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His Name Was Shaun, He Was My First

I was so tired and fuzzy.
I went straight home after a sixteen hour shift and took a shower.
I thanked Shaun, the blonde older gentleman who was my coworker.
I didn’t even remember him driving away after he dropped me off.
I wandered out of the shower…I had such long hair back then
I was finally full-grown at six feet tall, but so underdeveloped at one-hundred and thirty-five skinny pounds of soft, perfect skin.
Not a blemish on my face, chest, ass…
Shaun giggled from my ratty love seat I had found by the dumpster one cold and gleefully bug-free day (yuck).
A clean find, which was rare... Continue»
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Nylon Experience 2

I had seen a few other men wearing stockings before through the glory holes in public toilets but now I was going to see Mr Williams up close and personal and as I followed him through to his bedroom my cock was really stiff inside my pants. Once there he turned to me and asked ''Are you sure you want to do this Peter only being the age you are I could get myself into a lot of trouble'' he said it as though I had been pressured or something into this situation but the truth was it was at my instigation that got me here ........ I was totally up for this ''Yes lets do this'' I answered as we sa... Continue»
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Part One - A journey to work, a surprise, a deal, and a party.

It was already going to be a good day I knew as I stood waiting for the
early morning tube to the office. The big deal I'd had my people working on
for some days was going to happen today, as my client assured me in a
"secret" conversation last night (we're not supposed to talk to clients
other than using the company phones and company computers because of the
requirements of the Financial Authority to be able to trace everything to
do with high value transactions). But George and I had known each other
for so... Continue»
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Meeting the girlfriend's f****y part 4

I went into the house and found Mike on the couch passed out with a very hot milf playing with his cock. She saw me standing at the doorway to the living room "You must be DJ, you can call me Vanessa" she said. "Nice to meet you Vanessa I responded. " aye Mike you wanted to talk me about something?" "I'm sorry DJ I gave him some sl**ping pills and he is out" Vanessa said. " well do you know what he wanted to tell me?" I asked. She then said " Can you help me get him in the car please and I can tell you I the car". "Yeah sure but let put some clothes on first" I responded. I went to put clothe... Continue»
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Big Booty Femme Gets Bossed

“What’s up, Unc,” the thirty-one year old, dark-skinned brotha said into his phone.
“You still wanna meet at the diner at nine o’clock,” inquired the man’s mother’s b*****r.
“Yeah. I’ll be there at nine. I just gotta make a quick stop to drop off some tools at a friend’s house and I’ll be right over.”
“Alright. See you then.”

Hadrian Woods walked out of his one-bedroom apartment and started his fire red 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck by remote. He drove slowly out of the gated community. It was a bit past 8:00 a.m. He turned right out of the complex. The music playing from his iTunes ... Continue»
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Motel Surprise pt1

Home for the holidays, I was lying up in my motel bed
on Christmas Eve; sound asl**p, when I thought I heard
a knock on the door. I stirred slightly, but didn't
respond. I was sure I was dreaming.

I guess, while I slept, I'd kicked the covers partially
off and my naked ass was pointed up in the air, my cock
semi-erect and pressed against the bed, pointing down
toward my feet. As I woke up, I slowly realized I
wasn't alone in my room.

I rolled over on to my back, wiping the sl**p from my
eyes with one hand. The act of turning over pulled the
covers further off my body, l... Continue»
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Telephone Man's Christmas Gift

Christmas vacation had been lame thus far. I'd spent most
of my time sitting around the house with very little to
do aside from watching television and wacking-off. As
Christmas day was still a week off, my parents were still
working regular hours, leaving the house at 7:00 am and
not returning until 6:00 pm. I pretty well had the entire
house to myself that week.

After waking at 10 am on Tuesday morning, I hopped in the
shower to clean up. Just as I was stepping out of the
shower I heard the doorbell ring downstairs. Throwing a
bath towel around my waist I ran down the s... Continue»
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My Bi Adventures With My Wife

I was probably the last guy in my year to have sex with Carla. At 16, she
was addicted to sex and would offer herself to any guy who wanted to screw
her. I, of course was very naive and though I heard the stories about her, I
somehow figured they were just stories, even when some of the detail was
exactly that -- detailed!

Most of the girls kept a distance from her which didn't seem to bother
Carla. She preferred the company of the boys anyway. I had heard that she
did oral sex, swallowed cum, would take on two guys at once and had even had
sex with a guy and his girlfriend. It w... Continue»
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First time back in the army

True story from back in 98.

I was naive when I was younger and in the army. I was stationed in Georgia, and was chatting online. Met this one guy in his late 40s who didn't seem gay, and was willing to pay me to go to Savannah to go on his yacht and have a great time. I was nervous on my trip there. I ended up going and, meet him on his huge boat. It was just unbelievable.
So that night we went out, and he got me absolutely plastered. I was absolutely d***k when he mentions to me if I wanted to go back to the yacht for some fun. I said sure and we both walked back to the boat. I didn't ge... Continue»
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Detention pt1

Adam Jones had just finished screwing the school
secretary over his desk.

Adam was the headmaster at a prestigious boys school in
London He was in his mid fifties, tall, slim and
handsome in a boyish type of way.

Cheryl Smith was in her early forties, also tall and
quite curvaceous. She was married with no c***dren and
had been fucking her boss for over a year.

As they dressed they made polite conversation. 'Did you
hear about young Johnson?' she asked the headmaster.
'No, who is he and what's it about?' replied Adam.

'It's rumoured that he was f***ed to suck off one... Continue»
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More cocks...

Sucking More Cocks... I've been sucking cocks for some years now. I started by going to an adult bookstore and sucking a guy through a gloryhole. That developed into more gloryhole sucking and eventually sucking guys right out in front of everybody at the bookstores.
I suppose I've sucked maybe 50 guys so far. It's amazing how all the cocks are different. Each one has a different shape or a different head...The balls hang differently...It's hot!
Last Sat. night I was looking at cocks on the internet and after a few hours of that, I couldn't stand it any more and at midnight I went out to a ... Continue»
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I went to an adult bookstore...

Adult Bookstore April 13th 2012 I had a fun weekend! Went to a local ABS last Fri. night and there were some girls fucking everybody (kind of fat so I passed). Pretty cool watching one guy after the other climbing on them!
One of the guys watching started feeling my dick so I let him take it out and jerk me off. Another guy joined in so we had a three way jerk going on. The first guy had a HUGE, THICK cock!
I put my dick away and walked to an open room and the first guy followed. I sat down on one of the benches and he came in and sat along side. He got his dick out and I bent over and star... Continue»
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Sucked a guy on my way home from a day trip...

Sucked A Guy On My Way Home From Day Trip... Was on my way home from a day trip when I decided to find a porn theater that I had heard about and see if there would be a guy that would let me suck his dick (I love to suck complete strangers). I drove around looking and after some time I found the theater and pulled into the parking lot. I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about what might happen. As I walked to the entrance I was thinking about the people driving by and wondered if they knew that guys went there to suck each others' dicks...I hoped they did and that they knew that I was g... Continue»
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Sucking more cocks...

Sucking More Dicks
More Dick... I had been thinking about dick for a week and a half. How it felt to have a dick jammed down my throat and have the pubes brushing my nose and feeling a nice set of balls...M-M-M-M!
I had been looking at cocks again on the net and finally just thought "I have to have one..."
I went to a ABS that was about 40 mins. away where I knew there were mostly gay guys. I walked in and there were maybe 6 or 8 guys there. No really hot ones but a few that were o.k.
I went to one of the small rooms and there was a guy getting his dick sucked by a fat guy that was lyin... Continue»
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Daddy at the Truckstop - 5

There I was, trapped in a gloryhole booth on the wrong end of some nearby town. I didn't even know where Daddy had taken me, and it didn't matter at the moment. All that did matter was the second cock to come through the hole, into my waiting mouth. The unseen man had a grip on my leash, fed through the hole to help keep me in place. The ropes tied around my torso and legs, attaching me to the stool, kept me secure in my position as I sucked the stranger for all I was worth while the plug in my ass vibrated away. I looked sideways at the door as I bobbed my h... Continue»
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Catching a Small One

I had read about glory holes and cock sucking a lot on the web. I loved sucking cock in my younger days but hadn't had any cock since I had married many years ago. Since the wife was getting less and less interested in sex, I guess I was getting more and more interested in porn and experimenting.

I didn't know how to start. I couldn't go to an adult bookstore. I might get caught. I couldn't go off and meet some guy because I work with my wife. Too hard to get away. So I resigned myself to reading about dick and dreaming.

That changed when I started fishing at a different lake.

I had ... Continue»
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Une beurette Ce cachait en Moi

Hiver 2001 j'avais 18 ans je venais de découvrir le tchat sur internet je n'avait Pas d'ordinateur à la maison Alor j'allais dans un cyber quand J'avais le temps puis de fil en aiguille je me suis laisser aller à ce jeux de séduction sur Voila tchat avec de nombreuse filles et Pa mal de rencontres avec affinité et parfois seulement amical ma fois cela marchais bien .. Et un jour je me suis mis à me faire passé pour une fille arabe pour rigolé et la de nombreux Mec Me parlai et au final j'ai créé un personnage qui plaisais en Me disant que j'était ce personnage cela me fessais drôle et du b... Continue»
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Bareback at the ABS

Sex with my wife has been on the decline for some time now. While my drive is still strong, hers is waning. So, with a dirty martini in one hand and my rock hard cock in the other, I was watching xhamster and edging to some hot gay videos. Homemade amateur videos, my favorite. Guys just like me having hot and nasty sex. Guys I can relate to. I had been edging for about an hour. and was on my second martini when I decided I needed to visit my local ABS for some anonymous cocksucking. This bookstore is old school and still has booths with glory holes. I looked to other men to satisfy m... Continue»
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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART TWO

This is a 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Part 1

Even though my sight was hindered, I could feel the warmth coming from the twink's fresh asshole in front of my face. I started feeling my way around it with my tongue, gently licking his crack and taint, but tactfully avoiding the hole. My tongue grazed his pucker, but refused to give him the satisfaction of licking it immediately. I felt his tiny body tremble in my hands each time I passed his hole, teasing it like mad. I pulled off his ass completely and after a brief moment I finally started licking his little boy pussy... Continue»
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Grocery Store Part 3

Suzie and I hit the hot tub again for a bit, then decided to go to sl**p as we were both exhausted from our day, and night of fucking. We both slept naked, and she laid her head on my chest as we drifted off to sl**p. I found myself dreaming that night of fucking both Suzie and Jake at the same time again. I feel like I dreamed all night long, dreaming of different scenarios and positions the three of us could get ourselves into. I woke up to the bright morning sun beaming into the window. My cock was hard as a rock, and aching to cum. I rolled over to see Suzie laying on her back, with ... Continue»
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