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Horny Holiday Daughter

Nora Fields sat with her legs crossed under the
dinner table. The teenage girl felt like she had been
cursed to live in the most boring f****y on Earth. Her
dad taught a history class at the university and spent
long hours on campus, and when he did come home he
devoted most the time to grading papers. Her mom wasted
most of her days eating and watching soap operas on
television, and a result had become hideously

It was two weeks before Christmas and her
parents had yet to go shopping, or even put up
decorations. Nora searched her mind to try and think
of ... Continue»
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Flexible s****r

Hey, I’m Carl. I’m 49 and divorced. I am about to share something about my s****r Roxanne, or Roxy and myself from way back in the 80’s. Roxy is 47 and a few weeks away from 48. She is married going on 18 years now.

We were pretty close growing up and developed a great bond in our late teens. Many many times we had the house to ourselves while our parents were working and we hung out a lot. We partied together, played board games, watched TV together and of course fought a lot as well. Roxy back then was a redhead, straight hair past her shoulders, blue eyes, very firm, nice size breas... Continue»
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i fucked my teacher

this is the story that i fucked my computer teacher.. when i was in college ..iam 21 year old studying degree final year .. her name is lapricia .. she i a mother of 2 c***dren.. first time i dont have any feelings towards her .. then i noticed her ass and boobs are great size ... i used to masturbate thinking about her .. she is little dark complexion .. her face is very sexy .. when i see her inside the class .,my dick will become errect as i look her ass and boobs.. she didnt noticed that .. then i thought about fucking her .. i slowly made her my friend .. she gave me her number and we st... Continue»
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Church Girls are Easy (Part 2) Final

Yes, true story. I broke this up into two parts, as the second part has some real action including some double penetration and a hard lesson learned on my part. Alas, gentle reader, I did get the last laugh.

Val the Volleyball Player Part Two

When we arrived at her apartment, the room mates were still not there. Val mentioned they were gone for the weekend. I thought, the way things were beginning, I was not going to go out for dinner, as we no sooner got into the door, then she took me by the hand into the bedroom. Val told me to sit, fortunately there was a cha... Continue»
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Visiting Peter and Helen

I had met Peter at a local motor bike repair shop where a mate of mine owned the workshop and I was doing some computer improvements to get his computer running faster.

He mentioned that he was having problems with his own computer that he had at home and used by him and his partner. I said I could come around and take a look and see if it was something that I could fix fairly easily. I said I would come just after I had finished here.

I arrived and Peter and his partner Helen were there and was instantly focused on Helen as she looked do hot in her bikie slut outfit. I thought that she ... Continue»
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Meeting the next door neighbors 18 yr old BBC Thug

My sexy teenage BBC neighbor son Ty

I was sprung for my next door neighbors teenage son Ty 18 yr old light skinned nigger It all started when I had just come home from shopping. I had on a very short summer dress, the kind that if I bent over, you could see I had neglected to wear any panties. I had teased a lot of guys that day, let me tell you. But getting back to this particular story. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that we had new neighbors moving in next-door. They were around the age of forty something I would guess. When they had noticed I had arrived home, they asked if t... Continue»
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surprised in the toilets

walking back from town and I needed to the loo bad, I would normally of gone behind a bush or something but it was a number2 so I didn't really want to I was really desperate by now so I took a short cut through a park hoping no one was around so I could go, I looked around for somewhere to go then I spotted a toilet so I ran down to it and went in, the toilet was disgusting but I was desperate so I went in to the end cubical and sat down, there was writing all over the walls and the door and there was a little hole on the right side of me I thought nothing of it at first and then I thought s... Continue»
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My First Massage

My First Massage
Hmmm where to start. Recently Misty & I went for a nice relaxing massage. Side by side but very professional. It is the first time I have had a professional massage. I have had a few from Misty and once from a guy which was the first. Not only my first massage but also my first uncut cock experience which took place about 4 or 5 years ago. I think I'm due again. Anyways I was due for a massage so I made my way over to his house. Instantly we went up to the master bedroom and there in the room was a massage table. After checking this guy out.. he was in his early fifties & in ... Continue»
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Wife's first experience with another couple

I know I haven’t gone in any type of order, I’m all over the place with the wife stories, hopefully they are good like pulp fiction and not too hard to follow. Anyway, I have one more, and it was the closest I think we have come to getting a different dick inside of her.
Before we married, we had a period of separation while we were both finishing respective schools. I had asked Kristine to send me some naked love and towards the end of my law school she surprised me by sending me a nice little video clip of her stripping naked and then playing with her pussy for a little bit. I just poste... Continue»
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Church Girls are easy (part one)

Church sometimes was more of a social outlet for me. Meet people, make friends and have clean people to hang out with and on occasions, maybe even bed down one. This two part story is one such occasion. As I soon found out, guys are not the only ones with similar intentions. I was young, naive, by no means a "Man of the World" at that point in my life.

I changed the names. Geographical locations are correct.

I guess I made her happy, she made me happy. So it is all good.


One nice thing about attending a metropolitan Church, espec... Continue»
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This Time It's All Different

The party was a total bust. I went with my friend Cindy but she ran into a guy she used to know and they hooked up and I was left to fend for myself. I didn't know anyone else, and I was totally bored. At least there was a place outside, kinda around the corner, where I could just sit and be alone and try to figure out what I should do--should I get a cab? It'd cost a million dollars to get home from here, and I don't have much money.

Right about then this guy came around the corner and was a little surprised to see me. "Oh, hello," he says.

"Hi," I say. He was an older guy, but h... Continue»
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Our Friend, Lover, and Dad

My name is Traci, and this story starts when I turned
thirteen years old. My mom was from Ohio, and my dad is
from Ontario. Dad was forty-two years older than mom and
he worked as an independent trucker for a timber company.
Mom was from a broken home. Her father was a raging,
abusive alcoholic, and her mom worked two jobs at diners to
pay bills. She grew up not knowing love, compassion, and
what a hug and kiss meant to a c***d. When she was just
s*******n she was homeless, finally finding a job in
Mackinaw City, Michigan, as a waitress. This is where my
mom ... Continue»
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Millie and Ellie pt 2 of The Flower Girl.

Dainty fingers twirled in the darkness, dancing lightly, slipping along a little nectared slit, then tracing tiny circles around a swollen nub. Nubbin stiffened excitedly with an expressive twitch, responding to the swirling fingers, and a little tremor coursed through the young girl's body, causing her to press harder and to rub with even more intent.

Millie's breath caught when she felt the pulse build and tremble through her body, and she tried to prevent an accompanying sound from escaping her lips. But it came out anyway, a gasp! Next to her in the bed her s****r stirred, peaceful ... Continue»
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Just Getting Bi Part 1

Another day at work. I liked my new job but hadn't really met anyone yet. I had just moved here two weeks ago and really didn't know anyone outside of work either. I put up a few singles ads here and there, even going as far as putting up a profile on xhamster in the hope of at least getting laid-but so far no luck, unless you counted single guys complimenting me on my cock and offering blowjobs. I mentioned on my profile I was bi-curious, but wasn't really ready to go with just a guy. I thought a couple with a guy who sucked cock might be fun, I had watched a few videos and gotten excited abo... Continue»
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My first blowjob (sirky)

I started crossdressing when I was in high school. Small things that I had found or stolen: stocking, make up, thongs... I loved to look sexy, but I didn't feel gay at all. In high school I met a boy some years older than me. He was a great friend, we used to go to his house to play videogames since I didn't have a console.

One day he started dating a girl, and we started to talk about porn and sex (I was virgin, so I was really interested in that topic). We eventually ended watching some porn. I had some magazines, but no videos, so it was awesome to go to his house, play for a while with... Continue»
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Joanie's Ordeal part 2

For reference and continuity check out the first part. They were a lot of fun to write and I hope you like it.

Previously on Joanie's ordeal

I stumbled back to my room and tip toed inside. I checked on Heather and she was sound asl**p, her innocent face was so calm and peaceful.
I went inside the bathroom, took off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked nothing like I did when I left this room. Black mascara lines ran down my cheeks which where stained with cum and my hair was all crusty with sperm. I turned on the hot water and sat on the shower floor letting the wa... Continue»
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Caught.... Embarrassed... Aroused..

So.. This is a little tale of mine, one of my more embarrassing ventures for your enjoyment. While I was very turned on, I've never been so red...

So it all started out with me watching porn.. Funny enough right?

I was sitting there one morning.. On an off day.. Started browsing.. Found some JOI... With a Mistress in latex... Title being something along the lines of risky don't get caught.. Never considered myself an exhibitionist but perhaps I am... She proceeded to instruct me to remove all my clothing... Write on my chest I'm a jerk off junkie.. Stroking furiously as I mumbled it loud... Continue»
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our 1st time MMF

Hello First id like to say sorry for how this is written as im not a writer just telling a true story about me and my wife

Ok first a little about us im 28 6'2'' average build my wife is very sexy short slim petite little blonde bomb shell with small 32 a boobs. we have a great sex life but we spoke about the fact i wanted to try a 3some so we joined AFF were we got chatting to a guy much older then us (55) but my wife liked him. as we chatted we found out he was a single man that was only about 20 miles away, so we decided to meet him for a night out and a few drinks and catch the train ho... Continue»
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Wrong Problem Right Medication

It's not that I have a bad ticker you understand, it's that I have very
high bl**d pressure and it was driving my doctor crazy because every modern
d**g he tried on me didn't work. Finally out of desperation he prescribed
a d**g now prescribed for something else but originally developed for high
bl**d pressure and it was called Viagra, a god awful expensive medication.
Well it worked, except there were some side issues and that is what I
wanted to talk to you about.

After I got back from the d**g store and my wallet was considerably
lighter I took the funny shaped blue pil... Continue»
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I finally did it!

This is all totally true. It's not a fantasy, at least not any more.

After years of jerking and ass play to t-girl porn, nurturing a fascination with cock, an xhamster user asked if would be interested in meeting. I replied, No, because at the time I truly wasn't interested in being with a guy. But it got me thinking... "Does it really matter if the person I'm with has tits or not, If they are feminine or masculine? How bad could it be? A cock is a cock, right?" After a few days I realized I was a little turned on by the attention. So I uploaded a profile photo in the hopes of getting more.... Continue»
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