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My First Time Sucking Cock

The first time I ever sucked a cock was when I was married to my second wife. Before we married, we talked about doing group scenes but it was then just fantasy. However, a couple of years after we had married, she again broached the subject. And like many men, I leapt at the chance of being with my wife and another person…especially another woman, I had visions of me fucking another woman while my wife (an admitted bisexual) french-kissed her and sucked her tits.

However, I soon learned that it is hard as fuck to find another woman to join a couple but easy as hell to find a man who wants ... Continue»
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If you have looked at my video collection, I love shemales. I have always wanted to have sex with a shemale. I think it would be the best of both worlds.

I have only had one “gay” encounter. It happened when I was in the 4-t h grade. I was swimming at my friend Jimmy’s apartment complex. We went there after school for a swim as it was a very hot Florida day. We swam, goofed around, just had a general good time before the afternoon cloud and thundershowers came in. They came, so we got out and decided to get changed.

We walked into Jimmy’s bedroom. He immediately dropped his suit,... Continue»
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Room Serviced.

I travel a lot for work. When I'm away from home I indulge my interest in cross-dressing. I don't ever leave my hotel room dressed, I just wear lingerie and fantasize while I masturbate.
Fantasize about being in the arms of a man, having him slide his hand into my panties... things like that.
As time has gone on, I've added a dildo to my activities. Started with a tiny butt-plug and have gradually moved up to the big black rubber cock that's up my ass as I write this story. It's held in place by my tiny panties when I stand up, but while I sit here... feeling it inside me... rocking my body ... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 2

After leaving Harvey's house, i went to my favorite sex shop that had tons of movie cubicles in the back. There has been many times that i have watched moves and masterbated while an eye was glued to the glory hole in the side wall. Iwas never a dissappointment as i would always completely strip before playing. Tonight would be different as i had set my mind on an anything goes night I got my rolls of quarters and made my way to the back where the boothes were. As usual there were plenty of men just hanging around. Imade eye contact with all i passed and entered a booth that i knew had glory h... Continue»
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Losing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity

I am a shy college guy. I stand 5'7" tall, weigh about 210lbs, chubby, dark haired, dark eyed and with a cock that I am ashamed of. Flaccid it is only 2" long and erect it is 5.5". If I am in public or in a cold place, my cock is almost non existent. As a 21yo economic student, I was also a virgin. When I think about it, the size of my cock is the reason I have never had sex. I have to make do with masturbation after viewing porn online. But all that changed a week ago.

A week ago, I was given a team assignment to do with Heidi and Adrian. Heidi is a blonde bom... Continue»
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Chat between two mature bi men

That was three days ago, I had watched some videos on hamster, I was excited like a flea. I really needed to shoot my load. So I chose a sixty years old man in the list of connected and I contacted him

Me: Hello, want to chat?
Him hi, ok
Me: I'm bi, married
Him same for me
Me: hmmm I want to turn myself on with you
Him hummmm
Me: I have been stroking myself for a while ... I'm starting to get wet
Him hummmm, are you well hung ?
Me: normal, 15 cm
Me: I'm in underwear
Him: naked and me 11x4
Me: hmmm your wife is not there?
Him: no, she went to work
Me: cool
Him and you
Me: she... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock

When i was in my 20's i was living in SF and got into the d**g scene. Coke made me so horny with no care on how i got off. First of all, i am a slim asian male with no body hair. I am bi and not too picky when it comes to sex. The stranger the better!.
I always go to my friend Harvey's house to do some coke. My usual habit is to do some lines have a few drinks and then head to the bathroom with a stack of porn. Ialways tale off my shoe laces and bind my cock and balls really tight and then tie the lace to the door handle tightly. Ilove the pain and when i am high i go much tighter.
Tonight w... Continue»
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GI Joe Captive

This story is based upon real events occurring long ago, but having a lingering erotic effect on the writer, who has added his wishful thinking and shameful secret desires of how he longed for the story to end.

My cousin Mark was only a few years older than me, but back at that age, the few years separating us meant a huge gap of wisdom, experience and awe, at least in my impressionable mind. In retrospect, he was a self-absorbed guy who thought he knew more than he did, a misfit always trying to fit in. I thought he was super cool and did anything I could to hang out with him and be acce... Continue»
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I Am A Cocksucker

I’m a cocksucker. I don’t mind being called that. Or faggot, or whatever. I know what I am and what I have wanted since I was a boy.

I like being used by a man. Or men. I like the idea of kneeling down in front of a man and having my mouth used as a makeshift cunt for his pleasure. “Used” is the operative word. I want a man to take advantage of me and degrade me and abuse me, simply for his amusement.

When I was a boy, someone explained to me what a blowjob was. While I was quite enthralled at that age by the sight of a man’s cock, the idea of putting it in my mouth seemed disgusting a... Continue»
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Big Step for Roommate's Dad

Big Step for Roommate’s Dad

Devin, my college roommate, and his f****y invited me on a weekend trip to Six Flags Over Texas. We arrived on Friday night and checked into a hotel; Don and Betty in a room; Devin, Cindy, and I each had our own rooms.

On Saturday, we arrived at Six Flags before they opened and waited in line. One of the first rides we chose was a roller coaster with a water feature. As Don came off the ride, his wet shirt clung to his tight, hairy body. I could barely take my eyes off of him! We pretty much stayed together as a group, shopping and eating and riding toget... Continue»
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Mein erster Arschfick (Boys)

Ich hatte ein schönes geiles Gefühl in mir und war ein bisschen nervös

weil ich heute meine ersten Erfahrungen mit einem Boy machen sollte.

Bevor ich an diesem Abend losging, rasierte ich erstmal meinen Fickarsch

und zog mir einen sexy Slip an.

Mein Gastgeber hatte es sich auf dem Sofa bequem gemacht.

Zwei Gläser Rotwein standen auf dem Tisch.

Aber das war mir egal, ich wollte nur mehr verführen, mich meiner Lust hing... Continue»
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Please don't embarrass me!

Here is a post on my latest experience. Sometimes things just happen and you say the right things at the right time and this is what happened.

A few months ago I was shopping for clothes in a department store and the guy in the men's wear area was an obviously gay male in his 50's with the best handlebar moustache I had ever seen. He has a bit of a belly (like me) and a nice face so we chatted a bit and I continued to shop. I thought about him from time to time without ever thinking I would meet him again. Recently I read that the store had closed down and I realised I would probably never ... Continue»
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Becoming Macy Ch. 01

My continued exploits with Steve, The middle aged bodybuilder. I began my transition publically while with Steve. . . . only seems right to start with him. In this chapter of my life I had just began transitioning. . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . Steve and I had been together for close to a year. In that time we had spent a lot of time together quickly. We practically lived together now. Either his apartment or mine, we were always together. We had been experimenting and exploring each other’s fantasies little by little, little more daring here and there. Steve wanted to pl... Continue»
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Making my first friend in an Adult Theatre

I was in my last year of high school when I had my first sexual experience. It happened on a warm Saturday afternoon in April. I left my house under the pretext of doing some research at the downtown library for some up coming project. I liked my independence and I rode the bus downtown. My real destination was a back alley entrance to some obscure building. Inside was and adult theatre featuring gay porn. I knew I might be gay because thinking about girls never gave me an erection, but for some reason thinking about my male teachers at school did. I had to find out and this seemed like the mo... Continue»
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Pizza Manager and his New Twink

I manage a local Pizza Place right next to a large state university. I’m fifty years old, but I have a body builder’s body that attracts a lot of men and women. I enjoy being bi- sexual. I also like my sex a little rough, sometimes really rough. Some girls and guys like being a little dominated, some don’t, surprisingly I found that almost all gay twinks love it. Every semester a new group of students apply for jobs at my place. I always find a few twinks in the crowd, I can spot them a mile away, their thin bodies, small asses and feminine mannerisms are a dead giveaway. Of course they are hi... Continue»
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Black Cock in a Road Side Park

There's a nice road side park on an Interstate near me that is well known for quick, casual hookups. People traveling, truckers, local workers, college students, etc. There's a park on both sides of the highway, but the one on the northbound lane is larger and more secluded.
You exit the highway and go up a slight incline to the parking area. There's a nice common area with picnic tables and grills for cooking. Surrounding this area on three sides are shrubs, trees, and many trails. The trails are thick with brush and lead hither and yon to many small areas.
Pulling off the highway, it's no... Continue»
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First Experience with Older Man

I remember my first time. I met a man about 20 years older than I was at a book store. As I got in my car he asked me for a lift and I said okay because I knew the neighborhood. As we drove back he reached his hand in my pants and started squeezing my balls. I told him to stop, and then he just started rubbing the head of my cock. I told him to knock it off. Once we got to his place he asked me in for a drink, I told him as long as he can control himself I can have a few beers.

We went up the stairs; he was behind me and kept commenting on my big ass. I asked him what do white guys know abo... Continue»
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Well after going to that gay party i gave one of the guys there my phone number and he called me the following Saturday telling me how i had a hot body and would like me to come over to his place tonight and he was dying to meet me again. Well i thought okay as he had a big cock when i met him and fucked me okay so it would be alright. He called me back around two pm and asked if he could let two of his friends meet me as he told them about my hot body maybe he said we will have a lil party all four of us i said okay not knowing what i was letting myself in for.I decided to dress up in a nice... Continue»
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I was at one time a great student in high school. I studied, made good grades and I played football! I worked out really hard and had an awesome

body if I say so myself!

One day, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd as they say, and we got into some trouble when we stupidly broke into a car. We were caught

within a couple of hours and I went to jail. I was releases a day later when my dad paid my bail and then like a dumb ass, I was caught with some

pot a few days later.

I found myself back in the county jail and this time, I was sentenced to 6 months! I was almost in t
... Continue»
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In The Bushes

The events in this story took place a long time ago on a fine summer's day on Southampton Common.

In my late teens I was walking along a grassy space several metres to the side of a tarmac pathway, cool as a cucumber in t-shirt, very short sport shorts and sandals. In front of me was a bench seat, with a man sat there alone. As I came up to the seat he looked up and asked me for the time. I looked at my watch and obliged his request. I reckoned he was in his 50's, typical of that age group in appearance and dress. As he thanked me he opened his legs, put one hand in his crutch and star... Continue»
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