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Goth chicks are cool

It was my second year in high school and I was fairly shy. I had never had a girlfriend or many friends so I didn't get out much. It didn't really bother me I would just play video games and never really cared. I generally sat alone at lunch sometimes I would sit with people from my classes but for the most part I didn't. One day these two girls dressed in goth clothing, all black clothes boots and everything, sit with me. It was nice I figured I made some friends and we did this for a few weeks.

At this point we have become decent friends, their names being Jamie and Ashley. One day Jamie ... Continue»
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The Desert Part III

We all collapsed on the grass and promised to meet at the club around 11. Jessie and I ordered take out and ate. He and I looked at my purchases, and He brought out his gear. He had a sexy red PVC jock strap that could contain his big dick if it wasn’t hard. I told him I wanted him in that. So he slipped it on, and proudly gave me access to finger and lick his hole.

Jessie and I took and nap, and just after 10 PM, we heard voices outside out room. When I opened the door – still nude of course – Dan from the store was standing there. He had a shopping bag and thought I might like some ... Continue»
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She Is Milking Your Cock

***Who is "SHE" that is mentioned in the story? Could it be an old friend of yours? Perhaps your best friend's mother? Maybe it's a friend of your mother's... maybe it *IS* your mother? It could be your aunt... your grandmother... your mother-in-law... "SHE" is who you want it to be.***


I had thought about it a lot. It would start crossing my mind at random times during the day and I would dwell on it, and play it out in my head. I had always turned away her advances, but I wasn't about to anymore. I started to want it, began to actually crave it. It was worth ev... Continue»
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The Desert Part II

It was still warm and sunny, when I came out of the store and proceeded to run the rest of my errands. I bought fruit, vodka, mixers, and granola bars to snack on. As I didn’t know the neighborhood really well I was kinda far from the hotel. So I ripped off my tank, put down my convertible top and soaked up some sun. Without thinking I was rubbing my cock through my gym shorts and wanted another go at that young clerk’s mouth and ass.

I found the hotel after a few wrong turns and bounded through the gate with my armful of packages. Rob called for me to join the rest of the guests f... Continue»
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Wife at the cum party

Hi, I'm Jason and I would prefer to use this outlet to describe what has happened in my life, especially with my sex life with regards to my wife Beth. I wrote one previous story about what happened last year at my wife's college reunion (see "Her Bad College Days").

Since that weekend, I have done my best to forget what I saw. It had been on a video tape that guys from a nearby fraternity had made of my wife not long after she appeared in a college girls edition of Playboy magazine. The photo of my wife published in Playboy was innocent enough. It was a shot of her turning back, smiling at... Continue»
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Dressed as a schoolgirl

I have been texting and emailing D for several weeks when he first suggested that we meet up after I showed him some photos on Craig's List. I was very excited and I couldn’t wait till we met but it would be my first time out in public. I thought about it all the time and at first the only odd part was what he wanted me to wear.

He texted me "Can I ask you a bit of a kinky favour?”

“Sure I said.”

“I want you to dress up as a schoolgirl for me,” I thought about it for a few seconds then smiled to myself.

“Yes I said :).:

“Its just a fantasy I want to try out."

Mmm I thoug... Continue»
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Cum slut training. Hot wife in the making and birt

The grubby council estate viewed from the dark landing window didn't help the feeling of disappointment and anxiety. The midnight hour had come and gone, still no sign of her. She swore the last time she cheated it would be the last,surely she would never do that to me again. My heart pounded thinking about the possibilities of why she was so late.
The anger and frustration welled up, the night slipped into early morning. Feelings that I didn't understand consumed me. Anger and frustration certainly jealousy. Arousal?, the thought of Ellie being Fucked in the back of a car or in some stran... Continue»
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The best groping experience I ever had

So it was Friday beautiful sunny day, only thing that made it worse was. I had over slept an was running late for work so as I'm hurrying too get too the train station. I notice it's so packed that getting, an good seat would be next too impossible. While I was waiting I saw this incredibly hot white brown haired beauty waiting as well, she was short about 5'4 long brown hair slim body t-shirt an these very short black shorts on. With a body too die for she had too be no more then 19 or 20, either way the train came an I knew I probably wasn't going too get a seat next her seeing how hot she w... Continue»
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Military Bound

True hot time told to me by a friend.

One Saturday our friends had come over for a BBQ. They had brought with them, her younger b*****r Larry and his buddy Pete who were both military bound. The boys had recently graduated High School and were going to basic in 2 days. They were squared away boys, athletic body, and prototypical soldier. They said they were trying to have as much fun as they could before they had to leave. My wife jokingly commented that the boys must be getting laid quite a lot and breaking some hearts. The boys embarrassingly shook their head no. Larry said it was not for... Continue»
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caught wearing my friends s****rs bra and panties

so i had a best friend when i was fifteen and we used to drink and smoke pot in his basement and watch porn when his f****y was out. we would usually drink till we got horny enough and jerk off together. this one night we were in the basement drinking and watching some porn and my friend past out on the couch before he came. so about ten minutes later i went upstairs to use the bathrom and when i came out i saw one of his s****rs white bras on her bedroom floor across the hall. my cock got so excited, his s****rs was 17 and so cute. so i went into the room and picked up her bra and stuck it in... Continue»
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Paying Back What is Owed

I stood over my stepb*****r’s sl**ping body and smiled with satisfaction. Breaking into his very expensive (paid for by my daddy) condo had been a piece of cake. d**gging him to a stupor had been even easier, although when you work with pharmaceuticals all day and know that a few samples won’t be missed it was c***d’s play.
I appreciated the fact that he already slept naked and spread eagle. It made restraining him to his bed way easier than I had figured it would be. I watched as he shifted slightly in his sl**p and pulled against the restraints in his sl**p. He shifted again and was t... Continue»
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The first time crossdressed and strapon

The first Time
Croasdressed and Strapon

It has been 9 years since the first time being made in to a sissy for my then girlfriend. Her whole f****y was going away for the weekend so she said she want to stay home, here parents where ok with her stay home for the weekend and even told her to uave me over to keep her company when they where gone and enjoy the weekend together. Friday morning she came to pick me up telling me she had a very exciting weekend planed out for the two of us. So when we got to her house she took me to her room. After we got in there she said she wanted to watch ... Continue»
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Shagging in the Loo

I see you watching me from across the pub. I’m on a business trip and needed a bit of a break from the mountains of paperwork that I had up in my hotel room. I try not to stare, but it’s hard not to. Your rugged good looks have me overwhelmed; and I want you, even though I shouldn’t.
“Hello love, the blokes over there would like to buy you a pint.” The barkeep interrupts my thoughts, “Is that ok with you?”
“Relay to them that I’m not single, and I’m in town on business, I don’t want them getting the wrong idea.” I watch as the barkeep goes over and relays the message.
I’m shocked when yo... Continue»
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My Teen Boyfriend Impregnated my Mother.

I listened to a friend's story and realised I was not alone in my experiences of sexual 'enlightenment', a word I use place of the more harsh, 'abuse', which by its very terminology, would not fit in with describing something I enjoyed, when it was happening.

She was describing a time when in her youth, her b*****r and she had just bathed, not at the same time, and were sitting watch TV, in their bathrobes.

'I did not realise I was showing too much flesh to my b*****r', she had commented, 'and then, from the corner of my eye, and unbeknown to our mother, he was masturbating, looking at w... Continue»
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In Hell Part 4

Jennie's naked body was covered from head to toe with a tattoo of a flowery vine. It did not cover all of Jennie's skin, but it was wrapped around her arms and legs, two flowers even covering her temples. It was steadily fading into invisibility, but even so, Catherine could feel its raw power. This was no ink - it was pure lust wrapped around her friend's body. Jennie's right hand seemed powerless to resist caressing the flower blooming on her right breast, or even to breathe without pushing her chest forward.

The most dramatic change, however, was Jennie's expression. The bold and confide... Continue»
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Zack & Julie

It wasn’t fair. My mother had all the luck. Newly divorced from “daddy number 4” she married someone fifteen years younger than her. My new step-father was only nine years older than me, and was very hot. My father had died when I was just a little girl and I had gone through a bunch of daddy’s. But I didn’t want to fuck any of the other daddy’s, as much as I wanted to fuck Zack.
He was twenty-seven had bright blue eyes, black hair and looked like he stepped from the cover of GQ.
“Jules, get a move on your going to be late.” He yelled into my bedroom one morning. I was in the shower a... Continue»
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Black Cock Party Gay

I am going to skip ahead during the same time frame that I stayed with Bob and share with you the wild evening I had at a party that Bob and I attended. Bob had been an athlete and even though he was now in his late twenties, somehow he had friends that were current athletes. He was pretty popular and was invited to a lot of parties. This particular party was huge and there were tons of people. The house was full of guys of all races and many hot girls as well. The music was pumping while everyone was dancing in the living room, hallway, and the kitchen. People were smoking and drinking and ev... Continue»
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WIFE Helps her Husband to enjoy Cum and Suck Cock

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month.

Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me.
Michael loves oral sex, both giving and receiv... Continue»
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Cuckold Training my Husband

When my husband first admitted to me that he wanted to watch me have sex with other guys he had no idea of the Pandora's box, or should I say Cassandra's box he was opening!

Over the last 5 years I have transformed my husband from a dominant and jealous man into a totally submissive cuckold. He used to get angry whenever another man so much as looked at me and now he is completely trained and willingly submits to watching me getting fucked by other men. This is because he knows it is only when my pussy is full of of another man's cum that he has any chance of receiving any sexual release fr... Continue»
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Guide on Eating Pussy to get a BJ

The best oral sex I've ever had went something like this:

1. Set the mood. Candles, music, clean bedding, fluffy pillows, maybe some restraints (if you're into that kind of stuff), and make sure you're both clean and ready for fun.

2. Start out slow. There should be no rush. Take your time touching each other, running your hands up and down bodies (torsos, arms, legs, face, through the hair, avoid errogenous zones for now and build the tension elsewhere). Make good use of your mouths- wet open kisses, caressing tongues, soft lips. Kiss your partner's mouth, her cheeks, eyelids, neck, sho... Continue»
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