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The Fishing Trip

A broken boat motor extended our five day fishing trip into one of idyllic isolation.
I woke up to the sounds of my father having a bad dream, he was huffing and grunting as if he were fighting or working hard; it scared me because I never heard it before. I listened as he moved around on his bed for a few minutes, restless with the dream then he groaned a long sigh and fell silent. I laid awake on my side of the thin wall for a few minutes until I decided his dream was done then slowly the worry ebbed and I drifted back to sl**p.

The next morning as I poured his coffee I a... Continue»
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a night away

I was on secondment to a local authority for 12 months and the team I was working with had a conference someone had to attend providing a promotion stand. For various reasons none of the permanent staff were able to attend as it meant an overnight stay, so Sarah my boss and I were the delegates.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, went to our rooms to clean up and agreed to meet in the bar for a pre-dinner drink.

Showered & changed, at about 5, I wandered down, Sarah arrived only a couple of minutes later.
“I feel better for getting the days grime off” she declared, as she sat down.... Continue»
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House Party

Julia and her b*****r recount events from their past. Brittany adds something different to their existing dynamic.
House Party -

Hi. I'm Julia. Julia isn't my real name.

The story you are about to read is one of mine, from a few years ago. My b*****r thought I should tell it instead of him, but he did help me with some of the details. Bryan thinks I'll do it justice. So, here goes nothing.

It all started one night at a party my b*****r Bryan was hosting at his house. All of our friends were invited and he of course invited me since we shared the place. I put aside my ... Continue»
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A Night To Remember

Teresa and I had only been together for a few weeks, just long enough for us to be confident in our feelings for one another. Even in public, I could barely keep my hands off her, and Teresa delighted in teasing me when I was least able to take advantage of her slim and inviting figure. This became a game between us, and she took every opportunity to drive me crazy with subtle touches and playful innuendos.It was a Saturday night and we were enjoying a nice dinner at one of those brew house restaurants that offered good drinks and loud music along with the meal. While we sat and enjoyed each o... Continue»
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A little fun for the Wife

The night after I played with judy in the office I got home and was relaxing when my wife came in from work. She started undressing to go in to take a shower and I told her what had happened. She looked at me with a little smile on her face and said I thought you told me the office was off limits. I told her it was but when judy asked to see me do it I don't know what came over me but I wanted to let her watch me again. My wife stood there undressing, then looked at me and started to asked if I enjoyed it but stopped when she looked down at my cock and saw I was getting hard again telli... Continue»
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Therapy for Cheri

Therapy, Part 1

It was my medical doctor who suggested that I should speak to a counsellor, or ther****t about my sexual fantasies, and how they had started to overwhelm my life.  At first, I was not particularly interested in talking to anyone about this, but obviously my doctor felt that a counsellor could help me, and that not seeing one could eventually harm me.

I booked an appointment for two weeks ahead, thinking that this would give me some time to get my shit together, and I could call the whole thing off.  It didn't, but I kept the appointment, not knowing what I was getting mys... Continue»
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Friends old Aunt

This is not my story. It was told to me by a male friend and it is a true story. It is written by him so that it is his words and not mine. I wanted to post it because he introduced me to this woman and we had our own experience which I will write about also.
While at a retirement party for a friend I was introduced to an older woman he said was his Aunt. She looked to be maybe in her mid to late seventies with a slim build. She was your typical gray hair older woman and was dressed very eccentrically. She had a wild outfit on. Short heels, a very colorful silk skirt that fell a... Continue»
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Friends old Aunt and me

My friend Tom called Aunt Rita to see if she would be interested in meeting with me for some fun.
I got a call about 2 days later from Rita herself.
She said " hello dear I am Rita the perverted old "lady", and I use that word loosely, that Tom told you about."
I laughed " well from one perverted old lady to another, hello."
Rita said " so you want some of this old pussy do you?"
I laughed again " well I just have to meet you after talking with Tom. He said that you are quite an interesting lady."
"There's that word again" she said " I am no lady honey."
I said " well I can see why To... Continue»
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Cuckold over cum

Ever since I put the cuckold idea in my wife's head she has taken the ball and run with it. At first she would always make me leave the house if she had a guy coming over. I would get a call when I could come home. She would always be waiting for me still in our bed with her pussy oozing the cum from her visitor.

Then after a couple of years she started allowing me to be at home while she had sex. I was always made to stay in the spare bedroom. She had me reverse the lock on the door so she could lock me in. The spare room shares a wall with our room so I could hear everything going on i... Continue»
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Stud Service

It all started on Tuesday 2 months ago, it was like any other Tuesday until I got home a little before 6pm. My wife Lauren told me that Jerome called her earlier that afternoon and he wanted to come over that night. It was a little of a shock to me seeing that we had seen Jerome just the Saturday before at a motel. I asked her if Stacy (my step daughter) was going to be there that evening? Stacy is 19 and graduated from school last year and had gotten back from Europe a couple of months ago, and she sometimes spends the night with one of her friends, and she said that Stacy would be here this ... Continue»
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beat down by a porn star- Sally D Angelo

Beat Down by a porn star Sally D Angelo
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.com
Sexy Cougar teachers her cuckold boy toy a lesson

Inspire by porn star

Rita Daniels walked down the steps of her mansion. She was wearing a swim suit green, very tight showing off her milk tits that were like two ripe melon trapped in fabric. She was in her 50’s and still hot with medium length black hair. She had deep brown eyes and exotic feature. She had her big hat on that was green, with some roses on it. Her body was tanned from basking in the sun. Her eyes were brown and mysterious. Sh... Continue»
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The Agreement. Part One

The gloved hand turned the lever to lock the door.

"remember what I told you in the car."
She reminded me sternly.

"After I lock the door, you will have no chance to back out. No safe word.
I will have complete control over you, for as long as I need. How long I desire. You will cry, you will beg. Fear will flow, for as long as I need it to."

"Any questions?"

"No ma'am" with a quiver

"Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

She had her ravenous hair tied back tightly. The White blouse with the sleeves rolled up. Her right hand; a cropped black leather glove. Her left hand; a... Continue»
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Fourth Visit To The Master (And His Men)

The ritual of preparation on her arrival at The Club was the same as that of the first two nights. Fitted as usual with an eye mask The Master placed Gloria face down on a standard massage table. This time she was not bonded. The Master had decided, given her contribution to The Club activities, a small reward was appropriate. He told her so and she was grateful for his kindness. Again there were two viewing rooms on either side of the table. The Master had an additional sneaky surprise for Gloria. The person organised to give the massage was a bi female client.

The masseuse was a beautifu... Continue»
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A bulls perspective on cuckolding

By edlangston from Lush Stories

I recently had a very informative email exchange with a dominant man named Steve. I was trying to
understand what it is like to be dominant, and what dominant men think of cuckolds who like to eat
cum from their wives’ pussies. Steve asked me to write, with him in first person, about a real
encounter that he had with a cuckold couple.
My name is Steve and I live in Ohio. I am of South Asian decent, and I have always taken a dominant
posture in all aspects of my life. I was raised in a culture where the men are always in charge in
f****y situations, and ... Continue»
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The Chair Shoppe

The Chair Shoppe 1-4

Part 1

Kevin, along with several others young men, stood nervously while guests at the Hotel filtered into lobby where all the Shoppes were.
The first floor housed different Shoppes catering to the special items only found on the Femina Islands.
A PantyPets Shoppe, but unlike the others on Merchants Road, it dealt in very exclusive & expensive panties. Made from silks & other exotic materials from around the world & exclusive only to the Shoppe at the Hotel where rumor hinted of ... Continue»
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My "special" employee

I am recently retired from a profession that has to be one of the best in the world: I was the owner and operator of a 100' charter vessel that worked in Alaska. It was a high end operation that never took more than 12 passengers, there was a crew of 15, and we would spend 7-15 days exploring some of the most beautiful areas in the world. My passengers were typically 50 years and older and wealthy. Occasionally I would get much younger people as well, and they would be m/f couples, m/m, and f/f.

I traveled the waters of Alaska for over 20 years, and had many exciting and satisfying exp... Continue»
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Meeting my new slave part 2..............

Following a pleasant meal at the restaurant Slave P and I walk just around the corner to my friend Pete’s late night sex shop. He hosts a monthly sex night at his premises and tonight my Slave is going to be centre of attraction. She doesn’t know it yet, I have told her we are going to buy some new bondage equipment.

I introduce Slave P to Pete and I can tell from his smile and wink that he knows she is going to be a big hit with his clients this evening. Slave P and I wander around the sex emporium looking at Pete’s enormous range of bondage equipment, my Slave constantly inhaling the sme... Continue»
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Paki slut, pretending to be innocent.

This girl looked like you average innocent and sweet pakistani girl, born and raised in the UK. She goes to work and comes back home (often full of cum), or at least that is what her f****y and husband believe. She dresses modestly, she has to. Her chest is unnaturally big, enormous shapely boobs, that stick out from her petite frame. Her skin caramel brown and blemish free, her face stunning. Shapely lips, full and most of the time coloured bright red, her lips are often placed around a stiff hard cock, large cocks of course, this slut only likes big cocks. She works in office in a small town... Continue»
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Meeting my new slave........

Today I am looking forward to meeting a new slave who is coming all the way from Sydney to visit me, an epic journey which I hope she will find worthwhile. Slave P and I have been chatting on the internet for some time, during which time she has divulged some of her fantasies, so during her stay I hope to help her live out some of her deepest desires.

The door bell rings and my excitement grows, the first meeting with a new slave is always an interesting encounter. I open the door, standing before me is Slave P and the first thing that strikes me is her gorgeous red hair and beaming blue e... Continue»
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Denied Release

She pushed her hand under her school skirt and into her panties, desperately trying to get off before she had to go back to the school party. she hadn't had an orgasm in well over a year, even though she was a virgin, she had a high sex drive, this manifested in an extremely horny temperament, if she didn't orgasm at least once a week, she felt horny all the time.

The constant supervision of her highly religious stepfather stopped any chance she had of that sweet release. she had gotten close, sure but never had she actually had an orgasm since he moved into her and her mother's life.
He... Continue»
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