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First meeting with Dom sissy mistress

I was a longtime secret panty sissy who played in private and only dared dream of finally meeting someone face to face when I met Miss Jamie on xhamster. We had an immediate rapport online and before long she suggested meeting. Of course, with her long experience as a sissy, and with me being an obviously natural submissive, she would take the role of teaching me my proper place as a submissive sissy. This is the account of that first meeting.

Miss Jamie's logistics were simple:
I was to park at a nearby shopping center and wait for her.
When she arrived, I was to get in her car.
She wou... Continue»
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Holiday Sex with young couple

I have just come back off Holiday from Turkey. Three weeks sat by the pool watching the world go by. Well I say watch the world but I mean watch all the girls. That's the great thing about holidaying abroad. You can sit by the pool and ogle the girls and nobody cares or even notices. The first week I found my favourite spot which had views across the pool, over to the bar and the Jacuzzi. It was a prime spot and I was a serial Towel Fiend and was up early every morning to secure my spot. The second week a new load of holiday makers came and that's when I spotted Lucy and Peter. They looked so ... Continue»
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Landlord and tenant

How to choose the good tenants from the bad ?. That's something every landlord had problems doing. And as me and my wife are landlords I can only recommend using gut instinct.
About 5 years ago we had one of our flats ready to be occupied, advertised as usual and had a lot of idiots ask for details. One girl in her late 20's asked if she could view, and my wife showed her round the flat. Later that day my wife said she seemed ok and was moving into the area as she had a new boyfriend here, so the next day my wife arranged for her to pay her bond and sign tenancy agreement.
On the Saturday s... Continue»
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When my wife was 17

My wife told me her first 3some experience was when she was 17 and on holiday with her parents in Dorset, England. She had lost her virginity a few weeks previous and was still very inexperienced. This was the first time she had any sexual activity in a 3some. She met a couple of local lads and one afternoon the 3 of them went for a walk into the forest. After a while, the conversation got round to her pussy. They asked her if she would pull her knickers to one side to show them, which she did. She let them take turns putting their finger inside her and after one had fingered her, he put his f... Continue»
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Odd Job Man

When I was 18 I had passed my driving test, but had no car. I decided that I would get myself a part time job to help me save up. As fate would have it, I was at my day job one day when one of the girls heard that I was after some extra money. She told me about a neighbour of hers who was after a man Friday to do some jobs around her house. Apparently she lived alone and wanted someone she could trust. It would be cash so it all sounded good to me. Lucy, the girl from the office asked me if she wanted her to put a word in for me. I thanked her and said that I would.

A couple of days passed... Continue»
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I was 25 and working to finish my PhD. My older b*****r - who was 38 and had married y oung - and his wife Janettte were looking to take a holiday without their two ki ds, Mia and Jen. Mia was 14 and Jen was 10. I agreed that I could stay in their house for 2 weeks in August and let them have a holiday.

Mia was a tall slim redhead with long hair and fair skin. She was precocious for her age. Her breasts though small were already developed and she had hips that made her look good in tight jeans, which she wore a lot. She also liked to wear tight yellow leggings that made her look as though s... Continue»
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Coffee and Cuckold

A tale of pure fiction.


I met Jane and Tim on an adult dating site. They were a married couple in their late twenties looking for a bi male to join them for fun.

They seemed nervous about sex with another person so I met them in town for coffee first. Jane was slim, short dark hair and small but perky tits. Tim was also dark haired with a slim, toned body. From their tans they'd just come back from holiday, so sat in a quiet corner with a coffee each, that's where the conversation started and we all began to relax.

They'd been to San Francisco for two weeks and had spent the ti... Continue»
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the only cock i've sucked

I've only sucked one cock so far...had thought about it for years and decided to give it a try just to see if it was something i'd like and at least get over the guilt of fantasizing about it. after looking around on craigslist I finally posted that I was curious and wanted to try but was apprehensive about having a positive experience and was looking for someone that wasn't aggressive and willing to let me work up to it...about a week later I got a email from a guy who seemed genuine and agreed to meet up and check each other out. we met at a big box store parking lot and talked for an hour a... Continue»
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DP by 2 Black men, I asked them to do me.

We pulled over and parked our 4X4, while my husband got out and went to the check-point with our passports. We were in Nigeria, on the outskirts of the city, and the heat was unbearable, as I sweated profusely, suddenly my lack of underwear made me very uncomfortable.

Men were walking past the car and staring in, and my mind wondered what it was that was flashing through their minds as they eyed me up and down, their looks more menacing and leering, even the guard with his rifle, besides me, shifted uncomfortably, his eyes always on the expanse of bare thigh, I tied to cover, but the hem wa... Continue»
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a father helped son to look at his mom

I used to spend a lot of time on the computer in our house because of work. But as my son Nikhil started growing up, he started getting interested in the computer too. Initially, he would wait patiently, but grudgingly for me to finish with the computer, before he could start working on it. But by the time he became 16 years old, he became more demanding. And kept saying that he needed the computer more than me, as he had to use it to discuss his school homework with his classmates over the internet. Being a father, and that too a doting father, I had to give in most of the times. And if ever ... Continue»
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Summers Soles (full)

My aunt summer is about 5foot 3 petite long golden hair grey eyes and
was around 29, 30 years old at the time working for a well known
perfume store.
It was around 9 o'clock when she called me and told me that she would
be working late so heat up the leftovers in the fridge.At 13 that made
my night i got the chance to watch as much porn as I can before she
made it home from work. After a couple of hours of scrolling through
lots of big tits and phat asses I saw the glare of her headlights when
she pulled in the driveway. So I rushed off the sites, deleted the
history, and ran to the f... Continue»
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Teen BOY learns in the WOODS

When you are very young, in high school and love sucking cock, it's really HARD to find guys that like their big cocks sucked and if you ask people you don't know, you just might get your ass beat! Believe me, it's tough to find them and I tried for months to find a few boys that were like me!

I enjoyed looking at naked men and women in magazines for a long time and I knew I was bi since I can remember! I had to just satisfy myself by jerking off after my parents went to sl**p or when I got home from school. I had even eatin my own cum a few times to see what it would taste like and I ha
... Continue»
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First time with a married woman(TRUE STORY) Part 2

I'm going to tell you a couple TRUE of stories that happened 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. Few information: English is not my mother tongue, and this is my first time to write ANY STORY.

Link to Part 1:


I could not believe what a great day that was. I was laying in my bad, still trying to understand what happened. I was so excited because of what happened, and because of what will follow tomorrow.

The whole next day in the conference room I was trying to a... Continue»
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Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story -1

Once when in my early twenties I had some "domestic" problems with my partner, David.

I walked out and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a smallholding in a remote part of South Wales. Meg was a widow aged around forty living on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier. I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation amount for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having had no c***dren had always had a soft spot for me, her younger s****r's daughter.

She kept chickens, a goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two ... Continue»
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Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story-2

The next day we went shopping down to Swansea all day in Aunt Megs car. On the way home she suggested we stop for a drink. We walked in the pub and from the greeting it was obvious she knew the Landlady well. We got the drinks and sat on bar stools at the bar while Meg chatted intimately to the Landlady, obviously a close friend. While we sat there the pub's big Alsatian dog came around the bar to us, jumping up and making a huge fuss of both of us, but mainly Aunt Meg, who he obviously knew well. From the Landlady's conversation I learned that evidently he boarded with Meg whenever the couple... Continue»
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The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.

Every woman and girl, thinks about her inner curves, especially one that is always feeling down there for a little self entertainment, from ages 12 to 70.

I was mid teens when I decided to 'Go Commando', the idea excited me, somehow, the thought of removing that protective layer of cotton, made me groan with sexual titillation, and the very reason for wearing panties, to soak up my girly juices from my vag, had just that effect, I walked around in a semi-state of sexual arousal.

Call it self awareness or experimentation into me, I wanted to find out many things on many layers, and as tee... Continue»
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Donna Hooks Up

This is a spin off from “Curious Daughter”. Here is a link to the original story:

Donna woke up before her alarm range and at first she wondered why but then she heard the steady thumping of two people fucking. She smiled as she thought of Gary fucking their daughter.

She listened as she heard the muffled moans of someone having an orgasm and concluded that it was Amber as the tempo of the fuck was steady. Donna's fingers found her wet pussy and she gent... Continue»
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Testing My Wife with a Stud

My wife Debbie and I have been married for 4 years and I
see the way she looks at other guys all the time. She
seems to go for black guys who are good looking and look
like they could be athletes.

Anyway Debbie asked me what I thought about her going
out of town for a series of sales meetings. I had to
agree that and I said you can't do that over the phone
and she said she had to present how their new cleaning
system works in person.

I wasn't happy about it and said so, but she said she
would get an extra $250 a day and for every day she was
on the road she would get ... Continue»
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Slut mom

I was going to stay at friend Todd's house for the
weekend but my friend was sick so his mom said we'd have
make it some other weekend.

When I called home it went to voice mail, so I just let
a message that I was coming home and that Todd's mom was
driving me.

When I got home I used my key to open the door thinking
mom and Rick must have gone to the movie they were
talking about before I left. With dad out of town
working, mom was going a little nuts from boredom. I
mean, not nuts, but she was always hugging us and
kissing us a lot more than normal and I even saw her ... Continue»
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Just Like her moth3r

I was a year away from finishing High School when one afternoon a friend of my Dads came over from work to talk guy stuff and have some beers. Going back in the house, my Dad asked me to grab a couple more beers for them. No problem. But then, before I was out of earshot I heard Mr Johnson say “You know, that little girl of yours is turning into a real fine dickmagnet.” Well, that stopped me in my tracks so I paused on the inside of the door to listen.
“Yea, she’s growing up real fast. I wouldn’t put it past her to be just like her mother.”
“Oh fuck, that would be something. I still can’... Continue»
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