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A Sibling Secret

Kit nudged open the front door, exhausted but pleased. It had been a long day, and after all the stores and appointments she looked forward to just relaxing the rest of the evening. Laden with shopping bags she bumped the door quietly shut with her back, not wanting to wake the rest of her f****y. Sneaking in late at night wasn't a problem for Kit -- she'd done it many times before, and with more incriminating companions than cans of soup. She didn't make a sound as she laid down the groceries and tip-toed into the livingroom.

Thomas was waiting for her. Well, to a degree. The now post-grad... Continue»
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Cassie and her b*****r do more than study.

It was a little after seven when my iPhone buzzed, letting me know I had a text message. I had it set on silent ring, since I was studying in the university library, which had been my practice for the past several weeks. Courses were getting much more difficult since I'd gotten into my major. The first two years were a breeze, but now I really had to study.

The text message was from my s****r, Cassie. She's in her first year at the same university where I'm a third year student. We're only one year apart in age, but I skipped a level when I first entered high school. We were both home schoo... Continue»
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The Resting Blonde 2

I woke up Sunday morning and called my friend john, I told him i wanted another of bottle of vodka. 50 bucks but it would be well worth it, i waited untill my mom left and my step dad went to work. Then i snuck into my there room and found what i was looking for. My step dad had these weird spasms and he had to take muscle relaxers for it. I took three of the valium and three of the Xanax that my s****r took when she had an anxiety attack. I crushed up two of each and poured them into the bottle, shaking it really well. After that i put the bottle under my bed like a normal day, and at nine ... Continue»
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Nude Beach Experience

My husband has wanted to go to the local nude beach ever since he found out where it was. Don’t
get me wrong, I’m not a prude but didn’t feel the need to have complete strangers looking at me
completely naked while at the beach. Knowing he really wanted to check it out I agreed to go but told
him that I may not take off my bikini but did decide to purchase a skimpy string bikini and surprise
him. No reason that I can’t at least look really sexy anyway. I’m 46, 5’6”, 140lbs, 36C, long red hair,
dark brown eyes, tight ass and flat stomach. He’s 43, 5’10”, 210lbs, 9 inches, brown hair and bl... Continue»
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I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit

It's a shame digtal cameras, cams and sexual dating sites weren't around a few years back. I missed the opportunity of making some mfm mmf homemade porn that I would hope would lead to more of the same and some mmff, fun too! Oh well, alas, perhaps it will still happen at some point.

I remember the beginning...

I have a friend I grew up wih "C". C is married to a hottie who really opened my sexual world up "J". They now have too many k**s and life has them going about their domestic way, which is good and I'm very happy for them.

A few years back though, she was a subtle flirt, and m... Continue»
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A really nice summer’s day in England is hard to better. Hot but not too hot, no bugs or mosquitos as you have in so many other places and normally not humid at all.

Of course the down side is that this happens very rarely but when it does it is truly wonderful and a great chance to get a little colour on your skin and enjoy the warmth of the sun on you.

I am lucky to have a pretty secluded garden, screened on three sides with only one side where my neighbours can see in. As a result it is a great place to lie in the sun on a hot summer’s day.

There is actually a ... Continue»
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My First Cock

He picked me up outside the bus station in San Francisco. As I got into the car he drove away without saying a work. I asked if there was a place nearby where I could get a shower. He said sure. We exchanged names, his was Rod. We rode on to his apartment which was nearby. We entered a lower level private garage and parked. He e****ted me upstairs and opened the front door for me. To my surprise inside the door, lying on the floor in front of a big picture window, were two naked men, sucking each other’s cocks by the light of a full moon. It was an incredibly erotic sight watching them pleasur... Continue»
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fuck my wife

Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most guys can fuck, and those who can u... Continue»
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My first anal fun - Jane is my tutor

I hadn't seen Julie for about a month, instead preferring to fuck with old flame Jane. Less hassle I felt. One day I was around her flat and we were sucking each other when I felt a finger insert itself into my anus. I tensed, and said, 'What are you doing?' 'Relax' she said, 'Don't get up tight, in fact try and relax so I can try something different, can't just do it the same every time you know!'

I conceded to that one, maybe I'd been a little over protective to bottoms, preferring to fuck the other 2 holes and likewise expected nothing in return in that area.

She reached over to the ... Continue»
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Hypothetical Story

Hypothetical - i****t/Taboo

I went on to consider why the law forbids i****tuous relationships and why religion proscribes such acts.

It is said that any c***dren born of such relationships are likely to suffer from physical, mental and emotional defects. This matter is hotly debated by the experts in the literature. As far as I can see the jury is still out on this one, but even given that it is true, in times when contraception is safe, and sexual intercourse can be engaged in with little chance of a resulting pregnancy, why is a loving act between two people so heavily frowned upon?
... Continue»
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Fun at an Adult Book Store

My drive to college from home was about seven hours and half way was Grand Junction, Colorado. I remember always stopping at a small adult bookstore off the highway there to get off on some mags. The last time I went I wandered into the video booths and I had never been so horny. I sat and watched the videos with my cock out, not realizing why someone in the hallway was sliding their foot under the door. If only I had known!

Fast forward to grad school in Arizona. Still fantasizing about hard cocks but just getting off with girls. The drive from my apartment to class always took me past thi... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)

Donna's Mum asks me for a favour......

Donna's Mum

There were only 2 more weeks of the school holiday left and then Donna's shopping trips would need to fit around school hours, but in the meantime there would be a number of occasional when we would be able to meet at the shop. I was going to have to be strong if I was to keep my promise to myself. I thought about avoiding her completely but was worried that she would miss understand that, think that she had done something wrong and suffer further distress as a result.

As it turned out, that week we bumped into each other a cou... Continue»
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Sara's Awakening Part 7

Sara cracked her eyes open and found the sun blazing through her window, warming her naked skin the next morning. She did a long full body stretch, her arms over her head, legs pushing away from her body and her back arching up. Sara let her mind wander back to the events of the night before. Daddys mouth on her's, kissing deeply and hungrily. Her taking his cock cock into her mouth and sucking him till he shook from his orgasm. Then his mouth and tongue licking her, tasting her. The building sensation that made her both want to laugh and cry with joy. Her plan had worked perfectly. She had go... Continue»
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Forbidden Love

Elizabeth was a 20 year old who was married to a man who cared more about his video games and friends than he cared for her. He spent all of their money on those things so they weren’t able to have a place of their own. Instead they lived with his mother and two siblings. During the week she would get up go to work then come home cook and clean while he would sit on the computer and play his games. On weekends he was never home. He would drop her off on Friday afternoon then not come home until early the next morning. Elizabeth really didn’t mind it because she got to do what she wanted for a ... Continue»
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First panties,first cock

My b*****r and I grew up in a rural area so we didnt get much interaction with other people after school so we entertained ourselves by riding dirt bikes and doing what normal country boys do.My b*****r was a yr older then me so he went to high school first which was a 1.5hr bus ride to town.He would tell me how different people were in town and how it was so much fun.One day he came home and came into my room with a bunch of magazines.I had never seen a dirty magazine before.He said his friend had gave them to him.He left them on my desk and told me to hide them.I tucked them in back of my dr... Continue»
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My aunt mandy, a Mistress

It was the summer of my eighteenth year, I was out of
high school and heading to college in the fall, and I
wanted this summer to be one I would never forget. Oh,
I will never forget it but not because it was fun. The
first weekend I went to a party with friends, we all
got d***k and on the way home, we were stopped and
ended up arrested, the only good news being no one got
hurt and I wasn't driving.

The only thing the police did to me was make me call my
mom to come get me. She was furious, in fact, so mad
she didn't say a word all the way home. Once inside she
went to... Continue»
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We had now left the hotel and as the road from Davo to CDO was pretty good as far as traffic and weather problems were concerned we made good speed and Renelyn sat as close to me as the front seats would allow for and just made sure that her new mini skirt was showing as much leg as she could manage without me seeing her new pink panties too LOL I was doing my best NOT to become distracted by the way that was sitting? but it was difficult to say the least.

Her hand was running up and down her right legs and I could see that every so often it would go right up under her mini skit then rest t... Continue»
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Attacked in the woods

This is a story my master wrote for me, printed with permission from zerocal xxxx

A walk at night, even in the best neighborhoods, isn't a good idea for a lone female. She didnt care though - the danger just made her walk faster, and she was enjoying the new tone to her legs. The men at work seemed to enjoy seeing the shape of her legs too, and she made a point of wearing increasingly shorter skirts each day. Tonight, however, as she quickly strode through the dark pathway through an isolated nature preserve, she was wearing workout clothes; a tight, spaghetti strap tank that didnt hide her... Continue»
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The beginning of life

At 16 years old my school life came to an end, I'm a fat, lonely boy leaving school with no life experiences of merit to speak of.
Here begins my voyage into the unknown, adult life.
Luckily for myself, my father was friends with a local electronic retail owner, who happily took me on as a trainee floor worker. Not great money but at my age it was more than enough.
My first day began with Dean, the owners son and lead salesman to show me the ropes.
I picked it up quickly and began to make the company money. Sarah the owners wife was my
boss, she was well dressed and always polite, con... Continue»
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Old man thomas

It was just a normal story day, me and my s****r sunbathing in the front garden letting lads ust stair at us, felt good, the next door neighbor came up hes about 50-60 plus walking his dog wearing joggers and a top, any way my s****r and i was talking to him saying we look sexy and that then i noticed that in his jogger pants he was getting hard, i was inpressed and i couldn't blame him for that, but what got to me the most is that it never stopped growing i mean it kept getting harder and it came down his pants, i mean it was serious length, so i whispered to my s****r kayleigh and told her b... Continue»
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