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My intro to sex

Growing up I was very shy and naïve. I stuttered so you know I was teased a lot. I never went to any dances in school because I couldn't talk to girls and I never fooled around with any of my male friends. I quit school at age 17 and joined the Navy and after basic training and school to learn a trade I was sent to San Diego, Ca. It was the first time I was by myself living in a strange city and had a lot to learn. Because I couldn't have civilian clothing on base I had to rent a locker in town. Someone told me about a Roller Skating Rink and he pointed out where it was and on the way ther... Continue»
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A meeting from my perspective

He was my friend, a man I had worked with for several years and then continued to see afterwards
for drinks nights and at parties and the like. A good looking guy with a way with women I was always jealous of.
Over time I began to notice a difference in the way we three - him, my Wife and myself got on socially.
It was always the 3 of us making arrangements to meet others. He'd call to see if we were going out
some place and if so he said he'd meet us there. At parties for example, we three would always be together.
Occasionally, he'd use his charm and leave us for a girl he'd met but mos... Continue»
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When the Need Strikes - Chapter 1

In exchange for four million dollars, Petra and her younger b*****r agree to only cum by each other's hands for the next two months.
Craig looked nervously at his s****r. She met his gaze, bit her lip, and a silent conversation ensued.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked wordlessly, and in response Petra simply nodded her head. The pair stepped forward in unison, entering the house of Mason DeGraves, beginning a visit that they knew would change their lives forever.

Ever since he arrived in the neighborhood Lord DeGraves had been an enigma. No one knew how he had... Continue»
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A one night stand

Not so long ago, I was between boyfriends and it had been a few months since I had been fucked, so off I went to the local hotspot one town over, one night alone. I was dressed for success and after a few rebuttals I finally settled on the man I wanted to go home with. He was very engaging and funny and before long we were whooping it up pretty good. His name was Dan and he was about 12 years my senior but handsome and well groomed, maybe 20 pounds overweight was all. This was a Saturday night and we pretty much closed down this bar at 1:30 AM. By this time the innuendos were pretty hard an... Continue»
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The Night of Five

My 18th birthday was looming, and I really hadn’t thought about driving much, but was put into a driver’s education class by dad saying, I am tired of being your taxi! I passed the class with flying colors, and I am now a High School Graduate, and summer is ahead; never again do I have to go back there. I started looking at more classes at Community College for the next step. Dad found me a little Ford Falcon, it was in good shape no rust, low miles $200.00. Oh to have that today! My birthday comes and goes, dinner out my choice, a few gifts, one of the neat things was permission to use the bo... Continue»
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I was a teenager who had been wanking for about 5 years almost every day. One day in the city where I was brought up, I had an urgent need to go to a public toilet. On entering a cubicle I sat down and started reading the messages on the walls. This got me excited and my cock got hard and I could not stop myself from wanking. I wanked as I read and the next thing I knew was a cock appearing through a hole in the partition. I had not noticed the hole being so engrossed in reading. I was absolutely stunned by this as I had never before seen anything like this. I just didn't know what to do. So I... Continue»
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Camping Trip

I have always like camping as a f****y. I remember going many places as a k** and have been anxious to share that with my own f****y someday. This summer my wife and I decided we would pack the tent and k**s and head out to see some sites. Being that our k**s are 6 and 8, we thought it would be a good time to see how they fair without the TV and computer. We headed out early Saturday morning with the car packed full. For the first hour the k**s did pretty well. The remaining 7 hours were a bit trying on all of us. Even with 3 stops along the way. We were all pretty happy to arrive at our camps... Continue»
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Cuck development

I am a late 30's, mwm, with a trophy wife that I can't stop thinking about sharing with another. She is tall, attractive, blonde and an overall great person. She understands my fantasy but worries that it would affect our marriage if we start but there is a little interest; so I am holding onto

Not sure where or how it started but several years ago, I awoke with a raging erection and interrupted a great dream. The dream; I was swimming, late at night with my wife and my best friend. We were in a local pool after hours so in boxers, undies, and bras. We jumped in the car to leave... Continue»
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Sometimes you have to pay for the stupid things you do sometimes you deserve it sometimes you don't! I deserved what was happening to me...I was awaiting trial on a possession of stolen goods charge I had gotten busted with my no longer pal Larry who had lied his way into a job at this electronics warehouse store he then figured out a way to get inside after hours and steal stuff without anyone knowing he nailed a bunch of small stuff and got away with it but then he got greedy and wanted to go for a big ticket item a big flat screen television so he enlists the help of his dumb ass friend B... Continue»
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Gioia mia giovane lettrice e il suo fidanzato nell

chi mi volesse contattare può scrivere a

Gioia è una ragazza Toscana, una mia assidua lettrice. La nostra conoscenza è cominciata per via dei suoi commenti ai miei racconti che inizialmente erano molto brevi ed asciutti con frasi come scrivi dei bei racconti complimenti.
Nel tempo lo scambio epistolare con Gioia si fa sempre più fitto non perché mi confidi chissà quali cose anzi le nostre conversazioni sono abbastanza banali, ma comincio a pensare che se mi scrive così spesso e soprattutto dopo poche ore o il giorno dopo aver scritto un racconto ci deve essere qu... Continue»
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Home Stop

K: Hey b*****r Dear! Are you around? I have a couple things for you
A: Hi s*s, not home now, out riding. I'll text you when I'm back
K: Great, ttyl! ;-)
A: Home. Stop by when you can no rush.

After getting my b*****r's text message to stop by his house, I got a little giddy. I've always had a close relationship with my older b*****r, but lately my mind has been wandering, wondering "what if".

What if a lot of things, but first I'm concerned about my b*****r's happiness. I love him dearly, and I somehow get the feeling he's not completely satisfied with h... Continue»
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Centerfold Daughter

Lee H hummed to himself as he approached the news stand. The new issue of i****t Fantasies was out and he always looked forward to that. It was a hard core porn mag that had the best models in it, both male and female, and he never failed to have ample jerk off fantasies as he examined the mag during the month. In fact, he liked them so much he hadn't thrown a single one away in the two years he'd been buying them.

Ever since his wife Terri had died, he hadn't had the stomachfor re-entering the dating game. He thought back to the way things had been. He and Terri had been quite happy with ... Continue»
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first time out door sex

Pop goes the Champaign and Ryan pours me a glass, I put my hand out for it and get scolded, I smile and do as I am told, I put my hands on my lap and Ryan puts the glass to my lips and tilts it and I take a drink but some spills out of my mouth. Ryan leans over and gently licks the spilled Champaign, saying that is the most alcohol he will get tonight. I lean in and kiss him back gently at 1st and then harder more urgent. We fall backwards onto the rug. Ryan’s right arm is round my shoulder and his left hand is moving up my left leg taking my dress with it. He pulls back for air looking into m... Continue»
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Holiday Romance

I got a massive surprise just after my twelfth birthday, totally out of the blue my parents announced that we were going on holiday, our first for as long as I could remember. We were going to the Isle of White; most people wouldn't get excited by that but to my f****y it was like going to Barbados for a fortnight.

Okay, it wasn't a five star hotel, it wasn't even a beach holiday, it was a double-wide chalet caravan, so loads of rooms for all the f****y. I quickly found the playground, swings, slides, a huge climbing frame and a roundabout. Even though there was a huge sign th... Continue»
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.....Tara and I quietly opened my closet door, then the panel door a crack and took a peek. Chuck had a thin camouflage curtain up and we could open up the panel door quietly all the way. He had also moved his night light so his bed was lit up dim. Tara put her finger in my pussy as I did hers.

We watched all excited.
Mom and Chuck were standing up and kissed first, and felt each other up. He turned her so we could see his hands feel her tits and pussy. We were getting wet as we watched him put on a show for us. He would wink at us at times. Mom didn’t know anything as she... Continue»
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I remember how old I was when I put it in.

I was eight when I put my finger in myself, back and front, shocking, yes of course it is, but I was curious.

At ten I discovered my dad's obsession with porn, so by then I knew about sex, cock sucking, cum, fucking, and anal.

When at eleven and a half, I found my dad's girlfriend's vibrator in a handbag in the wardrobe, washed it clean, and as they say, 'The rest is history'.

Whether my hymen was gone by eight or three and a half years later, one thing is certain, by the time I started growing tits, I was hungry for sex, my mind developed at a rate that frightened men, I knew my ass,... Continue»
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Scott and Sara Chapter One

Chapter One: Feelings realized

It was a friday and there was Sara sitting Alone in her living room watching Television. As she landed on something finally interesting the power clicked off.

"No!" she shouted

"Sara!?" Her roommate Scott said emerging from his room.

Sara met Scott six months earlier, he was new in town and was looking for a place to stay and Sara was between jobs and desperately needed half of the rent so she agreed.

"The whole block's out!" Scott said looking out the window.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked.

"Umm.... how's work?" he asked.

"It'... Continue»
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First Prison Blow Job

My lover Kent and I have been sharing the same cell in a minimum security prison in Wisconsin for two years. As it was on most nights soon after lights out Kent pulled his blanket back revealing a semi-erect penis. After months of sucking his beautiful cock I knew what to do, I crawled towards his bed on my knees, put my head between his legs and started my act of fellatio. Five minutes later my mouth was full of my lovers cum and I was getting ready to swallow his seed.

Our sexual relationship had started during my second month of confinement. Homosexual relationships in prison are quit... Continue»
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The Craigslist Freak

This story happened about a 3 months before my last story, its the summer of 2010, Im miserable, lonesome, and feeling down about just about everything. That means its time to hunt some strange on craigslist.

An add appears in women for men, its title reads something like "seeking man who likes anal play." I like anal play, though I had never done it with anyone else, so why not give her a shot?

I send her a message with a pic of me using some of my toys, I fully expect her to: 1. be ugly, 2. be a man, 3. never respond to me, or 4. be a real live woman.

Well she was #4, and sh... Continue»
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How I became bisexual (Part 3)

How I became a bisexual guy (Part 3). My story. For those who read my previous true story (titled: How I became bisexual - Part 2), that event happened on a Saturday. This part of my bisexual experience is what transpired during the early morning hours on Sunday. This part of my experience was the closest I've ever come to being caught in the act. My best friend Jerry and I had the hottest sex I've experienced with another guy, just hours prior. Both of us fell asl**p in a spoon position on his bed. I was facing forward and Jerry was laying right behind me with his big cock resting against the... Continue»
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