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A Charmed Life

I learned a lot my Freshman Year. That was the year I
developed breasts. They just kept getting bigger and
bigger eventually I wound up a 32D. I hated them at
first, they made me feel awkward, and the other girls
would tease me about them. Then I discovered the power
that it gave me. Men loved them. Something about the
sight of these big breasts on my 5ft 4in 100 lbs frame
drove them wild. I learned quickly to exploit it.

When I had a conference with one of my male teachers, I
would go off to the bathroom first and remove my bra
sometimes going as far as getting a Coke fr... Continue»
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The Challenge

The time struck 8:00pm local time and the the lights turned off completely in
in the flight cabin. The light from the individual seat entertainment illuminated
the cabin just slightly that you could see the face of your seat partner to the right and
left. They had a entertaining conversation of their travels and it didn't take long for the two to feel
comfortable in each other company. Before reclining into a restful
position she asked if she could bother him a moment and allow her to use the facilities. He immediately
acknowledged and began taking off his seat belt to move out of he... Continue»
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Mommy Sits on my Lap part 3

My s****r Shelly sprawled on the couch, one leg hanging over the armrest the other on lay out straight along the couch. She was wearing her favourite Venosan Ultima Lycra-Nylon Leggings. The sheer fabric moulded to her cunt and it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties underneath. Her feet were bare and she wore a loose fitting vest, which was slack enough for me to see her satin bra through the armhole. My cock was hard and despite my best efforts I couldn't take my eyes off her.

We were both pretending to watch TV but we were very aware of each other. Her perfume wafted across the room.... Continue»
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Меня зовут Александр или Саша. Вернее раньше то я был Александром, а сейчас стала Сашей. Когда все это началось, мне было 18 лет. Как многие ребята в этом возрасте я много мастурбировал, и делал это с удовольствием и помногу. Хотя после каждого раза мне было немного не по себе, как будто я занимался чем то плохим. Но поделать с собой ничего не мог и каждый раз, когда член вставал, а делал он это в подростковом возрасте по любому поводу, я брал его в руку и мастурбировал. А потом – опять угрызения совести.

Мой рост был тогда, да и сейчас тоже, 175 см, худощавого сложения, а голос всегда бы... Continue»
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Prom Night

I knocked briefly at the doorframe before poking my head into her room.

“Amber,” I said, “your date’s here.”

“Michael,” she responded incensed, “what are you thinking just barging in here while I’m getting dressed? Do you think you can just barge in here?!?”

I glanced briefly at my fiancée’s teenage daughter, who appeared to be fully dressed, aside from trying to finish the zipper of her dress behind her back. She was youthful looking, maybe 5’ 6”, with blonde hair, smallish but perky breasts, well-toned legs, and a perfect ass. She was 18, a senior in high school. At 40, my soon... Continue»
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Milking Machines by loyalsock

The room was large, at least seventy by one hundred feet, with a series of televisions sets hanging from the ceiling that were broadcasting the days latest soap operas to the one hundred twenty women sitting quietly in overstuffed easy chairs!!! But along with the sound of the dialog come from the sets, a steady whir could be heard eminating from the electric milking machines that were connected to the breasts of each woman there!!! Most of the women were in their early twenties, and after having given birth to babies of their own and begun begun lactating, the Licky Lacky company hired them... Continue»
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Dreaming of Daddy's Breeding

I didn't write this, but I found it too hot not to share.

Dreaming of Daddy's Baby

© Lady Leannan 2011


I felt funny, almost as if I had been d**gged. My body felt funny too as if someone was touching me I looked down and immediately noticed two things. First I was naked and second my father was on my bed between my legs. This has to be a dream... that is the only way this could be happening.

"Daddy," I asked, "what are you doing?"

"You have magnificent breasts," Daddy whispered against my tits. "They're so firm and ripe, and they're going to be so... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote IV - Home Movies

NOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.
Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.
Jake’s mind was racing as he went through the motions of working. He’d stopped time without the remote! Was it him that did it? Was it a safety feature? And why did ... Continue»
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Truck Stop Adventure

Jenny shivered as she slipped her panties down past her ankles and over her stiletto. She quickly grabbed the thong and stuffed it into the bag on her passenger seat, which also held the rest of her clothes. His orders had been clear in the email: 'Park behind the truck stop and get undressed. Leave on a coat and your heels. I'll find you.' So here she was - a married mother of one waiting to get fucked by a truck driver named Dom in a seedy part of town. She turned up the heat and looked across the parking lot. There were several big trucks back here and she wondered how many of them containe... Continue»
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Swiss Miss

(all true)

With no intention, I met this woman from Switzerland through a photo posting site I use. We started out commenting on each others photos, then quickly became friends and were messaging almost every day. We shared general likes and dislikes and started to bond after finding out we were both the same age (50).

We became braver and braver with our emails and soon I had sent her a photo of myself naked and a nice cock photo or two. She was a bit shy but said she really liked them. shortly after that she started sending me a few naked pics of herself. That's when I found out she wa... Continue»
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The Craigslist MILF Part ONE

I placed an ad in C-list looking for females willing to do cream pies and have me eat them out of them. For those who don't know what is a cream pie, It simply is a man ejaculating his semen inside the vagina of a woman.

I have had his fetish for years. I loved filling my girlfriends' pussies with my cum, then sucking the cum out of them until they themselves had incredible orgasms.

My now ex-wife had the most incredible pussy. Her lips were long, and when she came, her whole pussy would shake from her orgasm, making her lips shudder while her juices were dripping out. I loved feeling ... Continue»
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Jenny and the older man pt. 1

"Oh, god! Jenny moaned. That hurts...uh, you're so uh, big!" Ron chuckled as he thrust his cock into her tight wet pussy. She knew that this kind of talk turned him on - and she was happy to oblige. Ron loved when she talked about how tight her pussy was, he also loved when she teased him about being so much older than her. It was true that Ron was quite a bit older than her. Recently turning 47 was supposed to be difficult for him, but having a girlfriend who was 25 made things a lot more manageable. That wasn't the only thing that made this scene so steamy. He was also one of her father's be... Continue»
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What Cuckolds want

"It is simply a thrill without compare to watch your wife getting fucked by Her Lover." (Happy cuckold).

Most cuckolds are kind and considerate husbands and say they love their wives and want them to be sexually satisfied "more than anything else in the world." One cuckold hubby said "it is a real release of pressure to know that my wife is getting sexually satisfied by Her Lover in a way that I couldn't do it." Another said he wanted nothing more than his sexy wife "to be fucked properly."

Though the wife's sexual satisfaction is paramount, most cuckold hubbies want to get something out... Continue»
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Sonya Sissy Panties c2c

How many XH members do anything other than wank to the content? How many wonder what it would be like to play c2c with someone else? Well I've gone into this unseen world and this story is a compilation of several sessions in one with a XH friend who I shall call Bill.

The first step is doing a bit of planning and preparation. I look around me and check that all the items I will need are in place. I log into Skype and click on his link. Finally my friend appears on screen and we exchange greetings. “Hi Sonya”. “Hi Bill”. On the inset screen I can see myself, pink panties, black stockin... Continue»
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A most diabolic Demise

Sitting on her bed Marie slipped her fingers down and slowly began to caress her already throbbing clit as she watched that woman on her computer screen convulsing almost sensuously under the brutal high voltage current coursing through her beautiful tormented body. Setting aside her wine glass Marie reached up and slowly tugged on one of her nipple rings as she watched the look of terrified desperation in that woman’s pain filled eyes as her tormentor, a black leather clad dominatrix, paused to once again cruelly increase the voltage. Closing her eyes, Marie listened to the screams, her thumb... Continue»
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the massage therapy centre

 the massage therapy centre I'm ready to call it a night and there's a knock on the door, I open it to a 30 something olive skinned stunner. I normally don't take walk ins but she is so sexy that I say yes and ask her to take a seat. She tells me name is Brenda and that she is having problems with her lower back and asks if there is anything I can do to help. I asked to her to strip to her underwear so I can get a better look at her problem. Her posture is perfect and I have trouble seeing why she would have back pain. I do this job every day and do not normally notice things like underwear bu... Continue»
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camping with a giant ,part two

Trevor looked and smelled so good with the tiny towel tightly wrapped around his middle his huge flaccid cock hanging down almost to the floor of the tent ,I could not keep my horny little fingers of of the nine foot tall giants huge thick cock it was so mesmerizing at just the sheer thick ness even with both of my hands I could only reach three quarters the way around the thick pile driver size cock as I took long strokes down the full length of Trevor's mighty flaccid cock ,looking up his towering rippling with muscle slender tall powerful body he had his hands and fingers gripping my head a... Continue»
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f****y Friend:::The Sequel

"OMW"........She replied when I text her and asked her what she was doing....I knew she was gonna come back over for round 2 I had that day stuck in me head from the first time we fucked and I jacked off every time I thought about it.Her nice fit body and juicy wet pussy bouncing up and down on my dick....I couldn't wait til she got here. To prepare myself I took a light shower freshened up and put on some shorts and a white v neck.I didn't wear any underwear because I wanted her to have easy access to my dick. I went to the kitchen for a sip of soda and then I hear the door bell ring. It's he... Continue»
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Seducing the Babysitter by loyalsock

Erika was smitten with Jamie from the first moment she had seen the girl. Over the next few weeks the two women became inseparable as Erika invited her out to dinner and then back to her home. Some evenings were filled with concerts, plays, and the symphony as Jamie was exposed to Erika's more cultured environment.

While Jamie enjoyed the social excursions, and her relationship with Erika became deeper and deeper, something was still missing. Jamie knew her feelings for Erika were growing stronger each day but she wondered if this was the right thing -falling in love with the first woman sh... Continue»
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wake up mid-orgasm in a wet bed

This is a dream i keep having:

It starts out pretty normal. I shower and get ready for the day, and i even go through plans in my head during the shower. I get dressed, always in a my latex suit that i own.

I then go to work (I work at an urgent care clinic), only the Urgent Care sign instead says Slave Care. I walk into work. There are normally dressed women (exclusively women) waiting in the waiting room holding leashes. At the end of the leashes are either a man or a woman naked and in chastity on all fours on the floor waiting patiently. i go into the clinic and check in with my key... Continue»
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