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Tech Support 2 by loyalsock

Aaron was dutifully cleaning up the kitchen while Sarah was showering. He couldn't stop thinking about being with her tonight. He actually got a semi-erection as he imagined making love to her, prompting him to put down the dish rag and adjust. Even though he was alone, he still felt embarrassed. He leaned back against the counter and closed his eyes, thinking of Sarah's naked body, imagining of being on top of her, inside her. Just then he heard the water shut off in the shower. She was done.

A crazy idea crept into Aaron's heart. What if he went and just took her, right now, fresh and na... Continue»
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my wife

Sometime ago, my husband and I decided to share our
fantasies as part of our love making. My husband was
always saying that he wanted to see me take a young
black man and watch him as he made love to me to see his
face when he was getting the best damn ass he had ever

He would also say that he wanted to see my face when the
young stud shot his black seed in me. He would ask me if
I would do that and I would just blow it off as a
fantasy. One night as we were making out in bed, he
said, "Yhy not do it for real?"

I replied, "You really want it to happen?"

"Yes,... Continue»
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For My Owner 4

It is an exciting day. I have been waiting for this day for weeks. I have been a good cockpig for a long time, and have made my Owner proud. Today, I will be rewarded.

He wakes and turns to me in bed, smiling. “Good morning, baby girl”, he says as he kisses me and gropes me. “This morning, you may cum all you wish before we start the day”. I grin and say, “Thank you, Sir” as he starts to lick and squeeze and fuck and suck. We spend an hour playing before he leads me to the shower. He washes me gently and leaves me to dry off and get prettied up for him. I dress excitedly and walk o... Continue»
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For My Owner 3

He has come back to stay with me for a week. His visits are what I live for.

We wake up, snuggled in bed together. I have my head on his chest, and he is stroking my hair, telling me what a good little pet I am. We lie awake together, just petting and holding each other. We are kissing and touching and pressing against each other. I love being in his arms, feeling his weight on me. He loves the same thing…sinking into my softness, snuggling into my curves. After about half an hour of this, he says, “time for breakfast, baby girl”.

It is my cue. I get up, set out a fresh towel... Continue»
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For My Owner 2

The plane has touched down. I sit and wait, trembling and shivering. I know that I am in for something I have never experienced, but I am not sure exactly what to expect. I know he has come a long way to be with me, though…and I had better please him.

The doors are open now, and the people are coming through. Tourists (why the fuck would you vacation in Winnipeg?!?), business types, Winnipeggers returning from exotic locales, and one twisted fuck who simply wants to rip me from stem to stern. My darling Sir. I can feel my pussy throb at the sight of him, and I feel myself blush and ... Continue»
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Since Len was working late that night, it would be a great opportunity to meet up with Guy, this sexy, French black hunk I'd been seeing for a few months. Tonight however Guy had a special, kinky surprise for me, and I for him.

My hands were roaming his curvy arse in his skintight below knee purple Lycra shorts as we kissed.

'Guy sweetie,' I sighed, linking my arms around his neck, while he rested his hands on my padded, bum hugging black cycling shorts, 'I have something ... Continue»
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wellnes exam

Upon this door it read "Women's Health" and I knew I was soon taking the next step in my exam. This room also had an examination table in the middle of the room, but this time it also had stirrups attached and the backrest was sitting at about 60 degrees. At this stage only a female nurse was in the room, her back to me I could see her assembling and placing instruments on a metal tray. The orderly ordered me to take a seat on the side of the table. He soon left the room and a male doctor entered the room, also in O.R. scrubs. He asked if I could turn and lay on the table on my back, he then l... Continue»
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My daughters med exam

My pelvic exam is broken up into three parts

because each part is so different. The first

part of it is my rectal exam & radiology studies

of my lower colon. The second part is my bladder

exam & x-rays of my bladder. The last part is my

vaginal exam & ultrasound. I was told to give myself

an enema before I came so I would be clean for the

rectal exam. When I first got there, the nurse led me

into a room with a special table called a proctology table.

She told me to take off all my clothes. So, I did that.

There was no gown. I guess women are nude with an... Continue»
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My husband loved to come with me for my annual physicals. He would make sure that I made them on a Friday afternoon so that he could attend. I always thought this strange and embarrassing to say the least. He would watch as the doctor manipulated my breast and at times he would lean over in his seat to get a glimpse of my privates while I was in the stirrups. I know the Dr. noticed my husbands antics but never said anything.

Once my husband asked the nurse if it wasn't true that anal temperatures were allot more accurate than oral ones. I flushed as he asked this and gave him a stern look.
... Continue»
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Jeans doc exam

So my wife goes in for her annual gyno exam with a doctor she has had for over 15 years , he is recently divorced and a decent looking Asian about 55 years old. During her previous exam a year earlier, the doctor told her he had felt a very small cyst on the upper inside of her pelvis and that it was probably nothing but he wanted to take a note on it to make sure it wasn't going to grow.

The doctor began the exam as he always did asking her questions about her health and he mentioned that since she had just turned 40 he now needed to perform an rectal exam and a few others that were stand... Continue»
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Daughters exam

I am a physician assistant at a busy walk-in medical center. My duties include everything from minor first aid to doing complete exams on the patients. There are four
physician assistants, four physicians and eight nurses who work rotating shifts twenty-four hours a day. We all get along well, and we help to take care of medical
problems in each other's f****y, this since we are the only medical facility within fifty miles, that being the reason we are so busy. My spouse and I have been married
for about eight years. She was married once before and has a daughter, Bernie. When we were ma... Continue»
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Home on the Range

I turned 22 in 1982 fresh out of the Marine Corps fit and ready for life.I was decided to try my hand ranch, but not at home working for my dad. So Oregon was out.I knew of a couple of big ranches out of Lewiston Idaho, so i put my boots in the street, thumb in the air and headed north.
I hired on with this outfit about 35 miles out northeast out of Southwick Idaho in middle of no where. The owners of the place Jenny and Richard were in their mid 40s and both fit from good outdoor living Jenny 5.6ft very nice tits and a heart shaped ass that made my cock hard every time i saw it. Richard 6... Continue»
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Becoming his girl (Sissy story by GirlyGay)

In the summer after my eighteenth birthday, I met Nick. He was a thirty-something who lived in our building. My parents had gone for their yearly European trip, and I had been left behind this year because I had college orientation during what would have been the last week of their trip.

Mooning and alone, with nothing to do for four whole weeks until my flight up west, I took to the pool to catch some sun. I had not bought new trunks in a while, and so my old ones were riding high on my legs.

Nick was already at pool, beer in hand, sitting back in a barca-lounger. His broad, smooth che... Continue»
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The Rendezvous Pt1 (Sissy Story by CassidyCaine)

Nick looked at the email he'd received from his wife at lunch again as he got ready to leave work. It had been a month since he'd confessed to her his love of dressing up in women's clothing after he'd kept it hidden since they first met. But, Nikki was insistent so he had tried to share that part of him. She had worried he was gay or didn't want her anymore but he'd assured her that wasn't the case. Yet after all that worry, she had emailed him to tell him that tonight she wanted to play with his fantasy and role play a little to see if she could get into it. She had rented a motel room and w... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 5 by loyalsock

Bethany didn't ask if she wanted a boyfriend again. As Allison had pointed out earlier, life was complicated enough right now. "We never got that last guy's name."

"I know," Allison smiled. "Cool, isn't it?" Bethany nodded and squeezed her legs together. Damn, she felt needful.

"How much time do we have left?"

"Another hour," Allison said.

Café Joe's was attached to a small strip of stores that included a sandwich shop, a convenient store, a used book store and a couple small boutiques. They wandered through the stores to pass the time. Bethany thought waiting would dull the needf... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 6 by loyalsock

"You're not playing fair," Allison said once her moment had passed. She held Dustin's prick out for Bethany. "Suck this," she commanded, scooting backwards and away from Bethany's intimate touch. "My turn."

As she had done before, Allison moved behind Bethany. This time, when she pressed her body against Bethany's backside, Bethany could feel her bare breasts against her bare back. Allison pulled a handful of curly hair from Bethany's neck and kissed the flesh she exposed just below and beneath her ear. It was a sensitive spot that sent a shiver through Bethany. A shiver Allison felt, too.
... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 2 by loyalsock

"Get over here," Allison reached for Bethany. She pulled the redhead close and they dropped to their knees in front of the man without pants. "Go ahead, touch him." Allison guided Bethany's hand to Keith's cock and balls. "It's okay. I think he's okay with this."

Bethany glanced up at the cute man wearing a disbelieving smile. He gave her a reassuring nod. She smiled back and touching his fat prick instantly doubled the number of cocks she had ever touched in real life. Bethany had no way of gauging Keith's endowment beyond what she had seen in movies on the internet and that didn't feel li... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 3 by loyalsock

Bethany noticed again the intimacy of giving a man a blowjob. Pressing her face against his cock so she could nurse on his balls felt remarkably intimate. She saw his long, wet looking cock dancing and throbbing in front of her eyes, displaying his appreciation in a way only men were allowed. Yes, she decided, she liked this and she could understand how Allison said she liked it better than sex. Did eating pussy feel as intimate?

"You look sexy doing that," Allison said before she leaned closer and wrapped her lips around Andy's cock again. Butt out! was the first reaction that crossed Bet... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 4 by loyalsock

Allison's long and lean body looked delicious and Bethany couldn't stop staring. With the way Allison stared back, she didn't feel self-conscious about it. "Ready?" Allison asked. Bethany nodded and slipped her jelly dildo down her body until it was between her legs. As Allison watched, Bethany pushed the toy inside and sighed. That felt good, really good. Across from her, she watched Allison twisting on her toy and pressing against her clit. Facing each other, they moved their toys in the ways that felt best for their bodies and watched each other orgasm.

"This is as sexy as watching you ... Continue»
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Jimmy's Clean Sweep by loyalsock

Since getting divorced a couple of years back, my ex said I was perverted after she found a link to some of my favourite videos from an online porn site, I have enjoyed a sedate single life. At 34, five foot eleven and with only a slight paunch my few friends say I should have a girlfriend by now. But I work from home, and not being one for socialising, other than the occasional trip to the pub with said friends, I haven't had much opportunity to meet some-one else.

After what happened last week, I don't think that will be a problem any longer.

Living on my own I am more than capable o... Continue»
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