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They broke out of prison, the four of them, all dangerous men willing to do anything not to go back. Their stolen car ran out of gas a few miles away from the next city, nothing around for miles. They had been travelling for two days, trying to put as many miles as they could between the police and them. A storm was coming, nothing would be moving for days, the snow out here making the roads impassable. The lights of the house were inviting, the f****y living there believing they were safe. 
They broke in, surprising them before they could even react. They were confronted by four large men ca... Continue»
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Cock Sure

It was about like any other weekend getaway to the desert except that we decided we'd like to try a clothing optional resort. It was the first time for both of us. We pulled up to the front gates of the resort, got out of the car, grabbed what little luggage we brought with us, (mostly suitcases filled with fine wine) and rang the bell at the entrance to the resort.

We were greeted by a pretty young woman clothed in light summer wear and she brought us on to the grounds of the resort. It was hot. Really hot. The desert in August afterall. s**ttered around the pool were scores of naked bodie... Continue»
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Coupon Boobie - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Coupon Boobie

I rolled into the news paper plant, around 9am. I had overslept again. I hate Monday mornings. I had party the whole weekend. I had just passed my 2nd semester of college. I was interning for a small news paper in my home town. A college professor had gotten me the job. I was her pet project for the semester. She gave me good grades. I gave her my big cock after class. It was a win, win, for me. She was very voluptuous. I had been attracted to skinny girls before I met her. I changed after she rocked my world.

I got out of m... Continue»
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Rainy Day Blues

My s****r and I were stuck home and bored on a cold wet day.
We were sitting together at the desktop computer surfing the net, not much interested in anything, not looking for anything special. It was raining and cold outside, our friends had other things to do that afternoon, our parents were gone somewhere. It was as gloomy inside the house as it was outside, my s****r and I were bored. No – Way beyond bored, it was so bad we were actually socializing. She had ventured onto a celebrity gossip site which didn't thrill me but some of the girls and women that kept the paparazzi ... Continue»
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A helping hand from Mom.

"Pete wake up!! Yeah you up there in the pit of a room. PETE GET UP!!...NOOOW. Damm k** never does what I tell him these days, I don't care if he' officially a teenager now but that k** needs wake the fuck up and get his ass outside to mow the lawn. I will tell you now, teenagers think they are adults but trust me he ain't.

I caught him yesterday and he didn't see me. I got to admit I could of embarrassed him but hey he's young, full of hormones and needed a release. We all gotta get some in our a day to day lives. My life as a 46 year old is dull - I need to get some.

Anyhow back to P... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere Learning a Lesson

Walking into the bedroom of his place, Hayden thought about what had just taken place, the role play they’d indulged in, him really taking control and dominating her, spanking and screwing her hard. As she contemplated it, she realised just how much she’d enjoyed it, so turned on her pussy was deliciously slippery for him to enjoy along with her youthful tightness. He followed closely behind her, focussing his gaze on her tightly toned arse as she swayed into the room, stopping to undress, starting with her long black leather boots, bending over at the waist deliberately to undo them, letting ... Continue»
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Virginty lost at 18

As years went by I grew up with my step - dad, my mum decided when I was 8yrs old, that she wanted to be a free spirit, and went on a finding mission (in other words have her cake all to herself) dad was gutted, I had a b*****r Jason who was 13 and between him and dad they protected me. About 4 years had gone by and I was starting to develop boobs and stuff, I tried not to ask dad or Jason stuff as I had been on the internet, and found out enough to keep me going. I was now 14 and had been going with a guy from school, for a few weeks, Alan was cute and he was into everything at school, one ev... Continue»
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How it Happened.

I never imagined that this is how I would met my lover, I always though we would reach for the last cross lettuce together in the veg isle of a well known supermarket, or, we would reach for the same best seller novel in the local lending library, or, I would trip up spilling my groceries and he would be there to catch me then help me reload my bags, in each scenario I would experience a jolt that stirred my inner self causing me to look around and be swallowed up in his pale blue eyes, knowing then that my quest for the holy grail had been successful.

I had spent many hours, many days and ... Continue»
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Isabella and Simon

My b*****r Simon ran away from home when he was 16, I was only 13 at the time and wished that Simon had told me he was going so I could have escaped with him. Life at home was tough, tough for Simon but even tougher for me, Simon was at least allowed to have friends, he was allowed to go swimming, allowed to do sports, all of those things were banned for me.

I went to an all girl's school, even at 16 my mother took me to school and met me out at the end of the day, every day, the school had been carefully chosen because it had a closed gate policy, all students spent the whole day at sc... Continue»
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Khristi and Brian

My s****r was four years older than me, Khristi and I didn't really get on too well, from my earliest memories we were always trying to score points off of each other, because she was older she would often inflict pain on me, claiming that I had fallen or walked into something to explain my crying and cuts and bruises, well that all changed on her first vacation from college.

Mum had played a master stroke in getting Khristi to chose her college, it was an all girls school, now Khristi wasn't a slut or a tramp or anything but she had gone through about a hundred boyfriends in her time ... Continue»
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How I came to Love sucking Cocks!

(Before you read this I need to tell you some things about this story.
First, it takes place starting in the early 70’s and ends sometime around 2010. All the ‘encounters’ are absolutely TRUE and, while I’ve not listed any last names, all the first names used are REAL! Perhaps one of them will read this and realize he’s the one I’m actually talking about, but somehow I seriously doubt it!)

Shortly after I graduated from high school I moved to the north and into the house my grandparents lived in. I hadn't been 'home' since moving to the south some six years earlier and to say it was g... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 16)

I thought I would've had a hard time falling asl**p after so much had happened the previous day but I was wrong. A dreamless sl**p took my right from laying down to the annoying buzz of a Monday morning alarm. I wanted to fake sick, get a couple more hours sl**p and spend the day at home watching "movies" but I knew that'd never work so begrudgingly I got out of bed. I threw some clothes on, poured a bowl of cereal and turned the tv. Me and the Cap'n made it happen while I watched Tom and Jerry. Chris came out of his room, backpack already slung over his shoulder and went straight into th... Continue»
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Lesbian Bar Girls Work At My Resort

Hi, I’m Kathy last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. My husband used to be a wrestler in college and he still had a body builder’s physique that any women would die for. I had been a bodybuilder also; I am a large but very muscular woman in her forties. I love my husband’s Hugh cock and since college I have had quite a few lesbian women who were drawn to my physically fit body.

The resort and bar was not doing well so when Steve and his wife Susan offered to rent one of the cottages while there house was being ... Continue»
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Spencer's Surprise

Please note this story is pure fiction, and is just a fantasy

Spencer stood at the big mirror in his parents room. He slowly looked himself over. As he looked at the mirror, he stared at the gorgeous woman infront of him. He had been dressing in his moms clothes for a long time, but for the first time ever, he did his makeup, and it looked sexy. He stared at what he was wearing. A black lace bra, black silk panties with a lace trim, black sheer stockings with a lace trim, and a black garter belt. He finished off his look with the long blonde wig he had found. He knew he forgot some... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #29: Hot Hime-1

Hot Hime is horny, she loves my polite proposition to erotically expose herself at my sexy studio
Hot Hime is my fine friend from the other side of the globe, she is a juicy Japanese cute beauty
Hot Hime is dreaming for a fortnight about my idea of a three-some with her and my great grand-dod
Hot Hime is ready to go and come in Amsterdam: she books a direct flight to be our sexy guest here

Hot Hime is warmly welcomed by pretty Petra and Professor Pete Poet at the airport and in our studio
Hot Hime is as pretty as sexily seductive as she proudly presents her private parts to my eage
... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #27: Emma-1

Emma is as gorgeous as good in giving her best in bed, when a mighty man uses her as sex slave
Emma is an Asian beauty of a breed who is fond of the pretty pleasure of serving a dominant man
Emma secretly sees me in my sex studio, to pay back the debt to her so often unfaithful husband
Emma is prepared to do whatever I want in bed especially as she knows all is captured on camera

Emma presents herself sexily for proper intimate inspection she strips seductively and bends over
Emma comes close, so I can see her snatch well when she uses both hands to spread her ass cheeks
Emma... Continue»
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Erotic Education #1: Erica-2

Erica is ignorant in erotics, slender sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen blonde beauty
Erica comes along for a walk and a private talk, surely she comes for the very first time
Erica shows soon her mix of submissive curiousity for erotic education by sex in practise
Erica is born to be my tasty teen sweet sex slave, I hope her siblings share her talents!

Erica's second sexy lesson in love and lust, after coming in my mouth, comes all by itself
Erica grabs my half hard mighty manhood when it is my time to take a leak in the water-park
Erica follows my earlier erotic example: she k
... Continue»
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The Seduction and Using of Dawn

The Seduction and Using of Dawn

This is a story about an unfaithful wife and how she became an unfaithful wife as told by herself and one of her lovers. There are many twists along the way.
Each chapter is the story so far as told by either Dawn or Neil. It’s in the he said, she said style.

Chapter one: (Neil)

The first time I saw her was at a company dinner dance. She was quite small in stature, but possessed a regal serene presence. She commanded everyone’s attention as she glided through the room, making introductions to old friends and new alike. She was dressed in a figure hu... Continue»
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Benefits both part 1 The beginning

Back in 2004 I had met a younger women, she was 19 at the time exactly half my age, we met when she came into my office for in processing, I immediately had the lust for her, she was stunning everything a man could ask, young, fit, and her eyes melted me, at 105 lbs standing 5'4" was just perfect, her breast were bite size "A" cup but some how they still stood out and fit her perfect.

We soon where on mission together and that's when we hit it off, kissing her at first and I went slow, after a couple weeks we got notice that we were to ship out for Iraq, so we made plans to stay close to... Continue»
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Im Zelt verführt

Wir haben beschlossen mit ein paar Freunden campen zu gehen. Ich hab zwar etwas gebraucht um dich zu überreden aber nachdem ich versprochen habe dass es nur eine Nacht ist gibst du nach.

Du und ich schlafen in einem kleinen Zelt zusammen. Das ist zwar sehr gemütlich aber bewegen können wir uns nicht so viel. Wir haben keine Schlafsäcke dafür aber eine große Decke die wir uns teilen.
Du liegst mit deinem Bauch an meinem Rücken und wir sind noch etwas am erzählen dann spüre ... Continue»
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