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Mr. Hurley was More than a Grocer

This is a work of fiction based on true events of my life.
Names and location have changed to protect the paradox!


Summer break was a few days away and I was giddy with anticipation. I finally start high school in three months! With only two years into the new decade, MTV was almost a year old and Hungry Like the Wolf was on heavy rotation on the FM radio and I could smell the summertime change in the air!!! This was going to be the best summer ever!

I get home without any homework, thinking about grabbing my BMX bike and meet my friends at the track for some racing and jumps ... Continue»
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Young Toms

To begin with, my husband, Ted, has a twin b*****r Fred
who is married to Susan and they live near by in our
small town where it is difficult to do anything without
someone else knowing. With all that said, we have the
usual evils in our little town, the bars where men hang
out looking for women and women hang out looking for
men. Of course some of the women make a living off the
men. Each of us couples has a teen-age son and they
were born in the same month and the same year.

All four of us went to high school together and dated
together and even were married in the same... Continue»
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Young Wife Does b*****r-In-law

Hi, my name is Marsha, and I have a great, true story,
about how I discovered that size does make a

This story starts when I was just 15 years old and a
sophomore in high school. I was hanging out with some
girlfriends at a little fast food place when a car full
of guys pulled in. One of my friends knew the driver, a
very good looking guy named Jon. The other guys were
his friends, one was his b*****r, Jerry.

As we talked, I felt very comfortable with the driver.
One of my girlfriends had a crush on him, so I was
trying not to interfere.

We all decided to... Continue»
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Chapter Two - The Journey Home

The howl of the wind surrounded us. The storm was descending quickly. Very soon there would be a white out and our chances of returning home safely would drastically decrease.
I had only been permitted simple garments. Knee high boots, panties and a hooded cape were all that protected me from these harsh elements.
My body was frozen to the core and I doubted my own survival if we failed to make it back soon.
My four protectors however, would not suffer such a fate. Their thick clothes and multiple layers offered decent protection from the elements.
To an extent I was used to the cold. I w... Continue»
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Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

The whitewashed walls and brick-layed streets of Sandava gleaned bright in the sun, unlike surrounding cultures such as Mandalva, Trocust and Chalda. Those people managed decent lives but not with the oppulence of Sandava.

Shadi was the eldest son of a Sandavan High Judge and if he studied well and kept his nose clean, he was the likely successor to his father's high position. He had done well with those things until his 22nd birthday when he began to have feelings and passions that he could not explain.

Since his youth, he had enjoyed the storytellers and their great tales of life i... Continue»
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Way Too Competitive

Dad always said I was too competitive for my own good.

Tonight, I was proving him right. I looked at the cards
in my hand, actually a respectable hand-a full house of
three jacks and two 9s, and then I glanced at the pot.
Just about all the money my parents had sent me for the
month was on the table, which was not helping my
confidence level at all.

One of my opponents, Ricky, had already folded, leaving
only his roommate Billy and myself in the game. Billy
had that smug expression on his face that he had been
wearing for most of the evening, that expression that
conv... Continue»
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The Wager

1: The Game Begins

How could this fucking happen? We have only been
married eighteen goddamn months. I first met Jill at a
church social in her hometown. Jill was a beautiful
young lady with a religious upbringing. Her parents
required her to attend church every Sunday.

We dated for about a year. A year I refer to as the
'Blue-Balls' year. We were married in the spring of
'98 and all was right in the world. Money was our only
problem. I was barely making enough money to cover the
necessities and the rent on a crappy little apartment

I was working as an ac... Continue»
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Young Doms

Jamie was finally going to have a lesbian mistress
after months of extensive search on the web. At age 42,
she had given up on marriage. Her first two was total
failures. She had found what she always desired were
women and more in being dominated by them. The thought
of suffering to their whims were driving her crazy in
desire to achieve her goal. Her new mistress was only
22 and she was to meet her in a restaurant that night.

She arrived early and took a booth to await her.

"Are you Miss Morris," a young beautiful blonde lady
asked around 20 years old.

Yes, I am.

... Continue»
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Yard Work

I noticed the knot of young boys up ahead and my
interest was piqued. Loud music rocked from the front
porch - it was one of those well-earned, sweet hot
days in late summer, a warm and voluptuous late
afternoon. I calculated from behind my sunglasses as
I swung down the street: 5 boys, ages 14 to 17, one
swinging a golf club, all of them ducking their heads
one by one and stealing long looks at me as I
approached. The sun was behind my back was undoubtedly
silhouetting my legs through my short full skirt. My
hips rolled a bit more as their hormone-fueled preening
di... Continue»
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Xmas Gift From My Mother-In-law

It was the holiday season and I always had a hard time
finding a gift for my wife. So I decided to ask her
mother if she had any ideas that might help me. She
took it one step better and offered to go shopping with
me one evening after she got off of work. I thought
this was a great idea so I agreed.

She was a good looking woman about 45 at the time, nice
tits, dark hair, slim and about 5' 2". I had thought
for along time that she was attracted to me by the way
she sometimes dressed if she knew I was coming over and
by some of the comments she would make. She would
occa... Continue»
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A summer dream ("Um sonho de verão)

Summer 2012. Like every day I woke early, despite being on vacation. Through the bedroom window, the curtain between open let in some sunshine, insistent search for my eyes as I still lethargic looked at the clock, get up and dressed. It was five-Thirty Seven. I have fixed the time in memory, because I was so marked as a scar on his face.

I went to the bathroom. Forgot towel and when I returned, I had the impression of seeing the window glass, brown hair fluttering as if they were leaving the room.
Was home alone. But being around women, suddenly thought to be one of my three friends who h... Continue»
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Young Wife's Cooperation

Salman and his wife, Zoya and have a very exciting
marriage. She's a wonderful lover, friend and a very
beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her,
and one can see them looking and lusting after her
whenever they are out in the evening. Salman finds this
exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing
and insists that she go braless as often as possible,
especially at home, because nature has blessed her with
a pair of the sexiest breasts possible ;perfectly round
and succulent capped by chocolate-pink coloured nipples
which invariably peep through trans... Continue»
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Smoking Fetish

First off, let me preface by saying that I am not a smoker (Not in “Real life” anyway). I do, however try to indulge a man's fantasies when we're together. I have, of course, turned down some of the more bizarre requests, but smoking for fetish purposes, is pretty benign. I have been surprised by how many men have this fetish. I don't know if it adds to the air of sluttiness that men who are into CD's prefer (Men don't want us dressed and acting like church ladies), but a lot of men love to watch a girl smoke. Just do a search on Xhamster for smoking fetish videos, and the sheer volume p... Continue»
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Wife caned for Husband's mistake...Part II

Wife caned for Husband's mistake...Part II

'God my bum's stinging' my Wife cried through gritted teeth, as she jumped up clutching her burning bare bottom cheeks in both hands, vigorously rubbing her tender bare bottom which had the effect of exposing Emily's cute little chocolate starfish with her sweet little honey pot peeking out between her creamy white thighs. Danny's jaw dropped open as he gleefully eyed up my Wife's bare brown hole and her juicy pussy lips, all moist and glistening and on display for his viewing pleasure...

'You dirty bastard Danny', my Wife exclaimed, 'You were o... Continue»
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My shemale fantasy....continued

Sam leaned back and lit a cigarette, I watched intently as she took a big drag and inhailed deep, then slowly exhailing a large plum over head, my cock jumped as I watched then reached down and stroked my semi hard dick. Sam notices right away that smoking turned me on and as she took another puff she said " hmmm someone has a fetish,..." Taking another drag, just as deep but this time gently blowing smoke over my cock. I throbbed and groaned as the warm smoke flowed over me...."mmmm your a dirty boy huh..mmm I like...what happens if I put you in my smokey mouth..." Taking another drag and qu... Continue»
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I had advertised on Craigs List “a live porn show in your home” of me and my slave girl. When we arrived at this surburban home, our customer was there. The client was a middle age man and his wife who appeared in her mid 30’s. They greeted us as if we were long lost relatives, each giving us a hug and a peck on the cheek. They offered us something to drink and we had some small talk to get to know each other for a min or two. The man then said, “well, let’s get this show started,” That was all I needed because time is money and they were paying big bucks to have a show. I got up and ... Continue»
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The trip to DominaDina s garden

I got the order from DominaDina, to arrive Monday morning at 10 O´clock, wearing my high heeled Boots, Latex dress, latex stockings, G-string, collar and chastity belt.
I did dress up at the last carpark, before arriving at DominaDinas place. Fortunately the carpark was almost empty. It turns me on to wear my outfit …. Hard to get the chastity belt on, and have it to fit the small string.
Checked my watch, and had to go, not to be late. At 10:00 I was at DominaDinas door, ready to knock, but there was a note on the door. “ go to my garage, where you will find cuffs for both your arms and fe... Continue»
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Learning from mom

This story is how I learned about sex and crossdressing. It takes place back in 1984 about the time I hit puberty. My dad had took off about 2 years before this and my mom put all her focus into her job. Back then with no internet and being my age I would mainly look at the women in the sears catalog. I was always drawn to the lingerie and how good they looked in it. So I did feel confused cause I felt like I wanted to be more like my mom and wear what women were wearing. Ok this started the first week of summer break. My mom was on my ass about cleaning the attic and I was grounded anyway so ... Continue»
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Black Nylons & High Heels

The first time that I remember, is that when a friend of my mother’s had come over to the house to give her a permanent. She was in her late twenties, single, medium build, a pair of sexy legs, red full mouth and I was horny and in a constant state sexual arousal . She kept smiling at me and licking her lips while giving my mother a permanent. I think it was because I kept staring at her sexy High-Heeled legs. She was wearing a very Tight Fitting Red Sweater, Black Form Fitting Skirt, Black Nylons and Ivory Spiked 4+ Inch High Heels. Karen (a fictitious name) knew she had me as a captive ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6

Xena was kept in her cell for forty eight hours, always chained and receiving repeated healing treatment. She was amazed and mortified at how quickly the cruel weals disappeared, preparing her flesh ready for yet more punishment. On the next day, Xena was loaned to Flavia for the day... for her entertainment. Venetia was only too happy to do this for the pretty young Courtier who had suffered so cruelly when Xena had been on the throne. In the usual fashion, on all fours, with chains attached to her nose and nipple rings, Xena was led to Flavia’s quarters. She had been told where she was going... Continue»
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