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It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t

It started about 3 years ago. I met a man who is wild, spontaneous and crazy. I used to go to his house and we would drink some Crown, and coke, smoke some killer dro, and have an awesome time. One night he put on a porno, and after being married for 18 years i honestly had never seen but maybe 3 flicks in my entire life. I was raised country, my parents were not racist, but dating outside of your race, was held in the highest prejudice. They had been taught it was wrong, so thats what they believed. Back to my new romance that had been getting very interesting very fast. He is a 6 ft tall whi... Continue»
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Man Smart, Woman Smarter!

After a fun visit to California last year to check out colleges, my wife's little s****r Cindy did end up enrolling at UCLA and moved into our back bedroom since the cost of renting in Westwood is prohibitive. Plus, she needed some help adjusting to the casual style here in southern California. Well, I thought she needed help anyway.

Cindy went through sorority rush in the fall and joined a popular group of girls on campus. I assumed the pretty redhead was well on her way to a busy social life and I was happy for her but still, still I have to admit I was smitten with her and always had... Continue»
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My First Time

She was one of those ladies that did everything. She was a part of everything, always volunteering to head up something, on the school board, on the church board, on some other board. She was not too old, maybe 45 I think. I never thought of her as good looking, but looking back on it she was alright.
Her name was Eva and she was heading up some kind of fund raiser for something and it was at the country club where I worked. Any way a bunch of the high class ladies from around town were there. Afterwards I helped Eva clean up and put stuff in her car. She was putting away the wine the wh... Continue»
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I Got Fucked By Three Hot College Female Seniors D

Hi my name is Kevin, 22 years, 5’9 height. I look smart and tough with 7 inch long dick. I would like to tell a story about my ragging at college. It was my first day and l was ready to be get ragged by seniors but things went in other way. I was the handsome guy among the juniors and 3 seniors Rupa, Kalpana, Soumya got interested me.
Let me tell about their structure, Kalpana the hot figure with 34-28-32, Rupa a fair girl with round ass 32-26-36, soumya the big breast girl and white skin 36-28-32.
Those 3 seniors lived in a room near college and one day they asked me to come to their roo
... Continue»
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Lady Millie

With a good portion of pride mixed with nerves, Brandon stepped into his brand new Peugeot 208, which he got since yesterday as a present from his parents for his 21st Birthday. With his hands shaking a little, he pressed the start button and the engine sprung into action. Carefully he drove off and decided he was going to just go round the block and maybe through the main shopping street of the village, hoping someone he knew would see him. The initial nerves slowly subsided and Brandon felt confident, enjoying his new wheels. He turned right into the shopping street and slowly drove through ... Continue»
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first time masturbating to shemale porn

so i have been jerking off to internet porn for a long time always the usual stuff straight porn . one day i was looking at this site and it had mixed pics , i happened to see this pretty woman that got me turned on so i clicked on the pic and started jerking off looking at this pretty woman never did she show a dick so didn't think it was shemale porn till another day i see her on another site and so i clicked to jerk off at her pics but this time when i clicked on the 3 pic she was laying there with her dick out . it shocked me and i quickly stopped jerking off and looked twice to see if i w... Continue»
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Knocked UP!

We just moved in our new house in Connecticut. My husband and I loved it, 5 acres with a pool and sauna. The house was in the middle of the land and the houses were spaced so there was privacy. Our dream. My high school friend Kathy was just down the road, Kathy was a bit of a slut in her youth. Kathy and I were together all the time, shopping, etc. We were both trying to get pregnant her husband’s sperm count was low and my hubby’s job requires that he travel…. a lot. Sucks big time, but it pays for the expenses. One summer evening I called Kathy, told her that hubby was on the road again,... Continue»
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JUNGLE FEVER: The Poacher Wars

Story by Latisha

My name is John, and I'm a man from Auckland, New Zealand that has a passion for nature. Specifically the protection of endangered a****ls. I was on a plane trip to Tanzania in order to join up with some anti poacher solidarity workers.

I was one of ten people on a tiny unreliable taxi plane; however I was fascinated by the sites I saw flying in. A beautiful bright falling sun making the land look orange and lit up even when there were no signs... Continue»
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The tale of a desperate Latina and a desperate White Man

Story by Maria

My name is Trevor, and I'm a 40 year old business man who feels as if all is lost. A depressed business person, shocking...I know...

Anyways I currently live in Charlotte North Carolina, the banking hub of the south. I work as a manager at a pretty big bank, so I make quite a decent amount of money, but I've been depressed since my wife divorced me and took my two little ones off to Was... Continue»
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Anything You Wish Cockold

I am a single divorced male 53years old and after almost two month's of no sex decided it was time to get laid. I didn't realize how easy it would be, and also how many guys are out there desperate to watch their wife being fucked by another guy.

This was one such story. I decided to go out for a drink last Friday and instead of going to my local went to a bar in a town close by, after about an hour I was returning from the toilet when I bumped into a woman heading into the ladies, I apologized and she smiled saying it was ok her fault she should have been looking where she was going. 

... Continue»
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LESBIAN SLUT A Story of Three School Friends

Dear friends, i’m priya, a common village girl who was born and brought up in a remote part of kerala. I’m from a very good f****y. I decided to share my experiences’ by adding a bit of fantasy in it. I will tell about myself. I’m a fair sandal coloured girl with a well maintained shape and good round ass with a good pair of melons.


My story starts from my teenage. I joined in a new school. It was a girls sch
... Continue»
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The visit

You were nervous, you had been chatting to Mark on-line for months but this was the first meeting in person. you walked up the driveway to the house, your heart beating hard in your chest as you got closer. the train ticket and instructions had arrived 3 days ago and you had nearly called it off several times, but had plucked up the courage to take this trip.

"the door will be open" said the letter, and it was. "there will be further instructions in the first room on the right".

you step into the house and shut the door behind you, opening the door to your right you find a small cloa... Continue»
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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel

Setting the Stage

David wohnte mit seinen Eltern in einer ‚kleinen’ Großstadt irgendwo in Süddeutschland in einer soliden Mittelklassegegend. Sein Vater war Busfahrer beim städtischen Nahverkehr während seine Mutter als Oberschwester in der hiesigen Uniklinik tätig war. Er selbst war noch auf dem Gymnasium und der Abiturstress machte sich zusehends bemerkbar aber er war ein guter, leistungsstarker Schüler. Leider litt sein geliebter Judosport unter dem zunehmenden Zeitmangel. Seine beiden älteren Geschwister waren bereits aus dem Haus und studierten in anderen Städten.

So weit so ... Continue»
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My first taste of cock

We finally met after several weeks of swapping emails and getting to know each other. You picked the spot, a quiet little park on the edge of town. We met one spring afternoon. Both anxious and nervous, both having our first BI experience. I climbed into your car and after brief pleasantries, you broke the ice and asked if you could touch my cock. I eagerly unzipped my jeans and slid them down, exposing my cock and balls. You reached over and started gently stroking my cock. The feeling of having a man stroke me was exciting and strange at the same time. I asked to see yours and you pulled you... Continue»
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Aris' awakening.

I moved to a small community when I was in high school. One of my best friends was a boy named Aris. We were the double “A” crew. We spent a lot of time together. It was no secret that Aris had a mad infatuation for me. I had let him feel my boob, we made out, but I never let it go any further. I know he was perpetually disappointed. He hated any of my high school boyfriends but funny, I thought he was gay. Although, the only girlfriend he had, I got in between and broke them up (I wanted my cake and to eat it too). It was nice having an admirer, I loved it. We talked a lot about sex... Continue»
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Wife Get's a Taste of Black Fever

Pam and John Robinson are a unhappily married couple in the mid to late 40s. Pam is a teacher and John is the local fire chief. John was always away for a few days a month at a fire convention or training that was my alone time with my vibrator as my sex life with John was almost nil as John had two problems a small penis and pre-mature ejaculation. It was a Friday and sitting in on Pam's lessons was a 20 year old black intern called Roger. She remembered him from when she taught him from about the age of 13. He was always fairly well behaved in school and was always going to get good grades,... Continue»
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2 horny sluts

Okay so i met these 2 milfs early mid twenties both had some big tits. One was a medium bbw pierced nipples shaved pussy ima call her Tay. Her friend was a small bbw nice big tits and a sexy ass ima call her Cay. we got a hotel room started drinking a little Tay being so horny was practically sexing me up with her eyes her friend Cay being a lil shy was just making small talk. Tay got out her shorts quick and layed down on the bed facing me im sitting in the chair relaxing tay tells Cay to take her pants off and come lay next to her on the bed she does as shes told she slips her pants down and... Continue»
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Dealing with it

I caused it so I must learn to deal with having a wife that cuckolds me. After we got married I begain to notice how often guys would check out my wife when we where out. She is five foot four and weighs a hundred pounds even. Her natural light brown hair is kept bleach blonde. She wears it straight with bangs. Her breasts are thirty four B and she has beautiful legs. The entire time we dated and even the first year after we married she dressed modest but still drew stares from men.

I started buying her sexy cloths, very short skirts and tight shorts to show off her beautiful tanned legs. ... Continue»
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Confessions of a tgirl slut 2

His first time with a tgirl.

Friends often ask me how I meet my sex partners. As with so many other people these days, I rely on the Internet. In my Berlin days it was different. There I generally did not rely greatly on online contacts. The online world is full of fantasists whose fantasies rarely leave their desktop.

In Berlin I found actual bars - both straight and mixed - preferable. Berlin is very accepting of sexual difference and gender identities and I never had a problem sitting in a straight bar as a tv. I've written in other 'Confessions' that there are few commercial outle... Continue»
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Slut for a Stranger

I am such a slut.

That's the first idea buzzing through my head when I sit at the back of the bus and casually unbutton my shirt, one button per stop. There's no reaction on the first stop. I start getting tingly and breathing a little heavily at the second one. Third one...makes it possible for any man walking by to stare down my shirt and my cleavage. That's when the stares and lingering glimpses start.

I can just feel a blush creeping up my cheeks, but I pretend to be staring out the window as one pair of eyes after the next goes past me eats up my cleavage. With the fourth stop i... Continue»
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