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eine Nacht

Ich heiße Michael, bin 55 Jahre alt und seit einem halben Jahr nach langjähriger Ehe, aus der 2 inzwischen erwachsene Kinder hervorgingen, geschieden.

Die letzten Monate hatten mich arg gebeutelt, Trennung, Umzug, berufliche Umorientierung, ich war mit den Nerven ziemlich am Ende und musste dringend raus. So hatte ich mich ganz entgegen meinen sonstigen Gewohnheiten last minute in einer Ferienanlage an Nordküste der griechischen Insel Kos eingemietet. 10 Tage all inklusive, so etwas hatte ich noch nie gemacht. Wir hatten unsere Urlaube bisher immer individuell geplant und durchgeführt, aber... Continue»
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Well, baby, now it’s my turn to tell you what happened not so long ago.
You know, I had to return the pants to the big department store in Makati and decided to stay there a couple nights. I had some problem with doing it and talked to a supervisor. She was taller than you (maybe 5’6”), slender with nice figure, about early 30’s, lovely eyes, full lips (made for cocksucking I thought) with very red lipstick, and dark skin. Her name was Reslie. We finished the exchange and had a “spark”, and so I asked if she wanted to get dinner after she finished work. She said no, she was ma... Continue»
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The Story of how my Virginity was Taken by a Sexy

This is the true story of how I lost my anal virginity when I was 17 years old to a 30 year old Caribbean BBC
It was August and I was working at an ice cream store on the boardwalk in a Jersey shore town after running away from home in July. I had found a job and made friends with a surfer dude who was a couple years older. He shared an apartment with two girls who were around 21 years old and out of charity I was given the sofa to sl**p on until I could save enough money to get my own room for rent.
On this particular night after work I had met a very cute 15 year old punk girl, named Lisa,... Continue»
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Lesbian mother in law

It was a major shock when Adams mother came out as a lesbian.She had been married for 22 year for gods sake.But being very open minded,we thought live and let live.I know Adam was a bit embarassed,and he told me he was teased by his work mates,but I thought she was very brave.
She had got pregnant at 17 and married at 18,so when she finally left Joe, she was only 40.But she looked years younger.And often when we went out people thought we were s****rs.Not surprising really.We were both bottle blonde,busty,and I suppose we looked very similar.Maybe thats why Adam had been attracted to me,haha.... Continue»
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Kenzie-Marie's first tinder hook-up

Tinder hasn't been hugely successful for us. We've matched lots of people but the ones we've met are few and far between. Besides an ffm we had a month or so ago, it's been pretty dry. That changed for Kenzie [Marie is a middle name] a few days ago. She had been on Tinder for a few weeks and matched an under-30, German guy. Decent looking guy, and willing to meet up with a couple who desired a threesome. Gotta give him credit; he was at least up for meeting, as he had never done a threesome before.
We met him for a drink at a pub not far from our place and Kenzie was attracted to him so she i... Continue»
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Wife’s Version - Wife's Ass Too Small For Ana

After our first lovemaking session with my future husband Al I discovered what it was like to be fucked by a long thick healthy nine inch cock. I came four times that first night and it was the beginning of our four year marriage. With that nine inch cock buried deep inside me almost every night I was one happy wife. I even learned to take half of his large organ in my mouth. We both wanted to experiment with new things. But when it came to anal sex we had one problem.

I am a petite, 5”2”, 110 pound women with a very small ass. It turned out that anal sex with Al was impossible. The first... Continue»
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Caught and Punished!

You finally got your chance, your friend and his girlfriend had to leave at short notice while you were visiting and left you alone in the house. The temptation was too much and you headed to their room.

At first you went to her underwear drawer and inspected all her most private clothes, from plain panties, to lacey bras and even some sexy stockings, and made sure to rub you cock and precum over them thoroughly. But even this isn't enough to satisfy you and you head to the laundry basket.

She must have changed before she left because you find a pair of black hipster briefs, still warm, ... Continue»
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Everything is Better with Coke

It was mid September and I had just finished my annual Fall decorating around the house. I was exhausted but taking in the colors around my living and dining rooms back dropped by my Mustard Yellow walls it was worth it. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The vibrant colors of the trees and decor around town, the feel of the cool breeze in the air, and the strong aroma of pumpkin spice everywhere you turn, which happened to be one of my favorite scents ever. People are also nicer in the fall. I think it might have to do with the oppressive heat finally dissipating and the exhil... Continue»
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Giant Cock Maybe a Little Gay

I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy. A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him... Continue»
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Our first conversation occurred at Doc Disorder's, the neighborhood bar. I stepped in just like I did every day after work. Only this time, I saw a strange face -- a really adorable brunette with hypnotic dark brown eyes. She also looked like she just came from work. She wore a short black jacket and a slightly above-the-knee black skirt. Black nylons and pumps completed the ensemble.

She eyed me from across the bar and motioned me with her flashing brown eyes to sit next to her. She was sipping a vodka martini, the same as me.

"Some coincidence," I told her.

"You don't reco... Continue»
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Trish, Kate and me: part two

After the events of the previous story, things changed in our class. My mate flunked his exams on the retry and quit school. Another boy, let’s call him Klay, came and quickly became my best friend.

The girls (Trish, Kate en Mel), Klay and me became a sort of organism on our own that year. There were other people in our class, but they were satellites. The core of the room was us. We’d sneak our hands down another one’s pants during math class. We’d lick an earlobe at lunch. Sometimes there were boyfriends and girlfriends from outside our group, but they never last. That ambiance, that inte... Continue»
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113. Wendy, seducer of youth.
First a brief description of the lady, she is Wendy a white American, five feet six tall, auburn hair and though she won`t see 21 again she has brown sparkling eyes, an attractive body that she weighs 129lb`s has 34c tits a slim 29inch waist and a delectably smackable 36inch arse, though the odd spank is all that she allows as anal turns her completely off, however she keeps her Jack and Danny waxed and trimmed and instantly ready for use.
Her hubby is Trevor and he works away a fair bit, and though a good man at home and in bed, he`s never quite been enough... Continue»
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Last Part of the Beach Story....?

OK then, this is where we (Imelda & Myself) leave the Beach and return back to her house in Clacton.

We picked up all of our things off of the beach and make our way to Imelda's car parked just further down the Sea Front Promenade, and then she's driving us both back to her house for what I hope will be a really sensual and erotic early evening of sexy adventures.

Of course I am still as Horny as ever as I sit beside her in the late model Rover 105R (I am a car nut OK ?) so I love cars of all types and for me to be riding in a Rover is a real treat. The purr of that lovely eng... Continue»
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My First Bi-Sexual Expierence

My first time was with a married couple... I still jack-off thinking about that day over 20 years ago! (It was June of 1991)

I had placed an ad in the local alternative paper seeking a couple with a bi guy. I had fantasies about 3-sums with a male and female for a long time, and finally decided to see if I could go through with it.

This couple left a voice mail on the message system asking me to call them - they even both talked so I would know they were really a couple!

I gave them a call, and the guy told me that his wife was also his "mistress" and that he was a submissive bi who... Continue»
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Cumming on the bus! (POV)

t had been a long day at school and Megan was feeling a little frustrated. She’d been horny all day, as teens often are, but with such a busy morning she hadn’t had time to sneak off and masturbate. Her panties were a mess by now and she couldn’t wait to get home for some well deserved “personal time”. She looked up and saw that it was just her and her friend Harry left on the bus. She could hear the sounds of Britney Spears’ ’…Baby One More Time’ from his headphones, his favorite. As horny as she was she couldn’t help but notice that Harry was really quite good looking, he had a really sexy l... Continue»
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Scarborough pub pull another drink later.

Our night in Scarborough, part 2
Well after MrsC and us recovered from the open air spontaneous stranger sex, we made a move to another pub on the sea front, the place was packed out with people spilling out onto the street but we managed to find our way to the bar, We all needed a drink after what had just happened, after being served we shuffled to the corner of the bar Tony and MrsC now got to chat and get to know each other smiles all-around knowing what had just happened, MrsC realised I was not talking not that I could any way because of the karaoke going on and all but us singing away... Continue»
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my first time with a guy

I cant remember if I told you before but ive only played with one guy and hes been a friend for years, cant play now cause hes moved to far away. but when we did play, it to some work cause we were both new. we sat together for awhile watching porn until he got brave enough to pull his dick out then I couldn't help staring. after he noticed he got really brave and started stroking his dick, then I asked if I could touch him. after he said yes I just slowly touched the head and it felt so different to touch someone elses dick. I grabbed him and started stroking his dick and just loved the feeli... Continue»
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I have written this quickly because I just have to get it out and I am horny and find it difficult to type while masturbating. One hand typing is not easy!

I took a trip to a small town called Lillooet. There is a gorgeous lake called Seton where I spent all day Saturday of my visit soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. One view that I really enjoyed was a young First Nation girl who was beating the heat while swimming in the cool water. I watched her for a while, she appeared around 18 to 19, slim build, long black hair and a pretty face. Her body was beautiful by my standards an... Continue»
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Marriage Creampie

I can still remember the first time I asked her if I could do it. I had always had a fascination for tasting my own semen, you see.

My wife Megan had indulged me certain levels of satisfaction in this matter but refused to let me give her oral after sex.

She said it was "gross".

I had licked it off her tits and she occasionally would kiss me after a blowjob, but that was the extent of it.

But then I had an idea. What if I fucked her with a condom on and then ate her immediately afterward. It might satisfy my craving.

So later that night, as we lay together in bed, I decided to... Continue»
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Making it Big at the Gig

After a long week at work, Friday night had finally arrived. The band I play for, the M.E. Groves Band, was booked to play the weekend at Benny's, a popular watering hole and "meet market" a few blocks from my home.

We got our gear in and set up. Nick, our sound man, ran through his checks and pronounced us good to go. Davy, the bassist and my b*****r, picked up his Fender Jazz and ran through a few scales, listening to the monitors and adjusting his settings. I strapped on my Telecaster and joined him, and before long Liam, the lead guitarist was there with his Paul Reed Smith, while... Continue»
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