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Lange Pornokinio-Geschichte

Da sass ich nun in dem dunklen Filmsaal dieses Sexkinos. Der Film, der
vor meinen Augen auf der großen leinwand gezeigt wurde, machte mich
gewaltig an. Ein riesiger, dicker schwarzer Schwanz wurde mit aller
Gewalt in die behaarte Votze einer dicken, geilen alten Schlampe
hinein- und herausgezogen und die Frau schrie in einem fort. : Ja...
tiefer..... gibs mir.... mach mich fertig! Meine Hand hatte schon seit
ein paar Minuten meinen freigelegten Schwengel fest im Griff.. Ich war
froh, daß niemand in meiner Nähe saß, denn ich wollte keine Spanner um
mich herum haben. Und so geno... Continue»
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A Girl's Dirty Past by Mariel

It's funny how a man wants to fuck you, pays you, then tries to save you, by not doing anything, as if his abstinence is proof of his love for you, and he is different from all the rest, willing to pay, but keeps his cock in his pants as proof of his intentions.

Guys like these are losers, they can't get it up with women like me, they need something less intimidating, something resembling what women have, something where they can be first, and it shows in the glow of the skin, soft and sweet smelling, sets the heart racing and the bl**d boiling, a sweet smile to tell them it's alright, and... Continue»
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Long Car Journey's are a Blast!

This is just a short story inspired by a good friend of mine's very sexy story!
Please note this story is mainly just for fart-lovers everywhere so, you know, don't say you haven't been warned! hehe

Enjoy :)


"Hurry up, Sam, I want to get there today!"
Danni playfully urged me as she sat in the driver's seat of her car.

"Hold on, I'm coming!"
I chuckled, putting my small suitcase into the boot of said car, next to her suitcase.
I then hurried to the passenger-side door, opened i... Continue»
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cheating on my husband

cheating on my husband- by Rebecca

oh im Rebecca and I have the best life ever my husband is very good to me and im good to him! I just like to be fucked a lot and my husband works day in and day out and he just cant fill my wants and needs so while my husbands away! im fucking around and even with him home asl**p just in the next room I have guys come over and fuck me in the basement or in our guestroom! here it goes!!!

ok one night my husband was asl**p in our bedroom and I was felling freaky so I hit up one of the guys I mess around with and asked him to come over and he said she im ... Continue»
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Baby Sitters Secret

The story that I am about to tell you took place on a day that started out very ordinary, but would end up as the least ordinary day of my life. Until that particular Winter day, I thought I knew who I was. I was Peter Fuller -- respected educator, devoted husband, loving father. I had never cheated on my wife, I had never lied to a friend, and I had certainly never slept with a girl that young before. All of that changed within a matter of hours. But you know what? I wouldn't change what happened for the world.

Years ago, I moved to the small town of Emberton, Rhode Island to take a job ... Continue»
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It had to be Magic Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3 part story. Thanks for all the help from my editor. All people are over 18 and this is a work of fiction. It is only real in my mind.

It had to be magic.

Part 1 – The Discovery

It is amazing how things that happen when you are young can have such huge consequences when you get older. The story I have to tell is pretty wild but, as I have heard, it said truth is stranger than fiction. It all started about 6 months ago when my s****r called me up out of the blue. We had not talked in a few months. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she wanted a favor.

"... Continue»
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Cum dumping the wife



I am lucky man for sure...30 years married to the same women who keeps my dick rock hard 24/7...what could I complain about? Well...first thing is this...I am mid 50's and hyper horny...good genes...maybe...my cock is 7 and 1/2 inches and about 5 and 1/2 inches around...I can lay some pipe with my white boy cock...and like most men in my camp...I wish my cock was bigger. My wife is petite at 4 feet 11 inches and has nice perky tits and a great ass...after two c***dren...she has kept her figure and works hard at keeping it...I am so fucking lucky. So why d... Continue»
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Mr Jones

Mr. Jones has lived next door to my mom and I for a couple of years now and we have become good friends with him. Mom is always complaining to him what a bad girl I am and how I need someone to teach me a lesson. I never quite understand what she means by this, she is always saying to me that if I was Mr. Jones daughter he would know how to deal with me. She will even say that when I am standing right next to him and he just looks at me and grins. I like Mr. Jones, he is a good looking strong man probably a little older than my mom and whenever he talks to me I get this little tingle in b... Continue»
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Jennifer's Summer

This is my first year at college and I have been rooming with Lucy Thompson, lovely quiet girl raised on a farm and we have become good close friends. She has told me all about her f@mily and the fact that she will spend the summer back home at the end of the term. I ask her if there would be room for me to join them and she suddenly becomes very defensive, then apologizes saying that I would not understand why she doesn't want me there. She continues explaining that her parents, Bill and Martha are very old fashioned in the way they deal with discipline. I ask her what she means and with... Continue»
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The welfare queen of the 70's let me sick the

I grew up in the 70's and hit puberty. I remember the songs and stories about the welfare queens. I realized later i knew one of them.
She lived on the other street near the woods. Set of small houses with two bed rooms each, were some poor families lived. One was a single mom who had six k**s. My f****y dropped her off food and clothes from the church. I got ask to run things by to her.
A day off from school for me was a chance to go hunt. I found she would take fish and game at any time. I had shot three rabbits one morning and took them by to her. She ask me in and gave me a hot cup of ... Continue»
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Fun for the Wife and Cindy

After my mother in law left the wife and I were sitting relaxing and I told her I saw the show she was giving danny. She asked me how and I told her I was in the bathroom and heard them talking and looked out. She asked if I saw everything and I told her I thought so, she asked if I enjoyed it and I told her yeah. I told her I would have stayed and let her do more but didn't need her going any father than she did. She laughed and said how far did you think I was going to go. I said I didn't know, but what she did out there was enough we didn't need to get into any trouble with the neighbo... Continue»
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In that moment

It keeps happening I can't stop staring at him, his eyes burn through me like laser's setting my hole body on fire. He touches me and my body trembles under his touch, the flirting never ends and the tension continues to grow. Its getting harder to resist the urges and now I know he feels the same way. Torn by my sexual feelings for him, not sure if its his age or the fact I have grown so close to his mother. What ever it is has crippled me making me unable to make the crucial first move, so I often find myself in his presents wanting craving even silently begging in my head... Continue»
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Die Ferienhütte

Sie freuten sich schon seit einem Monat auf ihren Urlaub, schon seit dem Tag, an dem sie die kleine Hütte gebucht hatten, abgeschieden, an einem klaren Bergsee, nur umgeben von Wäldern und Bergen.

Als der letzte Arbeitstag vorbei war, schwangen sie sich gut gelaunt ins Auto und fuhren zu der Berghütte. „Was ist denn da los?“ fragte Fred, als sie vor der Hütte ankamen. „Weiß nicht, vielleicht die Putzfrau … ?“ „Hallo, habt Ihr Euch verfahren?“ „Nein, wir sind schon richtig hier. Wir haben diese Hütte für die nächsten zwei Wochen gebucht!“ Die Frau schüttelte den Kopf: „Kann nicht sein,... Continue»
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Technoerotic chapter I: A well payed stalker.

Prologue: The girl was sitting on the bed in the room, tried to dial up without success, the blue cable hung between her legs. Never before she had these feelings, for the first time in her mind, all alone ..

Chapter one: A well payed stalker

The place of action, Earth, unspecified, or perhaps more alternative future. City, full of towers, flashing lights, dark alleys and dead ends. Millions of cubic meters of concrete and organic steel tightly linked together, like a net woven by a giant mechanical spider. The spacious apartments for the elite, stuffy cramped cubicles for the poor. ... Continue»
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Confession of a cum eating slut

I do love sucking cock and because I do love doing it so much most guys tell me I am very good at it. And I do love hearing that! I try to adjust what I am doing to a guys cock depending on how he reacts to what I am doing or if he is into telling me what to do to please him. Slow, fast, deep, just suck on the head, change things up, whatever it takes to pleasure him. So I can to get him into shooting his hot tasty load into my mouth. The reward for doing a good job is getting the load, but I also enjoy immensely the working of a hard cock in my mouth. I can, if the man can last that long, suc... Continue»
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Jennifer in the Monastery

Twice a day I ride my bicycle past an old Monastery, a beautiful Castle with well-manicured grounds built in the 1300's. I marvel at the structure everyday wishing I could see inside, but a Monastery is no place for a young girl. This one day I slip the chain on my bike and crash headlong into the bushes just outside the drawbridge into the main courtyard of the Castle, a Monk who is working nearby sees me and rushes to my aid. He arrives to see a young pretty girl wearing a short summer dress, laying in a very unladylike position and gets a unencumbered view between her legs. I am in no ... Continue»
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Five...,five dollar..., five dollar femdom

I went to a well known sandwich shop, where i go to get SUB par subs. Anyway, it was getting late and i wanted to get a huge gross sandwich full of processed meat, eat it, then get blazed.
I wasn't thinking about pussy, i just wanted my shit, but my sandwich artist was big fat slow, and really chatty. My slow mind finally comes around to the fact that she's flirting with me. She had a huge fat ass. Like four feet across. Her hips stuck out so far they made shelves fit for cup holders. Her tits were big and round too, extending beyond the outline of her shoulders. The great part was she wasn't... Continue»
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End of Exam Rewards

*Excuse any grammatical areas and spelling. I was really excited writing this.*

She was waiting in my dorm when I returned from my exam, like she'd promised. Emily was on all fours on the bed, her ass facing the door as I walked in, she didn't look around as I entered. Naked save for a thin black thong that only just hid her sweet lips. She wore a matching black bra slightly too tight so her 36D breasts bulge at the top, it's slightly lacy but still allows me to make out the bump of her erect nipples. her thin body is arched so her ass sticks into the air.
I locked the door behind me a... Continue»
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Heavan has her huge tall daughter carry me up to the next floor where there was a special bed constructed with a small pocket that her daughter lay me down into it so my body was sunk down even with the bed ,strapping me in so I could not move or resist what ever Miss Heavan had in store for me , some thing about I being the one for the use ,for what use.
Miss Heavan entered the room and sat next to me on the bed and told me what I had been chosen for <as Miss Heavan spoke off in the other side of the room her tall hulking daughter was undressing and I ... Continue»
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How my chastity started

There was this woman where I worked at. She had a thing for retro and would wear business skirts, high heels and actual real stockings every now and then. She had a body to die for and legs that just simply made me melt. When she walked by I would simply melt. Could not explain it this power she had over me, it was more than just sex or lust, it was like the magnetic pull that keeps the Earth in orbit. I started small talk with her and over time we began chatting now and then. I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER SOOOOO BAD!!! But would not even flirt with her in that direction because I knew from of... Continue»
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