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Soccer Coach's Wife

Karen Johnson had a problem!

Karen was now in her late thirties and her body had developed a serious need for sex! All the worse was the fact that her husband seemed to be moving the opposite direction. They still had sex but it seemed to be by rote.

This left Karen to spend a significant amount of time doing self-service with her vibrator. It was during these little sessions that her mind would wander to whom she would like to have sex with. In the last week she found herself coming back to one person on regular basis; Justin... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 2

The first night mom was home from the hospital was a whole learning experience in the caring of mom as far as her bathroom needs, bathing her, and in trying to feed her, and I stayed hard most of the time and had to go jack off a few times.

After eating supper that night, mom wanted me to clean her up a little bit, then mom and I sat in her bed while I did the little bit of homework that I did have from the classes that I did attend that day at school, before having to leave to go to get mom from the hospital and just as I was finishing up with them, mom said, "Ray, would you go in and get... Continue»
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My 18 year old wife fucks my best friend, who is b

I took a photo of my young hairy wife Dee Dee naked in 1974 when she was 18 years old. She was a senior in high school and getting ready for class when I asked her to pose naked for me. She asked why and I said I wanted it so I could remember how she looked naked when she was in high school.

She thought that was a good idea and posed for me in a position they used in cheers, as she was a varsity cheerleader at school. I also wanted the photo to give to my best friend Willie, who was black and still a virgin. Willie had known Dee Dee for 3 years, and had met her after she and I began d... Continue»
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My 18 year old wife tutors my younger b*****r on s

My wife Dee Dee and I married in 1975. We had known each other for about 3 years and dated regularly and I finally popped the question. During this period, Dee Dee had met my b*****r Alex many times. We had all gone camping together, eaten many Thanksgiving meals together, and generally hung out together both at our house and his apartment.

Dee Dee and Alex had always gotten along very well. They were both the same age and had attended high school together. They had sat in the same classrooms and shared the same friends. They enjoyed the same music and both enjoyed sports at their hig... Continue»
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Cock Lust (Threesome, bimale, MMF)

This is my first attempt at writing. This story is absolutely true. Given some details might be changed as I can't remember exactly word for word what happened but its pretty damn close. Please let me know what you think good or bad so I can improve my writing for your pleasure. lol  (by Hungforyou)

I never did and still don't consider myself to be bi or gay but I do love the sight of a huge cock. There is just something about it that exudes power and dominance. I feel very fortunate to have by all accounts a big dick at 8+ inches. But I lust after cocks that are bigger and I don't k... Continue»
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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah
I had been enjoing my new found sexual freedom with other men for a while.I had two regualar fuck buddies giving me more sex than I ever had in my life.Sex with my hubby Jack was even better than it had been in years.Probably due to my increased enthusiasm I suppose.Course usually I was imagining that it was someone elses cock inside me.Most times now if I was horny in bed I would tell Jack to rub his cock on my arse.I would lie face down while he did this.When he got too horny and tried to enter me,I would turn over and tell him to rub my hole ... Continue»
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Hot Naked Lani

Lani Walker was five foot four inches of sex appeal and she knew it.
Although she was still a virgin, she hoped to change that very soon.
She used all of her attractive assets to her best advantages - a mane
of thick, curly chestnut hair, long, slender legs, a beautiful,
innocent-looking face, and, perhaps best of all, huge tits with large,
rose-colored nipples.

On this particular day, the young girl was sitting next to her big
b*****r in his new van. Brad was handsome enough to be a movie star,
at least, that's what Lani thought. She adored her big b*****r and,... Continue»
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My Big s****r Barb

I looked into her window, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever
seen. Yeah, it was my big s****r, 16, and the most gorgeous thing on the
planet. I'd thrown the frisbee into the tree, and as it went, it was my
responsibility to get it down. From now on, though, I think it would be a
privilege to come up here and retrieve the disc. Barb had been just
undressing when I got to the branch that the frisbee was resting on, and
incidentally stretched right across from her bedroom window. As she took
off her bra, my cock sprung to life. I saw her globular tits, her tiny
brown nipples...... Continue»
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The Wild Days

My parents handed me a twenty dollar bill when they left for the
cottage, and told me to stay out of trouble. This was the first time
they'd left me alone for an entire weekend and I was determined not to
disappoint them. Rather than go out with friends on Friday night, I
stayed home to watch TV. Early to bed with the alarm clock set and up
at the crack of dawn. I began mowing the lawn and was finished before
ten o'clock. It felt good to be responsible. I took a long, hot
shower, paying particular attention to my eager young cock. I didn't
jerk off, but I wanted to.
The doorbe... Continue»
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Crystal with Two Studs

After breaking up with my boyfriend of two years I was
both bored and in the need of sexual stimulation but I
was not finding it anywhere. I was 18 and nearing 19 and
I felt like I was starting to reach my peak sexually,
but with no interesting partners showing up.

I didn’t plan on meeting potential sex partners via
internet chat, but that is what happened. Being bored
and looking for action I just by coincidence met an
interesting guy and potential sex partner that lived
near me.

We talked for about a month before I even considered
meeting him. He seemed like a grea... Continue»
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Shared Wife (Threesome, MMF, DP)

I was browsing through the racks, Rachel having wandered off to glance at the science fiction section. I noticed an autobiography by a well-known porn actress and picked it up. The cover featured the author looking very hot in a black corset and matching boots. Rachel returned while I was reading the blurbs on the back cover. She saw what I was looking at and chuckled.

"I see you've found something for your mom's birthday," she quipped.

"It actually looks interesting," I said, returning the book to the shelf.

Rachel glanced at the cover again.

"Never heard of her," she said.

"... Continue»
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First Time at Jr High Group Skinny Dipping

After posting Molly’s story about her husband impregnating her co-worker Jennifer, it brought back memories of my, or should I say, our first time being naked in front of boys.

I’ve known Molly since grade school and we spent a lot of time together. During the summer between our 8th and 9th grade school years, a group of us spent a lot of time swimming at one of many local ponds. It was several miles outside or town and we would ride our bikes to the pond to go swimming.

I’m guessing the pond was about 15 acres in size. It was surrounded by trees which made it impossible to see from th... Continue»
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Unexpected encounter

I had been working as a telephone sex line operator for just over two months,and I was loving it.The money was great,and I could work from home.I knew that all of the men ringing me were at the other end of the line,cock in hand,but I didn't care.I pretended to them that I was in sexy lingerie,or stilleto heals,or whatever they wanted.I would tease out what turned them on,and magically,that's what I was wearing.And I pretended to myself that they were all tall dark and handsome.It made it easier.Sometimes I was really wearing tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt really,but I suppose they were ... Continue»
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Fucking My Boss’s Pregnant Wife

I just got promoted from lonely night manger to day manger just last week. I can't tell you were I work but the guy I work for has a crown on his head. I work for the king. I started as a fry guy just out of high school and decided to be a slacker for many years until I could not pay the rent and pay for the beer in the fridge. Working nights sucks with long hours over night and no sl**p but at least there are few customers and no management. I decide to change my hours and they had just got a new general manger to run the operation and he needed a day manager to help him.

His first job was... Continue»
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My First ThreeSome

The couple are acquaintances of mine. I have met them on a number of occasions in a social setting but I know neither of them very well. And so, I was surprised when they invited me around for a drink one evening. But they are nice people and fun to be with and so I go. I arrived at their flat straight from work wearing an A-line skirt and shirt. He opens the door in what appears to be his gym gear; she is also casual, in jeans and a hoodie. They invite me in and as he goes to pour me a drink, she invites me to sit. I choose a spot on their sofa and they recline in two matching grey armchairs.... Continue»
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H and Ruth. The second time.

A few months had past and we still talked about that night. It fuelled lots of sex sessions and I felt I'd missed out. H used to tease me that I shouldn't even think about other women as she was a sex goddess. Near H,s birthday she and Ruth decided to have a spa day and would be home by 8 and expected wine and nibbled i was to be their bitch.
They arrived home quite giddy with shopping bags. I gave them a glass of wine each and they went upstairs to show me what they'd bought. I was told to give them 15 mins and bring up a chair from the dining room. I did as I was told and went into the bedr... Continue»
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vaction with a friend

Finally I get to go, My friend Donna and I are going to her uncles time share in Mexico. It is in a big gated community on the Pacific. It was nothing special but for two 21 year old girls we were on top of the world. Our condo was small, more like a two room hotel, one bed, one bath, small sitting area and a kitchen. It was perfect for us. Within minutes we were in our tiny bikini’s and heading to the pool. Donna is wilder then I am, she is a freckly red head, has huge boobs DD, she is a bit thicker not fat just has bigger thighs and a bit of a stomach. Nothing that would stop her from wearin... Continue»
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Mary Mary...

I have always found it strange the way things happen sometimes. Things seem to happen when you least expect them too. For me one these strange events happened when I was in my mid teens and in the throws of puberty. I was ready and willing to nail my first girl. Maybe I was trying too hard I don't know. I would sneak into my parents closet when they were at work and look at my dad's dirty porn mags. I would study the pictures and read some of the articles, the stories that were sent in by regular people. I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on women and sex and was ready to fuck.
My mom ... Continue»
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Black Amazon with Strap-on

There is nothing quite as sexy as a beautiful Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. The first time I saw one in a porn video, I was immensely turned on. Of course, it's not something I was supposed to admit. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Even in Canada, the Black male's image is one of machismo, raw sexuality and danger. And most of us try to live up to it regardless of how we feel inside. My name is Armand Joseph. This is my tale of getting by in the city of Montreal while seeking to fulfill my sexual desires.

Yeah... Continue»
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My wife "H" and her friend Ruth.

This is a true story from around 2004.

My wife's best friend at the time was called Ruth. She like H had long blonde hair and they where roughly the same height and build. H, my wife has much bigger tits but apart from that they could have been s****rs.

Before she met me my wife had played the field and has told me all about her old partners who at certain times worked together. She loved the attention and was once fucked by two men while another four looked on wanking. I always get exited and this leads to great sex.

She always was bi curious and really wanted to have sex with anothe... Continue»
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