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Him and his wife

Ok so I met with a guy
When I got to his house his wife was there to
She said I hear you are going to give my husband a blow job
I said that was the plan
So she said ok well I'm playing to dropped her dress then got me naked Told me to stand looking at the wall why she used her tongue on my ass hole she made it so wet
Her husband was stroking his cock
Then she told me to go to her husband and crawl so I did
She followed me over but as I got half way she said stop so I did and she went mmmmmmm! Then I felt her finger push deep into my ass!
She said carry on crawling with my finger i... Continue»
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The Club and The Morning After

As we were leaving for the club I couldn't help but notice how sexy Linda and Kathy were dressed. Kathy was wearing a short black dress that seemed molded to her figure and nearly exposed her ass it was so short. Linda had on a pink, glittery looking dress that was flowing, short but not as short as Kathy's dress. Linda's nipples were visibly hard and both ladies were wearing high heels.

When we arrived at the club the doorman greeted Linda and Kathy like old friends, hugging and kissing both, then nodding to me and Henry. One could hear the music outside, but when the doorman opened the do... Continue»
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Can't wait to do this with my wife (Part 1)

MMF, white guy with same build as me (Body builder) and same dick size as me (8.5"), shaved body hair and shaved junk.

We would all meet at a hotel. Go to a non-crowded bar so we could have a few drinks and be able to talk before heading back to the room. We would all take showers and dry off. I would have you lay on the bed on your back while the other guy and I lay on either side of you and rub your legs and tits. We would then kiss around your chest and each grab a breast and start licking/sucking until your nipples get hard. I would bite your nipple a few times then move up and start ki... Continue»
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Present - An amputee's story

She had realised this morning, looking at the newspaper over breakfast. Suddenly, the date at the top right had become bigger, seemingly at least, and then it came to her. Twenty years ago today, to the day. It made her smile. The gratitude for what had saved her life had long been wry, but now it was like it was. Twenty years was a long time, long enough to have almost lost the memory of how it used to be before. Actually, she was reminded strongest of 'before' in her dreams, very lively even, which she had always found weird. Her dreams somehow refused to adapt, causing a vague sadness whene... Continue»
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Back of the Bus!

Just when you think your going to have a week off on a holiday and no BIG Cock about...haha! Mick said we should take a small break and go to the seaside. He got us 2 tickets to travel down on a bus to the nice coast. We arrived at the station with our cases, mine too heavy and big as usual! How come all those skimmpy clothes and high heels weigh so much? Poor Mick shlep them about, while I can slink around looking elegant, or is that slutty?
I guess the little leopard skin print mini skirt thigh length brown heeled boots and my sheer tan stockings, only just exposing the tops may have had so... Continue»
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Sexy Housewife Affair with Young Boy

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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Hottest 3way Part 3

My final sexcapade with my sexy new friends was unfortunately, not a 3way. A few weeks after our second encounter I was shopping in the grocery store when I ran into wifey. She was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants, running shoes and a very tight v-neck t-shirt that showed off just a touch of her perfect cleavage. After a few moments of small talk she told me that hubby was away for a few night for business, and that I should stop by that night around midnight. I told her if I could get away, I would come over but I felt a bit weird knowing her hubby wouldn't be there. I wondered if he... Continue»
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Underwater Cum drowning: How long you guys think,

How long you guys think, she can hold her breath? Imagine I fuck her while she is fully underwater, not able to breathe. I will not allow her to get her head above the water until I will shoot my cum into her throat! So one last breath for her then we start to test her breathhold skills! First I deepthroat her gullet, I like how she gags and chokes underwater, now and then I thrust my cock so fast and deep into her gullet that a big torrent of water is flushing down her throat too, making her choke and cough under water making her demand to breathe unbearable! She is already short of oxygen, ... Continue»
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Caught in panties

It was Saturday and I needed to go into the city to get some new clothes. As I opened my underwear drawer a flash of pink grabbed my attention from the back. Ah my stash..... You see after my last girlfriend dumped me, she had left some of her underwear behind. At first I was going to throw them away, but for some reason I kept them. She was a size 8 and I knew from trying these things on before when we were together for giggles they would fit me. I rummaged around and pulled out a pair of pink satin panties (you can see a pic in my underwear album). As I looked at them I remembered how good s... Continue»
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The Babe At the Gym - Part II - 'The Carwash&

The Carwash

Layla decided to go to the carwash right away. But not until after a shower. There she gave me every inch of her incredible body and sensuous litheness. Goddam she was a dream of a dream, like she was made just for me. She straddled me with her arms around my neck and feet against the tiled wall. At first I held her ass high andshe took me full in one sliding sleek motion to the hilt. Then she ground her cunt slowly and circularly, then up, then kissed my neck, my shoulders, my lips, then pausing to grind and throw her head back into the sp... Continue»
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In the catacombs

Prue discounted all the darkly whispered rumors of zombies inhabiting the darkest depths of the catacombs as silly fabrications invented to keep thrill seekers from venturing too deep into the catacombs and slipped away from the tour group to do some unauthorized exploring. Of course, that was before something hit the back of her head and she woke up dangling from her wrists in the torch lit depths of the catacombs, her clothing gone and a foul tasting gag filling her mouth.

And yet, despite her surprise, Prue still found the entire situation sexually arousing. Alone in the catacombs naked... Continue»
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Don't trust an online Mistress!!

Sorry for the spelling but I'm just a dumb sissy blond bimbo!

Don't trust an online Mistress!!

As I write this my cock is in a pink chastity cage, but Miss says I'm not to call it a cock now. I have to call my cock, my sissy clitty. I used to have a big ish cock, when hard just over 6 inches long and real thick with a huge vain. Now my clitty is locked up, with the smallest pink chastity cage imported from China. Mistress D shows it to anyone who will look!

When they laugh at me I have tried to tell them that before I was caged my clitty was above average, they just laugh even... Continue»
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Humiliation of Candy

Total Humiliation of Candy

It all started 3 years ago when I decided to go to a party on my own. The idea
was to pick up a girl and maybe if I was lucky to get laid. During the evening,
I was approached by a real nice lady named Janet. I was very attracted to her.
She was about 5'7" and was very slim and was wearing a very short black leather
mini skirt with very high heels. Just the look of her turned me on. We danced to
several numbers and in between had a number of drinks. After a couple of hours,
Janet asked me if I would mind if she bought me a drink for a change. I thought
t... Continue»
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It really wasn’t my fault. My wife had f***ed the situation on us. Despite
knowing that neither of us knew the streets of Chicago, she insisted that
we get a rental car instead of a taxi. So why do I get the blame and have
to feel ashamed?

My wife wasn’t always so mean or domineering. We were, at one time,
close friends and partners. My ideas and her ability brought us together in
a business partnership. We opened a startup computer software company
together. After the initial struggle, we were able to get venture money and
had some modest success. Tha... Continue»
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58 sharing bruno

58 shareing bruno
My wife Kay and I were having a no holds barred session on the living room carpet when our dog `Bruno’ made his appearance and I just had to said to Kay “look at the tongue on him,” at this remark she gave me a slight slap and burst out laughing.
We sat together kissing and cuddling and I thought I would push my luck a little and so I said “what about `Bruno’ giving you a licking,” another slap and another burst of laughter but she never said no!
I started to play with her again a little fingering whilst she sucked me off, I pulled my fingers out and gave them to ... Continue»
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The time had come to expand my experience and desire for cross dressing and I had taken the plunge to meet a man through a Gay contact magazine who had advertised he was looking for a male to join him for 'Stimulating Dressing' and as I had a fixation with hosiery his advert got my attention when he also mentioned that he was into tights and stockings in a big way.
I had up to this point only 'Dressed' at home and had only fantasized of being with other men and doing 'Naughty' things together ...so now I had the chance to try it out for real.
I duly turned up at his flat and was pleasantly ... Continue»
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Interracial Bisexual Cuckold cum lover

**This story is fictional but a hot fantasy**

My wife likes to role-play her favorite game is for me to be a nasty boy and she is the teacher. It usually starts out like this, she will go out on the town and come home about 1 A.M. I know she is out fucking and sucking black men (she loves BBC) but it turns me on to know that she will be home nice and horny and will share her sexual adventures with me.

A typical night will go like this: She will come home and release my cock and balls from my cock cage. I am not permitted to play with my cock, and the only time I can masturbate ... Continue»
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Smallest cock she's ever seen! And a prematu

So I was working the night shift at the hotel (which I normally hate doing!) and in come a couple of very pretty 18 year old girls who had been out in town. One of them went straight upstairs to bed, but the other one decided to stay and chat for a while. I could immediately tell that she was both interested in me and very horny, so when I said I was going outside for a smoke, she asked if she could join me. When we got outside, she made it very clear that she wanted to have some fun and approached me and started to kiss me. After a few minutes, I made my way up her skirt and pulled her lit... Continue»
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Hottest 3way part 1.

I had a day off a few months ago to myself, and I thought I would go for a walk in a popular wooded "pick up" area for guys near my house. I frequent the area anytime I am feeling horny and my wife isn't in the mood or is away for work. I have been bisexual for 20 years now( I am 45 yrs old) and she has no idea. I parked my car in the parking lot and noticed only one SUV in the lot. Not a good sign. It was about 11am on a warm Tuesday, so most guys were at work. I was really hoping to meet a guy that day with a nice hard cock, as I was really craving the taste of cum. I love sucking c... Continue»
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Vacation ing with two friends.

This past summer my wife and I took a couple of days off and headed to Panama city Beach. We got checked in and decided to lay down and relax after the six hour ride. I woke up after about a two hour nap to find out I was alone in the bed. I had a piss hard on and headed to the bathroom. I pushed the door open and there in the tub was my wife and she was relaxing with her eyes closed.I started pissing without first speaking thinking she was asl**p. She spoke to me with opening her eyes. She asked if I felt like going to eat. I said yes I'm hungry , lets hit Harpoon Harry's. She agreed she love... Continue»
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