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18, Dumb & Wanting Cum

I have always liked having girlfriends that are a bit younger than me, normally about 5-10 years younger. They have so much more firm bodies and tight asses before they get into their mid 20ies. At the same time they mostly are looking up to you, thinking that you are some kind of hero. Someone that knows everything and has all the answers. I have also a job that makes me travel a lot around the world, and that also impresses these cute little girls.

Well, anyway, a couple of years ago I hooked up with a girl called Louise, she had just turned 18. She was a dark haired beauty, with long sle... Continue»
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19 & Pregnant

I had just arrived home from college on spring break the previous day and I was already bored; so bored that I was at the mall looking for any kind of action. I hadn't been able to track down any friends who had spring break the same week as I did and had actually spent Friday night at home with my parents. I had no intention of spending Saturday night the same way even if it meant trolling the mall that afternoon, looking for anyone I knew. Fortunately, things turned out even better than I could have imagined. I was meandering along the upper level when I heard someone call my name. Because i... Continue»
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Come On Over

Sarah and I had lived with one another for over a year but had decided to separate after our relationship degraded to a point to where we both simply quit trying. She was now living with a new boyfriend and had asked me to come pick up some things I had left that she had gathered together during the last few months. “Ron (her new boyfriend) and I are getting tired of looking at this stuff” she had told me over the phone. She liked to throw his name out all over the place, I guess to show me she was “over” me.

I was fine with that but even though I had never met Ron, I knew there was one ar... Continue»
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18 yo Schoolgirl Gets a Mouthful

I can just imagine you when you were 18. The teacher walking up and down the rows of students. Their heads down as they write. The teacher standing behind you. You sitting at your desk, tits bulging out of your tight blouse. Top buttons undone. Legs apart. Skirt hiked up. As you write, you finger your pussy. Standing above you, his eyes linger on your tits. His cock grows hard. He makes his way back to his desk and sits down.

Now he is facing you and his eyes are drawn back to your open legs. He has an unobstructed view of your pussy. With your panties pushed aside allowing your fingers ful... Continue»
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$ Shortage

I was relaxing on the beach one sunny afternoon. There was some pretty fantastic scenery wandering around and I was enjoying it. Mind you, it took a bit of effort to keep the old fellow under control so he wouldn't embarrass me.

A couple of the choicest bits of scenery were decorating a couple of towels quite close to me. I know what you're thinking - I chose that spot because of the scenery, but you're wrong. I was actually there first and they set up next to me while I was swimming, but I had no complaints.

The two items of perambulating scenery were blonde and brunette. Young and fit... Continue»
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(Good) Girl Gone Bad

Dylan slouched on the chair behind the counter with a sigh. He ought to stop going out on work nights, opening up the tattoo and piercing shop in the morning weighted on him as it never did when he was well rested and fresh of mind.

Then again, how could he say no to that absolute babe who had been smirking at him the whole time at the pub. He smirked, playfully twirling a pen between his fingers. What was her name again? Not that it mattered, he had no intention of seeing her again, but you know... just for the record.

He had just recalled she might be called Scarlet, at least that was... Continue»
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10 Minute Window

I was busy. Really busy.

I heard her car pull into the driveway while I was on the conference call in the office next to the kitchen. She was home early because her yoga studio was having some repairs done that evening. It was a f***ed vacation for a workaholic. Zen, my ass.

Between her growing studio clientele, my consulting firm and three teenagers, we didn't have enough hours in the day. Somehow we got it all in and had time to ourselves. The flexibility of my work usually balanced the rigid hours of her studio and the k**s' schedules. But this week was packed for me. So I hadn't to... Continue»
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A night of many firsts...

I was never a big hit with the girls in High School and I was a virgin by the time I graduated. Now with living at home and just working I didn't have a real chance to date. It was the 80's and I didn't have a computer yet and when I hit at the age of 18 I was able to go to the Adult bookstores and I was a k** in the candy store. Well I would gather up some masturbating supplies and race home to jerk off, some of the items I would get were the local swingers magazine. I figured that I wanted to get laid, the people in the magazine want to get laid and there is no B.S. with a teenage girl that ... Continue»
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"Arresting" Officer

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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I'm Not Bad, Just Drawn That Way

I've heard stories about news photographers who get shot because when they put the camera viewfinder to their eye, they forget that they're actually in a dangerous situation and think they're just watching something happening to someone else. It's like extreme voyeurism. I know it sounds strange, but I believe it. I believe it because it happened to me.

I'm not a photographer. I'm an artist. Well, I want to be an artist. I take my sketchbook everywhere I go and when I get "in the moment," I'm really transported away from where I'm really at to a place somewhere in my head.

So I'm sitting... Continue»
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The first time in Phoenix

It was my first trip to Pheonix and I was eager to meet a shemale.

My b*****r had some LA Express Newspapers and I found myself intrigued by the shemale ads.
I started to collect them on my own and frequently edge myself until I exploded on the transsexual pages.

When I got to Phoenix, I immediately found an LA Express. Super excited, looked through a few ads and saw an amazing
blonde with tantalizing tits. My cock was twitching and call her right away. I stopped at the first pay phone and called her.
This real adventure took place before cellphones and the internet.

She to... Continue»
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The Hotel

It was a long day sitting in a classroom going over the specs of the new line of cars and selling points that we have to remember, I'd rather experience the cars on the track but that will come. 
I'm sitting in my room FaceTiming the f****y back home telling the k**s goodnight. When talking to my wife my mind is miles away, back on the plane with my hand buried inside Shannon's pussy. I feel terrible about it. My wife calls me back out of my day dream. 
"I'm sorry. It was a long day." I say. 
"I'm going to get some sl**p." Trying to get off the video call. To get back to daydreaming. 
"Oka... Continue»
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School nurse going wild

Gina Stevens pressed the send icon, ”bombs away” she thought to herself. The process was started, filing for divorce with her son-of-a-bitch husband with the email sent to the f****y law firm initiating the inevitable. She had initiated the divorce after catching him fooling around too many times with his secretary. Suddenly there was a beep and a yellow lamp flashing next to her desk, indicating she had another patient benefiting from her daily drop-in session between 13.00 and 14.00 She was a school nurse and the drop in cases varied from broken arms to broken hearts. Sometimes a sad k** lo... Continue»
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sex with indian aunty

Hot Sex with Vijaya Aunty
Hi friends this is shijil a 22 yrs old boy, from surat but originally from kerala. I m currently doing my mba from one of most reputed colleges of india. This story is about how I fucked my dream anuty vijaya. She is my dads friends wife she also stays in the same society which I used to stay. Vijaya is a typical mallu girl with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 k**s, with a figure of 36/32/38.U guys can imagine how big is her ass. I had a great lust for her, from my c***dhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her. Many times I would feel her bra... Continue»
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Poor 17

I am not a story teller like most people here, but I got really turned-on watching my cousin when I was 17; she was 16. She was staying with my f****y, because the school was better and her mum was no more with them. Being my mum’s favourite niece and all, her b*****r and her, stayed at our house during the term. Their dad was well off, but a polygamist and had lots of k**s, so it was no surprise that they considered our house a f****y home.
I decided not to go to school one day, because I had plans, so the night before; I told my parents I was sick. I had no idea, the next morning my cousin... Continue»
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Mira, an Indian wife’s rite into sexual awak

By mirax86@xhamster. Based on real events.
The knock on the front door startled me. As I slipped out of the bed, my phone buzzed. A message from Harini. “I have sent him to check on you”. I checked the time. 11:48 PM. Was that Ram at the door? I walked quietly to the front room and checked the eyeglass. It was Ram. He must ... Continue»
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my first time with my friend

A few months ago I had a great experience that was not only unexpected but unforgettable.

I had been seeing a friend off from the International Airport. By chance I met a young woman who had just farewelled her parents on an overseas holiday.

She lived with her parents in a small country town on the West Coast and I had known her mum and dad before I moved to the city. The daughter, I’ll call Jessie, was still in high school, and was now a gorgeous young woman of eighteen; some twenty years younger than me. While we were having a coffee in one of the airport café’s she mentioned that she... Continue»
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Fantasy Realized

I have always had a difficult time sl**ping in moving vehicles, and I knew from previous experiences that this train trip would be no different. So about 11:30PM, while almost everyone in my car was either asl**p or preparing to sl**p, I decided to gather my things and go to the Snack Car to pass the night, where I could spread out at one of the tables and have more room to write, read, or whatever I felt like doing.

I picked my way through the Observation Deck crowd, attempting to not step on the people already spread out on the seats or the floor, and descended to the Snack Car. I ordere... Continue»
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Friend and a Fleshlight

The clock struck midnight. Matt was officially 18 now.

"Happy birthday old fuck," John said from across the room. The two were up late playing video games since it was spring break.

"Old fuck? You just turned 18 a few days ago yourself, you know!" Matt shot back.

"True, but I carry it better."

"Yeah, okay," Matt retorted sarcastically.

This type of exchange was typical between the two. They had been best friends since 2nd grade, when Matt moved in from a few towns over.

"So what are you going to do now that you're 18? Buy cigarettes? Rent porn? Buy a scratch-off? You can... Continue»
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A New Toy

It was back about our 5th year of marriage when I decided to do something different. I was gone to Norfolk Virginia on business; I was gone for nearly a month and a half. After going out with the guys several times I started missing Trish even more. So for a solid week I did nothing more that think of how I can improve our love life. I thought of so many things, knowing that Trish had a good past before we married; I just was not sure how I could improve ours.

I did what every red bl**ded American man would do in this situation. I stopped by the local triple X store to see what they had. I... Continue»
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