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The Shop lifter

I work part-time as in-house security for a large Arkansas-based retail chain and this is what happens when I catch a shop-lifter.

A few days ago I was working the 9P-5A shift and was in the security office watching the cameras. The cameras are supposed to be recorded all the time but most times we have the recorder turned off so we can watch women or we record some women and transfer the recordings to a flash drive for 'personal use'. It was about 2AM and I was bored, watching a big-tittied MILF that had come in wearing a tank top with no bra under it and a pair of sweat pants. I was zo... Continue»
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Today, I rang mother in law to let her know I would be going round to cut the lawn,
'oh good' karen exclaimed
'Jilly is here, and we are sat in the garden'.
I put the phone down and went and walked the short distance to karen's house. I went thro the gate leading round to the back of the house, and was greeted by the lovely sight of both karen and Jilly sat on the reclining chairs busy giggling and chatting.
Jilly looked up and saw me
'Nice to see you and glad you came to cut the lawn while im here.' Jilly said as she leant towards me and pecked me on the cheek.
I looked across at karen... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 2

It seems very strange to mr now but with all the scent of sex pungent upon the air, the men and Mary all stopped for a cup of tea! I sat watching them as I wiped my mouth with a tissue, Dave moved to my side giving my boobs a squeeze, " You ready for some fun now then baby? " I simply nodded as I looked at Mary who was slowly wanking her husband's recovering cock , " Did you like his cock inside you? Bet that you've never had a bigger one?" Mary asked me, a sense of pride in her voice. "Oh believe you me Mary she's had bigger up her tight cunt, haven't you my schoolie bitch?" Laughed Dav... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 1

Going back a number of years to my last year at Secondary school, my 'boyfriend' told me that, " Tomorrow you will be playing truant! Just get up as normal put on your black lingerie and stockings, then pop your normal school ubiform over them and I will pick you up at the bus stop at 8.20am. I said OK to him, as if I had any choice in the matter.
I was up at 7am and after showering put on my best black bra and knickers along with my black suspender belt and black red topped stockings.I said bye to my mum and headed to the bus stop. A few minutes later Dave pomped his horn and I moved t
... Continue»
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Domestic Discipline part 1

Been with my wife for f******n years now. Although some may disagree, I find her beautiful.
True she is getting a bit of a belly, but she has a round mouth, wet pussy and a tight ass, all of which I can use at will. She has accepted the fact that I am the head of the household and with a little of the right type of training she would be a very good submissive. It’s a work in progress. She has accepted the fact that I believe in domestic discipline.
We have rules in our house, some written, others not. She knows the rules and knows what is in store for her when they are broken. Usually... Continue»
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Caroline groans lightly and turns herself around facing me. There was just enough room, for me to lean back on one worktop and Caroline to rest her bum against the other. I looked at granny Caroline's body and looked down at my hard cock, which was level with her pussy. I looked up at granny Caroline and she smiled at me then before I had chance to do anything she grabbed my bum and pulled me against her. As she pulled me against her, I felt the tip of my cock slip into her pussy and I looked at her face.
She gently pulled me closer too her as my cock slipped further in until our bodies touc... Continue»
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Cum bandit

I love the holidays. Every time we have a holiday get together my dad invites his best friend Jax to come and spend the day with us because he doesn't have any f****y in the area. Since the day my daddy befriended him I've wanted to know more about him than I should. He makes me feel pretty. The way he looks at me with his brow arched and his smile at half mast is almost an invitation of sorts.
As the clock clicks nearer to time for everyone to arrive I start to put my makeup on. I know it's silly but I try to make myself look older. I'm 17 but Jax is pushing 40 and I doubt he has any idea w... Continue»
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Hi I am ana, I am Thai. Was born male, begin stealing hormones at 12, now I 19. and me 5' tall natural breast kk smallish but almost a "b" cup. I was happy to be Thai Lady Boy. so very very happy. this story is true, but not right names, and it made a choice ffor me, but I not want that choice.

I was new to area I moved to. someone at my work tell me bout a nice young people club no alcohol. Friday nite came, and I went to club. ooked nice outside. inside was too. a pretty american girl behind bar, very tall very nice body, she smile at me and ask what I would like, i order ice tea. we tal... Continue»
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I was sexually aroused seeing my Son Nude

I can remember the two nurses talking about the size of his cock the day he was born, and one saying, 'You are one lucky Lady'.

For some unfathomable reason, I felt like a complete woman, my son's 'Dick' size, made me feel proud, as if I was adding something of value into the Gene-pool for women, and those two nurses comments made me gloat.

I was a single mum, so I could lash time and love on him, at the expense of my own sexual development. Years had passed without me realizing it, even when men tried very hard to bed me, the need for sex appeared to have deserted me, but my son's cock,... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-4

Wendy wants to know how to work well as a hot pro with her fancies and fetishes for foot-fucks
Wendy wants to get wet from smelly feet as well as from the smell of panties worn for many days
Wendy wants advise of Professor Peter, her confessor and consultant in matters of life and love
Wendy wants to know his interesting ideas how she might reach her goal to live from her fancies

Wendy sits at his lap as she listens to his opinion, the possibilities he sees for implementation
Wendy agrees that in the end she wants to be independent, but at the start she will need some help
... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-3

Wendy wonders whether she wants to work more with her hot foot fetish, will she go pro?
Wendy loves to confess and to consult her fine friend, elder gentleman Professor Peter
Wendy knows he records everything on video and writes her true tales in sexy stories
Wendy tells below about her hot day at work and some of her hottest sexy dirty dreams

Wonderful Wendy looks lovely: slender and sexy, short dress, wears panties but never any underwear
Wendy has firm little tasty tits and has a few kinky fancies and fantasies for further love life
Wendy is into 'smelly sex', suffering f... Continue»
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A Good Time She'll never Remember

"When I count to 3 you'll wake up and remember nothing of what happened here today. Do you understand?"

"Yes," came the dreamy reply.

"1. 2. 3."

The older lady sitting in front of me opened her eyes and looked around, as if to reorient herself.

"Was I really hypnotized?" she asked.

"Yes, you were."

"Was anything accomplished?" she asked.

"I'll know more when we meet for our next appointment, which will be," I checked my appointment book sitting in front of me, "in 2 weeks."

"Am I to do anything special until then?"

"No. Just go about your daily life.... Continue»
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His first cock

The ad said he wanted to try sucking a cock but he was nervous and wanted someone who he could get comfortable with first. I told him in my reply that I was his man and he wouldn't have to do anything he didn't want to do and could stop at any time.

When he arrived I invited him in and showed him to the sofa in my living room where my 70" television was featuring some hot shemale hypno porn.

We sat and chatted for a bit and I made some comments on the hot shemales sucking cock on the videos. He said he really loved shemales, trannies and cd's and that he'd found himself wanting to suck... Continue»
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Buttons to push to heat this fella up!

Discovering that I liked it when woman dress me up in their clothes was an eye opener. Had two girl friends do me for a costume party in high school. Got me so hot I dribbled pre cum in my panties. They noticed and gossiped. Had sex with two of their pals later in the evening. They lifted my skirt, thoroughly used me, and started me out on my slutty life of fun.

Sometimes I wear a bra, stockings and garter belt when playing. Get's me so hot. Especially like it when a woman helps with my "look". I do as good a shaving job as I can, though I leave my legs and arms hairy so i can wear shor... Continue»
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My Pregnant s****r

My 23 year-old s****r Chrissie was five months pregnant with her first c***d. She had a nice sexy little baby bulge which I just loved to touch and feel. I’ll freely admit that I find pregnant women deeply sexually attractive even if they are my s****r, although I tried not to let her know.

I had no problem with feeling attracted to my s****r. I had been ever since we first played ‘you show me and I’ll show you’ games when I was 12 and she was 13. She’d wanted to know what my penis looked like so I showed her my little cock and she showed me her little pussy with its downy hair.

Late... Continue»
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Goodbye to my Hymen, Hello Cock

I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, lying there, on the cold leather couch, nude from the waist down, I felt violated, as his cold fingertips touched my warm thigh, and ever so slowly made their barely touching way until they stopped on my reason for being there, in this situation.

I heard him say to my mother, who sat on the other side of the curtain, 'Puppy Fat', and as he said it, he was parting my labia and touching my clitoris, pressing it down into its small sheath, which his fingernail had sc****d back, causing initially pain, then a warming deep pleasure, as I started involuntar... Continue»
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A Few Firsts

OK this time in my life was turbulent, as far as sexual relations developed, with here I am at the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, Vietnam Protests, Protests in general, Peace Love Dope, Flower Power, Flower c***dren, Acid Rock, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Timothy Leary, even the dawn of Gay Rights. That plus I had a head start in knowledge. I was torn between what I was taught was proper and paths others led me down. My girlfriend, which I was taught was the normal thing, I thought, where she was quite the deviant. BJs I had received from her, our developing relationship, how things like ... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 8

Pete had pulled a muscle at work and did not play hockey this week. After the game I showered and went to Pete and Katie's house. They were already naked and making out on the couch when I got there. There was a drink waiting for me on the end table. I sat on the chair and watched. Pete sucked Katie's tits and stroked her clit for a while. Then Katie briefly sucked pete's five incher.

I was sitting in the chair, had taken off my shoes and sox and was sipping my drink. Katie looked at me with her sparkly eyes as she sucked Petes dick. Then she smiled and said, “We need to get Greg naked.” ... Continue»
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For Cheri

Cheri and I had only gotten together a few times in the few years that we had known each other. Usually, it was being at different places in our lives at different times and different parts of the country that conspired to keep us apart. The inconsistent nature of our relationship made Cheri's text message on that day even more remarkable. She wrote:

"Would you like to do something very special with me?"

Curious, I naturally replied positively. She had my complete attention. The response, however utterly floored me. Cheri explained that she would be in town for a few days, and that... Continue»
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AfterLife 1

^6am, two hours away from the farm "AfterLife". Josh behind the wheel with a smile on his face. Thoughts of the last few days had him much happier than he had been in 20 years. No more daily wonder of terrorism, daily lock up, or Government control.`His little f****y tighter than ever, closer than ever. Candace was hotter in the ass than ever, fucking continuously and Cindy was a new sexual toy. He heard that patter of bare feet just before Candace rubbed his shoulders saying, "good Morning, Big Boy. Thought I'd wake to get some early morning wood". Before he could reply, she walked away and l... Continue»
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