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Life Change for s****r and I pt.5

It took another week of being at home to find out that my s****r Clare was pregnant, but it would take a few months to find out what the sex was, if, we decided that we wanted to know what sex it was to be, and dad decided to do something different with my old room instead of turning it into the baby's room, which he made the room into an office space for him and mom to put their computers and handle the home buisness in, instead of having them down in the kitchen and livingroom like they were.

Finally school was out for the summer and I was out of school for good so to speak, and decided t... Continue»
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I need her cunt like I need water.

Her cunt was a f***e of gravity on a lithe frame. Those lips. They’d eat you alive, those lips. I came inside of her twice on our first night together. Didn’t know if she was on birth control, didn’t care, just let them lose because I never wanted to be outside of those lips again. They hugged the life out of my cock, every drop of it. Her legs were so smooth the next morning, smoother than I had ever felt. I couldn’t stop rubbing them, touching them, getting so close to her hot, wet, cunt. That massive, massive cunt. lips like their male equivalent would be a 12 incher. Those lips on that tin... Continue»
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He Did it in My Mouth

... first time, on my knees, dim basement, older man.

I was quite young when I learned that the word “cocksucker” was more than just a word and that some males used the word to provoke others. And, I became excited when I learned that some males actually did suck on cocks. I became dizzy from the instant cravings that ignited within me. It was all I could think about for days even though I had fears of a being called a “queer” or “homo”, etc. I fantasized nightly to thoughts of hard cocks in my mouth but, being shy and lacking confidence, I wondered if I would ever actuall... Continue»
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Adventurous Office Worker Part 3

I was so excited that morning I could hardly sl**p the night before. I packed my book bags with everything I would need for an overnight stay. It was a beautiful sunny day. Summer was slowly coming to a close and the days were getting shorter but that day it was exceptionally warm out. But I couldn’t care less. It would make no difference on my mood tonight I was going to see Valerie.
She had contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted me to come visit her. She offered to cover my flight and put me up for the night. I could not resist. The plan was simple, I go stay the night and return home in t... Continue»
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Memento Mori

Memento Mori, Part One
November 3, 2013 at 5:59pm
We, in the ages lying

In the buried past of the earth.

Built Nineveh with our sighing,

And Babel itself with our mirth;

And o’erthrew them with prophesying

To the old of the new world’s worth;

For each age is a dream that is dying,

Or one that is coming to birth.

- Arthur O'Shaughnessy

The date is sometime mid-August of the year 2043, going by the East American Underground's current interpretation of the Christian Calendar. My name is Kaj. This is to be my first entry.

I am be... Continue»
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I must first say that I had NEVER sucked cock before much less take a load in my mouth, but after going to a bi swingers party held by

swingingbicouples and user/bifun4u here on Hamsters, I am now a CONFIRMED bi cum slut! They hold these parties for their site members and I

finally worked up the nerve to ask if I could attend one. I told them I was bi but I lied and actually wanted to maybe fuck a few of the girls that

were also there but I was to have found out MUCH more about myself than I ever thought before!

The party was in a large home in Tampa and when I got there, I
... Continue»
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Teaching TWO young BOYS...the HARD WAY

I had always had this desire to stick things in my ass. I was really young when this started and I found all sorts of objects around my parents house

that I could use. Glass bottles, tooth brush handles and even some of my dads tool from the garage. If it would fit, I would shove it in and I would

cum every time I inserted something. Once, my mom even almost caught me while I had one of her hair brush handles shoved in my ass while I

was under the covers in my bed.

I had an older b*****r that DID catch me once and he started laughing at me but soon after, I found him doing
... Continue»
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Summer Holiday

This is what happened to me on my holidays last year .
My husband and I bought a villa with friends of ours in Spain about 15 years ago we have spent many a happy time there but what happened last year will stay with me forever .
What usually has happened over the years is my friend and I take the c***dren out with us and our husbands catch up a week or two later when they finish work .The same happened this year although the k**s are all grown up and go off and do there own thing now .
It was one night when the k**s had all gone off to a local club for a big party night my friend and I ha... Continue»
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My First photos I took of a naked woman

I recently was digitising a load of old negatives and discovered one of an ex-girlfriend flashing her tit and this bought back some good memories.

I was a teenager in the 1980s and therefore well before the internet. My main outlet for masturbation was porn magazines, some of which I purchased from a nearby newsagents and some I found in the local park. I met my first girlfriend, Di, when I was working overseas and we had a wonderful sex life. We went out for just about 12 months and about midway into our relationship we returned to the Uk for a few weeks, this being in 1988. At first we s... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.4

Saturday morning, Clare and I had another quicky like we usually did when we woke up, then rushed out to do our usual peeing, then breakfast, then did some packing so we wouldn't have all of it to do after dinner, then we decided to just sit around camp and did some talking, and walk over to the lake and talked some more, and when we would just be talking, Clare would sit on my lap and put my dick in her pussy, since she kept me hard most of the time, due to her being so sexy looking, and even her walk was sexy to me, watching her butt with it's natural swing and butt cheeks jiggling with each... Continue»
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By The Pool

We do some crazy shit in the heat of passion, don't we?

I've had so many d***ken conversations with my best friends about the things we get up to with our girlfriends. And then there's the things you'd never own up to in a million years.

Like I've talked about how I don't have a foot fetish but if I'm screwing a girl and I find out that sucking her toes drivees her mental, I'll get used to it just to have her bouncing on my cock like a deranged horse racing jockey. I found it funny how people reacted to that in disgust without even thinking twice. Women have some useful little buttons. ... Continue»
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The 3rd (and 4th) time really was the charm!

My first time ever having sex wasn't all that good, actually. I was nervous. My first girlfriend was 3 years older than me. (21 to my 18) She did not want to get pregnant so she insisted on condom usage. She had been with a half-dozen guys before me, so she knew what she was doing more than I did.

Anyway, That Friday night when the time came, she put the condom on me, guided me inside of her... and about 15 seconds later I felt myself ejaculating into the condom but without having an orgasm. I stopped moving and she asked what was wrong.
:I think I'm done already." I told her. She reached ... Continue»
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Erin and Megan 2

Megan's young body was tingling all over as Erin's wet, warm mouth engulfed her excited nipples She watched her cousin eagerly sucking her nipples and looking up at her. Her nipples had never been so big as they were now, even when she played and pulled on them.

Erin kissed and licked her way down Megan's flat smooth stomach, pushing her long legs apart moving between her thighs. She inhaled the sweet aroma of her cousins excited pussy. Looking at the wet pink, puffy lips. " Do you want me to lick your cute little pussy Megan?" Erin moaned. Kissing and licking her soft smooth thighs.

M... Continue»
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My name is Richard and I work for a large brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the chief financial officer and make very good money. No matter what they paid me, I would still be in debt. I have a bad habit. I gamble. I not only gamble. I lose. I should have been putting money away for retirement, but we are in debt up to our eyes. I have been working here for the last 10 years and am a very trusted employee. Thank God, I had enough sense to put the house and car in my wife's name. A little about me. I am 46, 5' 10" and about 180. I consider myself in pretty good shape.

I place my bets... Continue»
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The Passage of Lydia Part 3

The tale continues ……
Aunty Bev led me into the bathroom and after stripping off her lingerie she ran a shower for us and we washed each other, taking time to lather up and explore each other’s bodies. Aunty Bev decided that all traces of hair were to be banished and set about shaving my pubic area and my bum, which I may add was a very pleasing experience.
After towelling ourselves Aunty Bev began rubbing me all over in a body lotion.
“This will help stop any shaving rashes and keep your skin feeling soft and smooth.” She added. I must say the whole sensation was delightful.
I sat at her... Continue»
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Younger s****r sits on his cock

To set the scene: We're sitting in the lounge watching a film. The lights are off and the glow of the screen is the only way by which to see. On the two-seater couch are my parents. In the deep armchair in the corner sits my younger s****r Mary. I myself am sitting on the floor between my parents, resting my back against the front of the couch. We don't own enough furniture for everyone to sit at once, probably due to the fact that I'm rarely ever at home. College keeps me busy for the majority of the year. The floor is laminate, not great for comfort as you can imagine. I keep sliding away fr... Continue»
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Slut at time and a half

My wife works in an office with several women most are older than my thirty three year old bride. She is five foot four and a hundred pounds on the dot. Her natural hair color is mousey brown but she keeps it bleached blonde. It's shoulder length and kept straight with bangs. I love that almost fifties style pinup look. The dress code in the office is skirts or dresses only. Most of the ladies wear at or below the knee but my wife's legs have always been her best assets so she wears her above the knee. And when she feels like showing off at mid thigh. She said when she wears the shorter skirts... Continue»
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My sweet Cindy

This is for Cindy who left us way too early. I met Cindy when we were young.I was messing around with her older s****r, just messing around. She liked to be fingered and her huge titties sucked.After awhile I noticed Cindy was watching us a lot. One day I asked her if she liked what she saw? She said yes, but was jealous it wasn't her. The next time I saw her I asked her to go for a walk with me.Cindy was 5'2" and about 110 lbs. She had a nice ass and hand full sized titties.She wasn't pretty but I found her cute.We walked for a little while until we came to the park. It was evening and the pa... Continue»
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Unexpected Morning

Unexpected Morning

When looked upon her eyes shined as if to radiate the passion for life which lay within. Eva stood in the cool morning air, her flesh tingling after the cold water of the lake. Every morning she took delight in the peace this sheltered lake gave her before the day really began. It made her feel centered and had the effect of purifying her of any worries she might have of what the day held in store. But as she stood there naked letting the suns spring rays dance on her body she was startled by a rustle coming from the trees!

"Well it is not everyday I am lucky enough... Continue»
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A Life-Changing Experience, Part Six

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Six

I could not decide what to do. Kerry obviously knew I was inside, and I surely did not want to try to deceive him, after everything he had done for me. But, notwithstanding our afternoon session, I did not want to go to the door in my current state of dress – or undress. I managed a, “Just a minute,” then went into my bedroom. Suddenly, walking in the heels was not that big of a problem. I figured the quickest solution was to take off the heels and put on a baggy sweatshirt and pull some jeans over my lingerie-clad body. I did so, hid the heels and... Continue»
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