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Being m*****ed by Allison

"Joe, come here," Alison called as I walked by her room. I stopped, then went in thinking that she was going to show me a favorite doll or something like that. "Sit down here," she patted the bed next to her. I sat down.

She put one of her hands on my arm and the other on my thigh, "You know, I really like you."

"Well, thank you honey, I really like you too." I was a little surprised, not the usual sort of thing a thirteen year old said.

"I think you're really cute," she said.

This was getting kind of weird, my girlfriend's daughter was an outgoing k**, but... She reached up an... Continue»
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Beach Adventure

'You want me to flaunt myself in public?!'
It was our penultimate night of our 14 day holiday on the South Coast of France. I had deliberately chosen our hotel as it was placed centrally on a 'clothing optional' beach. Despite Julie loosening her attitude to exposure in private (read my Fantasy Photoshoot story) I had yet to persuade Julie to expose herself in public. I had hoped I could persuade her to maybe lose her top at the beach. She would look so hot sunbathing topless! I had even brought her a new swimsuit! She had insisted on a swimsuit as she didn't like to reveal too much skin... I... Continue»
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”I like cock” she said in that strange nasal tone of voice. I looked at her askance.
”Cock. I love it.”
”Thats what I thought you said” I said. Why was she telling me this?
Irena had asked if I could take Bela up to the hills and I’d agreed readily enough. Who wouldn’t want the company of a pretty young girl on a hike in the Upper Vidalen National Park? The sheer beauty of Norway laid out before our eyes.
I reached back and grabbed the thermos. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.
”Tea... Continue»
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Deflowered By s*s

With both my parents being workaholics, I was used to spending quite a bit of time either on my own or round at my big s****r's. Lynda, my only sibling, was much older than me and had looked after me a great deal during c***dhood, and now she had moved out to live with her girlfriend I often visited her.
It was a Saturday and with my parents working today (they were both doctors) I was sitting around at home on my own. I phoned a friend to see if he wanted to come over, but he was being dragged to the shops with his mum to buy school-uniforms. It was only early August, the summer holiday... Continue»
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Reaping The Benefits of a Drinking s****r and Moth

Terri sighed. Here was another Friday night, and the fifteen year old
was stuck baby-sitting her b*****r again! By all rights she should be out
with Bobby Flynn right now! Specifically, she should be in the back seat
of his beat up old car, with her legs up in the air while the twenty year
old college student used up three packs of condoms giving her the pounding
she craved! She had grown so used to Bobby bitching about using the
condoms, that she considered it just a part of foreplay. Despite all his
begging to go bareback just once, he was scared shitless at the idea of
kno... Continue»
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Mom Helps Out

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Timmy had retired to the room that he
shared with his b*****r Rich, for a jack off session. At 14, he found
himself jacking off more and more. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. He
thought he was going crazy. He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide
and lubricated his young cock with spit and began rubbing furiously,
trying to remain as quiet as possible so no one else would hear him. He
ran his hand up and down the length of his prick, the spit making
smacking sounds as he came closer and closer.

As he dropped another mouthful of spit onto ... Continue»
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B.t.V.S: Brat's All Woman-Size

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Brat's All Woman-Size

Faith's jaw was still tender from Buffy's punch. But she counted herself lucky: the trigger-happy cops at the Bronze had been out for a lot worse than that. And Faith thought this town was dangerous the last time!

Exhausted from the fight, yet still wound up tight as a drum, the Slayer dropped onto Buffy's bed without even taking her boots off. Buffy was out, and with a house packed full of Potentials, you pretty much had to crash any place you could find. Or rub yourself off, as the case may be. Without a cellmate, sex in pr... Continue»
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First Time I Realized I Liked Cock Too

We were both still in school. He is a year older, Asian. He was skinny, not really ripped but def fit. He had no hair on his body. He had hair that came down to below his ears. We would normally end up sl**ping at his house since he had a couch in his room and his house was right in the middle of everything that we did. So it was a perfect location. We would often watch porn and sometimes even jack off at the end of the night. I didn't think anything of it because I would be on the couch and he was on the bed. I never looked over and at the time I assumed he didn't either. Once he said "damn y... Continue»
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First time at an adult bookstore

This is a true story that happened to me meabout 5 years ago when I was 18 years old. Iam not a professional writer nore writing was my best subject in school so bare with me. It was a normal Summer for everyone else but for me, I just turned 18 a month ago and I've always loved porn and getting into the adult book store fetish. Other than women I've always been attacked to older men. I guess it's their eagerness to please or be pleased by a younger son type guy like my self that I needed a daddy so I can please in any way that they wanted me to. The more I read stories and watched videos of w... Continue»
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Erotic Education #1: Erica-3

Erica meets me in our local park where we walk and chat about erotic education
I offer her a lesson in love in practise, in a secluded part of the water-park
I offer her a first ever orgasm from licking love lips after her golden shower
Erica eagerly follows me to my place for more privacy for next lessons in love

I teach the teen to play for pleasure her love lips so she can come without me
Erica likes my love lessons, especially how she can climb up from first heaven
Erica likes most how to pleasure me, as my sperm shower excites her very much
I am an elder gentlemen, I know I
... Continue»
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The other day, my wife was working late at the hospital and I began feeling the urge to rub one off. It's never as much fun by yourself so I started texting her. I carefully built the conversation from innocent to a little more. She always seems to fall for that. The texting soon turned into dirty talk when she sent me a pic of her top pulled down with the caption; "Does this help?" Did it ever! She has beautiful, golden 38DDs that I can never get enough of. Her nipples are silver dollars with just the perfect shade of pink.
My dick throbbed and I started feeling brave. I had been wanting t... Continue»
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Three’s Company!

Well, one night a group of friends and I had decided to go out for a night of drinking and dancing. Mostly girls I worked with but a couple of the guys tagged along too. We started off with something to eat, then started club hopping. Drinking and dancing from bar to bar, getting slightly more loose as we went. Late into the night/early morning, a few of the girls decided to go to a club that didn’t even open until 2am to finish out their night of partying. I was pretty lit by this time and was really wanting to just go back to the apartment we were all staying at that night.

Luckily... Continue»
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Daddy's Virgin Breeder

I did not write this story. This is purely fantasy. But ai find it super hot and wanted to share.

Daddy's Breeding Slut
Ted couldn't pinpoint when exactly he decided to impregnate his daughter. It was probably a culmination of his Catholic upbringing, and his wife's rejection of his sexual advances. Just so you know where he's coming from, a little backstory is necessary.

Ted grew up in a very Catholic household and went to a strict Catholic school. He was never very religious, but accepted the teachings of the Church without thinking through them much. He had bigge... Continue»
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Marc takes Moni camping

It was a spur of the moment thing. We looked out
the window one Saturday morning in August, and decided
to toss some things in the car and head for the
mountains. No specific plans, just a wish to get away
from the city.

We found a nice Forest Service campground next to
Rushing River, an hour's drive from home. There
were tents set up in some of the sites, but nobody
around; and we found a vacant spot in a far corner of
the campground. We set up camp and made a quick lunch,
then went off to explore the area.

Moni was wearing tight fitting stonewashed denim
sho... Continue»
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Sex with mom

I came home from the work.

It was getting late and mom was cooking some meal. When she welcomed me, I noticed she's a little bit d***k but I didn't say anything.

At the meal, she said that dad will not come today because of fishing competition. I've got a chance to do something with it. All nigh alone, only with my d***k mother.

But it was mom who did a first step. Later we were watching tv and drinking some vine when mom asked me if I could massage her back.

'Of course I can, just sit at to me.' I said and made a place on the sofa.

She sat back to me and let me do my job. She ... Continue»
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A helping hand from Mom II

"Pete you want me to move things along a little?

Annabelle looked at her son, who seemingly was asl**p facing the other way curled up under the bed covers. "Pete!! wake up!! Pete!!" she said - no response.

There was nothing so she turned around and went back to bed. It was a VERY stupid idea in the first place she thought, and "Why I was ever thinking about giving my son a handjob! Urrgh I need to get laid before I end up in some padded room tied to a chair"

It was only a passing thought, but something was brewing inside of Anna. The idea was too good to be true and too messed up do ... Continue»
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My First Time With My Dearest Mommy (With My Mom)

My name is Zack.I was born on 11th May 1981 and my zodiac or starsigns are Taurus.My first time with my dearest Mom happened under the very weird circumstances.This wasn’t something planned by me or my Mom and it happened due to my boldness and persistence.Everything started at early September 2002.

It was midweek.I had visited my parents to eat when my Dad asked if I would like to accompanied my Mom to a wedding ceremony.I learned that the 2nd cousin of mine was getting married and my Mom really wanted to went.As usual,my Dad who hates these kind of events preferred to stayed at home.The e... Continue»
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My Intro to Sex 2

Read my previous story about my into to sex with a man. Growing up I did masturbate quite often and being so flexible I also learned how to suck my own cock and I enjoyed drinking from the faucet instead of licking my com from my fingers but that was the limit of my sexual encounters until I joined the Navy.

After that first time with a man in the front seat of his car, every time I got Liberty from the base I would walk that same walk and would get picked up by a lot of different men and they would all end up the same way. My pants down to my ankles, my shirt pulled up and the man sucking... Continue»
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Tomboy named Sue

The story is fiction, however, it is based on some of my life’s happenings, and Sue is real (but not her real name).

Our parents owned houses next door to each other. The neighborhood was lower middle class, so almost all families were living hand to mouth. Her Dad was a union machinist and did well enough so her mom did not have to work. My dad’s goal in life was to own a home, something his parents couldn’t do. My mother worked as a book keeper for a woman’s clothing shop, and dad delivered heating oil and gasoline. Dad quit school when he was 14 to help support is f****y, and was not we... Continue»
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The Lawn Boy

Hello my name is Shirley. I had an amazing experience that I would like to share. Im 42 with no c***dren and my husband works a lot so I am often home alone. I like to go to the gym and workout and I am a major movie junkie.

One of the days during last summer I had just gotten back from the gym and heard a knock at the door. I went to answer and saw a young black boy standing there. “Hello” he said “I was wondering if you would be interested in me cutting your grass for 20 dollars?” “Sounds good to me.” I replied. “Go ahead and come knock again when you are done.” “Ok” he said and turned t... Continue»
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