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the park

It was a normal day I was sitting home alone dressed like a sissy slut like always and was real horny. I decided to get out some toys and play so I got out a few vibrators and dildos and started to play with my ass and cock. My cock was nice and hard and I decided to start to work my ass a little so I put a small dildo in it and started to fuck it. It felt good so I moved up to a larger one and finally started to fuck my ass with the largest one I had fucking myself deep and hard. I was enjoying it but needed more so I put on a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt and a pair of shoes and got in... Continue»
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Taking care of my sick sweetheart

This happened quite some time ago, back when I was still a teenager in school, right smack in the middle of that golden age where you'd still be exploring your own personality, but absolutely couldn't wait to start exploring another person's body all at the same time. This other person, let's call her Annette, had been in my life for a few months already up to this point. From that first feeble, trembling kiss shortly after we met, we had lost enough of our shyness to finally dare touch each other a little more.

She lived in an apartment building in a relatively small city. When her parents... Continue»
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Deep Throat Games

oral – bisexual – deep throat – curious – strap on – dildo

I had always wished Lori would fulfill my fantasy and deepthroat me during oral sex. Lori, my wife of four years, is a stunner. At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she has oversized breasts and the ass and legs of a sprinter. Before I married Lori, I had many girlfriends. One of my girlfriends was such an accomplished cocksucker that she could take my whole prick in her mouth and tongue my balls at the same time. My wife Lori sucked my cock, but she couldn't or wouldn't deepthroat me.

My life changed the night I complained about ... Continue»
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My First Time as Sara... Pt. 04

crossdressing – oral – crossdresser – heels – lingerie – fantasy – stockings – trap – anal – sissy

I love being Sara and everything it has awakened in me. In the months since I have been with Steve and becoming Sara, I have slowly shredded away my old self like a snake looses its skin. The only time I even dress up as John is when I'm at work. Even then, I have a little bit of Sara with me by either wearing panties and sometimes pantyhose under my khaki pants.

In the months as Sara, I've amassed a collection of clothes and slowly my closet was less John and more Sara. Skirts, bl... Continue»
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My girlfriend, what a short story!

my friend know my fetish, months ago suddenly my girlfriend hugged me then she meant: "whats thats???"
UPSS I try to make a bluff but no second later she grins very very sardonic and i explaned her my story.

I thought to end her friendship, but all went well.

So some day some of my girlfriend gave me an acceptable gift. A box locked with a four letters padlock (in my gallery)

And in this box are now my keys, actually was planned today afternoon i get out but my girlfriend Sandra meant follow me...

We are going shopping about 3 hours and it feels as I would rivers under me......... Continue»
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Becoming His Cum Slut

So, as previously told, the events leading up to us having a threesome with my best friend and my husband started me down a path of becoming a cum slut. I never really liked the word slut or whore because of its’ negative connotations, but I soon learned that a woman could be classy and proper in the streets and still be a whore or a slut in the sheets for her man. After that night, I started enjoying my husband cumming in my mouth. I loved how he tasted and as much as I wish I could fit him entirely in my mouth, to feel him explode, I just couldn’t. My jaw bone just wouldn’t allow it. I found... Continue»
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My work colleague's soft and shiny tan stocki

This is a recent and real experience I wanted to share with you...

My colleague is in her late 40's and is extremely fit for her age. She has been divorced for a number of years and recently rejoined the dating game. At work she dresses rather conservatively and doesn't wear too much make-up but we've been out for after work drinks on a few occasions and for those nights she dresses up a little more. She is extremely attractive in my opinion with dark hair, decent size breast and long legs. She always wears knee length skirts with shiny tan tights - even through our miserable cold winters. ... Continue»
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Why my neighbor had to lick my black ass....

I lived in an apartment in my early 20's in a neighborhood you could call up and coming. The neighbor to my left (upstairs apartments) had a bit of a past that I didn't know about until she jumped to the wrong conclusion...

Julie is white...late 20's...with a cute face...and big ass.....We had lived near each other for about 6 months and bantered before that day, but nothing over the top....She was the apartment complex d**g dealer and I knew that......

On Saturdays at 1000 AM, her ex husband came to pick up their little boy Tyler. On one Saturday, "Sam", the ex-husband, parked in my vis... Continue»
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Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02

sissy – pussy – oral – strap on – anal – plug - cum – mistress

I awoke as sunlight began to creep into my bedroom. I might have thought last night was a dream if it wasn't for the large hairy arm d****d across my shoulders and the large cock poking at my backside. I tried to slowly slide out from under Steve's arm, only to have him pull me closer and kiss my shoulder. "Good morning Jacki," Steve said sl**pily as he yawned.

I took my free hand and grasped his erection, and laughed," It seems this guy has been up for a while now."

He chuckled back, "Yeah, well who can blame him h... Continue»
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Don't Kiss Me

hypnosis – femdom – feminization – mind control

"Don't kiss me! Your breath smells like shit," Sam said, turning her face away from mine, after I tried to kiss her. "I hate your smoking," she hissed at me.

Sam, Samantha, my wife of 10 years, had initially tolerated my smoking, but over the course of the past few years had become more and more angry and judgmental. She rarely kissed me anymore. My smoking had increasingly become a point of conflict between Sam and me, and I was like a cheating spouse where smoking was concerned. Like other couples, she had her complaints about me, ... Continue»
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My First Time as Sara... Pt. 03

crossdresser – oral – sissy – lingerie – stockings – tranny – crossdressing – anal

I've been with Steve for a couple of months and to say I've been happier than at any time in my life would be a gross understatement. Being with Steve has been an awakening. I'm no longer afraid of life. I was shy and timid as John. I didn't make decisions. I didn't take the lead in anything and was easily bullied. My ex fiancé was the worse bully.

As Sara I came to understand a few things. I am starting to understand the power that woman have. I'm beginning to grasp the sway a woman can have when ... Continue»
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Ex's fulfill a fantasy for each other

For some reason when we were married, my ex-wife had a fantasy about seeing me get fucked by another man. I'm not sure why a woman would fantasize about this - it seems a little odd to me. She's the only woman I've ever known who shared a fantasy of this type with me. I'm not gay or bisexual, and have no interest in having sex with a man. But she fantasized about it sometimes. Maybe it was because I wanted her ass and she thought I should have the experience of having a dick in mine. I don't know. But one day I gave her a small taste of her fantasy....

No, I didn't fuck a man. Here's what h... Continue»
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Doctor's Dream part 2

A sudden beep interrupts my morning perusal of files on my desk.

"I have a 'Jessica' on the line for you, Doctor," the receptionist's voice announces from my speaker phone.

"Thanks," I say and lower my coffee onto a coaster. It has been three days since Jessica's initial screening. I scoop the handset off the cradle when I hear the line click through.

"Hello?" she says, her voice sounding squeakier than I remember.

"Hi Jessica,' I reply. "How are you?"

"Hi, I'm fine Doc. I'm so glad you answered. Are you busy right now?"

"No, not at all. What's on your mind?"

"Um, I was ju... Continue»
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She lifts her spirits and his with a lovely rubber

"Call the boy!" He said as he passed her on the way to the shower. Her friend from college, (a former and still occasional lover, or at least a fine distraction) had been visiting for a few days, and all she had done in that time was ponder and procrastinate over calling her latest interest; he was tired of hearing it. Not that he minded another male getting her attention, there was plenty to go around, but he hated to hear her talk herself out of things.

"But...you know... what if he doesn't call me back? Or does but blows me off...he's a little out of my league babe..." Following behind h... Continue»
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From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut Part III

It had been a little over a month since our adventure with Bob. He had sent me several emails asking when we could meet up again. Finally I sent him a reply I told him I needed him to do some recruiting for me before we met up again. It took about another month before we had our recruits and plan in place.
I had told Lori I had a special trip planned for her and we packed up all my favorite outfits and plenty pairs of pantyhose. We drove down to a small hotel in the Carolinas. When we were heading out for dinner Lori was dressed in her sheer white blouse with an off white silk teddy that snap... Continue»
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Sir called. He said very little, as usual. "Boy, be here at 7:30". He didn't
have to say anymore. He knew that i would arrive, open the door, strip off
my clothes and kneel in the foyer. He knew that i would wait. If he took one
minute or three hours. He knew. His boy would wait. And so, after a day of
negotiating with colleagues and clients, of being in charge, sometimes
enjoying the little victories and sometimes pissed because i didn't win, i
was walking to Sir's townhouse. My cock ached because he hadn't called in
over a week and i was not allowed to touch myself. Of course, i could... Continue»
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Target Practise

Bob invited me around to his studio as he wanted to film a 'Fetish' Video for a client .....Bob often made films to order and had built up quite a good business over the years.....not all clients want full on porn some were more discerning and this one was a man who had a big obsession for Crossdresser's in tights.
Bob had several contacts that would pose and help in making video's for a little cash and I was one of them so when he told me what was required I laughed and said ''Is that all''
Apparently the client wanted a video of a Crossdresser being wanked over and so I found myself at Bo... Continue»
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Seduced by Control

I went to college far from home just to get away from it all. My high
school gf and I broke up at graduation because we knew we would grow apart.
Plus, if I'm honest, I wanted new opportunities if you know what I mean.
I'm not the most social person though, so I didn't manage to make many
friends, and even with a part-time job I had a lot of free time. And
free-time for a 18-year old means looking for sex, or masturbating. I
probably jacked off too much. I didn't exactly get bad grades, but
sometimes I though I could have done better had I spent less time jacking

I didn't ma... Continue»
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I will never forget the night I fucked my older st

Seeing that sexy black thong wedged between her huge beautiful ass cheeks...I felt my cock growing inside my boxers so i sat on the couch. She finished taking off her shoes and stood back up and turned around toward me...her huge tits were almost popping out of the tight black mini skirt dress she had on...it was sheer so i noticed she was not wearing a bra cause her huge nipples were rock hard. With a real bitchy "good night" she turned around and went down the hall to her room. She stumbled down the hall and into the bathroom at the end then into her room on the left. I finished my drink... Continue»
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Dog Slave

Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

Comments, ideas and constructive criticism welcome.

By Lewis.

Chapter One

The dogslave sat on on the floor in front of its Master doggy-style, a couple of feet away from His black leather boots. It had known its Master for six months and had been to His house almost every weekend during that time for the dog training it had so craved since it was old enough to remember. The previous week Master... Continue»
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