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After School Dick-tention

I was late for class. Again. I slowly opened the door to my classroom, hoping Ms. Peterson was absent. Just as I managed to open the door enough to peer inside the class, I saw her. She had her back to me, as she was writing down notes for the students to copy, on the blackboard. I couldn't help but admire her form. This was her first year teaching high school history, and she had no shortage of teenage boy admirers. She was tall, I don't know how tall she was bare foot, but in heels (which she always wore) she was taller than most in the school; faculty or student. If I had to guess, I would... Continue»
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You never forget your first time.

Although this story occurred while I was a minor, we shall assume I was 19 years old. Please enjoy!

I changed my shirt about a dozen times that night. The red? The blue? Does it even matter? I was so scared that he would look at me and be disappointed. I had spent about six months talking to this big, burly guy, Barry, online and tonight we were going to meet. I didn't look at all like the skinny hairless twinks in porn, and I looked nothing like those beefy men. I was thin, but had a bouncy Hispanic bubble butt, which I hated at the time. I had some hair on my chest, but barely. My stomach... Continue»
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Tori's Awakening - Part 1

Tori’s Awakening – Part 1

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 1
Tori watches Cassie & Pam playing

Wednesday Morning

Tori stood watching from the stairs down to the basement rec room. Her daughter, Cassie was sitting in the middle of the carpeted floor; her skirt was bunched about her waist. Cassie’s legs were spread out wide before her, her panties lay around her ankle. She sat sideways to Tori’s line of site, and it was obvious to Tori that her daughter was playing with her hairless pussy... Continue»
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school teen gay crossdresser first time sex

A young cross dresser's first gay experience
I was just a young boy then, senior in high school, horny as hell and dreaming of my first gay experience since sitting in my new red lace thong and white lacy bra and discovering the one porno in the house everyone kept hiding from me. I guess they thought my s****rs panty drawer held no interest for me......they were wrong.

It had been a great afternoon jacking off in my new bra and panties and watching my first porno when it happened, I saw the most beautiful thing ever, Peter north titty fucking a hot blonde and cuming all over her face. I w... Continue»
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Cheaters Never Prosper

Note this is not my own work, it's just a story I love.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Blake?

I looked up at James Anderson with a hint of anger flaring in my eyes causing him to look down at his feet and take a step back from my desk. He was a smart k** but apparently math was more his thing as he was failing my twelfth grade English class. The boy was slight and pale skinned with fine, delicate features. He often wore a hoodie to conceal his long, blond hair and androgynous body. I'd watched him since he came into high school and seen how badly he got teased and bullied by the alpha males ... Continue»
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The Firemen

It all started when i was on this other chat sight,i was on there for a few months & chatted to quite a lot of men frequently,i had some regulars & some were just one offs wanting to view my pics so i gave them permission but only if we had chatted.
Anyway i was approached by this guy who was a fireman we chatted a couple of times he loved my pics & i his,he was a lot younger than me & very athletic & good looking.
One day he asked me did i want to hook up,i usually said no,but i was so unhappy in my relationship & feeling so unwanted & unloved & he was quite local,so i ended up saying yes... Continue»
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She loved to run at Night.

Stretching before leaving the house,
after the ritual of brushing her hair before pulling it up into a tight ponytail,
her housekey dangles from her wrist as almost an afterthought.

tunes are good for the soul, she thinks
her mind far away as sneakers tap moist pavement,
the lights of homes dimly lit this very close to midnight
her work of breathing increases, chest rises and falls with a mild burning
a sheen of salty sweetness is visible on her calves and arms
she admires this new part of herself

round the next block, she pushes herself faster, her f... Continue»
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The first time.

I had just dropped my husband off at the airport. He was going away to visit his mother, I had to work, well that's what I told my husband. I watched his one thirty flight leave for Sydney. Hooray yes he's gone I said to myself as I watched the plane go out of view. Dressed in tight black leather jeans, a loose top that covered my 48dd inch size tits, yes they're massive, and by far my best asset. I got into the jeep and removed my loose top and put on a red satin blouse and only did three of the six buttons up. I drove to the shopping centre and headed straight from lay buy. I picked up the l... Continue»
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she again sent a header

The 2014 World Cup Final was Kloses 137th international match, making him the most capped player at this summers tournament. Like Pele, the 36-year-old contested his second World Cup Final 12 years after his first.71 - Klose has scored a remarkable 71 goals for his country. In September 2013 he equalled Gerd Mullers German goalscoring record of 68 in a World Cup qualifier against Austria before becoming the outright record holder in his sides 6-1 win over Armenia in June this year. Its a joke to compare me to Fut 15 Coins him, an astonished Klose said modestly when reminded of Der Bombers achi... Continue»
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caught by my s****r and her friend

Ah another Saturday morning, mum and dad are at work my older s****r is at her friend Kate's so I have the house to myself. First a nice long shower then wearing only a towel I settle onto the couch to watch some porn I have borrowed from my dad's stash, what else would you expect a sixteen year old boy to do? The movie is getting going and I open the towel to release my now raging hard on. The movie is really getting going and so am I, so much so that I hadn't noticed that my s****r Susan and her friend Kate had returned home unexpectedly until they were in the room. "Alan!" she shrieks, jolt... Continue»
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"Just Treat Me Like A Lady" My First TS

I had just moved to San Antonio for a new job. I only knew a few people from work and asked them where I should go for some night life. They told me to go downtown and gave me the names of a few bars. I was 27 at the time, athletic, a little over 6'0" and about 175." I have a good body and dress casually. I went to the first bar on the list they had told me to check out. I walked in wearing faded bluejeans and a tight gray t-shirt. The bar was about half full of men and women and everyone seemed laid back and cool. I sat in the corner booth and ordered a beer. A few drinks in I noticed a stunn... Continue»
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First Time Being Booty Called

It was New Year's Eve in 2005. I was living in Anchorage, Alaska at the time and was going through a dry spell. I had recently broken up with a girlfriend I had been with for a year. In the time I had broken up with her, I had been using random dating sites to meet women. Most of the time they ended up being a lot bigger than their photos led me to believe. Needless to say I ended up becoming friends with a few of these girls but never did anything more with them. One of these girls was named Jamie. She was a chubby girl but very cute. To be honest, if she had been 20-30 pounds lighter... Continue»
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I had my "secrets" we all have them. I guess on the one hand we are terrified we will be discovered but on the other, there is that little part of us that wants to be discovered. At least that's the way it was for me. Meeting Ms. Anders changed all that. Somehow, from that first meeting, she could see all the way through me. She could see that dark secret that I always thought was safely hidden away.

I should start at the beginning and maybe this will all make a little more sense. My names Robert but I have always been called Bobby. I just turned 22 and have been working for an insurance co... Continue»
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Our first bi

Our first Bi
My wife and I are blessed. We’re both in our late twenties. I graduated from school just as the internet social media was heating up. I’ve made bundles of money and don’t have to work much. We have an estate that is very private, guarded by lush landscaping.
Jenni and I met in college our sophomore year. We were both on the tennis team and we still stay in great shape.
I’m 6’4”, lean with detailed muscles.
Jenni is 5’9”. Blond, smallish titties that are still firm. Small nipples that grow dramatically when she is excited.
Our estate has 5 bedrooms. The master has a large whi... Continue»
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Showing Off At The Beach (first time)

This is a true story. I was house-sitting for some friends who live near the beach in Langkawi in mid-September. I decided to go jogging one morning on the beach, which is only about a block from their house. So I walked over to the beach, and put my stuff down on one of the beach chairs in front of the high rise resort there. After jogging down the beach and back for about 35 minutes, I had worked up a pretty good sweat, so I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Figuring that I might want to do this, I had worn my swim trunks to go jogging. And when I wear my swim trunks, I always wear somet... Continue»
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I'm a little old to be banished to summer camp," I said to
Spike. Spike was my best friend, had been since I was eight. "I mean,
I'm fifteen." I was sitting on a branch in an old apple tree, the last
one in the orchard. I had my back propped against the tree trunk. She
was lying on the branch below me.

Spike said, "Wish my folks would send me to camp, Kip." Her
real name was Danica, but I never called her that, just like she never
called me Clifford.

"Yeah," I said. "Right."

"No, really. First of all, you're gonna be doing canoeing and
shit. That's like free training."
... Continue»
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cuckold camping

My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I
love her dearly. She is very quiet and well
mannered. That is precisely why the things I learned
about her dark side surprised me. For example,
little did I know, when we married two years ago,
that she had this fantasy of being shared by a group
of rowdy men. I learned of her secret yearning
because of a summer camping trip.

Julie and I love to go camping. We have this little
tent trailer that we keep packed with all our gear so
we can leave on a moments notice. My wife especially
enjoys finding these peaceful secl... Continue»
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It just happened

Well it finally happened, and not at all like I ever
imagined or fantasized it would happen. What, you ask am I
talking about diary?

Until yesterday, I had never cheated on my husband of 21
years. For that matter, he is the only man I have ever had
sex with in my life, since I was 16 and a virgin when we
first met. That all ended yesterday and I still can't
believe it. Oh sure I've had the usual fantasies where I
meet a handsome stranger while my husband and k**s are out
of town. He takes me out on the town and romances me then
takes me back to his luxury hotel suite and m... Continue»
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my arab wife jesmina with my boss alfred

my arab wife jesmina cheating on me,with my boss alfred

Hai I am Baher from saudi arabia, living in los angeles iam 31 year old arab muslim guy ,its my real story, working in IT company, my wife is from saudi arabia she is 27 year old her name is jesmina bin, she is beautfull hijab wearing arab muslim girl,we married 3 year before in saudi,she not working ,she is finished college,her father run flower shop in LA ,that’s why we come in LA looking job, we have one k** 2 year old boy, i working in IT company in LA , I join that company 1 year before nice job good salary and nice atmosphere , m... Continue»
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June 21 - Part 1 of 3 - An Adult Story

I had about an hour and half drive to the beach. I left my house around 10:00am. I brought along my big cooler. It was stocked full of beer, wine and mixed drinks. I brought a fruit tray and some cheese to eat at the beach. I was wearing a black, short sleeve shirt. Some knee length white swim shorts. I was wearing some black leather sandals, and a pair of shades. It was suppose to get up to over a hundred today. I worked for about 14 days straight without a day off. I was looking forward to not working the next 4 days. I also brought along a small gym bag, with a change of clothe... Continue»
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