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Our night began with a dance. The lights where dim. The music was slow and hypnotic as I held her close to me. Her curls fell on her shoulders and shimmered as we glided along the dance floor. The dress she wore was tight and short and fitted her perfectly. I whispered in her ear how stunning she looked tonight. That I wanted to pleasure her in ways she had never felt. She giggled looking up at me with her innocent brown eyes. I leaned in and kissed her full pink lips softly. Her hand caressed the back of my neck her nails slightly scratching my skin. I took her by the hand and led her out of ... Continue»
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First Bi Sex experience

I am a British born pakistani male with a high sex drive. I must admit to wanking my cock and cumin on a regular basis. I think about sex pretty much every minute of the day and it only takes the sight of a beautiful woman to get me hard.

I have always liked women and loved watching them on cam as the internet has grown. In recent times, I have also had thoughts about some of my first sexual experiences, which turned out to be with a male friend, jerking our cocks whilst flicking through porno mags and triple x movies on vas.

I am now older, but in my late teens, I'd meet up with a fr... Continue»
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On the Bus

When my period is about to come. My pussy gets extra wet. I need to be extra naughty. Give a stranger a couple of hours of fun. I have never did this before now.

I put on short dress no panties and the breast part barely holds my tits in. I always have to adjust or they would pop out.

So I hopped on the bus ready to give a couple of guys a show, and see how they respond. This one guy he looked like a business guy, he saw me and stopped reading. He stared at me well at my body. I don't think he even saw my face. Another guy sat next to him but a seat in between and when he saw m... Continue»
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Taken by the landlord's son

“Top or bottom?” Praveen asked me, as I emerged from the shower in my towel. I stopped dead in my tracks.
“What?” I asked, my heart already starting to beat faster.
“You heard me. Are you a top or bottom?” Praveen asked again, this time with a smirk.
“What top bottom?” I asked, making a mildly puzzled expression. How could he know, the thoughts were already racing in my mind.
“Oh come on now, Ashu. Don’t play the innocent fool,” saying this, Praveen pointed to my laptop. He hit the play button and the sounds of panting filled the room. Two young gays involved in hardcore gay sex... Continue»
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Tasting my precum

I’m 50 years old and needless to say I’ve jacked off for at nearly 40 years. I’ve jacked off watching porn of all kinds, masturbated thinking about friends, relatives, co-workers and everyone else. My wife and I masturbate in front of each other and that’s a lot of fun too. When I have a new masturbation person to fantasize about , I usually try to obtain their picture, then I have a tendency to jerk off thinking about or looking at the picture daily and sometimes two or three times a day.
Over the years, I tasted a few drops of my semen here and there and never really liked it. Like ma... Continue»
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White guys gangbang my Black wife

I couldn't fucking believe my wife. Here was this proud
outspoken black woman screwing and blowing a bunch of
white guys for money. It was just fucking amazing to

Carlota crawled over to another one of my white bosses
and dipped her face down over his crotch, I looked wide
eyed as another one of the naked company executives
snugged up to her raised rear-end and fumbled with his
stiff dick, trying to shove it into her.

I was also naked -- and if the truth be known I was
just as hard as any of these rich white guys. I'd
fucked my wife several times that night too and... Continue»
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Lori Tries A Gloryhole

Lori and I have enjoyed a very active sex life. We
first stumbled on it several years ago. I was at a
training session out of town and invited my wife Lori
to join me. She hung out at the pool and soon incurred
the attention of another man. I encouraged her to keep
flirting with him and eventually got her to have sex
with him. This was a long time goal for me and I even
got to go down on her after he had fucked her and I was

I eventually got her to start having sex with others
and I would get to watch and lick out her cum filled
cunt afterwards. I know many have... Continue»
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Carol: My Mentor: Part VI Liz: My First Facial

When I awoke several hours later, Carol was reading one of her course books in bed next to me. Much to my disappointment, she was dressed-- in jeans and a pretty white blouse. “You missed dinner, you horndog. But I saved you some.” Then she handed me a tray holding tomato soup and a reuben sandwich in a warmer, with a pasta salad on top. She poured two glasses of wine for us and offered a toast, “To my stud muffin in training!” “To my lovely and talented mentor,” I replied with a wolfish grin.

As I devoured my dinner, Carol told me that her s****rs “were all atwitter “about the fact tha... Continue»
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Showering With Mom

My name is Lindsey and I am seven teen years old. I live with my mom and dad but its usually just my mom and I because my dad works a pretty good paying job that requires him to travel. My mom is very pretty and I am happy I got most of my looks from her. She is about five foot eight, thin, blonde hair and has a very pretty face. I got the blonde hair and blue eyes from her but I am only five foot five and kind of petite even though my mom assures me that I will grow to be about her height. Spending time with my mom just the two of us is amazing, we go shopping, to movies, or out to eat pretty... Continue»
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Watching her do it

My wife, Estelle, and I had been swapping with another couple, Ron and Megan, but we had never been in the same house together while doing so. So even though we knew that each was fucking the other's spouse, I had never actually witnessed it myself. My wife and Megan and I had had a threesome together in which my wife had not only seen me fucking Megan, she had held my cock while I spurted my seed up into another woman's pussy. I wasn't sure that I could handle seeing Estelle get fucked by Ron but I figured fair was fair. This was the test. Would I pass?

We went over to their house and had... Continue»
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Carol: My Mentor: Part V: Carol Fucks Me

Rudy’s was much busier than our last noon luncheon, but we did manage to find a booth that gave us some privacy of conversation, for which I was quite grateful. We ordered our beer and burgers quickly and made some small talk while awaiting our drinks. But there was nothing else on our “agenda,” so to speak, other than the topic I had announced during our phone call. So, after our beers arrived, Carol gave me one of her devilish smiles and said: “Tell me about your wild, crazy sex life: I’m really excited to hear about it. I’m all ears!”

So I did, my ears burning red throughout the tellin... Continue»
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First time cuckold

This is the story of the first time that my wife and I swapped with another couple.

Both wives had gone to the other houses where the husbands awaited them. My wife, Estelle, had gone on dates with the other husband, Ron, but he had been reluctant to pull the trigger and they had done no more than heavy petting and Frenching. Tonight, we were going to swap but I still had my doubts that Ron was going to go through with it. I mentioned this to his wife, Megan, when she arrived but she said, no, when she left she was convinced that he was determined to fuck my wife. Megan and I talked and fu... Continue»
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Every man's fantasy

Almost every man on earth has to have thought about having two women at one time. I know that I had fantasized about it many times but unlike many fantasies, the actual experience far surpassed the fantasy. After my wife, Estelle, and I had started swapping with another couple, Ron and Megan, Megan came over one day to see us on a special mission. I had playfully suggested a threesome and she and my wife had agreed to try it one day. That day was today. We all went upstairs to our bedroom where we promptly took off our clothes. Once we were naked, the women both turned to me and asked what we ... Continue»
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How i became a Toyboy - True Story

I apologize for the worse english it was just translated by a searching machine.

It was almost 4 years ago, when I went to swim in the evening again. Usually around 20pm almost no longer there and I can drag my tracks alone.
But when I walked into the bathroom that day I was struck by a beautiful blonde woman on, but I also saw that she was older than me and I thought I'm too young.

So I started my training, where I took a look under water again and again to the unknown. She was about 1.75m tall, slim, tanned with a shapely body and wearing a black bikini.

When I was done ... Continue»
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Night out with a twist

My wife and I made plans to have a date night, nothing special just a night at the bar. I get ready and wait for her to finish by sitting watching some TV, she enters the room wearing black heels and a sexy black dress that shows off all her curves, her breasts look as if they are about to pop out of the top of it. We drive to the bar just making casual conversation but I keep looking her up and down thinking about how sexy she looks. We get to the bar walk in finding that the only empty seats are at the bar, as we set down the bartender takes our order but also wishes the couple next to my wi... Continue»
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supersexyhornygirl in Stockholm 1948

Dad is a businessman, we live in a big house, outside the city of Stockholm.

1948 was just fresh the summer season, only 3 years after the world war 2 has ended up, still a bit confusing times, Dad used to speak a lot about politics and chances for the future of our f****y.

My dad company is known for make telephones, a large Swedish company, based in Stockholm, and it was chances for business, Dad travels a lot and is out of home, almost all the time.

Summer is the best time in Stockholm, because the weather is warm and we can have a time outdoors, for walking and everyone is happy.
... Continue»
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Carol: My Mentor Part IV: My Debate and Game Plan

So what was the “big debate” within me all about? As far as my lower regions were concerned, there was not much to discuss. If a horny woman like Carol wants to suck you and fuck you, you either dig her or you don’t. If you do, you dig into her as early and often as possible. And, how could you not dig Carol? My higher regions, however, had serious reservations about the relationship precisely because my lower regions were so inexperienced. Technically, I was not a “virgin” at that point in time. But I did not have much experience at “third base” and had only two experiences at home plate. On... Continue»
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Classmate sex BDSM

It was the end of the year we had school camps held during the holidays.As it was school holidays there were not much people in school. There were 2 groups that were having camp in school, 1 group were a group of guys and the other group were girls. I am currently 17, I was the 1 of the leader in the guys group.This happen when i was 16. The girls were aged from 13-16. We would sl**p at different rooms guys in a room while the girls would be in one of the rooms in the school. That night i was called for a meeting with my committee and so were the girls, there was a girl name Constance. She is... Continue»
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Bi Biker Club

This is a true story from about 10 years ago. My wife had gotten a really good job up in Ontario and so I gave up my job we had moved there for a few years while her company was getting set up. In my first few weeks in Ontario I had found most of my time was spent watching television so I decided to get a hobby. I went out, bought a motorcycle and spent most of my days driving around trying to learn the area. It was during this time that I started hanging out at this biker bar a little ways away from where I was living. After drinking with the same group of guys at the bar for a few weeks they... Continue»
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The Gift of a Massage

Erica opened her towel in the front and climbed onto the crisp white sheets on the massage table. Holding the towel open so it fell over the sides of the table, she lay face down with her face in the ring on the table meant to make laying face down more comfortable. She was nude except for the towel that covered her from the below her shoulders to the middle of her shapely thighs.

She closed her eyes and lay with her arms at her sides under the towel. The masseuse entered the room quietly and said "Please keep relaxed, miss. I need just a moment to prepare and then we'll get started. My na... Continue»
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