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How we started in the swinging lifestyle (true sto

Hi everybody. It is so nice to see you again.

If we have met before then you know me already.

I am writing this mainly for those who don't know me, because I have been asked how I got into the swinging lifestyle too many times so I thought I would just put it here.

Just one thing, as you probably know, I like to chat first before accepting a friend. I like to chat but if we are going to chat, I request that...
[image]http://rortybomb.files.wordpres... Continue»
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Heather, Nicole and I a Bisexual Adventure 2

Nicole on her knees sucking my 7 inch cock , slurping and gulping giving me a wet and sloppy blow job, when Heather comes out her big hard round tips bouncing ever so slightly ad she walked and I gasped when I seen her wearing her 8 inch thick she cock....

Heathers cock (she didn't like it to be called a dildo) was vieny and thick with a big mushroom head...very life like, even felt like a real cock.. With a sey little walk and a command tone in her voice she ordered "let him show you how he sucks cock....he's a good cock sucked.....hmm aren't you honey..." Nicole let's my swollen c... Continue»
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Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training by Dogcrusher.

Master had me chained up for the night. Today was surprisingly easy. I had to clean the house, and scub the floors. Nothing unusual. Master spit on me, slapped me silly, and fucked me in the ass. All in all, it was a light day.

I was chained to my bed completely naked. The chains were long enough, so I could lay on my back. Very comfortable for a bitch slave such as I.

Today was wehnesday, that meant sensitivity training.

Master turned on an audio tape that played softly. The phrases were meant to make us better slaves... Continue»
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Cuckold Learns the Truth

Regina was a sweet and kind plump white girl in college. She was very shy, but had such a cute smile.

Steve was in love with her almost the first time that they met.

What Steve didn't know was that Regina had fucked nearly every black guy on campus, including the teaching staff. She would fuck anywhere! In the back of the classroom between classes, in the locker rooms, at that frat houses, even once in an abandoned rail car.

Steve watched and waited to make his move. They were in their last year of college, both were 22.

He asked her out on a date and she agreed.

When he sho... Continue»
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Graduation Night for My Sissy Girl

I’m going to give you a special set of instructions to make you feel like a soft, sensuous girl. You love feeling like a girl, don’t you? There’s no other feeling like getting dressed up in pretty, feminine clothes, trying new looks, new shoes, new dresses and skirts, new lingerie, new pantyhose and stockings, new panties and bras, new jewelry, accessories and makeup. It’s so much fun being a girl.
You are a girl. And you want to do allthe things girls do, don’t you? You want to look like a girl. Feel like a girl. Think like a girl. You want to be a girly, ultra-feminine sissy. But you want -... Continue»
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Girlfiriend Pegs Me (and more!) [Part 3]

My body was twitching and convusling. I was sore. Ashamed. Achy. My limp dick burned with fire. My innards wanted to cum so bad. It was like I was turned on 100%, but the ass pegging my girlfriend just gave me f***ed me to dribble the cum out of me, into a sloppy mess on the carpet.

"No baby," Sara whispered into my ear. "You can't cum... yet."

I felt her fiddlign with my fuzzy handcuffs. I suddenly felt them drop to the floor. My hands were free, but she still held them tight.

"You do not have permission to touch yourself, do you understand?" she said softly.

"Yes Ma'am,"... Continue»
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My Private Dancer Part 2

Several weeks had passed since our first encounter. I had gotten very busy with work and it was hard for me to get away. Luckily, I was able to sc**** together some free time over the weekend. I made another trip to the club, and sure enough, there she was. I could talk until I'm blue in the face about how lovely she was, but you would have to see it to believe it. The way she moved, the way she danced, none of it can be put into words. I watched her from a distance as she did her thing on stage. Then, I moved in a little bit closer to see more. When our eyes met, I saw a the widest smile I ha... Continue»
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Milwaukee cuckhold vacation

I had a business meeting in Hawaii, whenever possible Judy would go with. While I attended my meetings she would arrange for sightseeing and other "fun things".

We had arranged to be there for 12 days. I had business meetings for 5 of those days. Judy was going to arrange her own fun. The fourth day I came home during the day from one of my meetings to change. Of course whenever I came home in the middle of the day I always hoped to catch her in action. Well that day when I got there the do not disturb sign was on the door and my hopes were up.

I go in and find no one there. We had a min... Continue»
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3 Short Sex Stories, that make me Wet.

1. The Cardboard Box of Knickers

There was a cardboard box to the left of the entrance, and my mother nodded at its existence. I pulled the top flap open and saw immediately that there were many pairs of schoolgirl's panties, all had writing on them, mostly their names with dates, Elisabeth, Victoria, Veronica, and so on, some showed signs of soiling on the gusset, like mine felt, as it was hard to hide your emotions, especially as your body could not hide the fact you were sexually aroused.

He stood beside my mother and watched as I lifted my skirt to expose all my legs to... Continue»
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Vampire lust.... Part 1

With in the deep black night sky, I gaze out and think of her... This woman whom I belong to. I still remember the first night I seen her. She was out looking for prey for feed upon... I was walking home from a late night of work. Stressed and tired... My spirits low and jammin to some music on my CD player... I forget what I had playing that night... Ah, WAR, Slipping into Darkness. A great song. As I was walking into the park I sensed something, stopped walking and beamed to my left! My eyes trying to adjust to the darkness looking for anything out the ordinary. Nothing... There was nothing ... Continue»
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A New Day (MFF, trans, LP, cons)

Normally, Patrick couldn't remember his dreams. There were vague after-images of things, people, places, but nothing really coherent. Instead, he recalled emotions. Fear, anxiety, happiness. Sometimes, rare times, he realized he was dreaming while the dream was unfolding, allowing him to take control of things. Those dreams were the shortest, as if his mind didn't want him directly connected to his subconscious. So as he woke that morning, he wondered exactly what it was that was happening. Was he dreaming? If so, he could do something about the strange sensation he was experiencing. ... Continue»
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I dreamed of her last night

This is a dream i had last night abt my classmate, have a huge crush for her. Shes Latin, black hair brown eyes. In the dream she was wearing a nighty and a pair of sl**p_ers. Excuse my English but enjoy its a real dream not made up.

The dream started with me walking with some guys who were my friends , although i didnt quite like them the dream sort of forc_ed me to walk with them. So we walked to this quiet playground and i noticed her sitting by herself on some beautiful green grass still wearing a nightie since it was in the morning. I was preparing to make my first move and go to her ... Continue»
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Hellooo Nurse Andi

After doing a five day stint at the local hospital for severe migraines Andy was due to be released in a day and feeling much better. The hospital food was as unpleasant as was to be expected and the hypochondriac in him couldn’t wait to get the hell out of ground zero for sick people. As the sun began to set Andy’s anxiousness to leave began to increase making sl**p a funny joke. He turned off his TV growing tired and frightened of all this talk of Ebola. Soon after his TV was off a pretty brown haired nurse walked in carrying in a pitcher of ice water. “Hi Andy my name is also Andi how are ... Continue»
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Watching my horny wife in a crowded club

This is a true story. Me and my wife Sara have been Married for ten years now. She is conservative but likes to have a good time if the situation is perfect. She is a 37 year old, thick, light-skinned, women with huge tits and stand about 5-11. She has been in the the military for 5 years so she is round and firm in all the right places. She loves to show off her beautiful long legs when ever she gets a chance.

We were in Las Vegas for our tenth anniversary. The first thing we did was go to the larger than life swimming pool and commenced to drinking. The drinking led to gambling and the ... Continue»
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The both entered into the dark bedroom,only a small lamp was turned on and he knew thats all he needed. "Sit!" He said,his voice firm and cold,waiting for her move while she looked at him with big eyes,doing as he said without questioning a thing,knowing she is in trouble but without knowing why. She waited for his actions,for his next command,his silence was the scariest thing of all and he knew how to use it too well.
"You lied to me" he stated simply,showing her that he was on to her. "You know you'll be punished" he continued. Her eyes widdned to the statement,trying to remember when she... Continue»
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The Rental

The Rental
For those of you who don’t know me or know about me already, I suppose I should start with a brief introduction. My real name is Beth, but anymore, my grandmother is the only one that still uses that name. Most people call by my slave name which is Kunt, or I’m slut, whore, bitch, or my favorite, sperm-breath, but basically whatever comes to mind. I am a 24/7 sex slave, I am kept nude at home and ready to serve my owner/husband, Master Ty, who has held my leash since I was 17, over 16 years now. To get a few things out of the way, I do not have daddy issues, or any ... Continue»
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The Rental

Part 1
Now knowing that I was going away for the weekend, one would think that sl**p wouldn’t come easy. They would be wrong, I slept little baby. Master Ty surprised me by doing something he rarely does, he shut off my alarm before he came to bed so I slept until almost 10am. I came down the stairs and peeked into his office and spied my love sitting behind his desk working on his laptop. I asked if he had eaten and of course he hadn’t, so into the kitchen I went and decided on his favorite, French toast. I took his plate into his office and had my breakfast of cock in sperm sauce while he w... Continue»
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The Rental

Part 3
Once his cum load had been marked into my thigh, my attention was directed again at the 12 envelopes on the desk. I was instructed to put them in a stack, in any order i wished and that was going to be order they were completed. He also told me that there was a chance that we wouldn't be able to get all of the tasks completed because in his words some were rather "intense.' I picked them all up, each was unmarked and each contained what felt like an index card, with nothing else to go on, I just kind of jumled them up and put them in a stack. Master Q took a pen and numbered each one ... Continue»
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My favourite erotic story :P

Sebastian Bench and his wife Joan owned a small publishing company in the Midwest. They had a reasonably happy marriage but she was not as interested in sex as she might have been, which caused her husband to lust after all the eye candy that passed by his desk. Johanna Patterson was some such candy, she was a long legged, long haired, perky titted blonde whose bum moved provocatively from side to side as she walked. The problem was, according to rumor, she was having a lesbian affair with Skyla Rolf, another rather delectable piece of candy who worked in the mail room.

Somehow Sebastian co... Continue»
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Master's Gift

Masters Gift by Dogcrusher

Tonight is special.

I've slowly seduced this young female for several weeks. Early on, we just talked. Sometimes we'd go out for a bite to eat. I loved making her think I was her best friend.

Eventually, I got her to sneek out at night. We would go out to bars and talk. I'd play the older woman looking for fun. She followed my lead, expecting me to take care of her.

Finally, we slept together. I skillfuly brought her to orgasm after orgasm. She fell for me, as any young girl would. She thought it was love. I knew it was... Continue»
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