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Party by Tay'aria Ebony

When I was younger, I snuck out to my first house party. I told my parents I was sl**ping over at my friend Quay's house, but they didn't know that her mom was fine with us going to the party. Her older s****r was out of town, so we raided her room to get ready. We stole some makeup. I wore purple eyeshadow with hot pink lip gloss. And we raided her closet. Quay wore a pair of black booty shorts and tied a bandana into a bikini top. I had snuck a pair of black heels from my mom's closet and borrowed a purple mini skirt and a black fishnet top.

We walked a few blocks to the party and went ... Continue»
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Latrell by Tay'aria Ebony

I have a friend named Latrell. He's almost forty now - married with four k**s. When I was little he used to babysit me whenever my usual sitter was busy. He lived in the basement of my aunt and uncle's house until I was in high school. When I was over there when I was younger, I mostly watched TV. Sometimes we would play board games, but for the most part I entertained myself.

One night my parents were gone until almost three in the morning. My uncle worked the graveyard shift and was at work. My aunt was asl**p upstairs. Latrell asked me if I wanted to come down to the basement. I shrugg... Continue»
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A little role play sex chat session with a new f

To be continued .....?

freakyericaI would greet you dressed all sexy in stockings garter and a g string smelling of my fav Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume I would take you by the hand to the bed and have you stand at the edge while I sat with you between my legs and began to rub your cock threw your pants and gently blowing my hot breath on it threw you pants and slowly taking it out and licking the head down to the base and then licking and sucking on your full and swollen balls back again I take you all into my mouth as you put your hand on the back of my head gently grabbing my hair... Continue»
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Vampire sex

It was dark. The kind of dark that sinks in, the cold air sending chills down yor spine, but the light feom the candles radiating against the walls in this dark cavern gave it an almost warm tingly feeling. It was quiet, minus the slight sound of dripping water in the distance. The monk was walking down these ill fated tunnels, a messenger of darkness himself. He sensed the presence of another lurking in the darkness, he stopped, his hand readying on his hook-swords. As his eyes searched the shadows, he caught a glint of eyes, with a slight red glow, he crept closer, she slipped towards him wi... Continue»
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Mary alone

I was randy as hell by now and quickly opened her gown, oh yes she was totally prepared for what she wanted to happen, and I now was eagerly wanting too.

As I saw her fabulous figure, on my own for the first time, I wondered what it would be like. I didn't need to wait long as she peeled down my jeans and pants, exposing my rampant cock. I pulled my shirt off and removed her robe so that we were both naked.

Then, as I started to caress her tits and feel her wet cunt hole, she reached over to the shot glasses and said: A toast to Mark and Dave, and handed me a glass whilst taking one in ... Continue»
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Julie earning Syl's tranny(?) cum with suckin

Whacha doin'?
*Sits down on her knees in front of you and undoes your pants*

*Lifts her legs up, resting them on your shoulders, hooking her ankles together against the small of your back* Im watchin' the youtubes

*Lightly kisses along your inner thighs, moving a little closer to you with each kiss*
Would you be terribly upset if I sucked your cock and let you cum in my mouth?

*Lets out a little giggle* I think I could let it slide.. *Slowly rubbing her thighs against your cheeks*

Julie Monroe
Oh goodie...
*She kisses the bulge in your undi... Continue»
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This month I met with one of my female ex-collegues I used to work with and….wow! so many memories came in my mind…
First of all, you must know that, in my working place, there are very few male employees. I mean, for several years, I was the only male on the floor where my office is. Then, you must know that a lot of my female collegues (some of them being real hotties) are married women or just involved in long term relationships, VERY unsatisfied by their men, so you can imagine that, with one like me, being in my 20`s, with a nice future in front of me, for lots of them being the only one... Continue»
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Such a tease

A story I wrote a few years ago - nothing terribly exotic, just some plain vanilla straight sex with some (very) light B/D. :)
Also, don't copy this and say it's yours. You wouldn't like what would happen.


He is prying me apart, the hot, slick folds of my cunt making it hard on his fingers, my clit hardening so rapidly that it hurts. I’m suspended in midair, each limb held taut by an elaborate contraption of bungee chord, pulleys, levers, and other more arcane measures. Perhaps three feet or more from the tatami matted floor, suspended in the air and moving at the slightest... Continue»
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My Cuckold Experience - Date Preparations

(Part 1)

"How do I look?" My gorgeous wife asks, patting her small little red dress down at her hips, showing off her sexy shapely curves.

"You look stunning, my love." I reply with a smile, admiring her goddess-like beauty.

"You sure? I want to make a good impression for my date tonight." She returned thoughtfully, eyeing herself up in the tall mirror on the inside door of our open wardrobe. She stroked her smooth dark wavy hair, and puckered her ruby red lips up as though she's kissing the air.

She had arranged for a date with a young colleague from her work, who is according t... Continue»
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Eating His? Creampie

I wrote this stour a while ago and had it posted on Literotica. For some reason my all my stories got deleted and I didn't have them stored anywhere else. To my surprise I found this one attached in an old email and knew I wanted to re-post it. If you happened to have downloaded my other stories, I'd appreciate a copy so I can post them again. Enjoy!

A little while back my wife Laura and I were making a dessert for a dinner party. It was summer time so she thought a chilled dessert would be best and settled on the idea of a chocolate or banana cream pie. Her natural choice was chocol... Continue»
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Gentle or rough?

Nicole’s breasts were pressed into my back and arms wrapped around me, clutching me tight. We were both warm and a little sweaty after a good, hard, late-night fuck. Her fingers raked through my pubic hair tickling me with a soft, light touch. We were both drifting, close to sl**p when I decided to casually throw it out there.

“Have you ever been curious about trying anal sex?”

Her fingers stopped their wandering abruptly. The silence seemed to hang forever and I fought to not tense up my body in apprehension. Keep it casual…

“Anal? No not really, although now that you mention it, it ... Continue»
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Black Friday Titty Fucking Rimjobs with my Cuckold

Effin crazy Black Friday fo sho! Started at 8pm Thanksgiving when me an hubby tried to hook up an iPad air at Target. Of course I had to wear the sexy open toe 5" sandal heels. I was an Amazon woman with sexy black booty shorts towering over 6' tall. My boobs were popping with a sexy tight white see thru top. Wholly fuck...all the men were checking me out! One black guy had the balls to say how pretty my feet looked in front of my husband. That's all it took for hubby to give me signal of approval. We asked this black...kind of chunky 40 something man to go over to the woman's section to help... Continue»
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Asian Boys Kinky Bareback

The Saturday before I'd had an amazing threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a "Boy" (only 19) that he'd met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I'm very careful, so it wasn't a problem for them. We phoned the clin... Continue»
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Grandma true story (PART II)


Next couple of days nothing happened, we didn't even talk. Grandpa was home most of the times and Grandma was acting as usual, doing her job with guest rooms, avoiding every opportunity to stay alone with me even for a moment. She wasn't even looking at me at this rare occasions that she was talking to me, asking me if I am hungry or about my friends…It was clear that she would prefer that I go out with my friends and after a day or two I did because even Grandpa was asking why am I home all the time. Couple of days later when i got home at evening I found out that Granpa was out an... Continue»
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Seduced by a Sensual Business Slut

Mary was an estremely attractive well built woman, I had been waiting several weeks to meet her face to face and now standing in her presance looking at this exquisit woman. It was had to understand how we managed to make a connection on a personal basis.

Mary stood about 5'-6" tall, she filled out her sweater very nicely, she was a little slimmer than I had immagined. The flowing skirt she was waring looked very nice hanging from her narrow waist flowing elegantly down to her ankles.

I am an outside salesman in fittings & piping, she ran the company her ex-husband started several ... Continue»
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Her husband's request. Part 2

When I arrived at Steve and Wendy's house with her pics she was in the bathtub. Steve had not told Wendy I was bringing the pics over, he told me to slip into the bathroom and click off some pics before Wendy knew what was happining.

The door was adjar so I was able to click a couple pics of Wendy caressing her boobs with much personal satisfaction, she was playing with them while bathing. I went futher into the room and clicked off a couple in which you could clearly see her slit just below the clear water. This time Wendy heard the shutter click. she sat streight up and s... Continue»
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It was inside me and I was powerless to stop it.

This story is tinged with shame, it is not something I am proud to admit to, but it happened when it was not supposed to, and as I recall the events, I realized just how easy it is to happen, and when it is happening, everything culminates to an incredible experience, and yes I have an extremely open mind and a willingness to be intimate with more than men.

I am older now and at an age where I can make such choices, but my first time was when I was confused about sexual matters, a hormonal imbalance that made me need to want it, not necessarily with what happened, but putting myself in such... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

DATE NIGHT (femdom classic)
A wife turns her husband into a sissy slut who is f***ed to service other men and women.

Tonight was"Date Night" and as usually was the case, I'd spent
the day in a high state of anticipation. My wife, Chris, and I had
created the "Date Nights" several years ago to merge our divergent
sexual desires into a mutually satisfying relationship.

My sexual tastes ran to the more exotic side of the spectrum bondage,
f***ed oral sex, prolonged sessions, feminization and role
reversal were exciting fantasies for me. Chris playing the
dominant role was a... Continue»
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An Early Thanksgiving Stuffing

I had a little time to kill while driving home yesterday afternoon so I took a detour and stopped by the adult book/video store to check out the booths and maybe get a quick blowjob. I figured I could at least knock one out before starting the long holiday weekend. I wrote about this place a few months back and I've been here a few times since for a little fun, but nothing worth writing about.

I parked, went in the middle door and bought a $6 video card and then back out and into the room with the tall booths. For some reason I always go into a booth in the middle of the room. ... Continue»
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The Worm - Memoir

A few years ago, a good few years ago, I used to subscribe intermittently to a fetish mag called Axis which regular readers of my stories will already be aware of. You may even have heard of it; or even been members. It was, I think, a non-commercial enterprise but has now folded.

Anyway, the first meeting I had through it was with Mistress V, a lifestyle Domme, which I have already told you about.

A couple of years after Jodie and a couple of other girlfriends, and single, I encountered ‘The Worm’ and that’s what I’d like to share with you today…


I can't remember ... Continue»
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