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Village traditions

I grew up in a small village with maybe 100 families and every single f****y attended our non-traditional church. Most couples were married into arranged marriages and it was widely accepted as the norm. There was many more unusual traditions.

My parents were a very happy couple and I had several siblings. I was the second oldest with an older b*****r. There was only about a year between us so we were close.

The church had dinners every week and most of the k**s had sl**povers when the adults went to the dinner together. It was great as a k** to have a sl**pover almost weekend. We got bu... Continue»
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Unmasking True Love

Hot candlewax and cold steam
Two different things
That blends together like sugar and tea
When your cold kiss hits my hot lips
My angry fire dies down
And the world will never defeat
Hot candlewax and cold steam

Every word oozed out of the singer like honey hitting a spoon, as she mesmerized the crowd in that penthouse with her angelic voice that was only accentuated by hair white as snow, but skin as young as a freshly bloomed rose and hazel colored eyes that was covered by a 24 karat ruby red mask. The way her hands moved around the piano she was playing was just as beautiful as the... Continue»
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a dream for anna

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say t... Continue»
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A Craving for Cock

I am not sure what it is with me. I have always been straight, with my life consisting of girlfriends, a wife, and a love of pussy. But lately, I have had one thing on my mind – sucking cock.

I fantasize about meeting a middle aged man who is larger than me, and the two of us are alone in a room. He leans down and kisses me, using a lot of tongue and kissing in a somewhat sloppy manner, but done with a purpose to convey to me that he is in control and that I am his. The kiss eventually moves from my mouth to my cheek and then to my ear, with him leaving a wet trail from his tongue over the... Continue»
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Hump Day

I was preparing for my wednesday just like every other. You see every wednesday my husband Jim and I have lunch together but today I had a special surprise for him. I was wearing a light sun dress with nothing underneath in hopes that I could convince him for a quickie. This dress i chose clings to my breasts and hips perfectly and i couldnt wait to show him it. He's always loved sundresses because of the easy access they provide. I was feeling particularly horny as I drove to meet him I couldn't stop thinking of how exciting this would be. I could feel the dampness between my lips. I left a b... Continue»
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16 YR Old Gina

I was busy working out at home when I heard a knock at the door. Covered with sweat and only wearing a pair of loose shorts and no underwear, I grabbed a towel and opened the door. My disheveled look must have taken my visitor by surprise as Gina just stood there.

Gina is my neighbors’ high school aged daughter. I asked her if there was anything she needed and she composed herself and asked if she could talk to me inside. I opened the door further and invited her in. I apologized for my look and dress and told her that I was working out and she said that was okay. As I got a glass of ice w... Continue»
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my wife got a new toy

My wife as cuckold me since day one. I have been taught her body is hers to do with as she pleases. She is a beauty at five foot four one hundred pounds blue eyes and blonde hair. She has honed her skills as a cuckoldress to a fine edge. Her straight blonde hair id cut with bangs just because I let it slip once that I thought it was sexy. She loves to tease me...just last month she bought one of those pumps to make her pussy lips nice and fat. The first time she pumped herself she did it in the bathroom while in the shower. She keeps herself shaved smooth and that aided in being able to get ... Continue»
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Caught and now TRAINED by DADDY

I was in high school and I have liked women all my life. Every now and then, for

some strange reason, I feel the urge every now and then to suck cock or maybe

get fucked in my ass. I had NEVER done either but had jerked off a thousand

times watching porn of guys fucking and sucking each other off. My biggest

fantasy was to have a couple of guys eat and then fuck my tight ass bareback

and shoot their hot loads DEEP in my butt and then f***e me to lick and suck

their cum drenched cocks clean! Now my cock is pretty big (about 9 inches) and

I'm lucky in that respec
... Continue»
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crossdresser fantasy

hi - my name is franny and i am a pantyhose addict - been that way since puberty wearing my mothers clothes - but lately, i have really indulged myself with buying spree at macys - loading up on hosiery . shapewear . dresses and heels - can never seem to satsify my fantasy of transformation to a woman - what would really put me over would be to entertain horny men and it might go something like the following wishful thought

i like meeting others on line who have the same passion i do for pantyhose - lots of cam cum sessions that were hot but lacking in reality until i met synenergy - althou... Continue»
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The first meeting

I knocked on the door, it opened and I walked into a room I had seen many times on XH. I turned as she closed the door and came towards me. I looked at her long black hair, plain blouse, short denim skirt and black hosiery with black mid heeled shoes. I put my bag on the floor, faced her and said “You look so good, I’m all yours”. She smiled nervously; I knew this was her first time. She drew closer, her dark eyes fixed on my face. Gently she put her lips against mine, I let my mouth open a little and she took the hint, pushing the tip of her tongue into my mouth. We stood quietly, gently sway... Continue»
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this weekend i was a lesbians first

girl in town use to work local coffee shop a whole 4 months, never talked to her never thought much of her. Now that she quit, she comes in in her street clothes. Low cut top, short ripped jeans just below her ass cheeks, she is 20 5'1 100lbs nice small firm b cup breasts.

Out of know where 4 weeks ago, we started chatting, joking, flirting mostly her, I didn't believe she was into me a man 2x her age......Found out on our 3rd chat not by her, that she is a lesbian never been with a man has a girlfriend. She lives in a house where there are 3 lesbian couples...I don't know if they swap but... Continue»
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Double Exposure... Part II

Double Exposure... Part II
a reality-based fiction by DizzyD

The saga of the Evans twins continues when Sarah's 'goody two-shoes' best friend joins the party!

This is Part Two of a three part erotic novel. If you haven't read Part I, I recommend you do so by linking it here:

If you have... then on with the show!

For the rest of the afternoon, the sexual energy in the Evans house was palpable. Earlier in the day, Sarah, the female half of the fraternal Evans twins, announced to her male counterpart that since their parents... Continue»
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Part Two: The actual meeting

On the trip in the plane, I could not keep thinking that I might be the biggest chump ever. That I was flying to meet this near stranger, renting a hotel room, and she probably won’t even show! Finally we land, walk out towards baggage claim and have not spotted her. Great, I think, you are a CHUMP!

I Needed to go to the head, so ducked into the restroom. When I came out…there she was. Damn, my cock went hard immediately! She looked fantastic! Much better than the photos she had sent, and I thought she was incredibly sexy in those. I thought, wow, I hit the jackpot with this petite sex ki... Continue»
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Bi-rthday Suprise

I have had a bad run with women over the last year. I tried online dating, speed dating, the clubs, and no luck.
To say the least it has been a long time since I got some pussy. I have been so horny lately that I have been considering
seeing a prostitute. My birthday was this Thursday and one of my male coworkers wanted to take me out with his wife to
show me a good time. I agreed, and we set up a night out on Thursday.
Parker and Emma picked me up at my apartment around 8 pm. Emma was a drop dead gorgeous blond, with the body of a
sex goddess. Huge massive tits tha... Continue»
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After “coaxing” me into my first bisexual experience with a guy, Lacey finally kept her promise gave me my reward. She arranged a FFM threesome with her friend and co-worker Tiffany. Tiffany and I already knew each other and I was aware of their history. Tiffany and I spoke before meeting and arranged our own little surprise for Lacey. We met at Tiffany’s house. I arrived first with my bag of goodies. As we got ready, Tiffany kept asking me how Lacey got me to agree to let a man have his way with me. She never could’ve imagined me as being submissive let alone agreeing to have guy imposed on m... Continue»
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Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

I used to visit the near by pond in those day. I was a young boy, eighteen years old trying to learn to swim. The pond was surrounded by tress and bushes on one side and few small huts on another side. I often heard from my friends that they have seen couples having sex in the bushes. Sex was a new subject for me and the sight of a pulpy girl was enough to excite my senses.

Our f****y had a maid and she often talked about that pond. She was a 18 yrs old bu
... Continue»
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Tammys Tale

Tammy's Tale

Anticipation and Agony of the best kind setting in, you stare down at your phone as the screen is filled with our last Kik message: "Ok Babe, I'll be there soon". Biting your lip a bit and staring out the window of the local coffee joint, your foot rocks back and forth, trying to focus on something thats not sexually related, as the two years of lacking sexual contact is overriding anything else you would want right now. Putting on a strong face you adjust your seat, making a bit of a squaking sound, but no one else seems to mind. Taking a deep breath you blow the steam of t... Continue»
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A Life-changing Experience, Part One

A Life-Changing Experience, Part One

A few years ago, I had an experience that blew my mind and opened my eyes to a world of new opportunities.

I had recently taken a job in a new city and moved without much furniture. So I took to Craigslist to see what I could find to furnish my new apartment. Among other things, I was looking for a desk with lots of drawers and shelves. I found one that looked good, and it was not very far away. I emailed with the seller, he responded very promptly, and we set up a time on Saturday afternoon when I could come by and take a look at it. He told m... Continue»
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Bi Beginnings

I remember finding while doing a search on Dallas Gloryholes. The thought of being
on my knees and an an anonymous cock poking through a hole into my waiting mouth really turned me on to no end. I've been bi-curious since my twenties and it's time I started making fantasy into reality.
I started by placing an ad on Craigslist and literally had to beg to find someone to let me blow him, I never imagined it would be so difficult to find someone to use a warm, willing mouth but finally a cute little Hispanic guy came by. I had him drop his pants and take a seat and I walked over and... Continue»
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Mature Whore till the end

This happened early 70's when I was 16 .
I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me to go on holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won but was informed that mum's friend would pop in to see how I was etc .
I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven.
I put on my summer dressing gown which was... Continue»
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