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Diana was lying on her bed panting softly as she stimulated her clitoris with her fingers while gripping her breast. The 22 year could feel her two fingers become soaked with her own wetness, she was becoming close to her breaking point. Her brown skin was slightly sticking to the sheets from the sweat. She then placed her other hand below to maximize the sensation, after one last moan she sighed with slight satisfaction. Her hands could only do so much and not owning any sex toys only made her more frustrated. She wanted the real thing more than anything else; a real man with a dick tha... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking in Scotland

This experience actually happened to me !

My name is Lucy, and at the age of 22, I was hitch hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2015, seeing what it had to offer. To cut down on costs, I was thumbing lifts from passing motorists, and on one occasion, a small red car screeched to a halt, just a few yards away in front of me. The passenger front door was opened, and a young man who looked about my age jumped out, smiled and offered me a lift in the back, which was gratefully excepted, as I had been standing in a remote spot on one of the islands off the west coast for quite some time, wi... Continue»
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Parkway Fun

Huggs surprised Rascal with a nice picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway after she got off of work one Saturday. While Rascal was at work, Huggs prepared a small array of finger foods that they could enjoy with some wine. Once Rascal got home, Huggs told her to take a nice long shower because they were going to have a picnic on the parkway. Rascal must have saw the gleam in his eyes, because Rascal quickly asked, “It will not just be us at this picnic?” Huggs had to confess that another gentleman would be there as well. The young gentleman had recently moved back to our area, and we all wanted to ... Continue»
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first glory hole

i am a white chubby guy who likes to wear panties and tight pants mostly to show off my butt.
i was feeling horny one evening and thought i try a new place. i got my blue bikini panties and a pair of tight blue jeans and a black shirt. i got to the place witch was a little far. it was dark and the place had a sigh light in neon with black out windows. i walked in and there was a front room full of toys and videos and a back area witch was filled with booths. i walked around the toy area for a bit looking around then walked into the back area witch was filled with guys. most of them were olde... Continue»
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Fun With A UK Couple

I was browsing the messages on an adult contact site when one ad caught my eye. It read “Mature UK couple looking for well endowed male to join us on our holiday for sexy fun. Preferably white, fifty plus straight male. For more info e-mail us with picture.” The message was signed M & H. As I fitted all their criteria I decided to send them an e-mail with a 'regular' picture attached and the next day got a reply complete with pictures of themselves. The picture I'd sent was of me on the beach in my swim trunks and their pictures were similar. They showed M in swimmin... Continue»
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LEXI Chapters 1-6

Lexi was just two weeks past her 18th birthday and her brunet hair fell thickly to her shoulders. Her brown eyes grew very large when she was excited. Her lips formed a beautiful perfect heart shape when she slightly opened her mouth, especially when she put on bright red lipstick. Her slightly darker complexion added to her petite 5’ 5” feminine frame which accentuated her attractiveness. She came into the f****y when my b*****r married a widow from Costa Rica and she came as a package deal with her ... Continue»
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Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

Story by Chen

Fuko is a Busty JAV idol who is known for her enormous beautiful breasts that could bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Like most J... Continue»
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over the years I had messed around with a few kinky plays with girl friends and then my wife. These had been great fun, but I had normally been the Dom, my wife being very unsure of taking control.
We enjoy an open relationship, so I joined Fab about 5 years ago and tried to find a Dominant lady. To cut a long story short, I was talking to a lady who claimed not to be Dom, but who needed a Handyman. She needed her bedroom painting as she was selling her house, I joked that the price would be less if she was to take control. We had chatted openly about our likes and dislikes, so my desire to b... Continue»
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How I tuned office newbie into my sissy (Part 1)

The new boy started a few months ago, let's call him T, college drop out, 18, naive and innocent. As the closest employee to T's age my boss set me to look after him and show him around for the first week. From the moment I saw T I knew he was a sissy. 5'6, light caramel complexion and a perfume too feminine for someone wearing a shirt & tie combo. So I did what my boss told me to do, took him out for lunch for the first couple of days, got to know him fairly quickly and reached a comfortable level of friendship.. That's when I decided to test T, I was adamant then he was 1- in the closet, 2- ... Continue»
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A Doll For A Master

Combined repost of the three "Doll of the Master" chapters in one file. By request.

A boy becomes a reluctant girl.

Hello my name is yvonne and i wanted to write down my life story for You - my Master of my everlasting dreams!

I was born as a boy in the late 60s and had a really happy c***dhood up to the age of my 10th birthday. Then my Mother died at an accident and my father was really sad about the loss of my mother. But after a while he was screwing around to forget his mourning. He learned to know a really beautiful but very demanding woman. She was at the age of 25 years and... Continue»
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The Lake


It wasn't until I went on a vaction that it finely came true. I had gone up north to stay at a cabin on Lake Tahoe. Everything was beauitful and clean. I had just finished unpacking, and need a shower. The lake looked so cool and inviting. Realizing that no one was around, I stripped all my clothes off and ran down to the crystal blue waters of the lake diving into the blissfully cool water without a moments hesitation. Pure bliss! Somewhat shocked by the sudden cold of the water, for a split second I thought I might go into sh... Continue»
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Sex club adventure

I met my girlfriend at work which is normal for most people except that I was 20 years older then her and her boss. It was only a few months after she started to work there that we hooked up and started fucking pretty much everyday. I couldn't keep my hands off her, she was the complete package. She's 5'3 long flowing hair that justs touches her ass which is an amazing sight to see, It's perfectly round, solid and just begs for a spanking, green eyes that sparkle when she's up to no good, the pouty lips, the smooth olive skin, the b cup tits with the nipples you can suck on all day and the tig... Continue»
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My 1st experience with a "Special Girl".

Let me tell you something about myself. I'm your average Hispanic male. I can honestly say I'm not gay or attracted to men. In contrary, I'll truly get turned off by that scene. Im also turned off by hair/hairy skin and bad hygiene (who isn't... LoL). It's just not for me. Yet something about a cute shemale with a booty is something i cant resist. I found myself enjoying shemale porn. A cutie with a booty takibg it up her booty hole. My favorite scenes involve a passable tranny (Ts Foxxy, Sianna Grace, Ts Celeste, etc.) Wrapping her ass cheeks around a dick. Skip the scenes were shes getting a... Continue»
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Carpool Blowjob (Latina & White)

Story by Maria

It was a hot Central Florida afternoon and I was on my way to a college class field trip at a local wetlands park. As part of my environmental sciences class, we were to attend a tour of the park in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our environment.

My name is Gabriella, and I am a petite Cuban American with brown skin and long black straight hair and a slight valley girl accent and can't speak a lick of Spanish. For the trip I decided to pack simple. I was wearing a simple white t shirt with a logo on it and tight black yoga pants to show off m... Continue»
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I was a very friendly girl in my teens, who always like to lend a hand, and generally cheer people up whenever I could, and just recently came across an oldish man sat on a bench on his own in our local park, doing an oil painting. “Hello” I said, “Do you mind if I join you”? “Not at all” he replied. We got chatting as you do, and it turns out he also took commissions for portraits in water colours and oil. The landscape that he was currently working on in front of him, looked absolutely amazing, he certainly knew how to capture the moment. “Would you like me to do a portrait of you m'dea... Continue»
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Preacher's Daughter

I grew up in a small town about 45 miles from a very popular beach in SC, but spent most of the days after school and week-ends working on our farm. My high school friends and I would occasionally take off to the beach for a day/night and always had a great time. Shortly after graduating High school, my f****y sold our farm, bought a house and moved to the beach. After several miscellaneous jobs in restaurants and construction, I landed a job as a desk clerk at a motel near the boardwalk, amusements, etc. This motel was known for renting to the “party” crowd rather than several others that wer... Continue»
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A lifetime of creamypie

The first time I ever saw my wife she had on a very short pair of cut off jean shorts with a small white T shirt tucked in. She was braless and her nipples where just hard enough to be seen. What attracted me first was her legs, very tanned and just the bottoms of her butt cheeks shown under the frade faded jeans. At one hundred pounds and five foot four she had a ora of confidence about her. She looked so sexy, her shoulder length blonde hair was cut with bangs. When she walked her small tits bounced just enough.

I asked her out for a date and she accepted. She asked where we would be goi... Continue»
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nice panties

I sometimes like to wear panties, because I love the way my smooth cock and balls feels against the silky material. Only those that have worn them knows the joys of it.

This encounter occurred just last month and was totally unexpected. If youve read my other stories or seen my videos, you know that I love to suck cock and will do so every chance I get. But on the days when I have errands to do and suck I am not necessarily looking.

So one morning I was exceptionally horny and really wanted to suck some cock, but I had so many errands to run and stuff, was meeting my s****r for lunch e... Continue»
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My Boy Toy

My Boy Toy

No escaping my desire;

Only an hour ago I saw him on the club’s dance floor. Even in the darkness and the frenzy of the crowds his cobalt blue eyes were following me. I could see that he liked me and that no small detail had escaped his gaze. I felt his stare and it made me feel craved, wanted and needing his touch. I saw a young woman walk up to him a twerking straight into his groin, but he did not react to her but kept his eyes on me. It made feel special; I felt my nipples poking through my white blouse.

He walked toward me and towering over me he was facing m... Continue»
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New neighbours lust

Having just changed jobs, I am new to town. I am single, mid forties male whose main concern is his career. This new job has given me the financial independence that I have been working for and the prestige to make the inconvenience of moving to a new place worthwhile.

Texas is a very different place than what I am used to with my Midwestern roots. The people seem to be much friendlier and the area is just so vast. Since I am comfortable in the typical suburban American setting, I bought a house in one of the more upscale neighborhoods outside of the Dallas-Ft. worth metro area. Surprisingl... Continue»
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