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The best time

It was like any other summer day I was stuck inside bored out of my mind not sure what to do being only 15 years old I was always told that there was alot of things to do.The one thing I had been curious about was of all the things was sex but the thing was I liked my older cousin she was 19 years old she had the slim figure big tits beautiful eyes and long brown hair that reminded me of one of my favorite actresses. It was about a week later when she had came over I was in my room didnt realize she had walked in and i was looking a porn she giggled and closed the door behind her. I was so imb... Continue»
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one that got away (funny story)

a few years ago i was a sophmore in college and i was kind of struggling to get used to the whole college life and stuff. I havnt had any long term relationships, as a matter of fact ive never had one more than a couple of weeks. that semester i said to myself "im gonna change this and get something going"; around that time i noticed a girl, she was my swimming proffesor and was only a year older than me.

this girl was probably the most beautiful girl i have ever seen ( in all honesty she really is) she had shoulder length black hair that had a very unique glossy texture. s... Continue»
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A great evening with friends

30 years ago I was lucky enough to marry the sexiest lady I have ever known. I was 9 years older and had been around the block a time or two but she was what many men would just pant for. Liv was 5’5” tall, nice firm 36C’s, hard erect ½” nipples that seemed to always be begging to be sucked, long brown hair, nice legs and a firm stomach. She was erotic just to look at and a lot of guys would turn around when we passed.

We had been married for about 6 months and she was always ready and willing to do anything I suggested in the area of sex. She especially... Continue»
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Laying Out (MF, semi-cons)

Laying Out

By SpectreOfHell

It was a warm day, but not as warm as Vicky wanted it to be. Summer was fading and she still hoped to get a little bit of a tan before she couldn't lay out anymore. Her husband had to work that day, and the contractor he'd hired to work on the dock was late, but it was a Saturday and she wasn't going to let it go to waste. She started to put on a par of shorts and a halter top then changed her mind. No, today she'd wear that bikini she'd bought on impulse and had never dared to wear before. It was flimsy, the top barely covering... Continue»
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Ashley Wants It (Mf, cons)

Ashley Wants It

By SpectreOfHell

“You don’t mind?” Helen asked again. She pulled her robe tighter around her body and sneezed.

“I don’t mind, I promise,” Jeff told his wife. “You’re sick. Go to bed. I’ll get Ashley to help me make you some soup.”

“I feel bad leaving you to babysit,” she said, sniffling. “I told her mother I’d watch her.”

“You should have told her you had a cold,” he chided. “But it’s okay. Ashley and I get along just fine. I’ll watch af... Continue»
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A Boy and Girl Story (mf, teens, trans, rom, cons)

A Boy and Girl Story

By SpectreOfHell

Only yesterday, Nick had been on top of the world. For four years, he'd been a geek, an outsider, the guy that none of the glamorous girls would date. Jana had been the incredibly beautiful cheerleader who had chosen him, ahead of all others, to fall in love with. It had seemed too good to be true. And then, just last night, he had discovered that it was. She had revealed herself to him in the most unexpected way imaginable, and he was still reeling from it.

He spotted her across the lunch room, carrying her tray to the table where the... Continue»
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JJ wanted to try something new. He wanted to be with two big beautiful women. He also liked to film his sexual escapades. One day JJ decided to find two nurses that would be willing to fulfill his fantasy. He ran an ad in the paper saying he wanted two big beautiful woman who were interested in becoming a star. The girls had to play the role of a nurse.

It didn't take long for JJ to get his two candidates, April and Jessey. Both girls had 38DDD breasts, with one quick turn could knock you out cold. Both girls were up to the part of playing nurses. April wore white stockings, a thong, w... Continue»
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The night I fucked my s****rs friend

It was just another normal early winters weekend, I was 19 at the time. I think it was around early November. THe dark nights had really drawn in now and it was one of those miserable Friday afternoons. I was driving home from work and thinking about the weekend ahead. Sould I go out tonight I thought, maybe I will go out for a few beers. Anyway I got home about 5pm and cracked open a beer and sat in front of the Tv.

My mum was cooking in the kitchen and my Dad was in his office, then I heard my s****r coming in, i heard the chatter of girls. SHe was with a friend of hers and they were... Continue»
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i went to traffic court for the first time when i was 19 i looked young but was very tall. i didn't know what to expect i just knew everyone hated it. i don't know how it is in other cities but in the bay are you have to be there at 7 in the morning, just to wait in a line that stretches around the block. but the doors dont open till 9a.m. so i figure this out when i get there. so i see alot of cute girls in line, i ask the O.G.(old man)behind me to hold my spot. to make a long story short i got 3 numbers and a spot closer in line, inside was another loooooooong line. i don't ma... Continue»
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The Old Grouch & The Annoying Little Girl

The Old Grouch and the Annoying Little Girl

By billy69boy

“Oh, Mr. Brooks, will you watch little Cherie for a bit while I…” “NO!” came the answer immediately and firmly from the crotchety old man, as he refilled one of the many birdfeeders in his backyard. “Got no time for that impudent little brat of a daughter of yours!” he added. “But, Mr. Brooks, I have to tend to my mother in the hospital, she had a heart attack last night!” the neighbor lady exclaimed. Her announcement was met with a grudging silence by the widowed retiree. ... Continue»
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Seduction Delayed

My buddy and I were out with two babes from our military unit down at Fort Jackson. Put your UCMJ manual away. There were no violations concerning rank structures or command relationships. We were all company grade officers out for a few drinks and some laughs. I don't remember what off-post club we ended up in, but the DJ was spinning good songs and everyone was having a great time. The only problem I saw was how to move from 4-people to two sets of two. Both of us guys were white, but one girl was a fair-skinned blond and the other was black, actually a creamy brown complexion, pe... Continue»
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Ok so it all happened this one and brittany were talking dirty on the phone, she was breathing heavily as she put 2 fingers in her tight wet 18 year old pussy and i was breathing just as hard while rubbing my hard lubed up 8.5 inch dick. idk what got into her that night but she was way more open than usual. she kept asking me if i have ever been so horny that i thought about cumming in mt own mouth...i didnt know how to tell her yes but the thought of such a sexy girl asking me that sent me over the edge, i told her yes baby i have i almost do every day that i have the time to jack ... Continue»
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After a long day at work, Michelle finally arrives home and strips to her red lace bra and matching g string, walking to the fridge she grabs a chilled bottle of wine and heads out to her deck which over looks the beach. With the waves crashing upon the sand and the sun setting its nice and calm maybe a little warm but just nice to sit back and breathe in the salt air, watching people play on the sand she suddenly notices a young couple in the sand hills as she takes a closer look, she can see the young girl giving her partner a blow job, with her eyes focused on the couple all she can hear is... Continue»
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LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

A muted voice woke me as my body shook from side to side, through my squinted eyes I could see the sun peeking through the forest. Cody’s hand rubbed my thigh, now that’s the way I like to wake up! “Do you want some coffee”. Ahhhhhh the sound of Cody’s voice was almost as warm as his hand lingering on my thigh. “Sure” I replied in my foggy morning voice. He fumbled around for a few seconds then pushed a fresh cup of Java under my noise followed by “here you go sunshine help yourself ... Continue»
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My neighbour

It all started one day when I visited my friend. I'm a 17 year old boy with a fairly large cock, 8 inches.
We sat and played on the computer when his mom came in. She's 42 years old, but looks like she's 24. Her tits are just perfect, and a really slim body. She said she were going to take a shower, so we couldn't go into the bathroom, cause they didn't have a key. We said ok, and continued to play. Suddenly, my friend get's a phone call from his girlfriend, saying he has to come over to her for a while. He leaves, but tells me I can stay, since he'll come ... Continue»
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My first time

I have always seen myself as a straight male and love fucking women. However over the last few months I have become curious about what it would be like to be with a guy.

I started watching bi porn on line such as mmf threeways and I was suprised at how much I wanted to suck a cock.

I joined a swinging/dogging web-site and placed an ad on there looking for some bi experience. To my suprise a guy Richard sent me a message the next day asking for a meet. I agreed but was not sure how far I was willing to go.

We arranged to meet in a pub car park at 2pm on a Friday afternoon in the New ... Continue»
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Strip Card Game

“You seriously want to play this?”
“Of course, we all need to learn more about the human body and there is no better place then right here right now. Besides we need a little bit of fun tonight!”

That was Tommy. Always the one who got everybody in trouble, Tommy was the one in the group that everybody decided didn’t need to learn anything more. At 19, he had seen more then most people twice his age have seen.

“Hell, why not, it might be fun” said Shannon, to the shock of everybody. Shannon was looked upon as the quiet one of the group of frien... Continue»
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Block Parties Are Fun

The neighborhood I grew up in always had block parties, once every month or two. The parties were always like two parties, the early party where everyone behaved and played goofy games and the k**s ran all over, then the real party started later when the stiffs went home. The drinking would get heavy, people smoked pot or who knows what else and things happened. I did not know about the second party till they held it at my house and me and my s****r could not believe all that went on.

This party was held at my friends Steve house when I was only fifteen or sixteen. Steve parents had a poo... Continue»
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Alcohol should not have been how it began. But we were heavy drinkers then. A shot for laughs, and few more after that, plus the drinks in our hands. Who were we trying fool? Swapping cigarettes back and forth and praying it might taste of our mouths. It’s strange how I didn’t think of a****ls until you touched me. That night, on the hood of the van. Your hands over my own and on my neck. A phantom now, I still feel it. In my mind, like a shutter on a camera. Capturing bits and pieces of moments that alcohol did not deteriorate. We felt like snakes. Two more shots now, and I think ... Continue»
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my night of terror and pleasure

To begin with, I had my son when I was 15.I am 32 and he is 18 We were always very close as a single mom I was over protective of him. In any case, he'd seen me nude many times. Plus shared my bed on stormy nights. Our state allows you to set up two or more campsites but someone has to be there over night so my son and I drove out there and pitched camp. We had some beers and I made campfire supper. We went to the lake to check things out I am 32 and he is 18
I love to skinny dip and after seeing no one was around so in I went, followed by my son we swam and played like always, dunking ... Continue»
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