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Maid to order

Being almost broke, and being told by her landlord to pay up fast, or lose her apartment, Susan Chambers was desperate for a job. In the classifieds, she found an ad, and decided to at least apply, it sounded like it wouldn't be that tough a job.

"Wanted, a young, attractive female for maid service. Apply to Lady Elizabeth Wentworth, 19 Hudson street. Please apply in person only, no mail in resumes or telephone calls."

She imagined what a maid would do, dusting, cleaning, serving tea, shouldn't be too hard a job. Susan soon found herself at the appointed address, 19 Hudson s... Continue»
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One night we went out to a club in Sydney Anne was wearing a dress that zipped all the way down the front it could be unzipped from the bottom to show as much leg as wanted and down from the top to show as much cleavage as wanted quite sexy really. This night Anne chose to wear it with just stockings and suspenders beneath, the last time we had been to this particular club there had been some really good looking single guys that had danced with her and on the dark dance floor they had happily taken some sexual liberties to the point that she had orgasmed on the dance floor.

The club was cro... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie

Jackie Mason raised burrows in the flat lads off Stanton River. Stanton River Gorge, Montana a fisherman's paradise and favored hunting area. Sand bars, foot bridges,rapids and swimming holes brought out the tourist. Pack mules and horses were the allowed transportation by the conservationist. She and her two grown sons provided the area. Bud Mason had started the business but a severe stroke had left him with walking difficulties and nearly speechless. His business sense remained so he was "overseer", now.

For 4 days, it rained. The river flooded and Bud uttered, "move them to Upper Pa... Continue»
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The Boutique

I was out shopping by myself. I saw this little boutique that was advertising retro and new swim suits. I saw some in the window I liked so I went in. I was the only one in the store. I didn't even see a sales person. Then a young woman appeared from behind a curtain behind the cash register. She had a gorgeous face, short hair with pink streaks through it and the cutest little body. I figured she was a teenage employee that is how young she looked. I am 5'-3" and she was much smaller maybe not even 5'-0". She was wearing ... Continue»
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Nicola's Sexfight

Nicola's braided hair snaked over her shoulder as she stood waiting for John to finish undressing. This was their first match; their opportunity to prove themselves worthy of their respective Houses and for one of them the prospect of advancement. 32 year old Nicola stood at 5'9", with raven hair pulled back into a braided length specifically for this encounter. Buxom, with a small tattoo of a falcon on her shoulder, she watched John put his clothes to the side of the arena and considered how she would defeat her slim middle aged opponent. Dossiers maintained by the House archivists usually... Continue»
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Prom Night - My Date Mom is a MILF

I was not looking forward to going to my Senior Prom. If its anything like last year I should just skip it. My school is a joke and they always have a bad band playing in the gymnasium. I already spent close to $500 on the tux and the limo and my date will not appreciate it. She did not enjoy herself last year. I have been going out with Tabitha for about 2 years and have only gotten to second base once in a while. She usually passes out and I try and cop a feel on her big juggs.

Tabitha lives in a small house with two bedrooms on the second floor and a small basement with a laundry room an... Continue»
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My First, with my friends Uncle.

I had been picked to play a Hand Maiden in our Collage (All Boys) drama club play at the end of term. I'd allways been slightly femine looking, in fact my mother had said several time that I'd make a lovley daughter, and this seamed to influence my thoughts and at times I fanticised about being a girl at times.

Well the play was a sucess and after the final curtin we where all back stage still in costumes mingeling with parents and friends.My best friends Mother and his Uncle came up to congratulate me on how good a girl I made on stage.

My friends Uncle whos name was Bill chatted... Continue»
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s****rs friend showed me how nice she was

Back in the 80s I had a visit from my s****r and her friend (who I did not then know). My s****r lives a good few miles away and we rarely get together due to the distance. As she was driving over to mine she had asked if her friend could come to help drive and stop her being bored on the journey. I readily agreed as it had been some time since we had last seen each other.
My s****r and her friend were only staying over the one night which was handy as we only had space really for 1 extra person so s*s's friend agreed to the sofa for the night.
As luck would have it, my s****rs friend was ... Continue»
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Mistress B's House of Fetish

I'm pretty sure it was early on in the semester when Mistress B thought it was a good idea for us to try some chastity. She had bought a device for me to wear and one Monday morning before we went back to school, she decided to put it on me. She would wake up a good 2 hours before me Monday mornings, as I recall being woken up and her asking me if I was ready. Before I knew it, the device was firmly attached to me and she put the keys around her neck on a necklace. It would be 5 long days I'd spend in chastity before we saw each other next.

The device wasn't that noticeable, but every ... Continue»
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The last night with Mistress B

We have been doing pegging and all kinds of fetish things for well over a year now. Again, we got a in a huge argument and the one thing that always brought us back together was sex. I forget what got us back on the topic, but I was sending her all kinds of strap on videos with big strap ons and had said I want a bigger one being used on me. Well a few days later I get a text message of the new dildos that had arrived at her house. I have not seen her in about 2 weeks, so we made arrangements for her to come over to my apartment.

I was getting so excited that I had had the double we own... Continue»
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another night out for dawn

31st January 2015
Another night out for Dawn
I was summoned by my master by message at work, on Thursday last, the message said what I was to wear to show subservience and when I was to be at my master`s door, it was the last line that ran a chill in my bones, the whole message said; my house 8.30pm Saturday, wear coat and highest heels, collar and nothing more. Come by bus and present me with the tickets.
That tingle started again on the Friday, I was worried about the bus trip, the exposure, even the cold. But if master said walk all the way I would have done just as he said.
... Continue»
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I shouldn't have tested her. Or, maybe I should have. I'm not sure anymore. I'm not sure which emotions are mine. I'm in a happy relationship. I think. My name is Clare. Now... Anyway. Sorry, I realize how confusing this is. Let me attempt to make sense out of it. My name is John. Or, my name used to be John. My best friend is named Hunter. We did everything together. Now we do everything to each other. You see, Clare was dating Hunter. I didn't know her last name, whether or not she had a f****y, or anything like that. The strange thing is, neither did Hunter. He assumed she was shy or emba... Continue»
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My wedding day... I suppose all brides cry on the day of their wedding. But maybe not for the same reason my bride was crying...


Becca and I had been engaged for nearly a year. Being that we both came from prominent families we had a huge wedding planned. All of New York society would be in attendance. Her father tried not to show it but he was incredibly perturbed at how much he had to shell out for this huge wedding.

"I don't know where this stupid tradition of the father paying for the wedding ca... Continue»
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Her Sexy Little Panties

Mitchell stood at the door of his bedroom watching his fiancé get ready for the party. She was slowly putting on her high heels and as she bent over her black dress was riding up her thighs. She was wearing this sexy little black dress with spaghetti straps. Kacie always looked great in anything, but tonight she looked amazing! Her jet-black hair was flowing and the dress hugged her curves in all the right places. She was wearing a strapless black satin bra and matching satin spaghetti sting bikini panties. Mitchell had watched her slid her tiny little panties on after she had showered, and it... Continue»
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Fist-Esta's Brood

Dave Armstrong walked the crowded streets of Key West with a sexy beauty on each arm. Dave is wealthy, cultured, over 6ft tall, physically fit, 36, single with striking Latin looks. On one arm, Gina. A shapely, red head, 38, single also. On the other, 22 year old, Kathy aka "Kat", a classic, blond.

Key West, is a play ground where nearly anything goes. It is "adult" in nature. Every place, shops, clubs, hotels extend the unspoken welcome to come in and do what you want to do. Every building has a banister, balcony, platform or deck where guest can sit outside in the great weather. Flashi... Continue»
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Perks of the Job

Softcore musings from an eagle eyed voyeur...

It is generally agreed that most jobs of work have some sort of perk or bonus. Let me tell you about mine. In my case it ease of the actual job and the opportunities it gives to do a lot of good old fashioned ogling and perving on lots of women throughout the day. The pay is crap but I'm into my '50's and have got myself pretty well set up anyway. The job just gets me out and about. I work with dis****d people. Don't worry, I'm not that sort of sicko! I just get them out and about to do stuff they have trouble doing on their own and they aren'... Continue»
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Beany and Cecil Go to the Male Review

We enjoy going to the local gay bars to watch the male review dancers from time to time. These guys are always hot, young, and buff. We went to one last night and it turned into a hotwife adventure. It is our experience that a lot (if not all) of the male dancers are bisexual. They may be there that night to dance for mostly gay men, but at some bars featuring a male dancer night, there is also a sprinkling of females or a small bachelorette group. After they dance and strip to their sheer underwear, they circulate through the patrons and flirt with both sexes, collecting tips as they move f... Continue»
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Girdle Lover Part I

Many years ago I was working in this one office, I was about 25 years
old, single, and living with a male roommate. There was a lady
working there named Betty who was about 45 years old and was an
office manager. She was
brunette, about 5 ft 2 inches, a little chubby, but
very cute. She always wore business suits or dresses with pantyhose
and sensible heels (like 1 or 2 inches high). I must admit I found
her attractive and I enjoyed looking at her very shapely nyloned legs
every day. Her office was near to mine and we used to talk at lunch
and sometimes after work. We got to ... Continue»
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Girdle Lover Part II

So Betty and I would meet whenever we could. One fond memory was
going to a shopping mall helping her try on various high heels after
dinner. Betty was still wearing her work clothes and it was such a
turn on seeing her sexy cute size 7 feet with pretty painted toenails
covered with tan pantyhose slipping into various shoes. I finally
convinced her to buy these 4.5 inch spiked heeled bright red pumps
which were difficult for her to walk in but made my cock hard as
steel. The young saleslady probably thought it was pretty strange
that this middle aged lady and this young guy wer... Continue»
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First time with real British granny

This is 100% true you can choose to believe it or not but it is to date by a country mile my greatest sexual experience ever.

Couple of weeks before Christmas me and a couple of mates thought it would be a good idea to head into Leicester sq/ Covent gdn while all the work Christmas drinks where going on to see "if we could pull any girls" as expected every pub was rammed so we ventured off to a backstreet pub which was still quite busy. Without meaning to I make eye contact with a short grey haired older women in her mid 60s who's in a group of women who range from late 30s to mid 60s we bo... Continue»
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