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Dorm bottom 3/4

I was sitting at my desk working on a history paper when I heard the
door open and I figured my roommate Johnny was back. I was kind of nervous
about what was going to happen. He had always been kind of homophobic and
thought I was straight. A couple of hours ago he caught me with Trey's
dick up my ass pounding me hard. I had no idea how this was going to turn

Turning in my chair I looked at the door as it opened. Before I could say
anything Johnny looked at me with a withering look and asked "so what are
some full blown faggot now? Don't even answer me cause I can't deal with... Continue»
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Marine Dad and King

Marine Dad and King
By Buck Jones
Note: This story is based on real events that occurred nearly 60 years ago, and is another story in my series of how seduction can be perpetrated with a degree of ease, even though the emotional harm can last a lifetime.

The small three bedroom house was oppressive. Two growing boys shared one bedroom; the parents shared a bedroom whenever the husband decided to come home; the third room was a sewing, storage room… all within 900 square feet. And this Marine Tech Sergeant Dad wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. The Marines had been the only choice in ... Continue»
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The Morning After

Over Halloween I thought it would be a fun time going to the “The Closet” for their annual Halloween party. It was a safe club, friendly to gay, straight, lesbian, crossdressers; you name it. I decided to go as a sexy librarian. I wore reading glasses on a chain, black short skirt, white low cut blouse, fake bra, hair in a bun pulled to the top and 3-inch heels.

I partied there and had a great time, it was crowded and I didn’t even mind the sudden gropes here and there. The time had really flown bye, next think I knew the bartender shouted that it was closing time. One of the men I was han... Continue»
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Dorm bottom One – two

With some effort I managed to open my mouth wide enough to handle the fat
cock that was pushing its way towards my throat. With a gurgle and gag or
two I manage to get about two thirds of the ass rammer down my throat. Damn
I thought to myself this is going to take some work to handle. After a
couple of deep breaths I took a deep swallow and started to work my way
down that massive pole. This time I managed to feel his curly hairs against
my face. I worked him with my throat for a minute before I had to back off.
As I started to back off I heard a deep moan come from above me and ... Continue»
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My Panty and Clothes Stealing Adventures Part 1

This is a small series of REAL life experiences, with slight changes to them to be more interesting, but based heavily on my own experiences.

I had just finished basketball practice for my highschool team, now I sat in the empty lounge waiting for a response from my mom. It was late, 6 pm, and my house was not walking distance. I got a text back from my mother, "Ill be there in 30 minutes".

Great. I sat there, finishing up my graphs for physics. It was a fast job, and I was faced with 23 minutes of boredom. No wifi, and I wasn't an iphone gamer. I decided to move to the other sid... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 3: The Obsession)

As I laid in bed the next morning, I was overcome by the painful soreness and tingling sensations emanating from my tight freshly used hole. I could still feel his seed dripping out and leaking down the sides of my ass cheeks. I was lying there naked in bed, my long feminine legs spread out underneath the sheets. I felt like I had been hit by a train, but the previous night was the most satisfying experience I had ever had in my life. As I rolled near the edge of the bed, my eyes caught a glimpse of the panties I had been wearing. They were still laying on the floor by the side of my bed.... Continue»
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Heading to L.A. (Clay, Cole and I continue)

Clay and I rode together in his car, while Clay dropped Nate off at home, proudly displaying phone numbers for Marko, Matt, Jessie, and Mike. Clay showed me he got Brian’s number and a few others. Cole didn’t share with the young guys that he too got Marko and Matt’s numbers. Clay and Cole sat in the pool house for a while and talked while Nate and I cleaned up, made some dinner, and chatted about new swim and under gear styles coming out.

Cole motioned for us to come over and all was well. Cole did admit, what everyone already knew, was that he was bisexual, and did really get turned o... Continue»
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Real Life - Blue Black Thug

This is a true story...Names are changed to protect the innocent.

A strange number appeared on Gabriel's phone. He answered as he had recently

relocated to this city and was working to build his stable of straight DL top men.

"Hello," the five-foot-seven-inch sissy answered.
"What had happened to you," inquired a deep voice Gabriel did not recognize.
"What do you mean?"
"You talked to me last night on da chat line and I told you I could head your way

today. You said you was gone call me when you got off."
"I'm sorry sweetie. I was a little d***k last night. I did... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

At the end of the regular once a week sports afternoon at a local council collection of ovals the sports master asked me to stay behind and clean up the boys change room. It meant I had to wait until the last boy had departed to then sweep and mop the floor, put left behind clothing in a box and rubbish in the bin. Though unwilling I did a respectable job. The master agreed when he inspected the change room.

He suggested I might like to shower, change and head home. Because I’d done such a good job he said rather than have cold shower I was welcome on this occasion to use the adjoining tea... Continue»
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Cheating on my girlfriend with some guy in the loo

So yesterday I finally gave into my Bi ways, after bouncing up and down on my dildo whenever my girlfriend isn't home the craving for cock got to me.

Last week she and a few of her friends decided to go on a girls only holiday leaving me in the house alone for a week. Naturally I used these few days of having the whole house to fuck myself. After playing the dominant one for years it was nice to be able to take a dildo and have cute knickers on all the time.
This day i had a very nice pink thong on when i decided to go for a run (something i try and do every day ... sometimes), on my way b... Continue»
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Master Ross

I had developed a curious fascination with Master/sub relationships. I being a submissive, longed for a Master. I had no luck meeting a real Master. It was becoming frustrating. It wasn't until I saw Master Ross' webpage and filled out his application. I had to include a detailed background report on my upbringing and sexual history. I also had to send pictures of me naked and clothed holding a sign for Master Ross' and the current date. It wasn't until about a week later he emailed me back. He had given me a list of specific instructions and a time to chat with him online. I went out and purc... Continue»
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Service or pleasure?

I was looking forward to sharing this story from yesterday afternoon in Moncton. I met this older fellow in a public washroom. Although I know he was nervous, it was him who opened his stall door showing off his stiff un-cut cock, and I couldn’t help but go down on him.
Looking up at him letting his glistening cock slip from my lips I asked if he knew of a better place for us to go. Out in the hallway he had me follow him to a handicap washroom where we had much more room. I had my jacket off, my jeans to the floor; my belt removed, now my sweeter and t-shirt removed; so naked from below ... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Part Six "A weekend of c

Mutual Masturbation: Part Six "A weekend of cum"

The next time the three of us were able to get together was about two weeks, but it was worth the wait! Jeff was going to have his house to himself for the entire weekend. He had invited John and myself to stay over Friday through Sunday. He said he had a surprise for us, but we would have to wait till we got there to find out what it was.

I got to Jeffs around 7:00 on Friday night, put my bag in his room and went back into the f****y room. John arrived about a half hour later and the three of us squeezed onto the couch and started playing... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 06

group sex – bisexual – tranny – strapon – harness – anal – nipple play – bdsm

We were having such a wonderful time sitting together on the beach and watching the sun begin to set. The weather only changes a few degrees between morning and night and the evening breeze brought in the fresh smell of the ocean, crisp and clean. We gathered our belongings and walked towards the house. I was holding Emily's hand as our arms swung between us with a lilt of happiness. Jess and Chrissy followed close behind. As we crossed the patio the smells of dinner quickly caught our attention and my stom... Continue»
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Gangbang at Ricks part 2

Gangbang at Ricks part2
Don said were here you sexy slut, helped me out of the car, grabed my butt arm around me like he was showing me off look what i have for the party, opened the front door Rick and 6 of his buddies with just shirts on, a few of them stopped sucking. Everthing got quite for a min. when Damn our Hooker is over dressed, who's first, I should have tape measured it was close to 90" of cock all for me? The party just started. Sex music, some guys saying Danm, good head, I know I should have tryed getting my cock sucked by a guy, years ago, as we walked in to the front roo... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 2: The Metamorphosis)

As the morning rays of sunlight pierced through my bedroom window I was awakened from the most intense dream, reenacting what had happened the night before. My throbbing hard little cock was gently humping against the sheets of my bed while I couldn't stop thinking about the amazing big black cock I had in my mouth just hours ago. I could still taste him on my tongue, and I could smell him on my lips. What had happened to me? Why was I so turned on by all of this? I thought to myself, "Maybe it was just a one time thing, like a one night stand." My mom had been dating a lot lately, so I ... Continue»
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My pathetic life

I look out the window at the dark grey sky passing by, clouds overlapping the tips of evergreens fading into dusk. I am wrapped by white walls and digital dreams, the tv, the plush couch in which I eternally lie, masturbating furiously in the spit of noon washing against the windows. Mom comes home. I pretend to play video games while searching for bizaar pornographic content on the incalculable internet, that stream of consciousness permeating the folds of the cerebral destiny, flick-flashing images of white women engorged with donkey dicks and black shafts, oozing out sweet race-baiting cum ... Continue»
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Every Man Is A Little Bit Gay

gay first time – blow job – tied up – gay husband – bisexual male – bicurious male

"They're doing cookery classes down at the local college. I think I might give them a go," Trish said, looking up from reading the Evening Gazette, our local paper.

"The last thing you need is cookery classes," I replied with some feeling. Trish is the best cook I've ever met; that's one of the many reasons I married her.

"I don't need to learn how to boil an egg but they're offering an advanced course on Mediterranean cooking. It will be fun to learn something new."

"I'm certainly not going t... Continue»
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Kitty got caught - in college!

I love risky sex. I like to humiliation. I like to be treated as a useless piece of fucktoy for real men’s pleasure! I love the thrill in sex when there are chances of getting caught or something else that pushes me. So how did I figure that out?

Dressed in lingerie and wearing pink lipstick in my college, kneeling on the floor beside the toilet, waiting for the door to open, my mind kept going around in circles to what led me here, wondering if I could have done anything different to prevent it.

I remembered sitting on the toilet earlier today looking at my bright pink nylon and whit... Continue»
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The Marine Studes

I just love the common toilet and bath of the place I stay in this southern city.
The urinals have no separators that I've seen lots of dicks during my stays from locals to foreigners.
The toilet/bath even though with wall wall separators have almost 6 inches gap from the floor so that one can easily see the reflection of another bather esp when the lighting is good.
This alone makes me want to bathe all day.
It was such my lucky day that during my stay it coincided with the field trip of marine students that I had a field day of transferring from one stall to another looking at the refl... Continue»
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