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Evening at the train station

We caught the train to a village a few stops away in the early evening, went to the pub just up the road from the station and had a few drinks in the beer garden. The wife had a dress on that was white glittery on top and black lacy on the bottom and she looked stunning in the lowering sun after the few drinks in the pub we went to the curry house opposite for a meal and then back to the pub and had a few more drinks, double house vodkas were flowing nicely.

It was getting close to train time so walked back to the station but just missed one so we had to wait for the last train, I put my ar... Continue»
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Keep an Eye Out

Ok by now must of you know about my wife Kat and her kink of fucking women that 1. have never been with another women and 2. they are all married with k**s. Over the years this has worked out well for me cause not only does Kat tell me everything but most of the time I can also watch and join if I wish. I always keep a metal notebook of names of her women in my head. This is a story of how that and KEEPING A EYE OPEN helped me to take care of a big problem.

Kat and myself were at a local hang-out having a few drinks. It is a sports bar and the bar maids all wear small tops and ver... Continue»
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A Secret To Be Kept

Mandy was running late, she had got off the tube and was trying to get out of the station, "shit, fuck the tube" she muttered, should have got a cab she thought for the hundredth time.
She had decided to go home and get herself ready for her girls night out, a few hours of fun with Sarah and Lisa, her best friends from college.
She had dressed in her new little black dress and best undies, who knows she might get some attention tonight because she sure wasn't getting much at home,Tony had turned into a once a month sort of guy and that was if she was lucky, yes she knew he worked long hours ... Continue»
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breeding white girls

African culture regards the seduction of sexually active
women totally different than that of the western
hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enf***ed to
protect women in some countries and this appalling
practice of sexual humiliation has torn families apart.
A lot of k**napped women, wives and daughters, have been
f***ed into prostitution and sex slavery... especially
the young white ones. Many rich black African men lust
for white women and have f***efully impregnated many of
them as payback for the white man's past wrongs in
dividing the African continent.

Working ... Continue»
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good start to an amazing summer

Note:this is a fake story that I hope you will enjoy. Hi my name is Will and I am 22 ripped because of baseball in college and I have a sleeve tattoo on my left arm I'm 6'4 and a ladies man theirs only one girl I have wanted to have sex with and never have. She's my steps****r Kim she's 19 now and this summer I plan to finally get this little goddess to let fuck the shot out of her. She looks almost like my stepmom who I would also fuck really hard their both really short about 5'2 each and they both have nice C cup tits I would say and they both have nice asses like perfect bubble butts like ... Continue»
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Art Or Porn

'I feel the need to make myself clear, here. The future of Bella Benoit as a brand is sex, but not porn, do you get me?' she asked, speaking of herself. One of the most understated but successful and universally adored and lusted after fetish and glamour models was sat right before me. I was a fan myself to say the absolute least, and I was one of the millions that had lusted after her, chasing her down from glossy centrefold to digital image to online video for many years. Now she was asking me to be her new photographer.

'For years men have wanted to see me do everything and I have done a... Continue»
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Lori - Part 2

I woke up at 3 AM and got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back to bed I stopped and looked at the attic door. The events of yesterday flashed through my mind and I immediately had the urge to go up there and look around. I silently walked up to the attic door and opened it.. I didn't hear anything, so I started walking up the stairs. I heard Lori's voice coming from her bedroom and I stopped. My curiosity wouldn't let me be- I had to see if Ryan was with her. I wasn't physically attracted to him or my s****r.. But the thought of them having sex interested me.
I slowly walked up to he... Continue»
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My Japanese Freinds and I

I told a story in my Blogs about my Japanese neighbors and how they had asked me to look after their k**s while they were away, I have known them for a long time and the k**s were all teenagers now. My Blog told the first story of how their daughter was scared of the lightning and thunder one night and raced into my room in the dark and jumped into bed and under the blankets shivering in fright she grabbed me and held herself close as she could against me` I tried to push her away yelling that I sl**p naked she shouldn't be in bed with me but she didn't care she was so scared. Please hold me... Continue»
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total slut

So I had a business trip coming up in a week. So I decided to try and line up some fun. After searching craigslist I found a well hung dom so I sent him a message and told him I would be in town in about a week. We chatted during that week and I told him I was married but I love to feel a hard cock in my mouth. He would send me pictures of his hard cock teasing me making me want him even more I would send him pictures of me sucking my wifes dildo and he told me he was going to feed me his load and make me his bitch. Which I loved so the day came for me to leave for my trip I kissed the wife go... Continue»
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Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsock

I had a friend that spent some time in the hospital recently and while visiting him I got to meet a wonderful and sexy person. Her name was Kathy; she was black and a part of the cleaning department. I wouldn't say that she was a janitor; she was more of a lower lever nurse that cleaned the rooms when there was a patient present. She knew quite a bit about nursing, I assumed that she didn't have enough schooling to just be a nurse so she cleaned to make some money to put herself through nursing school.

Kathy caught my eye several times in the hallways of the hospital. She was very pretty, ... Continue»
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My China Doll by loyalsock

I'm an over-30 manager at a small marketing research firm. I keep myself in good shape and look younger than I am. I date much younger women whenever I can - they are sexy, fresh, and open to my particular tastes in sex and interaction. I love to teach them sexual techniques, and I have enjoyed being a sexual mentor with a number of young ladies half my age.

This is the story of one of these younger women. She's a lovely Chinese girl named Lanni, about 20 years old. Very petite and young looking. When I say very petite, I mean really small, but very well proportioned. The fact that she's o... Continue»
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Midnight Maid Service 2 by loyalsock

I surprised her by picking her up and carrying her back to the bedroom, almost like the proverbial picture of the groom carrying his new bride across the threshold. Upon entering the bedroom, I gently laid her on the king size bed and rested her head on a pillow. She laughed, as she kicked off her shoes and settled in.

"Let's take this slow," I told her, as I settled in next to her on the bed. "I mean, even with everything we've done already, I haven't even given you a proper kiss yet. Let's start there."

She answered by lifting up her head and kissing me, her tongue pushing deep into my... Continue»
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My Chemical Romance 1. by loyalsock

"I think. . ." My hands grew slick with sweat as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Her lips plump and juicy, ready for mine to greet them. In my chest, my heart beat rhythmically, worried about her reaction to these words. The first time I would ever utter these words in my life.

"What?" She asked me, her hand traveling to my face. She traced my jaw line with her finger. I grabbed it and kissed it. Jayda had the most beautiful coffee-colored skin I'd ever seen.

How in the world did my eighteen year old high school ass admit to a girl I'd been dating for just a month that I... Continue»
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Midnight Pool Party 1 by loyalsock

The last couple of days have been so hot that I haven't gotten any more work done.

I've been at the house about ten days. And I'm not that anxious to leave, to be honest. The house is large, comfortable, and has central air conditioning, not to mention a large library with lots of comfortable furniture and lots of books, plus a mini movie theater with a slamming audio setup and a huge flat panel TV. I need to make a visit to an electronics store and upgrade my own setup at home.

I miss my house. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I even miss the people at the office. Well... Continue»
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Midnight Pool Party 2 by loyalsock

Danielle's hands clenched my shoulders hard with each lick of my tongue. Her nails dug deeper every time I sucked on her clit. She inhaled sharply. "Shit! Oooohhh, shit! Baby, you the man! Ooooohhh! Shit!"

I would have chuckled, if I didn't have my mouth full. I was glad to discover that the techniques I'd learned definitely worked. It pays to be a good student. It was easy to give her oral. She was very demonstrative, and her pussy almost tasted like chocolate.

Suddenly she clenched her hands tighter than ever, dug her nails in my shoulders, inhaled and went, "Aaaahhhhhuuhhhh!"

And t... Continue»
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Midnight Maid Service 1 by loyalsock

That long, slow creaking sound, followed by a sudden thud -- a sound known to just about everyone who's ever stayed in a hotel as of one of your neighbors letting go of the door to their room, the door loudly pulling itself closed and slamming shut. I had just hoped it was something I would have avoided in a 5-star hotel, but, then again, why not something else to draw out an already long business trip. I rolled over to see my small travel alarm clock on the nightstand and saw the glowing red 12:00 stare back at me. My one fucking chance to sl**p and a slamming door wakes me up at midnight. Fu... Continue»
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Lessons In Biology by loyalsock

So far, a month has gone by and thanks to Mark, Ebony's grades have gone up in nearly all of her classes. The coach has already told her that she has made the cheerleading squad and that she will be given her first practice in another week. Why shouldn't she become a cheerleader for her high school? She has a great body of 36C-24-36, beautiful black hair down below her shoulders, firm legs, and at 5'4, she only weighs about 110. "I have all of the assets to being a great cheerleader," she thought as she rode the school bus home one evening. She hoped to get home soon enough to fix herself some... Continue»
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My first

Since this is a true story and they don't allow u******e I will be skewing the ages by 5 years and there will be no names.

when I was 18 my mother had a girl from up the street come in and tutor ( really babysit) my younger b*****r she was 23 and oh so beautiful I used to play football and had come in from practice one day to a note saying that she and my b*****r would be gone for several hours Well being the age I was the hormones were always raging as I stripped in my room for my shower I was thinking of how she looked in her short tight shorts the last time I saw her and of course my c... Continue»
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Friends and / or lovers

This is a story from my high school graduation that really left its mark in my life.

She was my best friend, but I've always wanted her to be a little more than that. She was my greatest temptation from the day we've met, but she never looked at me like a boyfriend material. For me, she was the devil. The fiery temptation that will eventually make me burn. Her eyes were emerald green. Her long and dark hair was waving without the need of the wind. Her satin soft skin and her tight breasts were so inviting. I didn't even hide my interest, but she will always stay on the safe si... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

"How about a round of drinks for everyone?" mom asked as we all stepped into the kitchen.

"Sounds good to me."

"I sure could use a drink for sure." I added taking another look at mom's sexy ass as I just about ran into Janet as she stopped in front of me.

"Danny, why don't you go put those dress' in the bedroom and get stripped, unless you want us to put the dress' back on."

"I'll be right back down in a few." as I turned toward the stair case.

All the way up to my room with the dress' d****d over my arm, I started unbuttoning my shirt, while thinking about the view of mom and ... Continue»
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