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My Cock Crazy Girlfriend and I

My girlfriend Sarah and I met in our junior year of college and immediately fell in love with each other. We shared all the same interests and even majored in business together. After college I took a job as a sales rep while she got a job as a manager at a local department store. The only bad part of my job was the amount I had to travel, I always wanted to take Sarah with me, and one day I got the perfect opportunity. Sarah had an older s****r, Kelly who lived in Santa Barbra, which was the same place I was going to be sent for a week. I called Kelly to see if we could stay with her and then... Continue»
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My Perfect Weekend Turns Into My Nightmare

My Perfect Weekend Turns Into My Nightmare

I nervously approached the door. Pause before knocking. I know as soon as I knocked
I was committed to a weekend of humiliation and pain.
Still I go ahead and knock timidly on the door, a few seconds go by, and I considered
turning and running. The door swung open, too late to run now.
In front of me is a man, slightly shorter than me, slim build with a head of receding short black hair. He looked in his fifties but is probably about forty.

“Yes” he said abruptly. As arranged I replied “I’m here to serve my master”. He grinned
“Good... Continue»
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First time oily massage with another man

Recently my wife was going away for 10 days and I thought this was my chance to do what I'd been wanting: get together with other men to play naked, masturbate and explore.
I am an extremely avid masturbator and I love edging my cock when the wife is out. But I really wanted to get naked with a guy, massage his naked body and stroke his cock and finger him till he came.
I found a guy on Craigs who seemed Ok. He was a bit younger and was working on the road at the time, a repair guy of sorts.
We met for coffee and both agreed to go directly to my home for a hot tub and naked massage.

I wa... Continue»
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New Rapper & Femme Bottom

Lachelle Green hung up the phone with the video producer and checked her youngest two c***dren’s math homework. The woman in her early 30s was not only a single mom & homeschool teacher, but she was also the manager for her oldest son’s increasingly successful rap career and a powerhouse negotiator. She had her first when she was s*******n. While most would have written her off, she went about arranging for daycare provided by her grandmother and graduating as her high school class’s salutatorian. From there, she had a full ride scholarship to Cal State – Fresno and obtained a degree in busine... Continue»
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The first time I felt it happen, to control the reaction to save myself from embarrassment was all too hard. But damn didn’t that cum feel good! The way it splattered and splashed so hot over my face, neck and chest. Only a man could ever provide me with such a hot, carnal and slightly fetishistical type of pleasure. In fact, it took two humpy guys to shoot those massive loads over me like that. But a lot has changed since I was eighteen, except one thing. There’s still days when I’m stopped i... Continue»
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Bookstore Meeting

I could not stop staring at this guy at the bookstore. He was a well-built b*****r, in his 50’s about 6’2” and was looking a ladyboy magazines. I asked his name and he answered “Rob”, talked had went to the bar a few steps over and had a few drinks. After getting to know each other some we caught a cab back to his place. As soon as I opened the door he smacked me on the ass when I went past him. We sat for a while then he started stoking his dick through his pants. I told him I wanted to see it, he said once he takes it out it’s not going back in. I said okay, he told it out and damn that was ... Continue»
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How I met my first Master: Chapter 1

Many years ago, I worked as the night shift security guard, cleaning the mall and patrolling the halls at night. The pay was good, the hours were tiring, but the job was fun despite the loneliness. Around relief time, I was usually exhausted and ready for the walk home, and then avoiding the gaggles of homeless between work and home.

Now around the town we had a small issue with homeless people and part of the day time duties were to keep them from loitering inside the mall and at night we had to check to make sure they weren't sl**ping in the parking garage stairwells. They were usually g... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (Part II)

For the next months I kept serving Nick at his will, usually every Saturday morning. It was convenient as his parents would go at the Super Market for shopping and I could use studying as an excuse.
We would meet at his place (not the garage anymore but his room) and I would give him a blowjob and let him fuck me. He kept his part of the deal (not spreading the news about me) and I kept mine.
I was enjoying it to be honest. At the same time on every chance I would go over my s****r’s room and “borrow” some of her thongs and stockings and dress up. My cock was getting hard every single time... Continue»
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A sissy cannot sl**p alone

English is not my primary-language, so be gentle with me. But wanted to share the story of my fantasy. 

As I lay here in my own bed with cum on my back sliding down in between my ass, I think to myself.. How did I get here? I'm now officially a fucktoy, a worthless sissy that lives only to serve cock. The first cock has conquered me.
However the crave of cock started already when I was young. When I was drawing dicks on a paper thinking to myself that is looks so marvelous, so big.. so tasty. I would spend nights jerking of thinking of cocks and taste my precum. And each time I saw a porn... Continue»
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First time with my jerkoff buddy

Real story. Happened with my best buddy when we were around 14 or 15 years old.

One evening we had stolen a few beers from his father and decided to watch a movie while his parents were away. We sat down on the sofa and started the movie.

After a few minutes I suddenly felt his hand undoing my button and slipping in my pants. He started touching my cock and pulling my foreskin back while pretending he was completely intrigued by the movie. At first I was hesitant and wanted him to stop. I removed his hand but he came back time and time again. I became curious and decided to ignore his ha... Continue»
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Snatched: off the street

Never take a shortcut you aren't' familiar with was what I was taught as a young k**. 'Don't go down dark alleys.' 'Always walk where other people are, in a crowd or something'

Well this time I didn't listen to that warning, and cut across some train tracks to save some time going home in Brooklyn, NY one night. No one was around, late afternoon, so I thought, why the hell not. I was walking down an empty street lined with trailers left behind by trucking companies that closed for the day. When this man seemed to come out of nowhere, and asked me for a cigarette. I said "I don't smoke sor... Continue»
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My experience as a webcam model

I was finishing up my freshman year at college when I was approached by an attractive older woman as I was leaving the gym. She asked if I had done any modelling. At first I thought she was joking and kept walking. She caught up to me and handed me a flyer. She seriously thought I had what it took to model. We continued walking to my dormitory. When we got there she asked if we could talk some more in my room. We got several looks as we rode the elevator to my floor.

We got to my room. She sat down on my bed and continued talking about what kind of money I could make and it would be flexibl... Continue»
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A wank with a friend continued.

Pete and I sat beside each other, close enough to feel the heat from each others body. We kept silent and revelled in our orgasms. We remained naked as neither of us felt as though clothes were needed any longer. Especially not as later it would be Pete's turn to give me oral sex. I just needed some time to get my energy back.

The porno was still playing on his TV but I noticed his eyes were on my groin more than on the screen. I could tell he was eager for me to be ready for him. He was almost licking his lips with anticipation.

It was Pete who broke the silence.

"Did you like suckin... Continue»
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My First Adult Bookstore

I have lots of stories. But lately, the male, male, female, bi stories have been making me so hard. So here is one from my personal experiences. Enjoy.
The first time I went in an adult bookstore, I had just turned 21. It was in Norfolk, VA, in an outdoor mall called Granby Mall. i was very self-conscious. The graphic magazines and video covers had my cock straining to break out of my shorts. I perused the aisles, looking at every genre. It was so hot. Just the fact that other people (although, most were men with only about 3 women among the couple of dozen customers) saw me in th... Continue»
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How my love for cock started

I had just turned 21 had a bad ass 91 Chevy Camaro loved my cars and women fast. I live in Illinois so I liked to take my car out in to farmland to open it up time to time , well this time I was way out in the boonies and decided to get out and stretch a little after awhile it started clouding so I headed back to the car . I get there and the car won't start (SOB) so I get out to check the problem and it starts to pour I'm getting fire no fuel , fuel pumps out . So I hit the flasher get on the phone can't get anyone shit , so I sit and wait . As I'm waiting a truck pulls up with two guys in it... Continue»
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There was a farmer who lived miles from the nearest town. This was no ordinary farm. He and his wife had a special breeding programme. They had prize bulls, stallions and cows.
The bulls were chosen for the size of their cocks and balls. The cocks are a good 12 inches long, 2-3 inches around. The balls/hangers are heading towards golf ball size.
The stallions are chosen for their size and stamina. Cock length 12 inches or longer and 3 inches or bigger around to reach the womb.
There are three types of breeding cow.
1st is for milk supply
2nd is for breed... Continue»
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New year eve

First of all I need to put you in situation, you could see my profile but summarizing I'm a 28 old guy who crossdressed but stopped it because i felt ugly and manly, then i consider myself between gay and a woman and i have desires over men with me as a man but mostly as a woman. many months ago I met a guy chatting online in IRC's who's much older (he 65 me 28) and he gave me confidence enough to start a relationship with him, he has changed my whole world and we started dating 2 months ago but me as a guy, and for new years eve i planned a date for me as a woman. that's it.

Well, here i a... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (Part 1)

I was on my early teens when I saw my first porn movie. It happened during a weekend, one Saturday afternoon. All the boys gathered at the house of one of our friends as his parents were to be away for several hours to attend a wedding. One of the bravest of the “gang” had managed to get a porn movie and we were all excited.
Movie was inserted on VCR (yes, I am that old) and the action started. Everybody was commenting on the gorgeous girls and after a few minutes (possibly seconds) we were all erected. It didn’t took long before everyone started to jerk off. Ten erected teens seeing porn fo... Continue»
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Craig's List - Cross Dresser

I find your address and knock on your door. You answer and let me in.

I give you a peck on the cheek and give you a hug, with my hand on your lower back I pull you in and feel your body press against mine.

I sit in a comfortable chair and ask for a glass of water. I watch your legs and ass as you walk away from me in your stockings and sort skirt. You return with the water and hand it to me. As I take it with my right hand, I put my left hand on the inside of your knee. You freeze and I rub my hand up and down the inside of your thigh which makes you shutter and starts my dick swelling.
... Continue»
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Craig's List - Cross Dresser Part 2

I turn you upside down so you back is on the chair with your legs over the back. I take off my pants and underwear. My dick is only half hard but I rub it into the cum on your face and feed it to you with the head of my dick. Then I rub my balls all over your face before leaving them for you to tongue and suck them into your mouth.

I am getting harder now. I pull my scrotum up so you can tongue the sensitive area between my sack and my anus. As you lick this area, I reach forward and rub your panties, stroking the same spot on your that you are licking on me. I tilt my pelvis so you can r... Continue»
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