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Older s****r and Younger b*****r Shower

16-year old b*****r has always dreamed about fucking his 18-year old s****r, little did he know that something meant to clean would turn so dirty!


It was 2:00AM and Jonas was lying awake in bed, thinking about his older s****r who slept in the room right next to his. Mom and Dad were away for the weekend and had left Jonas and Tanya home alone. Jonas had a nice 7in. tool, which was a nice size for him since he was only 5'7". His s****r and he had always been close, sharing secrets and covering for one another their whole life. It was Saturday morning that Jonas got his... Continue»
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My s****r and I part 5

For the next few month every chance we got we would strip and either masterbate each other or Mel would suck on my cock. I would suck on Mel's pussy and tits. Some times when we had both got off, we would just lay in bed and explore each others bodies. Mel was getting a lot more golden hairs on her pussy and loved it when I would pull on them a little. She especially liked it when I would suck on her tits and just run my hands down her belly and the insides of her thighs and then up to her pussy slit. I still wanted to stick my cock into her pussy but she insisted that we could do it ... Continue»
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first lesbian exp.

Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the U of I three months ago, she felt very lucky indeed to have landed such a good job in such a short period of time. If she kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard, Robin was sure that not only would this job provide the mental challenge she needed, but also the kind of money most folks only dreamed of. As the bus swayed to and fro as it passed over the Chicago River Bridge, Robin thought that the only real problem she ... Continue»
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I love blowjob pictuers

I am 16 yrs old girl from indian
I have a b*****r he is 18yrs old
i love my b*****r and he loves me
I had given deepthroat blowjob to loving b*****r
I love sucking own b*****r's huge penis
Once I was sucking my in kichen,
and mom saw me sucking b*****r'scock
and she loving held my head and said
daughter you're givng a nice blowjob
then she give a advice before giving blowjob
to own b*****r's penis,
s****r should put a nose-pin or a nose-ring
in lest nosetril because
b*****r always want to see his as bride
and that i decided to wear a nose-pin
one day i had ... Continue»
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The Truth About Oral Sex Clubs

The Truth About Oral Sex Clubs

By billy69boy

Beth and Mary have a half s****r named Katy, who we don’t get to see very much since she moved away. She visited with us last weekend, and I’d forgotten how adorable she was. Her long, light brown hair frames her big brown eyes in a way that melts your heart. She is tall and thin, with a skinny little waist, which accentuates her formidable ass and hips. It’s hard to believe she has a three year old daughter, who stayed at home with her grandmother.

Katy and I have always had an unusually close relationship, and we&rs... Continue»
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Creative Nieces Get "Punished"

Creative Nieces Get “Punished”

(Sequel to Sexy Nieces Turn the Tables) By billy69boy

As my two beautiful young nieces scampered off to the bathroom, sex toys in hand, I went down to the kitchen to turn on the oven and prepare the pizza. I figured we still had a couple of hours before my wife and the girls’ mother would return from their movie and dinner. When the girls sat down at the table, they were all cleaned up, and still naked, as was I. I poured each of us a glass of ice water, and sat with them, as the pizza cooked away.

I was pleasantly sur... Continue»
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My First Cumming

I remember my first cum experience. Me and my fried Josh were just hanging out after school at my house. My parents weren't home. They trusted us. Josh and I were just talking when all of a sudden he asked me did I wanna see his cock.I was so horny so I said sure y not. He looked at me while unzipping his pants, and then grabbed my hand. He led me to his hard 9 inch cock, and placed my hand on the head of it. I started to rub it softly and he started to moan. I was getting hotter and hotter by the second, so I rubbed it even more. He was moaning so hard, aand he even called out my name te... Continue»
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Sex Education

This story was related to me by my wife, hope you enjoy....

We had lived on the continent for some years and were used to visits from friends and f****y eager to take advantage of the Mediterranean sun so I was not surprised to receive a call from my s****r to arrange for a holiday, although this one was going to be different.

My s****r had separated from her husband a few years ago and I had not seen her during this time. She and her daughter,Melissa had apparently been struggling but things had got better recently with the arrival of a new boyfriend for s*s which I was pleased ab... Continue»
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Circle Jerk Club 3

Circle Jerk Club 3 Remembering Sky

I was about to get drenched in cum by 3 hot cross dressers and 2 awesome she males. They were all sitting in lounge chairs while I rolled around in a mechanic's stool. While servicing their big boners I was sucking, stroking,
and talking dirty.

The first grrl was Robbie. S/he was a full figured African American cross dresser with long black hair and a pretty round face. Robbie was wearing a short light brown dress covered with dark brown leopard spots. The outfit came with a hat and a pair of long sexy boots.

Robbie didn't have the b... Continue»
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Isabelle, Ludivine and Me Alix

Isabelle My Daughter, Ludivine My Young Girl Friend and Me Alix

§ § § Introduction § § §

My name is Alix, I'm 40, I'm a father of a gorgeous blond Isabelle being now 25 years old. My wife left me and I now have a girl friend of 18, Ludivine, a beautiful brunette.

We all like the cool sporty look and don't mind to wear torn clothes because we are so careless. Being grunge-like excites us a lot. This is one of the many reasons why my former wife quitted me.

This morning I'm on the sofa watching a porn film with Ludivine sitting... Continue»
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My first cock

It all started back when I was in school and at that time in my life i was getting the useal hard-ons masterbating over catorloges etc and then it happend.. It was during P.E which I personaly hated never being much of an active person(yet i aint fat)and at that time the school was running same sex P.E which seemd a bit of a loss in it's self..

(I mean who dosnt like to c womens tits bounceing:-))as a consquance it was getting harder to fantersize because of the lack of girls so like any 1 I had to adapt my self to the avalerble material at hand. Thier was quite a selection of boys ac... Continue»
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Great ending to a cookout

My wife and i had a friend of mine over for a cookout one hot summer day. We had a great meal and restired inside that evening to watch some DVD's. He and I wore shorts and a t-shirt while my wife wore a yellow t and flowered flowing skirt. We all sat and watched a regular DVD and drank quite alot of mixed drinks until my wife was really bombed, giggling and having a great time.
I asked what did they want to watch next and my wife said "well something exciting" She got more drinks and I put a 3-some x-rated DVD in. When she returned and slipped down between he and I she saw ... Continue»
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Swiss Sentiments

"Welcome to Geneva" the pilot said as the flight touched down and taxied towards the gate at Aéroport International de Genève. I'd been waiting for this moment for the past month in anticipation of seeing her again. I still remembered the bittersweet goodbye at the bus station 3 months ago as I watched her bus drive away, happy to see her follow her dreams yet torn at spending my last semester without her.

The pilot turned off the seatbelt light and all of my fellow passengers seemed to rise out their seats in unison. My mind was only half-focused on retrievi... Continue»
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My s****r and I part 4

We didnt get a chance to be together for the next couple of weeks. My mom and dad were always around. I had to settle for working things out by hand again. I had, however, been taking a pair of Mels used panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom and got into the habit of smelling the crotch as I was jerking off. My cock got so hard from the smell. One Saturday I my s****r had been out all afternoon practicing barrel riding on her horse. She came in and took a shower afterwards. As soon as she was done and left the bathroom I grabbed her latest pair of really soiled panties. I cou... Continue»
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true story about me masturbating in school

i was 17, one day i wake up from my cool dream. it got my all wet i allways sl**p naked so it make me easy to masturbating.
so i pulled off my sheets and i started playing with me self after a bit my mam pushed my door open i was naked with
my hand down at my pussy i went red and in embarrassed and my mam said dont be embarrassed it is ok to do it,
she said get ready for school or you are going to be late, my best friend walks with me to school he is like my b*****r
i wallways wonted a b*****r so i class (andrew) my best friend as my b*****r and he classes me as his s****r i told andrew... Continue»
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Toilet Training

Emma vividly recalled the woman, Jenny, and their first meeting. It had been in a nightclub celebrating her eighteenth birthday – surprising the bouncers, with whom she’d been flirting regularly for well over a year. She’d been kissing some guy in a bar earlier and hoped that she might bump into him in the club. As she scanned the dance floor for him, the woman caught her eye and held it for a moment too long. Like Emma she was tall, with cascading curls and a toned figure. Moments later, she was by Emma’s side.

She didn’t say hi, but she beamed a huge smile th... Continue»
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slut wife/fucked me hadr

my wife planned for my b-day a hotel and we got d***k so when we went to the room she had 4 black men waiting for us and she tied my hands and feet as she started to suck all there cocks making me very horney and as she fucks all the guys and made them cum she told them to fuck me in the ass and for me to suck there cocks also. I said what are you crazy and she said it would turm her on really good to see me suck cum and get fucked in the ass. so i did suck all there cocks plus let them fuck me plus in the virgine ass i have, and let them all cum inside of me. she liked it and when they left s... Continue»
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Sexy Nieces Turn the Tables

Sexy Nieces Turn the Tables

(Sequel to Naughty Nieces Take Advantage)

By billy69boy

“What can we do next?” Beth had asked. My mind reeled at all the possible answers to my young niece’s question. “I’ll let you girls decide,” I copped out, as I struggled to get my heavy breathing under control.

“Do you have any cool toys that we could try, Uncle Bill?” asked young Mary. The delight in her eyes reminded me of the girls on Christmas morning in their younger years. “As a matter of fact, I have a few new ones, still in their wr... Continue»
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Best Friends get to know each other better : )

Anna and Jane were friends from a young age, they grew from girls into women and watch each other as they grew. Until they hit university did anna blow janes world apart!

After a stressful day of lecturs they were supposed to have met up, Jane was at their spot but anna was not.

Jane immediately went to Anna's dorm to hear a faint moaning, a faint wet sound, none the less she stormed in, "Anna!?!" to her shock jane saw anna with a double sided didlo fucking her self.

Jane was embarresed and didn't know how to react. Anna although embarresed slightly she was very ca... Continue»
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college days

Ill never forget a certain girl called steph she was 5ft6 long dark hair curvy dd boobs beautiful round arse It all started on my first day of college there was a girl called steph i knew from school we didnt really get on because i was quite the nerdy type anyway on my first dat i waked into the classroom to the most amazing sight steph bending over her desk in tight black trousers her sexy red silky thong popping out of the top of them i got an instant hard on just looking something came over me i have to go and touch that amazingly sexy round ass so as i walked passed i brushed my hand righ... Continue»
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