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Happy New Year

It ended up being one hell of a year. It started when my girlfriend left me shortly after Valentine's Day, progressed to me losing my job in June and finally, I bottomed out when I had to downgrade my living standard shortly after Thanksgiving. I ended up in an old motel that had been converted into an apartment building long ago. By any standard it was a shit hole, inside or out. The day I moved in I went to the office to complain about all the homeless people gathered in the front of the building. The manager took one look out the window and laughed, those weren't homeless people, they were ... Continue»
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19 & Pregnant

I had just arrived home from college on spring break the previous day and I was already bored; so bored that I was at the mall looking for any kind of action. I hadn't been able to track down any friends who had spring break the same week as I did and had actually spent Friday night at home with my parents. I had no intention of spending Saturday night the same way even if it meant trolling the mall that afternoon, looking for anyone I knew. Fortunately, things turned out even better than I could have imagined. I was meandering along the upper level when I heard someone call my name. Because i... Continue»
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On the Playground

I locked the doors to my work and headed out for what would be a night to remember. This was the first time that I would be able to see a band that I had loved so much for 5 years. There was a slight chill in the air as the wind rushed past my face, but otherwise it was a beautiful night. I was slightly embarrassed, I did not have time to change for the show, and I had worn something that I felt was conservative enough for work but ok enough to wear to a show.

This would be my first time ever going to a concert alone, and I felt nervous. My friends either had to work or didn’t have enough m... Continue»
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Russian Woman


d***k, horny, older lady. A woman with brown eyes, a thick accent, short black hair and beautiful saggy handfuls of breast. Smoking outside the local pub drinking some whisky and she recognizes me. We chat for a while, small talk. I had recently broken up with my ex whom tore my fragile emotions of love .. However, it's not all doom and gloom.

I walk her home and she invites me inside, it's very utilitarian and quiet. She'd lost her husband some years prior and I think she needed some hot, manly, rough love. I ask her if she's okay, she replies "I wouldn't mind some compa... Continue»
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Husband become a slave

I had my husband tied to the bed, as he claimed he loved to be. I timed my
bobs to correspond with his thrusting hips. John's cock, purple with need,
slid in and out of my wet, red-lipsticked lips effortlessly. My fingers
encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum.
"Oh God!" he cried. "I am gonna cum!" My response wasn't spoken, because
that would require me to break suction from his cock. Instead, I hummed a
pleasurable sound that conveyed my willingness to accept his sperm. I felt
his cock swell as cream flowed through the shaft, and knew that it w... Continue»
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I worked nightshift in Chicago as a doorman and bouncer at a local bar. The nights were usually eventful enough that you noticed a lot of what went on on the streets. One of the local legends was a bag lady named "Mailbox Mary".

Mary was only about five feet tall. She looked to way about ninety pounds. Her age was not easily guessed, as she was so jaded with age and dirt that you couldn't really make an accurate guess. At first glance, you could guess her as anywhere from 35 to 50. She was that far gone.

On each Wednesday, we at the door gathered our money for her nightly visit. She'd ... Continue»
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Degraded Sissy

fondamaid asked: Hi. Sorry it's been a while. I haven't dressed and I felt a little odd sending you a note while in men's clothing. Today I'm dresses, corseted, and locked up. I'm just not sure how long I'll keep myself locked up. I did finally get baby oil to use though and the cage is more comfortable because of it. I thought lube would work fine, but I was wrong. Now I'm all sissied up and wondering what I should do. Part of me thinks I should practice pleasing real men.

I hope that, when you are dressed in mens clothes you are always wearing stockings or pantyhose with panties undeneat... Continue»
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Compulsive masturbators

Anonymous asked: can any man be turned into a sissy, even if at the start he really doesnt want it

I don’t know. I suppose it all depends on their mental fortitude. But I imagine after prolonged f***ed chastity, the male mind will grow weak to influence and suggestion if it means the reward of sexual release. If the influence and suggestion at the time is that of feminization and bi/homosexuality, combined to exposure of related erotic images, video, and art, I’d assume that even the strongest man has a breaking point. Testosterone is a funny thing. Considering everything it represents to m... Continue»
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The best surprise

Ever since Todd had learned I have dated other women he has been hounding me to have a threesome. I am into the idea but neither of us knew any women who we would want to join us. We have talk about getting an e****t but just nothing has come of it yet.
Well looking on our local Backpage I was always drawn to the TS ads. I've always thought trans women were beautiful and alluring. The combination of the femininity of their curves and the masculinity of their cocks is just so incredibly sexy. I would often fantasize about having a threesome with Todd and a Trans woman.
The idea of watching hi... Continue»
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Barebacked By Older Pervert named Vinicius

Hello Xhamster.
Long time I do not post stories.
I hope my English has improved and have more time to post more fun experiences.
A lot has changed since my last story, I work full time and travel a lot inside the country.
In these travels, I have the chance to be slutty without worrying about a person from my city discovering.

So I am in Fortaleza, in the north of Brazil. I arrived Monday and will return to my home city on Friday. After a very long Monday, arriving in the hotel late, I decided that I needed some crazy fun last night. After work, I went to my hotel, took a shower and pu... Continue»
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My favorite memory with my ex-wife.

My ex is tall(5'10") with long legs, very skinny(110lbs), small breasted(small B cup) dirty blonde with very big feet(size 11 womens, I love a woman with big feet). Just the way I like my women. The only negative thing I will say about her body is she has a flat butt. I do like a little shape to the butt, but she has everything else I love physically in a woman.

We had been married for about 6 years and it was the mid 80's. Once in a while she would dress up in a pretty dress, garter and stocking with seams down the back. She would put on a tall pair of white pumps which made her even tall... Continue»
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sex with indian aunty

Hot Sex with Vijaya Aunty
Hi friends this is shijil a 22 yrs old boy, from surat but originally from kerala. I m currently doing my mba from one of most reputed colleges of india. This story is about how I fucked my dream anuty vijaya. She is my dads friends wife she also stays in the same society which I used to stay. Vijaya is a typical mallu girl with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 k**s, with a figure of 36/32/38.U guys can imagine how big is her ass. I had a great lust for her, from my c***dhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her. Many times I would feel her bra... Continue»
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Cock Sucking FF stocking Busty slut

You look so inviting and tempting dressed like that and you really need to suck hard cock before thinking about anything else.
Now sit down on that chair you busty slut and lift your little tight skirt up above your suspender clips.

Open your legs now and show your soft thighs above your stocking tops and your soft pussy lips...now reach down and spread your pussy lips to show your wet cunt. Thats it you dirty little slapper..stroke your pussy and make it wet while you watch cock getting very hard as you play with yourself. Now put one and then two fingers into your soft wet cunt...mmmmm ... Continue»
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My Fantasy

Captured and Tastefully Displayed

I am wandering in a park setting near my apartment one early fall morning with nobody around and enjoying the sounds of nature (birds chirping and dried leaves blowing in the wind). Suddenly from all directions, three hooded individuals (I think 2 men and a woman) come rushing out at me wielding clubs and threatening to use them on me. While two of them hold me, one of them quickly cuffs my hands behind my back and then heavily gags my mouth (first with a ball gag then additionally with tensor band wrapped around the head in the mouth area). Still b... Continue»
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kate tues night

I took the teas and clothes upstairs
Kate and sally was laying on the bed hugging and kissing
I put the teas down , Kate looked up thank you she said , leave us alone for a bit,
I left the room and went to my room , I put on some music, I could hear the girl talking and laughing, I heard sally scream as she cum
My imagination running wild with what was happen in the room,
After twenty minutes, Kate's door opened she ran upstairs' a couple of minutes later she came down with a leather bag,
Are you OK she asked
Yea fine I replied
She pecked me on the cheek , sally wants some time to ... Continue»
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The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTa

Masha feeds MrCockTail, the masturbating a****l. Used condoms are his favorite food.
In the past, when MrCockTail was young, he could put his nose into everything. He worked much for Catholik church, the Russian and the American secret service. He is old today and gets backache always from masturbating and his nose is often blocked. In addition, he sees no longer so well where he puts his nose. Now he spends his days in Sileno's workshop.
Masha has got to know him there. She likes MrCockTail and brings him all used condoms she carefully collects. Today she gives him an old ,used Dig whic... Continue»
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The adventures of Silenos, Heros (his tail) Masha

Silenos and hero (he has his own life)

The lovely naked Masha lies on the earth, bounded at a radiator! A junky, addicted to the juice of her twat has caught her and suck always her twat…Silenos and MsCockTail, the sympathical masturfant want deliver her…Silenos is an ambitious amateur masturbator, he has began in c***dhood. You know him, he often exercises rubbing his tail by visiting MsLily from Myfreecams. From her he has learned to fortify the tickling by stimulating the sphincter with finger in asshole. For this reason Silenos is very grateful to MsLily. Next he wants demonstrate his p... Continue»
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sissy Meets her New Daddy Ch. 1

So I took the plunge and put out an ad on Craig’s List. I was travelling in a city about 120 miles from home and figured this was far enough to not be found and close enough to go back if I had success meeting a fuck buddy that could be longer term. I got myself all primped and wore a tight print dress, matching bra panty set subtle yet slutty makeup and my fave long blonde wig.

The ad attracted immediate attention and I was sure to mention I was a sissy who wanted to be treated like a girl. I was NOT into topping a guy…no. So I finally chose this guy Rich, who happened to be black, becaus... Continue»
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Sniffing a Teen's Butt

It was actually quite awhile since I had an opportunity to sniff some strange girls bum. It seemed the chances were few and far between, and when opportunity did present itself, I either wasn't alone or there were people around. Of course I wasn't really trying either, I was just keeping my eyes open for a chance encounter. I was almost caught off guard when the chance came around. I was in a deli that was very popular. They have great sandwhiches and hot food and at noon you can end up waiting a long time to get served, but it's well worth it so people still go. I just got there and took a nu... Continue»
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Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

Friday couldn't come fast enough! Amber and I had made plans to go for dinner and drinks and for her to spend the night at my place. I picked her up and could hardly contain myself when she got into the car. She wore pink nylons, short black dress that rode up when she got into my car, pink garter belt, pink silk thongs and high heels. She leaned over for a kiss and we ended up in a grope session right outside her place. She finally pulled away and said we should go before someone from her f****y saw us. She had mentioned me to them but not my age. As I pulled onto the main street Amber ... Continue»
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