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Fucking my girlfriends daughter

There was this woman, her name was Shelly. She was a big woman, with big tits 46F, but a tight pussy. She was a good looking woman. She also have a daughter. Her name was Amanda, she was 15 at the time when I met her mom.

Amanda wasn't big like her mom but she did have big tits like her mom's around a C to a D cup.

I was fucking Shelly for two years now, I think she wants me to move in and settle down with her. I don't want to settle down. I just wanted to fuck. Amanda is 17 now and she was fucking hot. I know for a while she masturbated, even at a young age. I saw one night wh... Continue»
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My First Threesome (MFM, bi-male)

I'd been flirting with Clare for a while in work. I always thought she would be one of the girls that would play around in work, but never actually go through with anything. It was a slow day in work and as usual the subject came round to sex. We were having a cheeky conversation about fetishes and she was telling me about how she'd had the threesome with her husband and another guy. Making sex faces while saying she loved getting it in both holes at the same time. I wasn't sure if she was lying or just brazen. I joked that I wish we hadn't worked together and then maybe I could have got some ... Continue»
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hooking up after months of chatting online

after many messaging together, we agree to meet half way in a hotel, the room was big and had a nice bath and large bed that could easily fit 5 on, there is also a large sofa. You seductively walk to the sofa, as you sit down you open your legs whilst biting your bottom lip and pulled your top down reviling your ample breasts! I walk up to you and kiss you, putting my hands in between your open legs, your pussy wet i begin to rub your pussy! You unzip my trousers reviling my massive cock. I take off your clothes and i begin to tit fuck you, licking the cum off your beautiful body. I work my wa... Continue»
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Three's Company!

Well, one night a group of friends and I had decided to go out for a night of drinking and dancing. Mostly girls I worked with but a couple of the guys tagged along too. We started off with something to eat, then started club hopping. Drinking and dancing from bar to bar, getting slightly more loose as we went. Late into the night/early morning, a few of the girls decided to go to a club that didn’t even open until 2am to finish out their night of partying. I was pretty lit by this time and was really wanting to just go back to the apartment we were all staying at that night.

Luckily, ... Continue»
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Swapping s****rs.

My name is Sohanlal. They call me Sohan. I have two small s****rs: Bimla 17, and Neesha 15. Both are young and beautiful and in robust health. I have many friends and now that we're seeing porno movies at times together in company, it is quite natural that we see each others' s****rs and the s****rs seeing us. I notice that Bimla is hanging around me. I could well guess that wants to talk to me. So, last evening I called her in my room and made her feel comfortable. She hesitated and expected me to open the talking. I had an idea and I wanted to share it with her. So, I took her hand in mine a... Continue»
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Leah Jane, Mani & Jess

When Jess boarded the train it was almost full, so she took the only available seat. The man sitting across from her glanced up from his newspaper and gave her a curious smile. She blinked shyly but smiled back at him before turning her attention towards the window to break eye contact. As her journey progressed the carriage gradually emptied until only the two of them remained. They had been taking furtive glances at one another the whole time and now that they were alone Jess could feel his eyes upon her.

As the train arrived at it's final destination the two strangers stood up at the s... Continue»
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Unexpected phone sex

I was sitting in my den a few years ago, when the phone rang. I picked it up and heard a strangers voice. It sounded like a girl, sort of, but a bit off. She asked for a girl, that was not known to me. I played along, to see where this was going. Then, as expected, she asked my name. We sparred back and forth for a while, both being as clever as we could. Then the conversation turned to sex, and it was started by her. She asked me a few questions, like girlfriends, age, what I liked, etc. Then she asked "how long is your cock?".

I asked why she wanted to know, and she said she was "just cur... Continue»
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His version of the pickup fuck

Part 2
I had picked up a girl on my way home from work. It’d start to rain and being a Good Samaritan I wanted to help her. Although I did not expect her to follow me home, wanting to have sex with me. It’s two of her fantasies, she sad. She had dreamt of having sex with a stranger picking her up; and a black man. I was both, not complaining, lucky me and her.

She’s sitting on her knees in front of me, cupping my big cock, inside my pants, with her small hands. Stroking it with her nails and teasing me. I gasped of pleasure and throw my shirt onto the sofa. Flexing my muscle, just ... Continue»
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Sexy Mother-in-Law

Melanie was not your typical 42 year old married woman. Yes, she had a husband of over 20 years and she had three grown c***dren. But Melanie was something else that very few people realized or observed out in public -- Melanie was a very attractive and very sexy woman, and she had a very active and nearly insatiable desire for sex and sexual attenion from men. It didn't matter whether it was her husband who was attending to her needs; Melanie craved the sexual pleasures that men could give her and she wasn't sure that one man could even rise to the challenge adequately.

There were lots of ... Continue»
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My Loving Little s****r

I never knew just how much my little s****r loved
me until that night that she came to me when the
girl I had been dating for several months, having
regular sex with her told me to go to hell, that she
had found someone more exciting than me.

We had had a date scheduled but when I went to
pick her up she had another man there, one older
than me. She was already topless when I knocked
on the door and she came to the door. Hell I could
even see the fresh sperm on her lips. Then I heard
a male voice yelling from the living room.

"Hurry up bitch, get back here and finish fucking... Continue»
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Traveling With My Little s****rs

I didn't plan on it happening but it did and now I am
not sorry.

As of yet our parents don't know what just what we
now enjoy. Their just so glad that, me, their b*****r
is happy to take care of and enjoy being with his two
younger s****rs.

Yes, I have two younger s****rs, that I spend just as
much time with as I can. I love my two s****rs, more
than our parents will ever understand or know. My
two s****rs love me just as I love them. More than
most b*****rs and s****rs.

It all started last summer, right after the end of the
school year. My s****rs, Mira, thirteen and M... Continue»
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Moni growing up

Another true experience

I Have a Naughty Side

Moni At The Drive In When I was 16 my b*****r was going to the driven in movies with 3 of his friends. My parents were gone and I didn't feel like being alone so I pestered him to take me along.
He protested but after much pleading he agreed. This back in 1971 and coming from a strict f****y I always had to wear dresses or skirts and my parents refused to let me wear mini,s like some other girls. I had bought one but never showed them so I took this oppurtunity to wear it as I knew my b*****r would not tell them, especially since he had me ... Continue»
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my pain

I was in pain. I'd been having pains for several months. At first they were minor, just twinges that came and went but, as time went on, they became worse and worse and lasted longer and longer. The pain was always in the same place, just under my abdomen. I'd tried aspirin and paracetamol and ibuprofen but nothing seemed to work. Now there was hardly a day went by that I didn't have the pain at some point.

That day I'd gone to work as usual. I work in a small solicitor's office. There's just me and Mr Benson, the solicitor, and Mrs Allinson, his clerk. Mr Benson is very nice. He's an older... Continue»
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His Magnificent Cock

My b*****r’s cock is big….. No, he has a Magnificent Enormous Cock.

My b*****r was a year ahead of me and much of my reputation rested on the things that he did so I was always aware of what was going on with him. Sometimes it sucked attending the same high school together because he was a General in the Army of Nerds. Every teacher would look at my efforts and tell me how they expected more because my b*****r was such a good student.

He was annoying; the type of student who was horrified at the prospect of earning a 'B'. For me a 'B' was a good thing.

Something happene... Continue»
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thorough vaginal exam to my mom

Lisa Zodrow sat in the doctor's exam room waiting somewhat impatiently for her physician. She was here for a physical, and always felt a sense of nervous anticipation about the check up. Her doctor, Richard Stapp, had been her physician for several years now, and was also their f****y doctor. He was very good, and always gave her a thorough and lengthy examination. They had been going to him ever since Lisa's husband had become acquainted with him at the golf club. Dr. Stapp was a very handsome man in his late fifties, and was a well-respected member of the community.

Glancing around the sm... Continue»
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my sisers

Everyone has a weird f****y, but mine is just strange. My name is Alex, I have three little s****rs, and we're spread out across the gene spectrum, thanks to our blonde mom and our dark-haired dad. Basically every pregnancy was a war between the dominant traits. I'm s*******n and tall with dark hair. Two of my s****rs are sixteen year-old twins, and I have no problem saying that I want to fuck them (I'm a teenager and full of hormones, so I'll pretty much fuck anything attractive. Hell, I'll fuck anything that squats to pee.). They are tall with blonde hair, C-cup tits, and they are absolutely... Continue»
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my s****rs -2

Things were better than ever at my house, and I couldn't be happier. Ever since Elisa and I had expressed our love for each other, we spent almost every single minute together. During the night, one of us would sneak into the other's room and we would make sweet love in the darkness, and during the day, we would kiss for hours on end. But not only had my relationship with my youngest s****r improved, but my relationship with the twins had improved as well. For as long as I could remember, Jenny and Carly had always been strangers to Elisa and I. They rarely talked to us much, and when they did... Continue»
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Linda picked up Serena at school and the mother was looking forward to a get away with her daughter. The two would spend the long weekend shopping in the big city.

Linda looked at her pretty daughter as they set out on the road. She could not help but think of herself at that same age. She remember moving into the years were her body transformed into a woman. She wondered if Serena had already given her virginity to some clumsy boy.

Linda remembered how her early sexual experiences were so disappointing to her. Her mind flashed on her first few boyfriends who would beg, plead and try eve... Continue»
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prego nurse wife feigns for dr bbc part 2

I gripped the steering wheel tight turning into the parking lot of the outpatient center. My hands were sweating since I left the house and as I pulled into the doctor's parking lot I could feel my heart begin to race. Why did I feel like I was on a date? My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years and the sensation in my crotch and chest gave me goose bumps.

She wanted this I thought. She needs this I remembered.

I was the first person she had been with to make her squirt. We worked for a long time to get her there. I just remember how her body was completely relaxed after ... Continue»
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Mom & Daughter Experiment (A Helping Hand)

Angelina's taxi pulled up the at the door of the house. It had been maybe 18 months since Gina had seen her mother or her b*****r Pete. Her mother Anna and her Grandmother Jennifer had decided to send Gina upstate to live with her Grandmother as the girl was becoming difficult, violent and unkempt. She was basically any other young teenage girl and loved bitching, make-up, sexy underwear and getting her rocks off at any given moment. Her Hormones were so bad that she was placed a permanent contraceptive to control her urges and her temper. A strange cocktail of hormone d**gs had addled her b... Continue»
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