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s****r act

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’d know that I have a very hot wife, who has become my slut/whore, and a very wild pussy. But this blog is from back before I even met Tish.

Background: I was raised in a small farming community in Nebraska, a mid-c***d of 6, and if you know anything about a farm with 6 k**s, nothing goes to waste and my life was a series of hand-me-downs. After High School, you options are pretty limited, go to college, stay on the farm, or join the military. I tried to stay on the farm, but I don’t deal with the older b*o-ther, who was married with 2 k**s and was p... Continue»
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cuckold lifestyle 67

This crazy Georgia weather just won't warmm up. My wife invited the people she works with over for a pool party but the water was still to cool to go swining. The girls and guys came dressed for swimming anyway and we stayed out near the pool even though no one jumped it. My wife was walking around chatting with everyone making sure they had a drink and was having a good time. I was posted at the BBQ grill and had the burgers going. Most of the real young girls where wearing just bikinis and the older married ones had a bikini cover up on over their suit. My wife started out wearing just her b... Continue»
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Back In The Day

I’m Kamal; Back when I was only 1X years old there was this boy Ryan that lived across the street from me he was the same age as I was and we were good friends, we played together, we laughed together and he and I hung out most days, but the truth was that Ryan and I were more than just friends. It was just my Father and I, I didn’t have any siblings and Ryan had both parents and an older b*****r, but when Ryan or I would myself our houses to ourselves, (most Friday nights) when my dad worked the late shift at the hospital or whenever his parents and b*****r were out, we would do more than jus... Continue»
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My Bankers' Wife!

My Banker's Wife

When I woke up last Saturday, I lay in bed for a few minutes contemplating the day I had planned for myself and enjoying a long satisfying stretch before actually rising. When I rolled out of bed, my boxers tented out as per normal me.

I have always had a pretty high sex drive and I do enjoy it immensely! I'm also just coming out of a relationship with a wonderful young woman who, despite being very easy on the eyes, had only a casual interest in gainful employment and was really looking for someone to keep her in credit cards and a nice car. That's not what I want in a ... Continue»
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My True Thing!

My first Blowjob was with 45+ aged man and its was f***eful against my wish. That was first time I touched PENIS and after that incident was feeling so sinful, which made me to watch PORN in my free time and been to xHamster.

After being here got a desire to catch thick white man's penis, so was searching for safe man locally and got one Australian in FaceBook, who use to stay in India working as Network engineer. He dint knew that I was 18 and used to send lots of erected penis snaps to me, and its was really thick white one.

A day... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 3

Janet and John are twins.
Janet and John live with their Mummy and Daddy in a big house in the country.

Anna, their older s1ster also lives there.
Anna has left school, she is 18.
Anna works in a big departmental store in Romford.

Anna catches the bus to work each day.
Anna looks out of the window at all the girls in pretty summer frocks.
Anna does not like boys; Anna likes girls. Anna is a lesbian.

Anna has to wear a boring black skirt and white blouse.
Anna works in the ladies wear department, so has to look smart.
Anna helps fit young girls with their first bra.
Anna is ver... Continue»
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My Night Of Being A Dom

Hello, This is my first story. This is a true story of an experience of mine, that happened to me a few years ago and I will write it, as I remember it.
And of how I fell in love with and bacame a dom.
I have changed the names and how we met to respect him and had his permission to write this.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
(Please comment and let me know what you think, the more who tells me, the more I will write).
Thank you

I was at home one day, feeling really horny, so I went on the internet. I went on a site that, I almost always get a meet and said h... Continue»
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Three Tasty Cuties Coming -1

Three Tasty Hot Hairy Cuties Confession
Tonight I noticed a hot hairy foxy friend online, I invited her for our second chat
Hairy Katie is in the mood for me, even introduces great girlfriends who are at her
Ready for some action next day going out in my town, the capital of old Amsterdam
Exciting idea to know the private plans of those three tasties for tomorrow: Milky Way
Exactly a place where I might like to meet them casually by chance, what a sexy idea!

Tasty, sexy and pretty she is, my foxy friend cute Katie, she shows two photos of her
All three read along while we talk,... Continue»
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Intentionally Naughty

She adjusted her clothing or what little of it there was before she separated the two doors to this pub. Her short dress was slipped up a little higher and her low cut top was pulled lower to reveal two ample heaving breasts. Her breaths deepened and her heart pounded. She pushed the doors in and took in the view inside. The smell of beer and aftershave hung in the air. She knew she was in the right place. Her nice round ass swayed as she moved towards the bar. Her buxom bussoms bounced too. Her long dark hair fell upon her right breast and she lifted it with her slim fingers and threw ... Continue»
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Continued....My first gay sex

It gave me an amazing sensation, I guess I've never had before as Mark kept pressing on my hard cock. I could feel my hands shivering on his back. I had never thought he would let me...even at my first attempt to seduce him. Encouraged by his response, I started pushing my cock against his back. Our bodies were in direct contact now. I began to caress his neck slowly and lowered my head to his. I guess he could sense the warmth of my breath. I bent and gently touched his neck with my hot and trembling lips. That gentle kiss ran through him as an electric shock and as he sat he grabbed my neck ... Continue»
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He fucked my girl

by xleglover

This happened in college. One night my girlfriend Jen and I were making out in my bedroom. I had one hand inside her blouse and another up her skirt, and it was just getting really good when my roommate Ricky walked in. "Whoa, sorry," he said seeing us. "Don't worry, I'll sl**p on the couch." I felt bad because I knew he'd get no sl**p outside in the dorm common room, so I pulled a blanket over me and Jen and told him to stay a while. I figured the least we could do is drink a beer with him before kicking him out. I could tell Jen was embarrassed, and I felt her button... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 9

This will tell about the first time Kim "had," or was had, by a Black Man.

By this time, about three months after the "beach show," Kim had limited herself to working only two nights a week. THIS WAS HER IDEA, NOT MINE! She wanted to go out to the movies and the club, and socialize with "her guys" more. She had become more amd more posessive of the people I worked with, much to their enjoyment. She loved having them come by our "new" house. It was much, much larger, and had its own bathroom and kitchen. NO MORE HAVING TO SHARE OR WAIT ON SOMEONE ELSE!!!

We also had our own patio, c... Continue»
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Satin Panties

It was a full moon spring night and wanted to go dancing. I was wearing this tight tank top with a button up dress shirt, dress pants with no underwear and timberlands slide on's. Hit the local club before they started to charge cover. Ate oysters on the half shell with shots of tequila. Talked to a few people waiting for the crowd to get in. This one club is known for having Bachelorette party groups just about every weekend. As it was getting closer to 10 pm the girls were making their way in, along with the four bachelorette groups. Then this one group of 5 women came in, WOW...

They all... Continue»
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turn your wife into a slut

My wife Tish is an exotic looking Latina (f****y from Chile), from a very traditional f****y with one older b*****r, two younger b*****rs and one younger s****r. If you know anything about this type of traditional f****y you would know the older b*****r tells the younger siblings what to do, and the eldest girl (Tish) has the household chores and is pretty much a live-in baby sitter. With that said, before we met, her sex life was non-existent, she had friends who had stories, and saw some things in movies or TV, but other than that, just kissing and a little touchy-feely, because big b*****... Continue»
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My first 3 some.

When i was 18, and a senior in high school, I was dating this 19 year old named Amanda. We met at a pep rally, but I'm gonna skip to the good stuff. We had been dating for a year, and she wouldn't put out for me. I was so patient though, and i know she respected and appreciated that. We went to an after party for homecoming together one night, and i thought that would be my chance to get some pussy. There was another girl at the party that i was very attracted to as well, her name was Amber. She was Russian, very little in height and body size, but she was adorable. We started to hang out, dri... Continue»
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Whore within

After Tish read my posting on when and how she became a slut, she has been on me (physically on my dick) wanting to post more stories, saying “oh, you need to tell them about the time we did this.” Seriously, I think I’ve created a little monster (a fuck monster). So this one is for Tish, it’s her favorite for me to tell at swing parties.

Tish and I had been going to a not so local hotel/lounge for some role playing (hooker/john), and it was pretty fun, so one night when Kelly was over (our neighbor, and Tish’s slut buddy), they were talking about going up LA to a hotel close to where Dav... Continue»
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Leon and Chris...first time...

Leon and Chris grew up together, living on the same street and playing together most of their c***d hood. They did most everything together, went to the same elementary school and high school. During their summer vacation they would spend time down at their favorite swimming hole.

It was just a tributary that split off from the main river channel and maybe a mile down stream it pooled into a ten feet deep pool. There Leon and Chris would spend most of the day swimming and diving off the bank.

Leon was a better swimmer than Chris and would oft times dunk Chris into the pool and swim aw... Continue»
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"In confessional"

This is a story heard while waiting for someone to come on the other side of the confessional, and I had asked to speak.
He told of how, temporarily emigrated, he had been working for several months away from home, in a foreign country, not knowing anyone, where language, religion and customs are the completely unknown.
This told the other side of the confessional:
"Fortunately, the work assigned by the multinational was easy, and well-paid, with long hours that led to completely tired, but anonymously returned elegant hotel, where even the" reception "I could chat. I often fell asl**p as s... Continue»
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A Third

A Third

By A. B.

(Tv, control, f***ed fem, cuckold, impreg., mf, Mm, oral, anal)

For years I've been what is known as a closet crossdresser. That is, I like to dress in women's clothing and I like the idea of being treated like a woman by a guy. I'm very passive sexually and, unfortunately, so is my wife.

My fetish took a new turn when I began to talk to other cd's on a chat program and, after a while, talking to the "admirers" who are interested in us. There are an amazing number of both of us - those who like dressing and those who lust after us that way. Strangely, ne... Continue»
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an overheard conversation

This is the recounting of a conversation I heard while I was waiting alone in an interview room in my local bank a number of years ago.Up until then I thought these type of experiences only happened in my imagination.They were two females telling of recent sexual encounters.The first lady told her story but it was pretty much run of the mill,the other lady's was much more interesting.Here goes................................"Well I popped over to Pete's flat on friday evening but when I went in I didn't see him there.The tv was on so I sat down & waited assuming he'd popped over to the shop o... Continue»
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