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Cuckold Fiancé

Hello there. This is Paul's wife Susan. You may or may not have read the two other stories my husband wrote that involve me. One was my
early experience with a bachelorette stripper. The other was when I seduced a very young student who was my lab partner. This story I am writing alone as my husband wasn't particularly involved. i.e. I was working in Toledo and he was living at our home in Cleveland. Paul and I met in Cleveland and shortly after I was transferred to Toledo. We always thought this was a good, natural way of making certain we didn't rush into things. Within a year, Paul and I ... Continue»
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Wife and the estate agent

I had a surprise for my wife Lucy.

There is a local estate agent with a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man and I know that Lucy is intrigued because her friend succumbed to him during a house viewing and repeated it a few times afterwards in a few houses.

I decided to set Lucy up so I went to see him and told him that I wanted to get our house valued. Mick said “No problem, when are you around?”

I ask him if he could be discrete as I had something to say and he said “yes, of course”

Knowing that he is a married man, I told him that I knew about him and our friend but said t... Continue»
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Back Of The Bus Gay Gangbang

My name is Ryan and I am sixxteen years old. To me school was one of the bigger wastes of time that there was in life but like most parents my mom and dad stressed to me how important it was and always made my put my homework or school activities before everything else. One thing about school that I actually enjoyed was the field trips that our school took which were pretty cool. One year we went to amusement part another we went to a Bears game and a bunch of other pretty cool places. I loved going on them and my parents insisted I go so it all worked out for me in the end I guess. I am a pre... Continue»
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The First Time

Here’s a little something I dreamed the other night while sl**ping with my girlfriend! Couldn't resist myself and had to write it down, hope you enjoy it!

I parked the car in the nearly empty lot. It was Sunday and the only cars around belonged to the mall’s maintenance staff, security guards, and possibly people who might be in the nearby lake.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend, looking her in the eye. “I don’t want you to feel f***ed to anything…”

“Hush now… I guarantee you I want to do this… And not just for you…” She replied with a playful smile.

We wa... Continue»
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First time at the gloryhole.

This is a story of my first gloryhole experience that happened some years ago that I shared on another website. I hope you all enjoy...

Today it finally happened… I sucked my first cock. Well, actually, my first two cocks! Here’s what went down and I do apologize about the length of my story:
Despite terrible winter road conditions, I decided to return to the ABS where some time prior, I had chickened out on my attempt to enter the booths and make use of an available glory hole. I’ve been thinking about masturbating another man or sucking his cock for a year or so now. I am especially i... Continue»
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The Gas Meter reader

Oh it'd be about two years ago now, where we used to live a man used to come and read the gas meter, as it was situated inside the house. this particular day I really fancied someone to wank me off I wanted a little something different, me and the wife were seperated, and I'd already had a wank the night before but I was still as horny as fuck.

It was around half one in the afternoon when there was a knock on the door, there stood a man, 5'10" probably 55-60 years old, dressed in some kind of green uniform, he was smiling and said he'd come to read the gas meter. I let him in and showed him... Continue»
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My First Time with Brian.

Heya there boys and girls! My name's Nicole and i'm a pre-op transexual from the UK, by chance I came across this website about a month ago and despite noticing that most of the user's seem to be madly perverted (lol) the rest seem civil enough to the point where I thought, "why not share my stories?" Who knows? You might just get a kick out of them. ; ) x

Back when I was 17 I had been cross dressing for just over a year, I was never tall (5'5 if you must know) and didn't have a masculine frame to boot (I guess I was always meant to be a girl - clearly haha) ANYWAYS one weekend when I was o... Continue»
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The old man in the bus stop

It was early morning 06:35 to be exact, and in the middle of Winter, minus 20C, so how he even managed to get it hard, was a wonder, but shooting onto my coat, well that was pretty fucked up, but I knew who he was, even the smell of his semen, yes I was that kind of girl.

I was at junior secondary, which was 30km from where I stayed, and it took an hour by bus, hence my early rise and long bus journey. I came to the same bus stop every morning at the same time, and yes he started showing up, but never got on the bus, so I thought he was working at another part in town and took a different b... Continue»
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I Do What I Am Told

6:12 am. I've just waken up this morning and there is already a cock dangling in front of my face.

The early morning sun only sends in a few dim rays of light through the broken slats of the cheap plastic window blinds. That is the only indication that a new day has begun. The rest of the room is filled with the darkness and cold air of the night prior.

My eyes are still puffy, my hair still frayed as my face hangs off the side of the bed from a long night of broken sle.ep. I've yet to fully wake as I partially dangle off the mattress. That is no excuse as the man continues to stand... Continue»
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The Boss over for dinner pt 1

The Boss over for dinner

The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife's arrival for dinner. I opened the door and was surprised to find Jim standing there alone. “ Sorry, but Anne has one of her headaches so I hope you don't mind won't be coming ,we would have let you know earlier but she was hoping it would have cleared up by now”' “that's ok “ I said “ come on in, grab a chair while I get you a drink”, just then... Continue»
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Me and My Mom ~ Part 1

This story is fictional story based on real events, names have been changed.

My name is Davis, when I was 15 I had an amazing time with my mom. My dad was loaded so we lived in a huge house, he was always on “business trips” and my mom would stay out with her friends for hours most days. That day was one of those days, my Dad was in Germany (I later found out he was there to view the local women), my Mom was out with friends, and my b*****r and s****r where at college. So when I came home from school I was alone in our house. By the time 2:00 PM had hit I was bored and decided to masturbate... Continue»
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Dominating A 18 Year Old Birthday Girl

I am at this birthday part for a hot little virginal blonde girl who just turned 18. Her b*****r what to watch her get fuck hard, see her get fisted and take my cum. So, I was up for some fun so I said sure.

I started to chat up the tight sexy blonde birthday girl. She said she knew nothing about sex except how to give boys lap dances and suck there cocks. I could feel my cock grow as I was talking with her. She had a sweet innocent voice. When the party was coming to a close I asked if she would what to have have some fun back at my place. She was very eager to come back with me I told her... Continue»
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Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 3

Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile or use stories search to read them. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

Before I fell asl**p that night, I was thinking about what had happened earlier. The thought of Jason's cock sliding in and out of my mouth again and again, me trying to take as much of it as I could without gagging was making me so horny. Thinking about how he warned me he was about to cum, but I didn't need it because I could tell he was going to pop. When I felt his hips thrusting up and his balls tightening, I knew ... Continue»
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My Beautiful Sister And I

so for my whole life I have always been very close with my s****r. Our birthdays are only three days apart but she is two years older. I always was attracted to my s****r. it was minor at first, jacking off with and smeling her panties, that kinda stuff. I will never forget the day we really got close though. we were laying down watching a movie im my room. its a foggy memory but I clearly can remember the pink Victoria secretes thong hanging out on my s****r pants in the back. needles to say I was as hard as a rock at this time. the night went on we watched some more movies but I culd help ... Continue»
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Why and how I started crossdressing Part 1

One summer, very long ago, I was staying at my fathers house for the summer. My friend Dan was staying over and being the age we were and a lack of an extra bed in the house we were both in mine one hot summer night. We were talking about the girl that lived across the road who we had seen out mowing in her bikini that day. Both of us were getting very hot and bothered discussing her and then Dan reached over and slowly pulled my hand to his stiff cock. I gasped. Dan was only two years older, but his dick was huge, and I was actually a little frightened. I pulled my hand away but after a few m... Continue»
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An uninvited encounter

The wife was out at work, as I had about four hours to myself I thought I'd spend some time on xhamster, I was looking through the new videos and finding some that really suited me was getting quite turned on, so I was sat there, jeans round my ankles, slowly rubbing my 6" erect cock, having a nice leisurlly wank.

After around 90 minutes I was feeling really good, getting ready to speed up for a good cumshot, when there was a knock at the door. Fucking Marvellous I thought, pulling up my jeans, my erection made it very uncomfortable to walk, but walk or stumble I did. When I got to the door... Continue»
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From cam cocks to real cocks!

I will be adding to this hour by hour when i get time to myself…
between the dotted lines had already happened for real ….after that its our fantasy….so far!

The flight left for Dublin… it was just over 1 hour travel time but my head was spinning with sheer lust and it was hard not to touch my cock through my jeans, the more i thought about it the more my loins tingled and my asshole puckered - I had abstained from wanking off for 6 full days, to build up what i hoped would be a massive amount of precum and sperm for our first real meeting.

I started to think back on our virtual enc... Continue»
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Started very young while I was still innocent

I really get turned on with the thought of sex. Everything, about it arouses me to the point of CLIMAXization! It's been that way for me every since the age of about when I learned how to ride a bike. You see, the Only part of my life, and there is absolutely Nothing to not LOVE about life and that's a secret people need to understand, that I'm unfortunate about was having to live in a place other than Canada! I moved to my Gorgeous Canada when I was in grade 4, so pretty much prior to, "Oh MY Lovely CANADA, Home and NATIVE Land" I I was on the Eastern Hemisphere I believe that's how its said ... Continue»
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GAY encounter part1

This day began like any other...

it was a hot day in june back in the year 2008, me and my best friend used to play outside alot, but today was unbearable so we decided to go inside. now he has a hot tub in his back yard and his parents had just left the house leaving us two at home to do whatever we wanted to... we decided to take a dip in the hot tub. out of no where he got a boner, i mean a huge erection. at this time we are about the age of thirteen, so i remember my dick size was only about four inches at the time, while my friends dick hard was about 5 inches.

So we are chillin in ... Continue»
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The Sailor and the Sea Goddess

Each fondle, sigh, and bat of her long eyelashes was leading the pirate to madness. Did she even KNOW? Warmth was now the very least of his problems; Calypso was like a blazing fire, searing all of his body, continually stoked within him by her ministrations. She shimmied into his lap gracefully, his hands sliding down to nestle in her falling chiton.

Her thighs squeezed Ragetti snugly.


"Fabrizio, you are so smug. But yes…"

At this Ragetti relaxed and let his eye lavish her form. It was nothing like the British women's. She had CURVES, real ones that needed no help from ill... Continue»
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