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Lesbian Encounter at my Resort Bar

Sexy Lesbian Wife Works At Our Resort Bar
Hi, I’m Kathy last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. The resort and bar was not doing well so when a young couple Steve and his wife Susan offered to rent one of the cottages while there house was being built, we jumped at the chance. I was a little worried about Susan because a lot young raunchy boaters frequented our bar and Susan was drop dead gorgeous. She was absolutely beautiful with her petite figure, long brunette hair and a movie star face that drew stares wherever s... Continue»
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This son of the boss

My name is Julia. I am a 35 years old Muscovite, a married woman. I have a husband, his name is Vladimir, a 12 years old son, Yuri, and our pet, a Rottweiler, dog Stan.
I have been married already for 15 years. We was always a good friendly f****y.
In winter weekends we often went threesome to forest for ski walks.
In spring, summer and fall on Sundays we had fun in Moscow Gorky Park.
Always threesome we flied on holidays to Turkey and Thailand.
And I was always considered as a very decent woman even according Russian strict standards. I never cheated my husband and, moreover, I got marri... Continue»
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Locker Room Gangbang

One minute I was sitting alone in the locker room, the next I was surrounded by five guys. I had no idea what was happening, but I was defiantly scared.

"What's your name?" One of them asked.

"Chris." I responded, my voice shaking a little.

"Well Chris, here's the deal, my name is Alan, and my buddies and I watched you taking a shower and you got such a pretty little body we just wanted to come over and say hi."

"I'm not gay." I blurted out.

"Well, neither are we, but anyone can see what a fine piece of ass you are, and we would be fools not to take advantage of it." Alan respon... Continue»
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A short story I wrote for my ex to read on the way

Foreword: We had a great time even though the guy kinda let us down with his performance. We fucked like a****ls. :p Pics of the girl in my private folders for friends only.

Training Day.

Friday started like any other for 19 year old Jennifer, early rise and straight to uni to study at her a****ls Studies course. The day was rather uneventful, a maths double, lunch with her friends and a lot of cramming to get her homework done in school. Just before the day ended, Jennifer received a cryptic message on her mobile phone from her boyfriend, telling her to meet him in South Melbourne asap,... Continue»
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Teen Yummy Mummy 2nd meet

All my stories are based on my experiences

You can find the first story here

After my first meet with Jen, a blowjob in the car before I dropped her home became a regular thing and we had now seen each other on 6 or so different nights. She kept her mummy life away from the relationship until she felt it right which I respected her for.

I asked Jen if we could spend a day together and because she lived at home with her parent and they would look after her c***d, she had to clear it with them but not before her dad gave me anoth... Continue»
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"Confused at first..."

I'm Alex, I was an only ch1ld brought up mainly by my m0m because my dad was at work most of the time. The best years of my life were before I even learned how to drive. Everyone used to say I was a handsome looking boy, but I never really had many friends, never mind girlfriends and I felt strange at school because I never seemed to like any girls. Instead I felt that a few of the boys in my 7th grade class were cute, but how could I tell them, I mean they'd probably think I'm weird or something. Somehow I always knew I was different but it never occured to me just how different I was until t... Continue»
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My first time with my biology teacher

It has great memories you know when I was at school it was a different era back in the seventies flared trousers kipper ties and wide collers and a teacher called mrs thurston, she was my biology teacher age about 35 about 5ft 6 and legs to die for , I was in 5th form at the time so every female was a conquest waiting to happen but of course most of them don't they are things you dream about , and this dream was about to become a reality. She would come over to my desk in her top with just a hint of cleavage and bend over me to look at my work whist I study her cleavage ,she he'd lovely breast... Continue»
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A short story I wrote for my ex to read on the way

Foreword: Pictures of the girl this story are about can be found in my private galleries.

Training Day.

Friday started like any other for 19 year old Jennifer, early rise and straight to uni to study at her a****ls Studies course. The day was rather uneventful, a maths double, lunch with her friends and a lot of cramming to get her homework done in school.

Just before the day ended, Jennifer received a cryptic message on her mobile phone from her boyfriend, telling her to meet him in South Melbourne asap, that he had a surprise for. Although she had planned on an early night, she was... Continue»
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My First Gangbang Made Me A complete Slut

My name is Nichole and I have to tell you how I got
my new job. I was online looking for a jog when one
caught my eye. It was looking for young actors with
no experience required. I thought that sounded good
so I went to the online application and filled it out. It
asked a lot of questions that I might of thought were
inappropriate at any other time but I was ecstatic with
joy at the thought of being an actress. It asked things
like my physical stats as I filled out blonde hair, green
eyes, 110lbs, 5'10", 19 years old, b32 cup size, 6 dress
size and last it asked about any piercing o... Continue»
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Taken Advantage Of By My Bully Cousin

This is a story that happened to me when I was around fifteen and is probably one of the main reasons of many reasons why I became Bi. I lived with my mom and dad with no siblings which had its ups and downs but most of our f****y lived either hours away or in another state which kinda sucked not being able to hang out with my cousins, aunt or uncles because when we did get together we had a good time. Most of my cousins that I had met were pretty cool but my cousin Josh who lived the next state over was kind of an asshole at least when it came to me. He and his s****r my other cousin Amy only... Continue»
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Hurry Up! Before Mom and Dad Get Home! - Ch 03

Chapter 1 and 2 here -

Chapter 03 - Hands On Training

It had been a week since I got my little stepsíster Penny to give me her handjob before I covered her face in semen. Obviously, it had sunk in just how much of a mistake and sign of sexual weakness it was on my part. I'm supposed to be the new older brôther she could trust, not someone to take advantage of her insecurities. Now, I had to worry about not just her telling my parents, but perhaps one of her friends or teachers which would eventually land me in some hot water or ... Continue»
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Sister Story

The vision of beauty that is Christina Raymond walked into the sitting room and stood in front of the sideboard to put on her make up in the mirror above. She chatted with her younger b*****r, Danny, as she fixed her eyes and put on lipstick. Leaning into the mirror caused her ass to protrude and Danny's cock began to bulge, her heels accentuating her sexy legs and her floaty denim mini rising slightly to give him an even greater glimpse of her tanned thighs. As they chatted she looked at him in the mirror and the shock at the sight of the lump in his jeans made her lose her concentration and ... Continue»
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My first creampie

This is the story of the first time I ever had a chance to cum inside a woman

I was invited to a friends party and I met a girl there that was of Asian descent she was small only 5 ft 3.. Small breasts an alright butt curvy not flat we had a few drinks had a good time one thing led to another and there I was in bed with this small Chinese girl called Tina.. She was slim a waist that I could almost wrap both my hands around breasts that weren't that big probably b-cup but I could still fondle them and suck on them which I did with her moaning softly.. I'm a big guy padding all around she was... Continue»
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Indian slut's hen do (Bachelorette)

Myself and a group of 9 other guys were on a stag do in Vegas, and we were living the high life.

Every night we would have a table at the best clubs surrounded by beautiful girls and too much booze!

On our last night we did it big and had an awesome night as XS. Here we met a group of indian sluts from London who were celebrating a hen do.

Three of them (including the bride to be) were absolutely stunning, great big tits and sexy kardashian asses.

The bride to be was checking me out all night, so later on we started chatting. She was getting married in 2 weeks and had been with he... Continue»
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Our First Swinging Adventure

Circa 2002

I was in the Marines stationed in Miramar near San Diego. Everyone had returned home from deployment after 9/11 and as a result everyone was very horny. My Korean wife whom I shall call Susan for this story, just finds out she is pregnant. One night at a party she begins chatting for the first time with one of my friends, whom I shall call Adam. As the night wares on I noticed how she is looking at him, that look of interest and arousal. After we arrive home I ask her while we are having sex if she wants Adam? That is the best time to ask her questions like that. Her guard... Continue»
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Rubbing Mommy's Feet

Shortly after my father bought a camcorder, I did what any other horny, 12 year old oversexed crossdresser would've done...I put on a pair of hose and heels and started making naughty videos of me blowin' off all my buddies ;-) My parents found it though and chewed me out, but I never heard anything about it again. Two years later, I caught my Daddy getting his rocks off...WATCHING THAT VERY VIDEO OF ME WITH ALL MY BUDDY'S DICKS IN MY MOUTH! Right then and there, I thought, "I'm going to seduce my Daddy" ;-) I started prancing around the house whenever my mom wasn't around, sometimes naked,... Continue»
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curious no more, the story version.

I wrote a short blog entry about my first experience with another man. A number of folks asked if I could give more detail and make it a story. This will also be my first story. Be forewarned. I write how I talk. And I am prone to going off on tangents and derailing my own train of thought. It sure is sunny out. What sounds good for lunch today.

A little background on the characters that appear the fun event that took place. Myself, late 40’s married over 20 years. Wife is hot and cold on the intimate encounter front but, more on the cold side. I travel for work quite a bit. Midwest US ... Continue»
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My WHORING YOUNG cousin and my COCK

I was in a junior in high school and the year had just ended. Everyone was

looking forward to the summer and having 2 1/2 months out of school. My f****y

always had a big event planned every July 4th and I could hardly wait to go but it

would be another three weeks until the event. Every year, the parents would

have a big bar-b-que, shoot fireworks and drink lots of beer while all the younger

members swam in the lake or went out on jet boats or floats. We always had a

good time but this past year was REALLY special as you are about to find out!

My cousins Mark
... Continue»
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How Mr. T and Mrs. C started

We met in college in rual West Texas, we had a class together and ended up becoming friends. Mr. T had a girlfiend at another college across the state and Mrs. C was single. This is his side of the story..........
I walked into one of my first long semesters at my new college looking forward to who I might get to meet. My roommate was in the same class and we ended up going together. This beautiful girl was sitting in the row behind me, she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt with her hair pulled back not trying to impress anyone but I was instanly in awe of her, however so was my roommate.... Continue»
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First Paki Sex Experiance

It all started when my School was off and I had come to stay at my Uncle's house for a week.
He has two daughters and both are Sizzling Hot.I liked the older daughter, Her name was Bia.She was sizzling Hot and had A HUGE Ass and Big Bouncy Boobs.

One day I was sitting in the living room and my Uncle had gone to work,Aunt was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
Bia always kept her phone locked and I always had the urge to see what she hides in her phone.So while Bia was taking a shower, I grabbed my Laptop and used a Software to bypass her Lockscreen.It went successfully and I got into her ph... Continue»
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