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My First Mature Pussy

So this story it's true and i will never forget, because this was my first time that fucked a mature lady. this happen a few months ago .
So this is how it started, its was a saturday ,i wasn't doing that much. I get a call from my best friend Tony,
Tony:'Hey dude what are you doing?' .
Me:'nothing just here home not doing much'
Tony: Are you down to come to my f****y party cuz this shit is boring and i want you to hit up everybody so we can turn this place up sight down and get it cracking !
Me:' Yeah sure !
So I started to call all of my friends and ask if they want to go Tony f***... Continue»
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camping trip

So, a friend of mine told me about all the girls running around the campsite when he goes camping, so I thought I would check it out myself, so with a borrowed tent and some gear I ventured out. After I set up camp, I decided to check out the area and do a little hiking, while on the trail met up with another hiker and talked as we hiked through the woods, various subjects were discussed from cars to where the girls are, on our way back to the tent area, Don invited me over to his fire pit for burgers,I accepted his invite to head over because I didn't feel like sitting in my tent alone.
So... Continue»
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Suzy's Squirt Hole Exploration

This is from an email I got from Mistress Suzy about her and her new fuck toy. This is the entire email - 100% from her.

You can see why we get along! LOL

Ok so here's my story I've been waiting to tell you about this video camera scope thing-a-ma-bobber. It has a handheld monitor that is attached to a cable with a camera on the end of it. Well we started off by practicing with it by checking out inside our nose and ears. Just putting the camera end under our nostrils. Looked kinda cool. Then I checked out my ear. I wrapped a plastic sandwich bag over the end to see how that would wor... Continue»
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The Story of Becoming a Pet

Thursday, April 4th....turns out I get turned on by more than I thought. Just a regular day at my friends house. We'll just call her Llama. And our friend, who we'll call Ms Lamb, was there. These two girls, they enjoy teasing me. Mainly sexually. I was actually legitamately tired that day. Hell, most of the time I was there, I was just laying on the bed trying to rest my eyes. Eventually I just rolled over on the floor. A little after that, Llama started rubbing my dick through my pants with her foot. Other things that happened was Ms Lamb questionming if Id fuck her. Of course I said "no" an... Continue»
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Our first slight public experience

As for this story we are new to this so it is tame as its at the beginning and true i'm (james) writing this alone from memory and hoping when mags sees this she might respond with an experience of her own!!

If i was to describe mags sexually she is filthy when things get going once the 1st to 2nd gear is hit she is as filthy as they come.
She has a blowjob that she has perfected over years of deepthroating very slopply in the front of my car as we were younger. she is willing to experiment in most things and in our 12 yr relationship from when we were teens she has done most naughty thi... Continue»
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The Blonde and the Dark

To discover the prequel to this story, you need to read my Blog entry entitled
“A Quick-Fix in the Afternoon”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a mid-week early evening, the weather had been rather kind lately, and I had decided to go to the bar for a quick drink after work before returning home. It was the same bar I had patronised with Rachel on that afternoon a few weeks earlier, when a chance meeting had led to an unexpected and brief sexual encounter with a complete stranger.

The bar was nowhere filled to capacity as it had been on that day, a few tables remained... Continue»
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Fantasiies Come True

I don’t think July could have been hotter in Massachusetts If you have ever lived in the Northeast, then you realize how hot it can get. You have absolutely no breeze. We lived about 1 hour east of Boston and didn’t get the fist ocean winds.
My name Alex and my wife is Melissa (Mel). We are in our 40’s now, but have been married for 20 years. We have 1 da***hter and she was raised a spoiled brat. Her name is Karen. The reason for the spoiling wasn’t so much as being the only c***d, it was that we made sure that she enjoyed her c***dhood and raised her with very conservative values. She was h... Continue»
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Unfaithful Wife with the Boss

As hard as I’d tried, I was fighting a losing battle, trying to stay faithful to my husband.
I’m what you would call a Jessica Rabbit. That is that I have very large firm breasts (36 DD) a very small waist (23) and a very curvy butt (36).
All of this is very firm and is exercised regularly to keep it trim.
Before I met my husband I used to podium dance in Nightclubs and on the odd occasion would earn extra money doing the odd striptease normally for private functions, Rugby clubs or Bachelor parties.
Once I met my husband I left that hedonistic lifestyle behind and settled into what I t... Continue»
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Virgin in the Glory Hole

To set the scene it was my Easter holidays this year and I decided I needed a sexy day out! And I decided to go to a gay sauna again! I wanted to go to a particular sauna because it was one of the biggest in the UK and I’d had some really good fun there and knew a few of the guys that go there!
It was late evening, I’d been there a while and I was in the reception area when this lad came in. I heard attendant ask if he’d been before. He said no and he handed over his money and one of the attendants gave him a tour! I jokingly said show him to room 4 and I’ll be there lol. Now this guy was a... Continue»
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Living with Uncle Jim

I guess it started shortly after my twelfth birthday, you see me and my parents were out celebrating my special day. We had gone to some restaurant; I can’t remember the name now it seems so long ago. We were on our way home, dad was driving and it was raining hard. I don’t know what happened or how it happened all I remember is mum shouting “LOOK OUT!” and then the car swerving into a tree….
I woke up in the hospital to find a pretty black nurse standing next to my bed checking my chart before she noticed I was awake. She smiled down at me and took hold of my hand. I don’t remember much afte... Continue»
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F****d by my s****r and her boyfriend

It’s been a long night and I’m absolutely knackered... I’ve been babysitting for my s****r so she can go out. I’m not sure why I agreed I don’t eve like k**s especially my niece and nephew. Don’t get me wrong I love them but truth is they just annoy me,

I’m Sixteen I should be out having fun and yet I get sucked into watching her k**s so she can go out and get d***k with her new boyfriend...

Now he's one of the reasons I said yes, I’ve got a crush on him. I know he's older, over ten years older. But that doesn’t matter to me. I wouldn’t mind him thrusting deep inside me lol if only he d... Continue»
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Jean and the squash

Paula,Tom,Jean and I had many sexual encounters over the next year. Jean and Tom would go off in the pool away from everyone else and play with each other. I remember one time Tom jumped out of the pool suddenly grabbing a towel and running into the house. Jean came over to Paula and I laughing. She said they were doing there normal thing which was Tom finger fucking her and she would play with his cock. This time though Tom got too involved and came in his swim trunks. We all laughed and of course that was a running joke to tease Tom.

Paula would come to my room in the middle of the night ... Continue»
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Ed comes of age

Things began to change with Paula off at college. Tom got a female friend and they were fucking all over the place. So it was me and Jean because everyone else was too young. Ed just turned 13 so Jean and I had already discussed bringing him into our little games. We got our chance when she caught Ed jerking off one day with with her panties. Jean is brutal when she has something on you. She will use it against you every chance she gets. She told Ed the only way that she wouldn't tell Mom and Dad was if he became be her sex servant and do what ever she told him. She told me that she had alread... Continue»
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N.C,I,S the abby and ziva story

It had been a long week at work and abby and ziva both had the weekend off so decided they would hangout together and just relax, abby had booked for them to spend the weekend at a hotel and spa so they could just unwind.

They arrived at the hotel and dropped their bags in their room and headed down for a quick bite to eat before heading off to get their massage that had been booked, they were soon both getting a gentle soothing massage and were both just enjoying themselves.

Afterwards they decide to order room service and just hang out and watch some movies, the food arrived and they f... Continue»
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Jeremy suddenly lept out of bed and in a quick balletic motion reached a big dresser across the room. I lay quietly and watched him open up the bottom drawer.
'I have surprise, but I need you to close your eyes,"he said.
I nodded and covered my eyes with my hands.
"Promise not to peek," he called out.
"Promise," I responded.
I remained true to my word until Jeremy called out several minutes later:
"All right open them."
I looked over and there was my friend wearing a girl's sun dress. It was a bright yellow and the skirt fell around his mid thighs. I could see the white st... Continue»
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Two couples first time

Both couples were nervous, but especially the women. Both men had fantasized about this, but never thought it would actually ever happen. Neither one of the men could even pinpoint when the fantasy of sharing their wife with another man first entered their mind, but the time for this fantasy to come true was drawing near.

The odds of this occasion even happening was infinitesimally small. Dan and John were the first two to make contact and over the internet of all places. They had both found it exciting posting their respective wife on the web. They both were similar in that they po... Continue»
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who was she

took a flight for week away alone to cuba last week . l booked first class as l find it gives me more room and less crowded . the window seat is empty and l think perfect lots of room. after getting comfy the attendant offers me s drink l say yes please she smiles very hot lady around 36 l ask for a double she says hard day l say just need to into the trip. then to my surprise l feel a leg rug against my arm l turn and look at a perfect mini skirt being hoisted by her lifting her carry on above me wow l could feel myself so l stood and helped her she was around 5 feet tall blond and smelt so g... Continue»
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Maalish aur Chudai

Mera naam Raj hai, i m a muscular guy and too sexy, main xhamster pe sexy girls ki search karta hu jo sex chahti hain, mujhe soft sex bhi bahut pasand hai...jisme kiss, smooching, boobs dabana aur choot ko choosna aur sahlana hota hai.
Mujhe ek baar isi xhamster site pe ek aunty ka msg aya ki wo mujhse se maalish karwana chahti hain...
maine bhi haan kah di..aur unke bataye hiye adress par pahunch gaya..
door bell bajate hi ek 37-38 saal ki good looking aunty ne darwaja khola aur mujhe andar aane ko kaha..mujhe chai aur nashta karwane ke baad kaha ki aaj main bahut thak gayi hu tum se mujhe... Continue»
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Tutor time turns sexy

This is my first post here, one of many adventures which I hope you will enjoy as much as I have! I’ll start with a bit of background about me, I’m 24 years old, about 6 ft tall and 80kgs (175lbs) have blond hair and an 8 inch dick.

A few years ago, near end of high-school, I was being tutored by a 23 year old girl for maths. The tutoring arrangement had me going to her house one week and her coming to my place the next week. I had been tutored by the same girl for almost 4 months now and since our first session together, I had found her very attractive. She always dressed similarly with he... Continue»
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Alice and Trevor *First Story ever!*

Wednesday evening Alice is all ready for her boyfriend Trevor to come over and get ready to study since his grades weren't always the best. Trevor had a hard time keeping focused on the work and not playing with her so they never got much accomplished during their tutoring. Finally she thought, four a clock and he should be here any moment. Time for studying was out the window today since it was their four month anniversary since both turning eighteen. Trevor walks in looking the same as he always does after football practice, tired and worn out. Since he made the team they haven’t had m... Continue»
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