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Chubby Chick by loyalsock

Samantha plopped down in front of her dressing room table while struggling to pull on her panty hose! "I just gotta lose some weight," she said with a sigh, "I'm gonna die young if I don't!!!" After finally getting them on and adjusted correctly, she stood up and slid her size 44DD bra over her shoulders while harnessing her massive breasts in her custom made brassiere!!! She stared at herself in the mirror for several seconds until the tears finally began streaming down her cheeks onto her chest!!! Never in her whole life had she felt so alone, and she was sure that it was her size that drove... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic

There comes a time in the lives of many men when their doctors send them to the hospital for a camera up the butt. It's a daunting prospect and sometimes traumatic even if, like me, you're used to having foreign objects probing around in there!

For years I enjoyed a frequent afternoon or evening of douching, lubing and riding a good vibrating dildo, often wondering what the real thing felt like by comparison, but then having a camera up there left me cold and feeling violated.

After I got the all clear, knowing I was in good health, I was resolute in staying that way and took to colonics... Continue»
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Pai-chan’s long walk home

School-gurl Pai-chan took the short-cut home from school, through the Sakura sweet smelling woods one Friday after class. The trail went past an old hut and as she approached it, a masked man jumped out from behind her, grabbed her by the arms and slipping a ball-gag into her mouth, d**g the sexy gurl into the hut.

There was a dirty, stained mat in the hut and her a*****or threw Pai-chan onto it. He lit a cigarette, his eyes glinting through the mask as he watched her struggle uselessly against the bonds.

“No... Continue»
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My Fantasy

So one of my fantasies is my wife getting involved with other men while I play with all or watch.

We go out of town for weekend and she decides she wants to help with my fantasy finally. We discuss that we will go to bar and see what happens. She dresses in a pair of tight short shorts a nice sleaveless blouse with a a little cleavage. I wear my usual shorts and tee-shirt. She does her hair hair and leaves it down.she puts just. A little makeup on.

We are ready to go and decide on a country western bar. We get there around 8 and it has a nice crowd. We find a seat and order a few drink... Continue»
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“Come to the party,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Sam often knew what to expect from one of Jamie’s parties, being that Jamie was outrageously gay and liked to take full advantage of his guests in some way or another.

Well, Sam wasn’t gay, but he was good for supplying pot and getting everyone stoned. Not that this ever stopped Jamie’s other guests trying to hit on him. He didn’t mind so much, especially since the girls Sam knew were ridiculously hot. He’d taken advantage of a few of them himself, so all was fair, more often than not.

That was until one hot mid-summer party wher... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #5

Without pulling her skirt down, mom started the car and pulled through the parking spot and headed to a restaurant for us to eat at, and any time she would have to stop at a light on the way, she would reach over and stroke my cock that was still hard, and I would reach over and finger her pussy, but she told me to stop fingering her while she drove, since she couldn't play with my cock while driving, I wasn't allowed to play with her pussy either.

When mom got parked near the restaurant she told me to pull my pants back up while she pulled her skirt back down the best that she could then I... Continue»
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Last night I performed anal sex with another man. It was one of the most erotic experiences I’ve had in my life, mostly because I’d gradually given in to impotence over the last half a decade without knowing what to do about it. I didn’t want to see a doctor because it was too embarrassing an ordeal to put myself through.

I share a house with an openly gay male, Michael, who has lived here for the past year. It was purely for financial reasons and also to have a bit of good company around, to help me to feel less isolated from the world. Michael has had numerous bed mates around on regular ... Continue»
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The Kiss

Jamie felt like he had stared too long and looked away. He wasn’t thinking straight. Jake was undeniably attractive, this he had gotten over already, or so he’d led himself to believe, but had it been anything so shallow that had the boy mistaking a sl**py glare for a starry-eyed gaze?

Yes, Jake was attractive, especially for an older guy, though he wasn’t in any danger yet of having to start acting his age. For Jamie, the feeling (he hoped) wasn’t so shallow. It ran through the faults of his facial features, the marks of old emotional earthquakes – the years of laughter, anger, pain and d... Continue»
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She showed me how (pt1)

For the first time ever my parents were going away for the weekend! I'd been looking forward to it for weeks and when it finally happened I was thrilled! One weekend, no one to answer to, no rules, just me and my friends! On Friday we went out and had a good time, but it was on Saturday that something exiting happened...!

I had returned from a grocery hall and was just about to enter my house, when a lady's voice made me turn around. A woman, maybe in her mid 40's stood behind me smiling:
- Excuse me, she said, do you live here?
- Yes, I answered hoping that this wouldn't take too long.
... Continue»
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Licking her cunt while another man fucks her

it seems so weird
because i've never wanted to have sex with a man
or have my wife cheat on me
but i keep thinking about licking her clit while some big cock fucks her pussy
and my my tongue keeps going lower, licking his big cock while he fucks my wife, my tongue in between his cock and her clit, my hands probably holding his balls, his cum leaking out of her pussy into my mouth.

it hasnt always been like this.
its never been like this.

she's small and beautiful and faithful.

i mean, that's what I always thought.

but last night i came home early, and quietly. i followed sou... Continue»
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Discovering My b*****r Is Hung

This is a fantasy story of mine. I hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I was so excited to be going to the party my friends and I had planned on for weeks. I tore threw my closet trying to find something nice to wear and settled on some of my tattered jean shorts and a black low cut shirt. I slipped on my cloths and began combing my golden blonde hair getting it just right before I tossed the comb grabbed my purse and was ready to take off when my mom called out "Lucy can you come here please". I was in a hurry but quickly ran downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was grabbing her purse and ke... Continue»
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Sissyboy Conversion Therapy

One The Problem

I know I have high standards, Doc, Matt Studley said to his ther****t, Dr.
Freudist. But it s more than that.

Dr. Freudist nodded and said, Um hum.

Can I be honest with you, Doc Matt asked.

They always ask that, Dr. Freudist said to himself. I ve been listening to
this guy ramble on about his issues for seven weeks, twice a week, and
NOW he s going to be honest

But Dr. Freudist merely nodded and said, Of course. This is a safe place.

And then he waited.

And waited.

Finally, Matt said, Ithink my real problem is sexual frustration,

... Continue»
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Mãe e filha

Sou uma menina de 18 anos, vivo com a minha mãe, que ficou viúva há muitos anos, do meu pai.
Temos vivido sempre na casa que o meu pai deixou e a minha mãe nunca mais quis nenhum homem. Sempre nos apoiamos uma à outra, sempre esteve comigo quando eu precisava foi minha mãe e meu pai minha amiga e agora é minha amante. A minha mãe ensinou-me tudo.
A minha mãe vai acompanha-me em tudo e há uns dias atrás foi comigo ver um concerto de uma banda muito famosa. As minhas amigas aproveitaram e foram comigo, a minha mãe tomava conta de nós éramos 4, e depois do concerto convencemos a minha mãe a ir... Continue»
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Nursery nurse turned sex slave

A few years back my baby daughter started at day nursery. Over the first few weeks you start to get to know the staff, particularly those who were caring for her. Each c***d is assigned a key care worker and your point of contact. Most of the girls there are in their late teens early 20's and all shapes and sizes. Our key worker Jessica was a large girl with very large breasts, certainly from day one the thought of a tit fuck had crossed my mind. The weeks had turned to months, and you have idle chit chat when you drop off and collect your c***d.
One Tuesday I was working at home when there ... Continue»
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Another f****y affair

Another f****y Affair

The alarm rang and I could hear the shower running. My gorgeous wife had already risen and was taking her morning shower. I hurriedly yanked off my sweats and jumped in the shower and wrapped my arms around her and cupped a tit and slid my other hand between here legs.

“You perv she said as she turned and began kissing me and reaching for my hard cock. “Does daddy want some pussy this morning?”

“Oh yes I said as she slid my cock between her legs.” Ruth propped one of her legs on the shower wall and easily slid my hard cock in her pussy. I rammed my cock in... Continue»
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Office Wife and the Tow Truck

My wife was on her way to the office one day, and her car broke down. I was in a meeting and since she couldn't reach me, she decided to call a tow truck. After about half an hour, the tow truck showed up and circled around in front of her. They both got out at the same time and startled each other. She stuttered as she spoke to him because he was about 6ft 6in tall and weighed a good 375lbs, which next to her petite size, was a bit overwhelming. He was speachless for a moment as his eyes moved up and down, looking at her hot body, wrapped in her office attire. On that particular day she ha... Continue»
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My Japanese friends f****y

I have a very nice Japanese f****y living not too far from me, Jimmy, his wife and three k**s. His wife is a glamour I can’t stop looking at her whenever they visit usually in a tight top and shorts she wears. I get so hard I often have to wank myself that day after they leave, thinking how lucking my friend is. I invited them in to my place for dinner one night, between you and me, just so I could perv on his missus, she wore an almost see through top I could see her breasts clearly through it, she wore no Bra so whenever she moved they would wobble almost teasing me. We ... Continue»
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Youthful Appearance

Roger Readley Rankin had a problem. And, no it was not his silly name.
He'd already gotten used to that. His problem was that he just simply
didn't look his age. He was in his early thirties, but he still looked
like he was eighteen or so. It caused problems at work, where he was never
taken seriously, and at home, where his parents still treated him like a
k**. He was used to it, though, and somehow he survived.

His car didn't even help. It was a goofy little Volkswagen, something
called a "Golf". The car with the goofiest name ever, he thought. One
Friday night he... Continue»
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Hot fuck

just a quick note....had to let you know...

hmmmm just been perving on your hot pics a hot wank and cumm shot but nothing beats a quick hot fuck
knocked off earlier on Friday had a couple of beers and a local trendy pub, having a bit of a perv on the office girls coming in there short skirts, on the way home played with my cock and got so I was watching some porn on the laptop while doing quotes...then logging on Hotmail and perved on your pics....what a

made me sooo fuckn horny...I was sooo fuckn hard and wanted a quick one.......stroking my... Continue»
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in the sun

its a gorgeous day .Sun shining over the blue sea , waves lapping onto the golden sand , the temperature is getting hotter, it's early morning . I'm on a sun lounger on the beach of this beautiful 5 star all inclusive hotel,reading my kindle, then i see a woman walking down the wooden battens that lead to the beach! she is stunning, long summer dress hair rolling out of her straw beach hat , my cock moves, her tits swaying as she walks ...lots of male eyes are following her a few getting a rebuke from their wife/partners hahah i swear one guy got a slap ! then to my amazement she sets up on th... Continue»
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