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how did i lost my virginity

The storie start like that i was always goving to a secret place during day off and week ends for crossdressing and taking sunbathing
For many years i always go to this place and i never so anyone there !

But this time when i entered the forest i forgot to look behind me and this was my mistake and i will pay the price for that mistake !

So i walk true my secret place but a guy was following me but i didont see is
As usual i arrived t8 my place so i open my bag put a blanked on the floor and sited down and started to dress slutty and makeup sexy !
I was ready for my sunbathing so ... Continue»
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A Ball-sucking Slut

I know there's nothing you like better than having a big set of hairy
balls hanging in your face.

Sure, you've always liked having a cock in your mouth--having a guy grab
the sides of your head to hold you still while he fucks your cute little
face. And you've always liked laying on your back, legs up in the air and
arms up over your head and a big cock slamming in and out of you and the
guy treating you like you're a cheap hooker.

But what you really like is a big red swollen set of balls hanging in
your face.

I got my legs around your arms, sitting on your ches... Continue»
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Fire in the cabin

There times were sex is more then the physical reaction. For me this was one of those times. Sometimes I think about being married and the reasons that I love me wife. Sometimes I wonder why the sex comes far and few, but always ends with her talking to her girlfriends about how mind blowing it was. Yet I figured that she is happy but I am not, that not to make a big deal. After all, I am having more sex then when I was younger. Then one day I crossed the line, on how I viewed sex and the emotions that went with it. It all starts with my choices of life, when I am bored and have nothing muc... Continue»
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My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-worker

To get the full story, please go read "Married Hmong affair - Part 1"

She said don't quit if you quit, make sure u tell me or else I will MISS you a lot...then I said really? LOL!! then she replied "oh yeah!" and LOL! Then I said to her, "i can get your phone#?" she said, "i will think about it." Then she walked back to her desk. I have thought about it over night and I felt scare to myself. I could get into trouble if she tells anyone like her husband, friends or our manager at work.

On January 18th, at our workplace, she came asked me about work related questions. I told h... Continue»
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My first black girl. Right place at the right time


I am going to tell you guys a little about myself! I grew up in a Catholic household! I am the SEVENTH SON of a big f****y! Big enough that we can play any sport out there and have replacements. I was a bright student growing up and always at the top of my class and that was the case until I got on involved with sports. To say that in my f****y we are super competitive is an understatement. I was the captain of our soccer team 3 years and 1 of the 4 captains in our football for 2 years. Sports were my life! They just came naturally! I also played baseball. I didn't tou... Continue»
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my first time thinking of men ( i became a sissy c

Growing up I always enjoyed dressing up in my mom’s and s****r’s clothes. I never saw my fascination with dressing as anything weird, and as a matter of fact I was never attracted to men or thought about men while I dressed. To me, I found dressing as just something fun and not to mention it always gave me a sense of feeling sexy – even at a young age. The thought of men never crossed my mind until I was in my teens, and when I finally did think of men it happened abruptly. During the summer of 2005 I was 14 years old. I was still dressing up but I would only do it at night when everyone was a... Continue»
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My Grandma

I, 19 years old, of course, know that I must not fuck my grandma is married .....
But I was after the last action with the massage just awesome in this woman. So I went back down times to help her something on the farm, of course, only to find a remedy again and experience a horny situation. My grandpa was with the truck on the long trail, somewhere in North Africa with expensive designer clothes to sew as last time.
My mother brought me there and also stayed overnight since the easy route almost 500 km was. My grandmother came out of the house as we drove up the driveway. Direct I noticed h... Continue»
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A New Life: Chapter One

Hello everyone. Part of my experience in becoming a sissy includes a start in writing sissy fiction. I only have one story fleshed out at the moment, so I'll start posting the chapters here as they are finished. The stories will sometimes be physically rough and other times mentally rough. We all like it rough, right? All of the stories I have in mind are semi-autobiographical, but the truth is I've never been with a man or a woman in real life while dressed as their sissy. The autobiographical portions come from my time on web cams with different people and performing at their direction.
So... Continue»
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It was a cold winter evening as I left the club. The snow was falling
softly as I walked to the car and there was a chill in the air that went
right through you.
I pulled my collar up trying to keep warm. As I
hurriedly got into my car. It was freezing out and I just wanted to get

I brushed the snow away from the lock and got in. I rummeged through my
purse trying to locate my keys. As usual, they were always hard to find
in my purse but I finally found them. I put the key into the ignitio... Continue»
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The Boy from Neighbor (Netfound)

I'm really not the woman who writes down everything. We, my f****y and I stayed for quite some years here in Berlin in a better area with single-f****y homes and small apartment buildings. I was 48 years old, had a rather exuberant female figure and did not find me really great. The ass too big and the big tits hung halt. However, I had a pretty flat stomach whereby the breasts seemed even taller than he already was. From my husband I had separated me 3 years ago and stayed with me my two c***dren Jan, 14, and Andrea 16 Years Old.
As in Berlin as usual, we had no Jalosien or large curtains. O... Continue»
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A surprise at the party - Part 1

I was sitting at my desk, writing, when Ronnie called. She asked me if I was coming to her party and I said no, again. She persisted, saying quite a few of my friends would be there, and tried to convince me to come. I said I would gladly do it some other time, but mentioned I was just barely going to make my deadline. She said she had a surprise for me, but it was not something that could change my mind. So I refused again and hung up. Ronnie was a great reason to attend the party in her own right, divorced and very sexually open, but I had made the choice to focus on work.

It was a good e... Continue»
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Jason grew up in what he thought was an over bearing f****y.
He felt nothing he did was good enough.
The k**s at school made fun of him.
He has always been skinny and slightly shorter than the other k**s.
He has always had a face you want to smother in kisses & a personality you could just hold.
No matter what he did to bulk up nothing seemed to work other k**s were jealous of this and quite often made fun of him.
When Jason reached his teens his cock & balls seemed to grow so there was always a bulge showing in his trousers, the rest of his... Continue»
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Hi all another friday in the life of a glasgow taxi driver. I was sitting in the city centre when 2 thirty something females said to me how much to coatbridge the other guys all wanted £40 it was a quiet nite so i said how about £25 and they got in. So off we set a bit of banter on the way its always good to have a bit of a laugh with the punters. So one of them was bantering back and forward with me the other was talking but not as much as the other. The one that was doing all the talkings name was robin the other was kirsty. Robin said there was 3 of them but the other met a bloke and was pr... Continue»
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Cuckold Teen

He got in touch with me and asked me to help him with a fantasy that he had. I replied back and explained that I was straight, but asked him to explain the fantasy, I mean why would a 19 year old lad contact a 40 year old straight guy?
The next message explains it, he is in a relationship with a young pretty 19 year old girl, but he has this fantasy of being cuckolded.
He explained that he wanted me to take his girlfriend, tie her down, punish her physically, or hurt her emotionally by teasing her about how pathetic he was.
Make her desperate, then reward her with pleasure, pleasure he coul... Continue»
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The day my life changed part 2

I sat there driving in a daze, confused and excited at the same time, not really knowing what to think about what just happened. I look over at Abigail, the grin on her face, wondering what must be going through her mind. We race home and get out of the car, walk up to the door and go inside. There was still about 4 hours before anybody was home. As I shut the door behind me, Abigail quickly pushed me up against the door and began kissing me. My mind kept telling me how wrong this was but the sex we just had was so good, I wanted her again. I slid my hands up under her cum stained yellow dress... Continue»
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Office fun became reality

I've always had this "office" fantasy -- where I'd get to have some good 'ole man-to-man fun at the office. So I posted an ad that basically said that I was looking for some oral and wank fun ... and looking to do it at my office after everyone had gone home for the day but before security done their evening rounds to lock up.

I was surprised at the number of people that emailed me back -- lots of horny guys out there .. LOL.
One of them really grabbed my attention for some reason and we ended up writing back and forth a bit on email and each time there would be a message from him in my i... Continue»
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Spelling Team Adventures

Spelling Team Adventures

Sarah’s story: I remember when I turned twelve. That was the year I learned to slide my little pussy up and down a man-cock. I learned lots of other lovely exciting things that year too. Here’s the way it happened…

Back then, well just a few years ago really, I was very shy and my parents told me that I had to choose an afterschool activity. They hoped that the right kind of activity would help me overcome my shyness and lessen my social anxiety.

I noticed a sign-up notice for my middle school spelling team. Since I was pretty good in spelling already, I ... Continue»
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My first blow bang

So I used to dance at a club called Spankys, it is a really trashy strip club but it was really my only option after being fired from my other job. My manager was a fat black dude in his forties, and he interviewed all the new girls. For my audition I had to wear a bikini and dance to show my ability and skill level. I danced, twerked and shook my ass for him and basically told him I really need this job. He told me that he already had enough dancers, he was in need of "performers." After he said that he just took out his cock and started rubbing it. I was up on the stage and just stood there ... Continue»
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In high school Cindy was the most popular girl in our graduation class, Captin of the cheerleaders, and with an air of self-confidence that carried her through almost anything. she was smart, pretty, fun to be around, a personality that invited people to love her.Including me.But...I was shy around girls, I could never master the art of small talk and chatting that was the key to the kingdom.

Cindy.had short brown hair, cut in the popular style of the day, sparkling blue eyes, a ready laugh,full youthful lips nd a dimple on her left cheek. Looong legs, a cheerleader's body, slim, athletic, ... Continue»
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Anticipating Our Rendevous

Oh my dear sweet Baby!

I can hardly wait to spend some time with you, my hands softly caressing you as we kiss passionately. Our tongues dancing in harmony. Slowly I undress you kissing each sexy inch of your skin as it is exposed. You feel my hard cock throb in the confines of my jeans as I am pressed against your thigh. You start to reach for it but I take your hands and guide them away. I walk you back to the wall pressing against you as my hands continue undressing you. Soon your big beautiful breasts are the object of my oral fixation. Your sensitive nipples respond to my lips, tongue ... Continue»
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