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Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part III)

Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun... and Funny!

Here is Part III of my reality based fiction, 'Aunt Abby and the Artist', dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes. Again, if you'd like to see the real Abby, here she is... her beauty makes the story even more enjoyable, and she approves of this message:

If you haven't read Part I and Part II yet, I suggest you do so. If you have, then on with the show... and there will be a final chapter, Part IV

'Aunt Abby and the Artist... Part III, Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun and Funny'

When you first wake up in the mo... Continue»
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Used by my Step s*s's Boyfriend!

My mouth went dry. My palms began to sweat. Each creak in the floor board seemed to rip through the entire neighborhood. The fear built so high, that I almost turned back.

But then I told myself, "It's cool. You're the only one home."

At least it seemed so at the time.

I pressed on toward my step-s****r's lingerie drawer. Her bedroom lay silent, but it felt like the teddy bear on her neatly made bed was watching me. I turned it face down into her pillow.

I couldn't afford to get caught. How do you explain to your parents that you get off on dressing up in your step-s****r's bras an... Continue»
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My transformation continued

I was made to feel sexy by my friend... and till to date i cannot forget that feeling of being wanted and being special.

That day in the tree house... my friend had a surprise for me. He said that i had smooth skin and wanted to feel it. He touched my face and stroked my soft hair. He lifted my chin and gently touched my lips. And I don't know what got into me. I opened my lips and sucked his finger. I closed my eyes and sucked his finger. I was doing this for about a minute or two when i heard his voice whisper into my ears - want to see something special? I instantly said yes.

I let go... Continue»
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Pick up Truck Part 3

Tony kneeled down and started sucking on my cock as I continued to suck on Kevin's cock and Liz's puss. He swallowed all of it and started to suck on my uncut knob like a powerful vacuum cleaner. Kevin came in Liz and I lapped up as much of their come as I could since Liz's pussy was having powerful spasm's. Kevin's asshole started twitching as he came so I gave that a good licking too.
While I ate Kevin's ass Tony started licking mine and spreading my ass cheeks so he could dig his unshaven face into my ass. I wanted to come but Liz left Tony's cock pop out of her pussy and turned around an... Continue»
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It was the twenty four anniversary of getting my cher ........ making love for the first time, and it was about to happen again. We had made love during that day, but I had a delicious tingling feeling that this was going to be even more special. When I got up that morning, I had been so sore. I'd never even been able to get even a finger or a tampon in my vagina before, and that big, hard penis of John's had barged around in there so wonderfully ........... well, no wonder I hurt.

Even though John had been afraid of hurting me even more, I had persuaded him to try it, and we had made love... Continue»
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First "O"

I could hardly wait to put on the beautiful new things John given me, but I carefully showered and shaved even though I couldn't find even the tiniest trace of roughness on my legs or underarms. I didn't want him to feel anything but smooth skin when he touched me, and I wanted him to touch me a lot. All his touches so far had been exciting and wonderful. I wasn't absolutely positive, but I was pretty sure that I'd like him touching me all over. Everywhere. I was almost certain I'd like that. A lot. I was sure he was going to do it, too, and that was a nice thing to anticipate, being touched a... Continue»
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My Chosen First Time . PART 1

My Chosen First Time


I was laying in bed in a half-state of being between awake and asl**p. I let my fingers wander down my body touching, feeling, and caressing. I touched my nipples drawing circles around the aureoles and teasing the hard buds into an excitement. My pussy felt so wet that my legs just opened wide. My eyes closed as my searching fingers found the moist folds of my pussy. I groaned deeply as I explored the hard bud of my clitoris, rolling back the protective hood and gently rotating my finger I rubbed my clit and felt the moistness flow out of me and cover my eng... Continue»
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my british slutty girlfriend msn chat history, nau

Time From To Message
30/10/2012 22:48:54 Mark and Gem u know who im on msn come say hello
30/10/2012 22:49:04 Mark and Gem u know who hey
30/10/2012 22:49:09 u know who Mark and Gem hey
30/10/2012 22:49:11 Mark and Gem u know who nice
30/10/2012 22:50:14 u know Mark and Gem that u?
30/10/2012 22:50:18 Mark and Gem u know yes
30/10/2012 22:50:21 u know Mark and Gem wow
30/10/2012 22:50:27 u know Mark and Gem very cute hun
30/10/2012 22:50:30 Mark and Gem u know thank u lol
30/10/2012 22:50:41 u know Mark and Gem me not so much
30/... Continue»
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Exposing s****r in the Library - Part II

Exposing s****r in the Library - Part II
Posted by Paul606
For the next few weeks, Jennifer and I were nearly inseparable. I’m glad my mother’s work picked up, and that my father was still out of town, or someone surely would have noticed how much our relationship had changed, and how whenever we were alone, we would look flushed and even a little sweaty when someone came to find us. My older siblings were off to college, which meant that for most of the time when we were not at school or sports practice, I had Jennifer all to myself. It was like the first time had unleashed a torrent thr... Continue»
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My First Anal

My first anal experience was while I was d***k.
I was staying the night at a girlfriends house.
I was 18.
My girlfriend was already passed out.
I was just about to fall asl**p when I heard her bedroom door open.
I was laying on my stomach, wearing only a long tee-shirt, and my panties.
I laid still listening, trying to figure out who it was, and what they were doing.
I heard a voice softly call out to sherry, it was he dad.
Sherry in her d***ken slumber mumbled something, but from the way her voice sounded she was in deep sl**p.
I felt his hand lightly touch my leg.... Continue»
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By: The Male me

I regret fucking up with her. I see her with another woman and I just flip out but I need to realize that it was me who played the stupid ass games. Maybe things would be better if I knew what I know now.

When I met Alicia, we were at the bowling alley and she needed some major help on how she handled the ball so I took it as if she wouldn't mind if I helped her.

"You're holding the ball wrong." I said as I stood behind her.

She turned around suddenly and looked at me as if I were what she desired.

"And how am I supposed to be holding it?" She asked in t... Continue»
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The Quickie

The Quickie

I met Lenisha first; at the club, of course. But isn’t that how it always starts?

I was d***k, flailing around the dance floor like a possessed voodoo priestess. It wasn’t until the song ended and the spell was broken that I even noticed her watching me from the bar.

A muscle-bound stud with the body of a prize fighter; her skin was brown and smooth; her dark hair, long and locked. She wore a T-shirt, baggy jeans and a pair of midnight blue Timberland’s, giving her that thug appeal all us stud-loving femmes secretly crave (in the bedroom at least).

She never took h... Continue»
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Neighbour fucked my s****r - but it was me

When I was 16 I stayed home alone for a week when my parents were on holiday. My s****r Jenny had just left home - she was 18. I'd been crossdressing for several years already, and I loved nothing better than to turn myself into a pretty teen girl in private. Fortunately for me, Jenny had left some of her clothes behind.

One night that week, I decided to play some dress up. I went into Jenny's bedroom and opened her drawers and closet door. I knew her clothes so well. What would I put on?

First I chose one of her bras. It was pink and heavily padded as Jenny had small tits. I put it on m... Continue»
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kirans first time

I lived a very busy and active c***dhood. I was a very good student in school and even got better grades then predicted from school to university. I took up degree’s in business and economics. Towards the end of my degree, I met a male friend called Arman. Before that I had no connections with boys as I was brought up learning strict religious values about no contact with boys before marriage. However in my adult days, I could make my own judgements and I knew he was safe. He was a great laugh and exciting guy, we got along like a house on fire. We went to movies, restaurants, club and each ot... Continue»
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Husband looses me in a Gamble

I have been married for three years now. At the time of marriage I was totally ignorant of all sex acts. Though I was considered to be quite beautiful, no boys had even touched me. No one had seen any of my parts uncovered. The farthest any boy could ever go was touch my fingers! In fact I was under impression that women get pregnant when a man kisses a girl! After marriage on my first night, when my husband touched my breasts, I got a terrible shock. I reprimanded him and told him to only talk and not touch me! It took him quite some time to get me let him touch my breasts. But when he touche... Continue»
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GangBang Mom

Hi all..This is Vish here again with a new story of mine. This is my second post. This is a real story. I live in Ahmadabad. My father is working in another city as he has been transferred and promoted so he has to live alone as i do study in Ahmadabad and so mom has to live with me to take care of me. I am 18 years old. My mom’s name is Amita. She is very attractive and does have a good figure as well of 38-29-37. She is at the age of 38 but still she has maintained her figure As per my last story you know that now i said to fuck my mom whenever i got the chance. Now i will lead this story to... Continue»
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Schooldays - My First Threesome FFM

I was supposed to be revising for my exams but had spent most of the morning lazing around, masturbating over my secret hoard of porn mags, and feeling ever so slightly guilty about being so lazy.

Just as I was on the point of giving in to my guilt and getting some books out to start revision the door-bell sounded. “Saved by the bell” I thought as I opened the door to find two of my female friends standing there.

“Hi”, they said, “we were passing and thought we’d drop in for a coke or something”. The girls, Linda and Sue, went to a different school from me but both lived nearby and I’d k... Continue»
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First time bi

TRUE STORY: this happened a little over a week ago
So I've never been one for typing up stories but I figured I'd give this a shot and if I get enough feedback I'll post even more pics/vid.So to lay down the ground work here... I'm 26 and have been bi curious for a while. I recently took my curiosity to craigslist. I posted saying I was curious and looking for a couple to help act on my bi curiousness. To my surprise not long after posting I heard back from a guy saying he and his gf would like to meet. The only kicker was I had to meet him first to see if I'd be a good fit with them. He had ... Continue»
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a real bag boy

And then there was this time when I was 18 that I was at the A&P shopping late one nite. There was a 16 yo I've seen their before, He offered to help me carry my bags home for a few dollars, talking to him on the way to my house I ask him why he was out so late. Bobby told that he need money since his dad wouldn't give him any and could not find any work. Telling me that his mom ran off 6 months ago. As we were walking I keep looking down at his ass in the tight shorts, he was about 4'11” Blonde hair with a nice tan. When we got there we had a couple of cold beers since it was hot out .

... Continue»
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my roomate pt 1

I was in my 1st year of college when my room mate quit school. At the semester I got a new room mate he was 6' 1" 200 former high school athlete named Kris. We hit off great. Later I learned he had a girl friend named Kate they were hot and heavy, I could hear them in the next room fucking every night she was very vocal talking about his big cock how she loved it suck it and fuck it. I lay in bed beating my meat listening to there sex. My girl friend had broken up with me and I was horny as hell.
As the semester continued it became apparent Kris liked to show off his body. He would walk ar... Continue»
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