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Cocksucker 3

It was a few months before I got the chance to return to Rob's place. In the interim we continued to have erotic exchanges by internet and phone. We were finally able to identify a morning when we could get together. It had featured in some of our cyber sex that we would hook up after I had been in the gym. This had obviously stuck in Rob's mind as he had a request as to what I should wear. He wanted me in my sweat pants and a t-shirt as if I had just come from a workout.

So I set off for his place with a semi hard cock in a pair of jogging trousers, with nothing on underneath. This time h... Continue»
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Hotel Fun (Bareback Sex) Continued

Hotel Fun (Bareback Sex) Continued

I had not worked away for a while and I had a text message from a lad I had met a few times whilst I was working away. Asking how I was? (Must have been missing me LOL.) Played to my ego anyways and worked because I agreed to meet him. I needed to go down and sort some stuff out anyway and this was a good opportunity. So we agreed that I would go down the following week. I was excited!!!! Not only was he a fit lad with an awesome swimmer type body, hairy chest and very hairy legs and mop of curly hair that he waxed. He was fun, fun to be with too... Continue»
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The Evolution Of My Sex Life And Latex Fetish

This is the story of the development of my fetish and my sex life.

One of my very earliest memories, probably around the age of four, involved rubber gloves. My Mom had a pair of household latex gloves she kept in a drawer in the bathroom. Now, these gloves were not the regular colored ones with the rough surface and flock lining. Naturally, they didn't fit my little hands that way but, they were fairly tight fitting, natural transparent latex and smooth and shiny inside and out. Although they were much thicker than surgical gloves, they were fairly thin, and very supple and stretchy.
... Continue»
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home alone.. with my first BBC

This happened very recently, couple days ago. i thought id share it since it was one of my fantasies come true.. ( have got a lot of fantasies). it went down something like this.

My f****y went away for the weekend and left me home alone for 2 long days.. i thought of making the best of it, and boy i did exactly that. I had been talking to this guy on my gym, i suspected he liked guys cause I've caught him looking at me several times and he lately has been texting me random stuff , like we should get a drink one day or watch a movie i mean come on, so anyways he was a cool guy to talk to,so... Continue»
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hotel colleagues part one

I work at a hotel/resort as a manager. Since I’m a manager I live on property. The office is open 24 hours a day, so sometimes I’m called to help guests in the middle of the night. It works out best that I stay on property. There’s an employee that’s been working at the hotel for almost a year now as a front desk clerk, named Colton. When I first met Colton he seemed a little bit different than the rest of the guys that worked the front desk. Not in a bad way, he was just quiet and not as outgoing as the rest of the employees.

After a little bit of time, I added him as a friend on social m... Continue»
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Tie me up and make me cum

Every so often someone asks me to "tie them up" usually I politely decline but Alex was different "Tie me up and make me cum then" he challenged.

I cant say this would be my first gay experience and Alex knew it, he made it clear a year ago whilst very d***k he wanted to have sex with me, in his own words “I want your cock balls deep in my ass” I thought to myself for a few moments about the idea remembering what he had said that previous year

I’m on an enf***ed holiday thanks to my Wife, Alex owns the Holiday shack we are staying with and decided to invite himself and his girlfriend al... Continue»
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still more crossdressing fantasy

hey again -

franny the tranny here looking to share more wanton acts of pantyhose lust with my new foundling - a fetish friend who fufilled my oral desire with gobs of cum all over my face - he had really touched my slut side as i savored his sperm but this satsifaction was short lived as i craved more

i am such a pantyhose whore constantly dressing and reaching out to other pantyhose preverts on line - i enjoy making crossdress / encasement vids for posting - a regular addict to exploring my feminine side and what better way than to get laid - so i continued my seduction of femme fatal... Continue»
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Shortcut through the park. pt i

I had originally started cycling to work after I inherited a bike from a house-mate who had moved on and left it behind. It wasn't long before I realised I could be wearing skin tight spandex with drivers staring at my buttocks wobbling up and down in front of them as I made my commute for an hour every day.

By winter, the stitching on my cheap tights was coming loose and the thin material was really not leaving much to the imagination. I had been working late and was the last to leave after changing into my cycling gear. The light was vanishing and then as I swung my leg over the saddle t... Continue»
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Cocksucker P2

The weeks that followed our first, brief meeting in the car park were filled with frantic sexual contact between Rob and I. I recall lying totally naked on my bed and stroking myself until I came all over my chest and stomach as he told me over the phone of his desire to be inside my mouth.

Then came the day we were chatting online. Both of us at home on a work day.

"Come over to my place. Now." He typed.

My heart raced and my cock swelled. Could I be about to fulfil my fantasy? Could I? Should I?

"I don't know. Are you sure?" I replied.

"I really want you to suck my cock," h... Continue»
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Meeting a young white guy from online (Andy) Pt.1

I had been talking to a young guy from online for about 6 months he was 23 and with me being 39 I never thought we would actually meet, he was fun to chat with and we exchange several pictures and even had ciber video sex on another sight together.
Anyway in March we both had birthdays the same month within a few days of another and he kept asking if we could finally meet and celebrate our birhdays together he was willing to come the 3 hours to meet me and after a little prodding I decided to let him after all I figured I could handle him if anything went the wrong way.
We decided to meet... Continue»
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Out off control

Out of control

by Dogslife

I'm writing this journal in the vain hope that I can understand what is happening or that someone might be able to help me. How I ended up in this situation I still don't understand

They were at it again! This time I wouldn't bother banging on the window at the three sixteenyear old lads who kept cutting through my garden trampling on my plants and flowers. I shot out of the back door.

"Oi! Stop that! This is private property."

"I told you he would!"

I glanced at the lad who had shouted this, just as the three of them rushed me. I'm onl... Continue»
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Recent Hot threesome with old friend (bisexual con

It was an uneventful Saturday morning, I ate breakfast and turned on the television. I look at my phone and notice a text came in. It's from my old friend and fuckbuddy, Mike. He texts, "Yo, I got some Viagra, you wanna come and fill my girls pussy with your load today?" I quickly texted back that I was indeed interested. (see.. this guy is in many of my other stories because we have hot fucking times together everytime we meet.) I erase the texts and have him text that he needs help fixing his truck so I can sneak out to fuck. I have him pic me up and he hands me the Viagra as soon as I get ... Continue»
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I sucked my first cock.

My wife had just left town this morning. She will be gone for a week.

Since the garage needed to be cleaned out I decided that this would be a good time. I put on my favorite pink boy cut panties along with baggy shorts and a too large tee shirt. It was promising to be a nice day. The garage was a mess. After a long winter of just putting things down it needed a lot of work. I started carrying things out to the drive way to start putting things in order.

I had everything pretty much organized when my new neighbor came over. He and his wife had moved in over the winter. We had made all o... Continue»
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A walk in the woods

It was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk in the area where I used to play as a c***d. I parked close by and started to walk the area where we used to play. After about a mile or so I needed a break and decided to sit on some rocks that were shielded by some trees and bushes I'd not noticed before, probably over grown over the years.

I was sat admiring the greenery around me when a young lad dressed in a school uniform sat oppose to me, he said "Hello", I replied and asked him which school he went to, he replied "The one over there" pointing over my shoulder, now I knew there was... Continue»
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The Builder

It was 1:30pm. There was a heavy knock on the door. I took a peek outside the window and noticed it was one of the builders from down the road, but what would he want? I rushed downstairs and unlocked and opened the door. He was beautiful. He was about 5'10" and must've weighed roughly 250 lbs. He was wearing the same sort of glasses I wore, thick frame on top and rounded lens. His glasses magnified his gorgeous blue eyes which I just couldn't stop staring at. His high-visibility jacket was undone and he had an old, slightly torn batman t-shirt on, with his furry belly peaking below where it w... Continue»
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Keeping the Police at bay.

His cock was sliding inside me. I was so used to having cock in my ass you wouldn't think it mattered, but each time that it was a completely new cock got me more excited. And this was the first time this cock was using my ass for fun.

This was one of the weekends at the cabin I have written about before. One of the weekends where I made a lot of extra money being a nice little cum dump for many wealthier men. The cabin was fairly secluded and near a pretty private branch of a fairly large lake. That being said it wasn't completely secluded. And this party was a little wilder than m... Continue»
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I had thoughts, sexual thoughts, of being with a man since way back when. If I was honest with myself I would admit having some thoughts of it as an adolescent. The feelings grew stronger as I got older. I knew that a friend from university was gay and other friends had told me he had a crush on me. As I reached my mid twenties I thought about contacting him just so I could engineer some kind of opportunity to act out some of my thoughts. I never got round to it. My thoughts remained just that, thoughts.

So, what were my thoughts? Well I fantasised about giving another man a blowjob. I did... Continue»
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Bi George!

I woke up with the sun shining through the window and George lying naked next to me. The previous night had certainly been one to remember. A swingers’ party made up of four men and five women. I must have come about five times and the other guys about the same. George, the young eighteen year-old with the ten and a half inch dick, possibly more. He was a young boy destined for a great future in the porn industry, both straight and gay. Of the guys present there was an old school-friend of mine, Adrian, with a modest nine incher, but thick and uncut. He was the only man with... Continue»
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What Did I do...

What did I do? This is the question I asked myself as I was gang banged by twenty or more young teenage thugs. I was leaving my third hour class of the day in high school, as I started to go down the stairs to the second floor, Charlie was standing on the landing looking up at me with a wicked smile.

I saw him and hoped he didn't see me, I started to walk back up the stairs when Bruce push gently at my back whispering ''re going the wrong way, we need you yo go with us or else..." Fear gripped my body as I stumbled into Charlie and he giggled leading me down the stairs. None of my f... Continue»
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Getting to know Adam

It was late spring, early summer. I was newley married, had a new job and life was great! My beautiful young wife and I had been home from our honeymoon for about 3 weeks when I got a call from my boss telling me, "your assistance is needed out of state and you must fly out asap". I said, "Not a problem". The next available flight was late the next morning, which was okay because I lived about 3 hours away from the airport. Not knowing whether to travel that evening or early the next morning, my wife said, "you have an uncle that lives near the airport, right? If you can, you should travel dow... Continue»
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