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Meeting in a Grocery Store

I was sitting on the balcony of my condo with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper while a steady rain provided a refreshing sound. I sipped my coffee and watched the concentric circles in the pond as the rain splattered the water. My golf day was a washout so I kicked back and relaxed. Reading the morning newspaper I came across the Daily Horoscope and read the message under my Cancer birth sign, "There are so many factors that come together to create amorous feelings and looks are not the most important. You'll experience something new igniting your heart."

I was always amused by the... Continue»
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Memorable Anal Encounters

Bonnie is number three and Charlotte number two


Bonnie and I had been out several times and we did sl**p together each time. She was a great lay with a fantastic body but she had this odd behavior. She always acted reluctant toward anal and oral sex. When I came in her mouth she acted annoyed and when I fucked her ass she acted as if she didn't want to do it, but she always did it and she never once refused to suck my cock or take it in the ass. I suspected it was her way of justifying her behavior.

I met Bonnie in night school in 1975. Bonnie was a v... Continue»
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My Brother's Baby

Jason and I have been sexually active with each other for over four years, but have never actually "gone all the way." Now, a week after our eighteenth birthday, our mom is taking off for the weekend and we are going to consummate our long love-affair by FINALLY fucking.

Mom left early this morning, leaving me and Jason alone in the house until Monday. He made me a really nice breakfast and when we were eating we got to talking about what we were going to get to do that day. I got really nervous at first thinking about finally losing my virginity to my wonderful b*****r, but after we talked... Continue»
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J&J - The Backseat

Jennifer, Jason, and the backseat of a car.
Erotic Couplings
Jason sat in the back of his black 2004 Toyota Camry, kissing his girlfriend Jennifer softly on the lips. It was 11:00pm, and his car was situated innocently under a tree in the empty school parking lot. He looked into her eyes and smiled. "Baby, I love you," he whispered into Jennifer's ear.

She smiled back at him, and replied "I love you too Jason," before kissing him passionately, sucking on his tongue slightly.

Jason had been going out with Jennifer for about a year now. He was 19, a year older than Jennifer, but they we... Continue»
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Meeting with MistressAngelLuv part 1

My meeting with Mistres Angel was just what I was hoping it would be.

That wonderful Monday began with me showering at home, putting on my dark purple "modified" leggings and loading up the rest of the toys in the car. When I say "modified" I mean the crotch has been cut out of them to allow easier access to my cock and ass. I wore the purple ones because, 1) Mistress ordered me to, and 2) Mistress loves purple. The jeans I put on over my leggings had some interestingly placed holes in them; one of them being in my left ass cheek where all you could see was about a 3/4 inch diameter sp... Continue»
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Mr. Texas

There was a knock on my door early that morning.
I glanced up from my bed and moved my fingers away from my glistening, begging pussy, waiting for another knock. Maybe they had the wrong address. The knock came again and I rose to my feet, letting my t-shirt d**** down and partially cover my nakedness. I went to the door and opened it a crack.
“Is this Ms. Em’s residence?” a voice asked. I saw a blue eye peer in at me. The accent was soft and sweet. Something from the south.
“Yes,” I answered again. I could feel the juices from my pussy dripping down my legs. I wanted to finish ... Continue»
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Her First Solo Experience

We had talked about swinging for some time and were both turned on by it. She's been the proverbial 'good' girl all her life, so liked the thought of being the bad girl. And, I liked the idea of her fucking someone else.

We finally got around to checking out Adult Friend Finder for a possible partner, and after a few weeks of looking she found someone she thought she'd like to meet.

I suggested she meet him publicly on her own first to see if she liked him and then we'd worry about a liaison.

They met at a Starbuck's and the conversation went well. He'd be in the swinging lifestyle fo... Continue»
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A story of my sumbission

So, it had been a few months since my first experience and boy had I gone for it.
I never did get to meet the first guy again, shame really but I had become a bit more 'active'. I started to take pictures of myself in some of the clothes I had picked up, bought a wig, some more makeup and the attention was flattering and a big turn on. I was even meeting guys for quick sucks and fucks.

There was this one guy in particular, a local guy who just loved my look. He would flirt with me whenever he could, talk dirty to me and basically seduce me.
He was a 'very' well hung guy with a nice body. ... Continue»
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Best 3some I ever had with virgins!!!!!

I arrived at home, ready to start my chores. I proceeded to the garage and grabbed the lawn mower, and went outside to quickly finish my daily task. I had heaps of homework that night, and didn't think I'd ever be able to finish it. Just when I was done, two of my classmates came strolling along. They waved and smiled. It was during the summer so the two girls were wearing tank tops and short shorts. Anyways, they were probably the two most beautiful girls in our grade and I had always dreamed of fucking them. The came in just when I had finished and just started to chit-chat. I invited them i... Continue»
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Nighttime Surprise

This is a short story inspired by a photo from an XHAM friend...

It would have to be the one in the stripes with her nasty little tongue hanging out. I remember it like it was yesterday.....................................................
"Good Night, girls! I mean it this time."

They all giggle and snicker as I slowly close the door. They have been making noise and playing the radio too loud since i told them two times already that its late and I promised all their mothers they would go down at a decent hour. Who has soccer the next day, who has cheer leading or some f****y obliga... Continue»
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The wind!

Rob's best friend was a girl. Her name was Teri and they'd been best friends since they were about eight. Rob had lived in the neighborhood his whole life when Teri, her mom and s****r moved in two houses away. Teri was a tomboy who could play a mean game of sand lot baseball, and was good with a racquet too. Lots of the other guys stuck their noses up at Teri because she was a girl, but Rob didn't even notice. She was good at stuff, and good company, so over the years Rob and Teri developed a friendship that resulted in them spending most of their free time together. They rode bikes together,... Continue»
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Vacation, What Could Go Wrong? Part 3

Their trip from the airport to the resort was uneventful. Ron had managed to not touch, rub, or think indecent thoughts, about Pam, Beth, or Amy for that matter. Even though he knew he was "allowed" to lust for Amy, given the propensity for his hair-trigger penis to fire to attention, he felt it best to avoid any distracting thoughts for the time being.

Their beach front resort was quite nice, with extensive grounds, pools, bars, etc. Their room, however, had been purchased with a budget in mind. It was a one-room efficiency unit. It was nice and clean, but not very big. The front room con... Continue»
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Just by chance she knocked on my door

Just by chance really > she was in the area doing a raffle.
When she knocked on my door during a very very severe thunderstorm and an extremely rain period.
She asked if she could shelter on my front porch as her mum was trying to get here to pick her up but she was having car problems and would be some while.
As it was not only wet it was freezing cold so I invited her in to sit by the fire and dry off a little.
While she was sitting there I brought her a coffee which she enjoyed.
We got to talking and I suggested that she take off her wet coat so as it was really wet.
Openly she said I... Continue»
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The stock boy (straight)

"Almost finished, Zack," Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto the shelf!?!" "Just about," he answered, "I've still have some paint to restock, but other than that I'm pretty much through!!!" "Good," she replied, "when you're all done, stop in my office for a minute, will you please!?!" "Sure thing, Miss J," he replied, "I'll be there in ten minutes!!!" Zack had been working after school at the hardware store for about two years now, and while it wasn't the greatest part time job in the world, it did provided him with a steady income! He placed... Continue»
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Forbidden Lust for the Church Pianist

This is story about a forbidden lust at the last place you would think it would happen; at a church. Several years ago our church hired an attractive young lady (I’ll call her Ann to protect her identify) in her mid 20's to play piano and the church organ. When she was first hired she dressed very conservatively wearing long dresses and modest blouses. Over time she started to dress more modern even to the point several women in our congregation started to complain about her short skirts and tight pants.

She immediate... Continue»
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Love My Mom

This all started when I was young. I would go over to a friends house and we would sneak up to his old man's closet and look at the old man's stash of porn. This was back in the days of no computers and we had to look at magazines. His dad would have the latest issue of Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, and even a few Hustler. We would look at those then dream about seeing real pussy. Where was four of us and we would spend the night at each others house. We would all try to get beaver shots of each other moms. For some reason, my mom would always be the one that everybody always got a real good look... Continue»
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A little story of love and betrayal.

I don't doubt that reading a bank statement has bought unhappiness to many people. It's almost certainly a common thing, probably caused disasters far worse than my own. But that didn't help -- not one bit.

I was just sorting through some papers on my wife's desk at home, trying to find whether she'd paid the phone bill or something similar, something quite ordinary and innocent. That's when I found it, lying there under a pile of bills and other things.

A bank statement, from Barclays as it happened, and I probably only noticed it because we do all our stuff with HSBC, and the blue colo... Continue»
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A little story of love and betrayal. (pt2)

Sarah looked at me pityingly, stood up, and took me gently by the arm.

"Come on," she said. "I'm due a break. Let's go and get a coffee somewhere."

Over coffee, actually I drink tea, she told me that Jim had seen my car pulling into the car park and had gone out through the back door, as I'd come in through the front. He'd told her we'd had a big bust up, but not why, which made me sigh with relief.

"He won't discuss it," she said. "He's in a terrible state. Do you want to tell me what it's about?"

"I can't," I replied. "But it's my fault, not his."

"That bad eh?" Sarah commente... Continue»
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First BBC!

I'm a married 37 year old mother of 2, I'm 5.6 long black hair and thick around the middle from having k**s. Wouldn't say I'm fat but plump with a belly and nice chunky ass. I work as a customer service rep in an office with about 15 other people.
The story really starts one Friday after work a few of my co workers and I decided to go out for drinks after work at a near by pub. After a couple hours I decided it was time to get home. As I was getting up to leave one of my co workers named Shannel said I should be going to and we left togther. Shannel was a very beautiful black girl 24 about 5... Continue»
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I met this guy Andrew on a website. He wanted to meet for coffee at the local coffee house. I agreed and met him at 2 in the afternoon. When I got there, he was conducting a meeting with some of his colleagues. I grabbed me an iced tea, then walked towards his table. Andrew pulled me to sit next to him on the booth bench.

He wrapped up his meeting, then turned his attention to me. We sat close as we chatted about our likes and dislikes. His hands were all over my legs and arms. I didn't push him away, actually I was touching his cock through his pants. The man had a nice dick that ... Continue»
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