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THIS IS NOT A FANTASY. I was just lying in bed and I had a flash
of something that happened to me that I totally blacked
out and suppressed. I have this cousin that I used to get
high with, sometimes we would run out of pot so we went to
one of his Indian friends house and inhale, something called
Toyal (spelling?) this was something we did often. A few
years later when he and I were hanging out he told me that
he was at this party once where everyone was inhaling Toyal,
one of the guys got so fucked up he was giving everyone blow
jobs and he was ****d by a couple of the guys. I said ... Continue»
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A Deep Dark Secret

It was hard to hear, but Katelin could tell there were moans coming from the bathroom. The party she was at was loud from all the dance music filling the air. She had thought she was lucky when she saw there wasn't a line for the restroom. Having a lot to drink and needing to use the toilet badly she figured she'd pretend to not notice the noises coming from behind the door, falsely hoping that they were from another spot from around the corner.

Turning the doorknob she boldly stormed in immediately bumping into the couple that was inside. The door opened half way before bumping into a big... Continue»
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Roni and Monse come at uncle #!

Roni and Monse are invited to come and live as students at their greatuncle Pete in New Mexico
Roni speaks English and is the one who has kept contact in the net with him, hoping for an escape
Roni is just over one year older than Monserrat, who still speaks Spanish only till their visit
Roni looks like a Latina cute beauty: firm round bums and boobs, olive skin and small at photos

Roni gladly arranges with me the details of her visit and her first presentation at my place
Roni happily accepts my conditions and rules of obedience as my long-term live-in student guest
... Continue»
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First Time Anal With My Ex Jesse

This is a true story of my ex Jesse and I and the first time we tried anal. I moved into an apartment complex when I moved to college and shortly after met Jesse at a party who lived in the same building at me. We hit it off and she started hanging out at my place more and more and eventually spent the night. She said she didn't want to jump into sex right away but after a week I could tell she wanted it. We were sitting on my couch one night watching a movie when she began rubbing my thi... Continue»
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Black cock school for girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder's large imposing desk. "Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you're saying, Mz. Elder," Carla said sternly, "you're guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?" "That is exactly what I'm saying," the headmistress replied smoothly, "in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!" "And oral sex?!?" Carla Scott as... Continue»
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Sucking And Getting Fucked By My Two Best Friends

(The top picture is of Brian's cock the middle is of Adams and the bottom is of Brian's cock in my ass)

This is a true story of my college roommates and best friends Adam and Brian. I went to high school with them and when we all decided to move to the same college we agr... Continue»
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Mom's Black Boyfriend Caught Me Playing With

My name is Travis and I lived with my mom and dad until a couple years ago when my mom and dad divorced and my dad moved away. It bummed me out at first but once my mom explained to me what was going on I understood. I am an only chilld so I got all of the attention from my parents and relatives which I will admit was kinda awesome. After my dad left my mom went threw a period of depression and she spent a lot of her time with me which made her happy until she was ready to began dating again. I was a normal k** who did good in school and loved to just come home after school and listen to music... Continue»
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Made To Eat Pussy In The Lockeroom

My name is Lacey and I had just turned eighteen at the time of this story. I have always been a shy person so in school I always kept to myself and never got into the whole "School Spirit" thing. I walked down the hallways with my head down most of the time with my iPod on. I got threw the day and then went home and sat in my room where I always felt more comfortable. I am the only c***d of my mom and dad so I never had a sibling around to share my time with and my mom and dad spend most of their time fighting so I eventually just stopped talking to them too which didn't mean much because the... Continue»
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Bing dominated at the gym

This is my first story. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

"I'm going to tell you about the time I went to the gym and I havent been the same since.

It was a Thursday back in Februrary. It was a cold day out so I put on my gym shorts and threw my jeans on over them. Grabbed my coat and car keys and was out the door.

I arrived at the gym a little earlier than I planned so I went to the locker room to put my stuff away. I took my jeans off and realized I didnt have any underwear under my gym shorts. "Oh well" I thought. Nobody can tell the difference.

I got to the workout ar... Continue»
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Merry and the Guards

One of my first jobs was a teacher. As such I had the summers mostly off, except for teaching summer sch00l. The apartment complex I lived in had a pool which I had basically to myself during the hot summer days. Once Summer sch00l started I was done at noon and I would go after stopping at my apartment and getting changed. Merry was a fuck buddy female friend that looked great in a bikini and she would come with me.

When I was by myself the guards basically would be pleasant but really not want to talk to me, but once I started going with Merry they would chat with her and come by our cha... Continue»
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Aunt Meg

"You are just like my husband, A big piggy pervert!" Aunt Meg yelled at me. I just sat there with my bowl of cereal with that "deer in the headlights" look. Aunt Meg pulled her sl**p shirt off and threw it in the floor. "Get a good look now." She said as she put her leg up on the table placing her pussy right in front of my face and she pulled the lips open giving me a great view and smell. I had been trying to sneak a peak at her goodies, but that has been going on all my life. "I don't know why you want to be looking at me when you are getting all those high school girls." I again looked p... Continue»
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The Young Amish Boy

We hired an Amish company to replace our roof. One of the workers was a blonde, muscular and strapping 18 year old man named Jeddah – he was SO handsome and reminded me of Almonzo Wilder on “Little House on the Prairie.” The minute I saw him I knew that my hubby (Jim) was going to order me to seduce him. It must have been “meant to be” because everything worked out so perfectly.
As he worked picking up the old shingles I talked with him – I was wearing a white cami with no bra and my breasts were quite visable.. Amish or not, he could not take his eyes off of them. I asked him inside for... Continue»
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Sonia, my b*****r Bobby's wife, answered the door wearing nothing except a brief silk slip. The hem was less than an inch beneath her flame-red pubic hair, which I could see as she walked down the hall. I wondered if she knew that she was flashing a lot more than the underside of her firm buttocks at me as she led me to the living room.
"I'm so glad you came," she told me. "I just don't know what to do with Bobby any more. He's really out of control!"
She sat down next to me on the sofa, her bare knee pressing against my leg. I squirmed in my moist satin panties and tried not to stare at the... Continue»
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My Friend's Dad

(Mf first)

I had known Carla for six years, since we were nine. We hung out
together and told each other our hopes, dreams and fears. I had been a
ready shoulder for her to cry on when her mother died in a stupid car
accident caused by a d***k driver two years back. She told me of how her
father was even more shattered than she was. The insurance and lawsuit
monies left them moderately well off, but there was always this sadness
with them.

I was at her sweet sixteen birthday party and sl**p over. We had some
boys at the party, but they had to leave by midnight. Carla's dad, Paul... Continue»
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Elamehs night out

I Finally Got A Chance To Dress Up And Go Out My Wife Dosent Know Bout This She Went Away For The Weekend To Connecticut So I Dressed Up In One Of her Dresses And Finally Went To A gay bar Called The Cubby Hole In Manhattan NY

It Was A Nice Spring Night. So Off i Went To Finally Find A She Male. Oh By the Way I Have A Thong On And A 8in Butt plug Up My Mancunt.So I Hopped On The train To West 12st, And Let me Tell You It Was Great To See All those People Looking At Me On That train. So As I Got off And Started To Walk Down The... Continue»
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SexySindy--cheating again!

Sexy_sindy --Cheating again
After my cheating adventure, even though I told hubby I never told John that I did tell him. Hubby and he stayed friends and are still now. John comes by all of the time and I look at hubby knowing I have had John’s dick inside me, and wonder what he thinks! I think it still makes him mad, but I feel so bad that he has to see him knowing that!
John hauls cows and has a big truck with a sl**per, me and hubby has been on trips with him before. Since I fucked John he has divorced from Lisa my best friend. John has felt of my tits and rubbed my leg while visiting when... Continue»
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The Neighbor Girl and Her Friend

I hadn't seen Julie since our wild fuck fest on Saturday because I had a very busy week at work and it seemed like Julie was pretty busy seeing all her friends that were back from college for the summer. We did have a few flirty exchanges over email and text messages so I knew it wouldn't be long before we met again to continue what started last weekend.

It was late Friday night (early Saturday morning) and I was just getting back home from having a few drinks with the guys after work. I parked my car in the driveway and was walking towards my front door when I heard a car pull up into Jul... Continue»
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First in the Ass

I had never let a guy fuck me in the ass before, so when I decided to let my boyfriend Paul do it, I was nervous as hell.

Paul and I had been dating for almost six months. Of that time, we had been having sex for about four months. We did it in all different positions and performed oral sex on each other regularly.

Paul's first hints to me that he wanted to poke me in the butt was when we would watch a dirty movie together. It seemed he always cued up the anal scenes, and whenever one came on, he would watch intently.

Later when we would make love, he would tickle my ass with his fin... Continue»
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Girl On The Beach

It was evening. While it was still warm, it was obvious that a storm was approaching, and wise people should be heading for shelter before too much longer. Teresa really wanted to be one of those wise people, safely in a car and heading home. Instead she was lying on her towel on the beach, naked, and Ray was about to take her virginity.

She gulped, wanting to say no, but not sure that Ray would take any notice, even if she did. He was naked now, and his cock was standing right up. It looked huge, especially when she knew what he was going to do with it. How could she handle something that ... Continue»
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Beth's First Black Man

What a great week! I had just got off the phone with Evroy. He is
another member of our little men's group. He isn't widowed however, he is
single though. Evroy Erington came to the area from Jamaica about two
years ago. He had come up here to work seasonally originally and had
married a local lady to get his permanent status. Of course, she had left
him shortly thereafter, to chase the latest workers to step off the plane.
He had a handyman business, but made more money selling his Jamaican Ganja;
I wouldn't know, but apparently he did quite well here in town.

Evroy had ... Continue»
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