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Indian guy sucks a BBC on Miami Beach

This is a real story.

A little about me. I am a 27 year old Indian guy. Decent looking. I live in San Francisco. I am str8 but have always wanted to please good looking white or black guys.

This happened I went to Miami in Sep 2013 with a couple of other Indian friends. The very first night we all went to a club and got pretty d***k. I slipped out of the club and went to the beach. It was very dark and I started walking on the beach. While walking I saw a black guy sitting all by himself next to a life guard tower. I went to him and said hello and asked if it was ok for me to sit there a... Continue»
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Third Day Being Gay

After my first two days experimenting with gay sex, I was feeling extra adventurous. I had been ultra conservative thus far, only sucking 3 guys total and only swallowing two loads. I changed my online profile from being an inexperienced 19yo looking to suck cock to being a teen bottom that wanted his ass fucked. My inbox FLOODED with replies. Many hot older tops looking to get a piece of my 19yo hole. The first two experiences I had with cocks were not very impressive, size wise, so I was on a quest for someone at least 7 inches.

I had been experimenting not only with my sexuality, but als... Continue»
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A New Chapter Part 2

In case you haven’t read the first part of this hot story, entitled A New Chapter, the story so far is that I met up by chance with an old school acquaintance who is now a successful stripper and gay porn film performer. He’s not only a beautiful guy but he also has a huge and beautiful cock which, it has to be said, is his key to success and riches.
I’m sure your enjoyment of this story will be greatly enhanced if you read the first instalment (A New Chapter).
I rolled up at Vincent’s lovely house in the hills between Nice and Cannes on the dot of 11.00. He’d just bought with the pro... Continue»
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Dead Wood behind Lane 40

This is a 100% true story that happened a little while ago and since my last stories i shared got such good reviews and comments ill share another adventure i have had! As always my stories are 100% true i just change the names to protect the not so innocent.
My adventure started one night at the bowling alley i go to all the time bowling regualry. It was a sunday and this was a practice night, so i was out with a few of my friends. Only a select few friends I can trust know my secret that i am Bisexual. So the night started out as any other sunday night would we went bowling with some friend... Continue»
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fun in the woods

Just wanted to share what i got upto the other day. I often visit a local dogging site on my way to work. As normal i parked in the lay-by and headed into the woods. I loosened my belt and jeans so that it would be easy to show off the pink lacey thong i had on should i catch anyones attention. Within seconds a very trendy looking man appeared and walked slowly in front of me. I followed closely. Just ahead of him we came across2 other men. One was on his knees sucking the other guys cock. The man in front of me headed over to them and stood watching. As i got closer the one on his knees stopp... Continue»
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My Black Boyfriend "D".A gay interracial

I have been putting off writing about a man who was very important to me.I have been thinking about him lately,so this seems like a good time to share this story.
I won't bore you with all the details,but here is a little back round about how we met.Towards the end of my relationship with what would become the last woman I would ever have sex with,I wandered into a gay chat room.I started a conversation with another man who,like me was from New York.(I won't give his first name in this story,so let's just call him "D".) We actually chatted for hours that night in the chat room,and exchanged e... Continue»
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First Time I was Fucked

I told in my last true story, "First Time to Fuck a Man", how I was horrified to meet a friend of the f****y as I was in toilets in a park seeking cock fun. Well, it ended with me fucking him and he invited me to come to his home with the understanding that our times together would be kept a secret. This assured me that my f****y would not find out what sexual activities I was getting into with this older man.
So the next Saturday, after the Sunday I had fucked him, I went to his house as arranged. On arriving he met me at the door with just a bath robe on. He made us a cup of coffee a... Continue»
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Taught a lesson - I don't think so

One Saturday when I was 17, a good few years ago now, I was home alone, my parents had gone to visit my grandparents and I was watching some crap on the TV. There was a knock on the door, there stood an older man probably about 35 but when you’re 17 that seems old. He was trying to sell insurance, as I was naïve I let him in.

He sat on the settee next to me and was giving me all the usual patter, but as I was 17 I never had come across this crap before. After he’d finished talking he asked where my parents were and I told him “They were visiting”, I didn’t tell him where. He asked me if I w... Continue»
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First time I sucked a mans cock

I just checked into my hotel room on a business trip. It had been a long flight, and long time getting to the hotel. A few colleagues were with me, but on different floors. It was nearly 9 at night when we checked in, and we agreed on a quick dinner at the bar, because an early day was ahead.

We met downstairs and were treated to a quick service of burgers and a few beers. It was nearly 10:30 when we left.

I returned to my room, and found an odd note on the floor. It wasn't in front of the main door, it was in front of the door to the adjoining room. I reached down and slid it out ... Continue»
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My night as a whore.

This is a continuation of a true story that started with Surprise Spanking at Adult Video.

I first met Tony at the Adult Video store in Dallas when I was younger and in Dallas on a business trip. I was a newlywed and considered myself straight. I didn’t want to cheat on my wife so I went to the adult video store. You can read the beginning of what happen in the story I already posted.

About 5 months later, I had to be in Dallas on another business trip. I arrived Monday afternoon and decided to contact Tony. He gave me his number 5 months earlier. When I called, he said he rememb... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-my third time

Hi guys! Ashu here (yet again!) Hope you liked my previous stories of my gay fantasy coming true, and my gay gangbang.

After our gangbang session at Vinny and Abhi's house, I was in a lot of pain. My asshole hurt like hell and my dick ached, not to mention my thighs and arms, from mounting, lifting and thrusting. Raj and Manu also had some pain but they were used to it. I found it extremely difficult to walk back to our room the next morning, and had to take painkillers and put away all thoughts of sex from my mind.

I was also quite upset with Vinny for being so hard on me and causing me... Continue»
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Lodgers Surprise

I had started my first job after leaving university. Having moved to a small town where I knew no one I had taken lodgings with a couple who had a large house a short walk from my office.
The couple were called Jenny and Mike. They were both in their fifties and had retired early and took in the occasional lodger. Jenny was about 5 foot 2 and was plump and sexy. She had good tits and fine legs which I often admired when I thought she wasn’t looking. To my joy she always wore nylons either stockings (I could see the garter bumps) or tights when she was wearing tighter clothes.
Mike was 5’11” ... Continue»
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First Time to Fuck a Man

Since the first time I had sucked a cock, I was at it continually. I couldn't wait to get out of college and make my way down to the city centre and cruise the toilets where I knew I would have no problem getting sucked off and sucking someone else off. I don't know if it is the normal pattern, but it was always much older men than myself who were in these toilets. Maybe it was because I was a teenager then and very few were addicted to this type of behaviour. It developed over time that I was getting sucked and sucking others at the urinals, through glory-holes and with two of us in a cubicle... Continue»
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أنا وزوجتي لصديقي

أنا وزوجتي لصديقي

القصة حقيقية وتدور أحداثها في بلد خليجي ولم اذكر الأسماء ولا الأماكن حرصا على مشاعر أبطال القصة
البطل طفل ثم شاب مخنث و ديوث
الشخصيات الثانوية
1 جارة اكبر منه
2 صديق جاره أكبر منهم
3 زوجته الفاتنة متفجرة الأنوثة
أنا وزوجتي لصديقي
كنت في سن السادسة كان ابن الجيران اكبر مني وفي احد الأيام دخل معي الى البيت ولم اعرف الجنس قبل ذلك دخلنا بيته وكان جميع خارج البيت بزيارة عند أقربائهم وبعد أن جلسنا نلعب مسك زبي وصار يلعب به وطالع زبه كمان وأمسكته فانتصب زبه وكان طويلا
ورفيعا لكن زبي لم ينتصب وكنت العب بزبه مد يده على طيزي يتلمسها وترك زبي وقال لي شوف زبي صار ك... Continue»
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Polly and Cliff (Encasement/Lycra fetish)

I smiled when I let Cliff in. I told him to go into the bedroom where a fresh pair of shimmery ivory tights and a electric blue bobbed wig would be waiting for him. As I lit a few candles and put on a CD of romantic chill out music Cliff was hoisting the shiny tights over his thick hips and wiggling his fat arse into them, dancing to the music. Once he smoothed his hands over his hips and arse which looked so curvy and shapely. I watched the light bounce off his fat arse as he pranced towards the dresser and placed the wig on his head. He smiled proudly as he examined himself in the mirror, re... Continue»
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Irmão Truculento

Ronaldo era um menino de 18 anos e ja sabia o que era. Ele era mais novo de três irmãos, Diogo , mais velho foi fazer faculdade em outra cidade e Caio, o do meio tinha 15 anos. Os dois estudam no mesmo colégio no turno matutino e a tarde, ficavam em casa sozinho, seus pais trabalhavam até tarde, eram sócios numa loja de um shooping. Sendo assim cabia a Diogo a responsabilidade de cuidar de Ronaldo. Os dois costumavam fazer tudo juntos, inclusive tomar banho, que ate então era algo normal. Ronaldo passou a olhar Caio de uma maneira diferente, seus hormônios estavam começando a se manifestar. Em... Continue»
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My first blowjob

This is a true story regarding the first blowjob I ever gave. It starts like most of these stories, with a friend staying at my place. We were both 18 when this story took place.

My friend and I had known each other throughout school for many years. He had a girlfriend and I had been through a few, despite always wanting to try a few cocks. I loved the look of an erect cock and always wanted to give a blowjob. To taste and smell another mans private area, to give another man the pleasure of my mouth and ultimately to taste my reward.

I had never intended to act on these desires at all un... Continue»
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Sissy's Breaking out (My first sissy experien

My name is Nichole and IM laying on my stomach thinking only one thing...the name Wayne. and feeling a deep ache that brought a smile to my face every time i feel it when i move or cough. You see I have just been taken by an athletic, well hung BBC. As i get up and head to the bathroom i think of how crazy it was that this just happened, where had it all started though?

My girlfriend had cheated on me with a cook from a restaurant that I worked at, and i was absolutely devastated. My ego was destroyed, i had given my life to her, and she was still looking to get dicked down by somebody else... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 9

After parting company with Jonathan we walked down the terminal concourse to the baggage claim area. I noticed Bryan was walking funny again. No doubt from what had happened in the airplane lavatory earlier. I had to admit I felt a bit spent from blowing a load listening to my boy getting plowed in the lavatory next to me. As we came out of the exit area we were greeted by the usual mix of families and limo drivers waiting for their loved ones and clients to come out of the terminal. It was then that I noticed one of the limo drivers holding a sign with Frank Thompson printed on it. "I don't r... Continue»
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First Time to Suck a Cock

It took me a few months, after having my own cock sucked for the first time, to have the courage to take another man's cock into my mouth. I had fantasised about it every time I wanked off since my cock was first sucked. During wanking I was convinced that I was going to do it next time I visited toilets. By now I had found toilets in the city which were underground, frequented by cock-sucking men, and each cubicle had a glory-hole in each of the wooden partitions. There was always a queue of men there especially on Saturday afternoons, which seemed to be the favourite time to go and get sucke... Continue»
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