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First trip to a sex cinema

Before I came out to the greater world my need of cock was satisfied by going to sex cinemas. It was an easy answer to a difficlut question, how or where can i see and touch cocks. In my early 20s I used to spend a fair amount of time in Germany, just short break holidays here and there. I had noticed that almost every town in the then West had some kind of "Sex KinO" in the town, larger cities having a good choice.
Since I was not confident about going into any gay sex cinemas I used to go to the ones for st8s. My first time was when i was about 23 I was in a town that to or three sex kino .... Continue»
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My wife plays out her fantasy

Remember my wife, the Call Girl?
Well as I said before, after the birth of our son, my wife Vanessa’s hormones seemed to go mad, and her sexual appetite grew, experimenting and playing out fantasies as well of course as roll play, as demonstrated in “My wife the Call Girl”
It was a Friday night, and we had decided to go out on the town, first a meal, and then onto a club or pub. Vanessa came down the stairs looking drop dead Gorgeous, wearing a short black evening dress, commonly known as a little black number, I could see the lacy tops of her hold... Continue»
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Fun in the Shower

Harry Potter sighed wearily as he walked back to the Quidditch locker room. His robes were filthy from the mud and rain his Firebolt, a gift from his godfather, was slung across his right shoulder. He quickly made his way over to his locker before setting his Firebolt inside. He removed his robes and put them in the basket on the bench where the house elves would come and pick them up.

He had gotten tired of listening to everyone in the common room. All around the school whispers followed him, people wondering why he wasn't stopping Voldemort or why their f****y had to die. They expected ... Continue»
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My lucky encounter at a nudist beach

My name is Vinay and I am 27 years old. I am a big fan of ISS and have been reading stories here for quite a long time. I never expected to write an erotica or sharing my experience here. Today I am going to share my real life experience with a 38 years old white lady. This is my writing experience please bear with me for my grammar and narration.

I moved from Hyderabad (India) to Australia about 4 years back on a project. I have always been an exhibitionist and indoor nudist back in India. I used to stay nude when I am alone at my home and sometimes when I travel to outskirts of the city I... Continue»
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More sex questions answerd

Questions I been getting today

Q. How well did you fuck that older man when you went on your trip last week?

A. Him and I had sex everyday. I would like to think we both fucked each other well. We both enjoyed each other with safe sex.

Q. Did you suck his cock a lot?

A. Yes I gave him oral sex every day with condoms.

Q Don't you wish you could just lay there naked and have someone that you like fuck you all day long?

A.While that sounds nice I think after a few hours my little kitty would start to hurt. I do love h... Continue»
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Sex at the Hollywood Garden hotel

Sex at the Hollywood Garden hotel

Before I left Tacoma Washington I had ask one of my "older friends" to come with me. Our trip was all paid for. I knew I would need someone to fuck me while I was there and I was NOT going to just fuck anyone.
Plus this guy could keep me safe in Hollywood. ( He did not know he was going to be fucking me) Heck we never even fucked before. He was just a guy who M.K. Olsen and I agree on and she even felt he would be the "right size " for me. During the days it was all about filming. At nights it wa... Continue»
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Having My Beautiful Young Maid Nanditha

Hi friends, this is about an incident which happened while I was studying in 12th standard. It happened with the maid in our house who is 4 years elder to me.
Her name is Nanditha. She came to our house to work 2 years ago when she was 19 years. Now she in 21 years. Young and fresh.
She was brought up in an orphanage and was then sponsored by my father. From the day she came to our home, she was mentally and physically tortured by my mother. She scolds and beats her sometime even if she did all works on time.

She alw
... Continue»
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My s****r And Wife Seduced By His Old Friend

Hi, this is Bala 32 year’s old married man. I am married and my wife Archana is 28 and she is a housewife. She is a beautiful lady. Where ever she goes, the guys around wont take the eyes away from her. I am very lucky to have her. Her size is 36-28-40. She has a nice and firm breast and round bubbly ass which swings while she walks and many persons around the street waits to watch the moment of her ass while she walks for the nearby market.
She always wear Sari a
... Continue»
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Blackmailing Leads To Horny Sex

Hi friends, today I would like to share with u my real experience. I m 23 year old guy from Mumbai. I’m 6 feet tall with muscular body and fair in color. This incident took place 3 yrs back when I was in second year become and when I was 19 yrs old. In college I never had a problem finding out a girlfriend but since my puberty I was mostly interested in mature bulky women.

Now let’s get to the story. I had an eye on a Bengali aunty named Shalini who was 32 y
... Continue»
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Fucking s****r For Baby

I am from hyderabad, I am 24 my s****r’s name is Daina i call her dinny she is of 26 she has a wonder full cleavage she has figure of 32 21 33 she is my elder s****r that is a happy day that day was my s****r’s marriage my whole f****y is happy.

From the age of 15 i used to masturbate thinking about my s****r when i see her in her panties my dick arouses and i go to bathroom and do masturbate one day my s****r is going to a function she wearing a saree from
... Continue»
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Sex Training With s****r

Hi guys,

This is Sam from Mumbai. I am going to narrate this true incident which happened to me a few months back. I am a regular reader of FSI, but I was really into this i****t stuff and more so the s****r part of it.

I have a cousin s****r who studies in Bangalore and she is really hot “property”!!! I was kinda attracted towards her but I never thought that I would have sex with her and I never had the intention to do so.
We both were very close to each other, and she used to listen to all my problems very patiently
... Continue»
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Lost clothes

It was the summer of 1971, summer was in full swing. In the town my mom and I lived in it got so hot the tar in the streets started to bubble. I was riding my bike looking for something to do. (at that age, more like trouble to get into) some of my friends had left for summer camp and others were in summer school. I was a couple of miles from home and was getting pretty hot. I knew of a creek not far, so I peddled my way there. I hid my bike in some bushes and walked through the woods till I came to a clearing, I walked to the edge of the creek and seen the cool water. Looking around I didn't... Continue»
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My Honey My Mom-

My mom’s name is Sasi. We stay in Coimbatore.She is 37yrs old but looks ten years younger. Any body would mistake her for my s****r. I am in college first year. My father is in Chennai as he has business there. He would come twice a, stay for a month or so and then leave.
My mom is a stunning gorgeous looking lady with a sexy sweet smile, sharp nose, full lips, twinkling eyes and high cheek bones. She was neither skinny nor fat just the right kind of body which could turn on any man or boy. She is tall 5′ 7″ and about 64kgs. Whe
... Continue»
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Diary of dirty fantasies V

There is one expression in English language that describes extremely well the things that I'm going to tell in this story, especially the way they affected my daily life, which is: "Shit got real!" Yes! I love this expression because it describes in three words that transition from a life led in some sort of boring dream into a hazardous and extremely exciting one. Anyway, to conclude this long and probably boring introduction: Here is my story!

It all started few weeks ago when my new neighbour moved in to my building. This is my first diary entry about that:
I don't have anything spec... Continue»
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Didn't want my cum

This is a short story about one day when my girlfriend came to visit me in college. My first year I had an apartment to myself because of my parents and every few weekends my g/ f would visit me. When she came we would sometimes have sex our relationship was a bit strained at the time because of the distance. I would always try to make the sex we did have that much better for myself by edging for a while before she came and taking a lot of supplements meant to improve make orgasm.

One weekend she was coming by I had edged for a while the week before, I would basically spend a lot of my off... Continue»
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Wife And Best Friend

Mike is close friend of mine we meet when his f****y moved across the street from me at the age of 9. One thing special about Mike is his the size of his cock, when we were young I would often joke about his long dick, calling him pony dick, Johnny Holmes Jr. making fun of is size.

Well into our early 20’s Mike was getting pretty popular picking up women at the disco clubs, I mean a lot of women and for me it was like hanging out with a rock start. He fucked around for many years with countless women. He once had an older lady in Arizona that he would fly out to have sex with. The old lad... Continue»
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WiFi Cafe

She watched him from two tables over. He was tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes so dark they got lost in his eyes. He was clean shaven with a strong set jaw, his shoulders were broad, and he looked like he worked out.
She had been in the café for a good two hours, searching the internet for various things, and instant messaging friends that she had in cyber-world.
A twinge in her bladder told her it was time for a bathroom break. Making sure she had her purse, she got up, and walked back to the bathroom.
She came back a few minutes later and sat back down. Almost immediately a m... Continue»
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In the hospital II

I drifted back off and woke the next morning when a morning nurse came in. She gave me my medicine and water, then asked how I felt. I told I was fine, good she said. Let's get a look at you stiches, she pulled the sheets back and propped my leg up. She uncovered and checked the wound, then recovered it. Nice and dry, she said. She looked over at my other leg and smiled sheepishly. I asked her what was that about, she said it was nothing. Jokingly I said " don't make me chase you to find out " she laughed. " we heard you had a visitor last night and I see it was true ". Really I said. " and w... Continue»
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Project Pussy Drama Part 2(True Story)

If you read the first part you should know where we left off.

"Diamond, you in there". Me and Mariah paused for a bit and looked at each other. She looked nervous. I never seen her look like that before. She was always so cocky and nonchalant. She seemed shook, something I never thought I would see in her. But it was so attractive and cute. It's like I seen this lioness before and all of a sudden I see this scared lil kitty. But I knew how she felt because I was on the same situation and I'm nervous too. I had to say something fast though, so I just said " yea, I'm in here." Then my cousin ... Continue»
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Teacher II

For the first time I felt his hand on my dick, his firm but soft hands felt good. I arched my back pushing my hips forward giving him full access to me. Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like me touching you" My breathing was quick, and My head was spinning. Yes sir I finally said. He closed his fingers and thumb around the tip and slid down sending waves of excitement through me. He stroked me a few times then he cleared his desk and told me to hop up. I hopped on the desk in front of him and spread my legs. He leaned over and licked the head which was electrifying, then moved down ti... Continue»
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