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Life Change for s****r and I pt.6

The morning that Clare is to meet dad in town for the insurance on her new car he gave her, we ate our breakfast and drank some coffee out on the patio in the nude, and while we ate and drank our coffee and made small talk, three does walked out into the clearing on the back edge next to the tree line, and went to eating grass.

After we finished off another cup of coffee, “I guess I better go get ready to meet dad at the insurance agent or I’ll be late and you know how dad is, when we are not on time.”

“Yea, he either starts looking for us or just up and leaves without us.”

“Are you... Continue»
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From the diary of jane.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was standing up my legs spread a bit with my back to him. He was holding his dick in his hand and had it press up against my entrance. I could feel the squirts of cum shooting up inside me. That boy never did put his thing all the way in me, but he loved to place his dick at my opening and let his seed fill me up. Sometimes he would slide his prick across my clit as he came, and that felt awesome too. But this particular day, this first time, he made sure to put all he had to offer in me. After he was done, he stood there for a few moments, his cock holding ... Continue»
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My s****r in law

To start this off my name is Mike I've been married since I was 16 . I have watched my wife's lil s****r grow up since she was 10 years younger than us . I always thought she was a hottie back when she was in her teenage years . But move forward I was 36 when this took place. So she was 26 . It all 1night her and her ex husband was over playing cards . We had all been outside smoking when her husband said he was going to roll another. I excused myself to run inside to grab something to eat . Standing looking threw the cabinet for a little Debbie or something . My s****r in law came in runnin... Continue»
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Curious Daughter

My daughter Amber had always been curious about things. When something got her attention there was no stopping the girl.

It should have come as no surprise to me the day she saw my wife and I having sex. Donna my wife was sucking my cock while she was grinding her pussy in my face. My wife is a talented cocksucker but if she gets her pussy licked at the same time b*****r you better watch out!

I was just getting ready to bust my nut when our bedroom door burst open. I could not see anything but I could hear both my wife and A... Continue»
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Granny FUCKS at the RETIREMENT Home

My name is Marsha and I just turned 72. I still have a nice body although I do have a few wrinkled here and there but I take care of myself and I

still have a really tight pussy!

My husband and I had been married for 45 years and we moved to a retirement community in Florida called The VILLAGES. You may have seen all

the ads they put on TV all the time and it is a really nice place. We had been living there for around 5 years and everything was nice but as far as

sex goes, my husband and I hadn't fucked for over 10 years. One after noon, he wasn't feeling well and while I w
... Continue»
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The Best Of My Life Part 2

If you haven't already, check out Part 1 so you're not lost if you're feeling lost.


Her mom would be gone all weekend until Monday morning and I could see it in Stephanie's eyes. She knew what wanted and she wanted it NOW. She made a leap and I caught her in my arms easily. We started french kissing and necking heavily for a long time. "My bed. NOW." Stephanie whispered, finally breaking the silence. I was more than happy to comply with that and carried her over to her bed, a full-size queen bed. How they managed to get it through the cellar door, down the concrete steps and into the... Continue»
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Sex Education – My Daughter!

This story is a spin off from my series "My Son's Secret Desire". Please visit my profile for the earlier stories. Here is a link to the introduction Leigh Darby:

Leigh pulled into her garage after another day as Principal of the local high school. She really enjoyed her job but even more so recently when she had seduced young Tony. It had been way too long since the mature principal had any sex at all. When she had let go with young boy it was the best sex she had ever ... Continue»
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Chance meeting

True story happened March 2014
Chance Meeting
I had a service call and had to drive up to Conn. A snow storm was coming in. After a long drive thru the storm I arrived at the hotel. All wound up from the long drive decided to go to the bar in the hotel and have a meal and a couple beers to unwind. Sat at the bar and ordered, when a cute brunette sat asked if could sit in the empty chair next to me. I stood up and pulled the stool out so she could sit down. She said "Thank-you"
Introduced myself , and asked she wanted something to drink; she replied "I'll have a beer. Thank-you"
She introdu... Continue»
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Swimsuit fantasy sex #2

Swimsuit fantasy sex 2
This one builds more slowly than my last story, hope it is just as hot at the end! My fantasy sex stories are unconnected to each other, are completely made up and are not a series. Maybe some of them might turn into series, but for now each one is a standalone story. This one was inspired by a sexy pic in my favorites, he's not hard to find :) Enjoy

I was about 22 when I decided to go camping at a campground far from my home. I wanted to try sunbathing in a tiny yellow bikini bottom that I thought could pass for a guys speedo. My (then) girlfriend had recently... Continue»
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First Swingers Club Visit. [Fantasy]

I have a long standing fantasy. To attend a swingers party and to watch my wife get her pussy filled by another man. The following is how I imagine it happening:

I was scanning though porn on the internet as my wife played some game on her iPad. I was lost in my views of two men having their way with what was said to be the woman’s husband. The familiar theme was there. A surprise visit (usually set up by the husband) by a friend who the husband thought his wife found desirable. As plot lines and script are none existent anymore on online porn, the three seemed to have worked their... Continue»
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My buddy Jerry

My buddy Jerry

After looking high and low on the web I found a buddy, 2 years younger then me 5’8” 185 a big plus 7” uncut dick. He has been separated from him wife for 2 years. After chatting online exchanging photos

We decided to meet at a local coffee shop. Around noon pulled up to the local coffee shop, Jerry was outside he had a green Chevy pickup told him I have an old blue dodge pickup. He rolled down his window and said “ Jim?” I replied “Jerry?”

I parked my truck, and he approached my truck got in the passenger side. Jerry didn’t waste anytime unzipped and pulled his hard un... Continue»
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Lounging by the pool

Summer of 95 we had just installed a in ground pool in the spring. It was a hot summer day and had taken Friday off to lay out by the pool with the wife. The property we had was surround by 8' trees next door neighbor the one house was 200 yd away he had pasted away the year before and the other neighbor 1/2 mile down the rd separated by a tree line we had a 4' chain link fence surround the pool and a road out front there was a 6' wire fence with cars driving by.
I suggested to the wife we take and drink our coffee out by the pool.. She said she was going to get her bathing suit on. She had ... Continue»
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The Big Reward

I just got my lunch from a deli not to far my office. It was casual Friday. I was wearing a nice big white button down long sleeve shirt. I had it tucked into a pair of blue jeans. I had on some white low cut tennis shoes. I was not wearing socks. I had on a pair of white boxer briefs under my jeans. I took a bite of my sandwich and had a sip of Coke. It was kinda of hot out being one of the first days of Spring. I wanted to eat outside and enjoy the sun.

I was minding my own business. I love to people watch. To be told. I love to check out women as the walk by. I have a thing for large... Continue»
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A late night massage. (Part 2)

Continuation of Part 1.

OH shit! What did I do? I asked Stef if I did something wrong? She just shook her head, her eyes closed, and still breathing very slow and heavy. The dimly room, I could see her chest elevate, and there was a sheen of oil covering her trembling body, her skin almost glowing in the dark. She laid on the table still nude, and I offered to cover her back up with the sheets, but she just still shook her head very slowly. Excusing myself to wash up, I made my way to the kitchen. Her sudden change in mood was a surprise, not 5 minutes ago, I could hear squeals of ... Continue»
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Outdoor Shower

I rented a house on the beach. I needed a mini vacation to get away. I love Baltimore but the winter was to long this year. I needed some sun, sand and warm ocean water. I picked up my towel off the dining room table. I had some white Hawaiian shorts on. They go all the way pass my knees. I have my white shirt in my left hand. Also a small cooler with some beers on ice in my other hand. I grab some sun tan lotion and the keys to the house. I put my sun glasses on my head. Flip my Ipod on. I slipped on some flip flops before I shut the glass door behind me.

It was a short walk to the bea... Continue»
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Trainer Buck

It was close to 2pm when I got home from the gym. I had just moved recently. Today was my first day as a personal trainer at the gym. It was only part time to start. They wanted to see how I did before they put me on full time. I had a step class this morning and around 11am I gave a buns of steel class. I was really working everyone out as they left all sweaty from my class. I love to work out. Being 24, 6ft 4 and still having an athletic body helps to get my clients motivated. I thought about getting another job to pay the bills. A friend of mine suggested maybe being a personal trainer for ... Continue»
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My Wife. A Whore, and Proud Of IT!

My wife turned her fist trick when she was only sixteen years old. She was staying with a friend who tricked her into getting laid by the friend of her friend's husband. She had gone into her room and was taking a nap, when she was awakened by the bed moving.
She turned over and saw a man behind her on the bed. TOTALLY NAKED AND FULLY AROUSED. His was the biggest cock she had ever seen, and she had seen many, as she and friends would go to the forest and watch other couples making love, and fantasize about why the girls seemed to enjoy it so much.

She was wearing a short shift that tie... Continue»
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Wife gets her fantasy threesome fufilled

This is a story about how I made an innocent bedroom fantasy into a reality in Las Vegas.
My wife and I have been married now for 5 years. We are in our early 30s. She's sexy 5'6 with double dd's and an ass that literally swallows up her thongs/g-strings.
Anyways so we went to Las Vegas 2 years ago to celebrate her birthday. We have both expressed fantasies and scenarios about having a 3rd person join in but never thought it would actually happen.
On our 2nd night we went to this club called XS. She wore a super short black dress that would hike up when she sat down or crossed her legs. T... Continue»
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UK Supermarket fun

I thought I would share an experience I had years ago when I worked in a supermarket as a department manager. I was the office manager and had to deal with all the admin of the supermarket such as price control, wages, stock inventory, order processing etc.
As I was a department manager I had to do one or two late nights a week where I had to work till about 10pm. In the evenings we used to have students and ladies working about 6pm to 10pm shifts to answer the phone and check prices and it was one of these evenings that this took place.
I was chatting to one of the ladies who worked for me... Continue»
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My First Real Gay Experience

My First Real Gay Experience

By billy69boy

I was pretty tired as I drove home from dropping my wife off in New York City so late at night. It was just after midnight on a Sunday as I left her at her hotel in Manhattan, so there was hardly any traffic on the turnpike that late at night. I settled in for the two hour ride, listening to the radio and day dreaming about nothing and everything. I was retired, and I wondered what I might do for kicks while my wife spent the week in the city at her business convention.

When I finally got off at my exit, I remembered an old haunt that I us... Continue»
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