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Used by my daddy and his friends

After meeting Tel for the first time and being fucked by him i kept in touch with him online,

and he popped in to the chatroom some nights to watch me on cam.He said he enjoyed

watching me show off my cock and tight ass all dressed up and that i was his little slut

and he had a surprise for me at the weekend if i could come round his place. I said that

would be no problem and what did he have planned for me.He said not to worry its just

my next lesson and i would enjoy it.I wondered what he had in store for me and hoped

he was going to fuck me again maybe a little more gentle... Continue»
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The Right Cock.

I was walking my dog down the trails, enjoying the beautiful weather. I sat down in a clearing to rest a little and smoke. After a while this older guy approached, and we began to chat. He was familiar with the area, and knew the history of the trails too.
Weird instincts of mine got me steering the conversation towards darker topics. He mentioned he used to be a heavy drinker, but quit, and never liked smoking weed. I asked him what else he still did. He said he worked and that's about it. He didn't bite.
Later I brought up the nearby bookstores that were shut down some years ago. He knew ... Continue»
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Me,Mike,and Mr. king

Mike and I slid close to each other. I wrapped my fingers around Mikes dick and he did the same to mine. I never touched anyone elses dick before, not to mention a hard one. It felt weird, soft, but hard, the shaft was stiff, but the head was mushie. He felt mine, rubbing his fingers up, and squeezing the head. I shook when he did that, we both giggled. I stroked up and down a few times and held his little ball sack and tugged it generally. "That feels good" he said. I reached over with my other hand and stroked him. He stroked me slow at first but got faster. After a while we both were breath... Continue»
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Cross-Dresser Delight

As a cross dresser you feel like such a woman when you have on your sexy panties and bra, and other feminine unmentionables. Sometimes you just wear them underneath your boy clothes. But sometimes I like when you have a dress and even high heels on too. I get to look at you, a beautiful and sexy woman. You get to tease and titillate a guy like me with your sexy body. You make me so horny and hard when you prance around the house looking so pretty. You always wiggle your sweet ass when you walk by, and you often find something on the floor to bend down and pickup in front of me. My eyes j... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 7

Jason called me two days after he and I had sucked each other the first time at my neighbor’s house. He asked me if I had gone over there yet today to do the stuff that I was taking care of: bringing in the paper and mail and watering the lady’s plants. I told him that I had and he seemed a little disappointed. Of course I knew exactly what he really was asking. He wanted us to go over their again and do some more stuff together. And of course I really wanted to do that too.

I told him I can go over there anytime I want, they weren’t coming home for another week and a half. I told him I’ve ... Continue»
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First time

g First taste
I had a gay friend when I was younger and one night after drinking I agreed to suck his cock in the shower. After soaping each other clean I took a deep breath and knelt down. His cock was 6 inches about the same as mine and I got so excited when it was right in front of my face.
I started by gently kissing and licking the head which exited him as he got harder I started to lick the underside of his shaft which in turn made me hard as well. As I licked up and down his shaft he told me he had an idea.
Then I placed his head in my mouth and stared to lick circles around it. I... Continue»
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Krazy for Black Kock

So I had a little mental melt down and wound up in a state hospital when I came out of it I could not believe where I was wow what a scary place this is strange people wandering around talking to themselves gesturing at the ceiling I was uncomfortable as hell the doctor assured me that after my evaluation in two weeks I should be able to go home... Last night I was visited in my bed by a big crazy guy I was asl**p in my bed and then suddenly I realized I was not alone there was a huge black guy there and he was naked and had a huge hard on it stood out from his body like a ram r... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 03


After Friday morning Kim was very distracted. He had spent the whole day half naked, never managing to get on more than a camisole and panties before his hands kept finding their way back to his body. All he could think about was the feel of Chris' strong hands on his ass, and how desperately he wanted to feel them again. And so much more. How to get Chris' hands on him again was the big question. Getting out of bed he slipped into a pair of little panties and a long sleeve shirt before he started cleaning the house.

Around mid afternoon he got a text from Chris.

"Ca... Continue»
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my friend Mike

We moved to a latge city when I was young. I made a few friends at school, but no one in my age group lived by me. During recess we would break up into groups. Some played football and others played baseball, others just wanted to run around playing tag or IT. I was in the tag group, along with an other boy Mike. We made friends quickly being we were about the same high, build, and speed.
After asking my mother if I could have someone stay the night, for a long time she finally agreed. I asked Mike if he wanted to stay the night, he had to ask his dad.( an other thing we had in common. He ha... Continue»
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A Deal is Completed.

Part II of 'A Deal is Struck'.

I was woken up by my cock pressing hard into my cage. I was on my front with my Mistress spooning me, her leg over me and pressing down, with her arm around my waist. I pushed my cunt back slowly into her groin, enjoying the warmth of her body.

'Someone's horny,' She said, as her hand crept down to my cage, wiggling it, 'Your little clit wants to be freed.'

I groaned a yes, my straining clit too much. I pressed my cunt backwards.

Her hand snaked around my arse and down to my gouch, rubbing it slowly. 'Not now Sissy. We need to get ready for later.... Continue»
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New roommate

This happened after I had gotten a divorce. I was kicked out of my house and renting an apartment. My exwife and I used to be swingers and some of the couples would message me from time to time. Most of the time they would not do anything with just a male.

One day a new number message my phone saying that person was in the same shape as me and we used to swing together. After a few text messages I figured out it was a guy that we would swing with and his wife had kicked him out. Since they had not been to my place he was wondering if he could just hide out there from the craziness. Which h... Continue»
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back to Jims

Sitting in bed, I couldn't sl**p. Jim touching me played over and over. I finally fell asl**p. Still needing money I desided to go back and do the jobs he wanted. Finally the day came and I went to Jims house.
" You came. Wasn't sure if youI would" Jim said. "I told you I'd be back" I reminded him. He let me in and walked me back to the den, then when to the kitchen and brought back two beers. He asked me how my week was, and how I was doing. I told him" I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was coming back, but you pay well and I still need money for a car. "I like you" he said," your a hard ... Continue»
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T Is for Teresa

It was when I was still living at home, or at least staying there in the college holidays, that Mum came home and found me and Jack Horton lying on the living room floor, naked, and giving each other sixty-nine. She knew I was gay, or course, but was still shocked. As was Jack.

After he'd dressed and left, literally with his tail between his legs, my mother and my father came into my bedroom together. Looking grim. I thought I knew what was coming, and I was in fact right.

"Terry, look. When you've l... Continue»
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L Is for Lucy

This was it. IT! THE chance of a lifetime. The sort of evening I'd been waiting so long for. A couple of times I'd thought my chance had come but each time something had gone wrong, someone had changed their mind. Either Mum, or Dad, or Stephanie, someone had decided to stay in. Or decided that I should go out with them. But this time it was going to be OK, it was going to work.

Stephanie - well, no problem. She was away at college now. She was a year older than me. I was heading off on my own soon, just hoping to end up in some sort of accommodation which would allow - you-know-what.

Mu... Continue»
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First Time Suck Buddies Part 6

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of Jason’s mouth. Jason stood up and barely gave me a chance to get to my knees before he was pushing his cock in my mouth. I’m going to throatfuck you like you did me, Jason said as he thrust his cock deep. And that he did, fucking my mouth and throat f... Continue»
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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section, Chapter 1

This is the story of something personal to me. I have broken this down in multiple sections with multiple chapters in each section. Comments regarding this personal journey along with my writing would be greatly appreciated. Please disregard any typos that may be present.

The Miss-adventures of Michelle
Section I: Hidden Desires

Chapter 1
I must first state that everything recorded within these pages may seem far-fetched at times and quite unbelievable. However, the events that transpired are true. I find myself looking back on the events of the past with wonder and amazement at ... Continue»
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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

Chapter 2
I awoke early Saturday morning as was usual for me to do. I went through my morning routine of a cup of coffee, small breakfast, and cleaning the dishes. I then set about cleaning the house from top to bottom. Every room in the house was given its due amount of cleaning and care before I finally took a shower to give the same attention to my own personal appearance. With razor in hand, I carefully went through my custom of shaving my legs, arms, backside, and the small area on the chest that needed it. Once I was satisfied that I had taken care of making my entire body silky s... Continue»
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Getting Some ABS Dick

It was a hot Florida night, but that just made me yearn for some dick all the more. I drove up to the closest adult video store just north of where I was staying. There were a few cars in the lot just off the highway, US 19--that was a promising sign, so I paid my five bucks to go into the video booth area to see what was up.

This booth set up wasn’t my favorite design, but the place almost always offered up some good cock. One problem is that the booths were all small, with seating on a bench that could only hold one person. Another problem was that the doors won’t stay open for just... Continue»
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Wife finally joins the fun!

For years I had hidden my bisexual fantasies from everyone - especially my wife. She was always grossed out by the idea of 2 men having sex, or 2 women lezzing out for that matter, so I never thought to enlighten her about my true desires. That has all changed and now my sex life has gotten extremely exciting off of a sudden. It all started a month ago on my birthday. We went out for some drinks with some friends to a patio that over looks a very busy beach. There was lots of sexy guys and gals swimming, sun tanning and playing volleyball. There was an extremely good looking guy i noti... Continue»
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Str8 Boy Blowjob

I’m living with 2 hot Aussie guys under 25yo and for 3 days I haven’t gotten any. Well not last night…..

No it wasn’t Will (Will is my new roommate - Will is 18 - fucking hot and so far it seems as if he is totally straight although I might get him) - it was Dean (my mate who is staying with me for a couple of days before he moves to a ski resort just south of here). I know I have been a bit lazy and I haven’t mentioned Dean much - but honestly I didn’t think much of it. I met Dean here at the end of last season and we rode a bit together. Few nights on the grog and nothing much more. He em... Continue»
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