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Patricia the pornoholic

This is a story about little Patricia. She is a petite, easygoing but a little shy girl, with nice tits. Big some would cal them, but they only look bigger because she is so tiny... She is a brunette, with beautiful blue eyes and a timid way. It makes her seem and look very innocent, but she isn't...

First of all. She disagrees strongly with those that say porn has no educational value. She is an eager porn-addict who sneaked peeks of porn since before puberty. And growing up she searched everywhere for porn. It's amazing how much porn you can find if you look for it. In pubic restrooms at ... Continue»
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Mommy's Little Leg Humper

he had done all of his chores for the day and was waiting on his knees for his Mommy to come home. She had been his Mistress for almost a year now and he was eager to continue to please Her.
All of the dishes had been done, floors swept and vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, and he had poured Her a glass of wine, her favorite.
he heard her car pull up the driveway, her heels click in the walkway, the door opening to his beautiful Goddess. She was dressed in knee high black leather boots,black nylons under them, a tight skirt and white blouse. he was on his knees wearing only the panties She allowe... Continue»
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grinding on her panties

We watched movies together all the time snuggled together on the bed. It was totally innocent up to this point, after all, her mom would destroy me if she found out.
She would get ready for bed, in her long nightshirt, and I usually had nothing but boxers on. We spooned under the blanket and watched 1 or 2 movies, until she got up and went to bed. This time as she kept snuggling, her nightie rode up pretty high and my dick fell out. I didn't realize at first, but my dick was rubbing right up against her silky little panties. As I got harder, she kept rolling her ass up and down against me. I... Continue»
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Always owned by MD part 3

Always owned by MD part 3

In the days after MD visit I couldn't keep my mind on anything. I couldn't hold my concentration at work or home for more than 15 minutes. My mind floated back to the cold evening and her complete control over me. The degradation, the control or lack there of, the complete surrender I experienced.

I checked my phone at least once every ten minutes, just in case she txt. Just in case she thought I was worth it, just in case she would give me a second thought. I knew my wife began to notice. The phone once in on the table as soon as I got home now in my hand, c... Continue»
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Gender bent – The ultimatum

Gender bent – The ultimatum

I Stared at my phones screen as I watched a video on me getting fucked not even 24 hours ago. I was angry. How could they do this? Why? I needed answers and fast. What if someone would recognize me? I would be ruined. I paused the video and look at who posted it. The user was called “The Feminizer” and private account meant I couldn’t even look at his pictures or his bio. All I could do is leave a message which I did. “Dave. Dude what the hell. This is Nick the one getting fucked by you. PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF NOW” And pressed the button to send. I then reported t... Continue»
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Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

“Welcome everyone, Thank you for coming out. I know you see a ton of new faces and a bunch of old ones but this is a fun party were we come to enjoy ourselves” The man said. He was a heavy set guy. Naked as per the rules for all men that attended that party, which was a few. “Ok now the rules. New sluts and drink girls are off limits unless they give you the green light, other than that if they are fucking they are open for play.” He chuckled out. “But first let me introduce some of the new girls.” He started calling out girls by their names, stating how ... Continue»
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Gender bent - Somebody's Bitch

Gender bent – somebody’s bitch

I woke up to the humming from Kandi as I popped open one eye and canvased the room. I let out a load “Ughhh” and turned over. I noticed my butt hurt while Kandi came over to me wearing a lace bra and panties and smiled “Looks like the sluts awake” she then giggled as her cock was out just standing in the wind. “What happened last night?” as I removed the bobby pins that kept my wig in place. “Well we got really, really, and I mean Really wild last night with me and Dave.” Suddenly it hit me. Memories flood my head of the steamy night we had. I remember waking ... Continue»
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A better Cuckold Contract

Cuckold Contract

This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their cuckold marriage:

Hotwife _________________ & Cuckold ____________________

agree to comply with the following agreement.

This agreement creates a 3 month trial period whereby the hotwife will become a black only cock slut, and the husband will become a chastity cuckold. This means that the hotwife will not have sexual relations with little white dick (her husband) and is obligated to worship and satisfy big black cocks only. Furthermore, the cuckold is to remain in... Continue»
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Fucked in Hanoi

A story of sexual pleasure.
After their usual Tet f****y holiday, Andrew took the k**s off for a few days of beach holiday, leaving Thuy to linger in Hanoi “sans enfants” to catch up with her friends. In a few days they all met up again in Saigon for the long flight back home. Since moving to Australia a few years ago Thuy had wanted to spend a bit more time in her home town and spend time with friend without worrying about how long or what she was doing.

Mai rang and asked if Thuy would like to meet for a coffee and maybe some shopping later. They had ... Continue»
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Fucking a submissive MILF with her husband.

It’s about 12:45 on Friday. We had emailed back and forth since monday discussing details of this encounter. I responded to a craigslist ad posted by a husband and wife looking for a random hung young guy to fuck the wife with the hubby. I sent them a couple pictures of my body and my dick, and they replied telling me that they’d send me an address and a time to meet on Friday by Thursday night. They wanted to keep it anonymous so no face pics were ever exchanged. Sure enough the husband emailed me on thursday night with the address of the hotel that they would be staying in. He said to email ... Continue»
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Dr S gets blackmailed ch1

FW: Doctor S gets blackmailed
Kev Greenfield
jestair bing <jestair@live.co.uk>;Sat 21/11/2015 02:14

I am Dr S, I am a doctor, working in a hospital in India.
I come from a well to do f****y, where I had everything I could ever want, with regards to my upbringing.
Working hard at school, going on to qualify as a doctor.
Im an attractive 26year old woman. I am 5'5" tall, 110lbs, slim, with long black hair half way down my back.
I an athletic figure, with firm 32b breasts, and a cute ass.
I have been working hard in my hospital. I am a respected high ranking doctor.
With... Continue»
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First Meet

RE: First meet.

Finally the evening had come around, dragging on for two long weeks, I had been chatting to a couple online, for the last few months, for the story, lets name them Lesley and Darren.
We were chatting about Fantasies and likes, when Darren told me of their favorite pastime of playing cuckold games.

Not too sure about the full extent of the roles, but Darren quickly explained the terminology and what it entailed, with the order of how things happen, and why, which was interesting, and hot.

I got to chat to Lesley as time and confidence built, and as time ... Continue»
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Cuckold's Chat with a bull!

Are you the husband of Lene? I have seen your wife for many years if you are and have wanted to visit your country in particular to have her for a week or so.

Yes, I am!

An amazing woman whom I would love to pleasure on your behalf

Sounds good! You should do!

Yes, when I get over there I will most definitely have you two visit me for a weekend or week of fun and debauchery.

For you and my wife it will be horny fucking, for me a horny disgrace.

You might enjoy cleaning her used holes or entertaining us by fucking a bottle.

I will love to entertai... Continue»
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Caught Out Part 1

As I sit here day by day I watched the world go by. Social media makes and breaks relationships. Partners phones tablets laptops old all kinds of secrets. I've never been one to pry or read personal messages of a phone. But for some reason curiosity got the better of me.
My partner Mrs B woke up like every morning. Big Bed hair , curvaceous body, lovely legs bit of a belly and a pretty face. As she got up kissed my head and headed to the bathroom.Her phone buzzed. Message from whoever. She came in the bedroom pick up her phone. She gave out a silly little giggle and a long good sounding ummm... Continue»
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Summer in USA 5th part (Public Sex 10th part)

Vacation in USA was really nice. I spent almost 45 days enjoying in beautiful nature and nice company of my host - Mr. Bailey. After camping experience (http://xhamster.com/user/hotsandra94/posts/459200.html) I was traveling with Mr. Bailey all over USA. Still it was time to go back home, so I came home in August.

Tourist season in Croatia was at the peak and again I got plenty of offers over net. Soon I get in touch with interesting and kinky man. He was in early 30s, fit and full of energy and hot ideas. After two weeks of regular hot fun over net he proposed to me quite exciting idea. Of... Continue»
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Aunt helped in Defloration...

How Aunt helped Popping my Cherry........

She held me in her arms and kissed me delicately. She e****ted us to the Stage at the center of the hall. Neena was holding my hand while Aunty was kissing me on my mouth . Aunty was young and beautiful and had large boobs. While she held me, our boobs were crushing against each other...I could feel her tongue was trying to f***e it's entry in my mouth. Her tongue felt nice playing with my tongue.....
The invited guests sitting all around, were clapping. She slowly lowered me on the thick mattress o... Continue»
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Calebs Education


He was straight! Jesus, he was straight and had never done anything queer
in his whole 21 years. He was as stud, known around campus as a big man,
jock, girl fucker. And he had fucked lots and lots of girls. They loved his
big fat, leaky dick. They texted each other about his fuckmeat, and he'd
seen some of them. He was good looking too. With his short buzz hair cut
and his slender but muscular smooth young body, he looked a bit like Joseph
Gordon-Levit. He'd fucked his first girl when he was fifteen and not
stopped since. And he was a nice guy. A really friendly, popu... Continue»
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Always owned by MD part 2

Continued from Part 1...................

I waited, logged in to gmail chat. I waited for MD to log in, that little icon to go green. She had instructed me to be online at 9pm. It was now 915 and I began to grow anxious as my cock strained against my panties. The panties were black with a floral pattern on both the back and front which was lacy and see through in parts.I got a fright when my phone vibrated, it was MD, the txt read, are you on gmail chat? Yes, I replied. And how are you dressed? the next txt said. I'm wearing only stockings and panties Mistress, I explained. Good, is your fro... Continue»
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Monday Blues

As dawn broke I got out of my car in the car park, thinking of nothing in particular. As I walked to the underground elevator, I quickly look back at my joy and lock the doors with the familiar beep and flash of lights. Pulled my over coat closed as a breeze of bisque morning coolness blew through the car park. Arriving at the elevator, the quiet air of silence that only early morning offers. Still waiting...finally the audible bell as the doors open, still moving in a robotic manner as every other day nothing new nothing special just Monday blues. Positioned towards the back of the elev... Continue»
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My introduction and first "real" meet

Well to start off, I’m 6’, good looking, masculine and athletic, 40yoa. I’m very much opened minded and I use to dress some few years ago. I got married and it pretty much had to stay a secret. When I did dress, I dressed fully and was quite passable. It was a shame I had to get rid of all the sexy lingerie, heels, stockings, make-up and wigs. Yeah I threw a lot of stuff away knowing if I got caught it was over but now I don’t have that worry anymore. Thank goodness that relationship ended, but it was for the good. I met a few cross dressers, before the marriage, from the Colorado Springs and ... Continue»
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