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My Bus Journey Part 5/6

When I woke up a short while later, I realized SS was not in his seat next to me. He came back a few minutes later from the bathroom. I also got up to pee as I had d***k a lot of soda. The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. This Curtain was right next to our seat, in between our seat and the seat across the aisle. Past the curtain, once in the alley way, the bathroom was on the right. The good thing was that not very many people were using the bathroom t... Continue»
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Fiancé Fucks Her First Latino

Hi. This is Paul's wife, Susan. There are several stories about my husband and I and our cuckold adventures, which started when we were engaged. This is a direct follow up to my first post about my crush on a hot Latino employee and the hot blowjob I gave him while my husband was racing home to watch. My husband did not make it home in time to watch the show, but was in time to clean Rafael's cum off my face. That night, my fiancé was so hot about me blowing my young, hung, Latino that he was all over me all night. He made me give him details including how hot it was for me to suck on a cock t... Continue»
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Wife's pay back

Me and Craig had bin together for almost 22 years, he was all I'd known he was my first love and probably always will be.. he was the first person I'd slept with and I was hoping the last. We had 3 gorgeous girls a house and everything I wanted they were all I needed.. but I was I out one night with a mate and seen some girl I'd not seen in a while she came up and asked how I was doin and wat I'd bin up to.. I'm fine chick not bad at all. How's you and ur k**s? Yea all fine thanks then she said something totally out the blue.. how u and Craig after his affair?? Eh? Wat? Wat affair wat u me... Continue»
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The Interview

He was busy, but then he liked having a full day’s work ahead of him. Made the time pass and he loved the sense of achievement when he had finished his day’s work without having time to think too much. Caroline edged up to his desk and he realised it must already be 10 o’clock. Time for them to run through what he needed from her during the day. Caroline had been his PA for five years and become pretty efficient at looking after him. But she would be leaving soon to have her first baby. The idea made him feel somewhat grumpy – he would have to train someon... Continue»
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I Thought I Just Sucked My Uncle's Cock?

'Let's make a run for it'. I screwed up my nose and took a tentative step outside the bus shelter, the first raindrops hit my t-shirt, the cotton absorbing them and sticking to my body as it got soaked.

The Summer downpour was sudden, and heavy, but refreshing, after the high humidity, there was a cool breeze, and something else I had not noticed, but my boyfriend did, my nipples were alive, my femininity was emblazoned on the front of my bland t-shirt, no distracting logo or colourful emblem, just a pair of rock hard nipples and pert breasts, as the cotton started to become translucent, th... Continue»
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Life was okay before I lost my Mom I was a teenager and in my final year of high school I liked to play soccer and was on the team and it was when Mom was coming to pick me up from practice that it happened a d***k driver ran a stop sign and smashed into the drivers side of her car she was killed instantly I found out all this later when after a long time Jerry who was Mom's second husband showed up he looked bad and had been crying I could tell he said something bad happened to your Mom she was killed on her way to pick you up a d***k driver ran a stop sign and now shes gone! I was in shoc... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy: A Dark Tale - Part 2

Wendy & Tommy: A Dark Tale – Part 2

Kathy was getting thirsty and her butt hurt…

Tommy and Wendy had ignored her for the past hour. She was getting uncomfortable, she was sure the ropes weren’t cutting off her circulation, because her feet and toes were not tingling, yet. She could wiggle them and they felt right. She was just feeling sore.

“Please,” she moaned, her voice sounding unusually contrite, “may I have some water.”

Wendy brought a glass of ice water and held it so Kathy could drink. When she finished it, Kathy looked at the little girl. She was searching for an ally, but ... Continue»
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How Mom became my SLUT Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As I sat in my room thinking how wonderful the day turned out. I couldn't believe that now I was forcing Liz to be my slut. Part of me felt guilty as I love my dad and I know this would kill him and probably him kill me. The other part told me you lost your virginity and you have someone to fuck anytime you want. What more can a guy ask for I thought. As i was going downstairs Candy passed me and I stopped her and asked where she was going.
"I got homework and a lot so mom said I gotta go to my room and get started" she said.
"Okay well do you need some help" I have always he... Continue»
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Office Fantacy

She and I sit in cubicles that face one another. Ever since she walked her BBW self into the office I have enjoyed seeing her every day. With short black hair and sexy blue eyes, I have been attracted to her. Since day one we have been flirtatious with each other. Today when chatting on the instant messenger, as we typically do, our conversation went very sexual. She told me that it had been so long since she got off and I agreed that it was the same for me. It was lunch time and everyone else was leaving the office. Right then, she got up from her desk and walked to the restroom. When she wal... Continue»
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dirty cleaner

i am a cleaner and i recently got a new house to clean. His name is liam and is about 30. He is good looking, got a great body and looks after himself. I am 22 so its nice to have someone a bit younger to chat to as most of my customers are a bit older. Liam had broken his leg a while back so was off work when i first met him. He was getting better and better each time i saw him. I fancied him and i could sense he liked me back. One day in the summer i went there and he had recently got out of the shower and only had his shorts on. He had really sexy abs, i couldnt help but look. He asked me t... Continue»
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Surreal Experiance

These events took place in November 2011, a
little over a year ago…..My mind wanders
frequently; often in ways I do not intend, or
want. I do not know if I am unique or not, but
on occasion, I find myself thinking about things
that society deems highly inappropriate. When I
allow myself to explore inappropriate fantasies, I
used do so with the strong belief that these
were only fantasies; I would never actually act
upon them. Further, I was comforted by the
belief that in the real world in which I live, I
knew I would not be tempted to act out any of
these perverse desires that hau... Continue»
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Me and Step Daddy 's little Secret (fantasy)

My step Daddie was a horny ass young dude! ! After he and my mom split up we became more like drinking buddies than father/son.
When I was 18, I went to visit for the weekend. We had a few beers and he gets a call. Turns out it was his neighbor’s girlfriend he had been banging for some time. The old man started telling this chick what he would do to her if she would come over. I know this sounds crazy, but I was getting kind of horny just listening to their phone sex.
She told him her boyfriend was out of town and was not expecting to be back until early the next morning. He mentioned that... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 4/6

After a few minutes, the bus stopped at gas station / restaurant and driver announced that we will have a 30 minute stop over for food etc. As we were disembarking the bus, SS asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I told him I needed to pee. He asked me to meet him first at the last stall in the very back of the restroom and went ahead walking briskly ahead of me like he had to use the bathroom in a hurry.

When I got to the stall, he was already in there. He locked the door behind me. In our country the toilet stalls were covered from the floor up, so no one can see the feet under the... Continue»
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My c***dhood Friend

It was one of those hot summer muggy days when a c***dhood friend of mine came to visit me. As he entered my home, he started to complain about his wife. G said that she just wasn't as horny as she once was and that their sex life had dwindled from everyday to 1-2 times every month. I could see the frustration in his face as he looked at me. We talked alot about his wife and then we began to chat about things we'd done years ago and laughed at them. G asked me then if I had any porn mags or videos and I showed him both. He said he wanted to watch the video called Cum Shots. As the video starte... Continue»
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I recall living around the NE side of Indy and at that time, I was putting in lots of long hours on my job. I didn't go to bars mainly due to the smoke and all the jerks. So, one night while eating at Hooter's, I came across a local newspaper there called Nuvo. I read through the articles and then found the classifieds. Due to my long working hours, I was all tensed up and I looked through the classifieds for anything...anyone to relieve my stress. Nothing..there was just nothing there that drew my attention. As I turned the page, I noticed an ad from an older guy that gave massages for severa... Continue»
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Ron and Ed

"Do you want to do something?"

"I don't really know. I've thought about it for a long time. And, it seems like this is all I can think about. But, now that we are here, .... I don't know. I am REALLY anxious and very nervous! Maybe even scared! This is a big deal for me!!"

"It's a big deal for me too. You might not have noticed, but I'm even shaking a little. I'm anxious too.... What are you scared about?"

"Like I said, this is a very big deal for me. I'm married with k**s. If they ever found out about this, I could lose a lot! My parents and s****rs wouldn't like it eith... Continue»
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Mommy Teaching Me To Fuck Her

I was 18. Rahul a friend of mine he used to say about his mom to me about how fucking hot she is and he even taped her masturbating in her room. I get horny seeing his mother ever since. Let me tell u about her; she is a hot pan with 36 c boobs juggling as she steps, a nice navel and the ass oh my god, it’s just big and round. I love it so much I really wished to eat it out and she has been divorced for about 3 years.

One late ni8 I went for a sl**pover in Rahul’s home we were in his room whole ni8 that we drank and boozed o
... Continue»
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My own first threesome

It all began a late afternoon at my place. Me and my girlfriend had invited one of our girl-friends to share our evening and sl**p at home. After supper we began playing cards while talking and drinking beer, one thing bringing the other the subject re-directed toward porntalk. Our friend, wich i'll call "M", began explaining to us how her ex was such a bad fucker, that he never was able to make her come, and that all he cared about was his own selfish pleasures.

My girlfriend, wich i'll call "A", told her that she did not have that problem with me, and added that every time we had sex, she... Continue»
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Me and my stepmom


So, first let me describe my stepmom to you.her name is Sarah, Medium size tits, huge ass! Like cheeks way bigger than a forearm, yet just perfect. She's about 5'5-6, big eyes and nice lips.

I've been attracted to her sense I first time I saw her. She was wearing tight jeans, a tight pink shirt (low cut) and a sleeveless denim jacket. The first thing I thought when I saw her get out of my dads truck was "holy shit her ass." Whenever I could find a reason to get behind th... Continue»
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How We Got Started - Part 2

Simon had followed Lisa and I in his own car and now the three of us were inside our house. I was still nervous as we all went into the bedroom. Lisa said she wanted to get comfortable and positioned a chair so she could see the whole room. She also began to loosen her clothes and I could see her smooth legs as she sat in the chair. Lisa had always been a sexy woman and she had never failed to excite me. Seeing her legs stretch out in front of her and her fingers loosening the blouse that she was wearing immediately got me hard. Then Simon stepped into my view and he was unbuttoning his shirt.... Continue»
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