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My first time with the college dude from across th

This is my first attempt at adding a story, hope it works. And yes, this was a real encounter for me that happened about 2 summers ago. So here goes. I hope you enjoy it...

For some number of months, I had been chatting with a young college guy on an online guy site (not Xhamster). His home was here but went to school in another city, so he was home sporadically. He seemed to be into older "dad" types, which was cool, because that's what I am. We traded pics and I liked what I saw, as did he. Our chats would get pretty erotic and intense. But then he'd head back to school and be off... Continue»
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Hood thug's first time Part 2

Fast forward in time. I had graduated from high I was in my 1st semester of college at Clayton State University near Atlanta. So November rolls around, its been 8 months since me and Quez had our experience. It was Tuesday, November 22, 2011 to be exact. I was ready to go home for the Thanksgiving Holidays. I was driving back home from Atlanta, for some reason I was speeding. No one knew I was coming back home that day so I didn’t have any plans made. The usual 2 hour drive only took around an hour and 45 minutes this day. I got back home around 12:26 pm to be exact. I walked in the house put ... Continue»
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My first BBC

--My First Big Black Cock--
Not long after my introduction to gay sex, I was having lots of fun playing around with a few guys as I learned more and more about man-on-man oral and anal sex. One day, one of my fuck-buddies told me about a black man who had a big cock and who liked fucking white guys. He told me that this guy was big and that he himself wasn't able to take him anally. That statement both excited and scared me a little at the same time but I told my buddy that I wanted to meet him. A hook up was arranged and I went over to this guys house. He turned out to be an attractive ... Continue»
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finally went back to spa excess 2nd time there gay

I was so horny yesterday around 7pm, and constantly watching gay porn. I have only one experience with men, and that was last year at spa excess in Toronto. Last night I want to see if I could stop being shy and try men again. I was very horny and needed some action. When I got there I purchased some lube and poppers. I got in to the locker room and put my clothes up. I went straight to the shower and cleaned up. I went into the spa, if you have never been to a bathhouse it is very dark. I wandered around getting my feel for the place. There are several mazes set up a few rooms with glory hol... Continue»
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Pool Jerk

While on holiday in Florida with a friend, I stayed at a 3 story motel which had a pool. After a day's site seeing we would go back to the our room, shower and change before going out on the town.

One particular day we had walked miles and my friend said he was going to take a nap before we set out for the evening. I was still wide awake and feeling particularly horny so I decided to cool down and take a dip in the pool. I slipped on a pair of ordinary shorts without any underwear underneath, threw a towel over my shoulder and headed for the pool.

The pool was situated on one side of the... Continue»
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The Lake P2

As Rob’s fist found its way into his friend Jake’s thick hair, and his rigid cockmeat pulsed against his buddy’s soft lips and slippery tongue, he had that moment of disbelief that suddenly flashes when you dare to step into something you never imagined you’d want. He cased the perimeter for privacy, as his mind raced to comprehend his own choice. But as he looked down again, he could see Jake patiently grinning up at him with a mouthful of fever-thickened cock, giving Rob the freedom of this questioning moment at hand. Nothing was spoken, but in that millisecond, Rob tossed his doubts to the ... Continue»
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Friends Like These...

It was my third period class...Normally I'm in study period in the library, but this day I had received a note from Charlie telling me to meet him in the locker room. A note from Charlie, Bruce or Daniel during school only meant one thing...some one wanted to fuck and I was their chosen partner. I also knew that if I did not show up I would probably get my butt kicked after school or my awful secrete would get told.

Dutifully I manage to stealthily make my way to the gym and into the darken locker room. As soon as I had eased the door closed Charlie seized me by the collar and asked '...n... Continue»
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Jose brings a friend

So as I have mentioned in my previous postings about my experiences, I have an ongoing relationship with my gardener. It started a couple years ago and we still maintain our sexual meetings. This particular experience occurred probably a little over a year ago on a typical weekday.

As usual, I asked to work from home in order to meet up with Jose. I did my usual preparations in anticipation of just one of our normal hook ups. It was nearing time for Jose's arrival so I got out of my clothes and laid on the couch waiting for him to show up. It was a very hot day so I didn't prepare the lawn ... Continue»
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The Story of My Life - Part II

The story with Peter and Simon went on for several weeks. We were going at their place, dressing up there and had sex. In order to be able to shave our body hair me and Nick decided to join a swimming club. That way we could justify the shaving to our parents without raising any questions.
At the same time I was dating a girl with whom I have only reached foreplay. Usually I was seeing her on Fridays and Saturdays. As she had to be back home by 22:00 I had all my nights free for Simon.
I was now more experienced and I started to give him some really good blow jobs. But, this dressing issue... Continue»
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Cold call

I was out doing some cold calling in my sales territory when I stopped in to a business and asked to see the manager. After waiting five minutes I looked up and gasped! There was this guy I had met up with in a park two weeks before.

I was in the park to see if I could hook up with another guy and he drove up. I walked down a path giving him a sidelong glance. I grabbed my crotch and smiled. He acknowledged my glance and followed me. After a turn in the path I stopped and waited. He came up to where I was and I looked down at a bulge in his pants. "Can I help you with that?" I asked. "Oh ye... Continue»
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My Wife Wants a Man - Part 1

My Wife Wants a Man - Part 1

It was a typical Wednesday, middle of the week, in the midst of the work week grind. I came home from work one evening to find that my wife was already there. To most people my wife is a fairly attractive 30 something red head. Her body did not look exactly as it did when she was 20, but that's life - it still looked amazing though. Her trim figure had a few more curves than it used to, but to me she was still just as stunning as when I first met her. A little more ass and a slightly larger chest, but no one would dare suggest that she was overweight at all.

... Continue»
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Dueling Deputy Dads

Robert grumbled quietly to himself, anxiously scribbling notes, reading
textbooks and tapping his feet, anything to distract him from constantly
checking the dingy clock mounted on the classroom wall. If he were a
little more dramatic, he'd complain that 8th period study hall was killing
him. Instead, he just whined to his neighboring students that it was pure
torture. They all sympathized, of course, because they'd all arranged their
schedules so they could end the school day on a relaxing note, and maybe
even get out of school early if they got a nice teacher. Instead, they got
the ... Continue»
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Memorable Nite Going Home

I remember it was late, I was meandering home after roaming thru a few bars downtown on a Saturday night That usually meant checking out one or two of the all nite Arcades hoping to maybe get lucky before reaching home. It seemed to be a slow night all around and I was about to give up and head out when I heard this woman say, "Are you looking for something baby?" I stopped in my tracks and looked into an open booth to the source of that voice. "Something like this?" There she was, Black wig, white fake pearl necklace, Black mini-skirt and white control top stockings, black three inch... Continue»
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Hood thug's first time Part 1

It all started second semester of my senior year in high school. It was March 12, 2011. Only two months left until graduation and I had no worries at all, well at least not this day anyway. I stay in Milledgeville, GA a few blocks from downtown and it can get very boring sometimes, but there is always something “good” to get into if you find it. One Saturday around 2pm I was bored and decided to go outside and shoot some hoops by myself. I had been out there for maybe an hour until I see two dudes walking down the road.

Walking down the road I see a tall skinny lightskin dude with some sex... Continue»
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The perfect guy (Part 2)

Hello! This is part two of my experience so if you haven't read part one then I suggest you go to my profile and do that. Now, Part two: I was sitting in my room thinking of what to wear. Jeans and a t-shirt or a button up striped long sleeve shirt with khaki pants and a hoodie, I decided to wear jeans with my long sleeve black t-shirt with rainbow stripes on the sleeve reading “Gay pride bitches” in white, then wearing my zipped up dark purple hoodie; All of which for laughs. I then walked downstairs, into the kitchen grabbing a v8, then walked outside and closed the door. Chris was standing ... Continue»
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The Story of My Life - Part I

It must have been when I was 14 years old; masturbation was an exciting new thing for me. I was picturing myself with older women (at 40s or 50s) who guided me around sex. One day, I don’t know why, I thought of myself as a young girl who was invited in a woman’s house. Innocent and naive. For a long period this was my favorite fantasize. I never thought that it could be something out of the normal as I was imagining having sex with women.
About one year later, I was alone at home as my parents were both at work. For some reason I cannot recall I tried my mother’s underwear and stockings. ... Continue»
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godess saritas slave 14 (giving away for 4 days)

I couldn't sl**p dat night my pee hole and butt hole burned like hell I was screaming with da gag on.. mistress came in da morning as she took a week off to spend time with her daughter she din have office today sha untied me and let me pee and take dump was chilli sauce was washed but it still bured like da upper layer of skin was so sensitive..

goddess tied me to the shower and washed me clean full body then shaved every hair except head .. I was shampooed and conditioned when dried up she changed my chastity cage and putted a normal plastic cage on.. den I was dressed in bra panties a ti... Continue»
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Two Cocks

It started out as a fantasy. I had developed a fascination for porn where the girl (or guy) was getting fucked doggy style while sucking another cock. As a submissive cross dresser, I fantasized about being dressed in my sluttiest outfit, while two Alpha Tops had their way with me. I found my thoughts constantly returning to this fantasy, adding detail and imagining scenarios, and it never failed to make my cock hard.

The one night I was a little high, d***k and horny and cruising the sex want ads on Craigs List. Without really thinking about it, I found myself clicking on the “Post an Ad” ... Continue»
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Slowly his eyes opened, bringing the room before him into focus. It was not the most well-lit room in the world, but as he adjusted to the gloom, he began to notice two things. One, that he was nude, and two, that he was secured into a chair by steel manacles on his ankles, thighs, waist and neck. His arms, oddly, were free.

“Awake at last, I see,” Purred a feminine voice from nearby.

He moved his head about as much as the neck restraint would allow, but she was walking around to stand before him anyway. She was a tall woman, with long brown hair and a nice face covered in too much s... Continue»
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I will start by saying that this is a true story. Last night, I went to the house of a Dom that I used to see semi-regularly. Jake is a straight contractor, with a great body. He has that perfect masculine build that only a lifetime of manual labor can achieve. His biggest asset is a big thick 9? cock. It really is the most beautiful cock that I have ever seen. He owns me because of this perfect cock. Well that, and the fact that he is the only Dom to ever give me what I really need.

It had been almost a year, when I got an text from him. He identifies as ‘straight’ and says that he only us... Continue»
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