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Surprise Spanking at Adult Store Part III

This is the continuation of a true story started as Surprise Spanking at an Adult Video.

To bring you up to speed, where I left off last time, I was a very naïve 21 year old newly married man traveling to Dallas on business. I met up with Tony at an adult book store who took complete control over me. I was wearing pink panties under my clothes that he instructed me to wear and we were at the adult book store in Dallas that has movie preview rooms besides the arcade in back. Tony was waiting for me in one of the movie preview rooms as he had sent me out to the store part to purchase a but... Continue»
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BBW Hook Up Gail

BBW Hook Up-Gail

I was surfing on an adult hook up site one night and I received a reply for a private chat from a woman who reportedly met my requirements, BBW, preferably married and no LTR. Turned out she lived probably no more than a mile from me and worked in the same industry but we had never met. She said she was 45, married and her husband was disabled so she just wasn't getting enough sex. She had just ended a LTR but her boyfriend who was separated went back to his wife. We chatted about every night for two weeks and decided to meet one afternoon. Her requirement was that she want... Continue»
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Barnes & Noble Girl Part I

Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. I'm also open to suggestions to what the next stories would be about. Thank you.

Barnes & Noble Girl

The harsh sound of alarm clock was the first thing she heard before she woke up. It was 8 am and she had thirty minutes to be at work and open up the store at 9 am. She had finally become a manager and though it didn’t pay much more than when she was a regular employee it did come with much more responsibilities. She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth and hair and quickly applied her make up before putting on a silky cr... Continue»
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Tina O'Brien has lesbian sex

It was during the hot spell in the early summer of 2010 when Tina (26) met up with her close friend and fellow ex Coronation Street (Corrie) star, Nikki Sanderson (26) in a club in Manchester. Even though both girls are no longer in the famous long-running UK TV soap they are still mainly remembered for their roles as Sarah Louise & Candice rather than anything they've done since.

Tina had left her little daughter Scarlett with Tina's Mum & Dad; a task which they loved and therefore Tina didn't feel too guilty about it. Her recent TV work had made this a regular thing but she did try and ... Continue»
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Heather Peace and Roxanne McKee lesbian sex

After her successful role as Louise Summers in the UK soap Hollyoaks she was offered a major role in the BBC drama called “Lip Service” which is set in Scotland and is about lesbian relationships.
Although Roxanne has always been a sex symbol she’s never really shied away from, not-only playing, raunchy roles but also stripping off for glamour mags as well. All very tasteful but she had been approached many times with cash to go further but she’s always said no.
Now just turned 30, she’s a 5ft 7inches tall brunette with a slim model-like figure and she’s never been short of boyfriends and ... Continue»
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New Job, New Life.

Must say didn't hold out much hope, been made redundant as an engineer, 53 and limited opportunities but to go out on my own and do this has been a dream for years.

I applied to several companies and websites but not much response but one from a small company gave me an interview and was interviewed by a very stern and buxom woman, but I reckoned I held my own and she said she let me know.

Anyway a week later she needed a job doing fast as she been let down, she asked if I had the relevant tools and certificates now, I had, so she gave me the address to go.

I arrived at a new build ho... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #7: Super Subs-1

I invite four friends to my studio for an intimate interview - three of them are still virgins!

I invite my four favourite friends from the supermarket at the corner for a sexy shoot in my studio
I invite first Bianca who is my first friend there - she always smiles at me when she sees me enter

I wrote once a verse for her in Dutch and carried it with me for a fortnight till I met her in privacy
I wrote it for her but she clearly showed it to some of her friends as next day I got many more smiles

I ask her help to convince the other three to come along with her as she is
... Continue»
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Oma amd Opa

Oma and Opa

Ever since I can remember, I would visit Oma and Opa and spend the night with them. We would all sl**p in the same bed. Oma on the right, Opa on the left, and me in the middle. We would all sl**p naked.

Some times Oma and Opa would get on one side of the bed. They would kiss. Oma would be on the bottom and make the bed bounce. Other times Oma would be on her hands and knees, Opa would be behind her. She would make moaning noises and Opa would be grunting, it sounded like Opa was smacking Oma and the bed would really be shaking and hitting against the wall.

I noticed t... Continue»
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A Blowjob to Remember

So, this is my second sex story that I am posting. This particular encounter took place only about 6 months ago in June 2014.

I travel a lot for work, so most of the time I am not in New York. I spend about 4 months there every year, usually in the summer time. This summer when I was home my friends introduced me to Tinder. I had heard about it but was never really interested. One night I was visiting a friend in Manhattan and decided to make a profile and see what was out there. After a few matches and boring conversations, I matched with a woman in her 40's (I was 28 at the time). She wa... Continue»
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Jenny has sex on stage in front of an audience

Jenny Jenner, known to her friends as JJ, was just 26 when her life changed forever. Her life up until then had been full of disappointments in most things and constant heartache when it came to her love life. Throughout her teens and her time at University, each successive boyfriend had either dumped her, cheated on her or was just been plain bad as with her last boyfriend. Even though she's intelligent and certainly not stupid, perhaps she was basically naïve, trusting and easily led. This is certainly still the case here as she allowed her emotions to rule over common sense.

She was t... Continue»
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You are never really past it

Tina had been married for over 15 years when things started to go wrong. She got to the stage when she just stopped having sex with her husband Paul and eventually, just over a year ago, he left her for another woman.

Although he's been fairly good throughout the divorce, she's been left high and dry with her young, 12 year old daughter Zoe and the future looked hopeless until just a couple of months ago, straight after the New Year.

Tina is just 5ft 2 inches tall, 46 years old with a slim, almost skinny, figure and she's never really been a demonstrative or overtly sexual person; whic... Continue»
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Nina is taught a lesbian lesson

Nina is 18 year old and hails from Bradford in the UK and is studying at Nottingham University. She's 5ft 1" tall, 107lbs and has the kind of perfect slim shapely body that most women would die for. Everything in proportion, nice rounded breasts, a full rounded bottom, a trim waste and shapely legs. In fact she's fucking gorgeous!!

Her brown eyes shine causing many a male heart to flutter. She keeps her shiny dark brown hair fairly long and it enhances her Mediterranean lineage.

After seeing other girls with shaved pussies, Nina now keeps her intimate areas smooth and hairless. Her ... Continue»
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Naked Gary is milked by gays

The five of us who ran the local gym were all gay and regular sex partners. We had shared many group sessions where we pretended to capture one of the group and subject him to fucking and torture. One of the fantasies we shared though was to do this for real and to f***e a good looking straight chap into just this position and make him cum for us whether he wants to or not and this is what we did with Gary who was our first straight victim.

Gary is a good looking British white male; not very tall but with a strong lithe body. He's very popular with the ladies being very well endowed as h... Continue»
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Jane cums of age and how

Jane's, English, 18 and exactly 5 feet tall with natural long blonde hair, stunningly beautiful, with blue eyes and the most fantastic slim shapely figure. She had just finished her final year at school gaining three "A" Levels and looking forward to university, when her life was changed forever.

Although Jane excelled academically at school her real ambition was to be an Olympic athlete and, although she was good at athletics, her lack of inches gave her an obvious disadvantage over the taller girls. She then tried gymnastics and, even though she was supple enough, she'd started rather ... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (5)

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off and Clare half on me and half on the bed beside me with my bedside lamp on and the door opening to my room as I slid out from under Clare, who started turning over in her sl**p, and mom sticking her head in the door, "I was wondering when you wanted up but I see, you have your alarm set, so I will start your breakfast."

"Okay mom, thanks. I'll be just a couple of minutes or so." as I stood and reached over to shut off the alarm with my morning wood sticking straight out in front of me.

As soon as mom saw me uncover and crawl out from und... Continue»
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First time in the Alternative Sex store

I've heard of this store in town for a long time now and had resisted checking it out due to being shy and afraid of being seen entering. I guess that comes with my introverted personality, but a year or so ago an acquaintance of mine, who tends to thrive on making people uncomfortable for his own entertainment, jokingly suggested we go in as we passed by on our bar hopping night. Trying to seem unembarrassed I reluctantly agreed. We went in and my pal made it a huge to do to ask in depth questions about almost every outlandish novelty on display to the clerk of the store. I just hung out ... Continue»
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The Tale of Two Julys

I hadn't seen him at all in nearly 20 years and it has been 23 since we first met. We had a hot night of sex when I was 19 years old on a hot July night. Twenty one years is a long time, he had found me on social media just two weeks ago. We had been emailing and texting almost non stop and here was the day I would see him again. The past 2 weeks we have flirted online with each other talking about what an incredible night we shared on a late night 4th of July after he had seen me earlier in my black string bikini working in the dunk tank at the small town festival. I had noticed him watching ... Continue»
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Masturbation is his hobby, common in retirement co

About 5 years ago I met up with a much older gentleman over the holiday while visiting f****y in FL.
Not cut for a porn movie but at least it was real. I only embellished a few things. Guess and I'll tell you at the end what I exaggerated.

Anyway, this old man, 70, had several hobbies, including one new hobby, one we had in common.
It was early evening, shortly after dinner, and his wife had already gone to bed. I knocked softly, as instructed, and he greeted me in a shirt and bathrobe.
"I always get comfortable in my bathrobe after she is off to bed" he quipped.
He had no hangups o... Continue»
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Anjali The Amazing Doctor

Anjali was a c***d psychiatrist living in a posh area in Mumbai along with her live-in partner Amit. They weren’t married but in a live in relationship almost like any other couple. Her patients were usually teenagers who were involved in crime and she worked in a government hospital by day dealing with juveniles and then spent her evening in her own clinic at home, dealing with c***dren brought in by anxious parents so her evenings were usually turned into counseling sessions.

She was in clinic when she was visited by Mrs. Sharma who was accompanied by her son. He was scowling and looking ... Continue»
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The Papergirl

My name is Steve. My daughter Suzette, whom you’re read about in other posts by Sean and Babs, convinced me to write the true story of the Papergirl. Sean helped me and I hope you enjoy it.

Years ago, we had a papergirl that delivered our daily newspaper. Every morning before school she would ride her bike along the sidewalk and toss the paper up by the front door. After several years of practice and growing bigger, her aim was quite good.

I was only several of years older than the papergirl and never really paid her much attention until I saw her one day in high school. I was a senior... Continue»
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