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A First Meeting

First time at writing, hope you enjoy.

We meet at a café for some coffee to break the ice and feel each other out. After some of the online chats we had, we wanted to make sure that the chemistry from our fingers was going to be just as good in person. Within 5 minutes of meeting, we are laughing and carrying on like we were old friends, which added to the electricity between us. We finish our coffees and I suggest that we walk back to my hotel room for some more conversations and some wine or more, and you accept.
As we walk, we continue talking, and I reach out and grab your hand. Yo... Continue»
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Wendy's Wedding Night Surprise!

Was this the perfect wedding for both bride and groom?

It has now been 10 years since Wendy and I were married. Our sex life has always been good but as with most marriages that initial "lust fest" has worn off, with c***dren also doing their best to dampen any ardour.

This tale relates to the time just before we were married, right up to our wedding day. This was a time when we were still very spontaneous and regularly exhausted each other wherever and whenever the moment took us.

This was a time when my desire for another man to join us was strong although not as st... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-1

Nice Nikita has a hot history with me, first her client only, later an intimate best friend to mate.
She is a slender blonde beauty and her only hobby is her horse. Once she invited me to watch her ride.
No pants, no saddle. A sexy sight which easily excites me, so she invites me to sit right behind her.
After our first fuck at foot-pace the scene gets unexpedly hotter: we watch her mare mate a stallion.

Nikita is a nice slender sensual blonde beauty in her early thirties. She runs several tobacco shops.
Nikita I see only at Saturdays now at my shop around the corner, so we c... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-2

Nikita visits my studio to ride my hot horse on camera, not knowing what will really happen to her.
Pretty Petra shows her the wy to the sex studio upstairs and in the process her hot brown big bush.
Nikita feels shy compared to this teen who seems to be at ease being so openly sexy and seductive!
Pretty Petra presents herself properly for intimate inspection by Professor Peter to teach Nikita.

Nikita checks the link at a businesscard I discretely handed her during my visit to her tobacco shop.
She wants enough time and privacy for the special purpose of her visit, so she boo... Continue»
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Growing up in a strict household, I was the quintessential “good girl”. A bookish, straight A student, complete with nerdy glasses and no makeup, I cruised through school without so much as a date. It wasn’t until I was 18 that my body developed the womanly curves that I had craved for so many years.

My best friend and closest confidant in those days was David. Our parents’ constant arguing had forged a deep bond between us. When I decided to go away for University, David decided to transfer and he came with me. We found a great two-bedroom apartment near the University and began livin... Continue»
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dildo surprise

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

Many, many years ago, long before the internet allowed us all to discover ‘things’ in the luxury and quiet of our households sex education consisted of talking to mates (god help us), embarrassed parents (if you were lucky) or flower power ‘60’s experimental teachers . It’s t... Continue»
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Boyfriend gets turned to orgasm pet

a few months ago I changed my organization and on my first day at office met this broad female who happened to be broad minded as well. She was the epitome of a feminine queen as I may put it, she had a good and full body 36 breasts and 36 hips and I loved her appearance and I loved the way she dressed so grandly and making her pop you could just get in a trance of her presence,

she introduced me to this skinny woman after a few days when she found out I was not going around with anyone. angela was a handful too and was skilled and was lusting after me, I knew it but I dint feel good after... Continue»
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The Fucking Dirty Tart

I am a 55 year old mother of one, divorced for several years.

I have largely waited for my Alex to go off to Uni, leaving me alone in the house much of the time, before I got started
on my sexual adventures.

This is NOT one of those.

Alex was recently back for the weekend. I went out to do a food - shop for Alex to take back to Uni with him. When I left
he was alone, but unbeknown to him I had ordered the shop via click and collect.
This is a service where you order on line, they get it all bagged up and you drive up and
collect. It takes minutes instead of over an hour.... Continue»
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Education of Dawn

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Education of Dawn

Faith stood in the downstairs weapons room, brooding. Well, she wouldn't call it brooding, but everyone else did. After a bad break up with Robin, she'd relocated to San Francisco for a new start. As the senior slayer, she shared an old Victorian with Dawn and three other junior slayers, keeping the bay area safe. Dawn didn't actually do much in the way of slaying other than research; her full-time classes at Berkeley kept her busy enough. But on Saturday afternoons, the girls... Continue»
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New Years Eve

Ok, so here goes.

It is New Year’s Eve 2014 and I’ve just been dumped by my boyfriend which now means I’m all alone. I call you but it goes straight to voice mail that’s when I remember you said you were going out with friends for the night. I leave you a tear filled message wishing you a happy new year and that you are a good friend to me. I hang up my phone and curl up on the couch crying. I fall asl**p with the TV on and a half a bottle of wine d***k.

A little while later I hear the door open and I look about anxiously. I rub my eyes and see you standing in front of me looking concern... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 2

When mom and I had our wine finished off that we had in our glass's, "We should maybe head back home for now before things get out of hand here."

"You know Sarua, I really like this and I don't want it to end."

"I know how you feel Sammy, but we must go cause it is getting a bit late."

"Okay." then I stood up holding mom's hands and pulled her up into me on her feet then wrapped my arms around her and gave her another French kiss, while rubbing my hands up and down her back from her butt to her shoulders and back down to her butt again.

When my hands made it back to mom's butt for ... Continue»
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After-party fun

It all began when I agreed to go to the party.

Even though I don't enjoy large gatherings with strangers, I agreed to go because of 1 factor: Ellie. Ellie was slightly older than I was. She was turning 19, while I was just 18, but I'd attracted her attention and frequent pleasure of her company after meeting her when out with a few mutual friends, both of whom were also attending the party (Anna and Jack). The party was to a time to celebrate putting on a successful production of the musical RENT.

Although I was only part of the stage crew, I was happy to tag along, especially if it mean... Continue»
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My Uncle Making Me Feel Beautiful

My name is Ashley and I am six teen years old. I guess I am the typical teenage girl but unlike most of the girls in my school I am more the quiet, shy type. I will admit I am jealous of some of the girls in my school because I envy the way they look with their golden blonde hair and thin bodies. I on the other hand am not very tall and kind of chubby with light blonde hair and blue eyes but I have always been told I have a very pretty face. Anyways life was the same every day, get up go to school, come home and sit in my room until I did it all over the next day until one day my mom told me t... Continue»
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Curious Friends

When I was f******n me and my buddy would watch porn together at first we would just watch and laugh or comment. Time went on and it became more frequent and once in a while I or he would bring a movie over with good sex scenes. We did this so frequently we became very comfortable and eventually we couldn't help but make jokes about each other when we would get boners. Eventually you couldn't help but make the joke of wiping out your dick and swinging it around. Inevitably you couldn't help but examine each others dicks. His had a narrow thin shaft with big mushroom tip while I'm a bit bigge... Continue»
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A married couple meet my cock.

This story has straight and bi sex and cuckolding and a few other things. None of the categories really fit.
Please vote if you like it.

The craigslist ad was in the MW4M section. "Couple seeking bi man to take husband to the next level. She uses strap-on on him, now she wants him to experience cock for first time." And then the contact info. There were a couple of pics attached. She: with a big shiny black rubber cock poking out from under the hem of a short latex skirt. Tiny frame, nice titties. The mask she was wearing didn't disguise the fact that she was attractive. And he: bent ove... Continue»
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iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

"I can't take you two making out in front of me all the time." Carly said, staring at her two best friends making out on the couch in her and Spencer's apartment.

"You can leave, you know?" Sam responded, pulling away from Freddie long enough to stare at Carly before going back to kissing Freddie.

"This is my house," Carly retorted, repeating herself from when she and Sam were fighting over Freddie's friend a few years ago.

"Let's just head over to mine," Freddie said to her, pulling away, feeling bad for making out with Sam in Carly'... Continue»
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Realising i was bi

First time writing a story so please forgive any mistakes.

This is a true account(except for names) of my first bi experience.

I was si****n and working at a local garage, my first job since leaving school. Everyone at work was great to laugh and joke with, always taking the piss without ever being nasty. One guy i really got on with was John. Being honest he was a dirty perve, always telling smutty jokes and flashing his cock at the women at work(not that they minded). John was in his 50s, average build and lived on his own, but was always happy to help poeple if they needed it.

... Continue»
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getting my hair cut

i have been getting my hair cut regulary, by the same lady, for the past few years.
i go to the local saturday market, as i work 5 days a week, and the barbers, i used to go to, is in town,
so saturday morning's, there was always a queue.
the lady who cuts my hair, is a 64 year old named nancy, i normally get a number 3, 4 or 2, but i have letting my hair grow longer, this means nancy uses the scissors as well as the clippers.
as i said nancy is 64 and has a nice rounded belly, and a lovely pair of boobies, which she always rubs on my shoulders, as she moves around cutting my hair.
i am p... Continue»
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iCarly - iWant Her: Chapter 2

iCarly - iWant Her: Chapter 2 - iWant You to Understand

Sam loves hanging out with Carly, but she feels slightly awkward around her, she makes her feel so strange. She finds out she's not the only one who feels this way when she goes over to Carly's house.
BTW-I still don't own iCarly, and my chinchilla is still awesome


I felt the pit of my stomach suddenly groan in pain, and my heart beat a million times faster than it's supposed to.

"OH MY GOD" Freddie screamed.

... Continue»
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our 1st, 3 way sex.

Our First Threesome took a lot of mental condition from both my wife and I. At length we use to discuss much options as our sexual encounter's together were very wholesome and experiment were always what we opted for. We subsequently made contact with other persons who had indulged in threesome (married man/woman) and a third party to find out the implications thereof. The best possible scenario that was painted was that it was very fulfilling, very enjoyable and somewhat sexually bold. The drawback were that it is unadvisable to repeat a threesome with the same chosen partner (in this case ma... Continue»
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