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First bareback sex

This is a story about how the first time I barebacked. I was horned up after a night of drinking and decided to stop by a bookstore on my way home to have some fun. It was about 1 in the morning and I figured there may be one guy there to have fun with. I arrived at the bookstore and saw the parking lot was full of cars. I made my way in and sat down in a buddy booth. I quickly took my pants off and began to stroke my already stiff cock to a porno of two guys fucking hard. I selected to allow my neighbor to watch and saw a muscular white guy on the other side stroking a magnificent thick and v... Continue»
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Sir called. He said very little, as usual. "Boy, be here at 7:30". He didn't
have to say anymore. He knew that i would arrive, open the door, strip off
my clothes and kneel in the foyer. He knew that i would wait. If he took one
minute or three hours. He knew. His boy would wait. And so, after a day of
negotiating with colleagues and clients, of being in charge, sometimes
enjoying the little victories and sometimes pissed because i didn't win, i
was walking to Sir's townhouse. My cock ached because he hadn't called in
over a week and i was not allowed to touch myself. Of course, i could... Continue»
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Me and My b*****r in Law to be.

My name is Sam and I was out on my Stag Do. It was one of those typical lad nights out. Drinking.. drinking and more drinking. I danced with this very ugly woman as a dare. However, I wouldn't say I was handsome either!

At the end of the night my fiancee b*****r was to stop with us and crash out on the sofa. Me and Steve arrived home, pissed out of our heads and rather loudly entering the house. The fiancee got up to see if we were okay and we said "Fine. We will have this takeaway and head to bed."

She nodded and headed off to bed herself after reminding us to drink plenty of water an... Continue»
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Target Practise

Bob invited me around to his studio as he wanted to film a 'Fetish' Video for a client .....Bob often made films to order and had built up quite a good business over the years.....not all clients want full on porn some were more discerning and this one was a man who had a big obsession for Crossdresser's in tights.
Bob had several contacts that would pose and help in making video's for a little cash and I was one of them so when he told me what was required I laughed and said ''Is that all''
Apparently the client wanted a video of a Crossdresser being wanked over and so I found myself at Bo... Continue»
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Seduced by Control

I went to college far from home just to get away from it all. My high
school gf and I broke up at graduation because we knew we would grow apart.
Plus, if I'm honest, I wanted new opportunities if you know what I mean.
I'm not the most social person though, so I didn't manage to make many
friends, and even with a part-time job I had a lot of free time. And
free-time for a 18-year old means looking for sex, or masturbating. I
probably jacked off too much. I didn't exactly get bad grades, but
sometimes I though I could have done better had I spent less time jacking

I didn't ma... Continue»
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Dog Slave

Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

Comments, ideas and constructive criticism welcome.

By Lewis.

Chapter One

The dogslave sat on on the floor in front of its Master doggy-style, a couple of feet away from His black leather boots. It had known its Master for six months and had been to His house almost every weekend during that time for the dog training it had so craved since it was old enough to remember. The previous week Master... Continue»
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Suggestions welcome

Suggestions welcome

This is the story of how I became a Daddy fagot slave. It stared as
accidentally. I was just cruising Craig s List ads and jacking off. I was
not really looking to hook up. I just got off on the ads MEN placed for
subs, faggots, slaves and pussy bois. I'm a 50 something respectable,
married professional married man, but fantasizing about completely
submitting to a REAL man and being his bitch and cum dump, always makes my
dick real hard and makes me cum fast. When I read the ad from a lean young
21 year old MAN looking for a ?ISO Dirty Verbal Bottom Daddy? f... Continue»
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A Remote Stranger

Dominated by a Remote Stranger

I have had serious domination fantasies on and off for a number of years and
as these grew and became more involved I decided to see if I could turn the
fantasy to reality. As a partnered man I did not want to be unfaithful so I
turned to the Internet to see if I could find someone to help me experience
what it is really like to be sexually dominated and taken advantage of.
This story is an account of what happened when my fantasy finally did become
reality. Masters or slaves interested in similar experiences can get in
touch. I can put you in touch... Continue»
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Baltimore glory hole HUUUUUGE black cock

I was in Baltimore on a business trip and, as always when I travel, I extend my trip through the weekend to go to gay bars and more importantly the porn shops with glory holes. I go there for one thing--to suck as many cocks as possible. My preference is almost ANY black man or white fems and TS's.

I took a cab after a gay bellboy at the hotel told me where to go for that reason. The cab dropped me off on a two block strip loaded with the bright lights of all-night porno shops. I talked to a few black teens that were hanging around and asked where I would find the most black men to go... Continue»
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my first time ever. how i got broke in.

Ok well it all started when I was 16. I always talked to guys online about what we would do if we met up but u never had a ride. But one night I was talking to these guys that where dating but wanted to fuck me. I told them about how i liked it rough and how i fantasized about being held down and fucked hard af. Well one weekend they said we will come get u and even tho i was nervous as Hell I couldn't say no. While I waited I loosened my virgin ass with the handle of a brush but I didn't get to do that but for like 5 mins before he showed up so I quickly slid my black and red thong on and ran... Continue»
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My First Time as Sara... Pt. 02

sissy boi – crossdresser – tranny – lingerie – virgin

I look up at Steve and give him a genuine smile. A smile that tells him I want and crave him. In a whirlwind day that started with me buying some girly stuff to enjoy on my day off from work, is now ending with another mans cock in my lipstick covered mouth.

I have his legs open and I'm on my knees. My hands are now running over his muscular and tight legs and my tongue licks his stomach. I have a naked man, average in every single way, except for his very thick, 8 inch cock sitting on my couch and I'm in my black stockings wit... Continue»
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My first cd sexual experience w my virgin roommate

My dorm room was wrecked trashed with take out containers and empty beer cans. I would ask my roommate Matt to help clean the place but he was always face deep in his hdtv playing video games. Maybe if he got laid atleast once in his life he would put the controller down. He never tried talking to any girls because he was always afraid they would turn him down because of his weight. And as much as I really needed the place cleaned I wasn't going to clean a dish but had a better idea. A few weeks ago I went into my room after class and created a cliche sexy girl name online account in hopes to ... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 3

Bisexual male – bisexual husband – hot wife – blow job – oral sex – anal sex

Why don't you call him and see if he can come over this weekend?" Lynn asked in response to my question about when we might see Ben again. I took a long sip on my coffee. I hadn't thought about the prospect of getting together so soon and I wasn't sure I liked the idea. I was well past trying to deny that I'd found the inclusion of Ben in our sex life exhilarating, but I wasn't sure I wanted Lynn's and my sex life to revolve around Ben. On the other hand, I didn't really have any reason to say "no" and the p... Continue»
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Loving a BBC

Levy and I met in the sauna at my gym. He was a large man, maybe 6’6”, and close to 300lbs (mostly muscle with a slight gut). He had dark, African skin, short hair with a clean line up and a beard that looked like it was straight out of the movie “300”. He didn’t shave but kept his body hair well groomed and he had a single tattoo of his daughters name on his right forearm. Oh, and he has a mans forearm for a cock.

In contrast I am a thin, athletically built white boy in my mid twenties. I shave my whole body and I have a small pink cock.

I had seen him at the gym before but never consi... Continue»
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Spunky Tights

This was the second time I'd met Brian .... a retired Postman in his late 60's he had a penchant for wanking off young boys.
I had been inside the Park Toilets wanking myself after school one day and Brian had watched me through the glory hole ...he had waited for me to come out and then got talking to me.
He had persuaded me to meet him again only this time he wanted me to try on some tights he had brought with him .... he had a fetish for nylon and loved to see boys wearing tights or stockings.
Once inside the cubicles he made me take my trousers and underpants off along with my socks an... Continue»
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My first little gang bang.

A few years after I got my cherry popped and, after a lot more experience, I was involved in my first small gang bang. I say ‘small’ because, later in life, I found out what a real one was. At my age then, it was pretty exciting and downright arousing; by the time I was 18 it was just a great evening of fucking.

I’d just turned f******n that summer.

Earlier that summer Ron had shared me with another friend over a weekend of camping. I don’t know how many times they fucked me but I was pretty raw and worn out when it was over; along with an aching jaw from sucking cock. I’m not complain... Continue»
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The story behind the gallery picture(s).

A friend came to me and told me about this production. ‘She’ knew that I was between jobs and could use the money; she also wasn’t really interested in doing it due to what was involved…mainly a very sore ass!

I grew up being punished, I’ve had some lovers who believed that it was a good way to affect an attitude change. I don’t enjoy being spanked, I don’t like being paddled or other things used to make my ass sore. I was only doing it for the money.

The Interview
I contacted the producer then had a meeting a few days later. It was a simple script with straight-ahead production;... Continue»
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Pink Panties: The Video Tape

blackmailed – maledom – f***ed feminization – husband – married – domination – spanking

It was our first apartment and we were very proud of it. It was a few small rooms, but it was ours and that made all the difference. I lived with my fiancée, Julie, a few miles outside of town in a small apartment building that had about a dozen units.

I worked in a garage fixing everything from mufflers, to fuel systems, and to drive shafts. I'd always been a monkey wrench, taking things apart and fixing things them even before I could remember. I'd worked in the garage in high school and afte... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 2

male bisexual - oral sex – blowjob – cum – threesome

I ran back into my office as the phone rang. "Hello," I said in my normal business tone.

"Hi," he said.

What the fuck?!?! He was calling me at work!!!

The call startled me. It's not as if I'd forgotten last weekend's events. How could I? They were probably the most intense, and troubling, sexual episodes of my life. I'd been thinking a lot about them these last few days. And Lynn and I had talked about them a little, too. My thoughts were typically tortured but the conversations with Lynn tended to ease my worries.

I'd ... Continue»
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Brad's Bitch

bisexual – gay – reluctant – domination – feminization

The phone rang. I pulled it from my jeans pocket and saw that it was Brad. Shit! I really didn't want a call from him right now. Maybe I should just ignore it. But somehow he always knew when I'd just ignored his calls. And then that was even worse.

I answered it, thinking only fleetingly about "the speech" that I'd composed and honed over the years and knew now that I would never actually give. I don't know why I even thought of it anymore. Maybe it made me feel just a little bit in charge of my life to at least imagine that ... Continue»
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