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The Belt

I was playing around, maybe too much in those times. So, one morning I was waking up after this party with heavy drinking and lots of people crowded in a smoky place and there was just me and mister N, a friend. He was the kind of rich bad boy, lots of money in his pocket and a punk philosophy in his head. I liked the guy a lot, especially for his “I don’t care” all time attitude. By that time we were fuck buddies. So I wake up and I see him still sl**ping next to me in the bed. With the biggest headache in the world, I burry my head back in the pillow. It’s like an untold rule, you know, that... Continue»
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My second story is once again 100% fictional; I hope you enjoy it though. Dedicated to a few people here who I know appreciate a man in panties 
It was Saturday and I needed to go into the city to get some new clothes. As I opened my underwear drawer a flash of pink grabbed my attention from the back. Ah my stash..... You see after my last girlfriend dumped me, she had left some of her underwear behind. At first I was going to throw them away, but for some reason I kept them. She was a size 8 and I knew from trying these things on before when we were together for giggles they would fit me. I... Continue»
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Massage Room

I walk into the massage room and see you laying there on your back, face up. You are completely naked with just a towel over your middle of your body. Your breasts and vagina are under the towel. You have not met me yet but when you look up to see me, you are pleased at what you see. I am young and what you can tell, I work out a lot. I have just a T-shirt and gym shorts on. You can tell I have a six pack because of my tight t-shirt and you can almost see the bulge in my gym shorts. I tell you to relax and let me take control of your body. You lay your head back down and close your eyes... Continue»
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The older woman

This is a fantasy, the woman is real though.
Her name was Pandora, a beautiful 46 year old lady I met online, a real life MILF. We were drawn to one another as we had a love of video games, particularly Half Life! She has a beautiful curvy yet firm body, 34” waist, 38” hips and perky, soft 38B breasts which beg to be touched.
After chatting for a while things started to turn a little sexual and a few naughty messages later I got the impression she liked me. A few days later she messaged me..... It read ‘I want you, come over, here is my address’. I was a little speechless but looking down at... Continue»
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My masturbation sex life

I cum in my Gf bras since 3 years but it was secretly at the beginning. Maby 1-2 years ago I tell to my Gf my fantasy about cum in her bras. She respond it well! A little bit surprise but she like the idea. She had accepted to do a daily masturbation sex routine with me and her bras. We have talked each others to find a good relationship deal : She love lingerie, I love wank... So now each night she choose one bra that she will wear the next day. I put the bra wide open on the bed and she lie down beside me breast up. Then I sit on my knees beside her in front of the bra cups. I start rubbing ... Continue»
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Hockey buddy and his wife - 2

The next week I arrived late at the rink and Pete and I had no chance to have a work before the game. At the end of the game (we won), Pete and I were next to each other as we shook hands with the opponents. After the hand shakes he leaned in and asked me if I could come over. “Yea, I would love to.” was my answer.

When we arrived at Pete's house Kate was ready with G&T's. What I really noticed was her outfit. Kate was wearing a pleated skirt and a white blouse. I could thinking about her nipples which I could see through her shear white blouse but also about the Catholic-school-girl look ... Continue»
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Sloppy Seconds

You have barely gotten the door locked behind you when
you hear the commanding voice out of the darkness.


Your hand freezes in its search for the light switch.


You hurry to comply, knowing all too well what the
penalty for disobedience is. Quickly, you remove your
$700 business suit and cast it in a crumpled heap on
the carpet. Your bra comes next, then your panties.
From experience, you know to leave your hose and your
pumps on.

He laughs softly in the darkness at the irony. During
the day, 35 people live in constant fear of the "bitch
manage... Continue»
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Chapter Three - The Price We Pay

My head hit the wooden bar so hard that I saw stars.
I felt one of them move up behind me and the wind was pushed from my lungs as he slipped himself inside my pussy and began to pound my ass furiously.
Within a second there was another one in front of me. He grasped me by the throat, his huge hands wrapped all the way around.
I couldn't move, he had pinned me over the bar, ass in the air.
A third approached and before it even registered, stuffed his dick in my mouth.
I gagged as he proceeded to fuck my face.
The whole length of his cock dissapeared deep down my throat.
He drove it i... Continue»
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Unconventional Wife

I never thought I would be unfaithful, especially not
with Lory, Bob's wife. Bob, Lory, my wife Kathy, and I
often go to dinner or attend events together. So, the
consequences seemed daunting, and I thought Lory was off

Kathy and I had recently been going through a dry spell,
meaning no matter how much I pleaded for the last few
weeks, she refused to have sex. During this dry spell,
Lory unexpectedly showed up at my work and asked me to
have lunch at her place. Bob was not home and I asked
Lory what was the occasion.

"I have something I want to talk to someone a... Continue»
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Swinger's Haven

Just last week I went on a business trip to the West
Coast. Over the weekend I decided to travel over to
the beaches for a little R & R by myself. The hotels
along the beach were lovely but didn't have much

I traveled up the coast to search for a secluded cove
where I could sunbathe nude and hoped to find other
free spirits along the way. I did locate the perfect
beach and did lie in the buff, but I had no company.
Rubbing suntan lotion all over me was a turn-on, and I
was careful to get lots of oil on my penis so it
wouldn't get burned!

That night I was h... Continue»
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Young Boys Delight

I am a divorced 46 year old women who is still very
attractive and sexually vibrant. That's why having
been divorced for over a year has been so painful for
me. Not that I missed my ex, but I missed a cock. My
husband and I may have been kind of kinky by some
peoples definition of sex. We enjoyed corresponding
with other couples who ran ads in dirty magazines. We
used to write hot letters and trade photos and videos
with other couples quite often.

We used to watch the videos while we fucked and
fantasize about being with the couples on the screen.
Now all I can do is f... Continue»
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Wife Watching in Memphis

The following is completely true and happened over the
course of the past two years, gradually getting more and
more exciting, until it culminated with the most intense
sexual event of our lives. Unlike some "true" stories I
have taken extra effort to make it not only factually
correct, but to give an accurate portrayal of my
perspectives at the time and my impressions of Lynn's and
Greg's perspectives at the time.

What follows is a recounting of events that are extremely
private, intimate and personal. And just as the mere
thought of exposing my wife to other men has beco... Continue»
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What A Kiss Can Lead To


It was Jan's 40th birthday and her husband had invited
my wife and me to go to a small Italian restaurant
along with two of her other friends to celebrate her
birthday before she had a party the following Saturday

When we met I gave the birthday girl a kiss on both

The meal was great and service very good one of the
waiters was very attentive to Jan she liked the
attention she was getting.

Strangely not much was d***k that night, I had to
drive so I drank mineral water, Jan had a couple of
small beers, the only person who drank heavily was
... Continue»
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Mr. Hurley was More than a Grocer

This is a work of fiction based on true events of my life.
Names and location have changed to protect the paradox!


Summer break was a few days away and I was giddy with anticipation. I finally start high school in three months! With only two years into the new decade, MTV was almost a year old and Hungry Like the Wolf was on heavy rotation on the FM radio and I could smell the summertime change in the air!!! This was going to be the best summer ever!

I get home without any homework, thinking about grabbing my BMX bike and meet my friends at the track for some racing and jumps ... Continue»
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Young Toms

To begin with, my husband, Ted, has a twin b*****r Fred
who is married to Susan and they live near by in our
small town where it is difficult to do anything without
someone else knowing. With all that said, we have the
usual evils in our little town, the bars where men hang
out looking for women and women hang out looking for
men. Of course some of the women make a living off the
men. Each of us couples has a teen-age son and they
were born in the same month and the same year.

All four of us went to high school together and dated
together and even were married in the same... Continue»
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Young Wife Does b*****r-In-law

Hi, my name is Marsha, and I have a great, true story,
about how I discovered that size does make a

This story starts when I was just 15 years old and a
sophomore in high school. I was hanging out with some
girlfriends at a little fast food place when a car full
of guys pulled in. One of my friends knew the driver, a
very good looking guy named Jon. The other guys were
his friends, one was his b*****r, Jerry.

As we talked, I felt very comfortable with the driver.
One of my girlfriends had a crush on him, so I was
trying not to interfere.

We all decided to... Continue»
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Chapter Two - The Journey Home

The howl of the wind surrounded us. The storm was descending quickly. Very soon there would be a white out and our chances of returning home safely would drastically decrease.
I had only been permitted simple garments. Knee high boots, panties and a hooded cape were all that protected me from these harsh elements.
My body was frozen to the core and I doubted my own survival if we failed to make it back soon.
My four protectors however, would not suffer such a fate. Their thick clothes and multiple layers offered decent protection from the elements.
To an extent I was used to the cold. I w... Continue»
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Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

The whitewashed walls and brick-layed streets of Sandava gleaned bright in the sun, unlike surrounding cultures such as Mandalva, Trocust and Chalda. Those people managed decent lives but not with the oppulence of Sandava.

Shadi was the eldest son of a Sandavan High Judge and if he studied well and kept his nose clean, he was the likely successor to his father's high position. He had done well with those things until his 22nd birthday when he began to have feelings and passions that he could not explain.

Since his youth, he had enjoyed the storytellers and their great tales of life i... Continue»
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Way Too Competitive

Dad always said I was too competitive for my own good.

Tonight, I was proving him right. I looked at the cards
in my hand, actually a respectable hand-a full house of
three jacks and two 9s, and then I glanced at the pot.
Just about all the money my parents had sent me for the
month was on the table, which was not helping my
confidence level at all.

One of my opponents, Ricky, had already folded, leaving
only his roommate Billy and myself in the game. Billy
had that smug expression on his face that he had been
wearing for most of the evening, that expression that
conv... Continue»
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The Wager

1: The Game Begins

How could this fucking happen? We have only been
married eighteen goddamn months. I first met Jill at a
church social in her hometown. Jill was a beautiful
young lady with a religious upbringing. Her parents
required her to attend church every Sunday.

We dated for about a year. A year I refer to as the
'Blue-Balls' year. We were married in the spring of
'98 and all was right in the world. Money was our only
problem. I was barely making enough money to cover the
necessities and the rent on a crappy little apartment

I was working as an ac... Continue»
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