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I touched my Hymen for the last time.

It was freezing as I stood waiting for the bus to arrive. I was cowering in the corner as the wind blew its icy blast up my legs and around the exposed flesh of my upper thighs, my heavy woollen stockings protecting the rest of my legs, and my buttocks and crotch also suffering the same indignity as my panties were nothing more than a thong like triangle.

As snow began to fall a car drew up alongside the shelter, providing some relief from the wind, and the passenger side window came down.

'Like a bit of business love', he called out, and I came towards the car and poked my head inside, ... Continue»
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Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1

After years of stroking my dick as a teenager, I finally was set to loose my virginity at 19. I chatted with a local lady, who I never met in person before, on Yahoo. She was about 10 years older than me and she agreed to service my virgin cock.

I met up with her at a local park. She was decent looking with long brown hair, big breasts and a little extra padding making her quite the nice bbw. I recall greeting her and we quickly moved things along. We got in the back seat of my car and began kissing. Everything about her felt so soft: her lips, her tits, and her hands as she groped me thro... Continue»
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My wife KIm a Prostitute?

My wife Kim and I have a great relationship and we have kept things fresh and exciting during our marriage. We have done many exciting, adventurous things particularly in the area of sex. This story starts innocently enough.
We often sail nude and if we ever dock on the French side of St Martin we remain nude. Kim often hops onto the dock and secures the mooring lines. On one particular day she did so with a fishing charter next to us. The boat was inhabited by about a dozen d***k fishermen who became quite boisterous when they spotted naked Kim completing her tasks. They were cheering ... Continue»
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First Time With A Guy And First Time As A Gurl

worked summers in a factory by my house when I was in college. Nice, clean summer job. Charlie, the Chief Engineer was my boss. He played Div. 2 college football and still was in great shape. Thick arms and legs, big hands, broad shoulders. He was going a little bald, but otherwise...anyway. I wasn't into guys, so I didn't notice those little 'things'...signals, whatever. I had a somewhat steady girlfriend, but she went abroad that summer.
Being 19 I was, it seemed, always thinking about sex. Loved jacking off to the 'Men's Magazine; I found in the guys locker room. I especially found the Fre... Continue»
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My first day at work

Yeah, I knew I was stud, but didn't know I was a pansexual Hedonist! I was six feet, weight 176 and hardly any body fat. I also had a thick 7" cock that seemed to stay hard. I also had a very firm bubble butt. So, on my first day at the bath house I lost my clothes in a locker. donned a bath robe and met Jerry's partner and older boy toy. Both gave me the grand tour as they explained my duties including sex with Jerry and boy toy.
The place was dimly lit, but expansive and nicely decorated. At first we walked down a hallway with small private rooms and then through some double doors to the po... Continue»
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I was ordered to watch.

My wife has always been an out going person. She is one of those people that can make the best of any situation. I introduced her to cuckolding . I did it by accident. I would leave the history on our PC uncleared. She knows how to search it to see where I have been. One night while we where dinning out she brought up the subject. Over an after dinner drink I was complementing her on how pretty she looked in the dress she was wearing. She out of the blue said does it make you horny when other men look at me? What do you mean look at you? She said like tonight, I'm setting here and I've allowed... Continue»
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A true story about my ex-wife swinging with friend

This was written by my friend's wife from her point of view. The names have been changed.


We met Terri through a friend of Shane’s, Erik. She was Erik’s girlfriend, but since then, they have gotten married. Terri is a tall, statuesque strawberry blonde. She didn’t like Shane when they met before; their personalities clashed because they are both strong willed and out spoken. This second time they met, I was with Shane, and there was an instant attraction between Terri and I. Shane told me later tha... Continue»
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My Baby Girl


I turned just in time to see my grinning daughter halt her mad dash across the sand and lob a squirming crab at my face before shrieking and running off again. Laughing, I nudged the little guy off the towel with my toe. Shae was tearing across the sand towards the surf, arms flailing like a lunatic, loose golden hair steaming behind her. If I hadn't been so comfortable I would have chased her.

The beach had been a good idea. Being an executive of a global logistics company was stressful sometimes, but it did give me a flexible schedule and it was n... Continue»
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Breeding Tiffany ( A True Cuckold Story ) My Fuck

The Events Below are real they took Place 5 months ago

My name is Morgan 24 years old from Egypt

I am Middle Eastern , Hazel eyes , Black hair , Strong Jaw
6.2 ft , Wide Shoulders , Wide Back , 22 inch arms , Very Muscular ,and 6.5 inch Cock , very thick

7 months ago i started chattting with this Very Sexy Couple from USA , Tiffany and Mark

They were the sexiest young couple , i saw their profile and Messaged them Straight away tiffany was the one online at that time , I checked her pics and loved them , she went crazy when i showed her My Cock , We got along quiet well a... Continue»
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Curious Daughter’s First Ass Fuck

Amber bounced to her room. She was so happy! Her mommy had a date with Sara's daddy that night and was excited about getting fucked!

Life had changed so much since her f****y started having open sex with each other and their friends. Tonight would be good too since it was going to be her night with her daddy alone. Sex with him was special! She was already getting wet when her cell phone buzzed. It was her friend Beth.

"Hi Beth! What's happening?" She asked hoping for the latest gossip

"Amber you have to see this video I ... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because she was absolutely bat shit crazy. But that had bee... Continue»
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The Judge:

Well, I met Don through a mutual friend he worked with. He was a recently divorced judge and was just looking to just go out and have fun. I agreed to meet one day for lunch at a local restaurant. He was very flirtatious. He had hungry, wondering eyes left you would expect from a man who hasn’t been properly fucked in a while. I was not really interested in him. He was rather on the heavy side and just not really my type. We did talk on the phone though for several weeks. I was just being nice and being a person who was there for him as company during his new divorce. Our schedules nev... Continue»
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True Stories: My First Time as the Other Guy

Her pussy felt so slick, and she squeezed my cock so tightly, that nothing else seemed to matter. As I spread her legs wider and plunged inside her harder and faster, I didn’t notice that her headboard was hitting the wall, and that we were probably making more noise than we should have. Then, there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Linda? Are you okay?” It was her mother.

A jolt of panic shot through my chest, and I scrambled off the bed, slamming my knee against the bed post in the process. I muffled an expletive and hid behind her bed with my pulse racing. How the hell did I get my... Continue»
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Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

My best friend Joe inherited his parents' shore house after they passed
away. He has been living there permanently ever since his divorce several
years ago. It is a quaint little bungalow, with an open layout and three
small bedrooms. My wife Barbara was away with her girlfriends up in the
mountains for two weeks, so I thought I'd spend a few days at Joe's helping
him out with various projects. Joe has a disability which prevents him
from doing much in the way of physical labor. He is a CPA and has amassed
quite a few business accounts in the area, which keep him busier than h... Continue»
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Double crossed by my wife , still happy

If you read the first part of this story you already know how I was tricked into allowing my beautiful wife to have sex with a black man. Well last Friday evening when I came in from work I was greeted by my wife , she was wearing a pair of dressy shorts , they had a two inch cuff on the legs. The cuff was the entire leg actually. Her legs where covered in suntan colored pantyhose. She was wearing a white button up blouse that was tucked in the waist band of the shorts. A thin belt added to the dressy look. She had a five inch pair of hills that made her beautiful legs look even more sexy.

... Continue»
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My First Lover Part 2

It was the second day we had to ourselves, after my dad had deflowered me, that made the difference. The previous day… I had a nice sl**p after my first fuck with dad... in fact I was never so tired and sore… that I just slept like a log after the fuck. I cannot say the sex I had with dad was a painful bad thing… but I felt my bones and body weak as a whole… and sore! By saying it as sore... I’m only downplaying the effect. Just think of it… I was so tired that I couldn’t even move my legs this side or that side… and when I did an effort to do so… my cunt lips got rubbed between the thighs and... Continue»
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Pregnant s****r Part 2

Tommy began running his soft fingers through my hair and down my back. I felt so safe in his arms and I didn't want this time together too ever end. He ran his hands up the back of my shirt and began to gently rub my back. We stopped kissing as I sat in his arms enjoying the feeling of him rubbing my back. As he rubbed my back he slowly brought his other hand under my shirt and pulled me closer to him. I could feel an erection starting to form in his pants and I could only wonder what thoughts were running through his mind. As my mind slipped away into a dream of what was about to come he too... Continue»
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Father and Daughter Reunited

Every man loves his daughter - the apple of his eye!

And daughters usually love their Daddies.

But sometimes their love has more depth than you might have expected.


My wife and I migrated to Australia back in 1967 and we initially settled in Brisbane. We'd only been married for a week before we caught the boat to Australia, so although we already often enjoyed one another sexually; socially, we hardly knew each other; a true recipe for disaster, as it happened.

My sweet little daughter Sandy was born late in 1968 in Brisbane, Australia. She was a nicely proport... Continue»
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For the Love of Daddy

My dad Logan, his girlfriend of ten years, her three k**s and my half-b*****r, who was almost two, lived in a small town in the South. Even though he said that he had feelings for Rebecca and supported her and her k**s, he never would commit to marriage because he said his heart always belonged to my mother and me.

My mother passed away when I was twelve. It was very hard on my dad and myself, but I was strong and helped hold him together, growing very close to him. A bond that would never be broken and grow deeper as I grew up. Rebecca and I never saw eye to eye, mainly because of the love... Continue»
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Mommy and Daddy Really Love Me

It's Friday and I can hardly wait to get home from school. Tuesday was my eighteenth birthday and Mommy and Daddy have promised me that Tonight will be the best birthday party I've ever had. We're going to spend the entire evening and night celebrating. Now I'm an adult and tonight Mommy and Daddy are going to show me how big people love each other.

I've been looking forward to this evening for years. I remember when Daddy first noticed my boobs starting to grow. I had just gotten out of the tub and he was drying my hair.

"Susan, come here", he shouted. "Our Candy Baby is growing up!"

... Continue»
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