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Dancing And Deepthroating

I love going to techno parties, it just something about dancing to the hard bass. So I start dancing with this guy that I’ve been eyeing all night. We start talking and he makes me laugh and thats admirable. But i have work the next day and so I tell him that we should go. He is kinda bummer cause its not too late, but I give his ear a lick and eyes obviously widen. We catch a taxi and speed on over to my place. We arrive and I tell him the elevator is broken, but it really isn’t. But I’m on the 5th floor, so its kinda a hike. So he opens the door to the stairway and I grab his crotch. Very li... Continue»
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Surprise for my Roommate

So I was sick a few days ago with a cough and so I bought some cough spray. Only after using it did I realize that it totally numbed by mouth… Although I’ve learned to suppress my gag reflex, sometimes it unavoidable when a cock with a large girth is just too much for me. And thats what is so frustrating, I love big cocks. They just seem to demand attention. A thick cock is my master and I will work hard to throat it deeply. So you can see my frustration, no one likes the gagging sound, at least in my rules book. Such is life.

I met up with a few girlfriends for a late dinner yesterday afte... Continue»
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Surprise blowjob for my co-worker

I have been so busy with work recently, summers are always busy. Its seemingly been eat, sl**p, work, repeat. And no time for my usual sex satisfactions. And usually I have very strict rules separating work and sex, but rules are made to be broken occasionally. And plus I was just so achingly horny that I had do act on a fantasy.

I’m just an assistant at a typical office job. The people are nice and normal, its a good group of people. But there is this one guy who I think is a chameleon. We seem to both get the same accidental dirty jokes. And I’ve seen him sneak a few peaks of my cleavage... Continue»
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Meeting a couple

A few weeks ago me and my wife were having a special night out it had been a while since either of us had cum. We were planing on going to an adult store and getting some new stuff to try to give us an extra boost in the bedroom I usually keep a hard on but we were going to try some other stuff to make me shoot loads of cum.

When we got to the sex shop we did a lot of looking around we had been there before but we never really looked around. As we were looking around we bumped into a white male mid 30's thick but not fat build he was by the supplements who introduced himself as Ron .we bega... Continue»
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My bbw sexy wife bi curiousness

Well I am Michelle's husband Rob my wife is so bi curiousness she start pouring juices from her sweet pussy.well I work out of town alot for my job and I gave my wife all rights to cheat only if its a woman. Her pictures are in my profile if you like to see all her sexiness. Ok now with the story her and her friend work out together every morning.my wife would go to Jen house to workout.well they always work out in Jen master bedroom .they got through with there work out and Jen says I got to jump in the shower so make yourself at home.well the master bathroom was wide open with the bedroom.wh... Continue»
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Tight foreskin in the massage parlour

Tight foreskin in a massage parlor

Having read some of the stories in this section I thought you may be interested in a story I have to tell.
If the gentleman concerned recognizes himself, I send my best regards!

In 1985 I worked for a time in a massage parlor in east London. We had a few regulars; one sweet guy I remember came once a month or so for a year. He was from out of London, a single man probably mid 20s. He was quite plump and had ginger hair, His name was Ben. He was always dressed smartly and, after his first time, always asked for me.
The thing... Continue»
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Happy Trails

As we walk along the trail I can't help but admire your amazing ass, the way you walk is simply beautiful each stride effortless and sexy.

All I can think about is how great it would feel to give that sexy ass a little slap. Caress it softly filling both hands until they are full and squeezing both cheeks.

We continue on our path I sneak a peek at that great ass of yours every so often,  we get around to the cave area that you want to show me. I'm pretty excited to see it and enjoy the time with you.

We walk down to the cave and I watch you crawl through the little opening a dirty tho... Continue»
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Shirley's Enema Fetish

I have always found mature women with prominent bellys attractive,, I love to see a pregnant womans belly ,, full,, tight,, uncomfortable for them..MMMM Little did i know how my fantasys would be fulfilled.. I meet with friends occasionally male and female for lunch,, or breakfast.. One of the women Shirley is older age 62,, We often end up chatting at length about life or what ever..Shirley is average height,, a bit thick with a rather large rear end and thick legs.. Her breasts are average probably a b cup.. Shirley arrived one day for lunch and appeared to be rather bloated,, her belly was ... Continue»
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elder woman younger man relationship

Hello all,

Although I've carried along from long back, recently I've been imagining more intensely about having an older lady as my companion just like my regular friends. She could be anyone - a co-worker, online friend, lady I met from a pub, my neighbor or even a very distant relative. This has got a stronger grip on me ever since I've lost frequent touch with my older lady friend whom I was close with.

She was a wife and a mother. Fortunately she and her husband were
... Continue»
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A Pantyhose Story

I come over to your place and knock on the door. You answer the door wearing a tight fitting black top, mini skirt and pantyhose. You give me a kiss as I walk through the door. After the door is closed, I give you a kiss back. I reach under your skirt and grab your pantyhose covered ass and pull you too me as I kiss you. You take me by the hand and lead me into your bedroom. You tell me strip as you take off your top. I stare at your perky tits as I start taking off my clothes and I ask you about our dinner reservations. You walk toward me in just your skirt and pantyhose and tell me th... Continue»
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Panty Lover

I'm not really sure when it began...possibly one of those mornings after I retired and found myself home alone while wife was out shopping.
I'd make a pot of coffee and sit at the computer enjoying the luxury of not having to rush to work. Just sitting and checking emails and sipping
the hot brew trying to wake up. Since I was alone it was my time to frequent the sites I couldn't while wife was around. I'd go to the porn sites I
had secretly joined...all the free sites where I could post the occassional picture or two and chat or email with others who were doing the same.
I'd respond to... Continue»
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Am I Really Teacher's Pet?

Were lay on the sofa cuddling when I suddenly get up and say,

“I have a special surprise for you… Wanna follow me to the bedroom?''

You get this wide grin on your face and follow without a word. I push you into sitting on the bed then grab my bag and look back at you,

“I’ll be right back hun…”,

and all you do and nod with a cheesy sort of smile. I slink into the bathroom to change. When I come out you see me in a short black skirt, crisp,white, cotton shirt, my old school tie, white knee high socks, and sexy black shoes. Your jaw drops and all I hear you say is

... Continue»
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Chance meet with Stud

Meet no.3 with my Black Stud was rather unexpected. I was out shopping with hubby, making him spend lots a money on me. I was as usual dressed in a short flowered pattern skirt, little pink blouse(c-through), black bra, stockings, flesh colour, fashioned tops and pink high heels. I was getting a few looks in the Mall from horny guys and Mick(hubby) was embarrassed as usual, some guys laughing at his useless stature! One or 2 seemed to be following us about too?
We were in the glass lift when I though I saw Nathan my huge black stud below. I told Mick to press the button to go down and he did.... Continue»
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My s****r In Law

My wife's s****r Samantha is older than she is by ten years, putting her in her 40's. She has a nicer body though, but not the prettiest mug. For some reason, though, the less than attractive faces can be extra attractive to me. Probably because I assume that the uglier you are, the more likely you are to spread your legs for my cock.
She has a very interesting mouth. It is very large and wide, but her lips are thin. Whenever my wife and her are spending together and I'm around, I get a goodbye hug and kiss on the neck from Sam when we part.
She comes up to hug me, and as she opens he... Continue»
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First cock i sucked was my cousins

One night was hanging out at my aunts house. We had a nice dinner. After dinner the adults were going out for the night. So i was going to hang out with my cousin. Play some playstation and chill. I was just chilling in the living room watching tv. Rubbing on my dick while watching some baywatch.

I hear my cousin yell out to me. Hey cousin come on im here and hang out. He was sitting at the end of his bed playing baseball on the playstation. So i jump up on the bed and start watching him play. So he suggest that we just take turns.

As im laying there watching i see him rub on his cock w... Continue»
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First time to be cuckolded. (First Story)

“We’ll take turns, and then we’ll both cum,” she said.
My girlfriend was going to school about an hour and a half from where I was going to school. We took turns going to see the other. She was black and had a body to prove it. The stereotypes were true in her case but she had a very strange personality: quirky and a little off the wall. She was an awesome girl.
The sex was alright. There was something missing from the usual grind we had. Maybe it was the distance or maybe it was that we just didn’t have it between us to have good sex. But all the other pieces were there and so we carried... Continue»
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A singe wife's Glory Hole BBC awakening

This is a true story of what I did when I was 21.

I got a divorce from my cheating husband on a Wednesday. He had been gone for a number months and I supported myself by working as a bartender in a biker. The work was fun, the hours were terrible (4PM to 2AM) six nights a week. Most of the guys hit on me at one time or another but I also had a couple of the guys who took it upon themselves to make sure no one really bothered me. The job paid the bills but left little time or energy to do much else.

On one day off I met my friend Jill for lunch. We were going to have a bite to eat and the... Continue»
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32 and Lusting for Sex, with a naked Boy

I felt I had lost everything, my career and my marriage, and the more I thought about I cursed myself and hated everyone and everything around me.

My husband left early the next morning. He had chosen to sl**p in the spare room after the court case that had led to a blazing row, later that night.

I had decided as I lay in the darkness of the bedroom I would take my time and pack everything I wanted and just leave before he returned home in the evening.

I would drive South and cross into Germany, where I had worked as an au-pair during my gap year, I would be a stranger, get a menial j... Continue»
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co workers soles

Recently I was on a business trip that would last up to 3 weeks. Usually my wife is able to come with me to take care of my sexual needs on this trip being a perv I still need my balls drained multiple times a week or even a day. This particular time my wife wasn't able to come since some of her f****y members were in town. So I could either wait it out while I was gone or just beat off each morning until I came back. I made the decision that I would wait it out then come back and just have a big load for her.

When I got to the hotel with my co workers we got checked in and at this point I ... Continue»
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To be a pet

To be a Pet

5 o'clock, finally. I rush out the office door to catch the bus. I don't want to be late - Mistress doesn't like that.

With 3 minutes to spare I reach open the door to her apartment, relieved that I made it on time.

As usual, I remove all my clothes, put on my heels and my collar. I put the leash in my mouth and crawl towards the living room, my tits hanging down, wiggling my ass.

I push the door open. I hear voices. Mistress is not alone?

I am confused, don't know what to do; this has never happened before. ... Continue»
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