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Our MMF Fantasy That's Gonna Cum True...Part

She’d never been so nervous in her entire life. Part of her kept waiting for her feet to turn around on the sidewalk, but the hand clasped around hers helped her make it through those big glass doors. His hand was strong, confident-it felt like he was ready for this-so much more so than her. It was one thing to chat online, or even exchange phone numbers and pictures. But now…now they were 700 miles from home walking into one of the nicest hotels in New York City, and each step brought them closer to a fantasy they both wanted so desperately but neither ever dreamed it would be a reality…

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The Slutifier

Prelude: The Slutifier
After many years of prestigious work handled by the most important scientists in the world, The Slutifier was created. This invention promised to eliminate the moral and ethical barriers of the victim. It rendered the target defenseless to sexual cravings. If fallen into the wrong hands, this weapon could turn the most innocent of girls into a sex-hungry slave.
10:32 – The crash of train transport occurs. Raymond Marquis finds a mysterious firearm-looking device that will yield him supreme power over the female gender.
Chapter 1: Playtime With Vaness... Continue»
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My first trip alone with Mom

I was 21 and booked a trip with my cousin to go and learn how to start up a painting business. I was super excited to be getting away for the weekend and flying for the first time. All was good until my cousin and his girlfriend broke up the day before we were to leave. This left me with a extra plane ticket. I was feeling desperate to find someone to go with me. I was hoping to find a buddy to take along so maybe we could go out and find some girls to bring back to the hotel room with us. After about 10 phone calls and no luck, I asked my Mom if she would like to go along. Me and my mom got a... Continue»
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My cousin terri

I'll admit it I love sex with a man or with a
woman or, if no one is available, I love solo sex. But I guess
my favorite partners are my cousins. Let me tell you how I got
involved with them.
Terri and I used to spend a lot of time together, since we're
the same age and attended the same business college. It
was to be expected that we spent a lot of time together studying
and all. One night when I was staying overnight with her, Terri
told me how she had found her b*****r's sex magazines, and she
described her find in detail. She vividly described the
hardcore magazines wi... Continue»
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Breaking Babysitter Rules: (5) Shower sex

After shooting my load into Emily we gasped for air. I turned and dropped my body next to her.

My cock semi-hard, sore from all the cumming, and slippery from all the mixture of fluids from Emily and mine.

I felt Janice get on top of my legs and started cleaning up my cock with her lusty lips. I've never felt like this before. Like I was floating. I was high, ecstatic, and exhausted.

"What if I get pregnant?" Emily blurted out and Janice choked on my cock.

"How long has it been since your last visit" Janice asked. She probably meant menstruation but I was too simple minded t... Continue»
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b*****r s****r Threeway

f****y means a lot to me. I'm basically the only man in the house because my dad is constantly working. So its just my mom and my two almost identical twin s****rs. Ever since I saw one of them naked when I was 13 by accident I've wanted to fuck them both. They do everything together even though they don't seem to like each other. They are constantly trying to out do the other often in the strangest way. There are all sorts of rumours at school about how they were dared to make-out on camp and they ended up fingering each other. I jerk off to the thought of it.

They are both shorter then m... Continue»
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My hot Bengali wife and her older s****rs freshy h

I am married to a 29 year old beautiful and sexy petite british born Bengali woman. Her older s****rs husband is fresh from Bangladesh and is 47. He is dark and ugly and is quite aggressive! I have seen him stare at my wife on more then one occasion and at first it used to piss me off! I mean my wife is hot, young and educated and out of his league! He is a ugly old freshy! I saw him perving on her and then brush past her as he walked past her. She noticed and looked back at him and he just smiled and walked away. The way Shabana (my wife) looked at him troubled me as it was not the look of he... Continue»
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Night at a strangers house

Rain falling against my body...making my clothes stick to me....making my shirt see through...and see my size c cups....“God why today??!!!!!" I yell at the sky.
My small Toyota is broken down on the side of the road...there's a hurricane heading down to my small island....samoa..and everyone had to go home and find secure shelter....the wind tugging at my clothes...the rain beating against my caramel brown skin...I groan in frustration...I look for some cars...but barely any on the road....probably at their homes staying warm and secure...fuck..“of all days why today?!!!", I yell once more a... Continue»
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Our first meeting

He walked into the hotel after another long day in the office. Nice thing about travling away from home with work is you never know who you may meet... that day he met someone special indeed! The hotel was a nice five star, with a great lobby bar. He decided to go straight there to unwind from the stress of work. As he entered the bar a lady on a bar stool glanced over and smiled... He smiled back and decided to walk over and introduce himself! "Hi i'm Alex, nice to meet you" "Im Chelsea, likewise" :)
We connect like old friends instantly chatting about shit that has no real importance, but... Continue»
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The Lusty Delivery Girl

-CHAPTER 1: Betty
Anyone who has lived far away from the bright lights and seduction of metropolitan cities will sympathize with the story I am about to tell you.

Growing up on a farm is by no means glamorious. Long days of work, little entertainment, and crippling mundane boredom. Our is a small village of rolling green hills far from any main town. Internet? Porno magazines? Forget about it.

Recently, many k**s my age have gone off to the city to find excitement. A few others stay behind. I, unfortunately, was one of those that had to stay behind to help with my f****y's farm.

Th... Continue»
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my BF wife deserves me

This is more an anonimous confession of my heated lust than a story of fiction. I introduced them. He was and is my best friend. some 25+ yrs to date. She is a curvy and voluptious blonde.... no makeup, no perfume, just a purely simple hottie with a body only a hungry slutdog like myself could ever worship. Sure as shit he doesn't, and she tells me. Oh, let's go back a tick. I hooked 'em up, she needed his good italian f****y values (and $$$$) and he was in a downward spiral from a previous import that he treated like a dog and she finally ran.... not to return.
Seems that attitude is part of... Continue»
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When a student wants her teacher

This text is based on a fantasy of one my friends. I'm not used to write english text and this is my first publication, so please, be indulgent with my mistakes. I tried to use the best vocabulary I know but some exciting words and expressions existing in my mother tongue have no translation in English. So I did my best to communicate excitation through the words, but I hope the situation of the scene could overhaul the lack of my english vocabulary.

When a student wants her teacher

Cynthia Lawson was a girl educated at St Petrus high school. Her parents were strict and considered th... Continue»
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Hot Office Seduction:

So I finally find out where this guy I had been chatting on line with a while works, he makes me so fucking hot... Some time in the late afternoon. I slipped into his office locking the door behind me... He was on the phone, he had his back turned away from me. I came in so quietly that he did not even hear me, I was nervous. I slowly put my hands over his eyes and slipped a soft silky perfume scented eye mask over his eyes. Quickly I knelt and I tied his hands to the arms of the chair with two long silk scarves, also scented, he asked me if I came to fuck him or rob him... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 17

Three days later the town was back on limits, and I finally got to go home. I was so glad to be there, again.

Kim's b*****r Houng (pr.who ng)had come for a visit. He was 17 mo. younger than Kim, and they had been more than b*****r and s****r all their lives. They were actually FRIENDS! They were together constantly together, sharing secrets, and enjoying being together. They had done ALMOST everything together.

Houng had been hired as a stevedore on the docks at Newport in Saigon. His natural strength had served him well, and the heavy lifting had translated to a set of bulging mus... Continue»
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गुस्से से सेक्स तक

गुस्से से सेक्स तक????????????????????????????

हैलो दोस्तों ! मैं हमेशा यह सोचा करता था कि क्या मैं भी कभी अपनी ज़िन्दगी में किसी के साथ सेक्स कर पाऊँगा! मुझे ब्लू-फिल्म देखने की आदत है लेकिन क़िस्मत देखिए कि कभी भी मैं किसी के साथ सेक्स नहीं कर पाया था। मेरी उम्र २३ साल और कद ५ फीट ९ इंच है। वैसे लोग कहते हैं कि मैं स्मार्ट भी हूँ, ख़ैर छोड़िये।लेकिन मैं आप को अपनी एक ऐसी हक़ीकत से वाक़िफ कराना चाहता हूँ जो मेरे साथ पहले कभी नहीं हुई। ये होने के बाद मैं मन ही मन बड़ा खुश होता रहता था क्योंकि जो मैं इतनी कोशिश करने के बाद भी नहीं कर पायावो अचानक हो गया।हुआ ये कि मेरे घर के सामने एक घर है ... Continue»
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My first time, true story.

My first time really wasn't the most romantic one in all honesty, but what first time ever really is anymore?I was obviously a bit younger and there was this boy who I had crushed on for such a long time, Adam. He was the picture of beauty and everyone wanted him, including me. He was so interested in me but we never really dated, only hooked up for sex and that was about it. So back to the first time...I was sitting outside on my porch waiting for him to show up in his beat up old car and finally he came. To me he was a god, he had brown hair that covered one of his eyes most the time an... Continue»
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A Slut's first diary entry.... over 2 years a


Once on xhamster (dot) com i found a posting for hypno trancing a sissy to luv
BBC. i found it very HOT. (Funny - i was never into black men, and never the man in the vids.) i never wanted to wear panties or gurl
clothes, but occasionally goof around with my girlfriends and slip their panties
on as a joke (right!). i did luv sluts who give their bodies over to cocks and
cum and turn themselves into living sex toys. Creampie gangbang and shemale vids
were my fav.) i started searching for more.

i found some more from the original poster, then found her blog, then more and
bet... Continue»
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mine an girlfriends first time with strapon

this is about me an my girlfriends first time with her fucking me with a strap on. i can remember telling her about my secret of me wanting her to fuck me with a strap on she was into it an told me shed do it because she loves me so we went online an looked for the perfect first time one we got a pink jelly strap on it was about 7 inches an not too thick but just bout right so we place the order and a couple of days later it came she had to go get it from the sorting office an then go back to work when she got back to work on the car park she sent me a pic of it out the box not realizing there... Continue»
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Loosing My Virginity......True Story

Loosing My Virginity......True Story

In the Fall of 1977 I had just turned 12b y/o. It was a Friday if I remember right, my best friend at the time, Cathy was baby sitting at a neighbors around the block from my house. It was around 6 pm or so, I remember it was dark outside, nd I knew I had to be home by 9:30.

Any ways, we was just hanging out talking about what ever girls talked about back thn, periods, school, teachers, and yes boys! Two guys that were friends with my older b*****r Mike, dropped by to see what Cathy and I was up too. Kinda strange as they were much older then us... Continue»
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Meeting up with an Xhamster member:

I hadn’t been a member on Xhamster very long but in a couple of short weeks I had I met quite a few interesting people from all around the world, I hadn’t really joined to hook up with people I just enjoyed the escapism from my normal life as my husband being away for 10 months out of every year with the army it does become a little lonesome sometimes although I have quite a few good friends, but sex is missing from my life only managing to have a few discrete flings every now and then.
One guy in particular just pushed my buttons in every way and if someone pushes my buttons... Continue»
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