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First time with a guy ever

When i was about 21 years old (i'm 23 now) i really wanted to fool around with a guy, i have always wanted to for a long time but i never did because i was scared and didn't think i could actually do it. So i got my ass onto POF and talked to a few guys and got talking to one for a while and we eventually exchanged numbers. We decided to meet up at a hotel and play around and see where things went. We stopped at a bar for a bit and got some drinks to loosen us up and to see if we actually wanted to do it, i mean the guy already saw my hard cock from a few pics and i saw his. So we go up and he... Continue»
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Helping Amanda and Tessa - Melissa comes to grips.

This is the third installment of my story of helping Amanda and Tessa, a Mom / daughter home that needed some help. They head off to the shower leaving Melissa, my daughter and I alone and naked in the bedroom...

Amanda and Tessa both got up off of the bed after recovering from their shared pleasure. Melissa and I barely stirred. We were all rather tired and spent and even with the tight bindings on my privates, I was starting to lose some of my arousal as my mind tried to comprehend what had happened.

While Tessa took off her belt and toy,... Continue»
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Surprise Anal Sex

As all my stories are, this is 100% true.

I have been married to my wife for five years. She is a kinky slut and we have a great sex life. I've banged her in every spot in our house and quite a few public areas. We've done every position we can think of. We have even posted her nude pictures on my profile page. Tell us what you think of her. Ever since we first started dating, I've wanted to put my dick in her butt, like all guys do. She told me this was the "no fly" zone. I asked a couple times while we dated and a few times after we got married, promising I would go slowly and if she did... Continue»
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f****y [Re] Union

I had just come out of the shower and was drying my hair when I saw her in the mirror. She startled me and I turned around while wrapping the towel around my waist.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Waiting for you."

Then I noticed her clothes thrown on the table. She had the covers pulled up to her chin.

"Aren't you staying with your mother?"

"She and aunty Lyn went out, they won't be back 'till...real late." She lifted her arms and stretched. This pulled the covers down, exposing her upper chest.

"Where are you supposed to be?"

"With my stupid cousins-or with you."
... Continue»
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How I Lost My Cherry

This happened a long time ago, when I was 18—ancient history. It is the story of how I lost my virginity back in the early '70's, the time before Reagan, when it was still legal to have fun in America, the days of Sex, d**gs, and Rock and Roll. Also, because of the more sensible laws of that era (what was it I said about it being legal to have fun?), nothing that happened was i*****l (or wrong for that matter).

It was the beginning of 10th grade. Because of a c***dhood illness (rheumatic fever), I had started school a year late, so I had turned 16 at the end of the 9th grade and had gotte... Continue»
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Sugah by loyalsock

Jack peeked out from underneath the covers at the digital clock on the night stand and moaned, "Six thirty already, what a day I have ahead of me!!!" He lay still for a couple of minutes before whipping back the covers and so he could hop out of bed! He was just making a move to leave when a soft warm hand grabbed his arm and the silky smooth southern accent came lilting from the other side of the bed, "Jack, honey, you're not gonna run off with giving me some morning sugah are ya!?!" He looked over his shoulder the tousled blonde hair of his beautiful young wife and pleaded, "Not today, Cindy... Continue»
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Seduction By Mom

It was Saturday and Jack worked his part time job at the golf course. He worked until three and then walked home. His house was right across the road. As he entered the house it was quiet. He wondered where his Mom was. Her car was in the garage. He stopped in the kitchen and got a glass of ice water and downed it. It was hot that day. He wanted to change clothes so he walked down the hallway toward his bedroom. As he passed his Mom's room the door was slightly open.
"Jack, is that you?"
"Yea Mom, I'm home now."
"Could you please come in here?"
"Be there in a minute."
He went on... Continue»
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GFE, unforgettable experince: Part 1

This happened few months back, when I was traveling to my attend my friends wedding reception.

Bus was about to leave, then a girl rushed inside sweating and looked nervous searching for seat. I was in the mid row, seat next me was empty and without my offering, she was ok to sit there.

It looked as if she ran few km's to catch the bus in a hurry :) I offered her water and she slowly got settled.

We were mute for nearly 40-mins, she suddenly said, shit and looked shocked and nervous. I was worried and thinking if arms touched her. I wasn't sure and half asl**p...I asked sorry and said... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 2

Out of this world
Part 2

Nookumick returned a few hours later with a white uniform for me to wear. “Where's my robe?” I asked, putting on the uniform he brought me.

“I'm told, it's still in quarantine,” He replied.

“Okay. I'm hungry, can I have some food?” I asked.

“Of course, I'll have some brought up to you.” He replied leaving the room.

A few minutes later the door opened and a second alien entered. This one was clearly female. She was brown, with blue eyes walked in pushing a cart of fruit with a glass of water. Then she left again. After eating, I began to wonder wha... Continue»
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My xhamster friend.

I met John, last thursday, in his hotel in the centre of Milan. As we had agreed in previous days by email we had a breakfast together.
He is from U.S. and he was in Milan for a fair.
Tall and paunchy, reddish hair long enough and two big walrus gray mustache. Looking at his hands I knew that had to be also quite hairy.Probably would not have win the title of "mature of the year."
But he had 63 years ... and therefore he had the characteristics enought to require my services.

We breakfasted together talking about many things just to know each other. He told me that he was married and th... Continue»
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Sylvia Catches Her little b*****r

It was 11:37PM on a Thursday night. Alan was under his red
sheets, looking at a magazine. He was lying on his side, with the
book on the bed and a thin, yellow flashlight in his left hand.
With his right hand, he was stroking his hard-on through his gray
gym shorts.

Alan had short, black hair and brown eyes. At ten years old, he
was a slim, dark-skinned boy. Because it was a hot night, all he
wore to bed was a pair of shorts.

Alan's older s****r, Sylvia, who was just coming out of the
bathroom, peeked through his ajar bedroom door. Her eyes were
also brown, and she ha... Continue»
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craving another mans cock and cum

While I always been heterosexual, I have for years wondered what it would be like to give another man a blow job. This curiosity has resulted in an ongoing fantasy about what this experience would be like.

And while it has yet to happen, I hope this is only a temporary situation.......

I do not know how I find this man who is to be my teacher, for a teacher is what I seek. One familiar with the art of cocksucking and willing to be my master for a day.....

There we both are at his place. He has just put a porn tape on and then comes to sit near me. We are dressed only in bath robes as ... Continue»
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Craigslist BBC

Bottom seeking top at XXXXX Apartments

That was the title, plain and simple, straight forward and to the point. I needed dick, I had been craving it for months toying myself weekly, lusting for a fat cock to pound my hole and make me cum. So I posted an ad, the content was simple, it had my stats, what I was looking for, and the caveat of no face picture required.
This last bit was the hook, most men where I live want anonymity due to homosexual acts being frowned upon.

Of course I received about 20 replies, weeded out many for not showing a pic of their cock (the important bits lol) a... Continue»
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An Unknown Relative

The daughter he didn't know he had shows up at his boat.
An Unknown Relative
By blackrandl1958
(Mf, f s*******n, inc, Father/Daughter

I was working on my boat and the sun was beating down pretty hard. Some of the wood around a cleat had dry rot and I had found the mahogany to replace it. It’s getting harder and harder to find but I got lucky and found some in the back of an old lumber yard. They had forgotten they had it and I bargained them out of it. I don’t think they knew what they had.

I went to the cooler for a beer and I had just popped the top when a van pulled u... Continue»
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Being m*****ed by Allison

"Joe, come here," Alison called as I walked by her room. I stopped, then went in thinking that she was going to show me a favorite doll or something like that. "Sit down here," she patted the bed next to her. I sat down.

She put one of her hands on my arm and the other on my thigh, "You know, I really like you."

"Well, thank you honey, I really like you too." I was a little surprised, not the usual sort of thing a thirteen year old said.

"I think you're really cute," she said.

This was getting kind of weird, my girlfriend's daughter was an outgoing k**, but... She reached up an... Continue»
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Beach Adventure

'You want me to flaunt myself in public?!'
It was our penultimate night of our 14 day holiday on the South Coast of France. I had deliberately chosen our hotel as it was placed centrally on a 'clothing optional' beach. Despite Julie loosening her attitude to exposure in private (read my Fantasy Photoshoot story) I had yet to persuade Julie to expose herself in public. I had hoped I could persuade her to maybe lose her top at the beach. She would look so hot sunbathing topless! I had even brought her a new swimsuit! She had insisted on a swimsuit as she didn't like to reveal too much skin... I... Continue»
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”I like cock” she said in that strange nasal tone of voice. I looked at her askance.
”Cock. I love it.”
”Thats what I thought you said” I said. Why was she telling me this?
Irena had asked if I could take Bela up to the hills and I’d agreed readily enough. Who wouldn’t want the company of a pretty young girl on a hike in the Upper Vidalen National Park? The sheer beauty of Norway laid out before our eyes.
I reached back and grabbed the thermos. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.
”Tea... Continue»
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Deflowered By s*s

With both my parents being workaholics, I was used to spending quite a bit of time either on my own or round at my big s****r's. Lynda, my only sibling, was much older than me and had looked after me a great deal during c***dhood, and now she had moved out to live with her girlfriend I often visited her.
It was a Saturday and with my parents working today (they were both doctors) I was sitting around at home on my own. I phoned a friend to see if he wanted to come over, but he was being dragged to the shops with his mum to buy school-uniforms. It was only early August, the summer holiday... Continue»
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Reaping The Benefits of a Drinking s****r and Moth

Terri sighed. Here was another Friday night, and the fifteen year old
was stuck baby-sitting her b*****r again! By all rights she should be out
with Bobby Flynn right now! Specifically, she should be in the back seat
of his beat up old car, with her legs up in the air while the twenty year
old college student used up three packs of condoms giving her the pounding
she craved! She had grown so used to Bobby bitching about using the
condoms, that she considered it just a part of foreplay. Despite all his
begging to go bareback just once, he was scared shitless at the idea of
kno... Continue»
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Mom Helps Out

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Timmy had retired to the room that he
shared with his b*****r Rich, for a jack off session. At 14, he found
himself jacking off more and more. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. He
thought he was going crazy. He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide
and lubricated his young cock with spit and began rubbing furiously,
trying to remain as quiet as possible so no one else would hear him. He
ran his hand up and down the length of his prick, the spit making
smacking sounds as he came closer and closer.

As he dropped another mouthful of spit onto ... Continue»
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