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Sis and Me ~ Part 1

Hey! Most of you know me by now as the boy who fucked his mother, if you don’t know me then my name is David! This story, like my Mommy and Me stories, is based on real event but also is just my imagination….feel free to kik me and ask what’s real and what’s a fantasy…or just leave it a mystery 

It was a hot summer day, my b*****r, Tyler, was off at football practice, my s****r, Sabrina, was in the pool with friends, my dad was in London for a business meeting, and my mom was out with friends. I was alone in my house, aside from the servants, and was getting bored. I called up Luke. Luke w... Continue»
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Our Wedding Day and Night – My Beautiful Vir

We married on a very cold, windy day. A snow storm had blown through the night before our big day and dumped about a foot of snow. The good news was the storm was long gone when we woke up. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and the snow left a beautiful white blanket all across the valley and the surrounding mountains. It was a perfectly beautiful day to be married. The cold, windy conditions wreaked havoc on our attempts to get some good wedding pictures however.

We were married in the morning and our reception was several hours later that evening. Our first home would be about four ho... Continue»
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My First Time With Step Daughter Sarah (True)

This is the story of the first time that I fucked my step daughter Sarah. Hope you all enjoy.

My ex wife Rachel was a milf in every sense of the word. She was thirty eight but looked twenty and had a daughter named Sarah and a son named Ryan who lived with his dad. The first time I met Sarah was a couple weeks after Rachel and I started dating and she invited me over for dinner. I got to Rachel's place and she was showing me around her house when Sarah came out of her room wearing some red pajama shorts and a white tank top. Th... Continue»
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Sharing Step Daughter Sarah (True)

After I divorced my ex wife Amber I moved into a apartment which was really nice to be able to enjoy being single again and I was able to spend time with my ex step daughter I guess you could say Sarah without the fear of being discovered by Amber. Sarah would come over almost everyday when she got off of work and we would usually hang out and eventually fuck each others brains out. I began having parties a couple weeks after I moved in getting to know the people who lived in the building most of which was teenagers who were just ... Continue»
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My first time

I was over at my neighbors house playing with him with various toys. GI Joe, Transformers, etc. That should give you an idea of our age. When he said we should play He-Man. I didn't have any He-Man toys and he only had a few. So we decided to play He-Man by dressing like the figures and fighting. Anyone on here knows that He-Man basically is in fur underwear.

So we stripped down to our boxers and began sword fighting. No, not that kind of sword fighting. That comes later. We pranced around his room and the adjoining one for 20 minutes or so before we got bored. So we got dressed again and m... Continue»
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Memories of my first time - Part 2

Well, I finished the second part sooner than I expected. If you would like to read Part 1 (which will make this part make more sense) follow this link....

When I awoke, it was still dark. It was January so sunrise would be sometime around 8am. In fact, I realised that the bedroom was totally dark. I remembered that the window was somewhere off to my right so I climbed out of bed and careful stepped over towards the window. The curtains were very thick and heavy and had blocked any light from the street lamps outside. I pushed them as... Continue»
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रेलगाड़ी में मिली

रेलगाड़ी में मिली एक यौवना

प्रिय दोस्तो, जैसा मैंने पिछली कहानी ‘दिल्ली की साक्षी’ में अपनी आपबीती सुनाई। आप सब लोग इतना पसंद करेंगे, मैंने कभी सोचा नहीं था ! आज मैं आपको अभी हाल में ही घटी एक घटना के बारे में बताता हूँ।

आप सब जानते हैं कि मैं एक सॉफ्टवेयर इंजिनियर हूँ और ऑफिस के काम के सिलसिले में अक्सर बाहर जाना पड़ता है। अगस्त में जन्माष्टमी के दो दिन पहले मुझे ऑफिस के काम से मथुरा जाना पड़ा ! मैं मथुरा ट्रेन से जा रहा था, मैं सुबह की ट्रेन से जा रहा था, जिस कोच में मेरा सीट थी, उसके बगल में ही एक औरत कह लो या 24-25 साल की लड़की, मुझे नहीं पता वो शादीशुदा थी या कुंवारी पर जो भी खुदा... Continue»
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मेरी प्यारी आवृति

मेरा नाम परेश गुप्ता है, मैं एक सॉफ्टवेर कंपनी में पुणे में जॉब करता हूँ। मैं अपने जीवन में कभी ज्यादा लड़कियों के पीछे नहीं भागा, लेकिन मुझे अपने कॉलेज में एक लड़की से प्यार हुआ था, उसका नाम श्रेया था, बहुत सुन्दर थी वो, थोड़ी मोटी थी दिखने में, लेकिन आदत-व्यवहार की बहुत ही अच्छी थी। उसका रंग एकदम दूध की तरह गोरा था और स्तन तो बहुत बड़े थे, उसका कॉलेज का रोल नंबर ठीक मेरे बाद था, तो सारे प्रैक्टिकल्स और वायवा ग्रुप में मेरे साथ ही होती थी, मैं अक्सर उसकी मदद कर दिया करता था और वो भी मुस्कुरा कर मदद लिया करती थी।
लेकिन मेरी उसको कुछ बोलने की हिम्मत नहीं होती थी, उसके पीछे बहुत से लड़के लगे रहते थे... Continue»
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The commute!

We are creatures of habit. Take my daily commute into work. For over 2 years i have completed the rat race into London on a busy train. I stick to the same carrage every morning. i decided on this carrage not because it is easy when getting off but solely due to the fact that the gorgeous ladies are in a higher number in this carrage. There is one woman who i have been undressing with my eyes for 2 yrs now! Commuter etiquette is to
smile and nod to say hi. On the occasions where the train is delayed we would do the huff and knowing sigh.

My train lady is so sexy. She has blonde hair. Deep... Continue»
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A story written by a good friend: One fine day

I was sitting there reading the message board on my favorite pantyhose fetish site when I first saw a post for “Enchantments” brand pantyhose. It was a new brand that was supposed to be extremely high quality. I went to the linked URL to check out this new brand. As a pantyhose (encasement) fetishist, I’m always looking to try new nylon things. The new brand was offering a “couples’ variety pack.” I ordered it, with my girlfriend in mind. She’s a pantyhose fetishist, too. She was one before I met her, too. I don’t know if she’s also into encase... Continue»
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The new summer job part 12

On Monday morning, Daniel was naked and sitting on John's couch waiting for
him. He'd spent Sunday with no cock to suck, reflecting on the guys at the
movie, and his visit to the neighbor. Most of all, he thought about passing
up the sweet piece of ass he'd fucked so many times.

That morning, he was shaved clean and smooth and more than ready for John's
cock again, ready for his second week at the gym. As he sat waiting, Justin
walked in the office. He smirked at Daniel sitting naked ready for a

"Wow," Justin beamed, "now that's a dedicated cocksucker. You ready for... Continue»
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Their First Time

Eighteen-year-old Greg Brady stormed into his attic bedroom and threw his books in the corner.
Damn, he was horny. The bitches in this town all thought they were too good to fuck and if a cool guy like him couldn't get laid then nobody in this town must be getting any. He was getting real tired of jacking off, which he seemed to be doing more of lately. He needed sex so badly... Well, at least he would be in college next year and he should be able to score there.
But, now he needed to piss.
"Wish I had thought of that before coming all the way up here," he thought.
As he walked into the ba... Continue»
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Virgin no More

It was a cool, fall full-moon night and I danced in the glen beside my home, wearing my sheer white negligee and waving one of those florescent green glowsticks as I danced, giving the truckers a show.

Maybe. I doubted if they could really see anything but a white-female looking form dancing half-a-mile-away in the moonlight. Yes, I was being a cocktease.

(Isn’t a gurl supposed to flirt? Jeeeezzzzzz.)

I returned to my computer and signed off for the night, relishing in my dance as a gurl in the out-of-doors, my boobies jiggling and nipples hardening. The sheer fabric of t... Continue»
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Halloween Pt3

My enthusiasm waivered a little once his crotch was in my face. I could see his cock straining against his sweat pants. But, I considered the alternatives: He was horny, and he was expecting relief. We were in his frat house. And he was much bigger than I was. And, I was dressed like a young woman hot for the D. If I told him no, he could easily beat the shit out of me. And then tell everyone he was fooled. God knows what his frat b*****rs would do.

Besides, he'd sucked my cock. How bad could it be? Women liked giving blow jobs, and obviously some guys did too. It's not like anyo... Continue»
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Cuckold Fiancé

Hello there. This is Paul's wife Susan. You may or may not have read the two other stories my husband wrote that involve me. One was my
early experience with a bachelorette stripper. The other was when I seduced a very young student who was my lab partner. This story I am writing alone as my husband wasn't particularly involved. i.e. I was working in Toledo and he was living at our home in Cleveland. Paul and I met in Cleveland and shortly after I was transferred to Toledo. We always thought this was a good, natural way of making certain we didn't rush into things. Within a year, Paul and I ... Continue»
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Wife and the estate agent

I had a surprise for my wife Lucy.

There is a local estate agent with a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man and I know that Lucy is intrigued because her friend succumbed to him during a house viewing and repeated it a few times afterwards in a few houses.

I decided to set Lucy up so I went to see him and told him that I wanted to get our house valued. Mick said “No problem, when are you around?”

I ask him if he could be discrete as I had something to say and he said “yes, of course”

Knowing that he is a married man, I told him that I knew about him and our friend but said t... Continue»
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Back Of The Bus Gay Gangbang

My name is Ryan and I am sixxteen years old. To me school was one of the bigger wastes of time that there was in life but like most parents my mom and dad stressed to me how important it was and always made my put my homework or school activities before everything else. One thing about school that I actually enjoyed was the field trips that our school took which were pretty cool. One year we went to amusement part another we went to a Bears game and a bunch of other pretty cool places. I loved going on them and my parents insisted I go so it all worked out for me in the end I guess. I am a pre... Continue»
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The First Time

Here’s a little something I dreamed the other night while sl**ping with my girlfriend! Couldn't resist myself and had to write it down, hope you enjoy it!

I parked the car in the nearly empty lot. It was Sunday and the only cars around belonged to the mall’s maintenance staff, security guards, and possibly people who might be in the nearby lake.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend, looking her in the eye. “I don’t want you to feel f***ed to anything…”

“Hush now… I guarantee you I want to do this… And not just for you…” She replied with a playful smile.

We wa... Continue»
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beginnings of a cuck...

I was 23 madly in love with a girl way out of my league. We worked together, she came from money, beautiful, thick in all the right places, smart funny. She was eveything I could have asked for and to my surprise, she became mine. Molly and I had been together for almost a year. We'd hang out with people from work a lot, happened to be mostly black guys, which wasn't really unusual for me. We'd smoke weed, drink and hang out at my small apartment when not at a bar. I knew all the other guys wanted to fuck her, I didn't really worry much about that. Most of them were pretty ghetto and I knew ... Continue»
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First time at the gloryhole.

This is a story of my first gloryhole experience that happened some years ago that I shared on another website. I hope you all enjoy...

Today it finally happened… I sucked my first cock. Well, actually, my first two cocks! Here’s what went down and I do apologize about the length of my story:
Despite terrible winter road conditions, I decided to return to the ABS where some time prior, I had chickened out on my attempt to enter the booths and make use of an available glory hole. I’ve been thinking about masturbating another man or sucking his cock for a year or so now. I am especially i... Continue»
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