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"You can make love to me," she whispered

I was thinking back on the first night that I slept with Kathy (not her real name for privacy purposes). I had recently relocated from the Mid-South to northeast Florida and started working as a computer technician in a little shop in a small town. There weren't too many people in the area that did computer work in those days and the shop at which I was employed did the I.T. work for the city government. One of the people who worked in one of the city offices was a secretary who bore a striking resemblance to Shannon Doherty. She was about 5'4", slender build, had jet black hair and a really f... Continue»
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Aji having sex with elder sister Latha

Sex is a fantastic experience. Being wthout sex is like being without food or water to drink. When you are aroused sifficiently you forget the relationship or the circumstances. Long ago while studying in the school I, Aji was in the XII standard and my elder s****r, Latha was in the second year degree.

During exam time we used to sit in one room and study so that we need put on one light and one fan and save on electricity. Our parents never bothered about these things and they go to bed early. In summer my s****r used to wear ony a nighty and I a knicker. Her sleeveless nighty extends onl... Continue»
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San losing virginity to Gia

Hi Friends, I am San and im from mysore but now in bangalore. I have been reading this blog from last 5years and have read almost all stories, maid and i****t are my fav.. This is the first time im writing my exp.. Plz forgive my typos n mistakes in grammar.

It all started like 6 years back when I was doing my masters and I met this gal, through orkut, not so hot n sexy but on a flumpy side n yes u would definitely like the masses ;) We both were friends n casually started to hangout together..

Roam a lot n started with naughty talk’s n jokes. we used to talk a lot and when we had someth... Continue»
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Quick and Messy

straight sex office

An office quicky gets gets a little messy

I was staring at my coworker, Catherine, again. She had another one of
her low-cut tops on that showed off her magnificent tits, being in the
same office I got an eye full every time I passed her desk. She and I
had been enjoying the occasional office quickie and even more
occasional, after hours sex, for some months now and she was used to my
horny nature by now.

Catherine knew what was going on since I kept finding an excuse to walk
to her desk and lean in towards her to check a file or peer over her
shoulder, pre... Continue»
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After School

high school tease gets the tables turned on her

Eighteen year old Sonia Kay admired herself in the mirror. She stood in
front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and
her skin slightly moist from her morning shower. Sonia placed her hands
over her D-cup breasts and squeezed. She then ran her hands down her
stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy. She
turned around and admired her tight teen ass.

/I look goooood/, Sonia thought. She quickly grabbed her pink panties
and slowly put them on. She watched her hips sway as she pulled her
panti... Continue»
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Mary's Secret Lover

older first time anal sex
I want to lose my viriginity

My name is Mary and I'm eighteen. I’m kind of shy around my peers, and
have not really ever had a boyfriend before. I just get real nervous and
start to sweat a little around them. I love school and do really well in
my studies. I’m in my last year of high school and will be attending
college in the fall.

I have long brown hair and green eyes, and I am five foot five inches
tall. I’m one hundred and ten pounds. I have long legs, and I’m a 34 B
cup size. I’m still virgin, but I ache to know, what it is like to have

My... Continue»
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The Co-Workers: Gray & Thomas Ch. 01


My name is Gray, I'm 21 and I live with my best friend Thomas. Me and him have been though a lot together, especially during our High School years!

I'm only 5'7 while Thomas is 6'2, he's always been the one saving my ass when I needed it, and boy did I need it a lot!

I recently told Thomas I was gay, nothing in my life has ever been so hard - but that day I came out to Thomas made a breaking point in my life, I felt complete.

A few weeks went by after I said I was gay, all was normal. Until Thomas started acting weird. He broke up with his girlfriend and now he's all lovey-dov... Continue»
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Their night.

Xan and Mitchell were best friends, and everyone knew it.

There was a party in Vegas at the Bellagio hotel, everyone was having
A great time, yet Xan looked discouraged and sat in the corner in the suite
Hallway and she was staying at the hotel herself. Mitchell came and asked,
"You okay?", "I don't know," replied Xan with an enchanting smile towards
Mitchell. Even though Mitchell was in a closed boring relationship, he saw
Xan was a knockout in her silky gold dress with her nipples poking through the
Fabric wanting to be touched. "I'm going to my room," Xan sighed as she stood up
... Continue»
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Other ways to pay the rent ...

I am fortunate to have built up a number of flats and houses that I rent out. Over recent times I have come to realise the advantages of renting flats to young women, girls who need a place but cant afford much. My realisation came purely by chance when collecting rent one day, I called at a flat I had recently rented to carly, a 19 year old single mum. Carly was your average looking girl, about a size 10 with long dark hair. She had a small piercing in her nose and a heart tatoo on her neck. Carly had been living with her parents but had to leave as they werent getting on.
On the day in qu... Continue»
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All the Way to Heaven

At the precise moment of our birth, each and every person who has been blessed enough to take just one, single breath of life is given a special gift from the Most High God. It’s a gift so special, so sacred, that it can only be given once. It belongs entirely and completely to that individual and the exact moment that gift is given and all the details surrounding that event will be FOREVER remembered by them. Sharing one’s virginity, an act symbolic of entry into adulthood, the awakening of one’s sexuality, is something that should ONLY be gifted to someone deserving of such an honor, ... Continue»
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Sweet to Eat

Lots of women complain that they don’t like the taste of their man’s cum. What seems funny about that to me is that they will take a load in their mouths but they won’t swallow. Tastes buds are in your mouth, not your stomach. Once you’ve got the cum on your tongue, it seems a bit ridiculous to spit it out; the damage has been done so to speak. While I’m definitely not a fan of taking a load on my face and it seems sort of a waste to have it anywhere other than inside me, I’m here to say that I love the taste of my man’s cum.

It’s not just some act of altruism that makes me love h... Continue»
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first group/first cuckold

My girlfriend Kortny and I had been dating a couple years and didn’t want to break up when we had to leave for college. We knew the chances of us staying faithful living 6 hours apart was slim so we made a pack that if it happened we would tell the other and they couldn’t get mad. After about 3 months of school she finally broke down and fucked a guy. She hesitated in telling me but I told her it’s ok and that was the deal. She told me every detail, it was so hot. I jerked off the whole time she was telling me. She asked me if I had sex with another girl yet and I told her no. Truth was I had ... Continue»
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The new boy

It was when I started middle school that the girls started looking good to me. But not only was I too shy to try to go for one of them, I also didn't yet know what to do with a girl if I had one. So I just played with my cock by myself when I was able to get some privacy at home.

A new boy transferred into my school and they made him my partner in shop class. Soon we were good friends and one day he invited me to his house after school. The house had a pool so we could go swimming—of course I accepted.

When we got to his house I realized I didn't have a suit with me. Tim laughed and said... Continue»
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Teaching Kelly

"What are you doing this weekend?" the voice on the
other end of the line asked.

This was Kellie's way to say she'd like to come out and

"Absolutely nothing! Carl's in Tulsa, so I'd love some
company!" I responded.

I'll be there around three. Can't wait!" she giggled
into the phone.

"See you then. I replied and hung up the phone.

I was hoping she'd want to get together. It'd been a
month since our trip to Cabo and we hadn't been able
see each other.

I worked in the garden until two on Saturday, then
realized Kellie would be here in an hour. I quickly ra... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me Everything I Know

God my mom is hot. She is only 5’ 4” and all of 100 lbs. Even I’m a little taller. As soon as I was old enough to start having erections I started to fantasize about her. I would find ways to get close to her, to look down her blouse or rub up against her. I would dig through her clothes hamper, smell her underwear and I even collected a couple of her pubic hairs I found. I tried to be careful but I’m sure she knew what I was doing. I shot off in her bra once by accident. I cleaned it up and she didn’t say anything but I think it left a stain. Once I got an enormous hard on as I rubbed up ag... Continue»
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Customer with Queen of Spades tattoo

I was working at the grocery store stocking shelves. Mrs. Johnson comes up to me and asks where's the olives? I'm puzzled as she's a regular customer, she knows the store as well as I do. As I was leading her to aisle 6 she brushes her hair aside and there's a Queen of Spades tattoo on her neck! I say "I've never seen that tattoo before." She turned red and stammered "It's a temporary tattoo. This is the first time I've worn it." I tell her "I like it a lot." She laughed nervously and looked away. Then glances back at me and looks at my dick (my erection was showing). She smiles and says thank... Continue»
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Going Fishing

I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine to go fishing on Saturday morning. I arrived at his at 6:00 am as planned. Upon arrival I noticed that his truck was not there. I knocked on the door, his wife Mary let me in. I asked where Jim was and she said he had gotten an emergency call from work but should be back by 10:00 if all went well. She offered me a cup of coffee and said I could wait for him if I liked. Since my wife was going to shopping I decided I might as well wait.
Mary said she was going to take a shower and would be back soon so I grabbed a chair turning on the TV to watch the weat... Continue»
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My first gay experience.

I had invited my mate over for a couple of hours playing some video games, but we had played a lot longer then anticipated, so he ended up needing to stay the night, because at the time I was in a shared house he had to share the same single bed with me.

I had always been curious about what it would be like to be with a guy, to suck a cock and gets fucked, so out of the blue I asked him 'what would you do if I touched your cock?' I could tell this excited him as I instantly felt the covers lift up from his hard erection, so I grabbed it and began to tug, this made me very hard to so he also... Continue»
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My date with the boss's daughter part 1

Part 1

It happened 15 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

At the time I was s*****n years old. I had just my drivers license, and had a job that paid great money. My boss, Mr. Smith, was a very wealthy man. When I started work for him, he bought me a brand new 1999 F-250 Pick up truck. I was also allowed to spend time with his daughter, also s*****n. (Of course, after a lot of kissing the boss's ass.)

One day while me and Lissa was talking, I asked, "Do want to go on a date with me one night?"

I was surprised when she said, "Okay. Friday night okay with you? Daddy a... Continue»
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He had his 18th Birthday and wanted more than just

He was now on the prowl to satisfy his curiosity about sex. His biggest quest was to investigate and act on his bi-curious urges. This young man I have known since he was born. I was someone in which this teenager would go to for advice and trusted me to ask about anything without judgement or ridicule.
This is what i am guessing lead to an unexpected encounter. He was over this day to mow my yard. Of course this was the perfect day for it. The sun was blazing hot. He wore a pair of cutoff shorts and no shirt,with a pair of old tennis shoes. As he rode around on my mower i could see the swea... Continue»
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