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Weekend with Mistress and Master.

This weekend we were at home. I have been in chastity non-stop all-week. I don't usually stay locked up that long but Mistress has been gone. I have been with master and we have been fucking. Normally I will cum from anal every couple of days or so but I haven't at all this week. Mistress thought she had a plan. After she put me in a cute babydoll, she blind-folded me, handcuffed my hands behind my back and led me through the house.

She hand led me to and put me on her sybian. She put a collar around my neck hooked me to the wall. The sybian felt very good. Mistress was touching my body she... Continue»
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First time going gay

I was in my late twenties, and had a huge circle of friends, mostly male. Everyone was straight, many of the guys having girlfriends or wives. It was a social group too; lots of barbeques, parties and get-togethers; we'd basically use any excuse we could to be together. Sports were a big part of our group; everyone loved the 'Vikes'.

I cared about most of the people in our group and I truly enjoyed our time together. I was one of the quieter members of the gang though I wasn't shy. I dated often, liked sex, but rarely let a relationship develop. I guess I'm good looking, sometimes overhear... Continue»
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My ultament Fantasy.

I always had fantasies growing up. I Pictured that they would all come true. The One i can never get over is my fantasy that .....
it all began when i discovered i was about 18 years old. id sit behind my computer jerking my cock to porn of women.
On day came across this video of an orgy with a man, a women and a tranny. now im not gay so why watch this but it grabbed me in and my body felt warm as im watching it i just picture this being me. This sent my body into a craze as i came watching them fuck just wishing i was in the mix. so my fantasy began...
i walk into a room with a guy, a gi... Continue»
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Polly and Len Pt. 4 Facesitting

I was on all fours, crawling along the floor, in my black leotard with glossy cinnamon tights over the top saying ‘Tights, tights, tights!’
Len was wanking.
. 'Oh Len,' I sighed blissfully, 'I love being your bad girl. You know, the other night, after I got back from the hospital, visiting Carl, after you kicked the shit out of him, and I called you...I had a big rub off in my black tights...'
'Fucking hell, you know what you do to me. You have no shame.'
'You should have seen me at the hospital...with the blinds closed...I took off my cycling shorts and got changed into my mini skirt an... Continue»
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Watching the game with my hot neighbor

I was 20 years old and I just moved into an apartment in Montreal with my new girlfriend. She was in college to be a nurse and was working evening shift during the week, so it left me mostly all weekdays evenings to enjoy alone at home.

One time when I got home from work I saw my next door neighbor Matt trying to get his new big TV through the front door but seem to have a hard time. He was very attractive, about 6 feet tall, in great shape but not too muscular, a nice smile and firm looking butt. He looked straight but I always had suspicion because I never saw him with a girl around. So ... Continue»
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my sissy fantasy with my female friend

This is a fantasy of mine involving a close female friend, but before I start let me tell you about my female friend and a true quick story.

When I was younger, about 15 years old, I moved out of my parents house. I moved in with a female friend and her boyfriend. One day she had me dress up in her clothes and pose for her. She awoke an inner gurl out of me and now i thibk she's here to stay.ever since that day I have loved crossdressing and feeling feminine. She doesn't know I like it as much as I pretended not to but I am hooked on dressing up now. Anyways here is my fantasy with that fe... Continue»
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My first Cock

The first time I saw and touched a cock I was very young. My self and my next door neighbour built tents out of sheets and we played in there for hours. Even young I was curious about cocks. We used to show me yours and I will show you mine. we were both so tiny back then but I still remember seeing a cock go hard for the first time. I loved the feel of his cock and the taste of it as well.

Several years later and I turned 17 and went to a party at a posh friends house. His house was massive and had a huge barn type thing in the grounds. The party was banging and it was packed. The girls w... Continue»
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My first daddy

My first 'daddy' I met at age s*******n, through a sex line. By then, I'd spend hours and hours on the phone, actually searching for a nice girl my age to talk to... and have sex with. Never happened. What did happen was, I started calling gay sex lines. But by then I'd already fully developed my anal 'tendencies'.

From age fifteen or so, at the times I found myself home alone, I'd often go to my room, take off all my clothes and disappear into kind of a sex fantasy. This involved a black judo belt which I would turn into sort of a jock-strap. Wearing it, I'd often parade around my room, t... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - The Intro

First story I've ever written... be nice ;)

After a year of being with my partner, things had come to an all time boring low.
The sex was still ok, but I worked long night hours and he was always doing morning
shifts as a baker. We were in that ever-obvious couples rutt. He was 25, I was 22.

One night, after sucking on his 7 inch uncut cock for a mere 3 minutes before he blasted
a load of cum down my throat and declared he was ready for bed, I'd decided I had had
enough. I was comfortable in this relationship, but I couldn't keep up this... Continue»
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Hot gym shower encounter

Since I know I am bisexual, I had some difficulty to take a shower at the gym. I believe that seeing so many naked men and dicks by my sides would get me hard in front of everyone. I always wait to be the last one to go hit the shower to avoid the humiliation.
One evening after my workout, I was alone in the change room, well I thought so.
I went to take my shower, started by washing my body and finished with my hair. After I was rinsing my hair and cleaning my eyes, I saw one hot guy at the opposite me. He was about 6 feet 2, muscular body type that could weight around 200 lbs of muscle, sh... Continue»
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yo Hetero con gay en la playa

Esta historia es verídica. Me pasó este verano en las playas de cerca de Alicante (España). Os pongo en antecedentes. Soy hetero, muy hetero sin ningún interés en hombres. CAsado hace mas de 10 años, treintañero, muy deportista, ojos verdes, buen cuerpo, vamos que no tengo problemas para ligar y eso que me freno bastante.

Siempre me han gustado las playas nudistas, que el sol te de en todo el cuerpo, ponerte morenito el culo (uno de mis mayores encantos). El caso es que hay varias por aquí cerca, pero esta me gusta bastante, son unos acantilados, con el parking para coches más cercano a 15 ... Continue»
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'Me and Patty' Part 2: My first time

... 4 years later...

-It was a couple of months before my 14th birthday and puberty took over fast as I even started sprouting a few hairs above my upper lip. Patrick was already 14 and our "urges" became more and more often, but even at 13 we we're both getting boners every other minute, just from being around each other. Also, as we got older we learned that our orgasms became a bit more, "messy"... so we started using our heads... Literally...

I was hanging out with him after school and since it was our last few weeks in the eighth grade we were already talking about what high school ... Continue»
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A Salemans Life. Part2,

That night as I lay in bed next to my wife I couldnt help but think about what I had done in that toilet with that stranger and what he had done to me and the more I thought about it the harder my cock became and as I drifted off into a deep sl**p I knew I had to do it again and I wasnt bother with who it was, colour, age it didnt bother me.

I woke just after six that next morning and after showering and shaving went back through to the bedroom, I opened my underwear draw and took out a pair of white boxer shorts and slipped them on then as I glanced in the mirror I again thught of that str... Continue»
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'Me and Patty' Part 1: How we came to be

My name is David...
I was known to be a shy boy growing up and so I had few friends at school... I thought I was like all the other boys in my neighborhood, but later on I learned that I wasn't... It all began the day I met Patty...

Patrick was only a few months older than me and yet he seemed to know so much more about almost any subject than I did. We met in the second grade and we were strangers to each other at the time since we sat in desks on opposite sides of the room. Then one day we ran into each other while on recess and somehow we ended up talking to each other for the whole ti... Continue»
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Cock worship at the gym

At the gym
I’d just finished my workout and was getting undressed to shower, sitting in my usual spot in a remote corner of the locker room. As I sat taking off my shoes, I was aware of the warmth and the musky-sweaty aroma of someone standing nearby.

Looking up, I saw him standing a few feet away, naked, and sporting an erection that stood up nearly vertically against his toned belly.

“There you are,” he murmered, a slight threat implied in his tone of voice. “You’ve been ogling me on the gym floor for the last tw... Continue»
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Crazy Humpy-Mouth Days

Being born in a rural area with little excitement might have had a lot to do with my friends and I being entertained with things that others might find trivial and other things that might seem odd.

Swinging on an aged willow branch over a stagnant pool of water was one our favorites because we all hoped that the next one to give it a try would have the branch break and they would plummet face first into the stagnant water. That only happened one time when I was at the willow tree and the victim it claimed was me. It was embarrassing, but it also entertained the others and I liked that.

A... Continue»
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A salemans life.

Ive been a salesman now for twenty odd years its a job I enjoy doing and I also enjoy the freedom it gives me when driving from town to town and being my own boss its always nice meeting different people but I never thought that one day I would meet a man who would change my outlook on the sexual side of life, you see ss far as sex is concerned Ive always been faithful to my wife even though Ive known for many years about her desie to make love to another woman, but no matter what we always enjoy our time spent together in bed in each others arms even if it meant me doing somethings which many... Continue»
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TY AND I part 3

I had been keeping Paul abreast of my new relationship with Ty---with Ty's full permission. He was delighted with the spanking with the bible and provoked a loud laugh as well as a sturdy erection. It was inevitable that he would have to meet Ty in the flesh, but as of late Ty's grandmother was growing suspicious of our friendship. What might a man of my age have in common with a boy his age so we tried to be careful about our meetings. Any length of time away saddened both of us. I had grown deeply fond of Ty, and perhaps I was falling in love with him. He was beginning to show some artistic ... Continue»
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My neighbor has a BBC!

This is a true story. It was four years ago this month when my wife and I sold our "old" 2200 square foot home. We really enjoyed the neighborhood but we simply needed more square feet and another bedroom. We put our house on the market and promptly posted a big FOR SALE sign in our front yard. This grabbed the attention of next door neighbors. Three to four times a year, we would host a nice BBQ cookout. The cookouts started with all of our surrounding neighbors but it simply was too hard to coordinate, trying to line everyone's schedule up. So, eventually we chose to only invite our next doo... Continue»
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OMG; I would to tell a story on what happen to me a few years back. I have been chatting with this gurl I meet on AFF. We been chatting for some time now and I happen to mention that I had the house to myself on Saturday night. We made plans to meet and dress and do each other’s make-up and hair, something I need help with. We were to meet at my house at 9:00 pm; I started prepping myself at 5:00. I took a nice bubble bath, shaved 2 times and moisturized my body. I even clean my inside if you know what I mean. Did my toe nails and finger nails, both in a hot ruby red. As I was letting my nail ... Continue»
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