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The joint was jumping all night - packed to the bream with sexy, young people. It was opening night, and our new bar was the liveliest place in town. At different intervals throughout the night, I would just sit back and take stock of all of the energy.

My three angels behind the bar had served more drinks and worked themselves until the sweat drenched their white tank tops. As an act of solidarity for opening night, Candy had suggested they all dress in their white tank tops with army green pants and black boots. Everyone in the place, even the women, were turned on by our new bar and my ... Continue»
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Secretary/slut give the boss relief.

'Jen!? Get in here.'

It had been a bad morning and the afternoon didn't look like getting any better. The presentation I was working on just wasn't coming together. I needed to take a break and relieve the tension. In other words I needed to take out my annoyance on my office slut.

Responding to my shout the intended reliever of my frustration tottered in to my office on ludicrously high heels. Her tiny black skirt barely covered the lacy tops of her stockings and her lovely hard nippled breasts jiggled under her transparent blouse.

'Yes Sir?' she asked, perhaps already guessing what ... Continue»
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When I travel I really don't worry too much about the rent car, I generally choose a certain size and just let car gods at the rental agency decide which car I get. I sometimes call it rent car roulette and it's not until I'm handed the keys and given the parking space number that I find out if I am a winner or not. Sure I could look at the key tag, but it's so much more fun to walk out looking for M-9 or D-83 while pressing the unlock button on the key fob. That way you find out what you are driving as the car introduces itself to you with its flashing lights.

During one of my trips I did ... Continue»
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Clay Comes to sunny Southern California

After my trip I got back home and into work, the gym, the new guy who moved into my complex, and frankly, kind of forgot that Clay had wanted to visit. He had never told me any specifics about when he would be coming to town, if his Dad, Nate or Coach were also coming. One afternoon as I was leaving the gym after a great workout and rough spin class, I was starved, and got a text from Clay saying that he was at the college, went to some classes, got a tour, and was going to work out with the team until around 7, and he would be over after that. He ended with an apology for short notice, ... Continue»
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Suffolk hotel first bi experience

By Gazza1234

Another night – another small hotel is my way of life with the work I do travelling the country selling a variety of products, as a sales agent, on behalf of my clients. It’s a living, and sometimes quite lucrative, but here I am in nowhere Suffolk on a January night.
The hotel’s quite nice but, as far as I can tell, it’s almost empty. The Christmas and New Year trade’s long gone and the spring visitors are some weeks away which is why I got a good room at a very fair rate.
Orders processed, e-mails checked and replied to, I head to the small bar for a pint and a few pages o... Continue»
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my first sexual encounters pt 2

PT. 2

The following is a continuation of a recollection of events from my youth. I was never for ced to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occured. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago, so here goes...

Following the first attempt at anal sex, things went back to normal. I would still hang out with Eric and we would jack off and I would suck... Continue»
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The Massage

I'd spent 4 days at the gym after work and my muscles were so, so sore. I had seen a massage place in Osborne Park and thought I would go a get some help. It looked like any normal massage place and when I went in they led me to a room that was much larger than any massage room I'm used to. It had a couch, beautiful lighting and amazing music playing. I took my clothes off, I'd just shaved every where so my balls and cock felt amazing on the towel as I laid down.

The door opened and shut quietly. I had my face down on the massage table so I couldn't see anything. As she walked past though I... Continue»
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more than a walk in the park

More than a walk in the park
I was 48 living alone and it was summer,all the women in there light summer attire and I loved to watch them as I was now.I came to the park often as I liked people watching and had a few nice places in it I could watch them,I liked it when there were young courting couples about as they had very few inabitions and I sometimes had some sexy glimpses from them banner1 I was near the lake today as it had less people about, the gardens had too many oldies in it.

I had settled on the grass below a grass bank, I knew several couples used to make out on it. It was... Continue»
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This Betty

Yea I told you how I met Betty. And there were more meetings. As I first meet her I answered an advertise to do a photosession with her for a Magazine. Well she kept my Contact info or at least her husbad did. Cause he tricked me to visit her again. But this time it was more different that I meet up with Betty.

The phone rang and I answered it was Bettys husband in the other line. Hi he said sorry to disturb you. Do yiu have possibility fuck my wife he said.. WHAT I said. He said you Heard what I say. Or shall I explain more? yes do that I said and then he began tell me taht Betty was signe... Continue»
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Stepdaddys accident

This is a story from my teens. Many coincidences led to a very special experience with Him, my father. None of us would have seen it coming and would never believe it would happen, but it did. If he hadn't been in that bicycle accident I would never have had to care for him as I did for a brief period of time. With bandaged hands, stiches and some titanium in his under arm he was more or less helpless and totally dependent of my care. The doctor had estimated 2 weeks until the stitches could be removed and potentially even more for the fractures to heal. Mom had passed away some years ago and ... Continue»
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When did I realize I enjoyed sharing?

So I've been asked a few times over the years by friends, girlfriends, and other guys that have gotten to enjoy my girlfriends exhibitionism from time to time, "How did you get into this?" or "When did you realize you liked watching your girlfriend pleasing other guys?".

I think the first way I should answer that to let you know that I have always been a sharer. If I had something that other people liked or wanted or enjoyed then I enjoyed sharing it with them. Even when I was a k**. I grew up in the Nintendo era, and as k**s we would always trade games with the other neighborhood k**s I wa... Continue»
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#muse...#moments....#creativity ....#words

It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sl**p that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub over her flesh, prompting a sl**py grunt to rush past her luscious li... Continue»
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First fuck

I had met this girl Emily in class and we were becoming friends. We started seeing more of each other and one night at a party she started making out with me. This was the first time I kissed a girl so my cock swelled as I felt her soft tongue in my mouth. I put my hand down her pants and felt my first set pussy. She let out a slow pant and told me "not here" and proceeded to rub my cock a little. I had never received such attention from a female. She was exactly my type blonde blue eyes and decent sized tits. She was in all advanced classes too and we were both virgins.

Weeks continue to ... Continue»
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Sindy meets Nina - part 2

I was on my 3rd sensuous wave. I was lucky I stopped myself on my first and Nina had nearly put me right over the edge the second time, but I was too turned on now, my cock throbbing, hurting it was so hard, twitching forwards and backwards, balls soft and relaxed underneath. Nina was beside me, her fingers stroking the white skin of my thighs. I gave her the faintest nod, tried to relax, tried to make it last a few seconds longer. Without thinking I moved my hand onto Nina's cock, her pre-cum lubricating my palm, quickly hoping she wouldn't be disappointed I broke the rule.

She didn't look... Continue»
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After fighting my way down the aisle I slid into seat 36C and watched the dreary procession filing into the plane, wondering which of these dour-faced passengers I would be stuck next to for the next ninety minutes. As usual, the few pretty faces I saw found seats well before they reached my row. With my luck I'd probably end up with a chatty old lady telling me about her grandk**s the whole flight, or, worse, a sl**py fat guy, taking over the armrest and squeezing me out of my seat.

It looked like the plane was full and I'd escape with the row to myself when a late arrival appeared in the... Continue»
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3rd Act

You show up at the Pavillion on a Thursday night show. You are wearing a long red button down the front dress. All heads turn and watch you walk by. You are not wearing much of anything undereath the dress. I'm sitting back by the light board in my usual black T shirt and jeans. I've ran through all the pre-show run down and am all set. Now it's just waiting.

You come over and say hi. I get up from behind the table and we walk over a little ways. We are talking and looking down at the lake. You press a small remote in my hand and give me a wink. I look at you a little puzzled but then the l... Continue»
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31,000 feet

There I was at 31,000 feet, I never would have thought this could happen, especially to me. If this didn't happen to me I would have thought the story was bullshit. But there I was in flight from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA. I was the Captain of the flight; it was a small commuter type turboprop airplane that holds approximately 30 passengers, while at cruise flight my First Officer had to go use the Lavatory in the back of the airplane. Company policy states that if a crewmember leaves the cockpit the Flight Attendant, they don't like being called stewardess any more, must stay in the co... Continue»
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25 Pictures

Now here is the thing I don't get. The thing that confuses me. A pretty girl like you standing here with me. The money is on the table... the initial forty to come over and talk. Another twenty to take ten pictures of you. Another twenty for when you unbuttoned and pulled off your shirt. Another twenty to slide your jeans off. Another twenty and your bra is now lying by your feet and you are standing here awkward in front of me, a total stranger, in nothing but your panties. We met on the street. I've known you about an hour and here you are standing in your panties in front of me. I take five... Continue»
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2:30 AM Wake Up Call

The thump, thump, thump against the wall woke me out of a dead sl**p. I groaned as I rolled over and tried to focus my eyes at the clock on the bedside table.

The bright red digital numbers told me it was 2:30am.

From the 'Oh Yes's' and the 'Fuck me harder baby's' that where echoing through the house, I'd say my roommate and his girlfriend were at it again, and from the noises they were making, I could clearly tell they were having the time of their lives.

I bunched my pillow around my head, flipped and flopped a bit, but they were defiantly going for a record tonight. After about 20... Continue»
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Happy New Year

It ended up being one hell of a year. It started when my girlfriend left me shortly after Valentine's Day, progressed to me losing my job in June and finally, I bottomed out when I had to downgrade my living standard shortly after Thanksgiving. I ended up in an old motel that had been converted into an apartment building long ago. By any standard it was a shit hole, inside or out. The day I moved in I went to the office to complain about all the homeless people gathered in the front of the building. The manager took one look out the window and laughed, those weren't homeless people, they were ... Continue»
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