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Nicole- my first girl

This happened a few years ago… the fucking weirdest weekend of my life… when I got fucking laid by the hottest young chick EVER!!! Not to mention, she busted my cherry- female-wise- and addicted me to women ever since!. Her name is Nicole, and even though there is another woman in my life these days (and different in every way!), she will always be my first!

I used to have this dumb-ass job as an attendant at a male sex club called MACK Folsom Prison… and yeah- that it is a whole different story! But anyway, I worked from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week. I liked the job and I had be... Continue»
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Anita's First Time

I looked at Dave my husband and he just grinned at me
and gave me a little shove.

I looked at Ron and he smiled offering me his hand.

I could feel myself colouring up as I grinned and
took the offered hand. It was a large hand, I could
feel the rough calloused skin as he pulled me over.

You know I did not realise how big Ron was, I mean,
yea, I know he is a big guy; but when he pulled me
in, and I felt those strong thick arms of his wrap
around me and pull tight to his chest; it was then
that I realised just how big and strong he was.

When he pulled me in for that fir... Continue»
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A Country Girl's Dildo

Not only country boys know how to survive even though
the song that tells of their prowess would leave that
impression. We country girls have ways of seeing to
our needs also, and can do that quite well thank you.

One of our country girl needs is to keep down the
level of sexual stress to a point where we can
function otherwise. Of course, there are lots of ways
to do that and we usually find them and that's what
this little story is about, how I found mine.

I suppose I was like most girls in discovering the
exquisite pleasures my clitty could provide. My
fingers and th... Continue»
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A Submissive Housewife

Part I: The beginning

This is the story of my live as a submissive
housewife. It starts near the time I was married, and
continues to the death of my husband.

My name is Judy, and my husband was named Ken. We met
when I was about 23 and he was about 31. I had had
several boyfriends and was sexually active with most
of them. Ken had been married before and had a young

We met at a party at one of my friend's home. He also
had a friend at the party. I was shy, and stayed
mostly by myself. Once Ken spotted me, he came over
and started talking to me. I was embarrasse... Continue»
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A bitch gets breed

This story is about me as well as my 'now' ex-wife
discovering a new sexual experience beyond what we had
ever planned for. My ex-wife Kandi and I had been
married for over 2 years. I was 21 when we met and Kandi
was 26. The sexual experience with the age difference
was a huge turn on for me. Kandi had two c***dren from a
previous relationship, although you would have never
known by her figure or her hot super tight pussy -
thanks to C sections. She had smaller breast like a
small B cup, with a narrow waist that lead into her
amazing hips.

Like I said, we were together ... Continue»
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My 1st time with a Japanese women

This is just a short story about the 1st Japanese lady I had sex with and she gave the best blow job I had ever received, still to this day. I was at a bar and meet a Japanese women named Masami. She was from Osaka, Japan. She was in the US for work and was staying at a hotel that was in walking distance of the hotel she was staying at. Masami was in her 40s and had huge breasts.
She was at the bar alone watching a soccer game, that was on at the bar. We began to talk and she had been in the US for three weeks. She was excited to be going home to Japan next week. We drank a few drinks as w... Continue»
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Ginger pounded in carpark

This happened this week. One day I was very horny (for no real reason in office). So i called one of my fuck-buddies (let's call him Sam) for a session after work.

So at around 730pm he picked me from an MRT. i want to do 1 round first before we went for dinner. As it was a quiet weekday, we decided to not book a room, but instead do it in the car instead. So he drove to some ulu carpark (not sure where it is im not good with directions). It was a small carpark with mostly trees around. there were a couple of chalets (i think) beside, but they were not occupied, probably as it is an off-pea... Continue»
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29-Year-Old Grandfather

Probably lots of k**s wind up losing their virginity
because they and the other person are bored. That's how
it was with me. As a result of that, I've had an
unusual life. Oh, it started out pretty normally. I
grew up in a house with my parents and s****r. Standard
American home. Dad and Mom both worked. I got decent
grades in school, etc.

No, the odd part began when I became a father at
f******n after I got my s****r pregnant and a
grandfather just a few days after my twenty-ninth
birthday, after our f******n-year-old son got his
girlfriend pregnant. You might think... Continue»
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The Cum gushing incident !!

My names Liam and when I was younger like most people I went to university to further my education.
It was there I met the first love of my life Bea, she was a hot little brunette, with a big smile and an even bigger pair of breasts that she kept hidden away under her school jumper.
We met in one of my classes and hit it off straight away, but she was from a fairly religious f****y and not matter how many times we fooled around we never, never went all the way.
But that didn't stop all the fun, in fact Bea loved tugging my cock, she said she loved the feel of the veins and ridges along my s... Continue»
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f****y Loving, The day I gave my Dad a hand-job.

'There, no one will see them now'. I turned and looked into the mirror, the transparent adhesive tape formed a cross on each of my nipples, to stop them sticking out.

Mum had a smile on her lips, her awkward eleven year old was embarrassed by her bodies growing pains, 'You are becoming a young woman Mariel', she said trying to reassure me, 'these changes will become more evident as you grow older'.

I was still studying myself in the mirror, my breasts were small, so small I was yet still to wear my first brassiere, but my nipples took on a whole new life of their own, and people started... Continue»
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A visit to a Glasgow Sauna

A visit to the sauna in Glasgow.

Paid in and got undressed and made my way to the sitting room with the television showing some crap daytime programme, I think it was Kilroy-Silk and his chat show, boring as ever and I was looking around the room to see what might be on the menu, so to speak. There was a really old guy, a fat guy, a couple of bearded muscular guys and that was about it. There was nothing for me on the menu but I knew there were others in the sauna – I just had to find them.

I decided to leave the sitting room and make way firstly to the sauna. Due to the heat in the s... Continue»
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My Aunt

My Aunt
When I was young dumb full of cum (18) I went around my aunties house just to help out with some household work and other bits and bobs. As I went to her house she opened door wearing her night gown and by the look of her erect nipples I think that's all she was wearing. Her husband worked nights and was upstairs sl**ping that's one of the reasons she needed my help. She told me to wait in the living room while she "finished" something upstairs. So I sat downstairs and after a while started to hear faint moans and groans as I opened the living room door and walked halfway up th... Continue»
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My b*****r-in-law Jake

I lay on my back with my legs lifted slightly and spread wide. My left hand slowly maneuvering a smallish plexiglass dildo in and out of my hole. I bought it for myself as an 18th birthday present and it had quickly become one of my favorite possessions.

I’m Ryan. My parents died in a car wreck 3 years ago, and I’ve lived with my older s****r Claire ever since. She’s seven years older than me, and has been married for the past 5. Her husband Jake is the hottest man I’ve EVER seen. He’s 6’2’’ and works out every day. He’s like a real life god, and he loves to walk around the house in ... Continue»
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My X-Wifes Trip to the Mall

It was a beautiful day and I need to do a little shopping and I want to get something special to wear for Saturday night with my husband. I got dressed and put on a very sexy red strapless dress and a pair of heels. I had worn this to the mall before and it made me feel very sexy and I seemed to get a lot of compliments on it. Let me describe my self. I am 35, 5’2”, 112#, 32D breasts.

I get to the mall and realize that school had just let out so there were a lot of college k**s there hanging out having a good time. I do a little shopping picking out a new bra and panty set and was looking ... Continue»
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My new girl

My Redhead Tammy

Entirely fictitious. Not my story but had to post.

Tammy was just seven when her mother died. It took a long time for both of us to adjust to the void in our lives but it also brought us closer together. We became more than just father and step daughter, we were best friends. Now, at 17, Tammy was becoming a beautiful young woman, slim and redhead like me but with her mother's quick smile. She was even beginning to show signs of her mother's voluptuous figure.

A few weeks ago I took Tammy to shop for her first formal gown. My business partner, a man she loves and c... Continue»
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Cinema trip

We had a gig to go to that night, but I hadn't seen Kim in such a long time that we both took the day off work to do some catching up before the gig. We were always open friends, she knew more about me than most people do and we'd often had plenty of smutty chats, but never actually done anything.

So there we were, stood at the train station in London, embracing like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a year. We decided to grab some food and decide what to do from there. I hadn't had cum for a couple of weeks and feeling adventurous and horny, I asked her if she had ever visited an ... Continue»
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My First Fist

I'm bi sexual, and very, very hedonistic. I love to eat pussy and suck cock too. On some sites my screen name is "Tireless Tongue." I also love to fuck both men and women, although I like to fuck women more. I'm on the submissive side with men, and the DOM side with women. But, nothing is "etched in stone." These are just tendencies and preferences. I think I can get into most anything if there is a connection, or as they say, "chemistry." with my partner. Way back when, my girlfriend at the time, convinced a friend of ours who was Gay, and open about being into fisting, to do me. I was open t... Continue»
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Brown EYE Thursdays

Andie and I used to play around nearly every
Thursday afternoon for most of a year. On Thursdays,
her mother took her k** s****r to soccer practice after
school, and we had the house to ourselves.
After the first few times, we seldom fucked in the
conventional way. Andie worried too much about getting
pregnant and neither of us much liked the feel of
wearing a rubber. Sometimes I would slide my cock into
her naked and withdraw just before cumming. But after
an "accident" -- in which we both cooperated fully --
and a tense period of three weeks before her period
cam... Continue»
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First Time In

"No, Larry, we can't!" Sharon said, pushing me off
her. "I'm just can't do it."
"Jesus Christ!" I said. "This is driving me crazy.
Baby, I love you, but I can't keep doing this. My
balls are going to explode!"
We were on the sofa in the rec room downstairs at
my house, after school. My folks were at work and
wouldn't be home for another couple of hours. Sharon
put her head on my shoulder, snuggling up to me again.
"I'm sorry, honey," she said. "I know, I know,
"Yeah," I said, "you don't want to get pregnant.
You don't want to start having sex, because... Continue»
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Stand In Granny Landlady

When I was 20 years old I had a job as a barman in a local village pub called The Mill. It was run by Jim and Jayne and I had been working there for 18 months and had become a trusted member of staff. It was only a small pub so at busy times Jim, Jayne and I managed admirably but as the space behind the bar was limited we had to work as a team to avoid bumping into each other. Jayne was in her late 40’s and I had a secret crush on her……..Jayne and I became very close but that is another story!
Jim and Jayne were going away for a winter break and an elderly couple, Don and Vera were coming... Continue»
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