chubby, and had a big jiggly butt. I was really curious at the time to see what else was out there for sexual needs, but was always too shy to actually go out and try it, until one day that changed. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and was pretty lonely at the time. I lived in a quiet neighborhood and knew pretty much everybody, atleast I thought I did. I would also go for walks du... Continue»
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Glory Hole Story

I did my business and let out a sigh at the release. It's a great feeling to empty a bursting bladder. I put myself away and looked at the toilet handle in disgust. I then put my hands on the walls for balance as I flushed the toilet with my foot. The flush was loud and echoed in the restroom. The noise seemed much louder than anything.

I was just about to turn around when something caught my eye. I saw on the right stall wall that there was a hole. A glory hole no doubt. I had read about them on the Internet. I've never gone looking for one, but I've always imagined what it'd be like to us... Continue»
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Satisfied by a Glory Hole

Satisfied by a Glory Hole

I watched as the man in the next booth ran his fingers up and down his growing shaft. He must enjoy teasing himself. He wrapped his hand around his now stiff cock and slowly moved it up and down.

Up and down.

I felt my own cock hardening in my jeans as I watched him. I started to bulge, wanting to be released.

I moved closer to the glory hole and pushed my groin into the palm of my hand. I let out a small sigh at the friction.

The man's hand was now pumping harder -- the result of the porn that was playing in his booth.

I turned to watch my own vide... Continue»
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My First Time Cuckolding with an Old Girffriend

An old girlfriend recently contacted me over Facebook, just to say hello and keep tabs on how our lives were going. We struck up a renewed relationship, and things were going well, very cordially, although there was always something in the back of my mind that had me asking myself what it would be like to be with her again, despite my commitments to my current partner. Then, during one chat session, she asked if I would call her. I did. We spoke several times over a few weeks-- she lived in a city a few hours from mine-- and, eventually, decided to meet for coffee (I would be passing thr... Continue»
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Come for the Fag

It had been way too long since I had some nice hot come in my faggot mouth and I was determined to get some yesterday.

Headed out to the Happy Time Book store. I have sucked dozens of cocks at this place and been fucked in my tight asshole so many times I lost track. When I got there, the parking lot had about six cars. Not bad for a midweek afternoon. I went in, handed the clerk a 20 and got a 5 dollar script.
After checking out the videos on the wall entrance I headed to the booths to check out the action. As I walked down the right side of the room to the back booths, I peered insi... Continue»
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2nd BiMMF Threesome

So I have finally gotten around to writing about our second BiMMF encounter. Just a little background on us. We are in our late 30's and wife is a BBW. I really haven't had that much experience with other men, but have enough to know what I am doing. We put an ad up on Craigslist and sorted through all of the replies. We received a reply from a much younger guy (21) that had a huge cock. He was built fairly well and we figured what the hell, why not.

We had texted back and forth a few times and he said he would be on the way. He arrived much faster than I thought that he would and my... Continue»
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Not so long ago I was a your standard guy into women etc so how did I become so sissified, well i blame my ex partner lol.

We always had a great sex life and were occasional swingers which she started. Now we always liked to swap our love juices but this one time she went a stage further when she sucked off our swinging friend, until he blew in her mouth, she then walked over to me and while our friends wife rode my cock my ex proceeded to kiss me hard letting his cum into my mouth. Now I always liked the taste of my own cum but was not sure how i would react to another blokes cum in my mou... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 5)

Sorry about the delay in writing part 5, had to drag myself away from all the inspiring pictures and videos of the sexy CD's Tgirls, fembois young and not so young.

"You may begin Princess, Daddy has been waiting all day for his little sweetheart to suck his cock, can't you see how excited it is to finally meet you? it is positively drooling in anticipation already." My cock was practically jumping out of her hand as it twitched uncontrollaby, causing her to grip the shaft even tighter which made the head of my cock bulge even more as she drew back my foreskin, the big purple bl**d ... Continue»
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1st time sucking cock

this is a totally true story about my introduction to sucking cock,it was an amazing experience & though Im married & haven't done this often I cant wait to do it again.To make a long story short I was out with a group of friends for a get together we have annually,on this given night while out, we ran into a mutual friend of everyone(except myself,I knew of him but didn't know him personally)as the night progressed we were bar hopping & "steve"asked if we would like to go to his house as his wife was out of town for her job.Steve was extremely wealthy &had a beautiful house & rec. room with p... Continue»
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Jacking-off in car

Boys Jacking-off in Car

This is a true story.

My friend Matty and I just got out of School. Matty needed a ride home so the two of us walked to my car. The day before I had gotten a Hustler Magazine and after we got in the car I reached under my seat pulling it out to show Matt. I knew he would like it because previously he had stayed the night at my house and we watched a porno together. I kept the Magazine low below the dash so people walking by couldn’t see it through the windows, and said to Matty, “I got this porn Mag, you want to see, it’s good hardcore stuff.” Matty glanced down... Continue»
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Guys into group play, gear, ParTy, and uninhibited

I had been partying, edging and cruising online for a bit of time when I got hit up by a guy hosting a group! He said there were a few guys there, but a handful more were on their way. They wanted guys into group play, gear (leather, jock, spandex, or uniforms), were versatile and uninhibited. Hell Yeah! I threw some trackies over my chaps & red mesh N2N jock strap, stuffed a bunch of my gear – jockstraps, bikinis, leather, rubber, gun oil & Elbow grease in a gym bag -- some more favors, a black tank and my Treasure Island Media ball cap and bolted.

It was quite a drive to the house ... Continue»
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k**napped by daddy bear

I work for for the water department, and it is common for me to have to enter residences to conduct checks. One summer day, I was making my rounds through a slightly scetchy neighborhood. On warm days we are allowed to dress comfortably, so I was wearing shorts, a tshirt and hiking boots. I knocked on the door of a large older home in poor condition. A shirtless, hairy man with a weightlifter’s build of about 55 answered the door. I told him I needed access to his basement, and he seemed put out. He told me this was not a good time, and I explained that this was the only time I would be in the... Continue»
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RP with SissySammi

A casual conversation turned into an RP with a Sissy
Images of actual sissy here:

sissysammi: hello Master.. i hope all is well?
pr0n_Glutton: other than going back to work tommorrow night, everything's good
sissysammi: after you get off work you can have sissy meet you at the front door... on her knees. giggle
pr0n_Glutton: if only
sissysammi: yes... but its waht i dream about hehehe
pr0n_Glutton: could always use a good ass licking and cock sucking before bed
sissysammi: mmm... im your gurl... i love to be your dirty slut on my knees .. w... Continue»
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