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A Special Request


As a high-priced call girl for the last two years, I’ve had plenty of offbeat requests from clients: men who just want you to read to them, or who want you to spank them, or to pee on them — which I refuse to do because it’s disgusting — or to dress up as a nun or a nurse or a teacher or whatever. It’s mostly fine as far as I’m concerned, and just part of the job.

But recently I got involved with the most bizarre and fascinating situation of my career. I got a call from a woman (which itself is more common than you might think) who was looking for something ve... Continue»
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The woman who took my anal virginity

It's been a few years since a girlfriend first talked me into letting her take my anal virginity... convincing me to lay face-down on her bed with my legs spread apart, so that she could get between them and have her way with me.

It was obvious that she was really turned on by doing this kind of thing and that I was not the first guy that she had done it with, because what started out as a gentle probing with a single finger gradually turned into a vigorous ass fucking with a good sized dildo that she brought out from a box of toys that was hidden under her bed.

She began things quite sl... Continue»
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Who's The Boss Now

She passed Fifth Street and checked her watch, right on schedule and thankfully the crossing light was on her side this morning so she eased across the intersection without having to stop. Music from her IPod spurred her on as she rounded the corner on Jackson Avenue, in the home stretch now. The warm early May morning sun at her back, she could see the entrance to the building at the end of the city block and urged herself to push a little harder. Picking up speed, her music was drowned out by heavy breathing and the bl**d pounding from her heart into her head. With a hundred feet to go, Kimb... Continue»
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The Dental Assistant - Oral Rinse - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

just got my new insurance card in the mail. I called my dentist who I had gone to for years. She did not take my new insurance card. She recommended a guy across town. He had just open a new office. I would be one of his very first patients. I called him and made a appointment for a cleaning. I got the last appointment for the day. His office was going to stay open until 6:30pm for me. I had to work late.

I slept good the night before. I was a little nervous about going to the dentist. But I took a long shower. Shave some body hairs. I put on s... Continue»
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Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. Part

Part 3 – The Hotel Gardens

Your panties sit on the table in front of us, in normal circumstances you would have grabbed them, to hide them from anyone seeing, but here and now and with what you now knew and what you had recognised as seeing after being given an explanation, the panties were left laid on the table between us. Your hesitation was not about not being aroused, or willingness to feel a collar fastened signifying your submissive role....these things aroused you greatly, but how far would things go?
Recognising your hesitation and the reason for it.

“Suzie...I know this is a b... Continue»
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Me and my wife

One of mine and my wife’s favorite things to do to get in the mood and enjoy a good night of lovemaking is to sit in our hot tub and thentransition into a full body massage. Let me clarify, I love to massage my wife. It’s her favorite and most relaxing thing in the world, and it’s great foreplay too. Over our 3 years of marriage, I have found that it pleases her greatly, and it gets us both hot in the process. It’s the buildup that is enjoyable and always ends with some hot sex usually right there on the table or the floor in front of the fireplace.

Our evening starts with us climbing in th... Continue»
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My aunt

When I was a teen I moved out of my parent's home because if issues with my father. No......not anything sexual, let me say it this way, if I had stayed, I would probably still be in jail. My father was abusive and I couldn't take it any more and left. His b*****r, my uncle let me move in with him and my aunt. It was a sweet deal, I paid no rent and all I had to do was help out with yard work and some minor repairs he was always doing so he paid me a small weekly stipend ($6/hr.....good money back then when the minimum wage was $3.35/hr) and let me drink whatever I wanted as long as I sta... Continue»
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The Life of a True Male Slave

There is a picture in this vast collection which is in two halves. On the left a slim female in fantasy outfit with a whip. It is labelled "My idea of a Domination Fantasy" On the right is a picture of a slim female in ordinary clothes on a sofa relaxing while in the background is a male hard at work in the house. This one is labelled "Her idea of a Domination Fantasy - and my reality."

I laughed because it is so true. If you want the first, go to a professional; you are not being dominated, you are in charge, just paying for a service.

If you want the second . . . Well, would any many... Continue»
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The Walls - Part 1

“help me! Please Somebody!” A woman's voice screamed not that far off in the distance. I was walking down a dirt path in the redwoods near my house when I heard her screaming. I ran toward the voice. The further I ran, the quieter her screams became. I stopped, and looked at my surroundings. Trees, grass, and dirt. The trees gave off a shaded light, nearly blocking the sun overhead. I waited a few seconds before running toward where I last heard her. The screams were gone.

Ducking beneath some tree branches, I stopped in an open field and yelled “Where are you?!” hoping to get a ... Continue»
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BBW Wife Gone Wild Part III

I am sorry it has been so long since my last story but a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Those of you who read the last story recall the night she had a gang bang with some college boys. Well it turns out it was a lot more wild then we thought. A few weeks after that we found out that she was pregnant. However we did not know who the father was. We weren't sure if it was me or one of the college guys. After nine months she gave birth to a red red headed girl. Obviously was one of those boys from the gang bang. So shortly after giving birth we had her tubes tied and ... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - "Auf Wiedersehen, Pffet"


"Ahhh nothing beats getting paid well for a job done well..."
The heavy framed deadly curvaceous ASSassin known as Scorpio, aka Agent 78,
sighed as she sat down on her sofa.

The big deadly gorgeous assassin placed a laptop,
which looked tiny compared to her big bulky thighs, onto her lap.
She was hiding out in a small discreet B&B in the countryside of Croatia.
It was very early in the morning, still dark outside,
and she was tired having just killed off 2 powerful foes.
Before she could rest up, though, she had just one last thing to do.
Steal Bond's money.
... Continue»
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Gloryhole slut in training

As some of you read in my other story i am a young guy that wants to expand his number of cocks he has had. I dont know exactly how to do it and i search around the internet and gloryholes caught my attention. I just think they are the sexiest thing ever! like taking load after load whats more hot than that? I knew i wouldnt be able to just go in there and go full board (even though i sucked a few cocks) but not many. I doubted i would be able to swallow all that cum even though i knew i most likely could so i started training. I did it by saving up big loads over a few days and flipping my le... Continue»
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Real weekend 2015

After writing the Fantasy week-end story, actually it become reality.We went to meet with my wife's lover, and to be together for 2 nights and 2 days.
I was in charge to look for an apartment for this days, and i never looked for hotel rooms and apartments with an erection, but this time, every picture i saw i was just imagining them on that bed, in that showe, in front of the mirror on so on.
Finally i book a small apartment with a big bed, a small couch with bed view.
We arrived late, and he was already waiting for us.In my mind i tought that after we close the apartment door behind us, t... Continue»
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OMG; I would to tell a story on what happen to me a few years back. I have been chatting with this gurl I meet on AFF. We been chatting for some time now and I happen to mention that I had the house to myself on Saturday night. We made plans to meet and dress and do each other’s make-up and hair, something I need help with. We were to meet at my house at 9:00 pm; I started prepping myself at 5:00. I took a nice bubble bath, shaved 2 times and moisturized my body. I even clean my inside if you know what I mean. Did my toe nails and finger nails, both in a hot ruby red. As I was letting my nail ... Continue»
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Mr O.

At the end of homeroom Mr. O told me to meet him in his office, my friends patted me on the back and said they would see me later, the boys made disgusting noises as if Mr. O was going to spank me in his office. After I packed my backpack I walked as slowly as possible down the quiet hallway leading to his door, I could hear him on the phone, it sounded like to his wife he was talking in a very low sexy tone and I thought I heard him say "I love you".
I knocked on the door and opened it. He motioned for me to sit down. As he ended the call he walked to the door and I heard him lock it. "Brit... Continue»
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My Little Toy Sissy-boi - Ch 1

My Little Toy Sissy-boi

Chapter 1

By CDJackie

I was standing at the sink with my lingerie about half done when I heard the door bell ring. I didn’t care for the interruption but thought what could I do so I went to the door figuring I’d just send away whoever it was. When I opened the door my young lover was standing there and it ticked me off, when I talked to her earlier on the phone I had told her to come over to see me but to not arrive for at least 2 hours since I was going to be busy.

I let her in and as she moved past me in to the living room my eyes dropped to the sway of... Continue»
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A night at the club

This is a true event that happend a couple of weeks ago
I was home at my parents for the weekend and saturday night I wanted to go clubing with some girlfriends but non of them had time to go so I thought "fuck 'em. I'll go by my self". I was kinda horny so I put on a revealing outfit and went out for the night. I was sitting at the bar for for 10 minuttes (not unusual) till a nice guy came up and offerd me a drink. He was pretty hot and buff so I accepted and we got to talking and he seemed to be a nice guy. We talked for about 15 minuttes till we decided to go find a bathroomstall and have ... Continue»
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Late night tail

I switched off the Alfa's off and sighed. I had arrived. Finally this was going to happen. Things had been absolute crap sexually since my wife up and left with an Italian boy of questionable morals. Having few male friends, I'd complained off and on to my lady friend Beth. She'd never been my type as such, she reminded me to much of my ex for that, but she was a good friend.

On this night we had been sitting chatting on FB, and she was clearly a bit d***k, yet unusually I wasn't. I was horny though. Our chat soon turned to sex, as it often did, and we talked a bit about the new remote fak... Continue»
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It's just for fun...

I remember in high school taking Photography class. It was an easy A and the teacher was pretty cool. We learned how to develop our own photos in the school darkroom and we were encouraged to go out and shoot "Artistic" photos, some of which would appear in the High School yearbook. Well, I, for one, wanted to shoot some "Artistic" nudes! There was this girl in the class, Doreen, and we were kinda pals, sitting next to each other in class and making fun of some of the other students pathetic efforts at photography.
So, one day, I ran into Doreen after school and we walked about half ... Continue»
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Kryssy's New Playmate

Fred and Kryssy had an amazing sex life. They enjoyed all kinds of physical intimacy, from the vanilla to some things that some consider taboo. Nothing too wild, but things that could possibly horrify those that still think sex should only be missionary with the lights off. One night while they were calming down from a particularly exhilarating romp, they began to talk about fantasies and fetishes they had. They discussed the normal male fantasies, like having 2 women at once, some light BDSM, etc. Fred looked down at Kryssy lying on his chest and asked, “what about you babe? Any wild fantasie... Continue»
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