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Locker room blackmail

It was a warm spring Wednesday afternoon and I had been playing football
but needed to leave early for a music lesson. I started making my way back
to the locker room looking over the fields at everyone playing their
different sports.

I pushed the door to the locker room open taking in the stale smell of
male teenage bodies while looking around to see if anyone else was in the
room. There were a few locker rooms to choose from but I had chosen the
furthest away so I would be alone. Today it looked like I would be as there
was only one other set of cloths hanging up, I walked over... Continue»
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First Time (This is just an old story I found the

My head swirled with thoughts that I could not control. He was in my bed, laying on top of the satin sheets that covered the king sized mattress. He smiled warmly at me and sat up, awaiting my next move. I thought about what I wanted to do to him, and what I wanted him to do to me. I wanted to feel his warm hands on my skin. My fingers itched to run through his auburn hair. I yearned to caress my mouth against his, to have our bodies pressed against one another. His eyes stared into mine; I could tell he was trying to decipher the expression hidden within them. I looked up at the reflection in... Continue»
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Confessions #1: Karie as teen

Smart slender sexy lovely looking cute Karie is a blond beauty and a friend of a good friend
She tells me enigmatic erotic bits about her - I am curious - try to tease her with my messages
Suddenly she starts to respond, as I tell her about a confession I just took from a dear friend
She slowly starts to tell me the same sexy dirty details her hot pervy pychiatrist had demanded

Karie is as shy, sexy and special in her sexuality

Karie is a cute yummy young looking lovely cute blond beauty, barely thirty plus in my opinion
Karie likes my idea she can confess to me if she likes - w... Continue»
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A never ending love story

We started dating in high school, she and I were a couple years apart and our hormones were raging out of control. It started out feeling each other up, she had magnificent breast for her age and a smooth pussy that concealed her clit completely under the outer lips so all you could see was a slit. When her legs were spread and her lips pulled open you could see her hard clit inside.
We would sit on the school bus, going to games and on the way back when it was dark, slide our hands down under our cloths to feel each other. She would stroke my cock and I would finger her pussy till we both c... Continue»
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Skinny dip in own pool with husband and his mate

It was a balmy Queensland summer night and I was sitting topless with my hubby by our pool when the phone rang - it was his mate and he had a power cut at his place and wanted to come round to our place and share a few drinks - we said "of course"

Hubby and I had been drinking for an hour or so and were feeling a little daring, so my hubby said to me 'don't put a top on when he comes around - stay dressed like that" "No problem" I replied and settled back to enjoy showing off a little - then my hubby said - "I dare you to take your bottoms off too!" - "what's in it for me" I asked "plenty ... Continue»
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Meeting Alyssa

It was a number of years into my marriage and my wife just was not
satisfying the "darker" sexual urges of mine. As I had grown sexually over
the years I came to enjoy being the dominant partner and my wife had a
rather vanilla and puritanical view of sex that I hadn't fully recognized
when we were dating. Eventually I decided to look online for a submissive
girl to chat with and maybe meet.

This is the story of my first meeting with "alyssa", a woman I ended up
having a relationship with for several years and still email occasionally
today. She was married, with a young son... Continue»
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I stood in front of the Greyhound bus station and watched her
walk away. In the three years since I turned 18 I have tried four
times to get sexually involved with a woman I was dating. Sylvia was
the fourth to spend a week with me making love. She was also the
fourth one to tell me I was a lousy fuck.
I tried to accommodate them and do what they wanted, but
whenever I tried to 'eat pussy', I just gagged and choked on the
smell. As far as fucking was concerned, well just the idea of
sticking my nice clean dick into a sloppy loose... Continue»
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my diary

when i turned legal drinking age i drank a lot. then i got married and didnt really drink for 12yrs. then i got divorced and....well, you can figure the rest out. most of my memories are hazy and i will fill in the gaps using...ahem..."creative license". at the end of each story i will give the facts of what happened as i recall them. so that being said...on with the stories! jules

i was sitting in what i guess you would call a drinkers bar. you know the type. no grill. n... Continue»
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For my friend Jason about his wife Chris

I usually only write about true experiences but my friend Jason asked me to write a story about his wife Chris.
I had a load going to western Canada but couldn't couldn't cross the border until Monday so I layed over at a local hotel. I went to the lounge to have a drink an relax after a long day driving. I noticed a long legged brunette sitting at the bar with a short skirt on sporting those nice long legs. I asked her if the stool beside her was taken? She said she guessed it was now and gave me a big smile. I told her I was ready for a cold beer after a long day driving, she said she was h... Continue»
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I was a TEENAGE Whore and Prostitute!

I wanted to tell all you you about how I learned to become and then BECAME a slutty teenage prostitute! I know it's probably strange to some of you but I loved it and actually still do even though my current husband has no idea of what I was and what I still am. Truthfully, he's a minister at a large church and if her ever found out, I would be divorced!

I have always liked sex and even when I was a very little girl, I would play with my own little pussy and even stick things in my ass, like my finger or a small pencil to feel what it was like. My parents had a secret box in their cl
... Continue»
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Learning to FUCK from MOM and DADDY

My name is Mark and I have a true story to tell you about my first time having sex and my first time doing a few other things too!

My mom and dad were both avid nudists and on weekends, we would all go to this place where everybody ran around naked! I was use to it by the time I got in 7th grade and I kind of enjoyed watching people, especially the girls my age at that place. We were all too young to have even any pubic hair much less experience with sex, but one night, I saw something that would change that forever!

Our parents had told me, my b*****r and my s****r that they w
... Continue»
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came home to a surprise.

This is a true story that took place recently.

So I work a graveyard shift so I leave home late and get home at 6 am. Before I went to work my wife told me that she was going to go out with her friend to go to a few bars and then come home a little later in the night. I leave for work knowing my wife going out, and once she drinks she just can't stop till she is black out d***k,and I was stuck at work so I was somewhat jealous. I heard off and on from he'd throughout the night and I could tell that she was quite d***k. Then at three in the morning her friend calls and said they made it ho... Continue»
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My first Taste of Cock and Cum-please comment

My First Taste Of Cock and Cum-please comment
When I was younger an older k** from the neighborhood used to take me down his basement where his parents were the super and he would show me porn magazines. He would talk about the girls and what he wanted to do to them and wanted them to do to him and he would pull out his dick and jerk off. I would jerk off too and seeing pussy getting fucked and girls sucking cock combined with my age would make my dick shoot about 4-5 feet streams of cum.
Especially after seeing him shoot his load. I loved watching him play with his dick ! His dick was very... Continue»
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Unplanned Ultimate Sex With Swati

This story is about Swati (name changed for obvious reasons) and me. It all started when I was in std 12(2005). It was winter time and all schools were closed for Christmas. After scoring high grades in 10th, I moved to the capital city and was staying in a PG. My father’s ex colleague and his wife were my LG and were the only people I knew in the city. It was f****y of 4 : Husband, wife, daughter Swati(23 yrs) and son sanju (20). Lemme tell you about Sonam. She
... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Virgin Younger Sister

I am Venkat age 21 from Visakhapatnam (Vizag).This is a true story unlike other stories. The heroine of the story is my younger cousin s****r Ramya. She is 2 years younger than me. This incident happened on her 16th birthday.

About me I’m 5ft 7in in height and an average built with 6 inches tool to satisfy any woman. I am a follower of this site from past 5 years and at last got time and opportunity to contribute my part and share my true experience with you a
... Continue»
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My First Swinger's Party

By Jennifer

My mother used to host swinger parties when my father was at work or out of town. there would be 4 or 5 couples that would come over along with 3 or 4 black guys by themselves. Mom would send me upstairs to my room and tell me to stay there but I would always sneak down to peek. One time one of the black guys brought one of the wives up stairs to a bedroom so i fallowed to watch, he took her into my room and he mounted her on my bed. I watched them for a while until they both came, my panties were soaked by now just from watching. When he pulled out she just whimpered, after a f... Continue»
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Lin and Lex a weekend away for free #1

Lin and Lex are girlfriends from first year in basic school - they like each other a lot
Lex and Lin are often out together and at parties, but never away for a full weekend yet
Lin and Lex differ in many things: their characters, looks as well as sexual preferences
Let me introduce both to you: same size, small and slender, so sexy to see them together!

Lex loves lovely looking ladies and lasses - great girls - best with firm big boobs

Lex loves lovely looking ladies and lasses - she is so shy - but born as a lesbian in love
Lex looks a bit boyish: almost no boobies with bar... Continue»
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about how it all came about.

I have been a crossdresser for many years now, since about the age of 5 or 6, I wore my first pair of pantyhose, it made me feel excited inside, I did know if I got caught I would be in trouble,which I eventually did,boy did I get ridiculed for a long time growing up,which I think eventually led me down the road of d**gs and alcohol, burying my thoughts and confusions,i did dress when no one was home and discovered masturbation at about 14,wow do I like did have a friend growing up we did dress together but never experimented with each other,it was always on my mind,i absolutely d... Continue»
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Mom 6

I nodded. Mom was still on her knees with her robe open, with my cum was dripping off her lips and chin and on to her breasts. She just stared at me as she licked her lips, " baby boy tastes good.....". Her hair was all messed up from my pulling and holding her head. Her makeup was a mess and her lipstick was smeared. She looked like a slut. She stood and dropped the robe from her shoulders. Reaching up she massaged my cum all over her chest as her other hand dropped to her mound. Her fingers roamed in her folds, "Mommy needs something now G......." as she reached out grabbi... Continue»
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Mom 7

"She was quiet as she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of my cock. Pulling her tongue back slowly a thread of pre cum pulled away falling onto her chin. She turned and looked at me. "Kiss me G....taste your boy cum on my lips" We kissed and she licked my lips to open them so she could share with me and then went back for more, and another kiss, and another. She looked at me once again, "I would see your cock, and I would masturbate....I would cum so quickly panties would be drenched....I would put them in the hamper.....hoping you take them and fill them with your I ... Continue»
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