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Intimate massage at a conference

I was seated in the row furthest back, to the left of me sat a fairly short girl with black hair ending somewhere around her shoulder. She's was average looking girl but not without any real fashion sense and a bit shy, however she had the nicest ass around, round a bubbly.

We were sitting right next to each other in the empty back row when the speaker told us since it was a long conference a quick massage would do us good

We were told to stand up and turn to our left. The girl I had just met was now standing in front of me as the speaker told us to perform a standard shoulder massage
I... Continue»
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Honeymoon Jet Ski

Hubby and I were on our honeymoon on the island of St Martin. I was 27 and hubby was 28. We decided to go to Orient beach to the nude side. While we were there we noticed that there was a boat that was giving parasailing rides. We called our beach waiter over and asked about the rides. He said he would send someone over to talk to us about it. I got my suit on, which was a very tiny thong bikini and then a very nice looking tan guy showed up and told us it was fifty bucks each...My hubby told him that he would like to try it out and while he was talking to him, I noticed the guy kept staring a... Continue»
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When Two Becomes 3

My Girlfriend and I have always had a good sex life, then things got a little stale, we decided a few months back that we were going to spice things up. We agreed that we would do something a little different at first we had thought about possibly swinging, but that idea didn't really appeal to either of us. We both really enjoyed the though of watching others and being watched. After a few days of discussing we decided that we would look for someone to come and watch us fuck.
We put out an ad on a few sites, we after vetting all the responses we chose our guy to come and watch us. I booked a... Continue»
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Sexperiencing neighbourhood aunt

Hi friends, this is prakash here from Mumbai. I am 22 years old. I am going to narrate about my first sex that I experienced when I was 19 years old with my neighborhood aunty. Her name is Kavya. Kavya aunty and her f****y are our neighbors from my c***dhood. Her f****y consists of herself, her husband and her daughter .Her daughter is now married and does not live with them now. Her husband is a businessman and always busy in work.
First let me tell something about Kavya aunty. She is a woman of 45 yrs having voluptuous body. Her boobs, ass and juicy lips are the seducing assets. She is havi... Continue»
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Eventful Afternoon

One Saturday after Noon a buddy of mine was Working in his Garage.. I had Checked Him out Before but nothing ever happened.. This Day was Different I walked over to his garage and all the Doors were closed and i Walked in and i Seen him Setting in his Car Playing with His Cock.. He is a Dark male about 5ft 5in about 145 pounds... So as i walk in and see him Playing with his Cock he Kinda Looked Suprised and i stood at the Door where he was at and it got quiet for a Minute.. He Looked Embarrassed as he looked at me and then he asked if i had ever Did it and of course i have.. I am a White male ... Continue»
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My First Older Woman

I thought I'd tell you all about the first time I was with an older woman, It was my friends 21st birthday party. His mother threw a bit of a do for him at the house and invited a few of his friends and some neighbours over, we were drinking for most of the night and having a laugh. As the party was ending people started to leave and I began to help clean up when his mother asked me if I would walk mrs carroll home as it was dark and she lived about 3/4 mins walk up the road. It was about 1am and was still very mild out so we didn't have any coats and she was wearing a flower covered dress tha... Continue»
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My first sex (part 1)

One day, back when I was only 15, my parents had to go to New York for some arts convention, they did not want to leave me home alone as they had to go for a week, so my 24 year old cousin had to sl**p over for the week. My cousin had a pretty small body, with very small tits and a nice and big round ass, she was around 175 cm and she has a very nice tan and very dark hair, she also has tanlines, which is something I really love about her, I've had sexual fantasies about her ever since I was 13
On the first night, nothing really happened, it was just a casual day, but one of her friends came ... Continue»
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Every Girl Has Her Price

Every Girl Has Her Price

"Do you want fries with that?" "No thanks," Kyle answered looking at the girl's name tag.
"Okay, your order comes to five dollars and twelve cents." Kyle watched the girl behind the
counter get his food. She was physically attractive, but there was also something else about
her. Something else that made him think that she would go along with his plans. "Here's your
order, sir. Thank you, and have a nice day." "Excuse me, there isn't anybody in line. Could
I ask you something, Juana?" "Sure." "Can I talk to you when you get off work?" "I'm sorry.
I alread... Continue»
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Sunbathing pt !

Originally posted as papa-echo but someone hacked that so I am back here again with a different name. Part 2 coming shortly.


A really nice summer’s day in England is hard to better. Hot but not too hot, no bugs or mosquitos as you have in so many other places and normally not humid at all.

Of course the down side is that this happens very rarely but when it does it is truly wonderful and a great chance to get a little colour on your skin and enjoy the warmth of the sun on you.

I am lucky to have a pretty secluded garden, screened on three sides with only one side ... Continue»
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My First Time

Hi, my name is Corey, and I am 18yrs old as of last week….ever since I can remember, I knew I was gay, just something about being close to a masculine rough around the edges blue collared man that drove me crazy! I’ve never actually built up the nerve to do anything sexual with another man as of yet, but my hormones are raging and I know it’ll happen soon enough. Maybe my urge to be with a real man comes from my father abandoning me and mom when I was born. Something about him not being ready to handle the responsibility of caring for a c***d at such a young age. My dad knocked my mom up when ... Continue»
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Michelle MaBelle, Lilly's Lez Love

How Michelle ma Belle and Lovely Lilly met as Finest Friends
"Michelle and me met in college. We both are pursuing a career in the theater and production departments.
She is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Soon she and I became great friends.
Her parents and mine were almost neighbors, so whenever we were at home, we used to have these s1eep overs. She moved in six months back. I am friends with her for at least four months I think.
She is 5'8", blonde hair, 32C athletic frame and very, very beautiful!"

This blog is an interactive enterprise between Lilly and... Continue»
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First time cheating and getting deep-throated

My names james, im in my early twenties and i figured id tell contribute a story of mine =)

This story is TRUE

I was 17 year old. I had been with a few girls, and gotten my share of blowjobs from the girls at the catholic school i attended.
One of the last girls i had been with my junior year, this girl christina, her mother had gotten remarried at the beginning of the school year, and her new father and steps****rs would be moving in and starting at our school.

Christina was a total babe in highschool. Petite latina girl with long brown hair, about 5'4" 125 athletic bui... Continue»
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GF and new roommate, with a twist

I'm still playing professional football and I have a great time with the ladies. I'm 6'4", 230 lbs and very lean. My dark hair attracts women everywhere I go.
If I go to an outdoor pool and show off my body it doens't take long before I have company.
I've fucked high school college and married girls, professional women and even very successsful women.
My prozed possession besides my looks and size is my penis. It is large and attractive. Women love to examine it after a good round of fucking or sucking.
I don't like to settle in much, professional sports is constantly changing and a player... Continue»
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1. First time with Joey (Baby dad)


It was summer time and john’s friend Joey and his friend were going to the beach, Holden beach in NC. Any ways, he invited john and I to go with him. John not being much of a beach person declined the offer and told me I could go. I invited my b*****r to go, we left the next morning.

To this point I had never slept with Joey. But on the way to the beach we kind of started flirting a little… a smile here and there or sexual comments. As the trip progressed we wer... Continue»
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I had just turned forty and had taken a job at a fairly senior position at a different professional service firm in my town and was starting to get familiar with their procedures and personnel. I started noticing one of the junior associates who was assigned to a few of my projects, a striking girl of about 24 with long legs, blonde/brown hair and a very slim (some would say skinny) body with exciting blue eyes and a saucy, teasing look on her face. I felt very attracted to her, but because of the nature of our firm’s services, and my senior position, I... Continue»
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"A Cottaging Education"

(M, m, first gay).

As a teenager in the UK when I reached puberty I, like so many of my male contempories enjoyed the opportunities offered by the plentiful provision of “cottages” maintained by thoughtful local Councils – primarily as public conveniences but regularly used for the purpose of a meeting place for uncomplicated and instant sexual gratification between men. I learned much from those experiences and the knowledge that on having the urge – which was then pretty frequent – one could walk into a “Gents” lavatory and have the good chance of finding a conv... Continue»
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fun with a granny part 2

Hi again im Micky a 14 year old black k** hope you read part 1 so i wont recap it right after i fucked and had my cock sucked by Vera a 71 year old granny in front of her husband i got a few of my friends together 6 boys and 2 girls and went round Veras house .Hi Vera said as i knocked on her door great you have bought some friends with you come on in as we all went into her living room Harry her 75 year old husband was still sitting in his armchair "hi guys "he said "want some more fun with my wife "yes please sir i said "just call me Harry " he said ok Harry i said with a grin Vera bough... Continue»
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Girl Next Door Part 2

After I had deflowered Andrea there was a silence she had rushed upstairs into the shower, I had dressed and made my way back home next door, a little guilty maybe, unsure what the outcome was going to be, had I gone too far? Over stepped the boundary, I was a little apprehensive about meeting her next, what would the reaction be? Would she talk, acknowledge me, or just shy away, what if she told friends or even worse her f****y, I could be in serious trouble with the wife if she found out, I was soon to find out what Andrea had planned……
A couple of days had passed I was outside repairing t... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 19

The next day we went to see Jeff, as Kim had promised him. He had a few odd chores around the farm that he was finishing up, so we pitched in and gave him a hand. One of the things he was doing was getting ready to put new fence in a section of his pasture. He had a small tractor and a trailer full of new post, and rolls of barbed wire. We went out to the place, where he (against my advise) let Kim drive the tractor while I handed him the posts. The wire would be dropped at the end of the section.

Under Jeff's tutelage, Kim drove the tractor straight and true...AND NAKED! Jeff had com... Continue»
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sweet emily

Sweet Emily

My day wasn't going particularly well, as I was feeling especially worn out from a long, hard and taxing week of work. I was however fortunate to be alone this dreary Saturday morning, after rising late, as I heard the doorbell ring.

Answering the door, I found little Emily our neighbor's daughter, standing there looking so very cute in her modest dress. I have only known her for eight months, since she moved next door, right after graduating from high school. She seemed to really like me and was always coming over to visit. I never could understand why she spent so much t... Continue»
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