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Gay First Time; whit black/puerto rican

Im hispanic better yet Mexican.It was in the 8grade i was 15 and he was 16yr old boy who they called Rico i guess bcuss he was Puerto Rican, but on the real i always though he was black bcuss he looks black,but his mix.I wasent realy popular in the school until that year, maybe bcuss i never use to go and i had angermanagement problems, also i didnt like talking to nobody i was just mining ma own bussiness straigh up chillen.
When i was in 7th grade i never thought i was bi,didnt pay attention to no guys i only fucked around whit gurls.In that summer i started running/exersing to get in s... Continue»
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Day Before Easter

I've already told that I've joined for weekend batch of MCA. So on April 23rd. We all (classmates) decided to celebrate Easter in class. So on that morning I wake up little early and do all jobs till evening and get ready very quickly. I've no car because my husband has took it on Good Friday and he will come after one or two weeks. So I need to go with my friends car. After 9 am Neha has come with her car and I locked my home and went with her. I was wearing a tube dress that have noodle straps and it was very thin too. While I walks and sits it will show my pussy and side of boobs are also s... Continue»
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Almost Getting Caught: The f****y Pool

In my last story I told you about how my ex-girlfriend loved fooling around with the chance of getting caught, we almost got caught not only by her dad but also her s****r which we fucked a mere 5 feet from her.
There are a ton more stories but I wanted to share this one because it was her fantasy cum true.

She always wanted to fool around in her pool. We met in October and her dad closed down the pool for the year already. She would always say she wanted to fool around in her pool because it was connected to the deck which in turn was connected to the house. So if anyone was in the kitch... Continue»
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Story of Jane (Cuckold)

True Story of Jane Part 1

When I first met my wife she was 23 and I was 28. She had been married once before. I learned very quickly that she was very sexually experienced and I found out she had had a black American soldier, who was stationed in England, as her boyfriend for a while. I pressed her to tell me more about sex with him and she readily admitted that he had the biggest cock she had ever taken (and she also admitted she had taken quite a few). She said that his favourite position was to get her to climb onto a chair and squat with her lovely arse facing him while she hung onto t... Continue»
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Why have we never done that?

My buddy Aaron and I were hanging out at a bar one night. Well, actually, we went to the bar all the time. We stayed there for a few hours while catching a nice buzz. Just before the bar closed we decided to go back to his place and keep drinking.

When we got back to his place, Aaron decided that he was going to take a shower because on the ride home he tried pissing in a bottle and it spilled all over him. That was the first time I saw his cock. It wasn't very big and when Aaron noticed that I was peeking at his dick he started to slowly jerk it until he got beefed up. It just looked so j... Continue»
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Massage, For the tired ladies

You are tired and sore as you walk into the house.

First I take your clothes off slowly. Standing behind you I unbutton the blouse then pull back and as you are exposed I softly kiss your neck and shoulders. Unhook bra at the back and kiss spine from neck down to waist band on skirt. Then let tongue trace a line back up to neck. I pull the bra straps down arms and toss bra to floor.

Unbutton and unzip skirt then slip down, you are only wearing panties and as you lift legs to step out of skirt, I kiss your butt cheeks and then down one leg and up other. Now I pull panties dow... Continue»
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Development of a Lesbian - Bonus

Hey everyone. I got a pretty good response to my last story so I'm going to post something I discovered on my old hard drive - my writings from when I was about 14-16. When I was younger I used to write what was on my mind, so here it is! Also, if you notice any differences in this story and the last, its because I exaggerated a lot in the last one. This is all true however. (Note: I had a very odd writing style because I thought nobody would ever read it)



My tits are getting bigger now. They are so s... Continue»
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The Joy of Pleasing Joy #0

Lovely looking young Joy happened to need a lot of joy to be pleased.
Not tall, but big breasted for a lovely lady her heighth, she seemed
well endowed to whatever attention she might need.

By loss of luck, her main man and love could not serve their wet wishes any more.
Joy decided to stay true and faithful, but was open for fresh (s)experiments.
Her long-distance lover Pete offered his bit of stiff resistance to resignation.

Joy looked forward to some sexual joy. She gave in to the idea of virtual love.
Joyfully, Joy invited Pete to type his bits of fantasy about her.
Joy, nor h... Continue»
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Wishing You Were Here

It's friday night and jill's home alone. Her boyfriend (tre')went out of town on a buissnes call he said he would come by to see jill later on to night when he got back into to town but knowing tre' he'll mostlikely stand her up. so she doesnt sweet him. Its late and there's not a thing to watch on TV, she runs a hot bubble bath for herself, turns on sum soothing music to relax her body, & hops in the tub. The hot water suroundes her body and she moans in pleasure and starts to relax.

Jill grabs a washcloth and runs it accros her bear chest, sending chills up and down her spine. She drope... Continue»
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My first love

I was 18 when i met my boy friend who was 18 too. We both loved each other very much more than our lives. Abhi(boy) didnt kissed me even once also in two year of our love, we just use to talk and chat in phones. Finally one day abhi asked "Do you know why they kiss when they get married?", to me(anu). I didnt know because i was that girl who had never kissed before to anyone and off course it was my first love. Abhi told me that by kissing their feeling become strong and even their love too. He finally asked he wanted to kiss me. I said "OK" with hesitation. That was saturday our college was... Continue»
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Kirk & Erin


I want to give out a little information before I write this story! My name is Kirk Parmer and I moved to Texas 6 years ago in April and I came from Alaska. I was born and raised in Alaska for 15 years and that is why I have the username Alaska. The xxx is because I like porn! Now this story is titled Kirk & Erin because this is like a parody of the biblical story of Adam & Eve. This story is going to be better though because its going to have sex in it! I hope you will enjoy this and please comment!
__________________________________... Continue»
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A virgin's first fist

It was my first of new school I changed my school due to my weakness in study.I enter the classroom the class consisted 20 students I introduce myself to them and after that sit with a guy on first bench I did not see him carefully because the teacher came at that time.After the class I talked with him his name was Joe I looked him carefully he was as much handsome at where you can not imagine.

He was black haired,brown eyes,medium height boy.He talked in such a way that he could impress everybody with his voice.As the days passed we came good friends.One morning when I got up it was heav... Continue»
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My First Time, hot and steamy.

Katie paced the windows of her penthouse apartment, lonely she sat back on the black suede sofa, pondering what the night might bring her. Alone and cold, she ****d a mink throw around her body and watching the snow drifting past her window. New York was a pretty place, especially when it snowed, central park became a winter wonderland and the streets looked ultra pretty dusted with a layer of glimmering snow. Katie an eighteen year old student was new to living alone, only 3 weeks ago she moved out of her parents Manhattan home, living alone had become a new thing for Katie. Normally on... Continue»
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Jennifer's Black Lingerie

I recently moved to this gated community and had this flat rented. Preparations for college weren’t as easy as I thought, but Christmas break had come and I planned to relax for some time. I enjoy just chilling out at home and relaxing, so anyway, I got up Sunday morning around 9 and walked out onto the balcony of my room to enjoy the morning sunlight and breeze. Looking out towards the other houses I could tell that many other people already left on vacation. I took in a deep breath of satisfaction.

Suddenly, the doors of flat the next to mine opened and out stepped a simply beautiful ... Continue»
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Virginity Halloween Candy

I will never forget the day I gave something so dear to me to somebody I honest can say I care about: My Virginity to Jacob Lee Seymour.

It was the day before Halloween. It was getting later an later an I was talkin to Carol. We both felt the need of being little k**s jus one more time be for we honestly had to grow up. I convinced my mom to take us both out so we could get some candy wen something totally diff was on Carol's mind. Mom drops us off an we get a little candy, but later that night I got more then I bargained for. I guess they all had it set up an me being the youngest ou... Continue»
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My first time with my best friends

One friday me and two of my friends were heading to the school parking lot talking. we decided that we were going to hang out that night. so later that night I decided to take a shower before leaving. when I got in I felt my penis begin to grow hard and thoughts of Dale on my friends was going through my head.

Dale was 5'9 has blonde hair kind of shy and very athletic. he is pretty built with a nice six pack.

I have never had any gay thoughts because I was straight. but I went with the thoughts and stroked my dick. I closed my eyes and the images of Dale kept going through my head. a... Continue»
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A virgin's first fist

Just a few years ago, I experienced my first major sexual experience. Up until I was about 21, I was a virgin, an endangered species at my age, and wasn’t too worried about. Then, a few months before my 22nd birthday, I met this amazing guy. He was perfect for me. We both enjoyed spending many nights just sitting around, playing video games, watching movies and what-not, but we also loved going out for romantic dinners. He was also big into the gift and flower giving.

A few days before my 22nd birthday, we were having an early birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant, just because he kn... Continue»
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Interview to ...

I had gone for interview at an Upcoming MNC in Mumbai. I am from Pune and had come to Mumbai just for the interview. I was staying with my cousin who is an AirHostess. The interview was the last round with the boss himself. So I had to go to his Office. I had waited in the loby for 2 hours as there was a General Board Meeting going on.

I had to call up my cousin and tell her not to wait for me at dinner. My cousin is a party freek. When she is not working, she is either sl**ping, shopping or partying. That means she wont be home till early hours. Finally the Meeting was over. There we... Continue»
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The Best School Ride

First, I'm a male, 5,4" tall, 18yo.

It all started when my school hired women as bus assistants to help k**s cross streets to their home and so on. Most of these bus assistants were ugly as hell, but the one in my bus.. Well she wasn't the cutest girl ever, but her body was the best I seen! Small, round ass and the most firm 36B breasts. She always wore skinny jeans, which always made me hard on.

After a few months she became used to her job, more friendly and chatty. She liked me a lot, so I always sat next to her in the bus. One cold day, her small nipples were hard, I couldn't k... Continue»
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My first time and a little more

My friend Sean and I grew up together. We lived on the same block, were the same age, and were in the same class at school. Since my folks worked late, we usually ended up at my house after school. One day, Sean asked if he could see my dick. Of course, I had to ask for him to do the same. Sean asked if I wanted to suck ‘em. After going back and forth deciding who would be first and promising never to tell anyone, we ended up sucking each other. That was my first time. I didn’t know what a great feeling the body can have until then. I was completely amazed. It turned out that Sean's cous... Continue»
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