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Horny Jewl

I met Jewl online, exchanged some pics and had some mutual mastebation sessions. Her tits and pussy drove me crazy.

I lived in the States and jewl lived in the UK. No worries, sometimes I have business there.

It so happened I had a chance to go to London to a conference, had a room at the Marriott next to the Eye and across the bridge from the conference center. So, I contacted her.

We made arrangements to meet the last night of the conference. I met her at a little pub, damn, my cock got hard when I saw her. We talked, danced and before long I had her taking off her panties and han... Continue»
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The adventures of Holly Whore Part 2 scene 3: The

The week was almost up and Matt’s birthday was drawing ever closer. I had taken Katie’s orders and not showered or changed my pants for the week I felt absolutely disgusting and was trying my best to hide it. I was beginning to think that Katie was winding me up but then the text arrived.
Katie: Meet me at Matt’s tonight 8pm, bring nothing and just walk in don’t knock, kk? xx
Me: Ok x

I went over to Matt’s feeling really nervous though I had no idea why. I approached his front door and hesitated whether to go in before I could make up my mind I had already opened the door. I did not... Continue»
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Dinner with Brooke

Brooke texted me on my way home from work, “I’m making dinner, come down when you get home.” I replied back, “Sure, I’ll stop and get some beer.” “No bother,” she said, “I already grabbed some. Just you is all we need.” This was always nice to hear, and it was always nice to see Brooke. I felt so comfortable with her especially since the many last encounters. But I never think any more than what it is. Just dinner.
When I got home, I went upstairs, dropped my bag and headed down the front stairs to her apartment. Her door was cracked open a bit so I knocked, saying hello and opened the door.... Continue»
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Crushing the Last of his Ego

He stared at the clock in kitchen watching the second hand revolve and thinking about the importance of every second. Mistress was sl**ping soundly while david prepared Her breakfast: strawberries, a cheese and mushroom omelet, freshly squeezed orange juice, toast, and coffee. She had trained him to put the food on the table exactly ten minutes after her alarm went off, and the timing could be tricky. Start cooking too early and the hot items would get cold, but start too late and Mistress would have to wait for Her breakfast. Serving a cold breakfast warranted an automatic 30 strokes of... Continue»
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Helping our Father when Mother left our home

I stood silent and naked, admiring myself, in my full length mirror. I was looking for tell-tail changes, any signs of what had just happened.

My breasts were still small, too small for my personal liking, and my nipples were off a soft cherry red hue, rubbery to rigid, and sensitive, I felt they might just remain in their aroused state, it felt nice to touch them.

My stomach ached, did that mean I was pregnant, he went bare-backing into me, neither of us could stop this juggernaut of an urge, feeling him probe between my labia, was a no return point, I wanted it as much as he did and co... Continue»
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Hotel play

They say a friend is someone you can trust more completely than your spouse. Almost a decade ago my friend who was going off to the gulf brought me into his marriage. Knowing that his wife couldn't last a year without getting some and wanting to protect his marriage he created the scenario of me and her. Why I asked him a few years ago, to which he replied, 'you would never take her from me, but you can satisfy her in my absence.

After not seeing them for two years we had a meet while they were in town this weekend. We had a good time, a few beers and dinner on the waterfront after a ... Continue»
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My s****r in Law

Several years ago I had to move to my parents in law as we were moving house. They were well off and had a huge house an lots of room so we stayed there for three months whilst we bought a new home. We had a lovely big en suite room and a massive king size bed. Living here was a bit of a pain but it had two positives. Firstly the mother in law was a true Milf. in her 50's but posh and vey well turned out as they say. Also my s****r in law was 17 at the time. I had known her for her entire life and watched her grow up from an annoying k** to a very fit well endowed young woman. Luckily for me I... Continue»
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The awakening

This story is 100% fiction. The people don’t exist and events have never happened.

My daughter had just finished having a shower when I walked into the bathroom. There she was toweling down with droplets of water running from her hair, down her face and neck and over her breasts to drip onto her flat stomach and run down to her smooth pussy.

My heart jumped as I looked at her. Sure I had seen her naked many times before, but somehow tonight was different. Maybe it was because I had just got home from work and was about to take a shower myself and I was standing there naked ... Continue»
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Solo bike ride becomes a MMF threesome.

I mountain bike a lot in the summer. Last week I was on a ride not far from my home when I had a great time. The trail I was on is not part of any marked trail. I don't know who's land this particular trail goes through but I have never seen anyone on the path. At one point, there is an opening in the trees and a view to the west for many miles. There is a flat rock here at which I have seen trash or the remains of a camp fire so I know people use the beautiful spot.

As I rode up the steep approach to the overlook, I could hear some moaning. When I leveled off at the view I got a big surpr... Continue»
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Girlfriend needed a lesson!

I was pumping her pretty hard when I felt my balls twinge again. I asked her where she wanted my second load in an hour and she quickly responded... "my face!"

I pulled out and gave one good long squirt on her cheek and led it up to her nose, eye brow and forehead. She pulled up her phone and started in with the pictures. She was sending them to her boyfriend that she caught cheating the past weekend. She took out an ad that stated simply, "Nicest cock gets revenge on my cheating BF". I guess I won, because she responded with an email with a face pic and a hotel room address. We were fuc... Continue»
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Divorced s****r ki chudai

Ye didi ki chudai kahani kuch din purani hai mere ghar relatives aaye the jisme se ek meri cousin didi bhi thi, unki umar 29 saal hai magar unka diavorce ho gaya hai jiske kaaran wo apne parents ke saath rehti hai, wo dikhne me sundar hai aur unki figure bhi mast hai ek dam patakha, jisko dekh kar kisi ka bhi dil oh i mean lund dhadhak jaye ;) unka naam hai kavita. Jese ki mene batay wo log humare ghar rukne aaye to humne din ke samay kaafi masti kari aur khoob baaten kari unhone mujhse meri girl friend ke baare me bhi poocha magar mene bhi ek alag kahani sunai kaha ki mera breakup ho gaya hai... Continue»
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Seduced by a black man and his uncut cock - Part 1

Pleasuring Black Cock – Part 1

I am a white man who is totally attracted to strong black men and now prefer to play exclusively with them. I will still do the occasional white man, etc., I just prefer black men. I have tried white men, brown men, asian men and indian men as well. Have pleasured some big cocks, yet, a black man’s sexual prowess and stamina won me over long ago as a teenager during my first time with a cock.

Those men who I contact to hookup with and have never been with a CD, I explain to give it a try because if he lays back and closes his eyes, he will enjoy my cocks... Continue»
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My sissy son,by his dad and lover Part 6

So 3 years have gone by since I last spoke to you.
Many changes,mostly very good,even my ex is OK too.

I got promoted in my job,much more responsibility,longer hours,but a bigger salary to match.
I /we had to move as well,from England to America,huge upheavel,but worth it for both of us.
Because we live in the States now,Lucy can finally discard all her male attire..and be Lucy
..my 'daughter/my wife' full time.She looks after me/the house,and while other men who work
for the company employ maids/servants for their wives..Lucy's happy to do it herself.We've
been to parties,bbq's org... Continue»
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The Snoop

Karen and I had been married for three years and it was obvious to me that our sex life had taken a drastic turn for the worse. We got along wonderfully in every other area except for sex which only highlighted the problem.

Karen is a nice looking, heavy breasted woman who had always drawn stares and then amazement at the size of her tits (36D). We had fucked and sucked lustily for a number of years before we were married and then BAM! Within the three years after getting married Karen was suddenly suggesting that she jerk me off when I was horny or wanting me to eat her - but no actual pen... Continue»
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My Promotion

Actually I guess I have only myself to blame. I mean I was the one that insisted that we invite my boss Roger to our pool party. My wife Dot (short for Dorothy) didn't want to invite him because he wasn't married and with two other couples it wouldn't be even. She has rules like that about stuff. I told her that he was in line for a promotion to corporate and that would mean that he would move to the twin cities and I was next in line in our division. The next day was Wednesday so I invited him. I told him it would be this Saturday and that if he wanted to bring someone he could but he didn't ... Continue»
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The College Roomate

It was a surprise getting the call from Tim. I mean it had been only 5 years ago and I really haven't stayed in touch with him so I never thought I'd be getting a call from him. I answered him in the kitchen and put it on speaker phone. At first I didn't know who he was but when I recognized his voice I immediately regretted answering him on the speaker phone because my wife was right here at the table. I told Vicky about Tim but I didn't tell her everything about Tim. I guess he was just one of the skeletons that we keep in our closet.

"Hey Jimmy what you doing, it's really great to hear y... Continue»
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"The Pool Party"

By: WowImBig

There I was, wading in the shallow end of the pool, with my fellow classmates at our senior year pool party; trying to act normal while I was hiding the biggest dirtiest secret ever. Last night, I was pumping my pussy with the monster pump cup I made... and I fell asl**p with it on me... suction was strong as ever. 7 hours later I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock, screaming at me to wake up for school. I tried jumping out of bed like usual, but the monster cup wouldn't let me. I ended up falling out of bed, I had to turn off that damn alarm so I grabbed a tennis shoe by my ... Continue»
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A new kind of experience by my uncle

The business meeting was stressful. The meetings amounted to a bunch of special interest idiots just trying to get their way. Sandy could not wait to get out of this meeting and get back to her hotel room. A nice bath awaited her. By the end of the meeting, Sandy was more than ready to leave. She packed up her stuff, and started to the elevator. The elevator was packed full of people. Sandy did not enjoy crowded spaces, but she wanted to leave. She fit herself into the elevator and told the person closest to the panel ground floor.

A young woman was standing next to her. She turned to Sandy... Continue»
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A girl's 1st time sex

She was late, 30 mins already, her stepfather would punish her again. She was in for a spanking. She was supposed to be at the library, but she had been to a party. It was a st trinians and she was dressed very sexily. She had on white sheer panties and a white push up bra, a size to small. Her white blouse was tied up under her breast making them look very voluptuous. Her pleated red skirt was short. She had long over the knee socks and high shoes. Very daring but she loved to dress to cause a stir. Her pussy lips where still swollen and her panties were damp from the fingering that J had giv... Continue»
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Underworld: The Offer

Samantha awoke to find she was helplessly hanging by iron wrists shackles, her naked body arched uncomfortably backward across a large, iron studded, wood wheel. As she struggled to remember how she’d ended up in this horrifying dungeon Samantha kept seeing brief glimpses of her past but nothing that made any sense, it was almost felt as if someone had shrouded her memories in fog intentionally concealing her own past from her.

It was then that Samantha heard the familiar sound known to anyone who’s watched a horror movie, the metal on metal creaking sound of rusted hinges as an ancient un... Continue»
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