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90210 Donna Likes Mr. Walsh

Mr. Walsh hated having to pick the girls up from pep
squad. Especially on Saturday afternoons when he pre-
ferred to be out golfing with his buddies. But he'd
promised his wife he would do it, so here he was back
after only nine holes. It was even more annoying because
Brenda was old enough to drive but due to some recent
heavy partying they had taken her license away - Cindy's
decision, not his.

Waiting in front of the school was Brenda, his daughter,
and her friend Donna. Mr. Walsh noted that girls today
dressed quite a bit more snugly than they had when he
was young. B... Continue»
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90210 Donna Stays Over

Donna rolls over in her bed, then falls onto the floor.
The crash wakes Kelly, who runs into her room. As she
helps Donna off the floor and onto her bed, she asks,
"Are you all right?"

"I dunno, my thigh hurts," Donna moans.

"Let me look."

Donna pulls up her long nightshirt to reveal a black and
blue mark on her right thigh.

Kelly looks at it then says, "It look's okay."

Donna moans, and Kelly feels her forehead.

"You've got a fever, let me go get a thermometer," Kelly
says before she runs into the bathroom.

She returns with the thermometer and gets ready to stic... Continue»
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Back to the Future: Marty Fucks Up

What REALLY happened between Marty and Lorraine in her
bedroom after Lorraine's father hit him with the car...

I woke up in a bed. In semi darkness. Through the
window, I saw it was raining out. Heavy. I also saw
someone standing there, gazing out the window.

"Mom?" I said groggily. "Is that you?" The figure time
toward me.

"There, there now." It was mom. "Just relax." She put a
cold washcloth on my forehead. "You've been asl**p for
almost 9 hours now."

"I had a... horrible nightmare," I said. "I dreamed I...
went back in time... It was terrible..."

"Well... Continue»
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Successfully squirting like a sissy

After getting home from a long day of work i realized i would be alone for a few hours. I haven't came in a week. An all time record for me! Then i thought about using my toys on my sissy hole. My cock stands up throbbing with agreement. I thought about trying to make my cock squirt just by use of toys sad that i don't have the real thing.

I showered, cleaned out with a douche and stripped naked i sat down in front of my computer my cock rock hard.

Looking on xhamster i found a few sissy trainer compilations and bare-backing vids. The thought of a hard thick cock cumming inside me set me... Continue»
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90210 Mrs. Walsh Enjoys Dylan

Mrs. Walsh opened the door and was shocked and very
happy to see her daughter’s boyfriend. Brenda was out,
but she invited him in any way. Always happy to see his
young handsome face around the house, she brought him
into the kitchen and began talking to him, neglecting to
mention Brenda was probably gone for the afternoon. So
was her husband and son. All were off doing other
things, leaving poor Mrs. Walsh home alone to fend for

She had been doing just that too. She had been doing
laundry when she accidentally bumped against the washing
machine. Remembering ti... Continue»
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A Warm Sunny Day. Part 3

Terry and I went into the house, dried cum marks showing on our bodies, we went to my wet room. Quite a large tiled room with a giant shower head hanging down from the ceiling. We both enjoyed the warm jets of water coursing over our bodies,we were joking and fooling around. Terry squirted shower gel over me and I grabbed another bottle and fired it over him.We stood fairly close together, cocks touching. Terry began to soap my chest and upper body, gently rubbing my nipples, causing my cock to thicken and starting to rise. I had started lower down on Terry's body soaping this thighs and my ha... Continue»
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Sandy and Us


The following story is written for xh friends who had a similar experience, though I have added fiction to it.

Sarah and her husband have been married for 35+ years, they met and married young and now that the f----y have grown and moved out to start their own lives, they are free to explore again. She has a fantastic curvy figure that gets noticed wherever she goes, 5ft 4, 135 pounds, a delicious classy blonde.
A dinner date night is arranged, she is meeting her husband in the restaurant, and she is to openly flirt with any man that she likes the look of.

She dresses ... Continue»
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Hot Tub s****r

"Anybody home?" Matt didn't see or hear anybody, thought he might have
the house to himself after football practice.

"Just me." His s****r Ashley's voice, from the back of the house. "Mom
went to the store and Dad's working late."

She came bouncing down the hall, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans.
The two of them were pretty much as opposite as a b*****r and s****r could
get. Matt, eighteen and a senior, was the jock, tall, muscular, blond,
with the kind of jaw that usually got described as "granite." He was the
captain of the football team, and all the girls follow... Continue»
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Milking Machine Alan

Milking Machine Alan

Alan had his sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... his tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded his mouth and nose. His hands were sliding loose skin up and down a large shaft, milking it. The staff throbbed so hard it seemed to quiver. Vibrations from the special seat he was straddling sent shock waves all the way to his cute toes. Alan and his dad both panted. They both felt so lucky to be with each other.


Alan was a wonderful boy. Red-haired like the rest of the f****y but with t... Continue»
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Walking Dead Carl fucks maggie and beth

"Would you look at that?" Carl glances up at his father's words. Maggie and Beth are in the distance and they look like they're stripping naked. He pauses to watch. He can feel himself flushing but his dad was looking as well so he figured it was alright. They don't strip entirely though, just down to their underwear and then they lay down on a blanket Carl hadn't noticed they'd already spread out. He looks at his father hearing him huff out a laugh. "Guess the world is getting better when pretty women have time to sunbathe. I sure hope they don't burn." Rick shakes his head sticking it back u... Continue»
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Hoshi Services Malcolm's Weapon

Ensign Hoshi Sato was a cute eastern-Asian mix, standing a average five foot seven, she has a very toned athletic build and a nice ass, unknown to most of her fellow crew due to baggy overalls she also had two other rather impressive features, and those were her 32-D breast, full and round in all their Asian glory. Currently Hoshi and Malcolm were working on target practice in the shuttle bay. A round silver hologram projector was fixed to a bulkhead, showing a one-foot square flying metal orb. The orb danced around the compartment, up down left right randomly juking and diving as ensign Hoshi... Continue»
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The Curtis Briefs

I’ve worked in multi office buildings, corporate centers, shopping centers, and, in all of them, the security men usually became more interesting and attractive, just because of their uniform. None of them wore the same uniform, so, what is it that makes them sexy?
In one of the shopping malls I worked in, I had access to the back areas. The truck docks, the service halls, and the freight elevators that most people who shop, or work there, don’t ever see. They’re bland concrete and raw wall board halls and stairs that twist around most of the exterior of the building. Only the delivery driver... Continue»
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When I moved into my new house, I couldn’t help but notice I was surrounded by gorgeous guys.

It was an obscene wealth of knockouts, from the tall, slender Air f***e officer next door, who jogged in slinky, clingy shorts that revealed every detail of his anatomy, to the scruffy ne’er-do-well around the corner, with his perpetual half-smoked cigarette and mop of bleached blonde hair.

But the fella who first caught my eye was the non-com across the street.

I have a thing for tall guys – tall and skinny. Invariably they have huge cocks, but it’s also their body shape that turns me in. I ... Continue»
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The Lawyer

I did my best to hide my new gender identity from my parents. I loved them dearly, but they were very traditional. My father was half Vietnamese and my mother was a Russian immigrant. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. I wasn’t sure I understood the changes I was experiencing.

I was nearly nineteen when they died. When I went to their funerals, I went as my male persona. They'd left me some money and I was able to make the leap to being a woman full time. I felt liberated and uninhibited.

I frequently visited their graves as ‘Angie’ and tried to explain myself to them. Obviously, I c... Continue»
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Johnny had been restless since going to bed. His younger cousin Steve was staying overnight as he did quite often during the summer.
Being a 18 yr old senior , Johnny was always thinking of some form of sex. Since he was a p*****n Johnny had realized that he wanted to try sex with a man. He didn’t know why, but the thought of a man naked with a large hard penis had always fascinated him.

Often he masturbated to the fantasy of one of the truckers that drove along Route 50 in front of his house would stop and let him suck their cock. Johnny would masturbate while staring out the windo... Continue»
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My first real cock sucking adventure happened when I was in between my freshman and sophomore year. I went riding on my motorcycle going nowhere in particular and soon found myself by the truck stop about ½ mile from my house. I was really feeling horny, I then thought of the rest stop on the other side of the road that had dirty writing on the walls and where I'd heard of nefarious activity in the past. I wondered if it was possible that guys actually met there for sex, well I decided to check it out.

I pulled up to the rest stop and it was pretty much deserted except for a couple of cars,... Continue»
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My Professor of the Sexual Arts

My First Year of College, I came home for the summer. But coming from a small town, all my friends that also went off to college decided in their first year to stick around their perspective college towns and work jobs they had, hang out and party. Me on the other hand, studying to become a veterinarian, I came home. I just wanted a break from the books. I soon found myself bored out of my mind and my mom was getting agitated with me hanging around the house all the time. One day she suggested I get a summer job helping a neighbor of ours.
Mrs. Marshall was a lady I had known most my life (yo... Continue»
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Me And Mrs. Jones

So I’m sure we all had a teacher we had a crush on in school, well mine was my second grade teacher. I assure you that this has nothing to do with c***d porn I’m not a sick fucker like that.

Like I said my 2nd grade teacher was fuckin’ hot; she always dressed conservative not showing much but she had a nice pair of perky tits and a nice round ass, shoulder length brown hair and she was always done up with makeup.

So years down the road I was at the bar having a few after I watched the Miami Heat win it all, happy not only because my team won but because I won about 1000 dollars on the se... Continue»
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The Fickle Rites of Courtship

Trish was sl**ping, or pretending to be, when I got home. We’d had a short, petty little spat that morning; yet as short and petty as it was, I had been irritated by it all day. I plodded through work and then went out for a few (too many) drinks after work with two guys who had been inviting me out for drinks for months. I was pretty sure they wanted more than drinks with me, and I flirted just enough to get them (and, truth be told, me) just a little excited. When I decided to go, they were both disappointed, but I gave each of them a nice wet sloppy kiss and let them grope my breasts an... Continue»
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A good beating and more Part 1

A good beating and more Part 1

At 14, I was already quite perverted, an exhibitionniste in fact. I loved walking around naked in public with my little boy’s cock hard. It was at that age that I got my first real beating and was ****d by men.

It was summer, I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I was walking through a park , I went into the toilet in the middle of the woods and stripped naked in a cubicle. I stroked my cock to erection then went out and walked slowly along the path. Rounding a bend in the path, I came face to face with two young women. They stopped dead and after ... Continue»
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