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My nylon loving friend (fantasy)

It had been a re-occurring fantasy to meet someone who shared my love of lingerie, especially someone mature who could teach me a few tricks.

After chatting to an intelligent very attractive lady online for some time we had reached the point in our online relationship where we both felt we needed to live out our fantasies and agreed to meet up. Our messages started very tame and innocent as most did but as time progressed our chats would revolve around a host of kinky subjects intended to increase each others sexual yearning. And yearn we did! All the ammunition she needed to flick my kink... Continue»
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Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood

crossdress – sissy – anal - plug – oral

I thought to myself could I really go through with it this time? I had to at least try it, didn't I? I took another swig of wine and then brushed the blonde strands of hair out of my face again as and I read through the message one more time. "Jacki, Id love to get together and treat you like the beautiful gurl that you are. Look over my pics and if you like what you see, send me your number and we can set up something, Steve." I sat there in a matching red lace bra and panties and black patent high heels, with my makeup, and my favorite blonde... Continue»
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Tits Have Benefits Ch. 04

bisexual – lesbian – anal - strapon – cock sucking - feminization – transformation

Thank you for everybody's support for this story. Andrea gets an invite to visit Trish and Sandy in California and the story takes an unexpected turn, although I am guessing that some of you may have figured out what direction things might go. Please note that in the first few paragraphs there is a lot of plot development with no erotic scenes but fear not when the erotic scenes do cum, nothing is held back...


After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life J... Continue»
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A Wet, Hairy Bisexual Experience

My wife and are middle aged and own a property on 60 acres just out of town, bordering a large forest. The house isn’t overly large but we have a nice outdoor deck area that adjoins our swimming pool, its a great area for entertaining as it overlooks the forest and is very secluded. The seclusion is a bonus and the main reason why we bought the property, we both enjoy being nude outdoors and often don’t wear any clothes when we’re at home.

My wife, Nicci, is a larger woman, probably a size 20 with long dark hair. Nicci has large breasts, but the thing I like most about her body is that she... Continue»
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Sharing my husband with my teenage niece.

Celine bent forward and her top drooped outwards to expose her perfect pair of tiny titties and pink nipples.

I smiled, thinking back to when I used to do the same thing. Bodily changes like growing breasts, or having a flush of light pubic hair on your pubis, are the sign we girls look for, when growing up, bur for what, now there is the question?

Celine our niece is thirteen, and already she is playing with fire, she knows she is showing herself to my husband, and if she is following form, as I did, she will be masturbating too.

We were looking after a little sex bomb, and I needed ... Continue»
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Graduation orgy

If you don't want to read the introduction i can leave a big space between the intro and when the good things starts :*

Me and my best mates from high school, Jennifer, Ingrid, Victoria, Anna, Linn, Clara, Sandra, Emma, Hanna and Malin were about to graduate in summer 2001.

Jennifer: 19 year old blonde girl, not the biggest boobs but one of the best asses i have ever seen, she is really pretty aswell and most important, my best friend. body: 8/10 face: 9/10

Ingrid: 19 year old brunette short latino girl, great smile, nice boobs and those wide perfect hips. body 9/10 face: 7/10

Vic... Continue»
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Tiny Dick Loser: Experiences with Women, Part 3

So now there’s only one more girl to detail. I can’t remember her name, and it’s arguable whether or not what we did actually constituted sex, but I have her on my list regardless. It happened a couple months after Angela left. Same situation; met online for casual sex. This one was the least attractive by far. Maybe 5’5’’, again, I can’t say I have any skill and judging women’s weights, but she had to be pushing 300. She was at least 35, could have been 40, and she was pretty trashy looking in general. She, like Tammi, had boobs that didn’t seem to be improved by her weight. Plus they... Continue»
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Tiny Dick Loser: Experiences with Women, Part 1

As I said in my profile, I’ve only had sex with three women, and they were all likely above 300 pounds. Here’s some more detail, if anyone is interested.

I met all three online. Not for dating or anything, just quick sex. It’s nice that there’s an avenue like that, as my cowardice with talking to girls is legendary. I was with them all when I was twenty I think. That was my one year of getting pussy.

The first wasn’t the the least attractive, but she was below average even for a girl of her size. Big, big girl, but with small tits and a so-so face. Her name was Tammi. I had t... Continue»
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Tiny Dick Loser: Experiences with Women, Part 2

I found my second girl, Angela, in the same manner, just about a month later. I suppose you could say that my experience with her was better. She was very pretty and had huge tits. Overall, she was much better looking than the first, although she was shorter, maybe 5’2’’ and she was fatter; she was practically round. She also had her own car, which helped.

Thing going in a similar way. For normal guys, I’d imagine there’d be some kind of confidence boost after losing one’s virginity, but obviously, my first time didn’t give me much to be proud of. So we sat and had awkward conversatio... Continue»
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Sexting my Daddy by mistake

I never lost it to a man, it was more a thing, an inanimate object and in a supermarket. It was a bit of a dare and just as well I was wearing a dress, had I been wearing pants or denims, it might never had happened that way.

I was always adamant I would never be considered a 'trophy', to some jerk-off guy, to be hung-out on his bedpost, so that Saturday lunchtime, I pushed a 4" banana into my pussy, and walked around the whole freaking store, with my panties holding it up inside me, while my girlfriend Carla, giggled behind me, as proof I surrendered my maidenhood to a piece of fruit.

... Continue»
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My first Creampie

“My parents are going to be gone for the whole weekend.” My boyfriend Michael said walking up to me at my locker after class on a friday.

“Alright, well what time do you want me to come over tonight?” I asked with a smirk, knowing full well what was going to go down tonight.

“They’re leaving at 6:00, so anytime after that would be fine.” Michael said smiling.

“Okay sounds good, I’ll see you then.” I say before leaning in and giving him a kiss and headed to volleyball practice.

During practice I had a hard time focusing, thinking about what would be happening later that night. It l... Continue»
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I will never forget the night I fucked my older st

Get out your cocks boys..pull down those panties ladies and get ready to cum.
Three years ago I had to move out of my apartment and stayed at my step s****r Paulina's place for a month. I was 3 years old when my dad remarried and I had a s****r. I have know her my whole life and I can honestly say I've always wanted to fuck her. My s****r was 46 years old at the time. My s****r has always been a big woman with huge tits and a nice big ass..along with long back hair and a beautiful face it amazed me she was single at the time. Now its fair to say I never really got along with her and I had... Continue»
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Pink Panties: The Video Tape

blackmailed – maledom – f***ed feminization – husband – married – domination – spanking

It was our first apartment and we were very proud of it. It was a few small rooms, but it was ours and that made all the difference. I lived with my fiancée, Julie, a few miles outside of town in a small apartment building that had about a dozen units.

I worked in a garage fixing everything from mufflers, to fuel systems, and to drive shafts. I'd always been a monkey wrench, taking things apart and fixing things them even before I could remember. I'd worked in the garage in high school and afte... Continue»
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Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03

Shemale - crossdressing – feminization - transfirmation - anal – strapon – oral

Thank you for everybody's support for this story. In this chapter the complex dynamics of a polyamorous relationship including 4 women and a shemale is explored. Andrea becomes gradually and lovingly integrated into this 'f****y' while having the time of her life ...........

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was accepted into Jane's loving f****y of lesbian lovers, this despite the initial protestations of Jenny a tall blond bombshell. In fact J... Continue»
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Brad's Bitch

bisexual – gay – reluctant – domination – feminization

The phone rang. I pulled it from my jeans pocket and saw that it was Brad. Shit! I really didn't want a call from him right now. Maybe I should just ignore it. But somehow he always knew when I'd just ignored his calls. And then that was even worse.

I answered it, thinking only fleetingly about "the speech" that I'd composed and honed over the years and knew now that I would never actually give. I don't know why I even thought of it anymore. Maybe it made me feel just a little bit in charge of my life to at least imagine that ... Continue»
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Husband uses technology to see wife with another m

Jim and Carol had just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, having been married in 2025. Their sex life was good, just not as frequent or as exciting as it had once been. Carol had not been very experienced when they wed. Jim was only her second boyfriend and her first boyfriend had not made it past second base.

Recently Jim had begun to feel that Carol might have missed out on some valuable sexual experience by not having dated more before they were married. He didn't want Carol to have any regrets later in life when she wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He also thought that ... Continue»
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Nerd learns of his space bound destiny

"You're joking... Please tell me you're joking!"

"Jacob, I'm sorry," said a mildly sympathetic voice from the opposite end of the phone, the owner of the voice's attention firmly on the last minute touches of her up-do hairstyle.

"No, Courtney, you're not. You call me an hour before prom to tell me you're going with your ex instead? You know what? Fuck off!" As Jacob put up a strong front he was broken on the inside.

He threw his phone across his bedroom and ran downstairs. In his moment of rage, he began to realize the positive aspect of what had just happened. At least his parents ... Continue»
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A ranger meets an elf in the wild

Sitting on his bedroll in just his trousers, Thanir watches as the first rays of the morning sun broke through the trees. He glances quickly at the smoldering remains of last night's fire but decides against rekindling it. The next town, and a real meal in a tavern, is only a few miles away so there was no need to cook a breakfast. Rubbing the last of the sl**p from his eyes, the young ranger stands and stretches.

Just as he begins to roll up his bedding, a series of sounds jerk Thanir's attentions to the east. Dropping the bedroll, he grabs his sheathed sword and runs off in the direction ... Continue»
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World is run by women in the year 2056

I have been up since 6:30 this morning and now it's almost 7 a.m. My erection has started, as I get excited and aroused with anticipation, just thinking of what's coming at 7.

I am scared thinking about what will happen to me in two days and try hard to get it off my mind. I must enjoy the pleasures of the next two days and not think about the future.

There's a light tap on the door and it opens. It's Eva and I'm very pleased to see her. She's wearing a loose white top with very brief red shorts. I see that her breasts are pushing against her top and they move whenever she moves. She sit... Continue»
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Morning Surprise

I see you log in about 7am! hum...

So there you are just logged on... as you are reading my last msg (about
an hr earlier), you feel a light breeze inside your legs that are open
because you're cock is getting excited. You look down and see my hand
right in front of your panties hovering above your swelling cock! What a

You can see up my skirt that my panties are wet with excitement. I'm
wearing my new blue silky m&s panties and they feel so silky on my stiff
cock that i'm leaking pre cum into the gusset.

You lean under your desk to get a closer look, you reach ... Continue»
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