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A night to remember.

I was stationed along the gulf coast while in the military. I was 24 and at the Navy base. A road led south from it to a Air f***e base. It was a training base so there was a lot of hot young cock. Out side the gate was a row of establishments which included 3 or 4 ABS stores on both sides of the street. When I had a need for seed ,this is where I headed.

I would go from one store to the other looking for young meat to suck on. They all had booths with doors and glory holes cut in the booth walls. The holes were just door knob sized holes so you could not see much more than a cock coming th... Continue»
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Fucking My Sissy Computer Tech

I glanced down as Tim my 21 year old computer tech was sucking on my fully erect cock. Tim was dressed in a black bra, black lace panties, and a garter belt and nylons. His long dark hair was accented by his flawless make up. Tim looked like the nineteen year old petite little nylon clad sissy that he was. I looked down as his head bobbed up and down my growing cock. I wondered “how the hell did this happen”.

I own a large construction firm in Kansas and knew I had to hire someone to run our new computer system. I left this to my secretary and when I came to work on Monday there was a t... Continue»
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Sucking, Getting Fucked By Older Coworker (True)

This is a true story of mine about an older coworker of mine named Keith whom I fooled around with a couple times. I hope you enjoy guys and gals....

When Keith first started at my job he was very quiet and was kind of an intimidating guy but as he and I talked more and more we became quick friends. Keith was a very serious guy who loved cars, motorcycles and sex which he loved talking about sharing all of his old stories with me. Day after day as we worked in the ba... Continue»
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I 'am a Cock Slave , & Love IT ! part II

my MASTER as if reading my wanton , cock, cum, craving mind ,then pulls my face up towards HIM , slaps it hard , spits in it , & says:
"Not yet, you fucking little, cock whore, slave !!"
Then slaps my face harder as i squirm, & moan "mmmmmmmmm" softly from the pleasurable pain of my red stinging face.
"Undo my belt , & pull down my pants you pig slut" HE commands .
i almost scream in delight , as if hopefully i will soon see the ONLY GOD left , in my cock, & cum starved, transfixed, whore universe ! Slowly , reluctantly , i let loose my tight grip on HIS , BEAUTIFUL , HARD ASS , & blindly,... Continue»
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After I was divorced from a 20 year marriage with
bland sex I met Marcella. She tuned into my
unfulfilled fantasizes and told me about her wild
sex life. After she introduced me to my first three
some with a black boyfriend I was hooked and we got
married. After that, my life was full of depraved
raunchy sex and even cross-dressing. (MF, MM, 1st-bi,
oral, anal, swingers, alcohol, cd, orgy, voy)


Marcella and I were a perfect match. I was in my 40s
and just out of a 20 year marriage with all sorts of
sexual fantasies She was divorced, in her 30s and
scaring guys off ... Continue»
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Straight guy learns to submit

This is based on a true story.

Many years ago, I was newly married and starting my career at a major corporation. I was sent down to Dallas, Texas for 2 weeks to help install a new branch office. Being that I had a wife at home I didn't want to cheat or find some one night stand. Whie I was driving around I saw a sign for an Adult Video Store. I have never been to an Adult video store so I thought I would stop to see what it was like. Walking in, I saw rows of sex magazines, that were more explicit than the Playboy or Penthouse magazines I knew. There were all kinds of sex toys, includin... Continue»
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Sonya Sissy Diary No.2

I drove through the pub car park to the furthest corner where I could see just one car parked where we had agreed. He was front out, so I went in front first and when our windows were in line I opened mine, “Hi Pauline”, “Hi Sonya”. We had exchanged a few messages online, but neither profile had a face pic – we only knew what our cocks looked like!

“Can we go somewhere safe?” he asked
“Yes, we drive to X, then switch to one car. Do you know the way?”
(X is a local attraction with a huge car park)
He shook his head
“Just follow me, its not far away.”

I rev... Continue»
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My first (and so far, only) bisexual experience

Since I was a teenager, I've always had bi-sexual fantasies. There is just something about the thought of a soft cock passing across my lips into my eager mouth, and feeling it enlarge and harden inside my mouth. Even though I married, and have only experienced straight sex, the want and desire to suck another man, and bring him the pleasure of exploding all over my face has always been there. Often times if I had the house to myself, I would turn to online porn to watch other men jerk off, or feel the pleasure of the company of another man. Sometimes, even chatting, flirting, or masturbating ... Continue»
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Tyrone's Crossdressing White Pussyboy

Submissive whiteboi becomes a sissy faggot pussyboy for his nigger master.

It was to be a night of romance. My Nigger lover, Tyrone, grunted
as he pulled his glistening cock from my aching, cum filled asscunt. He
had just shot a massive load of man slop into my steamy, gripping
entrails. Our lovemaking had been a brutal affair, as it always is, which is just the way I like it. I am a subjugated fuck slave, nothing but a sissy faggot sperm receptacle for my dominant nigger lover.

Tyrone is the envy of every guy in our neighborhood. He was an
All-American linebacker in high school in A... Continue»
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Joining Boyfriend's Bowling Team

My older gay lover of several years Don (age 59) always liked his Tuesday night bowling. There was an opening on the team and Don asked me to fill it. There was just one thing, the team is made up of all older gay guys from my work and they had a deal. I knew they had all shared each other’s company at one time or another so it was nothing for they highest scoring bowler of the night to get a blowjob from the lowest scoring bowler. Don said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a 195 average so the chances of you having to give head to anybody are slim and none”.

Now, I have fucked around a lot on Don o... Continue»
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Tranny orgy - continued

Debbie, my red haired, large titted, big hipped, cock sucking, golden bushed girlfriend now knew I loved to suck shemale dick and having them fuck me in the ass. Sex between the two us became more intense and we were often joined by the gurls across the hallway. Life was good and shortly Tanya and Bonnie informed us they were having a party that would include Shemales, sissy me and cross dressers. It was to be an orgy!
On the night of the occasion, we were the first ones there. I wore a speedo and tank top and Deb was in a pair of crotchless panties, a very short halter top that barely cover... Continue»
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My name is Brad and I am an ANAL Slut and CUM PIG for COCK! It seems the filthier it is, the better I like it! I have had my ass gang banged and

filled, had enema's that I was f***ed to drink, sucked cock in alley ways behind bars and licked cum from rest room floors! All because my

MASTERS command I obey and be their FUCK PIG 24/7.
This story is about how they took control of me and turned me into their filthy whoring cum pig slave!

I had these two neighbors that lived down the street. At the time, I was a Senior in high school and I did odd jobs around the neighborhood,

... Continue»
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My first Master

It started with answering a CL add posted under Men looking for Men “Dom looking for Sub Slave”. I replied to the add and after a few back and forth e mails I was told to be at his place at 3 pm the next day. Arriving at his house my anxiety level was high as this was to be my first time at age 56 as a submissive slave for my new Master uncertain of what to expect. After introductions standing in the foyer, Master closed the front door then ordered me to strip. Master was pleased of my completely shaved body then instructed me to put my tongue on his neck telling me not to remove it as he star... Continue»
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My first day at work

Yeah, I knew I was stud, but didn't know I was a pansexual Hedonist! I was six feet, weight 176 and hardly any body fat. I also had a thick 7" cock that seemed to stay hard. I also had a very firm bubble butt. So, on my first day at the bath house I lost my clothes in a locker. donned a bath robe and met Jerry's partner and older boy toy. Both gave me the grand tour as they explained my duties including sex with Jerry and boy toy.
The place was dimly lit, but expansive and nicely decorated. At first we walked down a hallway with small private rooms and then through some double doors to the po... Continue»
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gym Jock Santiago

I know its been a while since my last story was posted, truly been busy, haven't had the chance to sit and write about my hot stories, do i decided to make up for it and prove my stories are real by uploading pics and a short vid of it ;) i hope you guys ( or girls) like

Ive been going to this gym near my apt with my roomie who happens to be a local, so he knows a lot of people there and introduces them to me, im the new boy in the neighborhood so don't really know many people, i act very straight nobody knows i like boys, except for my roomie he knows but doesn't care. One of our work out... Continue»
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Late night craigslist BBC

I had been looking for a low key way to feed my lust for some hot action and found myself on M4M on Craigslist. I was 21 at the time and an athletic build so I posted an add looking for someone similar to my age and down to have a good time with NSA.

I got plenty of emails from willing suitors but none caught my eye. Finally I got an email from a guy who said he wasn't too far from me and could pick me up and take me back to his place, he wanted to exchange pics but was skeptical because he wasn't out yet either. It was perfect, someone just as paranoid as me about people finding out my li... Continue»
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Confessions of a cross dressing slut

Following up on my previous post.
Just to recap......

I had just had my first experience of sex as a cross dresser. My first kiss, first time my ass had been tongued, first time of sucking cock and first time fuck.
I had the taste for cock now, taste for cum. I loved it!!

I was now in the taxi home with all sorts running through my great last night was, how much i turned him on, how much i was turned on, what to do well as knowing this flirting taxi driver would love to fuck my ass.
We exchanged small talk and he flirted a little, passing compliment after com... Continue»
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My Story

My Strange story

Sylvia Wechsel

Prologue - Unemployed

I'm staring for the n-th time at the computer monitor. The browser is
open in the "Work with us" page of Biogen Technologies, a private company
which describes itself as working in "cutting edge genetic therapy

There are a few offers of job positions and most are technical
(biologist, biochemist or bioengineer places). I positively do not
qualify for these, but at the bottom of the page there is a phrase: "we
are a equal-opportunity gender company." It is clearly directed to the
te... Continue»
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The Itch

Been trawling through the site having a good old rub-a-dub at all the hot dads and grandpas on here and it got me thinking back to when I was a randy 19 year old and this steaming hot dirty old fucker I met one night on the way home from a club.

It had been a crap night at the Contessa,grand name but a dive of a club which was basically an old victorian town house that'd been turned into a gay(ish) night club that had plenty of dark areas where you could have a quick grope before the knuckldragger of a bouncer,(think Lurch from the Addams f****y),found you and put paid to any 'dirty busines... Continue»
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Gloryholes and hot cum

I was young when I first started to think about what it would feel like to have another mans hot cock in my mouth. I used to fuck around with this guy all the time at his parents house. They would be sl**ping upstairs meanwhile we were 69ing on the queen cot down stairs. I would sl**p on the floor and I laid in wait for a quick tug of my shirt, just to raise up and stuff this thick monster in my throat......soon it turned into me fucking him up his ass. Which felt amazing sinking my hot thick cock deep into his waiting ass was pure bliss for me and even though i never not had luck with th... Continue»
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