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A Day In The Life of Polly (Part 3)

9.30-1.00 a.m.

Now it's time for me to be alone with myself. I take out my shimmery tan pantyhose and shiny black pantyhose, (two pairs each) and a pair of shiny stockings, one black and the other tan. In front of the full length mirror in the bedroom I smile as I layer the top half of my body with modified hose, tan underneath, topped with black. My chest shimmers under the light, then on my bottom half I layer my legs, ass and crotch with tan pantyhose with black tights over the top. It feels so good to smooth my hands over my glimmering body! I'm still smiling as I pull my snug shiny t... Continue»
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My First Time Pt. 1 - The Boss makes his move

I was stocking boxes in the warehouse at plastics company. This was my after school job, at 18, not bad at $10 and hour.
My boss, Bob walked in behind me. I could hear him fumbling around, moving boxes. He was always in and out, so I didn't really care.
I didn't look back b/c i just wanted to get my work done and go home.
I knocked down a couple boxes which spilled some of the box filler, I was so fucking embarrassed. But hey shit happens even when it's bad timing.
I instantly dropped to my knees trying to scoop them into the boxes before Bob said anything.
I was wearing tight jeans and a... Continue»
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Tan twink fun 2

Just as a reminder this is a story that is made up completely in my head. I did change the view in which I started writing thisstory, but hey, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, I also added some details Iforgot to put in my first story “tan twink fun”. Please leave comments and letme know what you think or what to add for my next one. Thanks :)

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. I looked atwhere Angelo had been and for one fearful moment I thought I had dreamed itall, then I heard pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen so I got up.I went into the bathroom and used the toi... Continue»
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A high-school education.

I tried out for the swim team my first year in high-school. I'd always been pretty fast in all the strokes and they needed an IM guy so I made the squad. Everyone made me welcome because nobody else relished the extra training the Individual Medley requires. I was the only freshman there and coach asked John, one of the Seniors, to mentor me.
He was really cool and didn't seem to mind hanging with a teammate three years his junior.
He set up a training schedule for me and we spent a lot of time together in the pool in the evenings. I was making big improvements under his guidance and looked ... Continue»
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Dominant Facefucker in Atlanta

Recently I had a working trip to Atlanta with a couple of days to fill with „entertainment“
I therefore searched various sites to see if I could find some horny men to suck off.
On “Craiglist” I stumbled on an ad which rose my interest.

Dominant Bi-Top, 54, 6.4, 280, very hairy is looking for slave throats (M/F) to fill with cum and piss.
Throats must take a deep fucking. Swallowing is compulsory.
Contact me here for further info’s.

I wrote a note to him and two days later got the answer for a meeting.

The order was that before arriving at his house I had to call him. He than woul... Continue»
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Summer vacation college life 3

Riding with Kris to Colt's for our next big get together was an adventure
all in itself with his crazy driving and not paying attention. Even though
we talked a lot and saw each other often, his stories kept me entertained
for the two hour trip. He always was scheming something and as usual
meeting new people left and right. We arrived at Colt's about six or
thereafter to see cars there. One I knew too well and got excited.

After parking his new SUV, we headed to the door but didn't get an answer.
We knew beforehand Colt's parents had left for the weekend on a small
vacation to l... Continue»
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2 intruders

It must of been the middle of the night. I was in a deep sl**p in bed. I thought I heard a strange noise from the living room but I coulda been dreaming. I dose back off when al, of the sudden the overhead light goes on in the room. I'm startled awake and look up and there's 2 black men in my doorway staring at me. They both were about 6 feet tall the one has a shaved head the other one has short dreads and both look tatted up. I jump out of bed immediately as these 2 men approach me. After just coming out of sl**p I can't quite comprehend what's going on. As they move towards me I try to clim... Continue»
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A Day In The Life of Polly (Part 2)

I usually take this time to do any housework, panty/hose washing, and to check my emails. Normally I'd be wearing a pair of my boyfriend's purple Lycra shorts. If my boyfriend comes home he'll have something to eat before he's off out with friends but more often than not he normally goes to the bar straight from work. Which suits me. As I can fuck my lovers.
Just before 6 I glam myself up in my chic skintight gold skirt, over my shimmering white full bottomed panty girdle and glossy cinammon pantyhose. To emphasise my visible panty line I might throw a small but butt hugging pair of... Continue»
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A Day In The Life of Polly (Morning)

A fantasy with some true elements.

7.30-8.30 am
I wake up, have breakfast and slip into my skintight blue Lycra unitard and go for a jog. If it's cold I wear a short jacket over the top but short enough so anyone can see my shimmery encased butt. On most days I'll time my run so I bump into the friendly old man walking his dog getting a newspaper. I'll smile, flirt a little and chat to him for a few minutes outside the newsagents. Often I'll occasionally touching my toes and jog on the spot so he sees my curvy buttocks wiggling inside my skintight lycra. (God knows he needs a thrill.) Once... Continue»
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A three way behind the pines

There's a beach nearby where I live which is famous for it's dunes and pine forest where people can fool around. Even if now it's not as easy and hot a it used to be...

I was on holidays so I decides to have a try and look for some fun behind the bushes. But I was to early so there was not many interesting people there. i decided to go to the shore and lay on the sand for a few minutes just to see who was there. I took everything off, yes it's a nudist beach. And like ten minutes later I saw a guy walking towards his bf, just a few meters from where I was lying. They were they kind of sexy ... Continue»
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Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature

This ain't nothing for you ignorants! No story for any ordinary person who is not willing, nor able to see things from another angle than theirs. I as a convinced nudist wanna talk about what I think of showing myself naked on the internet.

What it feels like to be literally bare to you and whoever else. And why, for God's sake, this way of exposition is the very right thing for me. After more than ten years of self-destructive doubts about my nature. Quirky? Maybe. Vane? Why not? Exhibitionist? By all means! And proud and self-conscious anyway!

Lucky me, I do it! I ... Continue»
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Sniff my Panty/Pantyhosed Crotch

Here's another story from my archives, updated slightly, friends...

Because my lover has such a big cock I can't refuse him anything, least of all his arousing fetish for sniffing my ass and crotch while I wear my shiny black full bottomed skintight panties under gleaming sheer to waist high gloss pantyhose!

It all started when I needed a wardrobe putting up in my new flat and my s****r recommended her boyfriend, Kev, to come round to do the job.
On this day when Kev came around to put the wardrobe together in my bedroom I decided to leave work early to relax after I got a lot of app... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 7

I had not seen Pete or Katie in over a month because one or the other of us had been out of town or not well. I was looking forward to going to their house after the game. We were in the shower after the game and I was looking at Pete's little dick in the shower. “Are we on tonight?” I asked. “Absolutely.” Pete replied. I was starting to get semi-hard thinking about what might be ahead so I finished quickly and headed out from the hockey rink.

I arrived at Pete and Katie's house before Pete. Katie handed me a gin and tonic with a light kiss on the mouth. Her hair was damp and she was in a ... Continue»
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First Blowjob

I pulled into the reststop needing to pee badly. As I walked into the restroom, I spoke briefly to a trucker, and went about my business. While I stood there peeing, he took a peek at my dick. At the time, I hardly even noticed it.

As we went to leave, he said he was going the same way as I was and would be monitoring his CB radio for reports on where cops might be. He then invited me to follow him. I agreed since I wanted to make good time. We drove for about an hour when he pulled over. I thought maybe something was wrong so I pulled over too.

He got out and walked back to my truc... Continue»
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A couple of my early experiences.

In a previous story I told how a group of my friends and I started sucking cock while on a campout. I have been remembering some of those times lately and thought I would share a couple other things.
My friend Jim from the previous story lived close to me, so we spent a lot of time together. After the camping incident, we stated getting together after school that fall, at who ever's house was empty. My parent's didn't get home from work for about 1 hour after we got dropped of at the buss stop. If we were going there we would race all the way and rush to my bedroom and strip naked, the... Continue»
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Married man come over and fucks my married boi pus

I had met Pete on a gay hook up site. He was 59 and described himself as a married alpha male. He was just over six foot tall with salt and pepper hair, a decent slim body and a thick 7 inch cock. He had come over once before when my own wife was away and I had a great time sucking his cock until he came. It was such a horny experience and I couldn't wait to see him and please him again. Every time I thought about it my own cock would get hard and I knew I had to have more.

We chatted again on the phone and I was told that next time we met his "daddy cock" would be going into my arse. He to... Continue»
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Lodgers Surprise part 2

I fell asl**p in my cum soaked lingerie and dreamed of Mike and Jenny.
I woke up to see Jenny in my room. She was smiling and told me that I was going to have some fun over the next few days and learn about being a real tranny. I smiled and told her I was in her hands. She took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me. She then told me I had to lose my body hair and once I was naked she put rubbed cream onto my skin and once I was ready removed my hair. I looked at my hairless cock and smiled. It looked great. Once that was done I was bathed by Jenny who played with my cock but held off letti... Continue»
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my first sex

when I was a p*****n I had a couple friends. we did the usual things k**s do and one day my friend and I ended up showing each other our penis. this became a usual thing and one day he bent down and after pulling on my dick, leaned forward and put my dick in his mouth. well needless to say it felt great and when it was my turn to do the same to him I was very happy to try out on his dick all the things he had just done to mine. we would have sl**p overs. and soon I had my other friend over and showed him the new things we could do with our dicks. so now the three of us had this great thing goi... Continue»
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'Cycling' with Paul (Lycra)

Paul was a mature married man I once had an affair with. We mainly kissed passionately and frantically humped each other in our Lycra. I met him when I joined a local cycling club. He made me feel at home and gave me lots of advice and encouragement, mainly about cycling gear. On the first day we met, not only did he offer to upgrade my bike and fix it up, but he noticed the thin blue Lycra shorts I was wearing. He said that they looked good but without padding or thick material they would hurt my arse and wear down. He suggested that I wear proper cycling shorts as he had on. I commented that... Continue»
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Dressing Up

We spent nearly the entire morning shopping at women's boutiques and
lingerie shops, and I was looking forward to trying on my newly bought
clothes. I was in the privacy of a rented room at a Victorian hotel
with my new friend, another young crossdresser, whose femme name was
Lisbeth. We met at a local Transvestite convention in Sacramento,
where we soon became fast friends. He was great fun to be with;
slender, blonde with green eyes, and like me, could easily pass in
public as a pretty girl. As we walked around town that day, we looked
like happy girlfriends. I stand 5'7" and lo... Continue»
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