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My first ever threesome

This story happened in 1980

My fiancé at the time, Mandy, was a naïve girl who I’d been engaged to for around a year, she had a best friend called Kathy who we used to spend a lot of time with. This particular Sunday we were at Kathy’s flat and she was taking some photo’s of us, you know just candid poses. When I suggested she take some semi erotic pics, she agreed although Mandy wasn’t sure.

I told Mandy just some photo’s of us undressing each other and simulating sexual positions. Anyway she eventually agreed. We started with us kissing and slowly undressing each other as Kathy took th... Continue»
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Threesome with the virgin

Donna had got off work later than usual she'd been doing a bit of overtime, so I'd picked her up at 8pm at the store. She came out with a young man, he was Cameron, 18 years old and apparentley still a virgin. they got in the car and on our way home he was quite chatty about his non existant sex life, he'd never been out with a girl ever.

He was slim, brown hair around 5'8" and probablt weighed 10 stone. When we got home I made them both a drink and Donna went in the shower as Cameron and I were talking in the lounge. Fifteen minutes later Donna came into the room wearing her sexy night wea... Continue»
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Cousin Blow Job

Lets start with a little back ground to better imagine the situation. My parents are divorced and when I was younger my mother and I would always spend a part of our vacation with our f****y in Serbia. We would spend most of the time in the wilage where my grandfather lived, there I would play and run around the wilage. His name is Darko and is a month younger than me.

Darko was at that time about as high as me and had dark black hair that got to about the middle of forehead and dark black eies. While i was at about 170 cm high at the time and have light brown hair and brown eies. This sto... Continue»
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Filipina Fun While You Gone

It was really plenty traffic here because of Edsa work. I felt so good and sexy the other night after chatting with you and I told you I had a date soon with Ray and wanted you to listen on the phone while I'm with him so you can hear our moans and sexy talks while fucking. Oh, honey, he is so cute for me but really tall.
Okay, honey, here's what happened. We just finished swimming in the pool at his condo in Makati. We flirted and kissed at the pool and his body is good, and he says he thinks my Filipina body is looking good too. Then we went down to his condo and took shower. ... Continue»
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Total Frustration

This is a true story.

When I was in college, I was a BMOC and head of an important university-sponsored student organization, which required me to meet with the dean of student affairs periodically to go over our budget, etc. Let's call him Jim. He had a very foxy secretary named Pat, an ex-nun, who was 3-4 years older than me. Pat was a slender but curvaceous young woman with jet black short hair and a very pale complexion. The contrast was stunning, even more so because she had a beautiful, lightly freckled face and a smile that could stop a runaway freight train. Simply put, Pat made my ... Continue»
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Photoshoot With Cousin

Photoshoot With Cousin

She wasn't really my cousin... But she was... like an older s****r? Yet we weren't really close to be honest. She was just a f****y friend. Our families grew up together and have been extremely close ever since. We barely ran into each other but there was always that rivalry. She was always compared to my older s****r and I was always compared to her older b*****r. It was frustrating because I was the little shrimp in the f****y. I could never win! Well years have passed we grew a little older and we grew our interests. I was getting into photography and my cousin so... Continue»
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How We Got Started - Part 4

Lisa and I were able to get together with Simon fairly often. We enjoyed the new sexual experience and found that Simon was willing to come over almost every time we invited him. And beyond Lisa watching Simon and I exchange blow jobs, we got to know each other outside the bedroom and started doing things together like going to movies and eating out. After about two months we three had become comfortable around each other. Our society is so programmed for couple relationships that I would never have expected our threesome to actually become an enduring friendship, but it had.

One afternoon ... Continue»
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Rebecca gives Her Daughter a Gift

Rebecca or Bec as her friends call her came home from work in a dazy state her daughter Ginny was taken by her mothers mood mom are you ok? Bec looked at her daughter in one week she would be 17yrs her long hair hung to just above her perfect ass. Ginny was turning 17 but her body was one of a gorgeous model long legs to a perfect ass then 36C tits even bigger then her mother's a face of an angel the total package. Honey please come sit with me ok? Sure mom what's up with you why are you acting so wired? Ginny I need you to do something for me no questions asked ok? Uh well a yea ok su... Continue»
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New Year's Eve party (millennium)

On New Year's Eve 1999 (millennium eve) my mate had a party as his parents house in high Wycombe. They had a big place with a marquee in the garden and about 150 guests. I was 28 at the time and my mates and their friends were all a bit younger, as I was a mature student at the time.

We had a really good night, which in fact carried on until about 5 in the morning for me and even later for others.

Anyway, I fucked a couple of different girls that night.

The first was a friend of a friend, let's call her Sarah. We all got there in the afternoon to help get things ready and then got ... Continue»
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MEMORIES #6: Pam's pussy eaten out

I am five feet tall and weigh ninety-five pounds, a slim and dainty girl.
I was at a club with three girlfriends drinking and dancing when I spotted
a good-looking guy who was giving me the eye.

I smiled at him and he finally asked me to dance. I gladly accepted.
We looked like Mutt and Jeff, as he was six-four and over two hundred pounds.
My nipples were erect with desire as they poked into his lower chest.
We danced several times, until my panties were soaking wet.

I couldn't believe the effect he was having on me, and I knew I wanted to leave my friends
and go somewhere with
... Continue»
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The Origin of Sgt. Steel Part 2: Iraq, Internet Po

For a long time I skated around the periphery with my attraction to shemales and fembois. After my initial exposure watching Jaye Davidson in "The Crying Game," I went back to living with my soon to be future ex-wife and my two stepdaughters.
I didn't really start considering shemales and fembois until my second deployment. In August 2007 I arrived in Iraq. Although I have been in the military for over thirty years, I’ve never been one of those gung ho types. To be honest I’m more of a cynic. Kind of like a character named the Comedian in a movie called Watchmen. He looked at all the serious... Continue»
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First Time lesbian

She has always been a little crazy. In a good, funny way. One time Lisa asked if I shaved the mouse and when I said no, Lisa said she could help me. My cheeks turned red as a tomato and I thought she was crazy, and I thought no more about it.

But then I started reading erotica and got a lot of ideas and thoughts. I have masturbated a few times and I remember those moments. I've mostly been rubbing something soft against my little mouse, like my cuddly toy bunny, my fingers, and it was nice for a while. But the stories did something to me, I started testing more.

One day I thought it wou... Continue»
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What happens in... Denver.

I'd only ever had contact with another man once in my life. Not even a man: he was the older b*****r of a friend of mine. I guess he was 17. I had just started in junior high.
I'd gone to their house one afternoon and everyone else was out. He answered the door in just a towel. I'd got him out of the shower.
I was in awe of this much older boy and he was always nice to me. He asked me in, even though my friend wasn't going to be home for a while and I followed him up to his room.
He told me he'd been jerking off when the doorbell rang and asked me if I knew what that meant.
I didn't. I ... Continue»
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Glory Hole France 1

hi my name is Ilona Tomkiw and I want to tell members how sucking guys I was in holiday in France looking architectural outfit and evening I wanted a disco I drank a little alcohol and went to a disco in France, I did not know that this country has many nationalities I amused dancing drinking alcohol later I decided to go home across the street and then I met a black man and said that I followed him and I did because as I was when alcohol was dark and there are many black men and many booths I opened the door and saw one a woman sucks cock through the wall I was curious I looked for her until ... Continue»
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Dian 's College Fantasy (Acting Out Fantasies

Dian 's College Fantasy (Acting Out Fantasies 6)

I had my first bi-sexual experience when my mom took me to my neighbors house where I had sex with Robert, and his wife Shar. I had a fantastic time as I was fucking Robert, my mom was having lesbian sex with Shar, and after a while we traded and I had my first lesbian experience with Shar when my mom was fucking Robert. After I got more comfortable joining their sex club I started to bring my then boyfriend Don. Since then Don and I have broken up, I’m up in Seattle going to college where I am fully embracing my bisexuality and I’m introduci... Continue»
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'little s*s' chapter eight

After eric left the auditorium my legs were shaking so bad I basically did the walk of shame in front of my drama teacher. He wouldn’t care if I told him I was in the prop room fucking a boy. He just looked up and said ‘you look nice. I thought you were absent.’ I told him ‘no I came in late.’ I asked him to change my absent to a tardy. He said ‘Sure no problem. Will you tell the bitches smoking in the dressing room to spray some damn air freshener.’

I laughed at him and pulled a can of glade out of my massive purse. I told him it was my fault I usually bring the glade. He told me to splu... Continue»
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swapping the wife

I would like to tell you of something that happened many years ago, hoping you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Let me set the scene I was working for a security company and had heard of a female guard, who was an easy lay and was any ones for a few drinks, I had also heard she was fantastic in bed, as I bought her home one night from a site I asked her out for a drink, excepting I dropped her off and told her I would pick her up in about 1½ finishing off I shot home and got ready picking Michelle up dead on time, as we drove to the pub we chatted arriving at the pub I got our drinks and sat... Continue»
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Excerpts from my wife's journals and diaries

As a young girl my wife had a neighbor named Walt . He was a very tall Black man that had the only swimming pool in the neighborhood .All the k**s wanted to swim there and he would let them a couple times a week. Her bedroom had a direct view of the pool and his bedroom window .
My wife's first experience happened one night as she was getting ready for bed . She had changed into her pj's with the curtains open . As she was closing them she had noticed Walts curtains were open as well . She turned her light off and sat in her darkroom looking into his room. Feeling naughty , and unsure she s... Continue»
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My movie world

After getting a lot of experience in watching the porn movie, I thought of making my own movie. This thinking was looking simple but when I get started planning on the same then everything really kept me busy and finally I drafted a plan to make the movie. There were many wrong ways to make such things but I had no such ideas or plan to get into the negative side. As I wanted my actors to behave properly with smile as many of the western porn movies have. I had sea... Continue»
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New sensations

Suchitra was in college then. The vacations were around the corner and she had plans of going to her farm house near her home and tidying up the place. Since her home was near no one stayed there and it was just because she needed it that it was still there.
It was in the last week that she got hold of the vibrating beads she had been wanting. The parcel was in bubble wrap so no one noticed. Her heart throbbed as she placed it in her bag. She went home saying bye
... Continue»
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