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First bi experience

It all started when my girlfriend dumped me when I found out she was cheating on me. I was broken to find that out after 3 years of being faithful to her only. I was always feeling depressed and needed to go out a lot to distract my mind. One of my friends, Jay, always supported me. For three weeks we hung out together and made it possible for me to feel slightly better. His parents were always at work during the day so we had the day to ourselves. We would have beer and play games as much as we would like. Soon we started to talk about porn and later watched it together. A masturbatio... Continue»
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What my man told me about last night

My ex and I have recently reconnected and realized the things we have in of them being that we love porn. I had the profile first and invited him to share and what you see in our favorites accurately reflects what turns each of us on. Unfortunately, we don't live in the same state (we're working on rectifying that) and he has a roommate He's bi-curious, which is sexy as hell to me and the following is what he texted me about last night. Up until last night, there hadn't been anything sexual between him and the roomie but I am SO hoping that this changes that :)

so... everyone w... Continue»
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A Big One

I lead a pretty mundane life, or at least I did until last week when I had an experience that changed my life.

I'm a digital photo editor and web designer, and for the last few years, I have worked in the adult industry, making web sites and taking/retouching photos for adult entertainment clients. Most of my friends bust my balls and ask questions about my work on a regular basis, "I bet you get laid all the time, taking pictures of naked chicks.” or "Does your dick get hard when taking pictures of chicks?" or "Do I get turned on when a guy pops a boner during a shoot?" etc. In fact, nothi... Continue»
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Schoolboy Love

It was 1992 and I was for teen and on a school trip to Germany. I was at the time a keen amateur boxer, tall, lean and well muscled. During the trip I was given the task of looking after the new boy, Stuart. Stuart had recently arrived from Australia he was small for his age about 5ft 3 tanned and a little chubby with really dark eyes and quite long chestnut coloured hair. He was getting bullied, k**s had started to call him fat ass because he had what is called these days a "bubble but". I was to sit with him on the coach and look after him during the trip.
On this particular day we'd been ... Continue»
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The Dean's Very Foxy Secretary


This is a true story.

When I was in college, I was the head of the Student Activities Board, a university-sponsored student organization responsible for choosing what bands and performers to bring on campus for concerts and shows. This required me to meet with the Dean of Student Affairs periodically to go over our revenues and expenses and future plans. Let’s call him, Jim. He was a relatively young administrator in his thirties who had a warm smile and connected easily with students.

Jim had a very foxy secretary named Pat... Continue»
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a fantasy

Just a short story of a fantasy I would like to experience. I may add to it and would like any suggestions you may have. I hope you enjoy it :)

I arrive at the address you texted me. I walk up to the door and notice something hanging on it. Its a pink blindfold and a note, the note reads " Hi slave I want you to put this blindfold on, open the door, walk in and close the door behind you. Then you are to take 4 steps forward and remove all your clothes, but the blindfold stays on. Fold your clothes neatly, and set them on the floor behind you. Then kneel on the floor knees apart and arms cro... Continue»
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[b][b]Part 11 – Our Next Move[/b][/b]

We continued to meet with Mike and Robin and with Johnnie and Bonnie for the next couple of months and had lots of fun with both coupled. Looking back we should have had a party with both couples but it never occurred to us.
Around that time I was offered a new job in Dallas and accepted. It was middle of October. The timing was such that my future wife decided to stay in Houston and we would move during the Christmas break. That would give us time to make all of the arrangements. At this time I also knew that if she was willing to move with me to Dallas and leave her f****y. I need to... Continue»
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Johnny satisfies his lust

Hi, I’m Johnny. I’m your average White boy 18 year old that’s good at math and play Tennis for my high school team. My future seems to be very bright with the options to either be a doctor or a dentist. What I didn’t realize was in my future would be cocks. Not mine, but other men’s. Like most boys in high school, I was mesmerized with anything that had tits and a vagina. I had plenty of girlfriends and never thought I would ever “bat for the other team.” Porn is easily available so I spent most of my nights jerking off to girls getting banged or having phone sex with whoever I was dating. I k... Continue»
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Growing up

When i was fifteen i started to get very curious about sex.I would watch porn for hours on end and jack off maybe five times a day.I usually watched straight porn but one day i stumbled across some bisexual porn.As i watched it i couldn't keep my eyes off of the two men.It made me hornier then i had ever been watching regular after my first experience with that i would search and watch gay porn as much as i could.One day while watching a very hot twink porn I saw an ad for a gay sex dating site.I clicked it and the screen showed in bold letters YOU WILL GET LAID!!!!Thats all it took fo... Continue»
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My first Big Black Cock

Let me start by saying I've always considered myself straight. Totally attracted to women, and not finding men's bodies sexy at all. That being said, when I watched porn I always preferred to see penetration. There was just something about watching a hard cock plunging in and out of a hot wet pussy that got me so hard. But more often I enjoyed watching blow job movies. The sight of a woman sucking on that hard member and getting a big load in her mouth was such a turn on. I later discovered I had what is referred to as and oral fixation. At a young age I developed a habit of sucking on my lowe... Continue»
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Curious 1st Timer

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I stared at my laptop for a few minutes, contemplating whether I was actually going to be doing this. The email on my screen read:

“Ok sexy, see you when you get here.”

I’d been emailing “BlackStallion281” since 7pm. I’d always been curious about what it would be like to be with a man. Since high school, I’ve read and seen erotic material about gay sex on the internet. It always gave me a hard on. But this was it, I’m 21 and a man and I can do whatever I want. We’d been emailing each other after I found him on Craigslist. He seemed like a nic... Continue»
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First time me and my dad had gay sex (FANTASY)

It all started on a Friday night after getting home from work. I had just graduated college, and was working at a local restaurant delivering food. It was around 10:30 PM. I went upstairs to change into some sweatpants since I was tired from a long shift and was ready to throw on some sweatpants and a hoodie and watch some television downstairs. I noticed my mom was already a sl**p which wasn’t too out of the ordinary since she works early every day. I threw on some clothes and headed downstairs where I saw my dad sitting on the couch watching some re-runs. He was drinking a beer, and eating s... Continue»
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Jacob the sissy (my first sorry)

Hello.this sorry is fictional with real life inspirational moments.all characters are over 18, names of characters have been changed please enjoy.

Hi my names Jacob.I'm a 19 year-old freshman at ucla. First of Kerry me just say I'm not the partying type of guy, I'm more stay in my room and do nothing kinda guy. But this was college I had tip have some fun right? Well it was New year's eve and erosion beta kappa was having a huge New year's party, and I decided I'd much rather try to have fun over not doing anything. The dorm wasn't to far away from the frat house so the infamous "... Continue»
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An older male baby sitter

Back in the 1950s sex wasn't on my mind at all since I was only about 9 years old.
My mother and her girl friend were going shopping together. So we drove over to her place and mom left us to be baby sat by this womans husband.
We were supposed to be going swimming later so my s****r and me had on our bathing suits.
We heard mom and her friend pull away in the car as we sat watching tv under the watchful eye of our unknown sitter.
He was an average build not big at all but older, about in his 40s.
We sat there watching tv together. I would look over once in a while to catch the man rubbin... Continue»
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Web Encounter

You little tease."

"No I'm not."

"You are, you said you are a good girl."

"So? You don't' know any difference"

"I do, you said you made that boy upset because he
though he was going to get off with you"

I pressed enter, waiting for Ellie16 to reply I had no
idea who she was, I had just found the name in my chat
program and assumed she was one of my daughter's
friends. She had no idea who I was, and I was not about
to tell her. As far as she was concerned I was a man
who was flirting verbally with her. The computer

"Bet you'd like to get off with me."

... Continue»
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Whoring: My Hos And A Bitch

It was fairly easy to notice that Mrs. Graham, our high
school senior teacher, was constantly looking at the
black boys crotches in class. The only problem was she
finally looked at the wrong one. Mine.

I stayed after the other k**s left class that evening
to test my theory. She didn't notice as I watched her
cleaning the blackboard. Her large hips swayed with
each rub across the board. Her dress was fairly low cut
for a lady in her mid 40s but her legs were nicely
firm. She turned around and saw me still sitting at my

"Jim. It's time to go home," she said, ignori... Continue»
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Yard Work

I noticed the knot of young boys up ahead and my
interest was piqued. Loud music rocked from the front
porch - it was one of those well-earned, sweet hot
days in late summer, a warm and voluptuous late
afternoon. I calculated from behind my sunglasses as
I swung down the street: 5 boys, ages 14 to 17, one
swinging a golf club, all of them ducking their heads
one by one and stealing long looks at me as I
approached. The sun was behind my back was undoubtedly
silhouetting my legs through my short full skirt. My
hips rolled a bit more as their hormone-fueled preening
di... Continue»
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Amanda's First Time Masturbating At College

(All characters and situations made up in the story are completely fictitious)

My name is Amanda, I'm 18, and I just finished my first semester at college. I'm 5'5", have straight brown hair, green eyes, and I'm 130lbs with a curvy, sporty body. The past semester was amazingly fun and exciting. Nothing too extreme sexually, just a couple of hookups but I mostly kept to myself. This is the story of the first time I ever masturbated at college.

It was the day after welcome week, which was a few days where the freshman moved in early and got acclimated to the school. It was packed with inf... Continue»
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Marc and Moni in trouble part 2

The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea why. She came to give us the bill and said you the bitch Lamont fucked last night aren't you.
I looked at her in surprise and looked around and saw him sitting in the far corner and waved at us.
He got up and came over and sat next to us. I see you met my girl here he said. She is a little upset at me so to I gotta buy her stuff to get her on my good side again. But you see I gots no money so ... Continue»
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A summer dream ("Um sonho de verão)

Summer 2012. Like every day I woke early, despite being on vacation. Through the bedroom window, the curtain between open let in some sunshine, insistent search for my eyes as I still lethargic looked at the clock, get up and dressed. It was five-Thirty Seven. I have fixed the time in memory, because I was so marked as a scar on his face.

I went to the bathroom. Forgot towel and when I returned, I had the impression of seeing the window glass, brown hair fluttering as if they were leaving the room.
Was home alone. But being around women, suddenly thought to be one of my three friends who h... Continue»
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