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Wife shares her boy toy

I was texting my wife all day of how horny I was. I went through the entire day with a hard cock while my wife continuously sent me pictures of her massive tits and wet pussy. She even sent me a quick video of her eating her own cum. I told her I had enough and wanted something extremely hot when I walk through the door that will make me cum hard. As always my wife never disappoints.

Apparently my wife made some calls because when I walked through the door my wife was sitting in the center of our couch completely naked. Sitting next to her, on both sides, were naked men completely hard... Continue»
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Fun with a cross dresser

I had a really good experience with a cross dresser yesterday. A mutual friend had recommended him after enjoying his services so I got in touch and he immediately responded by inviting me to go and meet him. It was most enjoyable. I have never been with a CD before but he seemed okay. He is late 50s and very slim. It was really quite strange. He came to the door in a dressing gown and invited me into the lounge where he explained how he had got involved in all of this by dressing up in his wife's underwear when she was out. He said that this was a real turn on for him but eventually he got so... Continue»
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The New summer job part 14

Daniel's three friends sat recovering from the fuckfest as Daniel's mind
raced with what he'd just done. He knew life with his friends would never
be the same and despite his shame and trepidation about the event, he still
couldn't keep his eyes off their cocks, the three cocks he'd just
sucked. He still tasted the cum that had trailed down his throat into his
gut; he instinctively licked his lips. He realized somewhere deep inside he
wanted more.

No one spoke as they left the sauna, dressed and left the club. Daniel
didn't stay to say good-bye, he stayed scarce and waited for ... Continue»
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My summer internship... and my daddy boss

Hey guys i know its been a while, but I've really been busy with school stuff and i got a 2 month internship , that actually turned out to be pretty damn interesting .

So 2 months ago i started working at this place ( won't reveal where or what was it about for safety and personal reasons) , i had a zillion bosses since i was the intern would pretty much do what everybody else wouldn't do , paperwork mostly, but still would get a glimpse on what was my interest and learned a lot. The general manager , was he big boss in my department, he was the boss of my bosses, his name is TOM, a muscula... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 3

My cock was hard again. What was on this DVD? I had to know. I
opened up the DVD case and put the disk in the player. I had a high end
entertainment center installed across from my king size bed so I could
watch movies. I sat back on the bed and clicked on the flat screen with
the remote and waited for the DVD to start playing.

The screen lit up with the red colored title card, "B's Cherry" then
faded out. Then the screen faded up with the image of Bryan standing in
the classic superhero pose, his hands on his hips wearing the Superman
costume I bought for him last Ha... Continue»
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The Windowcleaners

I was home alone for the weekend as my parents were out of town. I had been instructed by my online master that i had to spend the whole day as a girl (a naughty teen slut at that). No matter what i had to do that day i had to do it dressed in girly lingerie and or clothing...
I got up, showered and looked through all my outfits to decide what to wear... First of all i put on my lingerie which consisted of a white and pink spotty thong, black fishnet stockings and a black and pink teddy/basque... I had to go to the supermarket to get some groceries so i completed the look with a pair of tigh... Continue»
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Car Crash

I woke up feeling incredibly horny, it was still pretty early, around 5am. I really felt like doing something naughty and risky, so i decided i was going to dress up in my sexiest 'girl clothes' and go for a drive in my car. I had done this a few times before but usually only in lingerie under my ordinary male clothing.. As it was early i figured there wouldnt be many people around at that time of the morning so i thought id be a little more daring and go completly in girl mode this time...

I laid all my girly underwear and outfits out on my bed so i could decide what to wear. As it was sum... Continue»
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Intimidated by the scrap man's son

We had a load of scrap metal in our cellar so to get rid of it we got in touch, through a friend, of a man who deals in this, he weighs it all in, but he'll take it away for free. He turned up Monday morning, the wife had gone to work and I was in on my own, as they went into the cellar to start loading up there was more than a full load. The older man said to his son he was going to empty what was on the wagon and then come back.

He left his son to sort out the rest of the rubbish. Ten minutes after he'd gone he rand his son and said he'd be about an hour. His son, called Aaron, said he'd ... Continue»
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My first taste

When I was in high school, I was the most popular boy, I'd shagged all but 4 girls in my class and another five in the class below me. Everyone wanted to be my friend. I was on the football team and was top in most subjects, I didn't have any enemies as I could also take care of myself. I had four BEST friends, who I'd see out of school, and up to the week before I had a steady girlfriend.

One of my best friends used to come to my house on a Saturday and go home on the Sunday. We'd listen to the latest chart sounds and talk, I also used to have quite a considerable stash of soft porn magazi... Continue»
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The new selling job part 13

The first time Daniel took a cock in his mouth, John's cock, he was sure
the humiliation could never have gotten worse in his life. He was wrong. He
now stood naked in front of his three friends from school; not just
physically naked, shaved cock hanging loose, but exposed as a cocksucker
for them and everyone else.

"So you're really gonna do this huh," asked Eric. "You're gonna suck our

Daniel nodded his head only once. Eric was tall with red hair, he and
Daniel had known each other since grade school.

Eric, Phillip and Jason followed Daniel into the locker room. "W... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Madness part 2

Of the many free weekends I had off when I lived in Europe if I ever was horny it wasn't a thing to just hop on the train and head down to the main station. Yes, I could have things in mind that I wanted to do but 9/10 times that was decided for. At times I may have wanted my dick sucked other times I may want to fuck some ass. I am very particular about fucking ass. No disrespect to any bottoms out there but I preferred a curvy ass or thick ass. Basically I need something visually to get me in tune. I can fuck a slender ass but if the figure is there I'm goin in hard.

One day I'm in the ci... Continue»
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Jim, the conquest pt.4

Go to my profile to read 2 and 3.If his pattern was correct he'de be by on sunday for a repeat, I was going to be ready.Sunday noon, he showed up as expected.I'de thourghly cleaned my ass and rubbed down with coconut oil.Again on the ladder I painted the molding in a T-shirt only.A porn played on the T.V.,a mmf 3way with the guys sucking each other.This time he just walked in and smiled at the sight."Well hello there horny man, I see you do love my bj's", I smiled to him.Standing directly behind me, my ass at eye level, I arched my back."think about what I told you about fucking an ass?""I tho... Continue»
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Glory hole magic

After my last visit to a glory hole, where I went to get a blowjob and after getting one wound up giving someone a blowjob, I decided to go back for more pleasure. Only this time I wanted to give rather than receive.
When I got there I put a few dollars in the machine and sat down. I took out my cock and started stroking myself. I looked through the hole and saw some guy stroking his nice 7" cock. I watched as he stroked up and down and rubbed his cockhead. Before I could do anything to get his attention he started cumming. He shot a few large spurts and continued to stroke it until he... Continue»
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My first time

I was over at my neighbors house playing with him with various toys. GI Joe, Transformers, etc. That should give you an idea of our age. When he said we should play He-Man. I didn't have any He-Man toys and he only had a few. So we decided to play He-Man by dressing like the figures and fighting. Anyone on here knows that He-Man basically is in fur underwear.

So we stripped down to our boxers and began sword fighting. No, not that kind of sword fighting. That comes later. We pranced around his room and the adjoining one for 20 minutes or so before we got bored. So we got dressed again and m... Continue»
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Cleaning up

Bob, the owner of the health club pops into the locker room as we head to the showers. “Hey Tony.” He says. “You guys are the only ones left in the gym. I’m going to give Terry a ride back to her dorm. The doors are locked up already. Can you turn off the lights when you’re done?”

I tell him “Sure. No problem. Enjoy riding Terry. I mean give Terry a ride.” We laugh and he leaves.

You ask about Terry. “She is that good looking red head at the desk. If Bob’s wife found out that he hired a girl with such big…assets who knows nothing about the health business, she’d kill him.”

“Getting a... Continue»
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Watching The Boys Part 2

I tried to get some sl**p, but the images of my son sucking down his
first load of cum out of Jamal's huge member, were now forever burned into
my brain. I had a restless night's sl**p, and wondered what else had
happened between Jamal and my son. I so desperately wanted to get back to
the house and deal with Jamal, but the meetings I had were too important to
my company and I couldn't delay or ignore them.

I had to watch the video again first thing in the morning. Just to
make sure I didn`t dream it. But I didn't dream it, and everything I
remembered was on display again. ... Continue»
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schoolboy charm

As we live in an affluent area of our city we seem to get a lot of doorstep sellers, most of them are selling shit and we bin them off as soon as possible. A couple of months ago I was sat reading a book when there was a knock on the door, I thought here we fucking go again, upon opening the door stood a young man dressed in a shirt and tie asking if I wanted to buy some books.

I invited him in and he told me he was selling these books as part of his 6th form project, I looked and there wasn't anything of interest, not in his books anyway. He told me he was 18, studying zoology and hoping t... Continue»
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The new summer job part 12

On Monday morning, Daniel was naked and sitting on John's couch waiting for
him. He'd spent Sunday with no cock to suck, reflecting on the guys at the
movie, and his visit to the neighbor. Most of all, he thought about passing
up the sweet piece of ass he'd fucked so many times.

That morning, he was shaved clean and smooth and more than ready for John's
cock again, ready for his second week at the gym. As he sat waiting, Justin
walked in the office. He smirked at Daniel sitting naked ready for a

"Wow," Justin beamed, "now that's a dedicated cocksucker. You ready for... Continue»
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Halloween Pt3

My enthusiasm waivered a little once his crotch was in my face. I could see his cock straining against his sweat pants. But, I considered the alternatives: He was horny, and he was expecting relief. We were in his frat house. And he was much bigger than I was. And, I was dressed like a young woman hot for the D. If I told him no, he could easily beat the shit out of me. And then tell everyone he was fooled. God knows what his frat b*****rs would do.

Besides, he'd sucked my cock. How bad could it be? Women liked giving blow jobs, and obviously some guys did too. It's not like anyo... Continue»
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Back Of The Bus Gay Gangbang

My name is Ryan and I am sixxteen years old. To me school was one of the bigger wastes of time that there was in life but like most parents my mom and dad stressed to me how important it was and always made my put my homework or school activities before everything else. One thing about school that I actually enjoyed was the field trips that our school took which were pretty cool. One year we went to amusement part another we went to a Bears game and a bunch of other pretty cool places. I loved going on them and my parents insisted I go so it all worked out for me in the end I guess. I am a pre... Continue»
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