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Wife let me watch her get fucked

It started with a loud crash, and just like that there was no power. My co workers and I walked outside to find that there had been an accident. After speaking with the emergency crews it became apparent it was going to be awhile before power could be returned to our building. My supervisor decided it was not going to be productive to stay and released us for the day. As I gathered my things under the emergency lights one of my friends Ann came up to me. Ann was a beautiful woman who was friends with my wife and myself. She really seemed to connect with my wife. They talked regularly and went ... Continue»
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the threesome

Tara sat on her phone messaging her new boyfriend Josh, he was so naughty and they planned to meet up soon for a sex session. They’d already met several times before but she didn’t see the harm in it. She was also messaging her friend Adrian on the update. The past few days he’d asked questions and wanted to see a photo just like any friend does when their friend says to them they’ve got someone in their life either a potential or definite partner so Tara thought nothing off it.

Adrian was currently happily chatting about this woman who was a little older who wanted sex with him. He wasn’t... Continue»
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kate monday

I woke up at six , I was alone, I walked down to my room Kate's door was shut
I got dressed and went to make a cup of tea, I walked through the lounge, sally was still laying there on her stomach, her blanket was half on the floor her dress was half way up revealing her bum, her knickers half between her cheeks, she was sound asl**p
I made some tea and looked out the window,it was pouring with rain just what I needed on my paper round,

I finished my tea and went to put my cup in the sink, there was a bowl of water laying at the bottom was the carrot that had caused me so much pain, I ... Continue»
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winter storm

It was a cold winter day,snow as flying,and the four too five inches of snow we were suppose to get turned into feet of snow. I had cleaned out our driveway twice now so mom could get in when she got out of work. Ann had just got home from school and was almost an hour later than normal. She said the roads were horrible and the snow plows were having trouble keeping up with all the snow.

Mom usually gets home around 5p.m. and it was now 6 and I was begining to worry. I was watching the news when the door flew open and mom crashed through the door. She was covered in snow as she shivered a... Continue»
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aunts feet

I guess I'd grown sort of attracted to women's feet at a young age.
My mom had a lot of friends who would sit around and play cards and drink and such. Nearly every weekend there would be a gathering of women who would sit, remove their shoes and drink and play cards. I used to love sitting on the floor under the table and play with the womens feet. They just kept on playing cards like nothing was happening.

My aunt lived in the city. She was a mover and shaker, or so mom would say about her. She hurt her back and came to stay with us until she got better.
Once she got hurt she slo... Continue»
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The room was still in darkness when I awoke. It took a few moments for me to realize where I was. There was one thing for sure, I hadn't been dreaming.I was in a cage, so I must be at Master Dieter's place. Minor cramping in my gut kept reminding me thatI needed to have a bowel movement.I hoped someone would be along soon. My mouth was dry and I was very thirsty. That Pilsen crap didn't quench the thirst it only made it worse. I had not been permitted to brush my teeth so my mouth had a terrible taste and my teeth were coated in goop. My bladder was calling and I wondered whether they ... Continue»
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To Be Owned

The bar wasnt the best I knew, not even one of the best... It was just too conservative...it was so 21st century. Seemed like it was pulled out from a history book... The music didnt quite suite my taste, but since this was the only bar which only allowed humanoid races in, it was my regular hangout. I admit it; I dont like aliens. I just cant quite enjoy a drink while there is some kind of a squid thing sitting next to me and sucking in something that I dont even want to know what it is. I suppose some people may disagree. All those equal rights fighters. But the way I see it. you d... Continue»
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Kate monday continues

I told Kate I was hurting, and I needed to pee
She dismissed this your going out Christine,no argument,ok
Yes mistress I replied, I looked at Sally hoping for support but nothing!
In the hall Kate passed my a pair of flip flaps I tried to bend over to put them on but the support knickers pushed the carrot deeper inside me
Help her Sally Kate ordered Sally obeyed ,
My shoes on Kate said come here
She got the key to the hand cuffs and undid one' I thought she would remove the other,but no my arms was pulled behind my back and locked
In place
OK let's go she pushed me out the door, th... Continue»
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A Pornographers Notebook

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah, fuck you feel so good. Love your fucking ass, and it loves me back. Hey! Are you jerking off down there? I told you very specifically that you are my bitch and that you are not allowed to do that without my permission."
"Nnng sorry Keith, I want to be a good boyfriend for you but when you fuck me, I just lose my mind and my sex drive takes over!"

"Your cock is a false idol, boy, getting fucked is what you love most." Keith pushed his pet down and then flipped him over. "I’m going to fuck you on your back like a girl so you I can watch you, and you can watch me take... Continue»
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Where She Wants Me.....

I love to write. In fact, if I could make a real living at it, that would be my preferred career choice.
However, writers block, deadlines, overall motivation, and my "other," career choice, have thus far anyway prevented me from doing so.
Hence at the moment anyway, it remains a hobby to be indulged in whenever the Muse strikes me.
This work is one such moment.
I hope those who read it will enjoy it, and be kind in critiquing it.
Constructive thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.
Mean spirited jabs obviously are not.

Where She Wants me:

Immobilized, that's what I was... Continue»
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Fantasy part I

I enter the darkroom in which there are only lit candles, in a chair there is a person.

Its her, my Mistress. She is all dressed up and is wating for me.
She has long blonde hair, a black full body latex outfit that I like so much, a strapon strapped on her hips, and a whip in her hands.

I am looking at her and then at whip, and then the strap on. I know what She wants me to do, so I start to strip down and get on my knees as fast as I can. I know that if I dont do it fast She will use that whip with no mercy. I felt pleased that I wasn't slow. But she wasn't, and she strikes me one tim... Continue»
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Pantyhose Kink In The Park

Pantyhose Kink In The Park

I was extremely horny one day, and I hadn't been to a public park in a few years, so I decided to get dressed up under my clothes, and try my luck at a local park that the locals referred to as the "Pickle Park". I know that they are around in every state, but this one was very interesting. It has an incredible amount of woods, and it was full of trails that went deep, and winded around so there were many private areas to have fun. This park in particular, was known for the amount of dirty old men that went there, so I decided to pay it a visit.

I pu... Continue»
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2 BBC's for first time

For years I had fantasized about my wife getting fucked by another man. She would never go for it at first but even when we made love I always watched my ass in the mirror and pretended it was another guy fucking my wife's pussy.

I kept pushing her farther and farther and eventually she said she would fuck another guy if the right one came along. Further discussion revealed that the right one would have to be a young, handsome, black stud with a huge cock! A while after discovering her dark secret I did talk her into going to an interracial sex party with me at an off-strip hotel here in La... Continue»
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Dominate BBW Security Gal

I was walking thru the hotel lobby of a local hotel where I was spending the night. A white middle aged bbw security guard stares at me. She is a medium sized with really short dark hair. As I pass she says
Security; Excuse me do I know you?
Me; I said, I don't think so??
Security; oh, OK....I'm sorry!
Me; Its OK it happens, have a goodnight!
I went out for dinner and I was thinking about her as I was eating. I did remember her messaging me on a popular dating site once. I finished my dinner along with quiet a few beers and I head back to the hotel. I started thinking if I had ever s... Continue»
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My boss. Real woman but alas a fantasy ! Kate

I sat, my job was on the line. My boss of 15 years strode in, hearing her booted legs clicking down the hall made me turn, It never failed to amaze me 54 years old, Lips so dirty looking it was hard not to look and think filthy things, fit and toned from exercise classes her body was tight, poured in to a shirt that formed her breasts perfectly, I just wanted to pull on her nipples until they stuck right through!
Crossing her legs. Staring at those heels so perfect with pointed toes made from leather, I could feel my cock bulging, her chair swung toward me her leg bobbing up and down my eyes ... Continue»
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My First Tranny

Cheryl had really opened my desires to fuck. She was, and is totally uninhibited, and a total sex machine, doing whatever she desires at the moment. When I felt my cock enter her throat the first time, and felt her tongue slide up my cock to the balls, and she sucked the cum right out like my urethra was a straw, I knew I had a keeper. I was hoping I was able to satisfy her, and hoping she would keep me around, this was really the best sex ever. I would get no argument from my wife, she was getting all the cock, and later I would discover she was getting pussy also, she had the best of it ... Continue»
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scarlet watched almost the whole evening television during I did all the housework. At ten, when I was ready, I was very tired. “The work is all done, Ma’am!” I said to her with bowed head.
“Fine, sweetie!” she smiles and show with her ring finger to the floor at her feet. At once I lay on my belly with my face in front of her feet.
“Better you turn on your back, mom, so I use your face as footstool, during you massage my feet further with your slobbery tongue…” she giggled and light on a cigarette. “Yes, Ma’am!” I answered and obeyed. She slide of her fashionable wooden slippers an... Continue»
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Next morning I got up early like I do every morning and cleaned the bathroom, the lounge room and the kitchen. And then I cooked some breakfast for my mistress scarlet. My ears were on the bell that rings when she presses the remote for me. I wanted to wish her good morning by kissing her feet, probably on all four. Then maybe offer her flip flop or house sandal properly on top my head and then maybe lick them clean and serve her any way she found me useful and hear her giggle. Her giggle – it is better than any music ever created. Well I finished cooking breakfast and she was still sl... Continue»
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Kara Hubbard sighed as she collapsed backwards onto her bed. What a bore! she thought, a frown crossing her young but beautiful features.
She hated f****y get-togethers, and for the love of god, why hadn't there been girls born into this f****y? All could look forward to was her younger male cousin and whatever mischief he would doubtlessly try on her - just as he had when they'd been teens.
The monster! Oh, his name was Chad and that didn't sound bad at all, but what a little b**st he had always been and still was!
Her voluptuous body shivered slightly at the mere memory. He was always... Continue»
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The movie was not all that interesting and after a while her attention diverted to me a bit more. Think she was quite amused by my dedication at licking her feet. And I was learning. Learning the nitty gritty of foot licking and how to please her. For example if I sucked her middle toe finger with my tongue hard under it, she almost always moan with pleasure etc etc. She was becoming quite playful – sometimes holding my nose or my tongue between her toes fingers, at times running her feet over my face, pulling my ear with her toes and playing with them. She was laughing and giggling be... Continue»
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