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Run Run as fast as you can

As the weather was so nice I decided to leave work early and go for a run local to home, a brisk 40 minute dash around the park and streets left me feeling energised. Our house or rather Jane's house was empty so presented an opportunity to use all of our hot water getting freshened up.

Jane has a magnificent bathroom, it was a bedroom however she spent a fortune creating a luxurious, almost spa like sanctuary with bath stream room and shower. I undressed leaving my sweaty running gear next to not on a chaise lounge, why Jane chose this was beyond me however I think she liked to lie on it a... Continue»
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Going to the Gym

“I’m headed to the gym, baby,” the six-foot-three-inch two-hundred-sixty-pound Black man said to his wife of seven years.
“Ok,” she replied barely looking up at her beefy, brown-skinned husband. “I’ll be at the hairdresser by the time you get back.”
“Alright. See you later,” Darius Woodham smiled.

The former Division One linebacker started his black metallic 2012 Ford Expedition and backed out of the driveway. At the end of the street, he stopped at the intersection and pulled out his phone. He sent a message to the person he was heading to see.

Three months prior, Darius was watching ... Continue»
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True: Midnight at the adult arcade: Offer from a

Always been a sucker for suckers. Show me a willing mouth and my dick is hard right now. Don't matter to me--- male, female, queer, fairy, dyke, whatever. Like them fresh-faced, smooth, fem, and eager. If you like dick in your mouth, I got a good seven-and-a-half for ya. Long as you swallow.

And I can tell you, it's a helluva lot easier to get a queer to spread his mouth than it is to get a woman to spread her legs-----generally speaking of course----and hell, I love the feel of a warm & wet & moving mouth. So much more fucking action than pussy.

I've had my share of girls who sucked d... Continue»
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Rent due

I was desperate. It was the fourth time in the past six months I was late with rent. When I told my landlord he just looked at me. He told me he would give me one more week to come up with the money if I sucked his cock. I quickly refused and he just laughed. “Fine”, he said. “Rent in full by this evening or the eviction notice will be on your door in the morning.”
I gave in immediately, really had no choice. I started to get on my knees and he laughed again. “Oh no, Princess” he chuckled, “I want you all dressed up and pretty.” I blushed. When he had come to do some repairs a few weeks earli... Continue»
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First Time.....

I'm a 50 year old straight guy, fairly good looking, married.

I couldn’t resist dating here

I got loads of replies (probably because of the pic I posted with my ad hehe) but most were either one liners or pretty aggressive seeming guys who seemed to be into some weird shit, but this one bloke stood out and seemed to be a nice genuine guy who also wasn't that experienced, so after a couple of emails and picture swapping he gave me his address and within an hour I was knocking on his front door.

It hadn't really seemed real up until then and as I suddenly realised what I was getting... Continue»
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The Bear and the Bathhouse

My boyfriend Joe was away on another business trip and hadn't called in 3 days. I was upset and up late watching some vintage gay porn in my living room. I was fully clothed and was really taking in the movie and following the plot closely. There were a few funny innuendos and cute moments, but the plot was basically about a bathhouse in the old west. The film was really hot and had me hard before the sex even started. I opened a new window and googled if there was a bathhouse in my town. I had always heard rumors that these places existed, but never considered actually going to one. A few cli... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

I was in my 20’s the first time I sucked a cock, and, ironically, at the time, sucking a dick was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was living in North Carolina; for years had been watching porn at home on videotape, and every once in awhile, I visited the porn booths at an adult bookstore. Some of them had glory holes but whenever a man poked his finger through, I would either leave or stand with my back to the hole while I jacked off watching my straight porn of choice.

On this occasion, I was in a porn booth, watching a video of a swingers orgy, wishing I could be in the middle of a... Continue»
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Ultimate goal

Ultimate goal

I had the shared house I live in all to myself for a week and decided to
make the most of it.

I made sure I was clean on the inside first by giving myself three
enemas, I then emptied the contents of three tubes of Nads into a bowl,
starting from my feet I covered every inch of my body from the neck down.
I waited the indicated 10 minutes, got in the shower and flannelled
myself, watching with delight as all my body hair disappeared down the
drain. After towelling dry I lubed my butt plug, bent over and pushed it
in, the feeling is so gorgeous, holdin... Continue»
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Blackmailed By Hot Neighbor And Her Niece

We had been playing the domination game for some time. I'd gotten trapped
by these two teen boys that were just coming out of the puberty thing. I
was enamored of their bodies, and did a foolish thing that got me trapped
into doing everything that they told me to do.

As we got more into this they got more and more demanding, and demeaning.
They learned a lot from the magazines that I got for them. Probably not a
good idea, but we had lots of fun. They started out very easy, but it got
more embarrassing as things went along. They had me stop at the door, and
drop my shorts and bo... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 4

Well, that was fun. I was just looking at some art pictures on the web. How cum there are almost no real life pictures of GH action? Just wondering. Anyway, back to the parks.

OK. Down the road about 20 miles is a riverfront park where it's almost always worthwhile to stop for a suck or five. Naturally there's lots of older guys, but I guess they're everywhere. This is kinda the usual park setup, with trails through the bushes, etc., but they are right by the river, so that's kinda cool, but you have to be a little careful, too.

So some college age guy with a pretty big cock who had ... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 5

Ok, still in the park department, only this time it's in Washington, DC, in the Rock Creek area, not far from Dupont Circle. Another place I ALWAYS go when I'm in DC. Looking back on it, though, I haven't had all that much success there, there's too much cruising and not enough cocksucking. But maybe it's me.

The first cool thing was when I was headed to the city from Reston on the train and the thing you read in the literature but never believe, actually happened. The guy sitting across from me on the train hit on me. Well, I was a little bit d***k at the time, but no biggie, and this guy ... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 6

I just realized I forgot to say why Bern had the huge fucking wishbone. It wasn't a wishbone after all, it was the seat off his bike, which he carried around with him to discourage people from bothering to steal the bike. Well, I guess that would work. Easier than carrying the wheels around, but why not try a lock?

Ok, so anyway, another thing, how come guys write stories about how much cum is stored up in some guy's balls? That's not where it's stored. Testicles only make the sperm cells themselves. Just about all of the liquid part of cum comes from the prostate or something. So you r... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 2

Well, I wrote that piece called My Public Sex Addiction about some of the shit I've experienced, but nobody said anything about it. Oh, well, fucked again. I am just gonna tell some more anyway. Let's see.

Every time I go to Chicago, I have to make some arrangements to get to the Bijou and spend a few hours upstairs cruising and sucking cocks. It's a maze of gloryhole booths of all types and sizes, some dark, some under the faint lights, some with clear plastic panels, some big enough for a small orgy. In the back they show fuck flicks in a bigger room with short walled cubicles in fron... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 3

OK, back again. This part is about having sex in public parks. It's a lot of fun when it happens, but to me it seems like it's more dangerous than, say, tearooms, in terms of getting caught. I don't really know why, just seems like it's easier for the bad guys to sneak up on you or something.

In my town there's a large city park where cruising was invented, I think, whenever it was a long time ago. Like most of these places, I suppose, there are established sections where you go for cock and others where you leave the f****y types alone. There's one corner just filled with bushes and kinda ... Continue»
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Monday afternoon, after dropping my wife off at her s****rs, I went to the park.
As I exited the car, I noticed that the guy in the front seat of the car beside me
was rubbing his jeans between his legs. I took a brief walk and when I returned
to the car, I gave my package a rub in such a way that he could clearly see it.
I drove around to the washroom at the opposite side of the park. I saw in the
rearview mirror that his car was behind me. I went to the washroom, it was empty.
I stood at the right side urinal, He stood at the other urinaql when he arrived.
His cock was cut, maybe 3 ... Continue»
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Island Slut

Island Slut With a Twist

While I was living in the Virgin Islands (and being an absolute whore) there were quite a few interesting twists and turns. There were also some things that were traded or bartered at times. One of the nicer ones was ‘ride for sex’ by one of our favorite MiniMoke drivers, Georges.

When I used him I’d always paid. I noticed, after a few trips with the girls, that we never paid – they never paid. Molly was nice enough to wise me up one day; I’d arrived where we were meeting and I paid him. After he drove off they all laughed at me – in a good natured way.
... Continue»
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The shemale and the studio part 2

We had been doing some group photgraphs of a f****y. I moved to the desk to write out an invoice! George was still very old fashioned about some things! As I dated the invoice I suddenly realised that i had been working for George for a year now! Later when we were alone I told him. He looked surprised. He nearly said something to me but changed his mind! Something was happening to George and I suspected his partner Robin was behind it all.
He suddenly asked me if I would be free later on, there was something he needed to discuss with me> I said yes of course I was free!
Things went very qu... Continue»
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My new sauna

Not so long ago I bought a house, quite far away from where I lived before, in a different city. Some friends of mine moved there years ago already, but I hadn’t been there for quite some time. In the first weeks I was welcomed by the neighbours and felt right at home in the new street I was living in. During one of the conversations I had with one of my neighbours, I asked whether or not he knew about a good sauna close by. He replied he wasn’t sure, but he thought there was one only two blocks away.

I couldn’t believe my luck! I really needed to unwind after the hectic move and visiting ... Continue»
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Albert 2

Albert was a good talker and he had me feeling relaxed and chilled by the time we reached his home.....he invited me in and gave me a drink as he sat at his kitchen table. I was excited at being with him and new things would turn sexy soon.....Albert talked and asked questions as he slowly rubbed his crutch through his trousers I was getting a stiffy on myself and Albert noticed so he reached out and placed a hand on my bottom pulling me to him '' How about you and me having some more fun'' he asked as he stood up and led me into his bedroom.
He slipped his trousers off and lay on the bed hi... Continue»
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He Did it in My Mouth (2)

Second time with Cal, learning to suck in car and a dark, private, parking lot.

All I could think about in the days after meeting Cal in a darkened corner of The Basement recreation center was how disturbed I felt after my first time sucking cock. I was concerned with the thought of being considered a cocksucker even though sucking was something I had wanted to do for a long time.

At first, it had seemed easy for me to think of myself as innocent in the matter because, after all, it was Cal who had pushed his penis into my mout... Continue»
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