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Learning form My Older s****r's

I was m*****ed. It wasn't a bad experience either, in fact, I rather enjoyed the attention my two older s****rs showed me. Teresa was the oldest, about thirteen when it all began. She was the more domineering of the two. Abby was only a year and a half younger than Teresa with more of a go-along-to-get-along type personality. Me, I was the product of too much booze one Saturday night and was a full five years younger than Teresa.

Once I started school, my mom went to work and Teresa, with Abby's help, was put in charge of me. Mom was pretty easy going, but Teresa was a ball buster. I ... Continue»
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компьютерная леди

Archive-Name: computerlady

Note: I didn't write this. I can't remember where I got it from but, if I
get good feedback I can post the 2 or so megs of other ones I have.

My name's Monique Yates, and I teach programming at a
local computer store. What follows is a little personal story
about me. It's very private, and definitely X-rated! If that
bothers you, don't go any further. Erase this file and forget
you ever saw it, and no harm is done.

Some how, women in the computer field have acquired the
reputation of being terribly straight laced and boring... Continue»
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Fridays had not always been this way. Fridays had once been special in a different way. Friday had been the day when Dad came home from work early and the three of them - Mom, Dad, and Billy -- might go out to dinner, or a movie, or something else that families did together.

Sometimes they even the piled in the f****y car and went somewhere for the whole weekend. What happy times they were. Mom and Dad loved each other then, and they both loved him. They had been just one more typical happy f****y, the three of them, doing typical f****y things. All that change... Continue»
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It was after midnight, my parents were sound asl**p and I
was watching the late show when Mary, my s*******n year old s****r,
suddenly walked into the den. To my utter surprise her blond haired,
blue eyed, 36"-22"-34" Teeny Bopper body was decked out in a flimsy
see-through nightie. In the dim lighting I could easily see the
outline of her voluptuous breasts. They swayed firmly from side to
side without so much as a hint of a sag. Her dark auroras were the
size of silver dollars and they were capped with one inch protrusions
as fat as my th... Continue»
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wives and lovers

wives and lovers

Mary giggled like a schoolgirl as she made her wobbly way back to the car. The young man with the close crop hair she danced with was helping steer her to me.

She tried to kiss him but he held her at arms length saying. “Whoa there sweetie, can’t be doing that here.”

He got her as far as the the trunk of the car and disappeared into the night. Mary slid into her seat, leaned over and kissed me. A warm sloppy kiss that left a salty taste in my mouth.

“There. She said. I did it and he was so frickin’ cute. Just for the record, he is very well endowed. You picked a c... Continue»
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Weapons of Math Instruction #2

Professor Peter Poet ponders on the power of math instruction as an abstract tool of sexy seduction.
Professor Peter Poet uses only his ruler and his binoculars to discover a new young star next door.
Professor Peter Poet soon meets her yummy young mother, who appears as eager to meet his mighty meat.
Professor Peter Poet teaches them his lessons in love with mathematical precision and steady progress.

Professor Peter Poet is surprised one morning by his nice neighbour Jenny ringing at his door for a visit to thank the Professor for the free lessons to her tasty teen dear dod,... Continue»
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Am I A Cuckold? You Decide


He pushed my tight little asian GF over the end of the bed. He glanced back at me and flashed a cocky smirk before smacking her hard one time on the ass. She dutifully raised up on her toes and perked her round ass up in the air. He slowly slid his hefty cock into her pussy inch by excruciating inch. All I could do was listen as his dick seemingly pushed a puff of air out of her lungs. She began to moan as he started to, first slowly, and then more f***efully fuck her from behind.

I had butterflies and was awash in conflicting feelings of extreme lust and je... Continue»
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Weapons of Math Instruction #1

Professor Peter Poet ponders on the power of math instruction as an abstract tool of sexy seduction.
Professor Peter Poet uses only his ruler and his binoculars to discover a new young star next door.
Profound wisdom is dangerous in the eyes of the police and politicians, innocently he sits in jail.
Profound wisdom can be very sexy in the eyes of curious innocent tasty teen nice naughty neighbours.

Professor Peter Poet was arrested today at John F Kennedy International Airport by border officer Humphrey Bogart as he tried to board a flight to Amsterdam in possession of a ruler, a
... Continue»
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The PA pt 2

The PA pt 2
Things changed a little on that Saturday, Sir Edward Longfellow of Trentham arrived back from a working lunch with a business man from Leeds, he called her to his office and introduced her to his guest a swarthy man of about 60 summers, named Mike who`s eyes lit up as he saw her.
Sir Edward introduced her as “Maggie my P.A.” and went on to say “I need to have her myself for a brief moment in the other office so enjoy your coffee and she will be back in a few short seconds, she will look after us this afternoon though”, with that he swept out taking Maggie with him as he we... Continue»
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Abit of dogging fun

It was a nice day out so while my wife was at work I decided to take my dog for a walk. As I walked past karen's house I decided to call in on her. I went and knocked at karen's door and she answered it and let me in.
'what you busy up to?' karen enquired
karen was stroking Bruno and giving him abit of fuss. Bruno is a Staffordshire bull terrier and like me, he likes the ladies, both sorts, the human kind and the dog kind and usually gets randy which can be quite embarrassing at times.
Any way, karen was busy fussing Bruno while we chatted and it wasn't until I looked down that I noticed h... Continue»
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The Honeymoon

First Night

Jessica and I walk into our hotel room laughing and chatting about the very long day we just finished. I threw my bag on the desk and she put hers in the bathroom. I am still feeling the champagne so I know she is more lit than me because of how much she drank and her size. Jessica is 5'nothing. Weighing around 110 lbs. She has short choppy blond hair and stunning blue eyes. I could see her little nipples pointing through her little blue dress that made her eyes standout even more. She must've taken her bra off in the car or maybe before. I was too tired to remember. The hotel r... Continue»
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Caregiver with benefits

I was appointed as caregiver for a friends aging uncle, my duties included cleaning house and doing laundry and assisting in bathing him because he had trouble getting in and out of shower. Anyways one afternoon after tidying up his home, i laid out fresh clothes for him and helped him to the shower. I had to strip him and help into the shower. I adjusted the temperature and soaped up my hands to wash him. Now this man although older still had a large cock even soft, nevertheless I continued washing his back and cleaning his asscrack. My hand strayed against the underside of his balls, he made... Continue»
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The story of how i began crossdressing (Part 1-3)

Entry #1:

I guess i was 17 years old and broke up with my first gf back then. barely had any sex, so was horny all the time :P

I decided to look online for couples and women who would be interested in camming with me, and a mistress responded to one of my advertisements on some swinger site (i cant remember why i actually registered there)

She told me she’s looking for a slave to entertain “them”
Thought it was a spelling mistake (since it was german its not really much of a difference)
So i agreed to be a li... Continue»
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Lost my virginity to a beautiful Arab lady

So I had lost my virginity to a beautiful Moroccan woman in Marrakech, she was an esc0rt, very beautiful with lovely big hips, golden skin with cascading thick black hair that went all the way down to her lovely big, phat ass. We had met in one of Marrakech's nightclubs that were full of these beautiful esc0rts that had the exact same features that she had. Of course, this was all totally taboo as it is forbidden to have sex not being married, and if we were caught no doubt the punishment would be prison, but still that did not stop me from wanting to spend some time with her.

I had came i... Continue»
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Michelle the Anal Virgin

Michelle the Anal Virgin

I've met michelle in a coffee shop in central Tel Aviv. She is a 160 cm, nice tan and perky ass and tits. She was in her early 20s. I drank coffee and she drank coke. Both set with our laptops working during the day. I don’t know how we started but we discussed our research. Apparently Michelle looked for an MA studies in social science and the chat evolved on life, work her workaholic boyfriend.

From this and that we got along and one day, and in some others we used to take breaks from the stressing work and share our sexual desires. But this is for another st... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

This story is going to be long, but I think you guys will like it.

They were at it again.

Brad and his girlfriend were always very careful when their parents were around, but if it was just his little s****r Emily left in the house they didn't have a care in the world. It was funny too, because Emily and her b*****r never had the 'you won't tell mom and did, will you?' conversation. She could have easily just hinted to her parents what was going on after they left the house.

But ultimately, Emily wasn't going to do it. Her b*****r was usually very sweet to her. Besides, i... Continue»
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Gym Slut Pt 1

To start the story I need to give a little background on myself. I’m a fit, 25 year old guy that is known by most people as a guy’s guy. In high school and college I played sports and was always one of the team captains. I was a medium height guy that had a toned appearance; 5’8, 155 lbs, shoulder length hair, and sprinter thighs. While in public I play the tough athlete role I’ve always been a little shy with the ladies and even when with them have been a little on the submissive side. Somewhere along the way I started watching sissy videos and secretly wearing women’s panties. I’ve ne... Continue»
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the sexual adventures of danielle.

danielle had a lot on her mind as she lay on her bed in her new bedroom.alot had happened in the last few months.she had left school only a few days ago and was looking for a job,her mom had come home 2 months ago with the news that she was getting married to a guy she had met.not only that but he had invited them both to come live with wasn't long after that her mom introduced him to danielle.he was much older than her mum,he was 50 and mom was 35.danielle thought he had a nice smile and a friendly manner about him.she took to him well and they soon moved in to his was situated... Continue»
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Rebecca meets Ron

Rebecca meets Ron
My wife, Rebecca, of 11 years was an absolute excellent cock sucker. She loved doing oral sex so much that we had several “friends” that would visit on a regular basis to get their “job”. We met a new friend (female) that also liked oral sex and she, Cheryl, was bisexual, enjoying the company of both male and female... Cheryl had joined us a few times in bed and it was great times for all three of us.
In our talks of our past, Cheryl mentioned a “swing club” that she and a friend used to visit in Los Angeles. The conversation got around to Cheryl and me trying it out to... Continue»
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Rebecca meets Jim

We first met Jim on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Jim was a handsome young man in his early thirties. We ate in the dining room and enjoyed a nice dinner with some wine. We started some small talk about R and I enjoying “recreational sex” and the swinging lifestyle. Jim kept looking at Rebecca and touching her hand at times. I could feel the “electricity” between them.

Then I noticed that Rebecca’s hand was below the table and was moving back and forth in a funny manner. She was watching me watching her…. Then she dropped a fork... Continue»
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