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Chastity cock cage play for an average couple

I sit writing this story with my cock locked in a cage and my wife out for the evening with the key on her keychain. I thought I would write down a few things about why, how, and what not from my perspective. The first thing is that I have no intention of wearing a chastity device to follow anyone elses path or reasons, I enjoy reading why others have taken the leap and how it affects their daily lives though. Mainly for me there is a difference between stories of a dominant woman and a male in chastity that I would masturbate to that are very different than the reasons I would put one on m... Continue»
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The pungent flower [Complete]


Bashir leads a uneventful solitary life that is changed when he gets a new subordinate. The subordinate himself is painfully dull and annoyingly dimwitted. But things get interesting when responsibility of a distant relative of his (a widow) is thrust upon his sorry soul. Bashir uses this opportunity to take advantage of their vulnerable situation and surprisingly the widow is equally keen on being taken advantage of. Their chemistry evolves as they discover their kinky nature.


“Thinking I was asl**p, she bent forward and tried to smell my penis. Her eyes cl... Continue»
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A Couch Trip

So I'm awake and alone. I find myself thinking of you as I so often do. And, as so often happens as you creep into my thoughts, I find that before long my mind has slipped away, become lost and out of reach and my cock is rock hard in my pants. I know too, if I don't cum before long my balls with be so full they'll be throbbing. Aching so much it'll be uncomfortable. My hand slides into my crotch and starts to stroke. I'm as hard as a stone yet warm and my own touch makes me gently moan your name. I picture you here on the couch next to me your legs apart and your cleavage heaving. I know how... Continue»
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The Halloween Party

Gina Matthews was a pretty ordinary girl with a pretty ordinary life. She was eighteen years old, a freshmen at Westhaven University, and a server at a fast food restaurant that wasn't well known or very successful.

However, her ordinary life would completely change when she was invited to a party by a cute guy named Josh Kelman.

Gina was walking through a campus hallway one evening when Josh approached her. He held out a black and orange card to her.

"Hey, Gina, I'm having a Halloween Party this Friday," he said. "Think you can make it?"

"I don't know, Josh," she replied. "I'm rea... Continue»
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The Mayflies.

this is a big story folks a slow starter, so dont expect sex on every line to start!

The Mayflies.
The tea trolley rattled loudly, the ward assistant clattering and banging the cups, indifferent to the feelings of the patients, slopping tea into cups she knew she would have to collect and wash later.
Jane lay uncaring, no longer did the daily drear interest her she knew at last what she had, the diagnosis had been given this afternoon it had been swift and hard to take, the bl**d tests and so on had confirmed it all, a couple of months of life followed by a lingering degenera... Continue»
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The Rise Of the Star (Chloe Grace Moretz) Ep:2

>> The Following is the work of fiction. Non of it is related to actual life events of anyone mentioned in the context. Do Not copy or reproduce the following. This is from the personal collection of cleanslate, the author of the following context. <<

Episode 2: Invitation To Treat

October came; with it came the largest fan following for the dame, Chloe Grace Moretz. The fan following was saturated in all over the globe anywhere you name it. Everything seemed to be working well around Chloe. An untouchable actress whose fame was undoubtedly sovereign n... Continue»
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Coquilles à la me

Continuation of "Espresso for two": http://xhamster.com/user/SingularityNL/posts/457430.html


"Good evening, mister nice dev," Aidna smiled.
"Miss gorgeous amputee," I smiled back. "Welcome, and do come in."
I let her go first and watched her graceful one-legged steps. She was wearing a black stretch-legging, tailor-made to seamlessly fit around her sexy stump as usual. And while I enjoyed her no doubt thought-out choice of dress, I was also smiling from the way we'd welcomed each other. It had become a naughty little tradition to do it this way, one we both found fun. Yet... Continue»
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Sir's Angel The Weekend Part 2

She watches the show as it switches angles from side-view, to her facial expressions, rear view where she sees just how much she had in her ass, then top view from overhead. It scares her how turned on she is getting watching her own body being abused. It was planned to be a all weekend event, and now she wonders if she can get out of it. Her ass still burns and knows she cant take anymore there. Knowing there is no escaping the bed and still wondering why she is drenched again. She lays there and wonders if the pain is over and if he will get gentle loving on her pussy. She know better. He li... Continue»
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Sir's Angel, The Weekend. Part 3

He lifts her up to go back inside. Leading her into another room she sees a dress hanging up. Its a simple flowered sun dress, a little more than she thought he would have her wear. There are two boxes sitting on a table. He tells her get dressed, and pick a box, but not to open it until she comes out of the room. He leaves, but quickly returns with her purse. He tells her "you have 10 minutes, I know your make up is in here, we are going to breakfast". She pulls on the dress and hurries to look at the mirror. She chooses to wear just a bit of make up, knowing he does not want her painted up w... Continue»
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A Special Labor (Part 1)

Tanya had always wanted a baby. And now she was getting her lifelong wish. Nine months pregnant, and ready to burst with new life. Her doctor, Dr. Franstein, was a nice man. Always ready with advice and the latest medical updates. He seemed to know everything there was to know about pregnancy, how a woman's body worked, all the ins and outs.

His intimate pelvic exams during her pregnancy had been conducted with the utmost care and thoroughness. On one occasion, maybe just her imagination, she thought she felt him brush against her clit with the speculum he used to look inside her. Probably ... Continue»
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Mother in law...

I don' t know if this things happening only to me or everybody here have these experiences.

I have to tell you first that i have a young mother in law. She is 50 years old, blonde with big boobs and in very good shape. Although had never looked at her with the erotic way, i have a very bad habit. I love panties and i don' t mind who was wearing them...

Before few days my wife told me to go to her parents home and take some things for our home. She gave me the keys because at this time both of her parents were at work.

I went at my parents in law home and as i was taking what i was to... Continue»
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Shy wife blindfolded and shared

This is a true story of how a husband can share his wife without her knowing and you'll have to decide if I've broken her trust or I'm leading her and myself to a better life.

We're Dave and Michele and we are both 34 and live in the UK, we've been married for just over 14 years now and my wife came from a strict catholic f****y. We didn't have sex before we married so I had to be content with the odd fumble and heavy petting with my wife-to-be calling a halt to it when I got carried away.

We were both 20 when we got married and sex was a totally new experience for my young wife as ... Continue»
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A Secret Surprise

A Secret Surprise
My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. Our sex life had become rather mundane and static. She and I would make out a bit, I would play with her clit until she was wet and then we would fuck, usually missionary. We don’t use condoms or other birth control because we’ve had k**s and are getting older.
I have suggested things to liven up our love making like watching some porn or maybe a toy but she never seemed interested. In retrospect what I did, I did out of frustration and resentment more than passion. However, the results were astounding.
I was bored one... Continue»
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Summer Caribbean trip

Last summer my wife and I decided to take a week
vacation to a small Caribbean Island. We were taking
her younger s****r as a High school graduation gift.
As background, I am a 28-year-old Stock Broker, my
wife is a gorgeous 24-year-old Marketing researcher,
and her 17-year-old s****r was getting ready to go
to a small Eastern College.

Both my wife, Ann and her s****r Dawn are blondes
with great athletic bodies. They are very close
despite the age difference, and I honestly had never
looked at Dawn as anything more than a k** s****r

Anyway from Florida we to... Continue»
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Wife's fantasy of limited sex play gets out o

My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite
fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by
a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a
fantasy as she wouldn't want to have intercourse with
anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

'Maybe you would like to act out something along those

'If it was acting it wouldn't work,' she replied.

I went on to suggest. 'Why not have a real scenario
where you would be really f***ed but it would be
prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking
your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.'
... Continue»
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Husbands revenge part1

I'll warn you right off that this is not an exciting
story. Instead I offer you a real story and hope that
in some way, that fact will make it a better story than
one I invented.

The first thing most of you will say is that I did it
to myself. Here I was, a guy with very little (almost
no) sexual experience marrying a woman with, shall we
say, a history. I thought that life would be sex, sex,
sex... but of course it wasn't.

After a few years, my mother gave up asking when she
would get grandc***dren and sex became a monthly
occurrence like paying the mortgage or washi... Continue»
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Husbands revenge part2

After reading my last confession, you may think I would
take advantage of my wife whenever she decided to
combine her pills and vodka. The thrill of taking
advantage of the situation lay in what I could make her
do to another man – a man she would never be with
otherwise. You may it's fucked up, but I guess after
the first time I realized how great the power felt in
whoring out my wife (for free no less).

The second time I took advantage of her, Sharon had had
a bad day at work so the vodka came out soon after
dinner. I tried to find out what was wrong but this
only serv... Continue»
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Wife Knowingly or Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

I had been thinking about getting my wife to have sex with a stranger for a while. It added a lot of heat to our sex life together, and to our fantasy life as well. I would get to her to imagine me as a stranger while we were making love, she would get so turned on by this that I knew she needed to be fucked by a stranger one way or another. She told me that she never wanted another man, but I knew that deep down she did.

It took months of waiting for the right moment, until one night when we stayed in town for the night. We went to a nightclub for a few drinks, It was packed and we staye... Continue»
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Helped by he black farm labourer

I was walking by the stables as a young girl and saw a
big stud reared up on the back of a mare. He had just
gotten on her as I approached the run around area. I
stopped to watch them mating. Then I saw his huge horse
cock as it slid from his sheath. It was so long and
very big in diameter.

I was amazed at the shear size of his big cock. It was
wet and red with the head dripping its precum. I stood
there and watched as he jammed that cock into the
waiting mare’s pussy. I saw him as his haunches drove
that monster to her, sliding it deep in one quick move.

My hands we... Continue»
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Rent due

I was desperate. It was the fourth time in the past six months I was late with rent. When I told my landlord he just looked at me. He told me he would give me one more week to come up with the money if I sucked his cock. I quickly refused and he just laughed. “Fine”, he said. “Rent in full by this evening or the eviction notice will be on your door in the morning.”
I gave in immediately, really had no choice. I started to get on my knees and he laughed again. “Oh no, Princess” he chuckled, “I want you all dressed up and pretty.” I blushed. When he had come to do some repairs a few weeks earli... Continue»
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