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A little about us. My wife and I have been married 20 years.
She was a virgin on our wedding night.
I started talking to her about me sharing her with other guys and maybe even a couple. First time I brought it up she was very upset with me. Thought I was not enjoying her anymore and I wanted an excuse to play around.
well I told her I know how much she enjoys sex and she had never experienced another male before. I thought she might want to. She said no I was all she wanted and had no thoughts of having another man.
at this point she had never seen another mans dick. Just from movies.... Continue»
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Aunt Virginia

It was, I believe, within a week after my eighth birthday that my Aunt
Virginia looked in on me one night to see if I was sl**ping and ended up
giving me my first lesson in the joys of sex.

She was babysitting me and my s****r (who is a year and a half younger than
me), and was probably getting ready to settle in with her book. As it
happened, I was awake, and said something to her when she began to close the
door. I was, at the time, a little bit afraid of the dark.

When I spoke, she opened the door again and came to sit on the edge of my
bed. She asked me about my fear... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-4

Jennifer celebrates her eighteenth birthday at our sex studio. At the eve of it she now knows how to kiss, lick, suck and come, even from severe spanking! At exactly midnight Professor Peter presents her his present. He shows her his sexy surprise in the studio. An ingenious soft suspension machine is hidden behind blue velvet cloths. It offers a free low swing or full restraint and maximum access in many possible positions, which Petra demonstrates at Jenny's wish. It inspires a second wish of Jenny. Petra concedes under two conditions, which Jennifer gladly accepts.

The apparatus... Continue»
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Sercet sissy

My first day for college was a great day. I went to college to study chemistry. Little did everyone at college know that i was a secret lil sissy. I loved wearing very feminine clothing, stockings, heels, panties and dresses.

I met my teacher at college and her name was Mrs Vazquez and damn she was good looking a very beautiful women, she seems to be in her 20's. Her hair pulled back in a pony tail. She wore tall heels, a tight black pencil dress and she wore make up. God by looking at her i was hard as a rock and i felt weak by the presence of her almost like she mind controlled me. She... Continue»
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Girlfriend Strip Club


It was the summer of 2011 my girlfriend Stacy and I were visiting some of her f****y in New Jersey.
Stacy was always a super sexual girl, we had threesomes with other girls before but never with another guy
and it was always something we wanted to try next. During our vacation we spotted a strip club not far from where we were staying. Stacy was always up to see tits so at the first opportunity we were there. The girls
at the this club are so much more attractive than the local club girls from our area. We both got lap dances and Stacy made out with a couple girls, it was a go... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-3

Jennifer learns a lot more about love during the eve of her eighth birthday. The hours fly by. At exactly midnight Professor Peter congratulates Jennifer: Finally old enough to try anything you'd fancy, sweetheart. Let me offer you my surprise present to you. I hope we will make you with Petra's help very happy and hot in my sexy suspension machine.

Jennifer is an innocent inexperienced teen when we host her at the eve of her eighteenth birthday for a full weekend at our sex studio to answer any questions she has about making love. She first meets my granddaughter Petra who is only e... Continue»
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Julie's mischievous desires - The End

Julie’s mischievous desires – The End

--------- Chapter 19

Linda wore nylons and a garter belt under her mid-thigh length skirt, her cunt was naked and exposed. She laughed as she d****d her legs over her Mark’s shoulders and pulled his face tighter to her pussy. She was glad Rick hadn’t fussed when Julie threw herself at him…it could have gone so badly…she knew from experience.

Mark had told her what they had planned for their father once they got in the kitchen…they had been watching from the doorway as Julie first sat in her father’s lap and then on th... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 6)

Part Six

Rebecca screamed as her burnt and punctured asshole was stretched wide to accept his large cock. Her anus clamped tightly on his cock. The Judge pulled his cock out, allowing Rebecca's asshole to clamp shut, but abruptly pushed it back in again, forcing a new scream of pain from Rebecca's lips as she had to relive the stretching of her anus. This time he pushed in further, burying two inches of hard, erect cock in her asshole. He pulled out and f***ed Rebecca to accept four inches, bringing new pain as her anal tract was f***ed open. The Judge continually f***ed Rebecca's asshole t... Continue»
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I Had My First Lesbian Experience

I Had My First Lesbian Experience
College Roommate
I've never written a story like this so don't expect much in terms of style points. But in the spirit of the website I will share my experience.

My first experience with a girl was in college with my roommate (we'll call her "Amanda"). I started college young and going from Florida to Massachusetts was a big adventure. My roommate and I became close friends and we'd often talk about guys--she was having problems with her boyfriend and mine was back in Florida. After a couple months I felt homesick and missed my boyfriend especially. Ama... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #11

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #11 – Jade

"I wish I was starring in a remake of The Scissoring."

Jade West smiled as she woke up, the familiar scent of her boyfriend wafting through her nose. More than the smell though, she was smiling because she could feel his warm mouth along the side of her neck and shoulder. Part of her didn't want to open her eyes, in case this was just a dream, but as she felt the small pain of his teeth slide across her earlobe, she knew this was reality. Her green eyes fluttered open and looked into his deep browns as he smiled do... Continue»
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Mis deseos de leche PARTE 3

La polla negra vuelve a pasar por mis labios. Esta vez lentamente y con mucha gentileza. Yo sin poder creerlo, es la primera vez que saboreo una polla así. Él sabía que moría por comerla toda, pero solo dejaba que le chupe la punta. Mis ojos estaban clavados en sus ojos, mientras yo le rogaba por más; pero sin efecto.

Luego miré a la rubia tetona que estaba viéndome con envidia y se acercó. Se arrodillo junto a mí y me animaba a que se la chupe mas profundamente; pero era imposible... Continue»
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I Had My First Lesbian Experience

I Had My First Lesbian Experience
My s****r And I
The moment was unforgettable. I'll always remember it. Who knew taking a shower with your older s****r could end up being so magical. My older s****r Julia and I have a very, very close and intimate relationship. Even though we're four years apart in age, we love each other so very much. The two of us kissing, hugging, sl**ping together, taking showers together, or anything else is common. When I came out as a lesbian when I was fifteen, she was one of the first to accept and support me. I remember when the two of us first kissed. I was thi... Continue»
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First Time With Grandma

Tom turned to do another length of the lawn with the mower. He had been at it for over an hour and was barely half way through. However he needed the cash and mowing his grandma's grass would help tremendously. She had always been very generous with her money especially to her only grandson and he hoped that he would get enough to buy that new game for his X Box plus a little bit more.

Just as he reached the house he saw his grandma waving from the kitchen window, she then held up a can of coke indicating that he should stop for a drink. Tom stopped the mower and sauntered into the house. ... Continue»
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We were having the basement painted all the furniture had to removed to the garage. The furniture was wicker style pit group and about 18 pieces not heavy but a bit awkward to carry up stairs and out the door to the garage. With the tables and wicker units it took all afternoon into early evening. Everything was set up in the first bay as a joke we set it like it belonged there into almost a living room. One of the guys who helped stayed and had supper with us and later my girlfriend came over as he and I were sitting in the garage watching the night fall. A bit of the light from the old candl... Continue»
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Jenny (part 2)

Here is part 2...

Your pussy, already sopping wet from watching her and I 69 each other, gets wetter as Jenny kisses you. "I have fantasized about this moment for a long time." she whispers in your ear.

I sit across the room in a chair and watch the lust in both your eyes as she moves closer to you.

Your hands begin to caress her young firm breasts as she leans down and kisses your lips. You feel her nipples grow harder between your fingers as you rub my slippery cum all over her. You rise up to her but she stops and pushes you back down.

She kisses you again and this time you lie ... Continue»
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Daddy watched my Sex Video in the Cloud

I stood atop the cistern, aware it might crack, and aimed my S4 camera on the ensuing action in the next cubical, giggling as Julie was all noise and bodily contortions, the guy who was fucking her, was looking and giving me the thumbs up.

As I watched I could feel my own cunt crave some of that big cock, strange really, back in the pub there was ample cock to go around, and I would have no problem attracting offers, but here in the 'Ladies', one guy was fucking one and enticing another.

Julie screamed and shook me out of my thought processes, and before I could react, she was out of her... Continue»
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Chance Meeting

It was a very hot day, you got on the bus and sat opposite me even though the bus was not crowded. Mature and beautiful, you wore an elegant light summer dress. Make-up and hair immaculate. The window was open allowing a draught to blow through the bus.
The material of your dress was very light, there was a suggestion of a nipple pressing out but I couldn’t be sure maybe wishful thinking. The wind caught the hem of your dress and briefly I caught a brief flash of your pubes. A second later, another glimpse of pubes. You didn’t move to readjust your hem, just sat looking out of the window. My ... Continue»
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Tutoring My Friend's s****r in Sex Ed (Part 2

A month had passed since I taught Sam how to handle a cock. She told me that she had jerked Oliver off 10 times since then and I was honestly a little jealous until she let me know that it was time for her next lesson.

I'm going to pick up the story with what should have been the ending of Part 1 but reliving that first day with Sam had me shooting a huge load before I even finished telling the story.

I walked Sam to her car from the library. We exchanged a somewhat awkward hug after what had just happened and she drove off back to her parents house. I headed back to my dorm, sent Gina... Continue»
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my doctor put his cock in my ass

Monday I went to my doctor every six months I did check my pussy and my ass.

what for? because my husband loves fisted me, but I do not want a pussy or a distended ass.
So every six months I go to my doctor.

if you read my previous story, you know, that whenever he fisting my pussy and ass to control the elasticity of my holes.

My doctor, I think about 60 years, he has gray hair, it's big, I think it must weigh at least 120 kg.

before going to see my doctor, I carefully shaved my pussy and my ass, and I dress with a little dress and panties.

[image] Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 5)

Rebecca began to scream again from the fresh pain. The Judge changed the angle of his cock each time he drove into her asshole, maximizing the pain that Rebecca would feel from the anal ****. He thrust in and out, forcing her to accept his cock deep into her. He fucked her ass for over 10 minutes, forcing groans and screams of pain from Rebecca as her asshole clung to his cock. He finally thrust deep into her ass and shot his hot cum into her, to mix with the Commander's.
The other guards jumped on Rebecca as soon as the Judge pulled his cock out, r****g her ass as she moaned in pain. By the ... Continue»
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