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Soon to be Step Mom caught soon to be step Son sni

I have been dying to tell someone and/or ask for advice, but because of the subject and reputations involved, I haven't brought it up with a soul. I am a recently (3 yrs ago) divorced white woman, 44 who is almost back in the same shape as I was in my 20's thanks to the divorce, yoga, and burning away my sexual frustration in the gym. I am still very good looking, and so is my 22 year old daughter...which is why she has such a sexy 23 year old fiancée. None of those things are a problem. Here is what the problem is, and you are probably only the third person on earth to know: My daughter's ... Continue»
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Caught and Punished!

You finally got your chance, your friend and his girlfriend had to leave at short notice while you were visiting and left you alone in the house. The temptation was too much and you headed to their room.

At first you went to her underwear drawer and inspected all her most private clothes, from plain panties, to lacey bras and even some sexy stockings, and made sure to rub you cock and precum over them thoroughly. But even this isn't enough to satisfy you and you head to the laundry basket.

She must have changed before she left because you find a pair of black hipster briefs, still warm, ... Continue»
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Becoming a Huge Show Off - Part One, It Begins

I got married a few years ago, and we had one rugrat immediately. As I have heard happens in so many other relationships, my wife pretty much lost all interest in sex about two days before going into labor and has not gotten it back since.

You can imagine how this is for a guy.

I've been given a thousand and one excuses. One was that having a baby demanding breast milk constantly makes a woman scared of having another baby. Birth control has never been an option (and maybe a good thing, with the way the hormones rage in this house at times). I'm glad the state paid for a vasectomy be... Continue»
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Giant Cock Maybe a Little Gay

I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy. A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him... Continue»
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The Slags Gets it

She knew she was in over her head. As much as she trusted him she was now bound, gagged and blindfolded and lying stomach down on the bed. She cringed as she thought about the view she was presenting. He had tied her legs to either end of the posts at the end of the bed, her hands tied together above her head. So, she knew she was presenting a full and unadulterated view of her huge arse, legs spread apart so her glistening pussy lips were probably on view too. Yes, glistening lips. Despite her fear and embarrassment it was plainly evident she was heavily turned on – she was soaking wet and th... Continue»
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Birth of a Sissy

I met Jeff one day at the nearby tennis courts. I could never have imagined
what the result of that meeting would be. I suppose I should tell you a bit
about me. I'm a happily married 34 year old. About average in most
respects. A little spare tire trying to form around the middle but in
decent shape. I wear my hair short with a mustache and goatee. I had been
married for about 6 years and had been physically faithful to my wife. I
say physically, as I did think about other partners on occasion, though
probably no more than most men. What was a little unique was my "dark"
sexual se... Continue»
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Our first conversation occurred at Doc Disorder's, the neighborhood bar. I stepped in just like I did every day after work. Only this time, I saw a strange face -- a really adorable brunette with hypnotic dark brown eyes. She also looked like she just came from work. She wore a short black jacket and a slightly above-the-knee black skirt. Black nylons and pumps completed the ensemble.

She eyed me from across the bar and motioned me with her flashing brown eyes to sit next to her. She was sipping a vodka martini, the same as me.

"Some coincidence," I told her.

"You don't reco... Continue»
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Gregory & Mom pt 2

Gregory & Mom pt 2
Gregory must have really missed me when we finally got a chance to hook-up the following week. When I arrived at his house he had left the door unlocked but I still knocked and then I heard him yell “Come on in”. I entered the dwelling and was please that when I walked around the corner into the living room he was standing there with both hands on ample hips and all dressed up. He was wearing matching Black fishnets stocking and bra along with high heel shoes and man did those thick Black fishnets stocking that really displayed that juicy ass. The lipstick was neon Purple a... Continue»
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113. Wendy, seducer of youth.
First a brief description of the lady, she is Wendy a white American, five feet six tall, auburn hair and though she won`t see 21 again she has brown sparkling eyes, an attractive body that she weighs 129lb`s has 34c tits a slim 29inch waist and a delectably smackable 36inch arse, though the odd spank is all that she allows as anal turns her completely off, however she keeps her Jack and Danny waxed and trimmed and instantly ready for use.
Her hubby is Trevor and he works away a fair bit, and though a good man at home and in bed, he`s never quite been enough... Continue»
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Cumming on the bus! (POV)

t had been a long day at school and Megan was feeling a little frustrated. She’d been horny all day, as teens often are, but with such a busy morning she hadn’t had time to sneak off and masturbate. Her panties were a mess by now and she couldn’t wait to get home for some well deserved “personal time”. She looked up and saw that it was just her and her friend Harry left on the bus. She could hear the sounds of Britney Spears’ ’…Baby One More Time’ from his headphones, his favorite. As horny as she was she couldn’t help but notice that Harry was really quite good looking, he had a really sexy l... Continue»
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Marriage Creampie

I can still remember the first time I asked her if I could do it. I had always had a fascination for tasting my own semen, you see.

My wife Megan had indulged me certain levels of satisfaction in this matter but refused to let me give her oral after sex.

She said it was "gross".

I had licked it off her tits and she occasionally would kiss me after a blowjob, but that was the extent of it.

But then I had an idea. What if I fucked her with a condom on and then ate her immediately afterward. It might satisfy my craving.

So later that night, as we lay together in bed, I decided to... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Phase Two Pegging, Cock

Over the next week Tim's training continued each night getting his medicine
Nancy walked over to the table and picked up a vial of medicine. She walked back over to Tim and sat on the edge of the bed, 
"You see this?"
As she jiggled the vial of medicine in her hands, 
"This is a little something to lower your testosterone level, and relax your muscles so that you will become a little more submissive and accept what is coming.

"She reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the chastity device and showed it to him.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Ummmm....No! What the hell is that... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Pegging

Tim and Nancy had been married for over ten years. Tim was a construction worker and Nancy was a nurse. For the first few years of marriage everything was great, but as time went on Tim became more and more unhappy in their relationship, and started becoming aggressive towards Nancy. On a few occasions Tim, in a fit of rage hit Nancy! Tim was a "mans man" kind of guy who believed that males were superior to women and that a woman's place was to serve a man! Tim's behavior seemed to come out of nowhere, because he had never exhibited this kind of behavior before, but Nancy suspected that he has... Continue»
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My wife's cruel way

I can't explain why I talked my wife into the cuckold lifestyle but I did. Like most women she thought at first it was a trap but after seeing how excited I got while talking about it she was convinced I wasn't k**ding. It started out with her meeting her guy friends after work and coming home wearing panties wet with a mixture of her and his love making. It took a while before she started having me clean her with my mouth after she had been out. I hinted very carefully how I'd like this to progress and she took the hints but worked it out in her own way.

The way she dressed also changed ... Continue»
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Mother's and Son's making headline News.

Glancing through this morning's newspaper, I was not surprised, yet again, to see how women are responding to their new found voice, on all matters sexual.

Usually it's all about nudity, or infidelity, and of course school teachers, entertaining boys by not wearing her knickers and giving them a peek of her wet cunt(men get hard, we just get wet), or taking them to hotels, or her home for a complete strip-down and a good shag.

But this morning a couple of reports struck a chord with my own experiences, which I will share with you, and only because I am wet, the female equivalent o... Continue»
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The Cop

I hadn’t realized I was speeding until I saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Fuck, I thought to myself, I don’t need this right now. I need to get home to my bathtub and that book I just started reading. I pulled over, grabbed my registration from my glove compartment, rolled down my window and waited.
“Miss, do you realize how fast you were going?”
I turned my head to answer and was greeted by the most gorgeous police officer I had ever seen in my life. Although it was dark, I could see that his eyes were blue. Piercing blue. His hair was dark and slightly wavy, ... Continue»
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### DN-328 ###

Wife Gone Wild
By Marvin Cox


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So wrote American poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau in the Nineteenth Century. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modern society.

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill-going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their de... Continue»
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A list of my cuckold experiences

I'm going to list some of my favorite times my wife has cuckolded me.

First of all a description of my wife for those that haven't read my stories. My wife is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds even. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, her tits a perky thirty four B cups. She is extremely leggy and she loves showing off her body. I turned her from a shy quiet young lady into a sexy cuckoldress.

The very first time I actually saw her having sex with another guy was on a trip we took to Florida. I had invited Tim to join us and on the first night I had come in the room and fell a ... Continue»
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That Time Of the Month

If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone.

Carol is one sexy hot bitch. We had been only dating two weeks when we had a night I will never forget. She stands 5’ 4” and weighs about 135 pounds with very large jugs and a ass that is perfectly big and round.

She already knew that I was into some kinky stuff as on our first date I sucked her toes through her pantyhose. As that did not scare her away I recently had passionately kissed her armpits while I caressed the rest of her body. B... Continue»
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You Come Home

You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. You look up, see how little I’m wearing, how perfect my hair is, I’m wearing your favourite lipstick and perfume.

I kneel on the floor and finish taking your boots off, then your socks. I lift your pant legs up a little and gently kiss the bottom of your legs, giving you a taste of what’s to come, if you behave. I move your pant legs back down and stroke my way up your legs, paying special atten... Continue»
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