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Homeschooled by loyalsock

Becky and Ben's parents stood off to the side, proudly watching as Ben knelt down on one knee. A flutter went through Becky's chest. They'd only met a little over a month ago, but she'd known this was coming. It was the way things were done in their church, and her parents had homeschooled her and kept her mostly shut away from the rest of the world. Sure, they'd let her keep up her classes even after she'd gotten her equivalent of a high school diploma, but they'd expected her to get a job with someone connected to their church - if she got a job at all. They considered themselves highly prog... Continue»
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Gloryhole Adventure

'This is the place,' I said as I swung our car into the car park. Julie squealed with excitement. Since our last few adventures, (fantasy photo shoots, beach, ladies night out) Julie had admitted just how much she loved to play with strangers cocks, teasing them with sensual stroking, licking, squeezing, rubbing, edging until they can't take anymore. And I loved to take photo's of her whilst she teased these cocks. She looked so sexy with a big thick cock in her slender delicate hands! So I had suggested we try a glory hole. She loved the idea! So with a bit of internet research I found one, a... Continue»
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Come Sit On Daddy's Lap


Sparrow Salvatore was looking forward to a great summer. Over half of
it she was going to spend with her father, in his apartment on the beach in
Florida. That sounded like great fun, to her. She'd bought a half-dozen
swimsuits, and all kinds of other clothes, in preparation for the visit.
She was a little excited to see her dad, she hadn't seen him in almost a
year, and hadn't stayed with him in three or four. She felt like she would
get a chance to re-acquaint herself with him, after all this time.

Her mom and dad had split up when she was only six or sev... Continue»
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The teen next door

They had moved in next door 5 years ago, the perfect f****y with
mom, dad, and two k**s, a boy 19 years old and a 18-year-old
girl. I had watched them grow into full-fledged teens, with
Jason ready to enter his senior year in high school this coming
Fall. His 'little s****r' Samantha had turned from a rather
gangly tomboy into a more-than-good-looking young woman. So
what's wrong with that? Well, for this man, it started when she
decided to do her tanning in the round, above-ground pool that
her folks had put up in the fenced side yard between our houses.
She would lie on a floati... Continue»
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21st bday

Last week my younger s****r turned 21, she has just recently gotten engaged as well so since we hadn't had a chance to celebrate either occasion we decided to celebrate both. My friend Kim and I had special plans for her. My s****r Tonya has only been with three guys in her life and she is marrying her third. We decided to give her something she could never dream of.

The day of the party we (Five of us girls) took her for a day at the salon for hair, massage, and make over. We then all went shopping for our dresses for the night and some new lingerie for the occasion. By the time we got don... Continue»
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my date with jennycumslut part two

The second part of my story about my date with Jennycumslut. This memory will be burned in my mind forever and thinking about it drives me wild to know I did what I always fantasized about! Hopefully this will make you cum hard...

I left off that I had just made plans with Jenny to see her later that evening. I was out for a nice paced walk in the park close to my apartment at the time we had made plans so I hurried back home. After drenching of sweat from hurrying home since I was to meet her in less than a hour I quickly showered and didnt have time to shave my pubes down.

Me and her t... Continue»
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Racquetball Dyke by loyalsock

From as early as my p*****n years, it was obvious that sports and I did
not get along. I was either too slow or not coordinated enough. Team
after team would either cut me, or only allow me to play the minimum
amount of time that was required. When teams were picked in gym class,
I was almost always chosen last. My uncle observed my frustration, and
took it upon himself to help. He was concern about the long-term effect of
my low self-esteem, so he introduced me to the world of racquetball.
When my Uncle was younger he played on his college team, and had won
several tournaments.... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #6

I went to my bedroom and changed into something cleaner and nicer than what I had on and checked out my computer, to see if there was anything that I may need to save, as far as dad was doing behind our backs, while waiting for my mother to get ready to go, which there really wasn't anything other than his buisness or his job, which ever one want's to call it.

When mom was ready to go she stopped by my room and asked, "How do you like this dress handsome?"

I looked at my sexy mother and my mouth must have dropped, "I take it that you like it, since your mouth just opened up?". She had on... Continue»
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Soccer Crush by loyalsock

Great. I was late for class again. O well, I thought as I casually
strolled to the class I was 15 minutes late for. When I finally got
there, I managed to find a seat in the crowded auditorium way in the
back. Perfect. Maybe I'll get a chance to sit next to Teri. Teri was
gorgeous. She had beautiful brown hair with few blonde streaks. She had a
femininely athletic body, toned muscles and all. This was because she was
on the soccer team. Everything about her was beautiful. She was about
5'10 and weighed maybe 135. She was curvy in all the right places. She
had my heart and she didn't ... Continue»
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Every summer we go to the same camping spot and spend a month. It is not too bad. The place we go is kind of secluded. There are a few other campers there, mostly the same people every summer. We got every set up and started to enjoy ourselves. Our camp neighbors, the Johnsons were all set up too. Several days had gone by and my f****y loaded up and went into town. My dad told me to be good and they would be back in about four hours. I was happy to have some time alone. I sat outside for a few minutes and then noticed Mrs. Johnson was sitting outside also. I thought I would wander over and s... Continue»
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My Intro to Sex 3

The next morning I woke up first and was re-living what happened the night before in my head. I have to say that it was a little intimidating to be lying on that bed completely naked next to a stranger who was also naked. I was kind of hoping that he would be able to teach me a few more things about sex but all of a sudden the phone next to his bed rang. All I heard was that he would be there in a few minutes. That was his boss on the phone and he had to go to work and he told me to get dressed and he drove me to a bus stop so I could go back downtown. It was like getting the bum's rush out o... Continue»
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Gary's Dressup Sissy

When I was a teenager I lived next door to a guy named Gary. We were friends for years but drifted apart as he was 3 or 4 years older than me, so when he discovered girls I didn’t see him for a while. However, one summer he and his then girlfriend had a fight, so being at a loose end he would invite me over to watch movies and play video games.

One day we were watching a movie, when Gary suggested watching some of his dad’s pornos. I eagerly said yes. So for a few days we would watch porno from about 10 am till 4 pm when his mom came home. His dad seemed to have hundreds of movies. One mov... Continue»
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Mom's friends

Brad enjoys his mom's highschool friends
Finally summer holidays had arrived! Brad had just finished his sophomore year in high school. He had even managed to raise that ever struggling geography grade so his parents weren't going to insist he worked on it during the holidays. This was actually a bit of a surprise, so for now the grand plan was to practice football and hang out with his friends and then relax as much as possible in between.

"My condolences .. yeah? .. oh? .. sounds nice! .. oh wow, that's kind of short notice .. I'm pretty sure Ted has to work, but maybe I ca... Continue»
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My Mother the Porn Star

Sit down Roger, it's time you knew your mother better.
“Dude! I'm telling ya, that's your mother! Look at her face not her tits, that's her!”

My friend and I were watching porn on my laptop, killing time and getting horny. We had watched dozens of teen girls giving blow jobs and getting long fat dicks stuffed into their tight hairless pussies. I had a seriously big erection jammed in my pants but like addicts we couldn’t get enough so I suggested we watch something different. My friend moved the mouse to the 'Vintage' category and we moved into another area of debauchery. T... Continue»
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Jane Goes Running by loyalsock

Alyana pulled the tight sports top over her young breasts and smoothed down
the material, slowly running her hands over her soft flesh. She was
preparing herself for her daily run in the park. She was her school's best
runner and loved racing and practising, the feel of the tight clothes over
her skin, the toned flesh of her young body and the sight of the beautiful,
fit bodies of the other girls she ran with.

Alyana was 18 and loved the sight of other girls her age, girls turning
slowly to womanhood, small slowly swelling breasts, slim, curved hips and
long legs, gradually taking ... Continue»
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The Swimmer by loyalsock

Laura hit the pool everyday before school. She knew she was good but
wanted to be better, maybe even join a swim team. Swimming kept her
thin and lightly muscled as her 18 year old body developed towards
womanhood. Laura took pride in her shapely legs, tight ass, abs and
the 32Cs she had grown up top.

Lately another swimmer had caught Laura's eye. Over in the fast lane a
girl just a bit older than Laura powered up and down the pool, length
after length, turning tightly at each end. Laura admired her
technique, and by stealing glances at the girl above and below the
water she tried... Continue»
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My s****r asked me to draw her

My s****r loves the movie Titanic, I guess she was watching it recently because she texted me last weekend and asked me for a favor but only on the condition that I agree beforehand. I was a...bit..skeptical at first but when she told me I realized it wasn't because the favor was something I wouldn't want to do...but because she was testing my dedication, obedience, love..and affection, testing if I would do anything for her no matter what.

Her request was to, like in the movie, draw her naked. I'm a halfway decent artist, doing digital art professionally and what not. I began to wonder if... Continue»
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Description of private invitations to my gay fours

xFirst off, I want to explain to readers that this is just a thought of kinkiness to share with you strangers out there. I'll back track a lil bit to explain myself. Over the past year and a half I re-opened a part of my bisexuality that was dormant for years (except on occasion while browsing porn or masturbating) I started getting into craigslist casual encounters page, and began trying to re-capture my experiences I had with my previous partner online, but without boundaries, just deep with myself. I met a young guy my age, we met about 5 times, liked to give him handjobs and suck him off w... Continue»
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My first time with a guy...

For several years I have been thinking what it would be like to suck cock. I have been married for 3 years, I love my wife but the sex is plain. Dont get me wrong, she makes me cum! Her pussy is tight despite having 2 k**s and she enjoys being tied up but she can only cum on her back so it gets a little samey. She also doesnt like sucking cock so I havent had a proper blow job in almost 8 years!

So for a while now I have enjoyed sharing pics that I have taken of my wife with other guys (particularly local guys) and hearing and seeing ther reaction. Several have been kind enough to send me t... Continue»
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Alice Upside Down

Alice Upside Down

Alice sits in her study behind her wooden desk. It's winter and the small fireplace glows with a roaring fire. The crackling flames make good background noise for the rooms only other sound is the tick of a large grandfather clock. The beat seems to be getting slower and slower as time swings by. "Oh I'm so board." Alice declares to herself as she lays the fountain pen she got for her eighteenth birthday down on the desk. She starts to fiddle with the hem about the neck of her frilly blue summer dress.

Her innocent fiddling soon turns into something a little more tabo... Continue»
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