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Clinical Studies & Faking Results & Sexual

I met my girlfriend at a clinical study and let me tell you we kept sneaking off to have some quick and rough sex at the studies. My girlfriend has a hot daughter who I want to have a threesome with and I will definitely get mommy and daughter into my bed, but besides the point I need to tell you about all the dirty details. We met at a study, she is a little overweight but after smoking my jizz enhancer i couldnt help myself and started flirting with the latino girl who barely understand any english at all! After working my words her and I went to the washroom at the study and started f... Continue»
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How my husband and I do "date night" par

Isabella and I continued exploring each other's mouths with our tongues as my husband removed his clothes and sat on her bed. When we were all naked and ready, Isabella pulled out the secret that she had whispered to me. She said that instead of starting things the "usual" way with her and I enjoying each other for my husband to see, we would team up to enjoy my husband first. Side by side, we stepped over to him seated at the edge of the bed. She kissed me one more time and then with a knowing wink, bent down and shoved her tongue into his mouth. As this gorgeous woman made out passionately w... Continue»
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My wife's first time - part 2

As you should recall from part 1, I was trying to put my wife into a situation with another man where she (hopefully) would get a little carried away...

---------Part 2----------

As I arrived home after my third attempt at getting my friend and my wife together the excitement was boiling up inside me. My mouth was dry and my dick was hard. I was pretty excited to discover if what I had hoped would happen had actually happened!

You can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I arrived home and his little blue hatchback was not parked in front of our house the way it had been in the past.... Continue»
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raised as a daughter III

My butt hole was numb after ten minutes of being fucked, and my jaw sore and my throat raw from Anns strap on.
Ann said "my turn. You're stretching her to much". She slid her plastic dick out of my mouth, allowing me to close it and try swallowing some spit. Rebecca sat down in front of me and kissed my lips and asked how I was doing. I was coated in sweat, my eyes glazed over, and my jaw was killing me, I nodded my head. She smiled and said" open up sweety, you're going to learn how to suck cock for hours". She picked my head up and pushed her rubber dick in my mouth slowly.
Ann climbed u... Continue»
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Sex text with chubby muslim hijab slut

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. My f****y are very strict muslims and i had to wear a hijab from an early age. My name is Sana and i am 20 years old. I am studying at Columbia university. My f****y would not let me move away from home as they were wanted to protect me from the world.

I used to try and spend as much time as possible at university. I would stay late in the library because it meant i was away from my f****y. My f****y would suffocate me and i needed some space where i could be normal.

Underneath my modest dress and hijab i was a boiling rage of horniness. I know that mos... Continue»
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my bestfriends dad

My buddy and I where planning on hitting up the mall the other day. So i droped by his house around 2pm. I knocked on the door. His father opens it. Ah Phill he says. smiling from ear to ear.
Hello Mr.Strutt. i replied. Is adam home?
Mr.Strutt looked at me with suprise because adam was not home yet.
No hes still at work but you can come in and wait he wont be long. Mr.Strutt said with a grin.
Sure thanks. i said to him as i stepped inside.

i walked into the living room where i sat alone for about 30 mins. When Mr.Strutt walked in.
im afraid i have some bad news he stated.
whats that?
... Continue»
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Girlfriends Cruise to the Bahamas Turns in to the

What happens on a cruise ship stays on the cruise ship, Right?

Earlier this past year my wife and her girlfriend turned 38 in the same month, and so to celebrate her girlfriend Julie called to invite her to a “girls only” cruise to the Bahamas. Julie said she was calling about 15 of her closest friends to see if they could do a girls get-a-way for a seven day cruise. In all 7 women joined the cruise and my wife Peggy was the first to respond with an overwhelming, “yes let’s do this.” Julie and Peg have been friends forever and so we thought no problem, they both turned thirty-eight, ... Continue»
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This is based on true events, which started a new lifestyle for my wife and I. Two years ago I saw something that changed the way I feel about my wife. Neha does not know I saw this and she has never spoken to me about it nor have I to her. We are both in our mid 20s, fit and attractive. We married 5 years ago and have a wonderful c***d. Neha teaches third grade and I work as a supervisor for a manufacturing company. Neha is a sexy Indian wife with lusty eyes measuring 5Ft7Inc 130 lbs, 32 breast and very hot.

We have always
... Continue»
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Beautiful Firm Boobs Of Married Colleague

I’m a great fan of boobs and admire from such a long distance because of a habit which was started during my school days through a teacher. From that day till now I love to admire beautiful big firm boobs in bus/trains/roads/ offices.

Coming back to the story, When I joined that company I was trained for a month and assigned to a team of people who were experienced. Since I was a fresher I was very much nervous in doing anything. Though my manager used to help at times I had fear in asking him and became I was slow in finish
... Continue»
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Mary takes on the gang & hubby watches

“If you don’t like the idea of me being home late again, you can always come along and help me.” said Mary with a pout.

“You must be k**ding!” I responded to my wife, “I’m completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!”

We continued our breakfast in comparative silence; the only words spoken being curt requests to pass the coffee or sugar. This was typical of my wife to spring this on me at the last minute. Apart from anything, I had a
... Continue»
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A beautiful Guest At My House

For the ladies there I am still a Bachelor. For ladies who are starving for long-lasting and good sex contact me I have a 6 inch dick I think it is sufficient for u and a very good built body. Now coming back to the story it all happen with a guest when a girl stayed in my house for 3 days to clear Medical College Admission which was to happen on Saturday. She stayed in my house because her father and mother were out of town because her mother’s s****r was in ICU because of car accident.

At that time I was in 10th class an
... Continue»
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Consider It Done, Indeed

“Well, maybe we should just leave.” Staci said, dejected. This romantic weekend getaway was turning into anything but. She and her husband Kevin had won this trip and it was all they could talk about for the past few weeks, but from the get-go it seemed to be doomed to fail.

They had run into trouble leaving, had to find a last-minute solution for the k**s when the first plan fell though, the car had overheated twice while they made the long drive to Nashville, and now that they had finally checked into their room in this fancy hotel, it was NOT what they were expecting. It was an olde... Continue»
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Sissy Fetish Gone Wrong

I like to dress up like a girl and act girly. I don't want to be a girl and am not looking for sex I just enjoy feeling girly and the thrill of humiliating myself. Little did I know that this behavior would slowly guide me in another direction. Most places I went I was yelled at and harassed so I kept looking for a quiet place to play dress up. one day I ended up at a rest stop and I went to the bath room to dress up and put on my makeup. As I was putting on my eye shadow a man walked in and stared at me. As he did so it made me feel good and feminine. He said I looked pretty and my ass loo... Continue»
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Nikki's Fantaasy.

This is a woman's fantasy so it has not happened.

Nikki is a beautiful 27 year old who had any boy/man's dream tits. They are huge with neat nipples - just right for sucking. Nikki is not one of those stick insect women, Nikki is ample in all aspects lovely big round bum. Best of all is her face and what a smile she has.

Nikki was given a hard time in high school but although it did hurt that the in crowd wouldn't let her join she didn't let it turn her into a hater of people. No Nikki loved people and those who gave her a chance have a very faithful friend who will do anything to help... Continue»
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Brittany's first time

Brittany's view:

I had just graduated high school and wanted to take a job at a recording studio. I had always wanted to be in the music business and I thought this would be my way in. The closest studio was in the city, and I'm a small town girl, but they had an internship open and they offered it to me. My first day on the job they showed me around, telling me the ins and outs of the business. I quickly came to the realization of what I was getting myself into.

I was the only girl at the studio, and most of the men that were there were mainly black, who growing up I didn't have very m... Continue»
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My wife's first time

We had been married for about 8 years. My wife was a very beautiful young woman and that was not just my opinion. When we had first moved into the new house, the lady next door came over to see this woman that her daughter had described as the most beautiful woman in the world. Our sex life was good, but I had this crazy idea that I wanted to see my wife with another man. Sound familiar to anyone?

There was this one guy I knew who always wore really tight pants that usually showed off the size of his cock. He was always talking about sex and wanting to try new things. So I decided to see if... Continue»
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The Watcher

I first noticed her on my way to work one morning. She was young, either a senior or fresh into college. She had long tanned legs, curly brown hair and the perfect figure. She was running on the sidewalk, tight spandex shorts and a little tank top on, showing all of her curves. She had her headphones on so she didn't hear me drive by. This girl was gorgeous. I thought to myself. As the days went on, I took this same route just so I could see if I would see her again, and I did. She ran every morning. Where does this girl live? On my day off I decided to park by some trees to watch her run pas... Continue»
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back to my friends apartment

At home laying in bed thinking about what I did. My dick wakes up as I replay this afternoon in my mind. The sting my butthole felt is just a memory, yet my dick gets harder as I think about it. I roll over holding my young shaft and stroking it I drift off. The next day at school my butt hole starts to tingle and I get hard, I have trouble paying attention in class and find myself starring the large belly of my teacher. He asks what the problem was. I tell him nothing why do you ask, he said the bell rang and I'm going to be late for my next class. I jumped up and ran put of the room. Sure en... Continue»
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Loosing My Virginity (Yes the true story with just

I grew up in inner city Detroit. All my neighbors were black. From kindergarten to High School I did not leave Michigan or Detroit and graduated from Universal Academy one of the worst High Schools in Detroit. My parents were hardworking people they made sure that I and my siblings were not part of the mess that is Detroit. Their parental involvement paid off and I graduated from HS with a decent GPA and decided to join the Army. I went down to the 9 Mile Road Army Recruiting Station in Detroit and joined the delayed entry program, and 2 months later I was in Benning Georgia for Basic train... Continue»
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Swinger’s night out

I have to tell you all about a story of two hot couples, and what happened one night when they met. One night my wife Jenny and me (Jimmy) were out on the town to Chicago. We were away from town on a personal vacation trip in a city in another state. we were eager to get out and have some fun with some sweaty dancing, and hot love making to come later, and drinks galore. Jenny gets pretty easy when I get some drinks in her, and tonight we were going to get pretty toasted, so I knew she would be putting out pretty heavy.
I was wearing a nice button up shirt, skin tight blue jeans and boots... Continue»
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