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Solo Vacation - part 2

I knew what Island House was going to be, sort of a clothing optional resort with a little bathhouse element to it. For my first vacation by myself I thought I would give it a shot and see if I would be brave enough to participate in the possible goings on. I arrived on Saturday December 13th and got a quick tour and went to my room. I spent a few days wanting to get naked and wander around to see what would happen, especially in the “video room” with 24-hour porn and a sling table! I hoped that I could cut loose and have a little fun I do not have in Dallas. I am 44, 5’8”, 210lbs; a pretty a... Continue»
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my girlfriend found out my secret. (part 2)

Part 2.

I got down to my knees and grabbed his cock, his boner was gone now so I rubbed is cock a little and licked his balls to get him hard again, I opened my mouth put his soft fat dick on my tongue and slowly licked his helmet, hè started getting harder so i wrapped my lips round his fat helmet grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him towards my mouth, my girlfriend stood there watching me suck his cock and said to me, this is pretty hot, watching you suck cock is turning me on, and then as I pulled his cock towards me I felt it grow in my mouth and I gagged a little, his cock was ro... Continue»
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camping with a giant ,part two

Trevor looked and smelled so good with the tiny towel tightly wrapped around his middle his huge flaccid cock hanging down almost to the floor of the tent ,I could not keep my horny little fingers of of the nine foot tall giants huge thick cock it was so mesmerizing at just the sheer thick ness even with both of my hands I could only reach three quarters the way around the thick pile driver size cock as I took long strokes down the full length of Trevor's mighty flaccid cock ,looking up his towering rippling with muscle slender tall powerful body he had his hands and fingers gripping my head a... Continue»
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Publicado por dany6969 el 13 de Dic, 2012

En la despedida de soltero del novio de mi hermana yo tenia 14 años.

Cuando mi hermana y su novio se comprometieron en matrimonio, en casa no se hablama mas que de la boda por todos lados lo unico que escuchaba era de los preparativos y no me quedaba de otra que estar siempre en medio de todo escuchando lo que se decia.

Cuando llegaron las amigas de mi hermana las vi que todas se fueron al cuarto a reunirse y yo las segui para escuchar lo que hablaban de... Continue»
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The corpse was still cooling on the bathroom floor where it had fallen Vincent had left it there after his cock had slid out of the victims mouth he had already cum and made his cock sucker swallow the load which he happily did people liked to please Vincent he is a gorgeous Italian male late twenties I think he has so many passports with so many different names and birth dates its hard to keep tract but I'm his lover and the teller of his tale so I have a better idea than most though even I am not positive and truth is I really don't care as long as he shows up regularly and fucks me like he ... Continue»
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Used at McDonalds

Up to this point every task she had given me had taken place in the privacy of my own house.

I'd met her here on Xhamster a number of months ago. She had told me how she was turned on by submissive, obedient guys.

She'd give me tasks and ask me to write to her telling her about them. The tasks had been simple enough. Jack off and eat your cum...tell me how it taste. Tie up your cock and balls and masturbate. Fuck your ass with a toy. Things like that.

This time she wanted me to put in my butt plug and go out in public wearing it. I figured that wouldn't be too hard. Nobody would noti... Continue»
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Picking up a Stray

As has happened many times before the little woman and I had a

"domestic dispute" that ended with her telling me to "Get Out!!!".

Usually I tell her to fuck off and settle in to the couch for some loud

TV to drown out her bitching until she shuts up, but this evening was

warm and it had been days since my last blow job,,,probably why the

arguement started in the first place. I hit a couple of sleezy bars

where the blow queens hang out, you know , the sluts that will suck

cock for a couple shots in your car or the mens room. My phone kept

going off, the bitch jus... Continue»
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Spring semester college life 36 (spring semester i

Waking the next morning after my wacked erotic dream, I looked over at Kris
still sl**ping and smiled. I showered and dressed as usual before waiting
on Corey to walk to our first class. Corey was talking about all the
studying he had done and how confident he was feeling going into the finals
that were starting next Thursday.

He stopped half way there and looked at me, "Matt, is there a problem? I
know I haven't been the greatest boyfriend the last few days but I feel so
good right now."

"Oh it's nothing," I said. "I was just being a good listener."

"I so promise we'll have... Continue»
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Polly and Pat (Tights fetish)

I met Pat on a back to work course. He was a strapping guy. He used to be a labourer. Outside during a smoke break it was freezing. I told him as much. I wondered how he coped in cold weather where he used to work.
'Oh me and my work mates wore thick tights under our overalls,' he said
'Well they make your legs warm.'
'I suppose they would. Are you wearing a pair now?' I smiled.
'Haven't got any. Could do with a pair if this weather keeps up.'
'You think, I should get some too.'
'Wouldn't hurt. Better than freezing your bollocks off.'
'Maybe we could get a couple of pairs at ... Continue»
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Polly and Len Pt. 1 (Lycra fetish)

Len was the regional manager at the place I used to work. I met him during an office party. A few of us from our branch went in fancy dress. I dressed up as an old fashioned crook, stripy top, black tights, black lycra shorts over the top and a skintight black stocking over my face. Len's a strapping figure of a man, about six feet five and well built. None of the staff liked him because he was intimidating and strict. I'd spoken to him a few times when he came to see us at work, from the stories he used to tell I gathered that he had a shady,... Continue»
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This storey relates to me and a time when my life was so good, that I thought o would put pen to paper and tell you good folks about an incident that happened to me back when I was being used by dirty old men for there gratification.

Ive told you all before about the 2 dirty old men that used me in various positions and the like over a 3 year period that I would never change in my life and is something im quite thankful for, well this incident is a follow on from them stories and involves the same people but with a little twist on that fact.

I was asked by Ken if would run him down to Br... Continue»
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Bring semester College life 35

Corey and I arrived late at my house on Friday. We were late because of
waiting for Corey to get off work. On the drive there, we had our plan in
place for the summer. There waiting on us was Mom though she looked like
she had been asl**p in her chair. She greeted both of us with a kiss and
hug. As always it was easy to see how happy she was to see me. The only
thing she wasn't happy with was seeing two giant loads of laundry we carted
inside to be done along with clothes I didn't need any longer. After a
brief conversation, she was off to her bedroom for the night. Corey and I
wat... Continue»
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camping with a giant

this is for trevor100a

its his huge cock that is generating this story,i was camping by myself way out in the remote woods and it appeared like i was the only one around till some one else arived into the site next to mine ,as i was toiling with some gear i heard foot steps approaching and heard a man's voice behind me ,as i turned my breath was sucked out of me as there stood in front of me the tallest man i ever did see he had to be over nine feet tall ,he could see the excitement on my face as he stepped even closer,so close i could smell the aroma of malenes mixed with the odor of cock ... Continue»
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Bowling Buddies - New Team Member

I did it again lost my three game series 550 to 445. Now I was in Ron’s bed and couldn’t believe I was grasping a nine inch cock and getting ready to please my new senior lover. I stroked Ron softly watching his flaccid cock rise, but it would not be until I deep throated my lover that his full nine inches would be erect. I put the head of Ron’s cock to my lips and I slowly sucked his cock and swallowed it inch by inch working my way down to the base of his shaft. Soon the mammoth organ entered my throat as I took the last three inches. Then I began the rhytmic cock sucking that made Ron happy... Continue»
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Hotel Fuck

After sitting for hours on the laptop sitting in Gaydar, Fabswingers and Fabguys about to give up hope, a message finally arrives in my ‘inbox’ asking me if I fancy meeting up?

After much discussion and asking the usual questions, I am in my car and driving off to the city centre to a Glasgow Hotel. The remit goes roughly like this, ‘open door, enter room, lying on bed with ass facing you. Insert you cock and dump your load’ no questions asked. Always so wary of such invitations I decide to risk it and I am delighted to say that it worked out well.

I entered the room, it was dimly lit... Continue»
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my girlfriend found out my secret. (part 1)

My girlfriend is awesome, she's hot she's dirty and she's pretty much perfect. There's only one thing she doesn't have that I want, and thats a big fat cock. I can't explain why but I love sucking cock and having my ass fucked, my girlfriend fingers it every now and then but its just not the same. One monday morning I got what I wanted, I was in the laundry room that our block of flats has washing some clothes when my upstairs neighbour came in, he was wearing just his boxers and a t shirt, I didn't really know him that well, we said hey when we walked past each other but thats about it,... Continue»
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First fictional story - with names of real people

The excitement of the evening gave me a definite buzz as Danielle and I drove to the party. Danielle is one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Puerto Rican and Black, with long, wavy black hair, the darkest brown eyes I've ever seen, and an amazing smile, she had my attention the moment I saw her.

We met one day at TGIF, where she was bar-tending. Since it was lunch and I was by myself, the bar seemed to be the best spot. I ordered a turkey burger and a beer and this gorgeous woman sparked up a conversation. From that day I made it a point to stop in at least once a week, ... Continue»
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Spring Break 2015

It is Spring Break and I have the house to myself. I put an ad in Craigslist that I have my private gloryhole open. The responses are swift an immediate. I have a nice variety of cocks to choose from. However, one takes my breath away as it is from a man in town on business who sent a pic of his 8 inch cock. In the pic his cock is flaccid but the curve of the uncut cock I like a horse. He says he can be right over.
I am waiting in my private gloryhole vestibule which is really my bathroom door with a sheet hung over the frame. A large hole is cut at waist level and I can see my front door. Wh... Continue»
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With Ron

"Hello Ron, it's me Ed."

"Hi Ed. I knew it was you. Come on in. ... How was your trip?"

"Good. No problems anywhere along the way."

"Are you ready to truly begin your journey?"

I paused for a few seconds. Then I said, "I think so. But, you know I'm still incredibly nervous, and at the same time so very anxious and excited to move forward.... And then again, maybe even scared a little! It's a significant event for me to follow through and act on my homosexual desires."

"I thought as much from all of your stories and e-mails. It is a significant event for most curious men... Continue»
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Polly's Skintight House-warming gift

Fucking hell I wanted him my new neighbour, JJ. ! He couldn't get enough of my tight, arse in my skintight blue lycra, stretched tightly across it, giving the dirty fat cunt a shimmery eyeful. We planned this day together knowing his missus was out, knowing that he couldn't wait to shove his fat arse and fat, hard cock into her glossy suntan control top tights for yours truly!

Before I spent the best part of an hour sitting on his nose, as he sniffed through my lycra shorts and tight blue leotard, we'd been having a crafty snog, then I sucked his fat knob, which glistened in the tight glo... Continue»
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