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Prim & Proper Goes Bad

"Elegant, classy, prim and proper." Those were the words used most often to describe Nancy. Married fifteen years, Nancy and I had reached a little "staleness" in our marriage. The love was certainly there but the sexual excitement had waned. Recently though, at my initiation, the subject of sexual fantasies was discussed, though not in great detail. I took it slowly as Nancy was sexually conservative. At five foot nine inches, a hundred twenty-eight pounds, brown hair and brown eyes along with a flawless complexion, I was one, lucky husband. Sex for me was great but Nancy spent nearly all her... Continue»
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Accidental' sl**pover

When I was in high school, I was part of a circle of friends. We didn't really have anything that defined us -- we weren't band geeks, although some of us played in the band; we weren't jocks, although some of us played on the sports teams; we weren't really 'brains' or 'nerds', although most of us got good grades; we weren't the popular k**s, or the k**s who slept around. All we really had in common was that we liked each other, and enjoyed each other's company.

When it came time to go to college, we all kind of s**ttered to the four winds. I was the only one of our circle who went to my s... Continue»
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my first time exploring a Tgirl

long time ago as a straight men i was at a big Mall looking for a new pair of pants. There was this lovely young woman named Sherry working there, who was very solicitous, helping me find my size and select a pair of pants that weren't too out of style. I hate to shop, you see, so I usually wear a pair of jeans or shorts. These sort of clothes don't require trying on and are really never out of style. But this time, I wanted to take my time and get a nice pair of pants that fit well.

She was a redhead, about five and a half feet tall, with a very attractive, thin build. I prefer natural rou... Continue»
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My Transgender BFF

One of my best friends Sarah is a transgender. When we first met I had no idea, no one did. She has always looked very feminine, I sometimes think that she looks better than me. She had some classes with me so we started to talk and we became friends quickly and started hanging almost every afternoon. Eventually she stayed the night at my place.
Things were normal until it got late and we were both in my room laying down. She was going to sl**p on the ground but instead she was laying in bed with me because we were chatting. We were both facing each other and my bed was small so we were v... Continue»
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For all the big dicked dominating alpha daddies...

i can imagine running into you at some filthy truck stop as i passed your see your hungry eyes staring me up and down, your head filled with uncontrolled lust,. id watch your cock grow in your pants, throbbing, as you imagined all the things you could do to my light 140lb frame. Seeing your hard bulge would make me nervous, but i wouldn't be able to look away. you'd catch me staring wide eyed at your hard cock, and now you know you want me, and you are going to have.

"where you going, boy?" you ask while you hungrily rub yourself, standing in front of me, fucking me with your eye... Continue»
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gone fishing

The phone rang, and my mom answered it. After a couple of minutes she said Mr. Donald called and he's on his way. Mom checked my backpack to make sure I had enough socks and under wear. There was a knock at the door, and I ran to see who it was. I opened it,it was Mr. Donald. He told me to put my things in the truck he wants to talk to my mother.
After a few minutes they came out still talking. She came up to me, eyes a little red told me to listen to Mr. Donald and do what he said. I will mom I told her. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. We backed out the drive and hit the freeway. It was... Continue»
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The Dream

Shannon is standing there at my computer trying to "ping" my computer, whatever the hell that is, she turns a lock of golden blonde hair in her fingers as she always does. Shannon's habit of doing this makes me want to pin her hands down to the desk as I enter her from behind. Sitting in my chair I can see the bottom of her ass peeking out at me from the short dress she has on today. Is she taunting me? Does she want me to fuck her right here? What if her husband walks in? What if my wife finds out?

I can hear my wife's voice calling my name already. With a shake, I'm awoken by my wife.
... Continue»
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The girlfriend and I were on or way to a bbq at my friends. We drove in awkward silence because before we left our apartment, we tried to have sex but I could just not keep it up. This was not the first time and it was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I don’t know why we can’t just talk about this, she said. It’s probably all those fuckin pills you take for sl**p. Maybe we should see a doctor. Maybe we can get you Viagra or something. Can we please just drop it? I asked, feeling very embarrassed and frustrated. I probably should have listened to her. Maybe I should have let myself... Continue»
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Ashley's first time pt. 1?

It all started on a sunny monday afternoon. I was 19 bored and laying in my room which was cluttered with my girlfriend at the
times clothes, she was so sexy, blonde hair which flowed down her soft 18 year old shoulders didnt weight but 110lbs standing 5 foot 4
inches off the ground. She also had great taste in style but hardly ever wanted to have sex leaving me constantly horny. She had made me mad that day and we got in a fight which led to her leaving me alone in the house for the entire day. i first went over to my laptop and started browsing through a few tube sites try... Continue»
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Finally enjoying his cock and cum!


"Fuck....FUCK! That's good." I saw him thrust, hard, into my wife. She took his >7" with little difficulty, and groaned back at him around my shaft in her mouth.

We'd met the guy on AdultFriendFinder about three months previous. He'd originally said he was part of a couple, but in chatting we found out that either 1. he'd lied or 2. he'd gotten out of the relationship.

Outward appearances, he was early 20's, a hair under 6' tall. He was heavier, I couldn't tell you his weight, but he was at least a few inches over my 36" waist. From the neck down, he was completely shaved. Hi... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover

First off my husband Hakan and I had been married for about five years. We had great sex life and just enjoyed being with each other. I am a police officer in our home town PD.

Hakan started asking if I would enjoy being with another man while he watched. Hakan kept after me for months and started talking about me being with his best friend and my Sargent Hasan. Now Hasan was Hakan’s best friend from high school. He would talk about him all the time during are play times and I have to admit it did make me think about him while he would do this and Hakan could tell I loved it when he did be... Continue»
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Best friends mother wants it

My friend Dave mother is a naughty naughty lady.
I been going over the there house for 10yrs now we used to love to watch wrestling. at the time i was just 16 so at that age we still like to copy wrestling moves on each other. He was a only c***d so him and his mum are close. I can remember one night i stayed over, we stayed up late watching Tv and playing computer games, The next day we both sat down to watch the sunday wrestling. After it all finished his mom came into the living in a sort of wrestling costume. Tight leggings and a leotard over the top saying I'm the champ who whats to ch... Continue»
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Christmas Present Not From Santa

Kate, the new receptionist, at one of my clients was remarkable for someone so young. She was a "find", not only did she know computers and Office software, she could actually carry on an intelligent conversation with visitors.

The client was a non-profit a****l rescue, specializing in reptiles. They had a small aquarium room that held many rescued species recovering before returning to the wild. Everything from lizards to turtles were being nursed back to health by their staff of biologists.

Kate's job was to answer the phone, greet visitors, type letters and be a gatekeeper for the st... Continue»
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Call to the Office

I had just turned 18 and it was my last year in prep school. I had started later than most boys my age so I was just a bit older.

It was a very private exclusive boarding school, only boys which was a real pain. They didn't allow and nudie magazines or pornography. It was there though and we had to keep it well hidden for fear of expulsion. We all masturbated so fuck mags were a necessity. I had some great ones from Europe that I managed to sneak away from my father who traveled to Europe. I know he and mom looked at them and got all hot and then would fuck like mad. Anyway he had so many h... Continue»
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Chance Meeting In The Woods

As I am by nature a pretty sporty guy, trying out various things in my life for the sheer thrill of it, at 25 I had taken up mountain biking rough forest areas and camping out i*****lly for a night to sl**p under the stars, come what may in weather and chance encounters. For a weekend getaway, I had planned a particularly rough terrain of forest and hills, so when weekend came, I packed my gear onto my bike and set off, enjoying my freedom.

Late in the afternoon I found a bench near a seemingly abandoned track that wound its way up and around steep hills, giving me a great workout, and I de... Continue»
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Change of Attitude

After twelve years of marriage, there has been a remarkable change in our sex life.

My wife has always been Miss Perfect. Cool and aloof, she exudes an attitude of superiority that has kept most people at arms length. Katheryn is always perfectly coifed, immaculately dressed, and definitely looks down her nose at anybody who isn't up to her measure. Yet, because of my position in the small city where we live, we nonetheless enjoy a rather active social life in spite of her snobby behaviour.

In the bedroom sex with Kathryn was strictly missionary, in total darkness, and largely unrespons... Continue»
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Bountiful View

We are both working late one Friday night. I step outside my office and am surprised to see you there. “Hi Nana,” I say, “What is such an attractive young girl doing here so late on a Friday night.” You reply that you have a report due by Monday and didn’t want to work on Saturday or Sunday. Except for the two of us the office is completely empty.

I am about ready to resume my work when you ask if I am any good at giving a massage. Your neck is sore from working all day in front of a computer. I acknowledge that I could probably make your neck feel better. I move behind you and begin to wor... Continue»
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Brief Encounter

Last summer I was on a train. It was already late and there were no other passengers. I was reading a paper, when the train stopped and a young woman got in. She sat down in front of me.

She stared out of the window, which gave me the opportunity to peek at her from behind my paper. She had a beautiful face, with radiant eyes, a small nose and full sensual lips, made for kissing and for a lot more...

She was voluptuously built and wore a low-cut tight little top that showed a pair of magnificent breasts, with erect nipples standing out against the fabric. No bra for sure!

When I lower... Continue»
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Busy Back Seat

As the black Lincoln Towncars sped past him, Alan signaled left in a seemingly futile attempt to join the traffic in the outbound lanes at the passenger pick-up area. The holiday rush always intensified the confusion in this area of the airport as the knowledgeable limo drivers and taxi drivers interacted with the novice nervousness of the Cadillac driving, seventy year old grandfathers or the fifty year old mothers in their minivans.

Alan's girlfriend, Sally, turning in her seat and peering through the back window intently said "I think there is a clear space coming up." Looking in the re... Continue»
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Bimbo's Night Out

Tonight is going to be a very special night when me and my lovely little bimbo pet Brittany go out to the club tonight. I have been preparing all week shopping for her outfit. I bought her a pair of 6" stiletto heels, the shortest pink skirt I could find (which is short enough to show off a little bit of her ass), a proper strapless crop top, and my favorite parts a collar with bimbo written across it and a pretty pink leash. She has no idea what I have planned but I have teased her a little about it by telling her about how we are going out to the club for some fun. She was all silly and exci... Continue»
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