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Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Hi i am julie, and this story is based on a chat i had with a very good friend i have on here :D He asked if he could make it into a story. an here is the result of our chat and his work :D

I am sitting in my office at work when I get a call from my sons school telling me that his teacher needs to talk to me about my son right away. I tell them I will be there after I get off work. Hanging up the phone I think to myself what did he do now. I show up at his school after all the students have left for the day and find my way to his teachers classroom.

“H... Continue»
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Sir's Angel The Weekend Part 1

It started out simple. It had been arranged for a weekend getaway. The affair had been going on for a long time, but always just quickies. She noticed he had a new padded bench there. He told her to get on it on her hands and knees with her knees together. He got beside her and tied her legs down with a strap at the top of her calves just behind the knees. She started thinking wow, he can't get to my pussy like that. He moved her hands forward and put her down on her elbows.He tied them down the same way. Then he blindfolded her. Now she was starting to worry. With no k**s around, he knew he c... Continue»
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2nd time with my pregnant cousin

So to continue from my 1st story my name is Mike I've just started fucking my pregnant cousin Dawn..well the next day after the car incident. She called my wife and was talking to her. I was a nervous wreck could she been telling my wife or what. My wife got off the phone with her & told me my cousin was having problems with her sink and for me to go check it . I thought oh hell yeah!!! So as I'm pulling up to her house she's walking down the driveway toward her moms. She said it's the kitchen sink to just go ahead and look at it she was talking her daughter to her mom's and she'd be back. We... Continue»
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A late night massage. (Part 2)

Continuation of Part 1.

OH shit! What did I do? I asked Stef if I did something wrong? She just shook her head, her eyes closed, and still breathing very slow and heavy. The dimly room, I could see her chest elevate, and there was a sheen of oil covering her trembling body, her skin almost glowing in the dark. She laid on the table still nude, and I offered to cover her back up with the sheets, but she just still shook her head very slowly. Excusing myself to wash up, I made my way to the kitchen. Her sudden change in mood was a surprise, not 5 minutes ago, I could hear squeals of ... Continue»
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Wife gets her fantasy threesome fufilled

This is a story about how I made an innocent bedroom fantasy into a reality in Las Vegas.
My wife and I have been married now for 5 years. We are in our early 30s. She's sexy 5'6 with double dd's and an ass that literally swallows up her thongs/g-strings.
Anyways so we went to Las Vegas 2 years ago to celebrate her birthday. We have both expressed fantasies and scenarios about having a 3rd person join in but never thought it would actually happen.
On our 2nd night we went to this club called XS. She wore a super short black dress that would hike up when she sat down or crossed her legs. T... Continue»
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I Love Sucking A Fat Man's Dick

(Kinda bullshit that you can't post a very short sex story, so I say fuck that and I will just enter the text in three times. Justin case you are wondering...)

I squeeze his nipples and rub his belly while I nurse at his limp tiny cock. I bury my lips in the fat roll surrounding his penis and try to get as much of the little thing in my mouth as I can. I suck it like a baby cow at the limp teat. I moan and beg for his milk. I love a hard cock in my mouth but honestly I love a limp one too, and would not be disappointed at all if it stayed completely limp until it started to pump cum onto my... Continue»
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Feminized by my first girfriend

This story was sent to me by a friend but it is totally true :

About 6 months ago I joined a gym because I have never had a very masculine body and now that I just turned 21 it was time to finally get off my butt and try to build some muscle. That is where I met my girl friend Brook who stands 5' 9", has a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. She looks like Tia Carrere who was in Wayne's World and True Lies but in my opinion much hotter. I have always had a thing for hot asian girls so when she walked up to me, my jaw almost dropped. I could not believe she walked up to me and started a conv... Continue»
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New girlfriend wants to make me a cum eating cucko

I have been seeing my new girlfriend since late may and I can see us lasting for a long time. She is 28years old, thoughtful, kind and fun to be around. She is about 5ft 6ins, slim size 8 - 10 with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has a small handful of well formed breast and nice peachy arse that she can shake and clap. She has striking bone structure with high cheekbones a strong jaw and a steamy glint in her eye.
She also has a very high sex drive and an open mind.

I met her one night at a social event and after flirting heavily with each other we swapped numbers. We continued... Continue»
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Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation has always been one of those mythical things that ranks up there with the existence of Big Foot, Aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster.

In one camp you have the nay sayers – it’s just pee from an overactive bladder that gets released during intercourse or orgasm. Watching any of the popular porn videos will certainly make it seem like that. Others say that it’s a glandular secretion during intercourse and orgasm, similar to that of a male prostrate gland. Other, have no clue – it’s a mystery. I am of the belief that any time you can make your girl shoot ANY liquid out o... Continue»
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Pineapple Express

Referring to my last story “Sky Rockets in Flight”, “Jen” and I hadn’t been able to spend much time together since our night on the beach. She was an avid sailor and crewed on at least two racing boats, and I was working to earn money for college. When we had kissed goodbye, she whispered in my ear that we had unfinished business. I didn’t really know what that meant but I was soon to find out.

“Jen” and I got together about a week later to watch some TV and lounge. She brought over a big tub of fresh, sweet pineapple for us to munch on and our kisses wound up being sticky and sweet. S... Continue»
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Teen couple start cuck lifestyle

My sexy wife Julie and I have been together 10 years now since we first met in college. I want to tell your members about some sexual adventures that we had back when we were still newlyweds. Because of the bizarre experience we had when we first got married I am a big fan of your wife sharing stories, especially the ones involving innocent young wives being seduced by older, dominant men right in front of their husbands. And I have been sharing my sexy bride with other men since our first year of marriage.

Julie was a freshman in college when I met her during my senior year. She was a fr... Continue»
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A good idea is a good idea is a good idea. Period

A good idea is a good idea is a good idea. Period.

After the k**s went off to college, my wife Kathy and I found ourselves caught with a bit of the old empty nest syndrome. We had a lot of disposable income, no k**s left to spend it on, and more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. Stage three of our marriage had begun, and we decided that the first order of business would be to invite a man to come over and have sex with my wife while I watched.

We're both really shy people and we knew we'd never be able to approach anyone at a bar. So we decided to place an online personal... Continue»
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First bbc cuckold experience

Here is a little background for this story. Beth and I travel frequently to places that have casinos, so that I can play poker. At casino this story takes place at Beth and I rented an apartment about 10 minutes down the road, because it was cheaper to rent the apartment then it was to pay for a hotel for 3 – 4 days a week. We generally would travel down there late one night after work and just go straight to the apartment and wake up the next day to go play poker. This story describes the events that happened on one of these trips we took last summer. (The names have not been changed to prote... Continue»
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M Visits a Swingers Club (a true story- FMMMM)

M Visits a Swingers Club

Work ran late and I had to change (short black skirt, sheer black top, 4” spiked heels, and no panties) before going to a swingers club so the night didn’t begin until around 11:00 pm. A hostess named Cassie or Carly (let’s call her Cassie), and dressed like a sluttier version of a Hooters girl, provided a brief tour of the place. The main door opens to a bar/seating area, with about 20 tables, and a dance floor with another 10-15 tables around it. The dance floor has two raised platforms, one on each side, reminiscent of Go-Go booths, and a stripper... Continue»
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Cum to my desk..now!(1)

It was a really hot day. Suited up, tie was never so uncomfortable, even wearing light summer suit, started to swear at the moment I reach the street. People was looking at me, almost all wearing tshirts, and women started to wear a week ago those short dresses, and cleaveages appeared suddenly from nowhere.

Who wants winter? I think..but also, I was thinking about my bad luck, dont have any day off until summer passes.

Bus was crowdy, and there you can realized about the funny and weird mix in the air..dirty sweat smell but with oil fragance, from people going to the beach. Also, some ... Continue»
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Donny's Lessons from Mom

Donny's Lessons from Mom

Ever since he had returned from the farm, Donny had watched
his mother for signs of sexuality. Until that point, Donny
hadn't even thought about her having a sex life. She was
simply his mother, a person who was always there. As far as
he had been concerned, she might as well have been asexual.
Of course, he knew that she and his father must have engaged
in sex to conceive him, but beyond that he hadn't thought
about it. That his mother might have a sex life, that she
might, in fact, be having a sexual relationship with some man
even that point, was n... Continue»
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A dirty Fantasy

Before I start this it would be in a perfect world with no d**gs and disease. This is one of my fantasies of being used just for others dirty pleasure.
I show up at the house dressed in normal clothes, thinking we are just getting together for a few beers or what ever. While we are sitting around, one of you hands me a pair of lace crotchless panties and tell me to go change into them. I do as i am told, and upon re-entering the room I see a bench set up in the middle of the room and the floor around it covered in plastic. I am asked to lay face down on the bench, and I do as I am told.
... Continue»
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A Bi~good time

I had met John and Jane previously for a drink, we all got on well and had decided to meet up the following week in a hotel for some, well lets just say 'FUN'.

John was in his mid 40's, about 5'10", with a regular guys body and I wondered what he held in his trouser department! Jane, was also in her mid 40's, standing 5'6" in her stocking feet, although Jane always wore quite high heels (which I do love immensely).

The day had come and I was full of anticipation, the hotel was booked (a Village Hotel), I arrived at around 2 pm, John and Jane were to arrive at around 6 pm, so I knew that ... Continue»
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Kate and I got really close, she sneaked into my room
Saturday night I knew mum would be out, we would have the house to ourselves for at least 5 hours,

On Friday Kate came home from work, soon as she walked in I kissed her, and run my hand up her skirt.
She pulled away from me
What are you doing Chris, I didn't tell you to touch me!
But I thought it was OK I said.
Only when I say so she said,
Sorry I said
Make me a cup of tea and some toast ,
I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on , she came in a couple of minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen, and sat at the table... Continue»
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Boyfriend becomes slave

Sophia and Billy had been dating for months after having been introduced by Sophia’s best friend Stephanie. Sophia, a slightly overweight large breasted girl with an hourglass figure, a gorgeous smile, and a healthy appetite for sex, was particularly enjoying the freedom of the arrangement and the ease with which she could get Billy to do things she wanted.

Billy, with an athletic body liked the relationship too, and noticed the sex had been better than any relationship he had ever been in.

Tonight as they sat in the bedroom of Sophia’s ap... Continue»
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