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The eagerness I felt to suck cock drained slowly away the further I traveled down the corridor. By midway point, I has seen two men; one of which I held no interest in. The other, well, he showed no interest in me, so there I had broken even. I removed my darkened lenses and looked to the back of the corridor. A look in the mirror made me head there after a stop at the head.
“Hello.” I said to the 5’10” tall, brown haired and eyed, well built man before me.
“How are you?” He asked as he looked me over.
“Better if I knew what wa... Continue»
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Spring semester college life 28

Hope you enjoy this chapter.


Waking Monday, I realized how fast time was going here. March would turn
into April this week and signal the end of cool weather. So far, we'd been
rather lucky and had a nice beginning to spring with great temperatures and
fairly pleasant weather. With six weeks or so left in my freshman year,
the professors decided to pour it on. Up to this point, they had done a
superb job of spacing my tests but that now was over with another piled on
top of the two already scheduled.

Returning to my room after a long day which included biol... Continue»
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"When I became a girl..." Pt 1

My name is Gabriella. Let me start by saying that I always felt like I was different growing up.  I was raised by a single mom because my dad left the country before I was even born and we never found out where he went or if he was even still alive. I was actually born a boy and I was known to be a very cute baby boy throughout my first two years of life. Even though I couldn't remember their first two years of life, as it usually happens to most people, I had still seen pictures of me from back then. In a few of them I was dressed in light blue and one of the pictures even showed my uncircumc... Continue»
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My First young Sexual Experience

This story is true and real, is about me. This

story takes place when I was twe!☆e (11+1)

years old. This is about my first sexual

experience with mt friend Matt. I hope you


My friend slept over one day and we were

flipping through channels late at night, and we

came up on some porn. We were both excited that

we came across it. As we were watching it our

cocks began to twitch. My friend Matt called my

name and when I looked over at him he had his

shorts to his ankles, and his hard cock was

pointing straight at me. He was uncut and maybe

... Continue»
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Bondaged and fucked at a hospital: Pt 2

I ate my lunch watching tv, when I was done Lisa cleaned up after me and she gave me some time to rest as she left the room, sort of like "nap time" at a daycare. I was about to drift off when I felt a sudden strong urge to pee but as I moved my legs around in the bed to get up I was instantly reminded of the thick crinkly diaper I had on under my hospital gown. I thought about what the nurse said, about having to use diapers for a whole week and I didn't want to disobey her orders seeing as she really knows how to discipline a "naughty diaper boy" which is what she referred to me as. I also d... Continue»
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Chub slave

Look at that ass, look at all that ass. Fat and ready to go. What would you do if you found this naughty chub alone and naked in the forest. Would you take advantage of that ass? I know what you're thinking, and I know that guilty look, you would take advantage of his fat ass. Well, let me tell you my tale...

He would be in so much trouble if I found him like that. I mean, what is he going to do? He's caught naked in the forest and there I come along. I told him: Drop to your knees now. He is hesitant which I'm not, so I... Continue»
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my first cum facial

it all happened a few years ago, i met a really nice guy online off one of the gay finding sites ill call him K, and we chatted for a little bit and found out that he had himself a partner ill call him S, but they were allowed to play with others and they also played together with guys.
our first meeting was rather enjoyable after we chatted for a little while after i first got to there secluded house on acreage to break the ice as i was feeling nervous as all hell, but they both were nice and helped relax the situation and then we started watching some gay porn and they slowly started suckin... Continue»
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The Monks Habit.

I was driving along this country lane when I saw this Monk walking the same way. I stopped the car and asked him if I could give him a lift. He said bless you my son but if you have the time I'm heading to the old Monastery over the hill. I said I thought it was not used anymore and was deserted, he replied as he got into my car that I was right, but he was the caretaker, and lived in it alone, and that he'd been into town to order some timber for repairs that need to be done. He also introduced himself as b*o,John, but I could call him John.
As we drove he asked me about my self and I... Continue»
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College life spring semester 27


It was four or so when Corey and I returned to campus after our brief trip
to his home to grab his camping equipment. We climbed the stairs and found
my door cracked open. I pushed it open to find Kris, Colt, Jess and Alex
in the room. Kris, Colt and Alex had their lip full of dip.

"How'd it go?" Kris asked us.

"It went really well," Corey said with us grabbing desk chairs.

"Matt, before we decide anything, we've decided to check out the other
dorms and see what's available. We were thinking if nothing else to grab
one of those sweet ass dorms with two ... Continue»
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Sissy all dressed up at a rest area

So, i had a bit of a scary encounter recently. But it was totally worth it =].

I was driving from my home town to the town where i go to school. It is a windy little road that goes right through a big slice of nowhere, with very minimal cell service. And it was night time. I had been all dressed up and hoping to find someone at a local wildlife area that is an OK place to find guy sometimes, but no dice. I am pretty shy, and don't go to places like that much, i am almost relieved not to have seen or been seen by anyone. It was getting late and i had school the next day, so i got in my car, ... Continue»
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Baby Sitting Surprise

I had recently graduated college and was looking for any way possible to make some pocket cash. Times were slow but luckily for me my neighbor would ask me to babysit there 2 year old from time to time. My name is john by the way and my neighbors, Emma and Parker are hot. Emma is thick in all the right places, with massive tits and a nice round bubble. Parker is a lean tall stud, and I have noticed the bulge in the front of his pants is quite massive and defined.
I walked next door that evening and knocked on the door. I was right on time, but I could hear running inside and Emma yel... Continue»
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College life spring semester 26

After sneaking Kris's beer supply back to our room this Friday night, it
hit me that I had something to do with my Dad later on. Now, I regretted
accepting his invitation and would miss out on what could be another heated
discussion about our living situation for the upcoming fall.

Kris and I were watching TV when our door came open. Colt entered the room
and grabbed Kris's desk chair. "Kris, I opened my fucking mouth before I
thought today. Here I'm one to talk. Dude, I'm sorry."

"Thanks Colt. As if you didn't know already, my little temper came shining
through. I guess I'm disapp... Continue»
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Bi MMF, FemDom, Cross Dressing, Cuckold

I have these friends, a husband and wife. For the longest time, I've wanted badly to have sex with both of them. First I wanted just him, but I thought it would be even better if I involved both of them.

I'm bi, but they don't know that. Anyway, after years of hanging out with them, I see how domineering she is over her husband - my friend. She really puts him down, bitches at him constantly and belittles him, in front of anybody. She's really tough, but she's mostly been nice to me. She's got a couple of extra pounds and she's pretty and blonde. My friend is not very handsome, more "pretty... Continue»
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Son's first time with DADDY name is Brad and this is a true story that I have never told before but I

thought you may like it.
My mom and dad had gotten a divorce years ago when I was very small. Dad

had custody of me since my mom was declared an unfit mother because she

was basically the neighborhood slut. Dad had caught her fucking guys several

times and once I even walked in on her when I came home from school early.
Dad and I did just fine though and what I'm about to tell you happened when I

was in high school.

I got home one Friday night after going to the high school football g
... Continue»
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The unsuspecting cowboy

To begin sorry for any errors or typos secondly what I'm telling you is a story that both of us were mutually agreed to and there are Emil correspondence between us discussing the details otherwise enjoy this story one of my favorite past experiences
The first one was a cowboy visiting from WY 6'2" 175 slender but muscled cowboy body. He was wearing wranglers and walked into his room and immediately took off his shirt. (He asked that I wait until he was close to the closet cause he liked to strip tease and flex before her was jumped) so he puts on his strip show comes turns on the lamp by th... Continue»
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My New Gym Instructor

To lose some weight, I joined a local gym. After a few weeks. I started noticing fellow trainers. I looked at all the different physiques and looks. One man in particular, caught my eye.

Now I am not gay. In fact, I have never had sex with anyone other than my wife. I am 46 years of age, work in the computing industry, overweight (but not obese) and in possession of a smallish 6 inch cock (when erect). Due to the uncut nature of my cock, the flaccid length is hardly worth writing about. But one thing the gym has done, I am now very sexually charged.

And the reason Brandon caught my eye w... Continue»
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Hard Face-Fucking of Anonymous Stranger

Well, not fully anonymous, but fun nevertheless. Another 100% true story, just a few days after it happened.

Feeling energized after my last craigslist encounter, I took back to the board and found a post titled WANT TO BE ON MY KNEES FOR YOU.

I wish I still had the ad (he's deleted it), but essentially he was looking for a big, masculine, hairy, str8/bi guy to come in and get sucked off.

Well, hell, I fit that description just fine. I'm 40, about 5'10", 270, with an average-but-thick cock. So I emailed, sent some pics, and we set it up. I told him if we was looking for a hard cock... Continue»
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Married Muscle Coach

My second daddy was Ed Marston. Strength training coach at the
university. Not my university, but one in my hometown. That summer while at
home, I'd been doing my best to keep up weight training at the Y. I thought
I'd been doing OK til I literally bumped into a large, muscular older man
at the GNC. We got talking about supplements, then he started giving me
advice, then asked me about my workout routines. One thing led to another
and the man invited me to work out off-hours at the university gym.

The better equipment was great, but the best thing was the rapport I
developed with Mar... Continue»
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Just another job???

Mmmm,slipping my fingertips slowly under the waistband of his clean, white boxers with a deliberate, almost theatrical motion I lifted the material off his flawless skin then after a moment it dawned on him and lifting his arse up off the bed allowing me to calmly ease them down.

I lay between his parted legs,my lips brushing his belly, tongue moistening a damp trail heading deliciously south of his navel.I used that waistband to restrain his straining manhood until it could no longer hold him back from springing bolt upright and quivering like an arrow that had just struck the tree trunk.... Continue»
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My First, with my friends Uncle.

I had been picked to play a Hand Maiden in our Collage (All Boys) drama club play at the end of term. I'd allways been slightly femine looking, in fact my mother had said several time that I'd make a lovley daughter, and this seamed to influence my thoughts and at times I fanticised about being a girl at times.

Well the play was a sucess and after the final curtin we where all back stage still in costumes mingeling with parents and friends.My best friends Mother and his Uncle came up to congratulate me on how good a girl I made on stage.

My friends Uncle whos name was Bill chatted... Continue»
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