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Moonlight at the Pool

On one of our summer trips back to Rascal’s parent’s house, she provided me with one of the most erotic and sensual experiences that begged to be recorded for the art that it was. Unfortunately, I did not have a camcorder, but images are still fresh in my mind as if it just occurred even though it happened over 15 years ago.

So let me start the story. The day was a hot August day in the south. The air was so thick with moisture that we spent most of our time indoors during the day. Of course we did not have much choice as relatives stopped by for visits from breakfast to late afternoo... Continue»
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Mrs. Bantam

We have a daughter who is in public school and usually my wife goes to the meet the teacher nights as I usually stay home with our daughter while she is out. But this year Leela was working at the hospital and I had to leave her with a sitter and go to the interview myself.
I waited in the hallway patiently as the parents came and went. Finally it was my turn to go in and see the woman my daughter described as Ms. Little. Finally my turn came and I walked into the classroom where Mrs. Bantam (her real name). It was not obvious right away until she stood up to walk over and shake my hand. I w... Continue»
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k**s Like Dogs and Other Things by Wendi Darling

My niece, Courtney, and her b*****r, Donny, were coming to
visit me for a couple of days before last Christmas while on their school
break. Court was 12, and Donny would turn 10 a couple of days before
Christmas. Their mother, my s****r-in-law, Melanie, drove them down to a
truck stop about halfway between our houses, where I had picked up the k**s
on previous visits. Melanie had to hurry back home, so she just turned
them over to me after they went to the bathroom.

"Here," she said, thrusting a $20 bill into my hand. "Feed 'em, and
then do whatever you want with th... Continue»
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Diapered Humiliation, Diapered Mistress

Here I am standing in front of this hotel room door shaking from side to side and a little spurt of piss has just escaped my dick. I am so embarrassed yet so turned on by the fact that a woman has me standing here doing this and because I'm such a sub for her I'm actually obeying.
Ayren had told me on the phone earlier that even though we weren't meeting up until later that I was under her complete control as of that moment so of course that meant bathroom privileges as well and she was thorough. After telling me to drink a gallon of water all within two hours of us meeting and watching me d... Continue»
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Bi Experience

I was faced, for only the second time I my life, with this situation. A young man in his 30's asked me out. That's not the situation. After we went out to dinner we went back to his place and there was another young man there about the same age. I was a little worried but was perfectly willing to be shared if that is what they wanted. Well it was a little more than that. They informed me that they did in fact want to share me but also that they were bisexual and wanted to know if I was alright with them doing their thing also. I of course was fine with that and actually was looking for somethi... Continue»
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first time with her

I'm gonna tell y'all about my favorite fetish and why I enjoy it so much. It all started when I was about 21. I could buy alcohol and my younger cousins couldn't yet. I've got some sexy ass female cousins but I hadn't once looked at them in a sexual way. That was soon to disappear. One night I had a little party at my old apartment. I invited a couple of friends and a few of my cousins showed up too. After a while people started leaving until the only ones remaining was me and my just barely old enough to fuck cousin. She was wearing a bikini top that didn't cover up much as well as a jean ski... Continue»
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Food & Oral Pleasures

Colleen. Fair skinned and red haired. Long dark hair cut short, but still think and a handful. Her eyes were deep and rich, hiding a secret behind them. Her body? Oh, she had curves. Held in a way that was both and sexy, a body that you could enjoy and explore, a body that just oozed sensuality for me.

I met her through a posting one of us had put up. I'm not sure who answered whom at this point, but it was enough that we found such similarity between us. Both in our likes and dislikes, as well as our attitudes and level of open mindedness, as well as our mutual desire for a power exchange... Continue»
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Babysitting Karen -by TheCamel

My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the
wife's b*****r. Things were pretty normal until they went
to the dogs!


Melissa, my wife and I have been married 15 years and we
have an incredible sex life and sex drive. We have tried
everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay
with us for a weekend.

Melissa's b*****r and wife had to go away for some
business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen is
14 and very cute, but very tomboyish, the type that wears
jeans and loose fitting shirts all the time and likes to
play rough. She arrive... Continue»
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Shoot it on her Prego Tummy

I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake potato. I tossed them on the hot side of the grill.

I was sipping my beer, minding my own business. I could see the smoke coming from under the hood of the grill. My apartment building runs... Continue»
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Becky And The Mirror

Becky stepped out of the shower and in two steps came into my field of view. Her brown hair so wet and bare shoulder so white. She stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror for just a few seconds and then wrapped a towel around her wet head. This gave me a wonderful view of her tits. She was 36DD and they were firm, hard would be a better description. Her tits just stood straight out from her chest and never even jiggled as she dried her hair with the towel. This only lasted a minute and then she stepped out of view towards the bathroom door. I could hear the door open as she quickly st... Continue»
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Sex and Health

Sex is good for your health, then the obvious next question would be, how should you arrange your sex life so as to maximize the health benefits? Is a series of one-night stands as salubrious as a long-term coupling? Could a few bouts of masturbation be as nourishing and wholesome as a single night of conventional intercourse?

Not that masturbation is so bad. A 1988 study found that genital self-stimulation increases pain thresholds and produces an analgesic effect in women, and a 2003 study linked masturbation to a reduction in prostate-cancer risk, which the researchers attributed to ej... Continue»
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Asked to Flash (Cont 3)

The following morning I woke up and looked over and the wife was sound sl**p snoring away. I got up and went to the bathroom and after I came out I looked in on cindy and she must not have moved all night long, she was laying on her back with her legs still spread wide open. I stood there looking at her a minute and smiled then took off and went into the kitchen and started making coffee. When it was done I was sitting there having a cup and heard someone in the bathroom. A few minutes later cindy came stumbling into the kitchen and said that smells good. I told her to have a seat and got... Continue»
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My Clothes Collecting

From a young age I have been addicted to wearing womans any womans sexy lingerie to masterbate. Other than wearing my step moms things I did what ever I needed to do for things to wear. Since we lived in an area of Las Vegas that was 70% apartments I built my collection of things by searching each and every laundry room that each building had which contained a washer and dryer for the smaller buildings and at the larger apartment complexes they had large rooms with between 6 an 20 of each. I would spend hours when I was horny going around checking them for ladies doing laundry. I would take br... Continue»
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You Call It Morning Wood, I Call It Breakfast In B

Something different turns every girl on.

Some girls wet themselves at the sight of a large throbbing cock or big, low hanging balls. For me, it's nothing more than the warm gooey essence of cum. There is nothing I enjoy more than to see my man pleasurably drop several thick, white loads all over me.

Before T, I had never had a guy who could shoot more than 3 spurts of cum. So naturally, I was shocked years ago when after giving head to him he unloaded 13 thick loads all over my face. The smell, the taste, and the feel of it on me. I enjoy it.


The first alarm went off.

That ... Continue»
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Being home for a longer stretch than usual, I was supposed to be watching a neighbor’s house while they were on vacation. About three days after they left, I noticed some activity next door.

I grabbed the key and walked over, pausing to listen at the door. I didn’t hear anything unusual, but I quietly let myself in. I could hear music playing softly in one of the bedrooms and saw the door was slightly ajar.

A slim blonde wearing a fishnet halter dress with attached stockings was dancing in front of the mirror. She had a very tight body and I was enjoying the view as she swayed seductivel... Continue»
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Bad Girl

(another original flight of fantasy by Me the first in a series of stories. In this context Daddy is a Daddy Dom and it is Role Play with people over the age of consent)

I was getting ready for a party, wearing a halter neck dress that plunged deeply almost but not quite showing off my ample breasts and taking advantage of my bountiful cleavage, it was short enough that when I bent over the boys would get a look at the sexy mesh and lace panties that whilst they covered all the important things were shear and almost see through.

I had applied more makeup that I would normally be allo... Continue»
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Fisting Fun

(A flight of fantasy written by Me)

He looked at her naked, blindfolded, tied to his bead. A wicked grin across his face. He watched her pussy juice leak out, in anticipation of what he would do.

She tried to move but was tied tight with little movement available to her. His smile widened as he began to shove her lace panties roughly inside her, not easy as they were dry and huge to fit her voluptuous curvy body. Eventually he got them all the way inside. She wiggled her hips and pushed down with her pelvic muscles trying to dislodge them. He simply pushed the small amount that she had... Continue»
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Back with the Shopping (Fictional)

Editors Note: This is the first part to a two part story, at this point in time I am not sure how I want to proceed with the story so I have cut it to the point I was happy with. If you like it then please bother me because that's how I get things done. I hope you enjoy :)

His keys jingled as they unlocked the front door to his apartment. He let out a yawn as he walked inside, withdrawing the keys from the lock and putting them on the rack. He began walking into the hallway, using his foot to close the door behind him. In each hand was a bag brimming with food from the co-op down the road... Continue»
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50 year old mature with warehouse lad

a few days ago my partner told me about an incident that happened to her when she worked for the local branch of a large retail store. I will tell it in her own words.My job consisted of filling shelves during the day, and to do this I had to make several visits to the warehouse to refill my trolley with stock. There was several young men that worked there, all in their late teens and early twenties. I was fifty five at the time, and going through a rather nasty divorce. I still regarded myself as attractive with shoulder length blonde hair, lovely brown eyes and still had a reasonable figure,... Continue»
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The Boss's Desk

The Boss's Desk

Diane and I worked together in the same office, but had little interaction as far as our positions were involved. One night after work we both ended up visiting a co-worker who recently had surgery and left together. I suggested going to dinner which she gladly accepted and the next thing I knew I was invited back to her apartment and we fucked for the first time.

Now Diane was not pretty or cute but very plain looking. She was 5'10" with incredibly long perfectly shaped legs and a nice small and firm ass. Her tits were really nothing but puffy nipples, but I'm partial ... Continue»
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