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Feeling rather delicious in my Maids attire I walked over the the wardrobe and looked through the lingerie debating in my mind what I would like to dress Samantha up in. I couldn't believe how many packets of nylons and tights she had. I decided first on a pair of natural tan Aristoc Wonderbum Tights. I thought these would look rather yummy on Samantha with their reinf***ed bottom lifting panels. Samantha sat on the bed expectantly as I help up the packet of tights and whispered, 'I think we'll slip these on you first Aunty.'
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Anon at the Tanning Booth

I was quite horny one morning and searched Craigslist for something interesting. One ad caught my eye and it was for anon sex at a tanning salon. Basically, he was proposing for a bottom to reserve a particular booth at a tanning salon, get naked, and then assume the position for a butt fuck. The ad had a picture of a beautiful white cut dick that was 7 inches long and very, very thick inches.

We exchanged a few emails and agreed on a time. I showed up and went to the per-designated booth. My heart was racing. I walked down the hall to the specific booth, went in and closed the ... Continue»
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(Gay) Cruising Hamburg: Reeperbahn

Hi lads,
Been a while since my last story. Just got back from another week in Hamburg. Decided to share this story. As always, thumbs up and comments appreciated. Like this story? Add as a friend and read my other publishes!

I was extremely bored and horny.

The good news was that I had an all-day ticket on the S-Bahn and it was only 6 stations away to the Reeperbahn from where I was staying in Berliner Tor.

The Reeperbahn was famous for it's sex shops. Not k**ding. There's one right next to a McDonald's. Talk about a happy meal.

The one ... Continue»
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Sissy whorehouse veronica

Chapter 1 - The Capture

Before I became a girl I was a lonely boy with no friends. I couldn't seem
to make friends with anyone. I hated myself and I hated my life. One day I
decided to take a walk and try to get away form my troubles. It was early
in the morning, the sky was a pretty pink, and no one else was out. But
then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a black van with heavily tinted
windows coming down the street. It slowed down beside me and as it did I
got a little scared. I was alone on a deserted street after all. There was
an attractive yet manish blond woman in the pa... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 2

"Sara! Oh gosh! What are you doing here?!" I was balls deep inside of Miranda's pussy, and even in the embarrassment of getting caught in the act, I couldn't stop myself from thrusting upwards into her. Miranda, sitting on my lap, turned beet red, and looked at Sara, who still stood in the doorway in shock.

"I was just...I wanted to run some ideas for my meeting by you...but I can tell you're busy..." Sara started to back away, but through her work skirt, I could see her futa cock begin to grow and push against her clothes. She didn't take her eyes off of the fucking scene in front of her.... Continue»
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Fantasy 1

another friday comes and you are on your way home and receive a text from me asking how much longer till you get home.

You walk in and I'm sitting in a chair and get up and hand you a cold glass of beer, your amazed as you look upon me. I have on a white satin robe open at the front. Under I have on white fishnet panties and a white bra, black gaterbelt and black stockings white white pumps.

I walk back to the chair and drop my robe along the way I sit down and tell you to come over to me. you stand in front of me and I unzip your pants and my hand goes in and pulls out your soft cock... Continue»
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Creampie Eating For Fun

I am a fairly normal guy except for I have a problem. Ever since I was a teen, I have cum very quickly. It doesn't matter if I was masturbating, getting a hand job, blowjob or sex. If there is constant stimulation, the longest I have gone before cumming is 4 minutes and most of the time it is 1 1/2 minutes. As you can imagine, this has caused a lot of embarrassment and humiliation in my life. Below I will share with you my relationships and what has happened. The bad part about this is, I have a thick cock that is 7 1/2" long and women seem to love it until I cum too quickly. 

Before I was ... Continue»
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You Will Not Forget This

After a night out on the town, we find ourselves in one last pub. We had both had a few drinks that evening. Our thinking is that the dark, quiet atmosphere of this newest club would help us clear our heads for the drive home. The music hums in the background as we settle down across from one another at a corner table. It is the perfect spot to smoke a joint, people-watch and commiserate about the evening thus far.

"I know I already told you this, Alexandria, but you look super hot tonight baby girl," I say with a look of absolute approval.

You planned the outfit with me in mind, of cour... Continue»
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Do you want to be owned ?

I can only nod. A tear of expectation rolls down my cheek. Your lips touch mine again and I readily accept your invitation to entwine our tongues. Salival sweetness once more touches my taste buds and euphoria takes me. My worldly existence holds no interest anymore whilst my hands once more wander your body. Following the ribs of your corset up, I recup your breasts so as to regain the feeling of joy. Sliding my hands around your chest and down to your buttocks, the same roundness has the same effect.

After what feels like an eternity kissing, you take my hand once more and lead me to the ... Continue»
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Cum Eating Hubby pt.1

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy of her having sex with
another man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage had been strictly
monogamous up to this point. I acknowledged to her that in bed I wasn't a good
performer -- I cum too quickly and my cock is too small. She didn't argue
either point. I convinced her that she can and should do better. My wife is
really cute and could have any man she wanted. She's 5'2", 110 lbs, blue eyes,
brown hair -- with a short sexy hairstyle. Her peaches and cream complexion and
gorgeous set of... Continue»
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that time i fucked a midget

it all started on a dating site. i had been on it for two months with little luck one day i got a message. her name was amy. we talked over a week and got to know each other. we even ended up having phone sex once. her last message to me was asking if i wanted to meet. there was a shop down the block of her apartment and that would be a good place to meet. i knew by how she was talking that meeting met sex. i was ready for it. i put on a nice tight t shirt and my jeans, i was freshly cut and carry with me condoms and gum just in case. i got to the shop a bit early so i got something to drink a... Continue»
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Dinner out and a Nude Walk through the Streets

This last week had been far from good, Diana had the last 2 weeks at her home as she had her daughter. That in itself is not bad, but not having her with Alice and myself was very different to what we thought it would be. We both missed her very much.

Then Alice is driving to work one morning and this guy was sms’ing on his phone while driving and took out the passenger side of her car. She was not hurt, but was a mess, so I drove to where it happened. All ended up ok and he got 2 infringement notices from the Police Hwy guy.

Friday night I wanted all 3 of us to stay home, have a good pl... Continue»
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Fucked by my friend

My name is Trupti and my husband and I moved to different country recently where I met my high school friend. We have been talking and hanging out a lot. This happened when my husband was away for couple of days. I invited my friend to our place for dinner since he lives alone and don't know how to cook. He came in the evening after work and picked me up from my work. We reached home and I got fresh and changed into relaxing clothes. I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner and he said anything you make is fine. He is a polite guy and handsome too. Sometimes the way he looks at me feels li... Continue»
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Ninasissygurl opens up about her sexual urges. Par

Hi there all you horny perverts!

My name is Nina, and if you take a look at my profile, you will see that I'm a bit of a sissy faggot.

I used to go out with females, and have illicit encounters with anonymous gay men on the quiet, but slowly, I have become more and more attracted to men, and in particular, crossdressers/transvestites/transexuals.

I still find women attractive, but I don't think my penis would get hard properly for a normal, straight woman.

But I always get rock hard when I look at anything vaguely gay or shemale-like.

I think I know what this means, that I am j... Continue»
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Dream CUM True First Time Strapon

Edward sat at his computer screen, staring at his monitor until his eyes started to close from exhaustion. Every once in a while, he would get so horny, so desperate to experience his fantasy he would stay up all night just stroking himself and looking at porn, desperate to feel . . . it.

He had pretty much resigned himself to the fact that he was never going experience his dream come true. What was his dirty little secret? What thoughts tormented him? You see Edwards ultimate fantasy was to become the complete strapon slut of a sexy woman. To have her take control, to use him and to fuck ... Continue»
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No Condom No Fuck Male Multiple Orgasms

James was, in many ways surprised how many women needed his services. In fact, all of his clients came from referrals. He had never left a woman unsatisfied, either by his fucking or by not becoming pregnant. And, being financially frugal, the money he made he invested...wisely. He had become very professional at his business. He began when he was only 19. He had a college professor who taught chemistry. She was in her late 30's. Every day that he sat in her class, he couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to fuck her cunt. On one particular day he had been called up to the chalk boar... Continue»
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Popping His Cherry Morning After Pegging

I pegged my husband last night for the first time, popped his cherry as it were.

Gawd that was fun!

Hank, my husband, had been looking at a lot of pegging themed videos on his iPad. I happened upon his browsing history by chance and decided to make his desires a reality. Fucking my husband's ass last night turned out to be an unexpected thrill for me as well!

Now as I awaken from my euphoric slumber I realize that my prosthetic penis is still deeply penetrating my husband's ass. The vibrating bullet has ceased to vibrate so I assume the battery has run down while we slept, but the bu... Continue»
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First One Now Another Big One

Bobby would text once a week with orders for Jenny. Sometimes early in the week to set up a weekend session other times a last minute booty call. But she always complied because she dare not risk losing out on a chance to be fucked so well. For three months it was pretty much a one night a week thing. He would fuck her silly and send her on her way. He never asked her to stay and made sure she knew she was to leave after they finished without cleaning up. She loved the slutty feeling of being used and riding home full of his cum leaking out of her now loose pussy.

She had started doing kega... Continue»
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Popping His Cherry Pegging

I love my husband. We married over 20 years ago and we are still best friends and exclusive lovers. Our life together has been difficult or at least challenging at times, but it has always been a good life. We've raised three wonderful c***dren, the youngest of which entered high school this year. My husband works hard and has become a very successful real estate broker. I've run the household and worked in the healthcare field. We have always been a very busy f****y.

Last week my husband left for work without taking his iPad. He never goes anywhere without it so I couldn't help but notice ... Continue»
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my bestfriends dad part ll

aSo 5 day had past since my encounter with Mr.Strutt my best friends dad. I don't know what was going on. All I could think about was how good that man worked on my huge cock. I even watched gay porn a couple times. My new found bisexuality was taking hold.

I was insane. Then last night while once again trying for find a way to even track down a gay man to get him so I can have another blow job like the one Mr.Strutt gave me last week.

At about 9pm while I was trying to find a gay bar or something my phone goes off.
I open it up to see a picture of a big fat dildo.

Who is this? I rep... Continue»
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