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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 3

Vito loves the taste of my ass

My name is Alex, I'm a 28 year old Bi guy who more than occasionally meets guys. Lately I've been sort of lazy and have been doing my best to find guys close by, because when I want cock, I don't want to wait. I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.

I was lucky enough that Vito answered one of my ads. It was a late night, last summer when I got his response, "Hey, I live in the same town, and have my place to myself." His roommates where out of town and he had the house all to himself. Since he lived in the same town he was a sh... Continue»
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A college experience

This particular story happened last year on a cold, December Thursday night in New Jersey.

I was in my dorm alone for most of the day. As I'm sure most of you know, that could get anyone's hormones rushing. It was around 5 pm and I felt myself feeling extremely horny. At around the same time, I found that I had been matched up with someone on Tinder. He was a pretty good looking 19 year old freshman. (As a side note, I was a Junior) We started talking and I learned that he lived not too far away from me on campus.

That night, I was doing my laundry; I had told him (Steve) that as soon ... Continue»
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ROD-part 1
Years ago when I chatted on various sites with all kinds of guys, I saved a lot of them as text documents. Once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read them again. Some are pretty exciting, horny too. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've been had! Maybe not. For what it's worth, here's a chat I had with Rod from 2009:
Me: Good morning. I've just read your profile and wondered if you wanted to chat? Rod: Good morning, sure I'd like to chat. How are you? Me: I am fine, you? Rod: I am feeling bette... Continue»
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David started working at the pharmacy about 2 years ago. He's a really cute guy, maybe 5'10" & he has a solid thick linebacker's body. I always wondered what kind of a package he'd be blessed with but since he always wore a lab coat his crotch was always covered up.
Several months ago he had suggested a spray for my sore throat. I wanted to discuss this medication with him and one Friday PM proved to be the right time. There were 2 people working behind the counter so I grabbed a bottle of the spray off the shelf and walked over to him and said "Can I talk to you about this spray."
He say... Continue»
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I am on my way home from visiting my aunt and uncle. I am short of cash and stop at the bank. I use the ATM and take out $100. Getting into my F150, Toby Keith is singing on my AM radio. He is a favorite of mine but if I'm going to listen to Toby, it's not on AM radio. I switch to my USB drive and select his album. "I Love This Bar" comes on. I crack my front windows an inch or two, turn up the volume and sit there listening. A cute 40 year old woman comes out of the bank and walks to her car which is a couple of car lengths away. She looks over at me and grins. As she approaches my... Continue»
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My initial impression of Mr. Saito was: This is a big teddy bear of a man, a big Japanese teddy bear of a man. Shaking his hand confirmed a suspicion that he probably did little in ways of manuel labor in his life as the hand I gently clasped felt like a marshmellow. There was something distinctly feminine about the man that made me believe that he'd only exist in the most specific of conditions and that he'd be culturally arrested for the remainder of his life.
He seemed a pleasent enough man. I estimate his age to be about mid to late forties. His hair was trimmed quite short and was alre... Continue»
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My Only Gay Experience

Okay guys,

This is my first story, so please tell me what you all think. This is also a repost from an old account I used to have (Maybe_Gay69). I have deleted and re-uploaded it here

Well to start off with, I’ll give you a bit of a background on myself. My Name is Bob, I was 19 at the time and had always considered myself straight. Anyway, lately I have found myself more bi curious. The following story is my only real gay experience I have to work with. At first I was conflicted about it, now the thought of it makes my cock hard. So hopefully the story has the same affect for you fell... Continue»
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Latex Rubber Extreme Full Coverage

This is not so much a story as it is a description of a full coverage latex catsuit that I once made. I thought that you people who have a latex fetish, as I do, and just can't seem to get enough, might find it interesting.

I am gay, a Bottom and have a steady Boyfriend. I have only had a couple long term relationships where we progressed to the point of ditching the condoms and going bareback. This is about a suit that I made during one of those past relationships with a rubber loving partner.

I love wearing full coverage latex catsuits, on their own, or under other rubber clothing. ... Continue»
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I finally did it!!

I posted a story a few days ago giving a little background on who I am and what I like, I was surprised to get a whole bunch of private messages, liking my story and giving me advice. I'm in the waterbury Connecticut area, I received a private message from an X hamster guy in my area who said he would gladly offer up his cock for me. I sent him my private email address and he sent me a few pictures of his cock, which was at least 8", cut and black as coal, he was shaved and from the pics looked to be in pretty good shape. He seemed pretty cool and I asked him for his phone number so I could ve... Continue»
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2015 continued 5/5

June 23rd Just moved into my new flat and finally had a little bit of privacy. I'd been talking to a guy online for a few months and had agreed to let him do me. Thing is, he wanted to tie me up and I wasn't sure at first but eventually I came round to the idea and agreed to let him have his way. The idea was.. He would tie me up then make me cum right away as fast as possible. After i cum and lose all interest in sex, pretty much like all guy's do . But I'd be bound to the bed tightly,unable to undo myself, completely at his mercy. He was then going to fuck me nice and slow however he liked... Continue»
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New Neighbors 2

Mike was surprised that he enjoyed the feel and taste of the thick, warm cum filling his mouth. Tongue fucking her creamy, sticky cum filled cunt. He cupped her tight, firm ass and pulled her down, pressing her wet pussy tightly against his mouth. Licking and sucking cum into his mouth for the first time and loving it. The rubber cock was still all the way up her ass and he started pumping it back and fourth, fucking her ass and hungrily sucking her sloppy cunt. His loud moan was muffled by her pussy as he felt Tom's tongue on the head of his cock. Jerking his lips around as his warm, wet to... Continue»
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My first time truly sucking and being fucked

I had left work and went to a restaurant close by to get dinner. As I was sitting at the counter waiting to give my order and man sat on the stool next to me.
"Hi," he said, "my name is John" and he reached out to shake my hand. At first I thought it odd that a person could just sit down and introduce them self just as he did. But I was taken by how pretty he was. He was about 5' 5", thin, had brown hair that shined, and had the greenest eyes imaginable. His lips were full, and he had a full mouth, like Mick Jagger (which I had fantasized kissing many times...not Jagger, but the ... Continue»
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Me and my boyfriend have been in our sexual relationship for the past 8 months and I need to know what his problem is .i wanna make sure that he is not using me for intimate pleasures when ever he is in need.

At the beginning of our relationship I never cared much for such pleasures because it never was sex actually he just used to rub his hands all over my body and squeeze my chest and my c0*k very hard until I get excited about do the same for his and then we used to mutually masturbate each other but I did it till he came but he would stop it when my precum touches his hand.

I have ha... Continue»
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First Time Cock

So I had been chatting to a few guys about my dressing and had cammed a few of them, even fucking my ass with a liquor bottle once or twice for him/them. I was feeling especially horny and had the afternoon to myself. So I got on craigslist and was browsing in my area.

I came across an ad from a guy in a hotel, last day in town, set to check out in a couple hours, looking to get sucked off before he had to leave. I sent him an email, gave him my stats and sent a pic. He must have liked what he saw because he emailed me back very quickly. Asked if I was a total bottom (yes) and if I was wil... Continue»
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I took some convincing…

I had been thinking about having sex with a man for many years. I came close multiple times. I had always come to a point where I had to choose whether or not I was going to go through with it. I had always chickened out. This time was different.

I was traveling for work. Being alone in a hotel room gives a married guy too much temptation. I jumped on Squirt and surfed around looking for some attention. That's when Jonathan instant messaged me. Jonathan was older than I was. He was in his mid 50s while I was 46. We chatted for nearly an hour. I was getting really horny as I asked him what... Continue»
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Thursday night, I am relaxing in my hotel room. The seminar is over tomorrow and I take the bus home on Saturday. The phone rings, it's Les. He tells me he got a job working for Ben and he has a suite not far from their office in the suburbs. He wants to take me out for dinner Friday night to thank me. He gets off at 5:00 and will take the bus into town and meet me at the restaurant across the street about 5:30.
I get there early but order coffee while I'm waiting. He is on time and the meal is scrumptuous. Cream of mushroom soup, turkey, baked potato with lots of butter, corn and apple pie ... Continue»
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Steam Room Fantasy for Blue

Can you imagine watching a guy seeing a guy working out at the gym with a nice ass in his tight shorts. You can't help watching him doing pull ups, crunches, & planks as you go about your routine. Then when you watch him doing squats, you see a thong peak out of the top of his shorts as his shirt tail pulls up. You are surprised your seeing it. But each time he squats down, a little more of it is exposed. If it were black, you would thought it a men's thong, but it is almost a neon pink. You are so caught up watching him you stop in the middle of your arm curl reps.

When he finally stops & ... Continue»
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My descent into darkness part 1

Ok, so let me introduce myself. I’m Kelan, 20 years old, thin as a rail, 100lbs, 5’6”, smooth, dark messy hair. Been with my boyfriend, although not anymore, which I will explain as this goes on, for 8 years. I grew up in house where I could do what I want, when I wanted it. I moved out with my boyfriend, Tyler, at 18. We both had fairly ok paying jobs, not a ton of money, drove old cars, etc. We had a fairly decent sex life, once, if not twice a day. While we aren’t exactly nudists, we normally hung around in underwear. I myself, with my incredibly tiny body, have always loved to sho... Continue»
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True Story - about Fucking my Mouth.

We walked into his apartment and he said we can be comfortable here in the living room. He started to remove his pants, so I did also. He was down to his bikini panties and after he took off his shirt, he pulled his panties down and off. He was now nude and I got my first look at his cock. He looked large, long that is and he was cut. I finished removing my shirt and stood there in my garter belt, black stockings and black bikini panties.

He said, “Nice.” I had told him over the phone what I was going to wear.

He sat on one end of the couch and I sat on the other and looked at his... Continue»
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Craigslist Meet-- A True Story

The following is a true story and happened to me recently. All of the details are 100% true and not embellished at all.

I am a married 37 year old guy in a stagnant, boring relationship. The sex isn't interesting any more. More often that not, I find myself coming to this site and jacking off nearly every day. I have to find other forms of sexual titillation to excite me. My wife has an "Adam's Cock" dildo that I fuck my ass with when she isn't home. I also love shooting a load on that dildo and wonder what it would be like to cum on a real throbbing cock. After weeks of toying with the ide... Continue»
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