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A Made Up Story About A Real Fantasy: Part 4

Over the next few days Don and I became better acquainted and learned new things about each others life. We didn't really talk about what had happened. Not even his haircut!

I came to work one day that same week and Alex was there waiting for my to unlock the pool gate. I wasn't late or anything but he seemed to have an attitude. One of the days first duty id to sweep the pool and put out the pool chairs and such.
I asked Alex if he wanted a chair to sit on while I got the pool in shape and to my surprise he said he'd put out the chairs while I sweep the pool. When we were done he dove i... Continue»
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A Made Up Story About A Real Fantasy: Part 3

Part 3

The Awakening

Don and I pull into his driveway and up to the garage. Inside we have a pleasant lunch and he asks me if I'd like the nickel tour. Nice home. Small, cozy and well furnished. Made me wonder how a 'maintenance man' made enough to support all this nice stuff. The Master BR had a wonderful full bath. When we got there he asked me if I'd mind giving him some "moral support" while he trimmed his body hair. (GULP) I said "sure" and looked away while he got out of his clothes and got into the shower. He looked real nice while he soaped up through the glass. "I wished he'd ma... Continue»
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My Boss Didn't Like My Outfits...

My boss and I had gotten into a routine over the last few weeks: I would wear short skirts to work and try to pass the time “working” from my desk outside his office. Really though, I was texting him dirty things and we’d chat back and forth until we couldn’t take it any longer — at which point he’d summon me into his office (“Adrienne, I need you to step in here for a moment for a conference call”) and bend me over his desk. It never took more than a few minutes, we were both so wound up by the time we actually touched each other.

My days were always a blur, everything was so exciting, I... Continue»
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A Made Up Story About A Real Fantasy: Part 2

So here I am, by the pool and relaxing on my first day. Sunglasses and new trunks I feel like I landed a job in heaven. Then I hear a voice, "hey Joe, Joe, I need some help. I have a stubborn bush root ball that needs digging out, can ya help me out a little?" "It'll get hot later and to get it done now will be a good thing". Sure Don, I'll put my sneakers on and be right with you. It takes us about an hour and a half to finish up and it was a dirty job. We head back to the main maintenance building. Once there we put the tools away and grab a cool drink. Sweaty and dirty Don says we can take ... Continue»
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A Made-Up Story About A Real Fantasy: Part 1

In the summer of my 22nd year, on summer break from University, I found a part time job as a maintenance man at a very nice apartment complex here in the city. I was helping the regular full time maintenance man. He was a well tanned man in his mid 30's I'd say. His name was Don. He liked to work with his shirt off most of the time and was well tanned because of it. Mowing grass, trimming shrubs and responding to tenants needs ware the basic job requirements as well as keeping the pool up to snuff daily. The pay was just enough to help me through the summer nicely. I had concerts, beach stays ... Continue»
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taboo (with my s****r) don't say anything!!!!

Me and my s****r have always been very close, in and out of the shower without covering up that kinda thing. We would tease each other about how we looked to each other but deep down I always thought could there be more? Well as you know I'm married and she is also married with k**s. Well one day recently we are at her house, her husband was at work the k**s are in school. Well she was napping on the couch fully dressed of course and barefoot she never wears socks. I sat down real easy and lifted her feet up and lay them back on my lap. I started gently rubbing her feet and playing with her to... Continue»
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First and only male male session

1st Story. True and genuine to my recollection.
Back when I was barely 17(22 yrs ago) I had been down the local with a couple of mates having a good few pints. u******e drinking didn't really apply to our small village in Essex. Anyway,after closing we all went our separate ways after having a spliff on the local bench(as you do),I headed up the dreaded hill towards my estate,when I met my older b*****rs mate(24 yrs)who looked like he'd had a few also. After a little small talk,he asked if I had any weed. As I had enough for 2 more,I offered him enough for 1. He refused as I only had a little... Continue»
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Fun Job Interview Experience

Well, let's say this as an interesting, heated, fun-filled experience..

How often can you say that you went to a job interview and had a hot fuck with your future boss?

The interview, was in the afternoon and I wore a short black skirt, a white blouse with a few buttons undone which I must admit showed quite a bit cleavage. I have quite large, soft, squeezable breasts so why not show them off right?

By the time I attended to my interview, there was no one around and everyone had gone home..
Except for the boss.

We talked for a while in his office, whilst he asked me a few serio... Continue»
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The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters - Par

The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters

Sarah and I had gotten married pretty quickly, we had only been together just over a year before walking down the aisle. But, that was not really a surprise as our sex-life from the beginning was adventurous and fully open, why wouldn’t we want to decide to get married. We had done almost everything together in and out of bed, together and with others, toys, bondage, role-play, W/S. Sarah also being bisexual not only accepted my bisexual desires but encouraging them, also she had no problem with my passion for wearing lingerie.....in fact at our weddi... Continue»
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Milk, Edge and Ruin me! Non-stop! (Work in progres

I've been dreaming of the idea of a switch relationship, me and her switching between the roles of slave and dom. The following story will elaborate about me in the slave role, relentlessly being milked, edged an ruined for both her and my pleasure.

Milk, Edge and Ruin me! Non-stop!

On a Friday evening I picture myself coming home to a tall redhead woman wearing holdups with suspenders around her curvy legs, her small feet covered in nylon only shown by her peep toe heels. A black dress that can barely fit her chubby body, as her nipples almost show because of the cleavage... Continue»
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The night my ex surprised me

Well im gonna invite you out to the bar. You are gonna turn me down again so i get all bumbed out. So i end up at tbe bar getting d***k. Next thing you know. This sexy ass ladie puts her arms around me and kisses me on the cheek. I said hold on girl i have a girl friend and. Im loyal. You whispered in my ear . i know. I slowly turned around and smiled once i seen you. And as soon as i turned around. You jumped in my arms. We started kissing. And then you hugged me so tight. I looked you up and down. And started drooling a lil bit. Lol when i seen you were wearing a skirt high heels and a sexy ... Continue»
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A Work Party

This story is originally posted by me as an original work, on another Erotica site, and as then, I still claim copyright. Enjoy!

"I'll be ready when you get here!" I reassured my husband as he called from his cell phone. Tonight was a dinner party at his boss's house, in honor of that man's boss. My husband was invited as the top sales manager of the company, and had just closed a deal worth over half of a ... Continue»
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My Mistress

Heather looks so hot pulling on her black stockings and getting ready to have me. I hope it doesn't hurt too much, but I do get hot when I feel the pain, especially knowing that doing it to me makes her horny. I think I can already see her pussy lips glistening with her wetness as she thinks about what's to come. I know she'll do me good now.

She turns around, but says nothing. Glaring at me, she slowly walks over to where I'm sitting. "What are doing sitting there? I told you to get on the floor!" she commands. She grabs me and throws me down, and I hit the floor hard. "Don't ever get up ... Continue»
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All her idea...

But in retrospect she must have known that it was an idea that we all might get into.

Afterwards I must admit I think we all enjoyed it very much.

A guy that we have had threesomes with in the past phoned to say he was looking to come for a visit.
She was on the phone with him making the arrangements when I first heard her mention it.
Her request was once we all got situated in the hotel room we’d meet at, she wanted him and I to begin our encounter with him and I sixty-nining.
She would then go back and forth between us joining and helping as she saw fit.
When she hung up t... Continue»
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My Friends House Part 4

I could see that she started moving. I tried to hide by the foot end of the bed. It got quiet again. I’d better try to get out now. I came to my senses and it was enough now. I tried to take my clothes off that I had borrowed from his mom. I took off the jacket, and was just about to take the wig off, when I heard her moving in the bed again. Now she was facing towards me, but I thought she was still asl**p. I was standing in his mom’s white pantyhose, in heels, bra, and her wig. My cock started to move again.

‘No!! Not now!’

I pulled my cock out and started playing with myself in front ... Continue»
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Mark fucks his s****r-in-law next to his wife

Mark is sat at his computer looking at porn and wanking himself off before his wife gets home.

Tina has sent him an email thanking him for yesterday and telling him that she can't wait until he visits her again today and fills her cunt with his cock and semen.

The email finishes with 'See you at 7pm ... but here's a little something in case you can't wait either ...' A video clip is attached.

And that clip, is what Mark is wanking himself off to. His face is getting sweaty and his hand is sliding up and down his erect cock at a quick speed.

He doesn't have time to take it slow. Le... Continue»
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Be a Man, Submit

This is for all of you macho he-men out there who are living a lie. You know who you are; god knows I was one also. You bluster about doing your so-called manly things when deep down what you'd prefer would be worshiping your wife. You know who you are but you're afraid to admit it.

Does it make you hard to think about being on your knees painting your wife's toenails while she enjoys a glass of chardonnay as she looks through Cosmo. Come on you know it does, you just don't want to lose all that control you have in the household. There's your first problem, you only think you're in control ... Continue»
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A primer for Bi Married guys thinking about gettin

So, since you clicked here, it's entirely likely you're one of the many married guys on Lit who are on the horns of a dilemma: You're straight, but you're really curious about the idea of sucking a big hard cock.

Maybe you get turned on by the "pals go camping and get sweaty in the tent" stories. Perhaps the steamy tales about manly blowjobs in the health club showers get you off. Maybe you spank your monkey while thinking about being f***ed to suck some hulking dude's veiny tool in a dark back alley. Whatever floats your boat, you've become a little bit fixated with the idea of having sex ... Continue»
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Bondage Research

Since I have all this time on my hands, I have begun a research paper. I am testing self-bondage versus cooperative bondage. The research will be a useful insight into what type of restraint and masturbation incurs the most intense orgasm.

I have tried the different clips available to my nipples. I find the clover clamps to my liking the most. The pressure applied is consistent and they do stay firmly attached if you are doing other things at the same time. I found the most enjoyable stimulation was to keep the chain taut in an upward position, for me to accomplish this myself. I went to th... Continue»
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Anatomy of a Hand Job

I actually got the idea for this piece after having seen several porn videos depicting women giving men 'hand-jobs'. It dawned on me when watching them, that there was very little going on except for the old 'up and down' stroke technique. And I couldn't help but wonder, "Where the hell's all the creativity and fun in that?"

Maybe I'm not speaking for ALL guys here, but I have to think there's more than a few here who will agree with me. Sure...'arriving' is nice, but getting there is half the fun.

So, I decided to spend a few moments from a personal perspective in hopes that those who a... Continue»
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