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Wedded into Cuckoldry

A girl and her master, plan for her husband's cuckolding.

A true story

"Please Nick, don't put your cock there. I'm not ready for that."

Nick: "Come on Anna, open your legs, let me do you the right way. We've waited too long and I know you're ready for it."

"No! I told you I'm not doing that. I can't. In four weeks I'm going to be married and on my wedding night I want my husband to be the one who takes my cherry. I've waited this long. I want to be a virgin for him. He deserves that."

Nick: "Let me bust your cherry now and on your wedding night, intercourse wi... Continue»
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The Art of Cuckolding

Mature woman teaches a young bride the art.

When I was a young man, there had been circumstances or events in my life that I could not understand or explain. Things were done behind my back but if you live long enough, sooner or later the true story comes out.

My name is Jack and my wife's name is Rosemarie but everyone calls her Marie. She was in her late twenties and I was in my early thirties. We had two small toddlers. It was a hot summer afternoon and we were moving into a new house in an upscale neighborhood. A mature woman who lived a few houses away, came over to us... Continue»
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My Life as a Cuckold

Living with a cheating spouse.

After the first year of marriage, my wife began an affair with her manager. He was the first of many men over the years. Some of them I knew about and I may have even encouraged them but most were done behind my back, in secret. Because she has these secrets, not a day goes by that it doesn't play on my mind. One day in my angst, I typed the word 'infidelity' into Google and discovered Literotica.

There are so many stories here about unfaithful spouses and I discovered, that they refer to me as a cuckold. Some of the stories are about men who ... Continue»
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Janie's Fantasy Threesome

Tyler calls Keith

Hi Tyler what's up. well I just wanted you to know me and Janie hooked up last night.

Tyler, you went to Janie's last night. Not that I wouldn't mind tapping that ass.

But it is Janie, your best friend. You mean you and she, well, fucked, can you?

Keith, I told you that I wanted her a long time ago, right!

Yeah, but you are doing her, Right!

Too bad I will never find that out.

and I have wanted her for longer than you have. I am happy for you man,

but I am jealous too. I always wanted her.

What if I ask Janie ... Continue»
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Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!! This is a stor

Life's a bitch, and so am I now

This is a fiction story!! The people in the story are not real!

Please exsuse the puntuation and spelling I'm just a blond sissy!

I start of my story with my wife leaving to go bingo with her mum, as soon as the car pulls away I'm up to my secret girl cloth's and sex toys.

I am a sissy cross dresser, I can't help it i love the feel and how girlie it makes me look. I have tried many times to stop but I cant, so i lay on my bed and put my computer on. I don't know why but I needed to feel a bbc cock, just to see what it is like I wasn't going to su... Continue»
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I was intrigued by a message I got from an African man, here in the UK and coming to visit my local City. He was very flattering saying he had never seen such a lovely white booty before as mine?
I nearly deleted the message as it started with enrich your life by offering me the chance to help you and was from a gent offering me this in Africa. He went on the say he was a wealthy man in a high position of office who traveled to the UK in his position. You know the type of Spam mails we get that are very dodgy!!! There was an attachment on the bottom of the mail that was very slowly opening wi... Continue»
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Of fice Lunch Leaves with Creampie

Make no mistake about it, when government office workers party it is almost always boring and lifeless. But, I attended one party several years ago that was anything but lifeless.

Thanksgiving was looming on the horizon for my Department and as usual everyone was looking forward to a huge feast. It costs a lot of money to put on one of our little get togethers and NO it doesn't come out of the taxpayer's pocket. We each pitch in a hundred dollars and we reserve a non governmental building or room so that no one can say we are abusing taxpayer trusts.

However, this particular year, we ha... Continue»
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The First Cuckolding

My husband and I were on a holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We'd gone all out. It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime so we had flown first class to Jamaica. It had been three days and so far the holiday had been magical. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and amazing food.

We were back in the hotel after lunch.

Callum was in the bath and I just flicked on the screen on his phone to see how much battery he had left. There was a Snapchat message. I didn't even know he had Snapchat! And who was sending him pics while we were on our anniversary holiday? I unlocked the... Continue»
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Two for Lauren

My friend, Brent, had been dating Lauren for a few months when he decided to set me up on a blind date with Lauren’s roommate Gail. Brent and Lauren decided to make a double date out of the evening.  I had met Lauren a few times of the past several weeks, but had not yet met Gail.  I liked the arrangement, as being on a blind date with someone can be awkward.  After dinner, Lauren wanted to go to a new club for some dancing.  Brent loves to dance, but dancing is not my strong suit, but Gail seemed like a lady I would like to get to know, so I agreed.

When we got to the club, we got a table... Continue»
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Two Exhibitionists Meet

Recently I had to go to New Jersey on business. When my work was done I decided to disappear for awhile. I turned off my cell phone, and a bus ride later I arrived in a mid-sized city I had never been to before. No one knew me or cared. I rented a hotel room and relaxed for the first time in a couple of weeks.

After three days of sl**ping and eating I was getting antsy. I hadn't even been able to expose myself to the maid. She always cleaned up while I was gone. The weather had turned warm and my cock wanted to get out into the sunshine. If I don't show it to someone for awhile it starts ... Continue»
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Dominant or Subordinate

Dominant or subordinate.
What a very important starting point to a relationship. I know people have differing views and tend to categorise themselves as one or the other, usually because the expectation is you are one or the other. I take the view that I am both, dependant on the situation.
Let me explain. There are clearly sexual preferences to be taken account of. My view is fairly simplistic. Like everybody on this planet, I love sexual excitement. The best way to get sexual thrills, is obviously to get both participants, or all, highly excited. If he, or she, gets turned on by being the... Continue»
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The Wrestler's Revenge

WARNING: This story is entirely fictional but does contain dark themes and elements.
This is not for the feint of heart! Don't say I didn't warn you hehe


Part 1:

In a small run-down building in a run-down part of town, the wrestler and former champion known as Sammy Bunns
was about to enter a very murky world. She looked different out of her usual wrestling attire, less glamorously sport... Continue»
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Leah Jane, Mani & Jess

When Jess boarded the train it was almost full, so she took the only available seat. The man sitting across from her glanced up from his newspaper and gave her a curious smile. She blinked shyly but smiled back at him before turning her attention towards the window to break eye contact. As her journey progressed the carriage gradually emptied until only the two of them remained. They had been taking furtive glances at one another the whole time and now that they were alone Jess could feel his eyes upon her.

As the train arrived at it's final destination the two strangers stood up at the s... Continue»
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Twisted Fantasy??? Update 10/24/15

Hey again its the misses!!!
There has been a huge update... In case you haven;t read the original post, this fantasy involves me wanting my mo to see me and hubby while going at it. She has mentioned that she found our videos while she was borrowing out laptop but that was pretty much all that was said about it but the idea of her watching the videos was awesome!
Well...the other night, my husband had to go out of town overnight for his job. We watched How to get away with murder on the laptop which was hooked to our tv. During the episode, she came right out saying " Remember when I told yo... Continue»
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His version of the pickup fuck

Part 2
I had picked up a girl on my way home from work. It’d start to rain and being a Good Samaritan I wanted to help her. Although I did not expect her to follow me home, wanting to have sex with me. It’s two of her fantasies, she sad. She had dreamt of having sex with a stranger picking her up; and a black man. I was both, not complaining, lucky me and her.

She’s sitting on her knees in front of me, cupping my big cock, inside my pants, with her small hands. Stroking it with her nails and teasing me. I gasped of pleasure and throw my shirt onto the sofa. Flexing my muscle, just ... Continue»
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His Magnificent Cock

My b*****r’s cock is big….. No, he has a Magnificent Enormous Cock.

My b*****r was a year ahead of me and much of my reputation rested on the things that he did so I was always aware of what was going on with him. Sometimes it sucked attending the same high school together because he was a General in the Army of Nerds. Every teacher would look at my efforts and tell me how they expected more because my b*****r was such a good student.

He was annoying; the type of student who was horrified at the prospect of earning a 'B'. For me a 'B' was a good thing.

Something happene... Continue»
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Pantyhosed and Spandex Lesbian Affair

The story of this bizarre affair was related to me by an ex called Denise. She was seeing a friend of mine at the time called Kev. Before I got with her, she had a kinky lesbian affair with his mum. According to Denise the affair started one afternoon when she came round to see Kev but he was at work on an afternoon shift. Anway, Marlene said Denise could wait, as her husband was at work and she didn't mind the company. The thing that attracted me to Denise and evidently had attracted Marlene, apart from her wry sense of humour and sharp personality, was the fact that she always wore skintig... Continue»
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She fucked me in the street while it's rainin

- This was a while back , I was walking with someone i knew near the University compound in Alexandria , Egypt , and this girl was supposed to have no interest in anything sexual ! Anyway i can't say her name or where were we before we arrived near the university.
-After we walked for sometime by the sea and walked towards the door of of Law School , it started raining so we went to hide under the building across from the school but she started running in the middle of the street under the rain playing and laughing , I ran after her trying to get her out of the rain but she started joking and... Continue»
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slut for big black cock

and here is yet another of my stories I've experience in my life as a slut for cock...

Like always, I was horny for some dick but this time I really hoped to get my ass filled with cock instead or just sucking out a nut so I posted an ad on the local website looking for someone that was in need of some ass. I got a couple replies but none of them interested me until I got one from a local black man that was looking for some booty to stuff. Mmmmmmm, I do love being a slut for black cock so of course I was excited to return his email and eager to set up a fuck session. There was one proble... Continue»
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My first time dressing

So after he let me be done with him my dick was so hard poking out of the panties he had me wearing and he knew it.Can't hide a thing like thaty when wearing panties lol.Well he told me to sit on the couch and stroke it while he watched.I remember feeling so embarressed doing this cause I had never done that in front of another guy.But id never been dressed like this either and my cock stayed so hard.I sat there stroking myself slowly for several minutes while he just watched me.Then he got up to get a drink and I'm still sitting there stroking and all of a sudden someone tried to open the doo... Continue»
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