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Shopping Adventure

We arrange a rendez-vous for a Friday lunch time for a few drinks and lunch.
You are dressed in pleated skirt, boots, black opaque tights and blouse with jacket. You look delicious. Drink flows and discussion turns to naughty experiences we've had in the past.
Boldly I suggest an idea to you and I am over the moon when you agree to carry the idea out....................must be the drink, but who cares!!!!
We leave the bar and pop to Anne Summers on the high street - we purchase a vibrating love egg and 8 inch silver tipped vibrator.
Carrying our purchases and both extremely excited by what... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

Big thanks to gwensational and panting4urhose,
whose kind comments, messages and good stories inspired me to write this story,
I'm sure you're able to see your helpful influences throughout!

Also a special thank you goes to gwensational for allowing me to feature your wonderful creation of Agent 78, I'm very much honoured by your permission to use her in this story,
I hope I've done her a real good justice and are pleased and satisfied with my take on her :)

For those of you who haven't read them, check out gwensational's excellent Agent 78 stories here:

A Sti... Continue»
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Young Mistress : Old Sub - Chapter One

Carrie was eighteen, and the most shy girl I had ever known, but also behind that shyness, as kinky and dirty as anyone I had chatted to. For the last few months she had been coming out of her shell more to me online, and had become my Mistress. We were now due to meet for the first time. It was not the first time we had been due to meet, but the previous times her nerves had got the better of her, this time I had arranged things so that hopefully she would not back out. I was not sure what it was about her that had me so hooked, but I was. I had a real need for her, a craving to be the one wh... Continue»
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Labelled by the medical/psychiatric profession as the ultimate state of confusion – whereby a person is not clear whether one is male or female – nowadays the notion of androgyny is ridiculed rather than clinically dismissed as deviant. Subsumed under the label of the hermaphrodite it tends to be perceived as an idiosyncratic adoption of maniacs or new-age freaks. Retrieving the positive – and more ancient – meaning is not an easy task. Keep in focus that this is the same society with very dismissive ideas about God, who incidently, is androgynous…both male and female.

Gender is also a cont... Continue»
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Teaching the Taboo – Lesson 4 : Catfish Part

It's funny how I spend every other Friday nights with my friends at bars. We'd share success stories and our troubles. They often label me as the "humble one" because I don't brag a lot about what I've accomplished; truth is, what I consider as a success isn't something someone would share to their friends. The network of social circles I've built would see me as the guy you call when you want to party, hike, or go cliff diving. They see me as the guy who'd sl**p around with girls I meet in dance clubs and bars, read a book or two every now and then, and loves pizza. A normal guy who likes nor... Continue»
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For The Money by loyalsock

"Hey, everybody," Gene shouted, "watch this," just before in did a wild somersault off the diving board into his back yard pool!!! The rest of the crowd gave him a mock standing ovation and Tom called out, "I'd give that one a three and a half," and everyone roared with laughter and then went back to making conversation and nursing their drinks! It was the usual crowd, the four couples who had been fast friends since they moved into the subdivision twenty odd years ago. In the summer it was swimming and golf, while during the colder weather, it was bowling or cards, take your pick!!! So comf... Continue»
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Old/Young Sex Fantasy.

This will never happen but is a complete fantasy featuring real people.
I have not changed any names. If you know who you are, then you know me inside out.
I hope others will enjoy my delve into the(almost)perfect scenario.

Having just retired I decided it was time to visit some old friends. Rob and I went back some 50 years but it had been 20 years since we had seen each other. I arranged to meet him in Bristol where he had lived more than half his life.
However, also in Bristol, lived an old friend of my daughter. The last time I had seen her was before her worldwide tour several years... Continue»
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Growing Anticipation

It was the beginning of summer. Time for sun and fun was here. Mom and myself had just arrived at
a secluded cabin that my uncle owned by the lake. It was just going to be the two of us for a month.
With as stressful as school was for me and work for her, it was a much needed vacation. The car
pulled to a stop and we got out. I went to the trunk and pulled out the luggage and took it inside.
Mom only took in a couple bags. She was the small type, only 5'2". Long wavy brown hair with deep
brown soulful eyes. She was honestly one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. She just had
one ... Continue»
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The business man’s perfect companion Part II

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a native speaker, so the occasional error might creep in. However I prefer to right in English for a broader audience. – All characters in this story are fictional.
If you have read my first story you know the drill. For those starting now: These are the adventures of a mid 30s executive and his young intern: If people saw us on the planes, airports or at a convention they wouldn’t even have noticed anything remarkable. Just another executive and his young assistant. Him: Tie, suit, white shirt, shiny shoes and a lab top bag. Her: smart grey suit... Continue»
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A Game Between Whores (The Start to a Roleplay you

(Warning: This story will contain v******e, gore, mutual torture, probable death, and it could get worse depending on who wants to play. If you're not okay with that, don't continue reading. If you are, tell me you are reading.)

My eyes open, but the world is dark. Wherever I am, the lights are not on. The smell of mold, and the rank of dampness fills my nostrils as I realize that I am in pain. A cold, thick, metal seems to be tied tightly around my arms and legs. I am not touching the ground, and my weight is forcing me down on the metal chains. I feel like it is cutting into me, but I can... Continue»
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A.J. - Teacher's Pet

We're lay on the sofa cuddling when I suddenly get up and say,“I have a special surprise for you… Wanna follow me to the bedroom?''You get this wide grin on your face and follow without a word. I push you into sitting on the bed then grab my bag and look back at you, “I’ll be right back hun…”,
you nod with a cheesy sort of smile. I slink into the bathroom to change. When I come out you see me in a short black skirt, crisp,white, cotton shirt, my old school tie, white knee high socks, and sexy black shoes. Your jaw drops and all I hear you say is, “Wow…” as I let out a small giggle an
... Continue»
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Blind Trust

Your mind swirled with thoughts. Work, him, rope, blindfolds, you wanted to trust, but you couldn’t, could you? Is it possible that you could give up control? You and he had discussed it several times. You wanted to, but you just weren’t sure. Being tied up is not what bothered you, it was what you couldn’t you see that worried you. As you pulled into the parking space of the Hotel, you knew you had to do it. Or at least you had to try, just once.

He saw you drive into the parking lot. He watched as you arranged your purse. It was as if you were mustering up all the energy you had to step o... Continue»
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Butterfly Lovers

It was fantastic summer day. A gentle breeze drifted lazily across the small pond. The reflection of the midday sun made the colors of everything stand out more. You lie there upon the soft terry cloth towel, your body soaking up every ray of sunlight that fell upon you. A beautiful monarch butterfly landed upon your left nipple. You held your breath as you admired the shear beauty of the elegant creature. The brilliant colors contrasted with the dark areola that surrounded your nipple. Hesitantly, you exhale, hoping not to scare it away. As you begin to resume normal breathing, another butt... Continue»
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St Fudstones School

D was a naughty boy, that is why he ended up at St Fudstones residential school.
He had settled in and the Headmistress Miss H had given him a job as houseboy, he was allowed access to her private apartment to clean and tidy up etc.
One day whilst he was there he saw in her diary that she was away from the school at St Elizabeth's the school for naughty girls.
He went into her private bedroom and looked around, he saw a laundry basket, he was always aroused when he saw Miss H in her fitted blouse, pencil skirt and sexy shoes.
Buzzing with excitement he opened it and looked inside, the... Continue»
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Honey I'm Home

Wives have a way of knowing things about their husband's. I know my make up goes missing too often and my high heels look more worn than they should, and my bras are always moved. My story starts with me coming home early one day to find my husband bent over our couch, his pants around his ankles with a husky black man behind him. he was fucking John with the biggest cock I have ever seen, the black man was balls deep in John, and John took it, he took it like a champ. The black man slapped Johns ass, John made a yep sound and told the man to fuck him harder, his cock moved in and out of Johns... Continue»
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Motel Discipline

You drive to a motel a few towns away and park your car in the back out of sight. You are dressed in a suit and heels; it’s summer so you aren’t wearing stockings. You go to the room number that I have sent you in a text. The door is open and you go inside and lock the door behind you as I have instructed. I’ve told you to wait, standing with your back to the door.

After a few minutes you hear the key in the lock and I come in and stand behind you. I push your long hair to the side and put a leather collar around your neck. That’s our signal to begin.

I reach around and unbutton yo... Continue»
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Post workout sex

It was a cool winter morning. I had just returned home from my daily morning 7km run. I was a little bit sweaty but it wasn't too bad considering it was only 7am. I walked in the door of my house and into my room where my boyfriend was sitting on the bed. I took my shoes and socks off and took my shirt off. Sam walked over to me and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed back. He pushed me on the bed and lifted my legs and started worshipping my feet. He licked the soles of my feet up and down. He carressed each and everyone of my toes gently and lovingly with his tongue. Before I knew it my ... Continue»
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Vegas changes a man. part 2 (A hot shower and hott

So after having my anus decimated by my lovely adopted cousin we stumbled back to the bathroom, our hands all over each other the whole way there. My dick was rock hard once again and still covered in my own cum. We stumbled down the hallway leaving wet foot prints on the carpet as we reached the bathroom door. Once we opened the door the bathroom was still steaming from the shower I had rudely interrupted her from. As we entered the bathroom we embarrassed in a passionate hug and locked lips I could still taste the slightest bit of my own seed in her warm moist mouth. My hard cock pressed up ... Continue»
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Blond Filth

Nicolette was beautiful and I had wanted her for so long. I was sure of our future and that we would be married, that is until her father, who had once approved of me changed, his mind.

He said that the high society families of the Jupiter Circle had purchased land at the outskirts of town then built ostentatious mansions, huge garages for their elongated million-dollar cars, and a pleasure palace near the glen. They had gained influence over everything. They were haughty and considered themselves superior and Nicolette's father believed that uncertain futures faced anyone who was not in... Continue»
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Excommunicated and on the run

Linda and Kate were wife 5 and 6 of Edward Folger a 62 year old Mormon. Both had been ceremonial brides selected for Edward when they were teenagers. Both had one male c***d born only months apart. Neither had a love attachment to Edward, only a duty attachment. Together they had planned for years knowing the time would come when their son's would be run off by the elders as threats, under the disguise of adulthood. Rodney, Linda's boy and Toby, Kate's son knew their time was near as they were becoming less appreciated by the elder men. All four had hidden money and covertly stashed clothin... Continue»
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