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Samantha's First monster Black Cock

Samantha's First monster Black Cock

We are John and Samantha have been married for a long time, and the sex is great. Samantha is a Hot wife nicely built, with 34D tits, nice round ass, soft hair and a smile that knocks you off your feet. Years ago we have talked about her having sex with another man, and she agrees that that is a big fucking turn on, but just not sure she wanted to go there. So once she agreed to try it once, she had a few rules. 1) She didn’t want to know when it was going to happen; just set it up and she will fuck who ever I have for her. 2) She will not look at me ... Continue»
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I was planning a trip to England and I began researching for some unusual things I might do there I came across an ad in the in the travel section for the Fantasy Fulfillment Theater. It was two lines, “Travel adventure, make your fantasy come true.”
I sent an email to the address provided and received a response in the form of a registered letter. There was a release, all matter of confidentiality stuff, an authorization for a performance bond guaranteeing my personal satisfaction and insuring against the release of my private information. I also found a fantasy request... Continue»
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The Casino and the Dress

Where to begin!! Last year my mate had dared me to go back to a casino in a revealing black chiffon – he has a clothes store and had asked me to browse, but he would choose. He picked me up 7 pm, and soon we discussed the ‘rules’ for the following evening. We made our way into town, parked round the back of his shop and made our way through to the store room. He put the kettle on. He cut open one of the boxes by the back door and took out a couple of dresses. They were just Gorgeous! He seems to have really good taste and had bought some lovely stuff. I picked out a thin black chiffon one. H... Continue»
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at last

some time back I posted a story about how i used to try and get 'caught' wanking off in B&B's/motel's that sort of place.

Someone recently asked me if it ever worked. Did i ever get caught and it lead to full on sex? Well not quite......now read on

It's been some years since I started this game and up until this event the best I'd ever had was some chalet maids stay and linger (watch) as I wanked off. But no-one actually said, "let me".

Skip forward many years to just a wee while ago. I was in a northern town, on business, staying in a mid range sort of place, saving a few pennies ... Continue»
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SPH - She measured my dick

We had been chatting back and forth for a few weeks and up until then our subject of conversation was mainly work, as we worked together. Late one Friday night though, I received a very unexpected photo of her in nothing but her bra and panties with a message that read 'bring your big cock to me now and make my little pussy cum'. Now, if the message had read 'bring your little skinny cock to me now so I can watch you prematurely ejaculate over my pussy before you get it in', that would have been much closer to what I had to offer. I'm not one to turn down a chance to fuck a pretty girl thou... Continue»
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The library

Mr. Donaldson (Gary) (32), was a library executive assistant at a old library in a small town. The head librarian was a strict lady Gertrude Tunney (64) who had been there for years and was very prim proper conservative who ran the library with very strict rules. Her library employees were Mr. Donaldson, Diane Jenkins a redheaded 20 year old and Jane Foote a 19 year old brunette. They all wore very formal clothing and acted in a very prim and proper way. Mr. Donaldson was a nudist and a art/erotic photographer on the side and did not like the strict nature of Gertrude's dress code. Gertru... Continue»
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The Apartment Part 2

I had found myself a new flat but was just discovering that it came with strings attached. I am not sure, but they are into swapping partners at a party. I was at my first.

I was sucking George's little fat cock while his tranny wife fucked me from behind. While we are in full flow, the other couple come into the party. Roger and Diana. Diana was a plump thing with a sweet cock while Roger was tall and thin. His skin was very white and covered with dark hair. His cock was hard and he stood in front of me while Diana kissed me! She moved from me to George holding her cock out for him to suck... Continue»
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The Genesis of My Inadequacy

This is a true story from my younger years, which like the rest of my posts, dissolves into self-loathing rhetoric, lol. I was around thirteen at the time, and I had just moved down the highway, a move of about ten miles, but I found myself assigned to a new school. Some quick context from those who might be reading this and not have seen my page: I have a really tiny penis, I’m a total loser, and I’ve accepted that.

My new school was only a little bigger; still small though, and still in a pretty conservative area, but the culture was totally different, as far a sex goes.

My neigh... Continue»
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the slip

The slip
It was a birthday gift from my Mistress-owner.
But I race ahead.
I was invited to have lunch with my Mistress on the day of my birthday which also coincided and celebrated two years as her registered slave. She had also promised to take me to bed on the day too.
When I arrived the first thing after kissing was had I got something a little more suitable to slip into. I had arrive drab from a visit to the dentist, of course my feminine lingerie and stockings were worn along with my pink silicon chastity as a matter of daily routine whatever the day has planned.
I went upstairs and ... Continue»
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Barefoot Slave

When I saw the man walking towards me, my dick started to twitch. Even from
half a block away, he was sexy. As he got closer, his dick hardened more.
The man was medium height, wearing boots, jeans and t-shirt. He was the
perfect looking Daddy, with barrel chest and beer belly. He was rugged,
with a big bushy mustache.

The man saw my gaze and stared at me intently. I started to blush, but
didn't look away. The man came up to him and put out a big hand.

"Hey fella, noticed you looking at me. You're a hot young man." I was big
and built and often got compliments, but hearing ... Continue»
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Mark and my wife in pantyhose

My wife is loosely tied to the bed face down with some old stockings. She is wearing just sheer to the waist black pantyhose with seams that run all the way to the top of her bum with the gusset removed giving easy access to her pussy. Before tying her in this position I have sucked her tits and licked her pussy until she came, making her wet and ready for anything. I take her favourite vibrator and slip it into her pussy and turn it on low. I then straddle her letting my silky stockings rub against her sheer pantyhose and taking my cock in hand, begin to stroke it until I shoot my cum all ove... Continue»
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Things Only Losers Know or Think About. Part 1

This is all subjective; I’m sure it isn’t the same for every guy like me, but I think these things are fairly general for all the shrimp dicks out there.

1) Size matters.

In a lot of ways, this question is either answered or still up in the air. Guys certainly are concerned with it, so in most cases, it’s still a question. Some girls say that it does, in fact, matter; others say that it doesn’t, but rather, it’s how you use it. In my case, I consider the matter resolved: it matters. Pornstar dicks are unrealistic; the average size is around five inches; arousal of women is started i... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 02

slut boy – cunt boy – cock sucker – ball licker – naughty slut – curious – bi-curious

"Karl, can you pickup the dry cleaning today?"

"What, dear?"

"Aren't you listening? You seem distracted."

"It's nothing, dear. What did you say?"

"I need you to pick up the dry cleaning today, can you do that?"

"Of course, dear. I'll get it this morning after I do the breakfast dishes and make the beds." We've been sl**ping in separate beds in separate rooms for some time now because she says I snore, maybe that's why we don't have sex any more than we do.

"Please don't forget."

... Continue»
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Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

strapon – turned gay – ass fuck – femdom – male anal sex – feminized

She came in holding papers I recognized as the one I ripped from my ex’s diary describing our sexual exploits in great detail.

She waved them in the air with one hand on her hip, “Why would you keep this from me?” I didn’t respond.

After a few awkward moments of silence a smile broke across her face. She wagged her finer at me in mock severity saying, “You’ve been a bad boy (punctuated with a girlish giggle) and I want to know all the dirty little details!” and with that she jumped up on the bed and snuggled... Continue»
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I love my Hmong Roomates #2

One day after one of my exams, I came home and was dead tired. I ate some of the food that Choua made the night before. Then I went to my room are started to study. That night when Choua and Nou came home we had a roommate chill time and just talked about how our semester was going. All was well, then Choua said she was going to spend the night at Pong’s place. When Choua left, Nou follower her so she could lock the doors. Nou locked the door and turned towards me. “Do you know what it means with Choua gone for the night?” I laughed and walked towards her. I pushed her against the door and go... Continue»
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Old friends meet...

Gaby was one of those ‘friend of friends’. The kind of friend that you met up with at Christmas parties, Weddings and christenings. She was already married to Ashton and they seemed very much the perfect couple.

I had better describe her, she is about 5 foot tall, long curly deep red hair, pretty freckly face with sparkling blue eyes and a delicious gap between her front teeth. She is well stacked, a lovely pair of boobs and a regularly on show cleavage. Her bum was perfect, well rounded and eminently bangable against. Overall, there was no doubt that she had ‘that look’, I knew she wa... Continue»
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Dirty s****r in law

Fuck me I'm in absolute heaven. My Mrs is the better looking of two s****rs, she got massive nipples, big saggy tits that have a beautiful wobble when I fuck her, her cunt looks and tastes amazing, bald or hairy she has a beautiful tidy cunt, packed away inbetween her outer lips. So in that respect I'm one lucky bastard. She loves being fucked hard & will do anything I ask, I fancied fucking her up the arse, so she went & bought some lube, I wanted to see her fucking herself so we went out together & bought her a massive vibrator.... you get the picture....

Well on top of all that luck, as... Continue»
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Saturday night is normally a night I have all to myself and can indulge in all my fantasies what ever they may be at the time. My wife works nights and my daughter normally stays over in her uni apartment. Saturday night enables me to dress up. wear make up. dildo myself and all those other things you do when alone.

On this particular Saturday my daughter was home for the holidays. She had a few friends over in the afternoon and they were all getting ready. Now having 4 19 year old girls wandering around the house in underwear is a sight to be seen. But I was the cool dad and my face showe... Continue»
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A late-night flight

"Might be my lucky night!" I thought to myself as I leaned my seat back just a little, hoping that the two seats next to mine would stay empty. I was facing a long flight across the country; it was late, I was hoping to get some peaceful sl**p. My wife was with the k**s a few rows up, I had checked on them a minute earlier, and they were already asl**p. The flight's departure was in 3 minutes, so it was looking like things would work out in my favor.

Then I heard a commotion coming down the aisle. I was in the back of the plane, so it took a minute for the ruckus to make it closer towards m... Continue»
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Hooking up with an old crush who is currently preg

I had just arrived home from college on spring break the previous day and I was already bored; so bored that I was at the mall looking for any kind of action. I hadn't been able to track down any friends who had spring break the same week as I did and had actually spent Friday night at home with my parents. I had no intention of spending Saturday night the same way even if it meant trolling the mall that afternoon, looking for anyone I knew. Fortunately, things turned out even better than I could have imagined. I was meandering along the upper level when I heard someone call my name. Because i... Continue»
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