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First encounter......early 80's

I was on my home from visiting an old school friend but had missed my bus so started walking from Dalkeith near Edinburgh, it was a 10 mile journey but had done it many times, only not at this time of the day, evening turning a wee bit dark. I was ambling along a quiet road, not really noticing much but I noticed a car had pulled in at the side of the road ahead, I didn't pay much attention to it as such but glanced in the window as I passed and couldn't help but noticed the porn mag spread out and the guy leaning over it, I thought nothing more until the same care slid by slowly a few minute... Continue»
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The first time I fucked my husband

I met my future husband Noah when we were in middle school. Our school was near an Air f***e base and his Dad was stationed there. We dated briefly during this time, but it didn't go anywhere and then he moved again early in high school. Thanks to the magic of Facebook we reconnected after college. We chatted online and it turned out Noah had moved back to the area after joining the Air f***e like his father and was stationed at the same base. We went out on a few dates and got talked about our school days as well as where we were going in life. Noah was really shy and by the third date I was ... Continue»
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How I'm cuckolded

My beautiful little wife has two sides that coexist perfectly. She and I are happily married and enjoy what appears to be a normal marriage. To our f****y and friends to are just a typical pair of married folks. But the fact is I haven had sex with my wife in over five years. Ever since I introduced her to cuckolding she has found it more exciting that I thought she would. Once she was convinced that it wasn't a trap and that I actually wanted her to have sex outside our marriage she went to cuckolding me like a pro.

The first couple of times she had sex with her friends it was away from o... Continue»
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Hotel sissy slur blowbang

So....about 3 or 4 months ago i met a guy in chatropolis. In the 'showoffs with webcam room' ill call him tom as im not sure he and his friends would want me using real names on the web. We talked and flirted for bout an hour. I have to get pretty horny to cam for a guy. He was totally into the kinda stuff that gets me off (sissy humiliation and cum eating) so eventually i cammed for him he watched me dress up girly, toy my ass and finally blow my sissy load into my cum cup before guzzling it down like a crazed slut. All of the time egging me on, teasing me, humiliating me, abusing me until he... Continue»
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The boys last day. Toward the end of day

After I swam for a bit I came up to the pier . Robert asked what was wrong, I said to hop on the deck. He climbed up and sat beside me, I pulled his legs apart and got between them and pushed him flat. I took his dick and began to suck him. Danny swam up to watch, I reached down and rubbed his butt. He pushed his butt out giving me access to his hole. I rubbed and pushed till my finger went in. He pushed down with his arms shoving my finger deeper. Robert was hard now and I tongued him as I sucked. He started to moan, Danny moved closer to me and stroked my dick till I was stiff. He said it's ... Continue»
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Awaking Amanda - Episode 1

This is the first in a series of stories about Andy and Amanda. Most cucking stories are told by the cuck and this one is no different. But if you want to here it all from the hot wife's perspective then read Cucking Andy - Episode 1

One warm Saturday afternoon in late summer my wife Amanda and I were having friends over for a garden party to celebrate the completion of our house makeover. Both the k**s were on sl**povers so we'd made it an all adult affair and hoping to add a little spice to proceedings, I'd hired a jacuzzi for the day which was positioned 'centre stage' in our new summer ... Continue»
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My wife Jane wanted to spice our relationship up a bit and asked if she could use something on me? what like i asked, she said a strap-on -dildo. well at 1st i thought that might hurt and then i said well if you get one make sure its small and thin, but 1st when we have sex tonight i want you to use your finger and poke me whilst wanking me off. Jane was up for that. bed time had come around and i had a quick shower and Jane was already laid out on the bed waiting for me. i dried myself off and went down on her straight away she loves getting muffed. Jane grabbed my hair to pull me closer to h... Continue»
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walking the tracks with my friend

One lazy Sunday during the summer I found myself pretty much alone. Everyone including my girlfriend had taken off for f****y commitments etc. Even my parents had taken off to go drinking with the aunts and uncles. With nothing but some cheep porn mags under my mattress and a burning desire to have sex with anyone who would play. I'm pretty much bi and I enjoy sex. I had had several suck buds and one who liked to dress in my mom's attic clothes. Mostly it was fumbling and just over to fast!

Back to my lonely day. I figured I'd go over to the school yard where we all hung out. On the way I... Continue»
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First-time with older white landlord pt. 2

I walked to my room still in a daze. I could still feel the heat of his cock in my mouth. I could still hear the moans of pleasure I gave him. I could still smell his musk. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I was about to burst in my pants. I kept thinking "I just sucked this guy's dick. I can't believe I swallowed his whole load. I just got used like a bitch. He didn't even care if I came" when I got home I jacked off until I couldn't take anymore.
I finally see him a few days later. He says nicely,
"Hey big guy, I think we need to discuss the rent situation really soon. H... Continue»
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Horny Field Trip

Horny Field Trip

Synopsis: Horny teen seduces science teacher on a field trip.

Field trips have lost their luster for Amber. As a k** they were the best days ever but now that she was in high school and has become sexually active, everything sort of lost its luster. While all the other teens in her grade got high on pot, molly, or whatever was popular that week, Amber got high on sex. Today her class was visiting the museum of aviation and it was now that she needed a fix.

Strolling through the halls of memorabilia, Amber came across her science teacher, Mr. Montgomery. All the g... Continue»
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Thankk you Liz

Thank you Liz

Ros– me being Liz had been close mates all through school until she suddenly left school at 16 yrs and just seemed to disappear. We were very close and I did miss her but I went on to finish school, go to university and eventually pass out with a law degree. A great time at uni and in the last year spent much time in bed with a fellow law student. We were both lucky enough to be employed in the same Melbourne law firm so we got married. I specialized in property law whilst Alan was criminal law. We had a great time for the first few years, the young carefree couple plenty... Continue»
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Lost clothes III

I was awakened by a shaking feeling. I opened my eyes and looked around, I seen and felt him stroking my dick. He had one hand flat against my crotch with his thumb and forefinger wrapped around my dick tight, his thumb under my balls. It felt so good I spread my legs and closed my eyes, the combination of him holding it so tight and the feeling of being stroked was electrifying.
He would stroke till I felt it build up, then stop a couple of minutes and start again. My heart was pounding and I was breathing in quick short breaths. While I was building up he'd rub the tip with his thumb, slid... Continue»
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Gay at the YMCA

I was standing naked in the sauna. Heat was way up. I had my butt to the door. Suddenly a guy walks in then sits down. I hurriedly covered myself and slowly looked at him. He had been exercising near me upstairs. He sat with his towel across his knees on the higher level bench. His soft curvy cock hung down. His feet on the lower level. I was covered up and I felt a ting in my lil cock as if I was getting hard. {I recalled being in the college dorm boys showers. I saw some other boys with nice cocks and got a hard on. One had red pubic ha... Continue»
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I Helped My Husband

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month.

Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me.

Michael loves oral sex, both giving and rece... Continue»
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The Female Art Teacher

I was a 19 year old male student. I wore a uniform to school and I particular liked my art class I went to. I found Ms Patterson a very amiable person, she was hippie like even though her outward appearance was of a conservatively dressed teacher.
She was very attractive but not married in this small town. I regularly hung out there in the art room in my spare time to paint or draw. There was a 19 year old classmate Melissa who was a redhead girl who was very shapely, but shy, pale skinned and freckles with glasses. She wore a green blazer, collared shirt, green skirt, green leotards an... Continue»
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Fiancé for all: A story of cuckoldry and lu

I gazed down at the pussy that used to be mine and mine alone, covered in every man's cum in the room except my own. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, overdosed on ecstasy.

"She's a fucking legend, mate", said the portly, silver-haired gentleman who had last been inside my fiancé of 4 years, the girl who was a virgin before we met, the girl who hadn't slept with another man until tonight, a woman who now had 11 conquests under her belt and inside her tight little muffin. The din of shitty dance music rang in my ears as she writhed around on the swear-and-semen sodden bed. Glist... Continue»
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Tried a bbc for first time

Her First BBC
This is a true account of my wife’s first “taste” of black cock.
We have been swinging for a few years now on and off , work and f****y don’t allow us the freedom some couples have. Like a lot of couples we had discussed our fantasies and wish list, and again reading the stories on here it’s a lot of couples wish to see there wife with a black cock in them , ours was no different.
We had enjoyed many a good sex session thinking of her enjoying her first bbc. We looked through quite a few profiles and decided to contact one guy who seemed to fit the bill. He could travel and se... Continue»
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Lui, Lei & L'Amico Vergine

La luce dello schermo bastava ad illuminare la situazione. Aveva tra le mani il suo pisello eretto e si stava masturbando lentamente, se non fosse per la luce che emanava il monitor del PC portatile, non mi sarei accorto di nulla. Riccardo si stava segando nel silenzio più assoluto e fatta eccezione per il suo respiro affannoso ed un leggero rumore provocato dalla sua mano, che impugnando il suo uccello sbatteva sulle sue palle ogni volta che finiva la corsa lungo l'asta, si poteva dire che in quella stanza non stava accadendo niente degno di attenzione. Così, dopo essere stato in bagno per un... Continue»
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A new experience

We lived in a small town and I was walking in the woods
with my friend shooting our BB guns.

I had been having a funny feeling in my groin for
awhile. Sort of naughty and unsatisfied. I can't
remember why but as we were walking I let my prick out
of my bib overalls. My friend saw my stiff prick and
asked if I wanted to jack off. I didn't know what that
meant but I said sure.

He undressed and I was strangely excited to see his
cock. He touched it and it swelled and got hard. I
undressed to and was excited exposing myself to him. He
came over to me and started rubbing h... Continue»
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A sl**pover

I always could remember that time I was over my
friend Ben’s house his mom would be home. She was a
petite woman, about 5’2 in height. She had a pretty
figure for a 30 year old woman. Her
breasts were nice, about 36c from my guess. They were
firm and always swayed when she walked. She had a slim
waist, it wasn’t super model thin but… it curved, in a
very hypnotic way. She had thick thighs and an ass to
die for. Her skin was lightly tanned and looked smooth
and soft to the touch. She had a mass of curly reddish-
brown hair that was always pulled back away from her
delicate ... Continue»
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