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Back to School days

First of all i can remember back to when i was 8 or 9 years old and being overly interested in some of my school teachers bodies, in particular my french teacher who had the most amazing cleavage and HUGE erect nipples. I used to make sure i always had questions to ask so i could go up to the desk and get a cheeky look down her blouse. Her breasts were milky white and had the most amazing smooth looking skin, though of course i never actually got to sample them first hand as i was so young at the time…

This is one of my earliest memories of being sexually stimulated by someone else's body a... Continue»
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I would like to discuss a taboo subject and have not seen it discussed here. It is written about but it seems the rules say we cant write about in cest. So you will notice that I pulled a small trick there.

I became aware of sex at a very young age, and again, because of the rules I can't say what my age was. However, I had not quite reached double digits. I began to notice other males and their cocks when in situations I could see them. Changing rooms at public swiming pools, the same location showers, or just taking a piss in the woods. Anyway, I was not abused as a person that a
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First Time pt 3 by trans_love (Fiction)

Introduction: This is a true story that happened to me when I was a young "woman"

Here's another. Again, I was 13 at the time, I was 5' 2" , 105 lbs, long brown hair, green eyes, ass to die for, I stole my grandma's estrogen pills and started growing boobies, I was now a full b cup.

A couple weeks went by and I only seen my younger black guy a few times. He let me suck his big cock but that was it. One day he told me he met someone else and to not come around any more. As I turned the corner and was heading home his dad, James, pulled up along side me in his car. He said, "Jessica, why d... Continue»
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toy time

This takes place 5 yrs after the last story.

Which is 6mths ago. All my stories are true.

I'd been looking forward to Friday all week, not because it's the end of the week, but because I had a annual leave day off work. I woke up nice and early so I could drop my girlfriend at work. After that the day was mine until I had to pick her up again at 5pm...

I rushed home, took a shower, had a smoke and then got out the toys....3 butt plugs in increasing sizes, a cock ring, a inflatable vibrating butt plug and a 8" black suction cup dildo....mmmm my mouth was watering. 

I lived up a... Continue»
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A Fella from the Neighborhood

He was just a fella from the neighborhood. In his low 20’s, kind of awkward, but a good looking guy. I remember when he was a little k** just being a “pain in the ass”, doing all kind of stupid stuff. He was a little older than my youngest daughter who he always had a crush on. She loved him like a b*****r and still does, but it went no further than that.
His parents broke up about 5 years ago and they all left the neighborhood upon the sale of their home. I think that he feels that this is where he belongs. I make this assumption because he visits quite often. He has friends down the s... Continue»
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First Swapping Experience

I was very recently married when this evening took place and whilst that may be shocking to consider for some, we had such an enthusiastic and adventurous sex life with each other that, with hindsight, the events of this evening seemed to be a natural extension, I say with hindsight as the whole experience was arranged as a surprise by my wife....

Annie is petite and dark haired with cascading brunette curls falling just beyond shoulder length, she has hazel eyes and a beautiful body with curves in all the right places, her waist is slender which only serves to enhance her figure, emphasisi... Continue»
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First Time Fucking My Friends BBW Mother. Pt. 4

After Diane and I had 69'ed for awhile, she was begging for me to fuck her wet pussy. As she got off of my face, she turn over towards me and started kissing and licking my face saying how she loved tasting her pussy juices off my face. She then laid down on the bed next to me and pulled me up on top of her. Looking me in the eye saying "Oh baby, I want you to slide that hard cock of yours deep in my pussy and fuck me like you've always dreamed of."

Her pussy was dripping wet by now that my cock just slid right inside her wet cunt. She let out a loud moan as soon as my entire cock was insid... Continue»
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confessions in a cedar closet

not long after the events i described in my "early spanking" story took place, Randy and i began to spend a lot of private time together because we were afraid of being seen together by Randy's father. Randy, of course, apologized for the events of that day, and told me that he hated his father for what he had done. i told him that it was not that bad, and that he shouldn't hate his father who was only trying to do what he thought was best for Randy. Randy asked me to describe in great detail what had happened after his father had ordered him to go inside, and i told him i didn't want to ta... Continue»
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Fallen Snow Angels

It snowed last night. Just a couple inches but it was really beautiful. I’ve always loved snow. I’ve always had a fantasy of sex in the snow. I was outside this morning taking in the sight. It wasn’t too cold, about 33* The snow was still falling pretty hard, very thick flakes. Then my imagination kicked in. You were standing there with me. You were wearing sweat pants and a cute winter jacket. I couldn’t believe I was seeing you there. You smiled, walked toward me and then, with out warning, threw a snow ball that struck me right in the face. You laughed and ran to the yard. I cha... Continue»
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The Perfect Gift Under The Tree!

When I was a k** I used to love to lay on my back under the Christmas tree and look up in to it. Such a different view and very pretty. I was lying down looking up into my tree the other night and my imagination went crazy again. I closed my eyes and imagined you there with me. We were laying side by side. I looked over at you. Damn you look so beautiful. You had such a sweet smile as you enjoyed this simple moment. I raised up from under the tree and looked down at you again. OK, it sounds cheesy but all I could think is this is the most amazing gift I’ve ever had under my tree, lol.... Continue»
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blackmailed mom

Life as we know it can be altered...from one moment to the next, you can never predict the future. Looking back to that dreadful day...

I'm a happily married woman, 43 years of husband Richard is a good man. He's in the insurance industry and without question, he's always devoted his time and energy towards his career. With that being said, I know that he loves me...and he loves our k**s. As for myself, I've been working as a loan officer in the same bank for the past 15 years. My oldest daughter Melissa, was in her 2nd year at college and my son David, had just turned eighteen and... Continue»
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freinds little s****r 2

Read part 1

A few days after our first experience together I got a text from Kelly.

Kelly’s text: Home alone tonight want to come over?

My text: Sure what time?

Kelly’s text: idk probably around 7ish, ill text you when they leave.

I just replied with ok and went back to whatever I was doing. Later that night it was about 7:15 when I got Kelly's text.

Kelly’s text: Got the house to ourselves doors unlocked I’m going to take a quick shower

I quickly got dressed and headed out the door to her house, I got there and tried to sneak in through a side door so none of the ne... Continue»
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My Wife making My fantasy CUM true

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2
years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked
and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and
whisper in her ear. I'd ask her to think about guys
with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly
and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I
wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told
her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide
past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity,
then squirt his cum deep in her... Continue»
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Lost my V-Card on a marching band bus (Ending)

The bus ride to the band competition that Saturday turned out to be more eventful than the usual bus ride most band members would experience, given I got a blowjob and Roselia, my girl friend at the time, got fingered for a good half hour while trying to not draw attention from the other students on the bus but, the best part would come Sunday night on the way back home. The competition lasted two days, the first being semi-finals and the second day being finals. Our band took first place Saturday in the semi-finals which qualified us for the finals the next day.

On the way back to the hote... Continue»
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"Iron Pumping Cocktease"

Copyright (c) 2013 Member of


Without being horny, it would be impossible to be confident. Using your head, you would think, there are all these other guys that are taller, bigger, even better hung, with tattoos and that swagger that the cuties wouldn't even be able to see you. But all that swagger has nothin' on a guy who's different, someone who seems like they know a thing or two about being subtle, gentle. Someone who knows how to liste... Continue»
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CD Exposed

I have always liked the way womans clothes felt against my skin.
It had been years since I had the urge.
Until recently.
I am happily mariied to a sexy,wonderful woman for 10 years now,but our sex life has seem to slow down to almost nill.
I work from home, the wife is gone on her job all day,and sometimes she is off on buisness trips for a week or two at a time.
It happened about 3 months ago,while she was gone for a week, I got the urge again.
I would wake up in the morning,get some work done, then go into our bedroom and go through her outfits.
It started with just her panties, then ... Continue»
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First Time Fucking My Friends BBW Mother. Pt. 3

Not soon after Diane had sucked my cock dry, she got up off the bed and stood over me as I lay on the bed still moaning from that great blowjob she gave me. She was still in her bathrobe as she said to me "now its time you get to see what you were filming in the flesh" and she undid her bathrobe. She was wearing a lacy black bra and these silky red panties. Just looking at her body a few inches from me already got my cock ready to go again. She came back on the bed and laid down next to me. I could tell she was so horny after the cock sucking she just gave me. I immediately started to caress a... Continue»
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Hot Step Mom/Mom 14

Tom couldn't believe his beautiful, sexy mom was wearing a sexy little see through gown in front of him or the way she was talking. She had never been like this before. He was surprised that she knew he had been spying on her naked and that she had seen him naked.
His young cock was rock hard and throbbing as he looked at her shaved pussy again. " I'm sorry, I spied on you when you were naked.You are so beautiful mom I just couldn't help it." He said quietly.

"It's okay Tom I am quite flattered that you find me so attractive. Like I said I have spied on you too and I enjoyed seeing your b... Continue»
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response to a xhamster user message.

I wish; you know all my stories are just fantasies...although I wish they are my real experiences but unfortunately it's not.
Although I can tell you that when was about 13yrs old, I did share a room with my older s****r (15yrs old)and while she was asl**p I started off by slowly removing the blankets off her so I could get full view of her tit's or view of her panties under a long shirt; then moved on to getting a feel of her tits, up to being able to push aside her panties and without sticking in my figure I was able to rub my figure up and down her wet pussy. there were a few times she su... Continue»
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Foot Fetish: My dream... Come true?

NOTE: I took my time and really put my heart into this story, if you're reading, I beg you to please read everything. (THANK YOU)

Foot Fetish: My dream... Come true?

October 31, 2013. That was the day that my dream became a reality. Before I tell you what happened on that magnificent day, let me give you some background on myself and the woman with the most amazing feet I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of feet, trust me!

I'm 18 years young and pretty darn handsome if I do say so myself! I have short dark hair, an average height, adorable dimples, and a stunning... Continue»
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