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My workout fantasy

Last week I was at the fitness center of our apartment complex working out when this very lovely Indian mixed 30s something lady walked in. She walked over to the coat hooks and proceeded to strip down to her shorts and sports bra. By looking at her you can tell she took care of herself. She had dark skin and long flowing black hair tied up in a ponytail. she was about 5.10 or so and about 150 lbs with very long toned legs with a very ample round chest. at one point she got on the treadmill and was slowly working her speed up to a light jog. I than went and started on the exercise bike next to... Continue»
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hypnotic orgasms

I had been working as a consultant for a few years and had seen many clients for all sorts of reasons, but this one was new to me, I had a client consultation with a woman about 35 I guessed as I never ask my clients their age only what they want to achieve and a few simple questions to find out what they find relaxing, so I can create a suggestion script utilizing what they told me .

It was a slow day and she was my only client on that rainy Tuesday afternoon, I had my receptionist greet the client and show her into my office when she showed up at 3pm., I had her sit down in the chair ne... Continue»
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a foot perv 8

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. Ann told me he had left early because he had to help his dad move some wood. With a stern look at Ann I said I hope you didn't do anything you'd regret last night. Being on the subject I asked them how they learned so much about sex being that I could count the guys they had been with on one hand. They both laughed at me and said just because they were younger than ... Continue»
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a foot perv 9

It is the end of the week, mom and I are off to meet and pick up Ann from camping. We are meeting Lisa, moms friend ,her daughter Tina and Ann at a Pizza Hut for dinner. We all arrived about the same time and we went in where we were shown to a table in the back. Lisa and Tina sat across from me and mom and Ann were on each side of me. We ordered drinks and a couple of large pizzas. While we waited for them the conversation was on the girls camping trip and then switched to a party mom and Lisa were throwing.

About 25 minutes later the food came out and we began to eat. About half way thr... Continue»
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a foot perv 7

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. Ann told me he had left early because he had to help his dad move some wood. With a stern look at Ann I said I hope you didn't do anything you'd regret last night. Being on the subject I asked them how they learned so much about sex being that I could count the guys they had been with on one hand. They both laughed at me and said just because they were younger than ... Continue»
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My Life Stories: The Shower Curtain

My wife is interesting. As you may know from reading my story: My Wife Made Me a CumEater on Our Honeymoon, she and I did not have any sex on our honeymoon. Instead, she thought it would be fun to watch me jerk off (check out the story to know all the details).
But I say she's interesting cause back then, one day she would show no interest, the next she couldn't keep her hands off of me. Well, on one such occasion just about 6-months into our marriage, she walked with me into our bathroom and said, "honey, I love that you are always willing to play my games, and even succumb to my kinky ... Continue»
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The public showers...

I was talking to another girl online and asked about if they liked the idea of sex in a public shower/changing room and this fantasy popped into my head with her.... Hope you all like this.

After a few hours in a public swimming pool we go to the public showers. We go to the disabled area with a long wall around it that has a closable door on the inside. You press the button to turn the shower on, getting your one piece swim suit wet again. You apply shampoo to your wet hair and mass it in. You feel me behind you, I press my body into the back of yours. I put both straps between your... Continue»
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Little Bit of Fun

"Do you know what would be fun?"
"No. Tell me."
"Stealing a transporter band and going to Earth."
"You think it would be fun to break the law?"
"Nah, I think it would be fun to go to Earth. I don't care how we get there."
"Well, you go on your own then. I'm not getting involved. They'll lock you up for life if they find out you've been to a forbidden planet. Especially the most forbidden planet in the galaxy."
"They'll never know. We'll be back before anyone realises we're gone."
"Enough of the "we". You're on your own on this one. I don't want anything to do with Earth."
... Continue»
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Daddy paid for my accommodation at a sex resort.

To have an orgasm during sex, is natures reward.

For a woman to have an orgasm while a man is still inside her, pleases the man, for he thinks he is doing the right thing, and is rewarded with the pussy clamming-up around his cock and making it tighter.

For a woman to orgasm during sex with an audience of men watching, such as happened to me in Spain, invites all these strangers to release themselves into her, especially if she is alone, and can't stop the gang bang.

I went down to Spain alone in May, as the Summer sun in the height of the Summer months is too unbearable, and I like ... Continue»
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How to Eat out a Woman with a Big Ass

I was just reflecting on an experience I had in my early 20's. I was lucky enough to bed a nice looking woman around my age named Kit who happened to have a particularly large ass. It was one of those asses where the cheeks were not only wide, but long too. Anyhow, in addition to having a large ass, Kit also had what I would describe as swelled labia majora. Her outer lips were so blubous, they resembled a bell pepper. I was, of course, very interested in eating her out. She, it turned out was not very used to being eaten out - at least not as intently as I planned to do it. Because of the ana... Continue»
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I had met you, Ronnie, in the office and, while you were getting
coffee, I had a quick look in your diary and was not really
surprised to find references to a whole new personality.
You seemed to have a feminine side which you referred to as
'Jacquie'. I smiled to myself. With your delicate build and
features you looked as much a 'Jacquie' as a Ronnie!!! When you
returned I greeted you as Jacquie and you paled with shock. You
were so frightened of your secret getting out that you agreed to
do anything I demanded.
I thought that dinner at your house would be nice for a ... Continue»
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Hot for Teacher: Part 1

It was one of the last Fridays of the summer trimester before the end of the year and, incidentally, my graduation. Squat for career prospects, and barely having had any time for myself had left me exhausted and exasperated. Not to mention that our lecturer had been droning on for the past couple of hours. Half the room was already asl**p, and for all I knew we were all slightly dead inside.

I wouldn’t consider myself as anybody particularly special, or talented. I decided to go to uni at the very last minute, and while I had barely any idea of what I wanted to do later in my life, I ... Continue»
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Big Glass

Big Glass

The big, empty hall would soon be abuzz with light, gentle music, laughter, and eager conversation. For now, waiters and waitresses in immaculate black uniforms moved with quick steps to smooth wrinkles from tablecloths, line up glittering champagne glasses, and polish the empty glass cases in anticipation of their displays. The glass walls of the displays were already gleaming, but even the tiniest speck of dust needed to be brushed off before the crowds arrived. One waiter steadied himself as a couple of his fellows busily unrolled a thick, plush carpet, accidentally bumpin... Continue»
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My early days

I remember first getting involved with men. I remember this local toilet that used to be frequented by lots of different men who wanted more than just using the facilities. This particular incident that still lingers in my memory occurred some years back.

I went to the toilet as usual to see if I could meet someone who might like to play. I went into a cubical that had glory holes in the panels and took my trousers and my favourite white Y fronts down and sat down. After some time and on the verge of giving up a man came into the cubical next to mine. I looked through the glory hole an... Continue»
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Breeding Partners..

Day 1

Max sat in her tiny cell with its grey, unpainted concrete walls, staring at nothing as thoughts of escape filled her mind. That had been her only constant thought ever since she had woken up in the infirmary two weeks ago.

No, she corrected. Her mind had also been filled with thoughts of Zack. What Zack had done for her was so typically Zack; sacrificing himself to keep her alive. She had stared, numb in shock when that bitch, Renfro had told her in that smug voice of hers that Zack had died giving her his heart.

Thinking of Zack’s heat beating strongly inside her made he... Continue»
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Rita's Lascivious Trap.

You are at work and as you sit at your desk you find yourself constantly stealing glances at a woman named Rita. You have been fantasizing about her for some time now and you immediately get hard whenever she walks by you. She is everything you lust for in a woman; she is tall with a gorgeous face and she is also happens to be a very shapely plus size woman. You watch as Rita walks over to a file cabinet that is just a few feet in front of you and your, one quick glance and your cock instantly comes alive.

Rita's body defines the word voluptuous, with her tall five foot nine pleasantly plu... Continue»
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Wife let me watch her get fucked

It started with a loud crash, and just like that there was no power. My co workers and I walked outside to find that there had been an accident. After speaking with the emergency crews it became apparent it was going to be awhile before power could be returned to our building. My supervisor decided it was not going to be productive to stay and released us for the day. As I gathered my things under the emergency lights one of my friends Ann came up to me. Ann was a beautiful woman who was friends with my wife and myself. She really seemed to connect with my wife. They talked regularly and went ... Continue»
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the threesome

Tara sat on her phone messaging her new boyfriend Josh, he was so naughty and they planned to meet up soon for a sex session. They’d already met several times before but she didn’t see the harm in it. She was also messaging her friend Adrian on the update. The past few days he’d asked questions and wanted to see a photo just like any friend does when their friend says to them they’ve got someone in their life either a potential or definite partner so Tara thought nothing off it.

Adrian was currently happily chatting about this woman who was a little older who wanted sex with him. He wasn’t... Continue»
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kate monday

I woke up at six , I was alone, I walked down to my room Kate's door was shut
I got dressed and went to make a cup of tea, I walked through the lounge, sally was still laying there on her stomach, her blanket was half on the floor her dress was half way up revealing her bum, her knickers half between her cheeks, she was sound asl**p
I made some tea and looked out the window,it was pouring with rain just what I needed on my paper round,

I finished my tea and went to put my cup in the sink, there was a bowl of water laying at the bottom was the carrot that had caused me so much pain, I ... Continue»
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winter storm

It was a cold winter day,snow as flying,and the four too five inches of snow we were suppose to get turned into feet of snow. I had cleaned out our driveway twice now so mom could get in when she got out of work. Ann had just got home from school and was almost an hour later than normal. She said the roads were horrible and the snow plows were having trouble keeping up with all the snow.

Mom usually gets home around 5p.m. and it was now 6 and I was begining to worry. I was watching the news when the door flew open and mom crashed through the door. She was covered in snow as she shivered a... Continue»
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