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Black Man's White Sissy

I started jerking off to ejaculation when I was around 18. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. I collected fuck mags and porno tapes wherever I could find them, to use as visual aids. Just looking at those sexy nude women being loved up by their hot men made my dick so fuckin' HARD! Because of that I was able to convince myself that I was normal, of course, in retrospect it is obvious that I was identifying with the women.

One day when my mom was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The draw... Continue»
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Transexual Brothel

While I was on vacation, I went to a famous brothel. It was a large place with several different bars, a room with stripers, a video bar. etc. I wondered around for a while taking it all in. I settled down in a little quiet bar with a classic old black-and-white porno movie playing on the TV. I was propositioned by several women, but they didn't really turn me on so I turned them down.

I nice-looking woman set down at the bar across from me. She was a little older than me, probably in her mid-thirties. She didn't look like a hooker. She looked nice. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I w... Continue»
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My first time fucking another man (repost)

This was my most popular story so I'm reposting it.

Not long after I got involved with a really sexy woman, she told me that she was bisexual and after watching some videos of bisexual girls and guys, both of us could see that I was excited by the idea of Male bisexuality. She loved sucking cock and getting her ass fucked and I confessed to her that I had always wondered what each of those things would feel like if they were happening to me. I let her fuck my ass with her strap-on which she was eager and excited to do and it felt so good and was so much fun for both of us that we repeated i... Continue»
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fun day at the park

I have a hobby that sometimes proves to be more then what it is. I do a lot of walking to keep in shape and in doing so I started picking up aluminum cans since there seems to be so many of them along the roadways. There is a county park not far with a nice lake and many shelter houses for picnics and gatherings s**ttered throughout the park. One Sunday morning early I decided to drive around the lake and check the trash cans for aluminum cans. No telling what one finds in those trash cans. I have found money and cameras and one time I found several gay porn DVD`s. Needless to say I spent many... Continue»
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Coke Cock Dilemma 6

When he opened the door a tall asian man in his late twenties, he was rather good looking and looked fit. He was wearing just a tee-shirt and sweat pants and was holding a small lap board. “This is Natalie’s b*****r Alex, he brought us our party favors and he’s going to be keeping you company till you make your entrance downstairs. Have fun.” He said with a smile and closed the door behind him as he left.
“Hi, Mike is it,” he asked. His voice was deep and smooth. “Is it alright if I sit down?” he sat next to me when I nodded my head. He pulled a baggie, card and a small straw out of his pocke... Continue»
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This story, and the one's that follow, have a grain of real life experiences in them, but I've elaborated on them significanty so they really are little more than fiction. But I hope you enjoy reading them.

The usual warnings apply. This story involves sex between consenting adults. If you're not over 18 or it is i*****l to read this where you live, then please do not continue any further. You have been warned.

Fisting. The word alone seems to instantly divide gay men into two camps. Those who do or are interested and those who don't. Some simply aren't interested and leave it at that. B... Continue»
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Brynnboi and the Oversexed, Married Mouthfucker

Brynnboi and the Oversexed, Married Mouthfucker

Brynn's schooling was online and he had worked far ahead of the normal schedule and he did so because he wanted a lot of free time. He was slender, young, had soft brown eyes, longish brown hair, and, at the time, he stood five-feet-five. He didn't consider himself to be gay because he wasn't into anal sex or kissing and hugging. But, maybe that definition fit because one thing he loved dearly was sucking cock, and lots of it! Simply said, it wasn't hard for a horny male to get his cock into Brynn's mouth or down his queer t... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:6

Master John’s 18 year-old, strawberry-blonde pet slave Jimmy was taken advantage of by Master John’s three young, buff, pet-slave niggers while on a summers’ day, chained to the open truck bed of Master Johns’ truck, parked in the driveway of his seclude ranch. He told Master John they said they would kill him if he told on them, but he told Master John anyway and begged Master John not to tell the slaves he told on them. Master John agreed and e****ted Jimmy into the ranch, through the front door, up the stairs to the large Master bathroom in the back.

Jimmy was showered as all slaves are ... Continue»
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Surprise Spanking at Adult Store Part III

This is the continuation of a true story started as Surprise Spanking at an Adult Video.

To bring you up to speed, where I left off last time, I was a very naïve 21 year old newly married man traveling to Dallas on business. I met up with Tony at an adult book store who took complete control over me. I was wearing pink panties under my clothes that he instructed me to wear and we were at the adult book store in Dallas that has movie preview rooms besides the arcade in back. Tony was waiting for me in one of the movie preview rooms as he had sent me out to the store part to purchase a but... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 6)

Claire did as i asked and soon had every cushion and seat cover spread in front of the roaring woodburner, all except the one from the chair i was sitting on. I got up from my seat and tossed the cushion on the floor in front of me, Claire was standing to the side, hands on hips, her weight resting on one hip in what was a very sexy pose, my cock sprang up and down as it twitched madly just at the sight of her, pre cum splashing against my thick treasure trail of salt and pepper hair that ran from my chest rug to my pubes making a soft smacking sound each time the engorged purple head of my... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:5

Larry’s throbbing hard, thick, black 13-inch cock fermented in cum deep inside the strawberry blonde 18 year-old pet slaves’ reamed butt-hole as he lay on his back, chained spread-eagle in the hot summer sun, on the tailgate of Master John’s truck parked in the driveway out front of Master Johns’ secluded ranch.

Jimmy began to yell out for the Master when Larry covered his mouth with his hand. “Get over here,” Larry yelled to his black slave buddies watching from the ranch back yard.

The two young black boys Ben and Bee ran to the truck as quickly as possible and stood by Larry’s side ... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:4

The ride back to the ranch was satisfying and arousing to 39 year-old Master John as he played with his 18 year-old pet slave’s hard white cock on the way home from the market while Jimmy sat completely naked on the bench seat of his truck, hands cuffed behind his back and a randomly vibrating 4-inch butt-plug deep in his ass.

Once the truck arrived in its place on the driveway of the ranch, Master John turned the truck off, threw the keys on the dashboard, took off his shirt, unzipped his shorts, pulled them and his underwear off his hips, down his legs and stripped himself completely nud... Continue»
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Naked Gary is milked by gays

The five of us who ran the local gym were all gay and regular sex partners. We had shared many group sessions where we pretended to capture one of the group and subject him to fucking and torture. One of the fantasies we shared though was to do this for real and to f***e a good looking straight chap into just this position and make him cum for us whether he wants to or not and this is what we did with Gary who was our first straight victim.

Gary is a good looking British white male; not very tall but with a strong lithe body. He's very popular with the ladies being very well endowed as h... Continue»
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Ladyboy Switch Story

I am messed up with how I feel about this. I still love looking at women. I love tits and arse. I like the soft feel of women – kissing them and feeling their bodies. I don’t look at men in public and get turned on – men with clothes on do nothing for me. Put me somewhere that I can see those same men naked however and something changes. I don’t really understand what happens to me.

I guess in simple terms it is this – I am a cock pig. The cock is the most exciting thing in the world for me. I love having it in my mouth. I love having it up my arse. I love seeing and tasting the cum that co... Continue»
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A Bra And Panties?

It had been a long day, my friends and I had been on long ride in our local forestry area. We always parked our cars away from the usual cyclist parking areas so it was pretty well deserted. As we approached where we had parked we saw what looked like a lady by a tree in her undies. As we got closer we could see it was a guy in women’s underwear, stockings, suspenders, bra and silk panties. We had a small giggle and rode past but as I, looked it appeared that he was tied to the tree.

At the cars, my friends loaded their bikes and left so I got on my bike and cycled back to where the guy was... Continue»
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The Indian Hostel Gangbang


"Uhhh...ohhh Ahhh" I moaned through a mouthful of cock. Ajay had started to clench his anal muscles around my cock. I was deep inside his ass, as he knelt before me doggystyle, and he was milking me, bringing me to the verge of cumming. Manoj was standing over Ajay, and mouthfucking me slowly. Behind me, Sandeep was crouched on the edge of the bed. He had his tongue deep inside my ass and I was being driven wild.

Hi guys. Ashu, a long time reader of IGS with my story.

Less than 24 hours earlier:

I had just shifted to the third floor of a boys' hostel. I chatted up with my... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:3

The stride into the market was a bit uncomfortable for Jimmy for when the magic butt-plug he had stuffed up his ass was turned off, it clearly was in a more aggressive state of mind and had enlarged itself to a fairly moderate circumference. The 18 year-old pet-slave took it in stride at his Masters command and waltzed into the market beside him.

John ordered Jimmy to push a miniature basket in front of him and the two journeyed through the market. They were both legitimately shopping for supplies and covertly seeking the stud they followed into the market who flashed his big, hard cock at ... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:2

Jimmy began to skip and sing merrily, handcuffed behind his back, nude and in bare feet along the dirt path on his way to Master John’s truck parked in the driveway of Master John’s secluded ranch. Master John followed closely behind him gazing at the hopelessly perverted teen boys’ hairless ass cheeks freely bouncing up and down as he moved along the path.

Jimmy arrived on the passenger side of the truck just as Master John opened the door for him and watched him seat himself on the passenger side bench seat, with his handcuffed hands behind him. Master John then walked around the truck a... Continue»
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first time group male sex

All of my life I have been what I considered a straight male. The last few years have proved a different story of my sexual turnons. While masturbating to porn magazines I was at first turned off by the images of the shemales throughout the magazine promoting phone sex. As time passed I started looking a little more until I was really turned on by the thought of a nice hard cock. It went from shemales to males and here we are. I started looking at ads on craigslist hoping to have some nice cock to suck and maybe do some anal on me. It worked out but one ad really got me turned on. It was an ad... Continue»
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The black bully that I wish I sucked off

So this is the first of a few stories where I will relate a real bully story in my life that turned me on at a later date. This is part of my whole fetish, wanting to escape the competition that comes from an alpha male. What better way to escape that competition? Why, by fully accepting your inferiority and humiliating yourself until the alpha no longer considers you competition. Also, by changing the competition paradigm into a paradigm where the beta male pleasures the alpha. This fantasy of mine comes from the exhaustion of trying to compete with alpha males and the eventual realization an... Continue»
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