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Suprise Sex With Girfriends Mother And Father

One night we were watching TV at her house. Her mother
came in and sat down across from us. As they were
engrossed in the movie, I was more interested in looking
up the mother's dress. Her dress was only slightly above
her knees. Her legs were parted and I could her white
panties. She caught me looking, got up, and left the
room. She came back and sat down. She scooted up the
edge of her chair and resumed watching the movie. She
had taken her panties off! I could clearly see her pussy
hair. Her lips were big and ... Continue»
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Fucking real e****ts on camera 3

Its been a damn good summer and it just started. Every summer the e****t level triple and its a fucking mass free for all at the motels. You call a chick u like go to the motel and theres 20 more that look way better walking around. In the halls outside at the pool. Unfortunately I cant get a lot of the extra fine ones because they want video. They be glad to get my money and fuck but no video. One fine ass white chick told me she heard about me and shes not going to be on xhampster lol. I said how you know all that she said because a client told her. I said well you have a good day she said y... Continue»
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Trapped f****y

I am a near to forty white male. Not flabby, I live a simple existence farming a little food and raising a few a****ls on a farm.
I hadn’t done too bad for myself and lived on a large property a fair way out of town.
Working remotely meant I did not have the dramas of the commute to work with the traffic and parking.
I can be out in the country living the country life but the good pay of being high up in a large software company.
I travelled a bit and had a few girlfriends over the years, even though I was a computer nerd loaner who did not get out much except for a couple of trips oversea... Continue»
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I Gave Away A Jade

When I graduated from college I went to work as an architect and was doing pretty well, so Jade and I married the next year. The first year went ok, but the only problem was in the bedroom. I just wasn't able to give my lovely jade the loving that she needed. She said that it didn't matter, but I thought it might.
Then a couple of years after that I came home from work about 6:30 and the house was empty and all dark. I was sitting on the couch drinking a soda when I saw splash of lights on the front windows. I just waited for her to come in and when the door opened I could hear her laughing l... Continue»
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Turned Into A Sissy Boi

It started innocently enough. I was spending another weekend with my girlfriend and we were in bed late one Saturday night. She had just cum and I was rapidly on my way there. I was on top pumping in and out of her. She snaked her hand back and started lightly brushing her fingertips around my butt-hole. I let out one moan, then another, and on the third one, I shot my load inside her. It was one of the best orgasms of my life!
“Oh, you liked when I played around with your backdoor, huh?” she said a moment later with a teasing smile.
“I sure did! It was great!” I responded. Lookin... Continue»
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Gloryhole Cum Facial

I really enjoy exploring ways to get myself more aroused and ways to have more intense orgasms with an incredible amount of cum spewing about. In general, I prefer to be a bottom who services the other man and his stiff cock to orgasm, but, I do not mind returning the favor and sharing my cum with others. I have been lucky enough to suck a few cocks and even swallow a load of sweet cum or two. I have also been able to receive a real cock driving in and out of my tight ass until he burst. I must say that with each experience, I get a little more comfortable and a little bit more adventurous... Continue»
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Adult Bookstore Bisexual

Well, one night I got up and decided to go down to the Adult bookstore. I got out of the car and went inside. I got some tokens and went back into the arcade. It was very busy tonight and I heard some guys talking about a couple who had just gone into a booth. I walked down to the last booth and went inside. I locked the door because I was feeling very nervous. I figured the best way to get over being nervous was to strip naked right there in the booth. I unlocked my door and peeked out and then shut the door again. I was stroking my hard, shaved 7" cock when the first guy walked in. He w... Continue»
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BBC At The Adult Theater

Well I got the urge again. This happens all the time and usually goes away after a few sessions of jerking off to blowjob videos. But this time was different my urges got bigger and bigger and I got hornier and hornier. So I put on a pair of pink panties with light green flowers and headed out to the city. I finally decided to check out the adult movie theater so I could just "look around." Little did I know what I was getting my self into.

Upon arriving, I parked my car and walked past the front door a few times. The outside was nothing special, a building attached to others with b... Continue»
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My Cocksucking Life

It all started when I was ## when my Mom, and myself
moved to San Francisco. This was during the war. Mom
had separated from my Dad and when we moved to San
Francisco we moved in with my grandmother and her son
who had a 2 bedroom apartment. I sl**p with my uncle
and my Mom sl**p with grandma. Mom was out most of the
time looking for work and my grandma went to work at

Every Wednesday my grandma would take me to a place to
eat before she went to work. This one day, after she
left for work, I had to go to the bathroom. So I went
upstairs and went in to the bathroom... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion Part 2

3 A Dairy conversion Part 2
Monday arrived and off to work we both went, neither of us wanted to make the call to the agent saying we couldn’t take the place, it was Thursday tea time before we decided that Ann would do the deed the next day.
They say if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans, our plans came tumbling down that night when my job, that seemed so long term, vanished in a smoke cloud, the main building burning to the ground.
We staff arrived at work the next day to find that other than a week or two`s work, clearing the site of salvage then we would all be re... Continue»
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Our Hot Vacation

A movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorial ones we have shared.
Several years back we made a trip down to the coast for a few days of sun and surf. It was about a five hour drive but we got there a little after noon and spent the better part of the afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sights and warm feeling that the surf can give you. After washing off the sand and getting dressed we went out to dinner and then ended up in the hotel lounge for a few drinks. Mary was in a low necked blouse with a full, but short skirt. It was pretty plain that s... Continue»
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Renaissance fair leads to a hot woman - and her hu

I was at the Renaissance fair. I enjoyed watching the jugglers, the fire eater and was heading over to watch the jousting when I spotted her. She was sitting on the bleachers made of hay bales wearing a skirt and a corset. Her big breasts were pushed up and half of them were exposed above the corset. Her face was beautiful; full lips, shining blue eyes and dark hair. Blue eyes and dark hair always attracts my attention, as do big tits. She caught me staring at her and smiled.

I got a beer and went over to the viewing area and spied her again. This time when she cough me looking at her, sh... Continue»
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Swinger's Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

For well over two decades my wife and I have belonged to an exclusive swinger's club on the Upper East Side. Working on Wall Street during that time had exposed me to some very rich and powerful people. One such gentleman in his early fifties had met my wife and I at a swanky party one night when I was just starting out at the firm at the tender age of twenty-two. I was a handsome young man back then and my wife and former college sweetheart was gorgeous. He took an instant liking to both of us, especially my young wife, and after many drinks suggested that we visit the "club" as he put it the... Continue»
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Jo's pantyhose. Another pantyhose fantasy.

A few days after Jo had caught me wanking in my pantyhose in my office I was at an informal meeting which included Jo. We were sat around the room in twos and threes bouncing around a few ideas, sometimes moving around and asking others what they thought. Jack had just got up and moved over to speak to Bill when Jo sat down in his place opposite me. We sat and discussed business but I couldn't help notice as we talked that she was wearing my favourite tan hose again, especially when she crossed and uncrossed her legs seemingly casually but opening them wide enough for me to see just a hint of ... Continue»
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I am not the author of this story....i just fixed the grammar and spelling mistakes etc!!

My name is Loretta and my husband and I own a large Kennel and boarding establishment in San Fernando Valley. We raise Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhound and Anatolian Shepherds. These are special dogs for guarding and hunting. We have 65 dogs at the moment. We do a little cross breeding for ourselves just to see how they turn out. Six of those 65 are cross breeds. Two are half Great Dane & Anatolian Shepard, two are half Mastiff & Rottweiler and two are half Great Dane & Akita. In add... Continue»
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Online Affair

Let me give a little information about myself. I didn't regard myself as anything special. I was originally terrified of girls but after some time working out in the gym and practising putting myself into uncomfortable situations, I was starting to be noticed by females all over campus. I'm what some people would describe as rugged. I was 5ft 11 with thick ash blonde hair. My eyes were noted to change between steel grey, lush green and a bright blue. Whilst I wasn't 'ripped' I had worked myself into a comfortable shape and, with the help of my broad shoulders and well defined arms, I looked go... Continue»
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Breast Fetish.

So I work with this VERY busty girl at my workplace. I believe she told me once she was a jj cup or something. Anyway We flirt all the time.(I LOVE big breasts) She is blonde and has green eyes. She is a little chubby and cute. Not fat but thick. I guess she is a little bit below a bbw but getting there. Anyway, we flirt a lot and she likes me. So on Friday I finally asked her to go out for a drink at the local bar. We had a couple of drinks and watched the game. Flirted some more like we always did. Throughout our hangout at the bar, she would occasionally put her hand on my thigh and make su... Continue»
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Laying in bed. Watching tv, getting ready to take a shower, I hear a knock on the door.

"What the hell, I live alone" I say to myself and just ignore the knocking.

The knocking stops. So I jump in the shower. I hear a door slam shut and someone running thru my house. It's 9:30pm on a Friday. Paying no attention to this because friends of mine pass thru jus to grab food and shit.

Someone knocks on the bathroom door. "I'm in the shower" I announce. And the knocking stops.

"Hello?" I ask awaiting a reply. Nothing.

The door opens. And a woman climbs in the shower with me. No id... Continue»
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Never Disrespect a Mistress

As I was driving my Mistress home, I knew I was in big trouble. When I have a couple of beers, it naturally removes the protective filters and I’ll let my guard down. The woman who waited on us was absolutely stunning, and I guess I was flirting with her a little bit which Mistress picked up on immediately. I am not allowed to make eye contact with other women let alone stare at a woman’s breast, but the waitress was wearing a provocative outfit which enhanced her shapely figure. When she smiled back at me that was about all Mistress was going to take. About midway through dinner Mistress... Continue»
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My Crossdressing Teen Neighbor

There is a duplex across the street, the kind with an ill arranged addition that sprouts out of the top and basically looks like shit. It's a slum lord house, geared toward your average broke ass people. You'd think I was complaining, but I am actually quite glad such a place is right in plain view.
There is a young couple that lives there, hipster punk types. The dude is nice enough but a little awkward, but the blonde chick is a little flat chested blonde hottie with piercings and pastel highlights and a plus size ass. Needless to say I'd like to breed her good. Someone looks to ha... Continue»
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