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​M​y friend Rosa

My friend Rosa is now 18, but she used to be my pupil since her 16s. Rosa (​which means *pink​*" in Spanish​) is a colour which describes herself pretty well. You can find it in her mouth, lips, and down there between her legs​ if you are lucky​, along with the brown of her hair, eyes and, of course, nipples. We are now a bit more than friends, and much more than pupil and teacher... She is my slave. She is really shy, but a great, always horny and dirty minded slut.

Except for that of my cousin, I have never been with anyone as young as her, but she discovered me I love that​ taste​. It ... Continue»
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Hubby sent me this anniversary treat!

This is an email I received today from my husband - please do not copy or steal, it is original:

We have a weekend arranged without k**s for our anniversary and agree that it's time for us to do something special...

We get dressed up in our fanciest clothes, me suited and booted - looking immaculate and muscular after my recent gym workouts. You're all made up, looking beautiful and sexy in a revealing black dress that shows your amazing curves and more cleavage than you're usually comfortable with but at the beginning of the night I say to you:

"Tonight, you're mine to do with as I p... Continue»
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Fucked my neighbour Neelam aunty

hi guys....
My name is Veer, 23 yrs old n i m frm mumbai....
As usual around 7 am in d morning i walked out of my house and was on stairs when i heard a noise of smebdy falling. To my surprize it ws Neelam aunty. Shes 56 yrs old bt trust me shez a bombshell. Her boobs r like watermelons. i tried to help her but she got u*********s. Taking advantage i slide my hand in her dress n squeezed her milk tanks. I swear guys they wer nthng soft than a cotton ball. n big like a musk melon.... hehehe
i felt wetness in my hand n i saw dat d hand which ws supportinh her head had got wet with her bl**d.
... Continue»
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s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

Tina s****r Barbra called in the middle of the night her power had gone out and Dave her husband was out of town, and she was scared and did not won’t to mess with it. So Tina asks me to go over and look at it I got up and got dressed and went over. When I got to Barbra’s house it was in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in my eyes. I took it from her and as my eyes adjusted I noticed that she was in a see threw nightie. I shook my head as I walked past her. I told myself regardless of what may hap... Continue»
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Blackballed 2

The night before I was to meet Chas for the second time my hubby was horny. I was too but wanted to save it for the next morning. He was more than glad to settle for a blow job. And after three times during that week of his cock or a vibrator covered with a black condom fucking me I had a hard time sl**ping. I hoped that Chas was just as anxious. I woke up early and headed for work about a half hour earlier than normal. That gave me enough time to start the morning prep and not have to rush sex. I kept looking at the clock, wanting time to speed up. A few minutes after eight Chas knocked on th... Continue»
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Blackballed for the First Time

While chatting with a guy yesterday I was reminded of something I had done many years ago. While I have had two affairs this was more of a fling. My hubby and I owned a restaurant and dealt with a lot of salesmen. One of them was Chas. Chas came by our store once a week to visit and get out order. From the day he took over the route he blended in with the attitude my hubby and I had. Very nice guy, charming, easy to talk to and good looking to boot. The fact that he was black did not really enter the picture until he and I began to tease and flirt with each other. Hubby liked the fact that we ... Continue»
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There I was staring down the barrel of the biggest cock I had ever seen! I am on my knees preparing to suck on this huge cock and the rise and fall of the waves make this moment just so much sexier…
One week ago I was sitting at the kitchen table being berated by a man my Mother was fucking he was giving me shit about not having a date to the prom what kind of a pussy was I didn't I like girls was I some kind of faggot or something maybe he thought he could drive me to it by being mean and thoughtless well all he did was make me run out the door the first chance I got! I decided to go as far... Continue»
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Peter and Chloe

Peter and Chloe
by IntrospectiveWanderer

Peter Jacobson was sitting at the dining table, slowly scooping cereal into his mouth. High school ended the week previous and now he was faced with an uncertain future. He knew that he was destined for college; he just wasn't sure in what. He had an interest in architecture as well as engineering. But then he also had a knack for business. He had been worked as an intern at a local investment firm as part of one of his classes. He impressed the owner enough that when the internship ended, they hired him to work part time. Unfortunately, the owner e... Continue»
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First Anal With My Irish Exchange Student

I woke up as usual on a Saturday morning and expected to see my boring 45 year old wife lying next to me. Instead, I looked over and realized how lucky I was. I glanced over and there was my beautiful naked Irish exchange student twenty year old Kathleen next to me with her long red hair covering the pillow and gently brushing up against her bare breasts. Then it all came back to me. Last night I was lying flat on my bed, Kathleen straddled me as she furiously rode my cock. Out of the morning fog I recalled how she had her third orgasm of the night as I exploded inside her, filling her pussy w... Continue»
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The Girl Likes Her Some Anal

I had known Malcolm my entire life, we lived right down the street form each other and our families were really close, in fact our parents were on vacation together right now. Growing up Malcolm and I had been like b*****rs, now even attending the same college together. Right now we are back home for three weeks while school is on break. As I am walking over to Malcolm’s my cell phone rings. “What’s up?” I answer. “I’m heading to the store, Keyshia’s home just walk in” Malcolm responds before hanging up.
I hadn’t seen his s****r Keyshia yet since I had gotten home for vacation, I wish I had b... Continue»
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Sex is luxurious in sharing.

It was around midnight. Me and my wife Freeha were seeing a hot porno movie. The mobile started ringing. Hi, said Dilshad, dear Anwar, I hope I haven't disturbed you, I and my wife Seema aur feeling bore."
Dilshad is our most intimate friend. Our spouses are chums and and sexy. We are free with each other and share ;life's pleasures together.Freeha had dinned into my ear a couple of times that Seema is attracted to you; She pinched me in my arm and winked mischievously. I asked her what about you? She had a grin on her face and said most of my married friends like sharing sex with each oth... Continue»
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The Surprise

A divorced man finds love unexpectedly.

My wife left me a few weeks after my fortieth birthday. She ran off with a coworker, leaving me with our condo in the city. Getting dumped was a wake up call for me. I joined a gym and began working out and eating healthier. I was never fat or anything, but I got really lean and cut and began to feel confident in myself.

My friends looked out for me, inviting me out to dinner and fixing me up with friends. Maybe I wasn't ready to date yet, because there really wasn't any spark with any of the women they were introducing to me. I wondered if ... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

A married man is seduced and taken by a friend of his wife's.

"You can stay with Robert if you wish," Mary said on the phone.

I looked up from my laptop where I was pretending to be working when, in reality, I was reading, for the hundredth time, the brilliant novella 'Shemale School: a Teacher Seduced'. The story had created a new obsessive fantasy I had never even considered before: to be with a Shemale.

I even contacted the authoress to tell her how much I enjoyed it, and have since became one of her editors. I had just finished editing a gay cocksucking story that, althoug... Continue»
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The First Time I was Well and Truly Fucked.

My girl-friend and I frequented the home, once a week, of the married bi couple we met on CL.
She was getting plenty of lesbian sex from the wife of the couple as well as being frequently fucked by the husband and myself.
I was enjoying being sucked off by the husband and me sucking him off.
Then on one visit he asked if I would like to fuck him. I immediately agreed. That was amazing, because his wife took hold of my cock and presented it to his ass-hole, which was well lubricated. My girl-friend was on her knees sucking his cock, as he was bent over waiting for my cock. His wife told me ... Continue»
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hot mom -4

When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long.

Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair. Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole situation was pretty weird, she had to admit.

But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this sill... Continue»
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hot mom -5

"That's pretty funny, Jodie!" Craig grinned. Shouldn't you be telling me why you're making it with your own k**?"

"I think you know the answer to that, Craig," Jodie answered.

"Yeah," he said, "you're right--I do. I know I drove you to it. But I'd never have found that out if my plane hadn't been delayed on account of bad weather. I'm not leaving till tomorrow, so I came over here to spend the time with you."

"And you found us fucking!" Dane said. "Oh, wow, heavy. Listen, man, I hope you're not gonna punish my mom for this. Like you said, you drove her to it."

"Don't worry, Dane Cr... Continue»
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A Good Wife But A Better Slut

Sally Ann Loins or SAL as her friends call her is 30yrs mother of a boy Chris 8yrs and Gina !0yrs. Hubby is a big shot at the bank they have been married for 12 years now together for 16 years Ted was her first and only sex partner. Sal's normal week is shopping for food and stuff for her f****y and the church too. Sal is big into her church and all the going on's around it.

Monday morning Sal is at the outdoor market when Steve the bread man says HI THERE SAL turning and with a big smile she returns HI STEVE but out of the corner of her eye she sees two men grab a young woman and pull he... Continue»
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The Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01

The Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01
This is a story about an unfaithful wife and how she became an unfaithful wife as told by herself and one of her lovers. There are many twists along the way.
Each chapter is the story so far as told by either Dawn or Neil. It's in the he said, she said style.


Chapter 1: (Neil)

The first time I saw her was at a company dinner dance. She was quite small in stature, but possessed a regal serene presence. She commanded everyone's attention as she glided through the room, making introductions to old friends and new alike. She was dressed in a ... Continue»
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Playing golf my boyfriends term of events

I was on the end of the school playing field practising my golf shots when you idled by watching my swing and the graceful arc of the ball as it flew off the face of the club on its way to the target area some distance away. 'Oh Sir,' you said, 'that looks good, is it easy?' I looked up to see you standing there all cute and tempting with your little girl lost look on your face, but a world of knowledge and experience reflected in your eyes that you couldn't disguise.
'Well Emma,' I said, 'no, its not that easy it takes a lot of coordination, practice and patience to hit the ball properly as ... Continue»
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My Gloryhole Experiences

My first gloryhole experience was when i was 18....i was at the horse track on a wednesday night. It was a slow night. I have gone to my hidden smoking spot and took a few hits off my pipe. Before hitting the bathroom to take a crap.

As im sitting in this bathroom out in back of the track. Someone came in. Im sitting there on reading the book for the next race. And a guy come into the stall mext to me. I can see a whole in the wall between us it was filled with tp. I peek through and can see this thick cock not to long but thick.

He pokes his cock through the whole and slip a 20 throug... Continue»
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