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For Him

He was naked when he pulled the boy to him and began tongue kissing him and removing his shirt. As he kissed him he rubbed his nipples and pinched each one. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled the boy's jeans down with his briefs. The thing Ben liked was a big cock and especially on a young lad. This boy was hung like a horse and had huge balls. Ben pushed his tongue in deeper and then reached between his legs and grabbed the young guys balls and pulled on them. He liked the feel of the huge balls in his hand. Next he began stroking the big thick cock. He loved to feel a big meat stretch his... Continue»
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First trip to a sex cinema

Before I came out to the greater world my need of cock was satisfied by going to sex cinemas. It was an easy answer to a difficlut question, how or where can i see and touch cocks. In my early 20s I used to spend a fair amount of time in Germany, just short break holidays here and there. I had noticed that almost every town in the then West had some kind of "Sex KinO" in the town, larger cities having a good choice.
Since I was not confident about going into any gay sex cinemas I used to go to the ones for st8s. My first time was when i was about 23 I was in a town that to or three sex kino .... Continue»
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Lost clothes

It was the summer of 1971, summer was in full swing. In the town my mom and I lived in it got so hot the tar in the streets started to bubble. I was riding my bike looking for something to do. (at that age, more like trouble to get into) some of my friends had left for summer camp and others were in summer school. I was a couple of miles from home and was getting pretty hot. I knew of a creek not far, so I peddled my way there. I hid my bike in some bushes and walked through the woods till I came to a clearing, I walked to the edge of the creek and seen the cool water. Looking around I didn't... Continue»
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Sissy Cuckold's first time

She waited till I was out of the shower and then shouted me to come in.

I towelled myself and entered the living room. 'So Marcus has just texted me,' She said, smiling. 'Want to read it?'

Of course I did. My cock twitched at the thought of her with Marcus. 'Yeah.'

Marcus: Hey babe. Can't wait to see you later xxx

Samantha (my wife): Me neither. I'm looking forward to it xxx

Marcus: I'm hard right now thinking of doing the nasty with you

Samantha haha! Not long and you can do what you want with me xxx

'I see you like it,' Smirked Sam, grabbing my balls. 'Let me feel yo... Continue»
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Sucking the salesman

Hi I remember when we had to sell my mamas house as she had passed away. I was to meet a sales man at the house for valuation and my b*****r had arranged it all. When the guy turned up he was nicely dressed in a grey suit shirt & tie. After our introductions he asked me fine could use the toilet before he started. I said no problem and showed him the door tote toilet. He left the door slightly ajar and proceeded to take his cock out of his fly hole although he wasn't too big he was certainly adequate. He made no attempt to cover himself whilst he urinated and I could quite clearly see hi... Continue»
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Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

There has been a nice young Vietnamese guy staying her for the past 4 days. He’s 25, a little on the ‘fleshy’ side but not fat, I’d say medium height and build. He’s alone and using the dormitory. His English is pretty good and he is friendly. Yes, I was attracted to him after the first day and started quizzing him on his life.

Things have been a little slow and we haven’t had many guests in the past week; that gave me more time to spend talking with him. Being my normal horny self I kept a video cued most of the time and open on the PC just in case. The time presented it... Continue»
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My teacher

Growing up I was never a fast learner. My grades were nothing to sing about, but I did pass each year, but if not by the skin of my teeth. When I made it to middle school, it wasn't much better, in face some clown put the alphabet in math. Guess someone thought it was funny.
My first semester was a nightmare, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The teacher asked what the problem was, I told him I just don't understand it and math is my worse subject. Half way through the semester he called me to his desk and asked if a tutor would help, I said I hope it would but my mother couldn't affor... Continue»
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My first time ever!

The first time my f****y went on a vacation and left me alone I decided to walk to McDonald's to get my dinner. It was getting dark and starting to rain, I was about to be stuck in a bad storm when this red camaro pulled next to me. This voice told me to jump inside before it started raining harder.

When I got in this older (50's-60's) black man asked me why I was out so late in the rain. I told him my parents were on vacation and I was going to McDonald's to eat, Robert, the older black man told me that he'd drop me off or I could party with him at his condo.

We were talking and sitt... Continue»
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"A Night to Remember"

It had been some time since I had a hard cock in my anus, it was all by choice, I decided to go straight and see what the world was offering.

I had met some friends and was very sociably accepted, my friends had girlfriends and so did I, not anyone particular. Was always at the best parties and get together s and having a ball. Until this one time that I went too far.

How it exactly started I have no ideal, just a bunch of guys messing around at a swimming hole was all I could remember. Wine and drink was flowing freely and so was those little roll your own smokes.

High, yes I wa... Continue»
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First-time with older white landlord

It was my senior year of college. I was excited about FINALLY getting done with school and getting on with my life. Nothing could go wrong. Until this. Then everything was RIGHT.

First off let me tell you a little about myself. I am a masculine straight black guy. About 6 ft. And, lets say pretty chubby. Kinda shy as well.

One day I get a letter from the school saying I owe money. I'm in shock. How could this be? I get to the financial aid office and find out it's true. How am I going to pay for my apartment thi... Continue»
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John's Not Gay

Erotic Gay Musings by AB

(MM, exh, mast)

"Doesn't it feel good John? Oh god you look so sexy lying there jacking off. I love to watch you doing it John, your cock is so big compared to mine," I said as I slowly pulled at mine as he lay there masturbated before me.

"You look so strong and big, I wish I was as big as you, I wish you'd let me touch you John." I begged again for the thousandth time. But no, John never let me touch him; he said that he wasn't gay and that he wasn't going to do anything ... Continue»
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My Recent Encounter

I am a secretly bisexual married man 60 years old living in Philly. I had some previous encounters with other bi men MWM which I prefer. On the 4th of July the wife and I went down to the waterfront to see the fireworks and while there we got involved with another couple and were chatting waiting for the festivities. We had a lot in common and he was retired from the Navy and I retired from the Army. We chatted had a few glasses of wine and he and I really hit it off. We had similar political views and were both involved in recruiting while in the service. He is a real estate agent in t... Continue»
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Craziest Gay Fantasy

I was horny very late one evening. I was jerking off to porn while chatting with a guy who lived across town. He was much older than me, a retired professor, at the time ( just a sophomore in college). We were in serious roleplay, I was a late night jogger and he was hiding in the bushes. I would run by him and he would jump me. I would be f***ed to having sex with him up against the tree. The conversation was pretty graphic....enough to get me to cum twice. I was going to call it a night when he thought we should do it for real. I was tired and thought we should try it another time. He pleade... Continue»
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s****rs boyfriend.

There I was trying my s****rs panties on when I here'd a voice say "hahaha I knew you would look good in panties faggot" my hart snack I turned my head to see my s****rs boyfriend standing there with his huge cock in his hand with a look on his face I have never seen before. I said "what the fuck are you doing here dean" he said "I think the question is what the fuck are you doing with your s****rs panties on" I was so embarrassed I had no words to say. I went to walk out the room so I could get changed he stood in the door way and said "where the fuck are you going I have pictures of what you... Continue»
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Summer Edge Session

It has been a few months since I have been able to have a good old fashiioned wanking session. A whole day to play with my greased and shaved cock, to stop , start again and buld up a big load of jizzz in my nut sac. Welle today was the day.
It has been warm so I got up out of bed, came down stairs naked and enjoyed the pleasure of walking around naked, Slowly I made coffe and slowly i started to play with my cock, didnt want to get going too fast so it was nice to spread itout between breakfast jobs in the kitchen. When I plan a session i make sure there is plenty of hand lotion around so I ... Continue»
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Guy time

I was just about twenty years old when I wanted to give another go with guys. I had no girlfriend and found myself questioning my sexuality since I was obsessed with gay porn. I had been experimenting with anal beads, dildos, and sounding. I lived in a two bedroom apartment and my roommate was gone for the summer. We didn't have AC so I usually was naked inside my apartment.

I jerked off several times a day to gay videos and porn. I created several gay profiles and posted hundreds of pictures and videos of myself using my toys. Before long, it consumed my day interacting with several unkno... Continue»
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The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to t

The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to the penis – Part (3) of Chapter (1)

I am getting growing starting my secondary school and becam to be adult my whole cum is white now, and my asshole is need more cocks, I need pleasure every day some times 2 or 3 times a day, one day in cinema watching movie to very attractive and white soft skin female actor, she is the only female I’d ever dream to fuck her, during the play I get erected, so I start rubbing my dick from out of my pants, there was a youth sitting next to me, I started to rub my leg with his, he didn’t make any since then I ... Continue»
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Seduced by Control

I went to college far from home just to get away from it all. My high
school gf and I broke up at graduation because we knew we would grow apart.
Plus, if I'm honest, I wanted new opportunities if you know what I mean.
I'm not the most social person though, so I didn't manage to make many
friends, and even with a part-time job I had a lot of free time. And
free-time for a 18-year old means looking for sex, or masturbating. I
probably jacked off too much. I didn't exactly get bad grades, but
sometimes I though I could have done better had I spent less time ja... Continue»
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How I went from a Cocksucker to a Total sissy Sub

I was living in Las Vegas in the 70's. I used to get high and go to an ABS and suck cock. After going there a few nights a week for few months a black guy(which was rare) came in. He opened my booth and asked if I wanted company. I was scared but I said yes. He was about 5'11 220 and dark. We were watching a movie when he took my hand and put it on his crotch. It felt so big. He then told me to get on my knees and I did. He said undo my pants so you can get what you want and need. I unzipped and unbuckled his belt, pulled his underwear off and there it was. Soft and veiny about 6 inches. He s... Continue»
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First Time

True stuff.
Many years ago, I had a c0usin who was several years older than me who used to hang out with my older br0ther. Just as I became a teen4ger, he started hanging out with me a little more, which I found to be fun as he was a very nice guy and I was always a little jealous of my br0ther for getting to spend time with him. We started doing things that the "older guys" did. He was one of the first people I got dru4k with and smo4ed with him. I enjoyed being cool and the attention that he gave me.
One day, a few months after we started hanging out, we put on a little buzz and hung out i... Continue»
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