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The homeless girl

I was quite free on that day, no lingering memories of the nightmare I had endured in the previous night or for the past two years ever since my beloved wife had passed away. As I strolled down the streets of my beautiful neighbourhood, I thought I saw a figure huddled in the shadows of the night. My curiosity was suddenly piqued. Being part of the neighbourhood watch and all I immediately changed course and drew near that location. As I approached, something moved slightly within the shadows and I heard a slight rustle of the brushes lined on the side of the street. As I st... Continue»
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Discipline on The Croft 1

I’d never known or even met my father and when I was young my mother always told me he was working overseas. I later found out from a friend of my mothers that he’d come to work in Fort William at the aluminum smelter in 1958 and had met my mother at a dance. They’d gone out together for a few months but when my mother had become pregnant with myself, he’d simply disappeared, and nothing had been heard of him since. I’d grown up in a small crofting community and had attended the local primary school followed by Lochaber High School in Fort William where I’d met Kirsty, my first real girlfrien... Continue»
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The cock milker

I was in the first year of college. Dad had been transferred to another
city. I did not want to move as I was in the middle of a term plus all
my friends were in the same college as I. my parents decided it would
be best for me to continue in the same college and asked a f****y
friend if I could stay with them till I could find some accommodation
for myself, they gladly accepted.

Mr. and Mrs. Ahuja were very nice people and made sure I had my privacy
and all the comforts of home. Mr. Ahuja had also given me permission to
use his car whenever I wanted. The apartment they stayed ... Continue»
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The cock milker pt 2

The last few days had been great fun. I fucked Shaila almost everyday.
Shaila even managed to give me head in her car once. The one thing
about Shaila was she would always leave a scratch mark or a bite mark
on me every time we fucked. There was this one time where she left a
very visible bite mark on my back.

I had just got out of the shower and yet to put a t-shirt on when Mrs.
Ahuja walked in with a cup of tea for me. As luck would have it she
immediately noticed the bite mark on my back. She did not say anything
and handing the cup of tea to me she left. I quickly put on a ... Continue»
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Asifa 10/10

Jim was standing next to me when he grabbed my left nipple between his thumb and index finger. He yanked up with such f***e I winced in pain and bit my lower lip until bl**d trickled down my chin. It felt like my perky B-cup breast was going to tear off he pulled so strongly. He reached down with his free hand a produced a large, rusty pair of scissors that were once used to cut chicken bones at the diner.
They were dull... exceedingly dull in fact. Whereas a sharp pair would have gone through my delicate flesh without much effort, Jim had to make repeated attempts cutting off my small nipple... Continue»
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First Cuckold Experience

This is a story of my cheating ex-girlfriend (gallery on my page is of her) that turned me onto the cuckold lifestyle. It is 100% true, with only the boring extra details left out:

It started when I was dating a girl about 2 years ago. She was 22 and I was 21. We had been dating about a year when I discovered that I was her cuckold.

To give some background, I was off at college at the time and she had decided to take a year off out of college and got an apartment on her own. We would spend most weekends together, but we were both very busy during the week to see each other all the time.... Continue»
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Party Time - Humiliation - Group

Nina and I have been married for 15 years now and have raised a f****y and lead fairly normal lives. Our sex lives have also followed a normal course, with us being at it like rabbits in the early days, through to almost no sex at all for a time,

Right now we are going through a second wind with our sex lives. Neither of us are getting any younger and age and comfortable living have left their mark for both of us. That said, we are comfortable with who we are. Sex has been fun lately, with some time taken to share a few fantasies with each other. For instance, Nina loves a bit of light... Continue»
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'Twas the Night Before New Years'

‘Twas the night before New Years,
The lights were turned dim,
Every person was stirring,
Especially Kim.
Her stockings were black
And clung to her thigh.
She sat on her bed
And let out a sigh.
Her thoughts were all filled
With what was to cum.
She knew it’d be her
And for sure more than one.
She picked out her panties
Matching bra trimmed in lace.
Turning to the mirror
With a smile on her face.
She liked what she saw
Indeed it was HOT!
She could not resist
But to reach for her spot.
The hairs on her neck
Beginning to stand.
She imagined herself
On a beach of white sand.... Continue»
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The spa

Sally was always the adventurous type.

Of all her friends, she was always the one who liked to explore. Nothing was ever too big or too small. Everything was always about the adventure.

That's why she was so good at her job as a travel writer.

It never ceased to amaze her that her passion became her career. What readers loved was her honesty. There was a natural curiosity inside Sally that made her writing so much fun to read.

And if Sally was honest with herself, she was a fairly sexual person with a desire to explore the different pleasures her body could receive. With past boy... Continue»
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First Time at the Glory Hole

The wife and I have been kind of tame lately in that we haven't played with others. We both are on Tumblr and are constantly sending each other hot pictures and videos. We were bored Saturday night and decided to head out. We had been fantasizing about going to the local toy store and trying out the glory hole. This is something that we have never done, but the thought of it was driving each of us crazy. I read up a little bit on etiquette and we headed out.

We went to the first toy store, 8th Avenue Video. It was about 11pm and there was not a whole lot going on. We headed to the ar... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 1


Nikkie Silk

It’s a cliché, isn’t it? Man comes home early and finds his wife in bed
with someone else. Only slightly less of a cliché in my case, as the
‘someone else’ was my wife’s closest girlfriend - closest in every sense
of the word.

It was a quick divorce; no k**s, only a rented flat, so the only
squabbles were about books and cds. In the end I told her to keep the
lot. I wanted to make it a clean break. I managed to fit all I owned
into the boot of my small car. I was 28 years old, fit, healthy and with
a good but frankly boring job in a software company j... Continue»
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Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go Black

Long past due here is part 3 of my story about my girlfriend Karma. If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 it might help to understand part 3 better.

This story takes places a little over a month after Karma sucked her first cock. Karma was almost addicted to giving blowjobs. She couldn’t suck enough cock. Over that course of a month she probably gave at least three blowjobs a day. Of course I couldn’t leave her have all the fun so I joined in. My black guy friends loved having this new eager little slut to suck their cock’s.

One night we had just come home from a party where Karma had just b... Continue»
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The Prom

The Prom
another reality based fiction by DizzyD

Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. After four years at Northwestern, I had finally received my degree in Architectural Design, and my academic record had helped me get a salaried internship at one of the most renowned architectural firms in the country, and they would also pay for my Masters Degree if I stayed on. The other reason I was so excited was that the internship was in Denver, where I would get to see my Aunt Jesse and Cousin Joey for the first time in over six years.

Jesse and Joey were actually my aunt ... Continue»
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Glad I Asked

This is a 100% true story You can see pictures of my amazing wife in our profile.

So I’m just like any other guy out there, I love sex! Guys have you ever wondered about your wife or girlfriends past lovers? Just like many of you me too. My Wife is 5 foot 7, big D tits, and a nice thick ass and a pussy that is always wet. You can see her in our pics. Over many years of marriage and great sex she has giving up little tid bits here and there and was always fun. The best story she told my after a few glasses of wine was when she was dating a few different guys just before me, She fucked all ... Continue»
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The slut wife of my dreams. Part II : Keeping it i

The threesomes continued as usual. We would wait until my parents fell asl**p. We had bunk beds. It would of made too much noise. Blush and I started fucking on the carpet. My b*****r would watch us getting it on. At times we could hear him jerking off. I asked blush if he can join. She loved the ideal but didn't want to get excited for some weird reason. I started to wake him up (as I fucked my girlfriend at the time). He continued to act tired. I told him to stop playing and help me fuck her. She suck my cock while he drilled her doggy style. She started to moan uncontrollably. My parents... Continue»
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Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc

My ex Amy was only 20 years old her first time she got a taste of the swinging life,meeting a couple online Tony and Jane we planned to meet on the weekend and they told us stories about this guy Jim they see for mfm fun and having his own place in the city its a great place to meet.
So Amy and I messaged him on the site we used telling him about our plans and about ourselfs. Now the couple were in their 40's so telling Jim a couple with a gorgeous 20 year old are coming over with Tony and Jane for a night of swinging and swapping made him very open to hosting. On Saturday afternoon we are ab... Continue»
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A Very New Year

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Those words describe my entire New Year's Eve. My night started with me downtown. Now ordinarily I wouldn't step foot downtown on New Year's Eve if I could at all avoid it. The place becomes a zoo of d***ken bafoons and desperate revelers. But through an unfortunate series of events I found myself behind virtual enemies lines too late into the day this New Year's Eve. Many of the roads had already been blocked off and those that weren't were highly congested with the other like minded people that would give anything to be out of here before things got too ... Continue»
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My First Time With a Guy - True Story

Hi, read previous post "about me" for some background information. Disclaimer - I am not a writer just a horny guy with a few good stories from my horny youth, names have been altered for discretion.

This is a story about my first time with a man, this set me onto a life of cock to which i have never looked back. I was in my mid teens at the time, i had been wanking for many years before that, began watching porn and playing with my ass for a while also. Had a facianation with cocks from watching porn and would try to steal a glimpse of any when ever i could: showers, t... Continue»
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Surprise Threesome

I was going out for dinner with two male friends, one of whom I have been fucking for a while. Dressing somewhat casually in jeans, I chose a top which would display my breasts appropriately for the evening. Incidentally, the top was a bodysuit, joined with snappers between my legs meaning I required no panties tonight...

I had been asked to insert a remote controlled love egg into my pussy for the night, the remote to be held by my lover, so he could watch me orgasm across the table...

We sat down for dinner and I felt the buzz of the egg inside my pussy. I could feel myself grinding ... Continue»
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i joined Her night out..

My wife Jane was having her night out with the girls and whilst she was getting ready she was telling me a story about her friend who made her husband dress up for her!! i said what like a sailor army police??? she said no a women in full dress fake boobs and everything, i said no way do i know him she said no..but she continued he goes out with her as a couple and get fixed up take a man back and she lets him fuck her whilst he watches in full dress but never gives on that he's a man he just stands and watches, i was like no way how does he get away with not talking?? and not getting asked to... Continue»
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