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Unplanned male bonding

Jay was a guy I knew from the neighborhood bar I went to in Manhattan. Not a close friend, just someone I saw in there from time to time. A few years older than my close circle. We played pool together and watched a ballgame or two. On TV, even up at the stadium a couple of times.
I liked the bar, it was pretty low-key and there was plenty of girls came in, giving me ample opportunity for one-nighters. New York girls aren't shy.
Anyway, this isn't about girls. This is about the time with Jay.
We were there late, maybe 2am. Friday night had slipped into Saturday morning and we'd hung on, wa... Continue»
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The Breakdown Part 2

Please Note: This story is totally fictional, please do NOT attempt to copy this in real life, or thing that this story is real in anyway

This story is about a stuck up young lady, who this that is perfect and is better than anyone around her.

PREVIOUSLY. “He pulled his jean off, exposing his cock in full. Lilly knew now this was for real, her pussy was wet, she was naked and about to be fucked like never before”

Lilly was sat in the back of her Clio, she was completely naked, Jadee's dad was standing o... Continue»
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The Porn Movie

Two good girls decide that they needed to treat their boyfriends to a porn movie in the hope that they would be satisfied with that. (FFFF, 1st, voy)


Mandy and Jesse were juniors in college. Both came from fairly well-to-do families, both came from rigid backgrounds, and both were virgins. Both had resisted sexual advances from various guys throughout their college careers, because of their fear that their parents would find out - and the fact that they had no idea what do to satisfy a guy.

Now, they both had fairly steady boyfriends, both of whom obviously wished the girls wou... Continue»
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18 Fresh From School And HORNY AS FUCK

This is a tale from my younger days, back during the wild fun 80's. At the time I was a fresh faced 18 year old guy that had began to have bi fantasies in my mid teens. I was only about 125-130 pounds standing 5-7 with long below my shoulders light brown hair hazel eyes.
I had found out my older b*****r was gay a couple of years earlier and I found myself turned on by hearing him talk to his friends and all about the guys they had met, made out with or fucked. I also would go through his stash of super wild gay magazines full of stories and pics of hot cute guys, a lot were just about my a... Continue»
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Getting back at a racist Puerto Rican wife....

A unique opportunity....

I had moved to Boston from rural western Massachusetts in high school (father's job was transferred); it was a bit of a culture shock - the crowds, congestion, traffic and varieties of people. Growing up in western Mass, the town was tiny and quaint; the people were all familiar and the same - pretty much all white, small town people.

I mainly kept to myself for the last year and a half I was in Boston for high school: I made only a few friends, and the girls weren't really into me; so my few friends were guys.

I became close with a Puerto Rican k** named Car... Continue»
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Bruce Takes Me

I was 21. Worked for the telephone company at the time. Bruce, yeah that was his real name, was one of my best friends. We had dated girls who were roommates at the U. I’d known him for about three years. He was a funny fucker. Wild man, and we had a blast. When we broke up with the girls we kind of drifted.

Diane was the girl I had dated. We got engaged when we were in our first year of college, but we broke it off later.

Anyway, I called Bruce up because I had to go to a wedding in Bumfuck Egypt, and wanted some company. Plus we hadn’t seen each other in quite awhile.

I pic... Continue»
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Naked in the woods

Like all teens I was constantly horny. Just thinking about sex was enough to make my cock immediately get hard. But I was also a shy, nerdy type and couldn't even imagine how I'd ever get a girl to have sex with my. Hell, I could hardly talk to one. So, like most teen boys, I jacked off a lot.

I liked the way my cock looked when it was hard. It was easy to fantasize about the way its head was shaped to help spread the lips of a pussy and ease inside. There was a hand mirror in the bathroom at home and I would use it to look at my hard cock while I jerked it. Seeing it from other angles tur... Continue»
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you better daddy

It was something i never expected to happen in my wildest dreams. me and my best friend of 18 years had sex. it was a night ill never forget. ill skip our whole friendship history and get right to the night it happened.
jase picked me up from my house at around seven to go to smoke a little then watch a movie. everything seemed totally normal. we rolled a blunt, and half way through it, i could tell he was starting to get a bit handsy, but i thought nothing of it. i rmeber i had quoted some comedian and he gave a good laugh, and then landed his hand on my bicep. i felt a slight chill and almo... Continue»
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The moment my girlfriend realized I was a cuckold

"I've been CHEATING on you!" she screamed at me, tears filling her eyes. She was furious at me, and the threw me the biggest bomb she had. "Thats right, I've been fucking other men!!!!!!" She was hysterical in rage and anger at me.

I just sat there. Stunned. Shocked. Unsure of what to say or do next.

We had been together for just under a year. She was quite a catch, thin but with just the right curves. Small breasts, but legs and an ass to more than make up for it. in fact, except for a few emotional issues, she was way out of my league!

As for the emotional issues, they work... Continue»
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It was a bold plan, provocative, perhaps even a little dangerous.
What had started as a notion only a week ago had become an
increasingly daring idea. Another day of rumination, and the idea
had become an objective. A fretful night's sl**p allowed her further
consideration, and by the next morning the objective had spurned a
course of action.

Now that Kelly thought about it, she'd spent the better part of the
past seven days planning to get her best friend into bed.

The genesis of the plan had been a phone call from Donna the day
after graduation. Sobbing, sniffling, blubb
... Continue»
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Memories of my first time - Part 1

There are plenty of 'True' First Time stories that are often more fantasy than fact. Well, this one is fact and doesn't feature an 8" cock and multiple orgasms. I've changed the names as I am no longer in touch with those involved so cannot get their approval. The conversations may not be word for word, but are as best I can remember them.

It was the early 1970s and I was coming up to 19. I'd done the usual teenage kissing, groping thing and had even progressed to the occasional hand job from various girls, but that was about it. I lived with my parents and b*****rs in a city in southern E... Continue»
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being of service continued

After The beating I finished cleaning up and had to clean the bathroom again
I then went to my room . It wasn't long before Joyce called me again,
Your coming shopping with me , we went to the local shops, she bought food and drink for her friends
When we got home she had me making sandwiches , she was actually quiet nice to me. She said her friend would be arriving about 7.
I was to go my room and stay there , I asked if I could just go out with my mates, ? No you ruined my weekend your going to suffer.
After a final polish she told me to hang the washing out. I emptied the washing... Continue»
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Weekend Wife Trade {part one}

My life long friend Larry and I had got together last Friday morning to trade our wive's for the weekend, so I would be fucking his woman and he would be fucking mine for the next two day's. And we could fuck them in front of one another or alone in another room, that would kind of be up to the girl's as well. It all started our weekly Tuesday night poker game it was at our buddy Pat's house this week, when one of the guy's ran out of money and threw his hot, horny girlfriend in the pot and wouldn't you know it Steve "that lucky bastard" won and got to take the money and the lady home that n... Continue»
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my friends sissy slut part4

I reluctantly sat between Ali and Nick. As I sat down I took care to keep my legs together so not to show my panties and I crossed my legs to try and sit like a lady. I realised I did both of these things naturally, god im starting to think like a girl, I thought to myself. I glanced across the room to were Greg and Chris were sitting, I realised they were quite d***k and they were both almost leering at me. I found myself blushing a little and my cock twitched in my panties. "god you look like your Mum" said Chris. Greg said "yeh you look really girly and sexy". Ali put his hand on my... Continue»
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The Time I Fucked My Young Neighbor

In my older age throughout Hank and I's swinger lifestyle up until recently, we have always been with other couples around our age. It has been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a younger man since I reached my 50s. It has never come to fruition up until recently. So allow me to go into some back story on how it all came about.

We have neighbors that live on our street and have neighbors with them for many years. They have one son and I have watched him grow from a young teen to a very good looking 26 year old. His name is Ryan and he has grown into a very handsome young man. I always ... Continue»
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Read if you want I guess. :]

So I've learned this is a site where you post your "fantasy" as people say, I guess I'll share mine. Here goes nothing..
I'm what you call a curvy girl, some men like them other men can't even look at them.. I have long light brown hair some days it likes to be straight some days its curly. Big, round green eyes along with perfect eyelashes. Nice full lips with a lil lip piercing on the side, tongue piercing also.. About 5'3" without shoes, you will never catch me dead in heels (not my thing at all,sorry), 38DDD for a bust line, wide hips and a very nice ass I might add. I love tattoos and pi... Continue»
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Cheating slutty milf

This story is about how I seduced a 39 year old married milf off a dating website. This is a genuine story and I will be recording and taking pictures the next time we meet up. This happened last year so I was 23 and she was 39. I had a girlfriend and the time but I wanted Kate's pussy too bad to miss out. Kate is 39 , married and has 4 k**s, she lives relatively local to me so it was quite easy to meet up.

We got talking over a course of a few weeks , exchanged numbers and started to flirt more and more each day, then one night I thought I'd try my luck and asked for a sexy pic, she was a ... Continue»
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Sometimes we do things that have no rhyme or reason. We
just do it without thinking.

My name is Jillian Springston and I and my f****y live
in a small town in Southern Indiana. If there were such
a magazine called the "All American f****y", the four
of us could well be on the cover.

By the four of us, I refer to myself and my husband of
nineteen years Jake; my daughter Lisa and my son Brian,
who just graduated from high school this past June.
I of course am on the high end of
thirty something, but I am still trim and shapely
enough that most people think I’m younger.
... Continue»
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A day out with the supermarket women

Ever since Wendy had been chosen as the Supermarket
Princess, we had been welcomed as honoured guests
whenever we went there to do our shopping. I loved the
way the women showed their admiration for my darling
daughter, by following her with their eyes and
licking their lips. They made it obvious that they were
still lusting after her.

Wendy teased them sometimes by letting the more
attractive ones have glimpses of her body, mainly her
legs and breasts. She remembered the way the women had
used her at their party and had often told me that they
wished there was a way to ... Continue»
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First time experience

I was thinking of this topic the other day and thought of how crazy it is that it happened and thought that plenty of people would love to hear about my very first time experimenting with another guy. So, here is my story. This is the first time I ever really fooled around with a guy, but I was very curious prior to this. TO set the stage, I am Chris, age 29, and my friend is Mike, age 31. I changed names for anonymity if you were wondering! Also, I don't remember exact quotes, so what I put in here as either of us saying, I am taking a guess about how it was said, so you get a general id... Continue»
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