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My Older Fantasy Lady

It was finally going to happen, I had fantasized, imagined, masturbated I don’t know how many times, and now it was really going to happen. My cock had been hard since arriving and after the phone call to my older lover my heart raced even faster. You said you’d be at my motel room within the hour.
Lying on my bed, there was a knock on the door, the moment had arrived, should I be aggressive and throw you on the bed, fuck you hard n fast or take my time and enjoy this first meeting. I knew what I had to do, as I had thought about this for weeks. I nervously walked over to the door and opene... Continue»
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Letting go

She waits impatiently in her see through black lace teddy, feeling herself getting wetter as she anticipates his arrival. A couple weeks apart felt like an eternity in terms of the desire boiling in her veins.

She hears footsteps on the front stairs and throws the door open, letting him and the entire neighborhood see her erect nipples peeking through the see through material.
As he opened the screen door she pulls him in close, the heat from her skin a sharp contrast to the coldness of his clothes from the winter weather.

She pushes the door closed behind him and kisses him wildly as ... Continue»
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Nylonslave public viewing 2

Nylonslave public viewing 2

You are going to be taken on another ride and taken for a public viewing; you will wear the following items:

Latex suspender belt
Black Fully-fashioned Nylons
Black high heel mules
Black leather corset
Rubber hood
Collar & Lead
Green Mack
Thick eye (blue) and lip makeup (red)
NO bra
NO Knickers

Cane to be taken with you and held in your teeth during the journey
Take your nipple clamps and weights with you in your coat pocket. Also your black pump up butt plug.

This time you will travel in the back of the Jeep, NOT the front seat! ... Continue»
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Husband's revenge

Linda's GPS announced her arrival at her destination as she pulled off the side road and coasted across the car park toward the front of the warehouse. Lifting the hood of her shell jacket over her head to protect her from the rain, she grabbed her canvas bag from the passenger seat and darted outside, avoiding the waterlogged potholes as she ran toward the building. The steel roll-up door in front of her was open a few feet, and she ducked under it and into the warehouse, shaking herself to rid her of the water.

Inside, the building looked smaller than she'd imaged it would be. A small off... Continue»
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The woman shuddered and almost dropped her drink when she heard the door slam. It was her third cocktail. She usually didn't drink this much, but she had wanted the liquid courage to face the man whom she had fallen into debt to. But now she regretted how much she had consumed, as evidenced by the long disappeared ice cubes. Still, she felt obliged to be here, to hear him out, as she had had no luck finding gainful employment and wasn't able to pay him back.
"Sorry it took so long, i couldn't find the right bag, and then Nas had to talk my ear off about the ball i missed last night. do you n... Continue»
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Nylonslave Session 4

Nylonslave Session 4

Items to be placed on the kitchen table: table will be cleared and a white cloth put over the table, you will lie the below items on the table very neatly, nylons will be stretched out neatly, latex belt will be laid neatly also. You will close the blind near the cooker and then move the leather settee into the middle of the room. Then come to be in the front room naked with high heeled mules on. Make sure you get this correct bitch.

Black Fully-fashioned Nylons
Latex suspender belt
Black High Heeled Mules
Rubber Hood
Nipple clamps
Collar & lead... Continue»
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I'm still in high school but I'm not stupid or totally
innocent. I knew that both my mom and dad were having
marital troubles. But I didn't realize how bad until
one day coming directly home from school, which I
rarely did, saw a man, not my dad coming out of my
house in a rush, but not before kissing my mom fully
and sexily on the mouth.

It was then I knew that their marriage was over.
Possibly my nice sweet life was done. But I had to
think of something to stop her. I liked my life the way
it was. No complications, no hassles.

At fifteen years old I spent lots of time... Continue»
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b*****rs Part 2 (Alternate Ending)

Read part 1 here. xhamster.com/user/hi1/posts/354987.html

I do not accept invites unless you have left a comment on the story
Amanda walked out of the f****y room to the stairs, her massive ass swinging side to side, flesh jiggling and sending ripples all over her near naked hips and back. The thin material of her white leotard was busting at seams over those huge butt cheeks. She knew her older son was looking at her and most likely getting turned on, even though he had just finished cumming all over his mother's face and breasts.
P... Continue»
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A Baby for Elise

It has been almost exactly twenty years since my story
began, and I hardly know how to tell it. It is not a
source of pride for me. It is more a source of shame,
something I cannot tell my friends and f****y about.
Yet, these are probably the most exciting events of my
life, and they will mean the end of my marriage because
I will not be able to keep them secret much longer. I
regret what I did those months ago and I have thought
of little else since then.

Maybe that is why I feel compelled to write my story
down and tell it to some strangers who share my
mysterious obs... Continue»
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A first bisexual husband & wife

My name is Anne and I am a bi-sexual 18 year old girl who wants to have a bi-sexual experience with some of my friends and two if our teachers. I gave teachers, Cheryl, John, and my friends, Trish, Robbie and several other teenage boys and girls a drink that made them horny for sex with both boys and girls alike. The following are true stories of what happens as it is about to happen. I don’
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t know what will happen. I hope we all have a great time with each other. I didn’t realize there would be so many k**s at the party. All of the k**s had a drink of my special sex drink that s... Continue»
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Sissy and her Mistress

"Mistress, what are we doing tonight? I need to know what to wear" I pout.
"You'll see. Put on your slutty schoolgirl outfit with your white thigh high stockings, and your 4 inch heels. I'll be there in a half hour"
"Yay! I love that one!" I exclaim.
"Be waiting outfront" you command.
"But Mistress..."
"No butts sissy, this is what you want - and oh, yea, don't forget your plug. The large one"
"Yes mistress"

40 minutes later, I am outfront of my apartment complex trying to hide in the shadows. Given my height and the heels, I am attracting a bunch of attention. You chuckle as 3 black... Continue»
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The Dream

I have been waiting up all night for you. You went out with your girlfriends hours ago, and it's now almost 3 am. I am so damn horny. You've been so sexy lately, and have refused to have sex with me for almost a month. You stopped giving me blowjobs almost a year ago, and even a quick hand-job is now a thing of the past. The only sexual contact I receive from you is when you crush my balls in your fist. I'm starting to think that you enjoy hurting me, hurting my balls. I beg for you to stop, but you just grin and keep squeezing. Harder. A few months ago I was looking in a cabinet. I di... Continue»
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Virgin Beth, pumped and used

I had new Beth for years, she was a friend of my daughter Emily, but just a few years younger she was always in our house and staying over for weekends, , but since Emily had left to university i hadn't seen her much, except for saying hi sometimes when she passed the house as she went home school. I always asked if she was ok an she would ask how Emily was getting on at university. I started to notice that she always had the same clothes on. Vest top an leggings and a a coat that I think Emily had given to her. Beth was smallish for her age, about 5 ft and and slim. One day as she passed she... Continue»
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The Great Caroline Tit Epidemic of '82

Copyright 1988
Thom Dallas

It was a titman's dream come true: A rural mountain town where every young woman was gifted with immense, bountiful, bodacious ta-ta's. My assignment? To find the cause for the epidemic and put an end to it!


I had plenty of assignments during some ten years as an epidemiologist with the National Institutes of Health, but no single case stands ou... Continue»
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P1: My First Blowjob (received, not given)

I don’t want to be a guy, but sometimes I wish I had a penis. You know?

I sat amused as one by one he showed me his dildos. Friends, strangers, lovers, they’ve all said they felt very free and open with me sexually, like I’d never judge them—and I never do. But I hadn’t had a show and tell with a guy and his sex toys before. He had mentioned it and I had asked. I was curious. He was nervous, but with a subdued excitement. We were both a little d***k.

“And this one’s my favorite,” he grinned in a sheepish yet earnest way as he pulled out a... Continue»
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I needed some flooring

I needed flooring and had heard about this shop, it was a hike, in one of those utility like business parks where they seem to have every type of small company imaginable. I got there, it was on the back side with the tiniest strip for parking. Walked up to the door, it had one of those darkened glass windows, could see in, but barely, so I went in. There was a woman on the phone with a headset on her head, but I didn’t see anyone else. It really wasn’t like a retail store, it was kind of a cross between a showroom and a storage and dispatch area. It had some nicely placed samples on the ... Continue»
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Divorce Party

It was strange, I have never been invited to or been to a divorce party. It was Renee's divorce party, I could tell she could be wild, she was always flirting with me, and we even talked sometimes about fantasies that we had.

She had such a curvaceous body, nice full breasts and a round ass, that made me squirm every time I saw it. We had even fooled around, but we never had sex, but we had seen enough of each other, it seemed like we had. She had an erotic revealing picture of me, which she always teased that she had shown to all of her friends.

I wanted to arrive a little late, ... Continue»
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The Panty Cummer

Hi my name is Daniel, I am 5'7 tall, black hair, slim and muscular build.

I been tasked to sort out a garden that had become over grown. The first day me and Alex was there but after that it was just me on my own. The lady who asked us to carry out the work was called Julie and she had daughter who not long turned 18 called Suzie.

The first day was very hot so me and Alex had stripped off to our shorts. I noticed someone peaking at us from behind a bedroom curtain. I didn't say anything to Alex. Julie had said that her daughter was back from collage on study leave. Julie came out and g... Continue»
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Just for Roflmfaomfgiggles


Long time ago when I was in high-$chool, I never really paid much attention to my dad, despite my f****y love for him.
He got this extremely thick, facial hair that almost covered his face and always almost had never taken off his work clothes after a long day of outside labor, therefor, he always got dirt in his skin and clothes. I'm surprise how I could clean up after him w/o snapping back at him.
He is a man of short words and only speaks when spoken to or when necessary. Always sitting in his big ... Continue»
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Theater Sex

Sometimes during sex I would tell my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man and she would play along with my "fantasy." She thought it was just a fantasy but in reality I did want to watch her being fucked by not only another man but also a group of men. After 25 years of marrage we need to add a little spice to our sex life.

Finally one day whe we were just sitting around talking I brought up the subject of watching another man fuck her. She was shocked at first that I would really want to watch something like that and felt that I would get jealous watching another man fuck her. I ass... Continue»
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