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If anyone has read my story about my c***dhood, when I was 12-13 years old and I liked to wear my mother’s stockings and heels, will understand that I always had a feminine soul. But as I wrote in that story, at that age there are not yet social life, moral, f****y, friends to influence you and for me it was perfectly normal ... then growing up, f****y, friends, school, civil life affect you and make you forget your true nature. After the c***dhood I lived as nice “normal” and straight boy; cute, loved by girls, beautiful body, let’s say a “normal” sexual life.
I was anyway found of shemales,... Continue»
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Fantasy cuckold story I sent to a friend

Imagining going to a hotel and telling her you are here to give her a massage. As she lays down on the bed, I reassure you are the best. The night before we watched mfm porn and I used her favorite toy on her as she was giving me head. I wanted the idea fresh in her mind.You rub oil on her back, you notice the wine and smile. I wanted her relaxed for you, I offer you a glass as I add to hers. I notice your hands are moving lower down her back, the idea of where this is going is turning me on. As you massage her lower back I start to adjust the hard on I have in my shorts, I do this while she ... Continue»
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The morning sun

I awaken to feel the early morning sun spread across my naked body. The sunlight warming my skin as the warmth floods over me, the warm sensation feels wonderful on my exposed penis. As my vision comes into focus I notice you lying next to me. Your bottom glowing as the light reflects off your golden skin, the flecks of dust magically floating in the sunlight above you, making your naked frame heavenly and perfect. Unable to help myself, I place my hand on your smooth skin. The warmth emanating from you awakens an inner desire in me, and as I stroke your skin, I feel more and more impass... Continue»
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Chapter 1: Mother and Son's bonding session i

Isaac tossed and turned in his bed. It was a difficult night to sl**p as the teen old threw off the duvet cover. The July air had been suffocating for weeks and as every day passed, the temperature seemed to rise. As Isaac lay there, he reflected on the irritating heat that was keeping him awake. The silence was the only welcoming aspect to the night yet something was disturbing him - it was the echo of a moan and the occasional shriek. Isaac closed his eyes and tried to block out the sound but eventually it seemed to be ingrained in his mind. Behind the other wall lay his mother furiously bri... Continue»
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How I Lost My Virginity On A Camping Trip To My Mo

I am an s*******n year old girl and the first guy I ever slept with was my mom's boyfriend and his friend. My parents are divorced and I lived with my dad at the time, but my mom still had visitation rights, so I would see her on the first weekend of every month. I didn't really like it there since she was always drinking , smoking or d**gging but she would let me drink too so that made it ok.

Her boyfriend who was ten years younger than her at 33 was really into the great outdoors type of stuff and he had a weekend planned with his friend to go on a mountain hike and then camp for the long... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing romm Part 3

She leaned forward and bit his shoulder to hold back a scream as just the bulbous head finally squeezed inside her. At least the hard part was over—or so she thought.

Simon slowly began to lower her onto his cock, stretching her well beyond anything she was equipped to handle. Tears flooded her eyes, and a silent scream caught in her chest as the first two inches nearly tore her in half. There was nothing left to do but suffer. She wrapped her arms around his neck, held fast with her legs, and waited for him to use her.

He stayed there for a moment to adjust her weight and the angle, and... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 1

"Let's go in here," Valerie said, towing Simon by his hand into one of the mall's many clothing stores.

"You're the boss, boss," he said in his cocky baritone.

As far as first dates went, Valerie thought theirs was going well. This was her first time ever meeting a guy through a dating site, and she had half expected him to show up fat and thirty years older than in his profile picture. Alas, he was every bit the tall, scruffy, tattooed twenty-eight-year-old she'd agreed to meet. He was nothing like other guys she had dated; she was only nineteen, and she had never dated anyone more than... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 2

The room went white when he slowly ran the entirety of his tongue from the source of her abundant juices all the way to her engorged clit. He did this again and again, slowly, never lingering in any one place, never quite satisfying her, but firing every nerve ending his tongue came in contact with. He paused to get his middle finger wet with saliva.


She closed her eyes and let herself go.

And that's when she felt him wriggle his fingertip into her asshole.

What the fuck?


She pulled a fistful of his hair hard and tried to break free, but he slammed her back ag... Continue»
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Kissing Cousins On The Farm

Muffy tried to be quiet as she snuck into the barn. She
was looking for her two cousins, Bobby and Beth. She
was here at the farm to visit them for a month in the
summer, but they'd told her to hang the clothes out on
the line and had snuck off. She'd finished quickly then
went to look for them.

The old dog "Ruff" was lying in the dust by the open
barn door and Ruff was never far from Bobby, so she
knew they had to be in there. Muffy tensed her fifteen
year old body as she heard a sound. She just knew her
two cousins were doing something fun that they didn't
want to sha... Continue»
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Jill's Lesson

It all started about two years ago. I am a 23 year old
married housewife. My husband Jeff and I have been
married for three years now. Jeff works away and is
only home on weekends if that. That leaves me with a
lot of time without my husband and I was going insane.
We had just bought a new house and money was tight so I
stayed home all week and stared at the walls.

I would get these credit cards in the mail all the
time. All I had to do was sign them and I could use
them. I threw them away until one day I just needed to
get this new outfit I had seen at Fredrick's. I had ... Continue»
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Do me a favor

"Hi, Mrs. Collins, I said as she opened the back door,
almost hiding behind it, her long blonde hair tumbling
freely. Cindy home?"

She smiled and shook her head, moving out a bit so I
could see her bare shoulder. "She went to the mall
with a couple of girls. Probably have lunch out there.
You got a minute?"

"Sure," I said and she opened the door wide and I
stepped in. She closed it and smiled at me. My cock
jerked to life.

Cindy's mother was something. She looked like a mature
Barbie doll with her jutting boobs and her long legs
and huge mop of blonde curls. She was ... Continue»
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Slippery Susie: My XXX MILF (part four)

Slippery Susie part 4 - Girls Night Out (Susie, Amanda & Liz)

I'm glad you decided to come with us, Liz,” Susie said as she headed towards her friend Amanda’s house. “Girls Night Out with Amanda are always, uh, unique.”

“Yeah, I think I just needed a little break,” Liz said. Liz had been a little surprised when Susie picked her up. She had seen her s****r dress a little risque before, but she looked down right slutty tonight. Susie was wearing a very tight fitting red tank top and obviously she was not wearing a bra despite the fact that she had large breasts. Liz could clearly see her n... Continue»
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Fat Girl Fucks Good 1

Dirty girl stories: Fat Girl Fucks Good 1

Derek was the popular guy, he had the chiseled physique, the gorgeous eyes with the long eye lashes, the perfect ass and of course a monstrous dick. It was no secret that the young man was blessed in both length and girth and most girls (and a few guys) on the collage campus would almost throw themselves at him but he would always refuse, there wasn't many things unknown about Derek but one thing that wasn't known was that he loved big women, and I mean BIG women... Thunder thighs, wide hips, big soft bellies, even softer fat pussy, an... Continue»
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Giving my mother-in-law a good spanking!!

My wife Janice and Cindy have always been more than just mother and daughter. They truly are "best friends" and share each other's good and bad times, having no hesitation in discussing their most intimate feelings with each other. Janice was even able to discuss her first sexual urges and experimentations with her mother. When Janice had sex for the first time, during her freshman year in high school, she has no hesitation telling Cindy and received a great deal of support. Also, Cindy had no difficulty talking to Janice about anything, as she matured, creating a mutual trust.

But that... Continue»
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The Woman Next Door.

My story goes back many years when I was 17 years old, I lived with my parents, and I was a rocker back then, leather jacket youth who loved motorcycles.
My house had the front door at the side, the house next door had their back door directly facing it, many a time I would come out the door and next door had their kitchen door wide open and I could see right in.
We were friendly with them so there wasn't a problem, we just said “Hello” and carried on down the path.
The lady next door was a buxom woman, not bad looking, she would always speak to me and give me a look that had a hidden messa... Continue»
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Stepdaughter loving.

When I married my wonderful wife Trish she had a little 4 year old girl called Kim, and for the next 14 years I treated her just like my own daughter and she even called me daddy.
Kim was a beautiful teen girl and because her mother was white and her father was black she had a fantastic light ebony complexion with frizzy brown hair and big green eyes.
Now I had never thought of her in any other way than my stepdaughter until the day I arrived back from work early.
Trish had popped out to a friends and I wasn't due back for an hour or more so I guess Kim thought she had an hour or so in the ... Continue»
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Spying on s****r and breaking some of Xhamster

Back at the breakfast table on Monday morning, young Christine could hardly
believe how much had changed since this same time the previous Friday.
After being so sure that her weekend would be ruined by her struggle with
her desire to touch herself, everything was suddenly and unexpectedly
different. First, her friend Laura, a year and a half (and one grade)
older, had briefly explained masturbation to the curious seventh-grader.
Then she had gotten the best education imaginable; she came home and caught
her sixteen-year-old s****r Beth masturbating to a porn flick. After
learning all ... Continue»
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The adventures of Holly Whore part one: Dirty John

It was said that I was at the prime of my life, far from it.

I was broke, single and lived with my mother in a rundown flat. In attempts to find a job I volunteered at my local charity shop, stacking shelves, using a till and sorting through other peoples junk, it helped passed my ever growing free time. One morning I was asked to help sort through some books in the warehouse. I naively assumed one or two boxes, but no, there was over twenty!

To make matters worse I was working with dirty John. This was a name given to him by the other volunteers as we saw porno mags in his open backpa... Continue»
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Being Examined by the Police Doctor

My mother screamed, as my boyfriend scampered through the open window. I was dragged from her bed and the police were called.

The crime was I was thirteen, and she had returned expectantly and had caught us naked in bed.

We drove down to the local clinic, where I sat shame-faced waiting on the police surgeon to give me an examination.

After an hour or so, this stern faced man, dressed in a tuxedos, arrived, clearly annoyed at being dragged away from the event, but his face and body language changed, when he saw me.

Mother spoke at a distance from me so I was out of ear shot, and he... Continue»
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My girlie fantasy part 1

On a Halloween night I dress up in my sexy devil costume with my wig & some makeup & go to a local bar sitting alone. A guy ends up sitting next to me & flirts a little before I ask if he wants to go to the restroom with me to which he eagerly agrees. After getting in a stall we makeout for a little as he fondles my small breasts before I go down on my knees & pull his average size snake out & get to work. Shortly after starting he rewards me with my first taste & runs out embarrassed at how quick he finished leaving me wanting more. I sit back down at the bar & eventually another guy takes a ... Continue»
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