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Karolina takes me shopping.

Karolina decided, shopping would be a good way to spend the day, not my idea of a great day, but with the beautiful Karolina, I just knew it wasn't going to be any old shopping trip.
I had promised that I would like to take her shopping whilst visiting,after all, she is stunning & has the mind of a dirty cum whore,this girl needs spoiling.
I was up early in the morning,I'd had my shower, eaten breakfast & was just having a browse through xhamster, when I heard Karolina moving about.
"You up & about already" ? she shouts down to me
"Yeah, do you want any breakfast, or coffee"? I shout bac... Continue»
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this story is a true stroy it happend to a friend of mine.. .. this one day I he was heading home one late night I found my girl naked in bed with someone else it was one of her coworkers they didn't notice I was there it was very dark I saw my girl riding him hard watching her how ahe was moaning n saying ooh yes fuxking my pussy hard I then said wtf is this she was shocked then I said u knw wat I want u to keep fucking your coworkers aracely was waa OK he said he grab my girl n shoved his cock in her pussy hard then i join we double fucked her she was loving it a lot then we was taking turns... Continue»
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First BBC

Hope you will enjoy hearing of my first ever big black cock...well it was three at the same time really! My then 'boyfriend' picked me up after school telling me we were invited to a party, being a naive 14yo I never thought to ask what sort of party but I would soon find out!
We drove to a block of flats near Rochdale, Dave buzzed a flat number and a voice said," Yeah man come on up", the door opened and we entered a nearby lift, taking it to the fourth floor. Getting out we moved to Flat 435 and Dave knocked. The door was opened by a middle-aged black guy, he looked at me and ... Continue»
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unexpected visit

My wife was visiting her parents for a week, and i had too many over hours to build off so i took a few days off. My s****r and husband wanted to come over from Holland for a visit. I prepped the spare room and left them a message on the Counter, they have a key and come whenever they liked. I went for a shower and heard some noise outside, my s*s was there. They came in and she needed the bathroom quick so she came in not caring i was there in the shower. I could see her look at me as i watched her take a pee. I could not hide my errection and washed my Body and touched my cock which made her... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 14 Rachelle

To set the stage, starting with the ending paragraphs of Chapter 13:
"As we fucked Laura, Rachelle, watched in envy and fingered herself, she cum again as Laura cum. Soon Ray filled his wife's ass with his cum and then we switched positions, and I took her ass hard, pulling hair, calling her "our slut" and I used her and degraded her in front of Ray. The things I made her say. Soon she was Cumming again and again. Next she collapsed, used and spent with a stretched ass with cum dripping from both her holes. I walked over and helped Rachelle up and led her, half carried her to the other bedroo... Continue»
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My Fucked Up Fantasy - Night 2

Saturday morning.

My head is pounding, my mouth is dry, My eyes are itching. Laying there in hangover hell, I felt a pain in my leg. I remembered what happened last night.

Click link to read what happened the night before http://xhamster.com/user/GothicLover/posts/307048.html

She called herself Lauren, I giggled thinking about what we did. It was shitty of her to vanish on me like that, after all....I didn't get to return the favour.

Saturday Afternoon

Nursing my hangover with a cup of coffee, I reflected on what I did with Lauren. She was definitely a roug... Continue»
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Tara Request Story

The hostess smiles at you and Tara as she leaves you in a corner booth. Tara smoothes out her sundress and says, “I surprised you got us in here on such short notice.” She looks around at the faux country décor. “I’ve always wanted to eat here. Thank you for bringing me.”

You Grin. “You can thank me right now, Tara.” She cocks her head, smiling but confused. “Get under the table and suck me off.” When her mouth drops open, you add, “A little wider than that.”

Her look of shock slowly changes to a naughty smile. “You’re bad. But you better tell me if the waitress is coming. I... Continue»
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The Milk Lady delivers!

The Milk Lady Delivers

Recently, I went to a f****y cookout and who should be there but my cousin and his new baby and her lovely mama, Sarah. They're not married but this is their second k** together. I recalled that she was smokin' hot when she was pregnant and post pregnant with the older c***d. Sarah is about 5"2" and a good size. Her boobs are big too, even when not swollen by the milk.

As we made small talk I learned that she had pumped a couple of bottles and was trying the baby out on them. This was the first time and the baby seemed to be doing well. Sarah, however, seemed ... Continue»
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I had just celebrated my 18th birthday 2 months back and i had no idea what i was going to get into. A life of blackmail and used as a sex pet with no option for me but to follow whatever my blackmailer tells me to do.

who would have thought our pervert 50 year old neighbor is actually my master and i'm his sex slave.

One day when my parents and older b*****r were gone for relatives wedding ( i was left behind due to upcoming exams..how i wished now if only i had gone along). I called my crush over to my place. we had sex on the coach, had couple of drinks and smoked some marijuana.
... Continue»
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Sliding lotion over my curves as I step out of the shower, enjoying the smell of cocoa butter and coconut as it wafts through the air, and anticipating the hours ahead. The aroma makes my pussy tingle with memories of past rendezvous, some brief and others enthralling, all thoughts give me a rush of sensations over my skin.
I slip on a new leopard print bra, sexy black dress, no panties and red heels. I can feel the lubrication between my legs as I step in to the car for my short drive up to your office.
The two minute drive is ample time to relive the feeling of your cum down my throat as... Continue»
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The Masochist

One day a man was walking around in a mall minding his own business. The man was horny, but he suppressed these emotions to fit in society, but he often wondered, what it be like if it was legal to touch a woman without her consent? What if he could just walk up to anyone he wanted, and feel her breasts, her ass, touch her pussy. What if the law even allowed you to e****t her somewhere private and fuck her? These thoughts made him so horny his cock was hard and wanted to come out his pants, they felt so tight.

He sat in a corner and observed women walk back and forth, and he imagined what h... Continue»
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friend wakes the wife

True Story

My wife is such a horny girl she loves getting fucked, sucking cock and swallowing cum. And she also falls asl**p as soon as her head hits the pillow, unless she has a hard cock in one of her fuck holes. I love putting my hard cock in her luscious pussy or cum guzzling mouth and she will suck it or let me fuck her and stay asl**p as long as I'm gentle. I just push my hard cock halfway in her pussy and let her fall asl**p, usually she is sl**ping heavily within 10 to 15 minute's. Then I gently work my work my hard cock back and fourth in her cunt getting between 20 and 30 pu... Continue»
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Get on your knees!

Sliding lotion over my curves as I step out of the shower, enjoying the smell of cocoa butter and coconut as it wafts through the air, and anticipating the hours ahead. The aroma makes my pussy tingle with memories of past rendezvous, some brief and others enthralling, all thoughts give me a rush of sensations over my skin.
I slip on a new leopard print bra, sexy black dress, no panties and red heels. I can feel the lubrication between my legs as I step in to the car for my short drive up to your office.
The two minute drive is ample time to relive the feeling of your cum down my throat as... Continue»
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My Fucked Up Fantasy Night 1

It's Friday night, the town was humming with the jovial banter of d***ken strangers, all of them enjoying the first night of their weekends. The low amber glow from streetlights flood the area like walking through a golden cloud.

Everything was typical that night, Me and the girls were hitting the usual bars, chatting the usual chat. When it was suggested we try somewhere different, we were all game. We had all heard of this new underground nightclub in town, the Coven. Known for being an 'Alt' club and not closing until dawn, I had wanted to go there since first hearing about it.

Our u... Continue»
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Bellboy becomes our bull during our vacation in Af

So my girl and I are into having bulls fuck her and unload their load in her, on her, wherever. So when we get a chance, we look for a bull whether we are out of the country or not.

So we went to South Africa last week for a short vacation. On our way there, we talked about whether she would want to just enjoy the vacation or enjoy the black cock. During our flight, we talked for a while when she came to the decision that she wanted to fuck a black guy while we were there. So as we arrived after a long flight, we took our hotel shuttle.

As we arrive, a particular bellboy helped us with ... Continue»
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Taking advantage of GF

I would get you full naked.
Blindfolding you from the start, throwing you down on the bed and tieing you up. Legs and arms spread to each corner that way you won't feel akward, just helpless to my desires.
I would massage you with strawberry oil, caressing your breasts, neck but and legs slowly working my way in to your wet pussy, I would then massage your pussy till its dripping wet listening to you moan. Slowly I would start licking that strawberry oil off your smooth bare wet pussy. Fully enjoying myself to your helpless naked gift of your sexy body. I wouldn't stop fingering and licking... Continue»
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Lucky Bitch (pussyboy doggy slut)

Lucky Bitch (pussyboy doggy slut)

Story about a sissy pussyboy who becomes a dog bitch.

Some mornings the smell of cum is so thick in the kennel that it could knock
me on my ass--if I wasn't already on all fours with a fat dogcock jerking
and spurting inside me. On a good day I'll take on a half dozen or more
mutts. On a very good day, my owner, Ed, comes by to watch me get dog fucked.

I'm used to being watched. Ed pimps me out every chance he gets. I've taken
on the chief of police (a mean fucker), half the f***e, two of Ed's
horse-hung b*****rs, his hunting buddies, and ... Continue»
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A Life-Changing Experience, Part 3

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Three

I exited the bathroom and looked down the hallway toward the office, but did not see Kerry. I walked toward the office and turned in. There he was, a sight to behold, perched on the desk, legs crossed. Kerry wore a black industrial fishnet bodystocking with wide halter top neckline. On top, underneath the bodystocking, he had a lace bra, holding in what appeared to be breast forms. Flowing from his shoulders was a sheer black wrap of some sort. He was also wearing black stretch thong panties, barely containing what was obviously a substantial coc... Continue»
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Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life ( Part 2)

For part 2 of my story to make the most sense, I hope you will go to our site and read “Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life”. Over the years, Hubby enthusiastically helped me discover my “inner exhibitionist“. We are just returning home front a long-time fantasy of mine that Hubby fulfilled with flying colors -- a titillating 2 day CMNF car trip. Too much to summarize here… you should really just read it. ; )

It was dusk as we finally made our last turn and headed down our street. Past the neighbor’s lighted windows, past Randy walking his golden retriever, and there, finally, was our desti... Continue»
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Walking in on Suzanne masturating and got a big sh

I’ve been with Suzanne for years. She’s about 5’10”, reddish hair and blue eyes. She has b cup tits and keeps the area around her pussy lips totally smooth. She has long legs and sexy toes, which she loves to have sucked and licked. Suzanne has always hinted that she was a little kinky. I got just a small glimpse one day when I opened our guest bedroom door after taking a nap. Suzanne was totally naked laying on the floor with her ankles tied to the corners of the bed. Her left hand was pulling so hard on her right nipple I was surprised it didn’t come off, and her right hand was betwee... Continue»
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