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Late Lunch

Long Lunch
During the holidays, my mind tends to wander while I’m at my desk and I start thinking about other things I could be doing, like visiting a local ABS during lunch. So I left a little early and headed down the road.
The place I chose has provided the best action of late for me. It has a fairly new arcade with new screens and an updated selection process. Six of the booths share glory-holes, but that isn’t my favorite stop, so I head back to the larger booths in the back, all capable of holding more than one customer.
Today at lunchtime the place was really busy. The parking lo... Continue»
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A wank with a friend

"Have you ever wanked in front of some one?" Pete asked.

"A girl friend of mine used to like watching me." I replied.

Pete often came out with questions like that as if from no where so there was no shock from me when he asked me that.

"No. That's not what I mean." he had a glint in his green eyes and a smirk on his tanned, smooth shaven face.

"What do you mean then." I replied as I put down my can of beer onto his coffee table.

"You know. Ever wanked with a friend?"

"I'm not sure I get you." I knew perfectly well what he meant as it had always been a fantasy of mine to be in... Continue»
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Meeting a SilverDaddy

Meeting a SilverDaddy
Went to Ft Myers Fla on Christmas Holiday. Weather was perfect. Feeling Horny and wanted to suck a cock. I login to Silverdaddies see if any other guys my age. Turned out couple guys my age in the apartment complex. His name was John and was married, set up to meet at the pool area. My wife loves lying in the sun.
Next day came and wife wanted to get in the sun, went over to the pool set up the lounge chairs. After 1/2 an hour past a couple our age came in pool area. They setup in the lounge chair next too us. "John 6' 200# salt and pepper hair. Judy 5'7" 130# C ... Continue»
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My First Black Dick - True Story

I am not a published author, don't claim to be, i am just a horny guy with some stories to share. All of my stories are true, the names have been changed to protect people. For any background information read the 'about me' section on profile, enjoy.

By the time i hit 17 i was a fully fleged cock addict, i loved it and had lots of eager guys i played with, stories for another time. This however is the story of my first black cock and from that i became addicted to BBC. My first belonged to a guy called Sam, he was 47 years old, married, 6ft tall, slim build, waxed smoo... Continue»
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Old man fantasy Part 3

He told me that i was not ready to take his cock on,but deep inside i felt ready and i could not help myself anymore,it was the only thing that I was thinking of,but i could not order him around because i could not take another dildo punishment anymore,that time will come...
After 3 hours of merciless pounding he tells me to stand up and kneel in front of him,my heart was pounding rapidly,i thought that he will finally give me that glorious present that i was waiting for all this time.
He told me to stroke his penis gently through his pants while he relaxed on the chair.As soon as i touched ... Continue»
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It all Starts at the Gym

A quick summary about me: I consider myself bi. I played with friends in high school and some older neighbors while living at home. But after graduating college, the bi was put a way for a while. After getting married and having a few k**s, and wife went cold, they came back out. I ventured into a few Craigslist adds and little to no success, a few ok but most were no shows or well just not what they said they were. And now to the some recent events in my life that have, well changed me!! Don’t get me wrong I love my wife and f****y, but need and crave other things in my sex life!! I am... Continue»
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The Stall

Waiting  for a flight must be the most annoying thing about the holidays. This Time was a little different though. As I sat Waiting  for my delayed flight a man a couple seats down as visibly upset at his delay. I paid him no mind and went back to playing my game of solitaire.10 minutes later I went to the bathroom and then he entered still mad about the delay he mumbled to himself. I could here him from my urinal he was two down from me following proper manly bathroom etiquette. "What the fuck will I do for an hour and a half "he mumbled. Once I finished i walked up next to him and whispered ... Continue»
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Big Bodied Married Man Love Slim Sissies

Chuck Hall pulled up to second drive-way window the McDonald’s small town where he lived and worked as production manager at the a local chemical manufacturing plant. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and six year-old daughter wanted a happy meal. When the slender dark-skinned young fast food worked opened the window, he lisped, “McNugget happy meal for a girl with apples slices and a Sprite, right?”

“Yeah, the six-foot-two-inch, dark-skinned, two-hundred-fifty-five beefy muscular man replied.

The employee handed over the box and then the drink.

Chuck asked, “Hey man can I get a large f... Continue»
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Hypno whore at camp.

At 1pm Bob picked me up right on time. I came out with a big duffle bag
of stuff and threw it in the back seat as I climbed in.
"Did you get everything?" he asked with a big smile.
I shrugged shook my head "Tooth brush, tooth paste, shoes, socks,
underwear, pants and shirts."
"Cool, let's go." he said still smiling
I looked at him closely "Why you so happy?"
He chuckled "I just cant wait to get there."
And pulled out.
He was really smirking because he knew what I had in the bag. I thought
I had packed what I told him. What I really packed was T-brush and
paste, makeup, wig, panties,... Continue»
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A true gift. pt 1

Christmas is always a festive time of year for everyone, gifts being exchanged, catching up with friends, also having a great time with the people you care for. This is what happened on Christmas eve and this made my festive time so much more special.

It was the day before Christmas day and I was like most other men out starting to buy gifts for everyone. Looking through one store after the other looking for the ideal gifts. After about an hour of shopping I decided to sit down and grab a cold drink at a local cafe in the shopping centre. I ordered a drink and sat down and watched as peopl... Continue»
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Stranger at a hotel

Last night I received a message from a stranger not on my friend list - from an empty profile clearly just created before the message was sent. He liked my pictures and told me that he was currently staying at a hotel in the city only for doing business in the country before leaving again the next evening. The hotel happened to be near by where I lived and he asked if i want to come to his room on the condition, that I would be wearing blindfolds all the time so I didn't see him.

After som nice dirty chat I decided to go :-)

I walked into the hotel lobby pretended I knew the place and wa... Continue»
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Caught in panties

Last month, my wife and I decided to get our bedroom decorated, but as I was so busy at work we decided to get a couple of quotes from a few professionals.

We decided to go with a local guy called Vic. He was in his forties, slim but looked reasonably fit and up to the job. It was going to take a few days so we left him to get on with it. My wife was working away for a couple of days and I was home based so at the other end of the house and out of the way.

I think it was the second day that Vic had been there and I had a meeting out of town, so he was left in the house alone for the da... Continue»
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My First Time With a Guy - True Story

Hi, read previous post "about me" for some background information. Disclaimer - I am not a writer just a horny guy with a few good stories from my horny youth, names have been altered for discretion.

This is a story about my first time with a man, this set me onto a life of cock to which i have never looked back. I was in my mid teens at the time, i had been wanking for many years before that, began watching porn and playing with my ass for a while also. Had a facianation with cocks from watching porn and would try to steal a glimpse of any when ever i could: showers, t... Continue»
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A Married Guy's First Time to Bareback Bottom

From my other story about my fist time sucking cock, you can tell that I am married, but like to use xHamster to jack off and enjoy my alone time. I have ventured out to use Craigslist a lot lately and from my other story, you know that recently, I sucked my first cock, and swallowed my first load. After that experience, I was wondering if I would turn into a slut and just suck every cock that I could find, but luckily ... that didn't happen.

I decided to be very choosey when I was with another guy and make sure that I was not going to be in a clinic soon getting a penicillin shot. I r... Continue»
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Brenda picked me up early the day we began our remarkable trip to the

beach. I really didn't know what to expect from this because even though I

lusted mightily for her, she had shown little romantic interest in me. We

got to our hotel room that evening, and after we had unpacked and were

preparing to go for a walk, Brenda sat down on the bed with a mysterious

look in her eye. She said, "You've always been good to me and I want to do

something for you that I k... Continue»
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Gym Shower fun

Bob, the owner of the health club pops into the locker room as we head to the showers. “Hey Tony.” He says. “You guys are the only ones left in the gym. I’m going to give Terry a ride back to her dorm. The doors are locked up already. Can you turn off the lights when you’re done?”
I tell him “Sure. No problem. Enjoy riding Terry. I mean give Terry a ride.” We laugh and he leaves.
You ask about Terry. “She is that good looking red head at the desk. If Bob’s wife found out that he hired a girl with such big…assets who knows nothing about the health business, she’d kill him.”
“Getting a littl... Continue»
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Coffee and creampie

This tale is 100% fiction...

I met Jane and Tim on an adult dating site. They were a married couple in their late twenties looking for a bi male to join them for fun.

They seemed nervous about sex with another person so I met them in town for coffee first. Jane was slim, short dark hair and small but perky tits. Tim was also dark haired with a slim, toned body. From their tans they'd just come back from holiday, so sat in a quiet corner with a coffee each, that's where the conversation started and we all began to relax.

They'd been to San Francisco for two weeks and had spent the t... Continue»
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Tranny Motel

Tyrone and Kimberly Woods kissed as all of the guests at their house party cheered them on. It was their first anniversary and they were celebrating this night with f****y and friends. There were close to forty people in attendance – most of whom had brought some form of alcohol and all of whom had brought a gift. There was great music and excellent barbecue as Kimberly’s dad and Tyrone’s uncle manned the grill. Folks were laughing, dancing, and having a great time. In one corner of the yard, there was a game of dominoes transpiring. Next to it, a foursome was playing Spades.

Several minute... Continue»
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Turned into a slut

Turned in to a Slut

It all began innocent enough. As usual Tim's mom grabbed her six-pack of
beer after she finished the dinner dishes and retired to her bedroom for
the evening. We gave her about a half hour before we slid out the backdoor
to burn a joint. Back in his bedroom we played video games for a while
when Tim asked me if I wanted to check out the prono's his b*****r had
given him when he moved out a couple weeks ago.

Of course I was game. What teenage guy would say no. He pulled a box off
a high shelf in his closet. As we started flipping through them, ... Continue»
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Sir called. He said very little, as usual. "Boy, be here at 7:30". He didn't
have to say anymore. He knew that i would arrive, open the door, strip off
my clothes and kneel in the foyer. He knew that i would wait. If he took one
minute or three hours. He knew. His boy would wait. And so, after a day of
negotiating with colleagues and clients, of being in charge, sometimes
enjoying the little victories and sometimes pissed because i didn't win, i
was walking to Sir's townhouse. My cock ached because he hadn't called in
over a week and i was not allowed to touch myself. ... Continue»
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