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first bisexual experience

I was staying the weekend over at a new friend from schools house. I had met her in my English class she took to me right away it was the beginning of the school year and School to me was a way of meeting friends and planning what party I was going to next. We was called freaks people like me that solely lived for sex, d**gs and rock n roll. I could tell right away she was a sex addicted slut like me all we ever did was talk about sex with certain boys that was in the school. She was much like me very pretty in her face with large... Continue»
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Cuckold Story: My real story with a bi male and hi


This is the first time I'm writing a story on a site. So far I had sex with many guys from my c***dhood. I always have confusion about my orientation whether I'm a gay or not.

Then I was 26 years old. As usual one day I was chatting with a matured guy in gay site ( He is a 38, married and from north working in Chennai. He is staying with his wife and two c***dren in Chennai. He told me that he is a bi. And we chatted for a few days and exchanged our numbers and were waiting to get a place for fun.

One day, he called me and said his wife going out and will be b... Continue»
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The Appetizer

You would drive to my motel and call me when you get to the parking lot. I will come down and e****t you inside and up to my room. Both of us will be feeling horny as hell and nervous as well. We will go into the living room area where we will begin talking about what we both love sexually. As you mention you like your neck to be nibbled I lean over and lightly begin to brush my lips up your neck. As you shudder I lightly sc**** my teeth along your skin sending shivers down your spine. While I am going this I have one hand at the small of your back, under the cloths rubbing in small circles a... Continue»
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IT Computer Service Technician

I recently purchased a portable gloryhole for my house. I love giving gloryhole sex. So after a few hot sessions one of my married friends ask me to record it and post on xutbe. I thought this would be hot... Well I was able to get it to upload correctly so I posted a craigslist to find someone who might be able to help that me figure what i was doing wrong. So I got a email from this guys who said he could help. I told him a little about the video since it was a man blowing another man in a private gloryhole. He said I'm cool my girlfriend blows me and stuff. I said ok. Set-up an appo... Continue»
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A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone......Especially not Chrissie!

It's hot and humid today and I'm sitting here in my a****l print bikini bathing suit sipping on the first glass from a pitcher of margaritas.
I'm not really certain why but I started thinking about something that happened back in my second year of college. My BFF since grade school
and I decided that in order to create a little extra income during the summer break we'd set up a little free-lance house cleaning business. We
placed an ad in a couple of the local weekly papers, mostly because they charged markedl... Continue»
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This is a true story about how I lost my virginity. I am now twenty one and this started six years ago. It is still ongoing.
The neighborhood we live in in somewhat upscale, most of the houses have pools and are nice. We have a nice pool with lots of trees around. Annie lived next door with her husband. They are in their early thirties and a good lokking couple. Very friendly. Annie's husband is gone alot and she and I became good friends, we talk alot about alot of different things. This summer I was spending more time than normal with her. She would either come to my house or I would be... Continue»
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In the Stall

Me and my friend having been hanging out forever over breaks from school, Being a 15 year old I was always horny all the time my friend was 14 , so one day I asked to see his cock he wouldnt show me it but after alot of convincing he showed me and damn he had a small penis it wasnt thick it was pretty thin he had small testicles and no hair.....PERFECT!!! I felt good because my small cock was fatter then his and longer then his, Once I saw his cock I really wanted to get my hand and lips on it. Since he wasnt into getting his dick sucked by a guy. I was perfectly fine... Continue»
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Bear blow-off--Part 1

I could never decide whether Randy was technically a daddy or just a sexy bear. With his rugged face, his handsome beard, his brown wild hair I never asked if the man was fifty or not since he passed for thirty!

I don't rightly how I met him it seemed it was years ago and we just became good friends with he and his wife.

Who knew I would get the chance to suck a man off for the first time? Not just a man, but the man that I have had fantasies about for years! A dream cum true.

I was merely 25. Never gone to college. Never really had a great sex life. This house was the one place I cou... Continue»
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Naughty Granny Part 1 (for those who missed the fi

Once my neighbor came over early on a Sunday afternoon. We have been living next to each other for a couple of years and she wanted to ask for a favor. She and her elderly mother had just returned from church. Her mother wasn't feeling good so she took a pill and laid down. She told me her mom had been having some problems and needed to rest, but she needed to go somewhere for a few hours and asked me if I would sit at her house just in case her mother needed something while she was gone. I agreed and went over to her house and decided to see if there was anything on the TV. It didn't take me ... Continue»
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Guy sucks my sweet dick

I was waiting to catch a Bus for Lousiville trying to kill some time. I noticed an adult Book store across the street and decided I'd walk on over and check it out. I walked in and starting looking at some of the smut Magazines along with the adult toys they had on display. In the back of the room there was a door leading to a room filled with movie machine's so I decide to see what that was all about ..I bought five bucks worth of coins to run the camera machine's and found one that wasn't ocupied, walked in and propped my ass on a high stool and put some coins in and the movie started .I was... Continue»
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My First Time in The Band

I was an 18 year old senior in high school and lead guitarist and vocalist in a good rock band that played at least four or five gigs a month locally, making good music and better money than we used to make cutting grass or washing cars. We were getting a rep as a good party band! We were the happiest guys in school — and I was soon to learn there is more to music than I thought!

We played a birthday party for one of the popular chicks, Jody, in school and we impressed her and her mom to the point where her mom, Jo, asked me over to the parents table for a discussion on doing a grownup ... Continue»
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Granpa Jones

"No mom! You can not do this to me!" I could not believe it. Mom just told me that I will be spending most of my summer babysitting granpa Jones. Here I am in my middle teen years, middle of puberty and discovering boys and wondering about sex and now I am going to spend most of my summer on a farm in the middle of no where with a man who can not take care of his self nor hardly talk for that matter.
We got out there and mom and my aunt stayed several days showing me the ropes of everything that needed to be done for granpa. Granpa could hardly speak much less anything else. But we settl... Continue»
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Ganged Wife

Gang fucked Wife
My wife is very beautiful, brunette and petite with an hour glass figure and large perky 34 DD tits. We have an extremely active sex life and are willing to try most things. Our sex life had always included a lot of fantasy and we have carried out some of those fantasies in public, normally very late at night.
My wife is generally quite submissive and we had always been adventurous but until this event we had been faithful to each other despite us both fantasising about her having sex with other men.
Recently I came home to be asked if I would like to try a sex club for s... Continue»
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Katy's Dress Shop ( Gia's Wedding )

OK it's been three more years Tess is still a pussy slut but she now runs Katy's 2 a whole new shop in the mall on the other side of town. Katy and Jose are still together but now living together cause her hubby came home early from a business trip and caught them in bed.. They are still married and still fuck but she sl**ps with Katy and he tries to handle it the best he can there daughter Gia is now 22yrs. a very pretty young lady in love with Jack her high school sweet heart. Gia now works at the shops taking care of the books and is three months away from her wedding day.

... Continue»
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It teez ok?

by mitlvsmeg

This is a true story that happened to me (us) at the end of June in Las Vegas. I am nervous and a little on edge. I was told by a friend to write it out and submit it to this site and another one like it. He feels that others on this site may have gone through something similar and would be able to give advice and feedback over what to do next. I am not a writer so bear with me as I describe all the surreal events.

My name is Mitch and my wife's name is Megan. We are from Ohio and have been married for 5 years . We have 2 boys ages 4 and 2 and our currently working on... Continue»
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My audacious girl friend, ch 3

My audacious girl friend loved to tease me unmercifully. She would show me her nipples or her pussy or her ass without notice, and quite often even in front of people!

One time we didn't have anything to do, but just wanted to be together and just do WHATEVER. We'd often just go to the mall and wander around watching all the crazy people. --The world is FULL of weird, crazy people! Well, anyway, I picked her up and we went to the mall. No store in particular, just going to be going.

Barb was dressed, as she often was, in a skirt and blouse. Hem just above the knee. Blouse butto... Continue»
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Week Alone With Old Man Pt. 3

Since the night before when Henry and I were discussing having his female friend join us in some naughty fun, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The idea of finally living out one of my fantasies of having a threesome with two older people had me all excited. I was just hoping that he would get home from work with the good news that she would be coming over. It was early in the morning and I couldn't wait any more but I had to.

Henry usually arrived home from work around 4pm every day so once the time arrived, I waited about an hour before I went to his house. Upon him opening the door and ... Continue»
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“Dammit, Katya! I want the truth, and I want it NOW!” my dad shouted at me. It had been going on like this for at least an hour now. And I still wasn’t budging. I was a legal adult now, and there was no way in hell I was going to discuss my sex life with my father. Absolutely no way in hell. But, he wasn’t making it easy on me.
“I’ve already told you everything I’m going to tell you,” I informed him, AGAIN.
“Calm down, dear. Your face is red,” my mom murm... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 2

LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones




NOTE TO READERS: The following events take place
during the invasion of the Earthly plain by the creatures
known only as the “Old Ones.“ While previous knowledge
of the LANGSUIRS comic is not necessary to read this
eBook, having read the comics, will probably make the
eBook much more enjoyable and understandable.

Thursday - 1:34 pm
5 Miles outside Marlin Township - Graydeaux Parish, Louisiana

Stacy Nichols fidgeted in her chair as t... Continue»
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"Go sit down. You look like you're gonna pass out," Cassie instructed as she pushed me towards the bed.
I was trying very hard not to hyperventilate, without much success. I kept my eyes on the floor and stumbled backwards, finally hitting the bed. I sat down carefully on the edge, waiting for her to start in on me. I refused to look up at her, even though I could feel her gaze on me. The bikini was too much for me at the moment.
"Look, we don't... Continue»
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