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The Taste of Ass

After a great Saturday, the wife and I relaxed, watched some TV, and as normal did a little work on the laptops. My wife has been getting extra fit so has of late been drinking less. Tonight however she had not one, not two, but three glasses of wine. After winding down we went to bed. I am usually in bed first. (Outside of a piss and brushing and flossing what else is there for a guy?) Tonight I hoped in, in my t-shirt and shorts. I go commando almost year round. I watched as my wife slipped out of her comfy clothes and into some thing panties and a loose shirt.

We said our goodnights and ... Continue»
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Aroused as stranger watched me Breast Feed.

Erotic Lactation is the medical name for it, breast-feeding and experiencing an orgasm, and I recently, and embarrassingly, experienced it.

I am a woman who has ultra sensitive nipples and my mind goes into an erotic overdrive as milk flows through my nipples.

Not long after giving birth I was breast feeding alone in my hospital bed. I found the feeling pleasant enough, but when a friend of my husband suddenly appeared unannounced, the look on his face triggered an immediate sexual response.

I was of course bare breasted, nude from the waist up, and both my nipples were huge, and swol... Continue»
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Ssbbw neighbor-titfuck facial

I was ccoming in town from college I was 23 and surprising my parents!
I couldn't wait to hangout with my parents and by the pool, but most of all see my old neighbor she hand to be about 52-56 but I didn't care.
She was a SSBBW giant tits huge ass and big round belly with big back rolls and love handles (a Latino cotton candi is the best description)

When I was younger I used to watch her sunbathing in the backyard in small bikinis and thongs bottoms! I used to explode cum all over myself watching her tan and swim!
And also my bedroom was directly across from her on the secon story and ... Continue»
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Grandma's Crossdressing Daugther!

Hello, My name is Nina and I'm a 18 year old crossdresser, I love to show my female side and aswell write stories about crossdressing with ofcourse some
fantasies in it. I have always been dreaming about my grandma dressing me up and certain stuff, so here is a story of my fantasy!

So it was June 12th and on that day I was home alone since my parents went away for 1 week to New York. I had the whole house and stuff
for myself. I was asked to visit sometimes my grandmother to help her out with certain stuff and I did as asked from my parents. I decided to call my
grandmother and ... Continue»
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Jayce FJ Chronicles II: Third GF Feet

Name: Chell
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Petite (105) [Below Avg Looking, No Boobs, Tight Firm Ass]
Feet Size: 6-6.5
Ethnicity: White
Other: A Virgo, country girl, loves c***dren



I "think" this is my 3rd GF--who knows--who car... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 3

what a night so far. only half the night and i have already lost count of howmuch cum i have swallowed and cocks and fists in my cave sized man hole. when i get back to Harvey's house, i am met by harvey and a couple of girls. i thought this was different since i knew harvey was gay. i didnt say anything about that. Harvey told me to get cleaned up as i smelled of cum a mile away. in the bathroom there was an enema bag with a 8 inch life like cock nozzle. i quickly stripped, filled the bag and shoved the cock into my hole with no lube as i was still hanging open anyway. feeling the warm water ... Continue»
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Dominance & emission!

I arrive home & you are as I left you. No ability to see or hear! I watch you wiggle a little & adjust your position some. I go into the kitchen & grab a pitcher for ice water! I light a couple of candles also. I sneak into the bedroom & set up for tonight's activities.
I pick up the paddle & start wailing on your ass! Over & over one cheek to the next & just below also. I literally do not stop for a couple of minutes! Your whole body heaves with each blow. Redness is quick to appear, you are not unfreezing a sound. A good slut serving dutifully her instructions. The redness is deepening & ... Continue»
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Rhapsody in Red Pt2

"Lick me." She whispered hopefully, pushing his head down to her breast. "Lick me all over."

Without a word he ran his tongue over the marmoreal splendour of her tits, twisting the nipples on each one with his teeth. "Lower, go lower." She urged.

He didn't need telling twice. Her scent called out to his natural instincts as he slid over her belly, rubbing his face in the satin smoothness of her knickers, inhaling the aroma until his head spun. For a brief moment she wondered if he'd react like his father had done before him, but as his lips pressed onto her silk swathed sex she knew he w... Continue»
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How I got a serious onepiece swimsuit fetish pt2

A quick foreword for you all, this series is the first thing I have tried to write for the entertainment of other people since high school. Everything you read in the "how I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish" series is loosely based on TRUE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD, names and a few details have been changed/made up to protect my identity and the identities of other people. The masturbation scenes are embellished a lot, but all the key points are true.

Part two: a swimsuit of my own

This is a few years after part one of my story. I was now in high school and larger t... Continue»
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Kate continued

I got dressed , Kate was in the bathroom, I waited for her to come out and followed her to her room
She sat on the bed brushing her hair, I said what do you mean I owe you?

Chris I'm sorry she said
, what for
I'm 4 years older then you, I shouldn't have touched you, I was using you, just like I have been used !
What do you mean

She told me, she was 15 and went to a friends party she met a guy called Tim,as the evening went on she got d***k and was flirting with him
The talk was getting very rude he was 20, very slim, during the conversation he said you keep talking like this I wil... Continue»
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My first visit to a sex club!

I put on a light makeup and the outfit my date wanted to see me in - he'd requested striped stockings, small top and hotpants. So I was in thigh-high striped stockings with matching gloves, tight blue hotpants, a little top with "GEEK" printed on it, a blue collar. My blue heels were packed in my backpack, alongside my maid uniform and black oxford heels.
Then I put on sunglasses, a giant coat and ordinary shoes and waited. When my date rang the doorbell, I grabbed my backpack and went down the stairs and straight out into his car. I took off the sunglasses, greeted our female photographer an... Continue»
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OHGirl, Velvet and Denise: The End of the Porn Tou


New York was a fun city and the number of clubs that stayed open, all night, made for a fun week during our most recent stop. The first day in town we did a few interviews and my mom and grandma both made a return to Howard Stern’s show, this time bringing their youngest protégé. They had done an interview with him years ago and this time I joined them, to explain how all three of us were carrying on the porn and e****t business. Some of the younger staff flirted with me and before I left, after playing around of anal ring toss, I had made a date with one of the interns. He showed u... Continue»
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Rhapsody in Red

Gordon didn't know if he would die with embarrassment or from the look on his mothers face. The latter seemed more likely. She gave her shoes a cursory inspection, her lip curling with disdain at the slimy trails of his cum marring the highly polished leather before closing the door behind her.

"Well now." She drawled, her stony gaze crushing the remnants of his ego. "Before you explain yourself I think you'd better clean this mess up."

Her foot beckoned him forward and he crawled across the floor, his penis, withered by scorn and dripping with shame, swung limply between his legs. H... Continue»
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My First Trick

It Was my first trick. I had been living with Adam for over 2 months and he was getting real upset with me using so much. I was shooting twice a day and it was getting Adam mad. So he told me that if I wanted to shoot twice a day that I had to start paying my way. What the fuck did he care, I mean I was cleaning the house, and cleaning up after his friends. I shared his bed, and he wanted for nothing sexual because I was there for him no matter what he wanted, and bitch or gripe when he wanted a 3 way with that skinny bucked tooth Bobbi.
“So how do I do this?” I asked him after he brought it... Continue»
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Josh's surprise...........

The next morning I was awake with the larks, that what an early night does for a girl. After showering I quickly dressed, nothing fancy, a soft cup pale pink bra, with lace trim, a matching pair of panties, as much as I like thongs, when I don't have an erection I find my cock finds it's way out the side and leaves an unsightly cock bulge. I choose a simple blue and white stripped cotton stretch shirt, a darker blue stretch pencil skirt and 3 inch kitten heeled sling back sandals. I put on a small gold chain and hoop earrings, the sl**pers and done their job and my pierced lobes were healed. I... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca. Perfect Exhibitionist.

This story has been received from another photographer who has pictures of Susanna. Sorry but no one gets to fuck her in this story. But, what an exhibitionist this girl is in so many of these stories that photographers have sent to me. Thanks to Cavey for this one.

“Oh yeah, what a girl. I did two photoshoots with her, having seen her advert for her and her studio on the back of Practical Photography magazine, in the UK. All the stories of her on here are right. She is such an exhibitionist.

I did one photoshoot of her in her studio. We got on really well and she seeme... Continue»
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Sissy Patti - My Toy, My Lover Ch3

Sissy Patti - My Toy, My Lover, Ch 3

By CDJackie

When I got to my bedroom I fluffed my pillows, pulled the bed spread and blanket back then crawled on the bed to lie on the nice cool sheets, leaned back against my pillows and stretched out. “Phew,” I exhaled long and slow. It had been a pretty tiring afternoon but the results were quite satisfactory. I had fully laid out our relationship and exactly where she stood, my immediate plans for her continued sissy girlie-boi transformation and we had then had a hot fuck session.

It felt so relaxing just laying back, my mind cleared of ... Continue»
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100 shades of red

100 shades of red by Spiel_maschinerie

I was horny. I was terribly horny. My panties were all wet, I was afraid that wetness will start running down my thighs. I was in need. My need was red. I needed Him. My Master. I felt the need. The unstoppable urge to feel him. For him to be in me. For him to use me. In any way He wants.

I needed pain. I needed fulfillment.

I needed Him.

He ordered me to get dressed like a slut, because He adores to see me like that. Of course, there are also black boots, a mask on my face, leather cuffs on my wrists, collar around my... Continue»
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hot commute home

6.15 ish Saturday last weekend.

Already melting from the beautiful weather, I boarded a hot, sticky and obviously packed train home from work. After embarrassingly navigating over to the back of the unstable carriage, I find a spot wedged against the small perch seat by the secondary doors.

Arriving at the next stop seeing the expected swarm of people waiting to get on the train was daunting. I put away my phone as the doors open and the train fills. It immediately becomes more comfortable to face the window with my back against the hoard of people

The train takes off again. Still w... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman 2

I had not seen the older woman for about 4 years I was Woking around the shop i Woking past one of those sexy bra and under shop and I could see this hot older woman then I said it her she turn around and said I well just be a couple minutes I said ok so she come over said do you won't to get same thing to eat I said yes so we went and talk I was hard she said we should have fun again I said ok she said I can show you what I buy from the shop she said her my new house is I said i would came around later so I went home thinking about her smoking and how much fun we had last time so I went to he... Continue»
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