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Dressing Up

We spent nearly the entire morning shopping at women's boutiques and
lingerie shops, and I was looking forward to trying on my newly bought
clothes. I was in the privacy of a rented room at a Victorian hotel
with my new friend, another young crossdresser, whose femme name was
Lisbeth. We met at a local Transvestite convention in Sacramento,
where we soon became fast friends. He was great fun to be with;
slender, blonde with green eyes, and like me, could easily pass in
public as a pretty girl. As we walked around town that day, we looked
like happy girlfriends. I stand 5'7" and lo... Continue»
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In Sickness ... and in Lust

My sexual liaison with Sue started with an exchange of emails. At first, they were quite vanilla and demure. But soon, they became increasingly suggestive, then progressing to become downright explicit in sexual context.

By the time our exchanges became downright lewd, I "confessed" to her that I had a suspicion that communicating with her had affected me greatly. My conclusion was that she had caused me to suffer from satyriasis. She had created in me the uncontrollable urges and wantonness of a "male nymphomaniac."

Her response was that she would be very pleased to "take care" of whate... Continue»
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Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch

... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #4: Regina

Regina is a pretty petite nice naughty nun, whose tulip type love lips seduce to lick her vagina.
Regina is very vegan: "The only meat I eat is in between ladies legs or a pole of a proper Priest".
Regina loves to show off her hairy vagina, especially when she notices Priest Peter is watching her.
Regina loves to be licked by the novices or Professor Peter, especially when her wet twat is red!

Sancta Sara is a spiritual sect in a nunnery in the hills of Upper Sexonia. It hosts only s!sters, both nuns and novices. Sasha is Superior Mom, her younger s!ster Natalia is also mom wi... Continue»
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Disappointing finish after 69 - Premature Ejaculat

We had just gotten home from dinner with a friend of hers. As soon as we walked in, Nicole pushed me against the wall, and we began to make out. She was already primed. For most of the 30 minute drive home, I was rubbing her pussy through her blue and white striped VS panties. She was wearing a cute summer dress that night. As she got into the car to drive us home, her skirt rid up her legs enough for me to barely see the tip of her panties. As she pulled out of the complex and reach the first traffic stop, I couldn't resist. I slid my hand between her legs and slowly began to rub her pussy. N... Continue»
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Changing sides at the gloryhole

It was late one night when Lana was driving home from work. She was cruising down the motorway, having drank 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake, when suddenly her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She had to stop off at the next service station she saw. She was driving for another 10 minutes before she came across a service station, and by then she was absolutely bursting.

She pulled into the car park and parked up as close to the building as possible. She grabbed her phone and handbag off the passenger seat, got out, locked the car, and briskly walked into the building.

"Excus... Continue»
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Part 2 - Meet up with Kelly

If you missed the first part, go find it - Back in College with Kelly.

I came home from class one early afternoon to find that Kelly left something in my room for me. She always had a key to my room so she could enter the building and get up the elevator and so I didn't have to go get her. On my bed was a bag from the local clothing store in town. There was a note that said, “Put this on and wait for me. I’ll be back later. Love, Kelly.” When I opened the bag, I instantly smelled her perfume and inside the bag was some sexy panties, thigh high stockings, and a sort of slip/nightie top. I im... Continue»
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this is for my huge ultra hung super strong friend too2badd David

It was the morning i would meet the biggest man i ever mett ,A huge hulking black man who hada huge hard on ever since we met and is as hot for me as i am for him not only is he hung bigger than a bull but is way taller than any one else nearly twice my tiny five feet zero tall and his cock goes on forever long and thicker than my fore arm.
I stood loking in the mirror as i aplied my whoreish make up and slipped on my tight white silk panties god i was having trouble already with my big throbbing hard clit in anticipation of... Continue»
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The Honeymoon

First Night

Jessica and I walk into our hotel room laughing and chatting about the very long day we just finished. I threw my bag on the desk and she put hers in the bathroom. I am still feeling the champagne so I know she is more lit than me because of how much she drank and her size. Jessica is 5'nothing. Weighing around 110 lbs. She has short choppy blond hair and stunning blue eyes. I could see her little nipples pointing through her little blue dress that made her eyes standout even more. She must've taken her bra off in the car or maybe before. I was too tired to remember. The hotel r... Continue»
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Before We Met - Part 3 - More Background:

WOW – a lot has happened (for the better) the last few months. SD has moved into the Master Bedroom, three of my FIL’s friends come over on a regular basis, and my FIL’s heath is much better according to his doctors. I’ve also gotten to hear SD tell her dad and his friends the stories (and a few I hadn’t heard before) about her (SD’s – my wife’s) sex life and how she led two separate and distinct sex lives – the part of her story is a combination of what she told me and what she told her father in front of me at the supper table a few days ago. To continue the story of my wife’s (SD) sexual tr... Continue»
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for his love

He said hello and my heart skipped a beat, his voice low , deep and seductive had my complete attention. His intense stare warned of danger, his crooked smile froze me in place. "Come here often" he asked as he leaned in closer....GULP!" No, not too often you?" "Often enough" was his vague reply. He studied me like an open book of information he was hungry for. He leaned even closer and took a deep breath , let out a growl of satisfaction...".you smell like heaven" he said.....I couldn't breathe...his closeness made me nervous, his eyes dark and full of promise. "May I take you home" he whispe... Continue»
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dominating you

Let's go and you do everything I say. First I want you to take off your clothes and lie down on the bed, I do not want any word and you will not hesitate to enf***e any order to give you and less on anything that makes you, this will be for us to enjoy, but I to tell you if you disobey a rule have to punish you.

I put the mask over your eyes and handcuffs on your wrists above your head, do not move and do not say anything whisper next to your ear and you dutifully remain motionless, I put to one side of the bed and I make you wait while I naked slowly. When I finished I approach your feet a... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

This story is going to be long, but I think you guys will like it.

They were at it again.

Brad and his girlfriend were always very careful when their parents were around, but if it was just his little s****r Emily left in the house they didn't have a care in the world. It was funny too, because Emily and her b*****r never had the 'you won't tell mom and did, will you?' conversation. She could have easily just hinted to her parents what was going on after they left the house.

But ultimately, Emily wasn't going to do it. Her b*****r was usually very sweet to her. Besides, i... Continue»
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Co worker's horny wife part 4

Part 4
I slept in on Saturday. My “appointment” with Lila wasn’t until that afternoon. I met up with her and we spent most of the day together. I thought we would have some hot sex but she wasn’t feeling great. She felt like snuggling and cuddling so we spent most of the day just lounging. I had told her I had work to do and had to leave. I had pre-packed some things so I could go straight over to Jordan’s. I grabbed the few things out of the trunk and got to her apartment around 7. A part of me thought, “Maybe she sobered up and had a change of heart,” but those thoughts were dashed ... Continue»
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the sexual adventures of danielle.

danielle had a lot on her mind as she lay on her bed in her new bedroom.alot had happened in the last few months.she had left school only a few days ago and was looking for a job,her mom had come home 2 months ago with the news that she was getting married to a guy she had met.not only that but he had invited them both to come live with him.it wasn't long after that her mom introduced him to danielle.he was much older than her mum,he was 50 and mom was 35.danielle thought he had a nice smile and a friendly manner about him.she took to him well and they soon moved in to his home.it was situated... Continue»
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Sissy boy and ... a shave

It’s a Saturday night. I’ve been talking with this guy online for a while now trying to determine if he and I are the right fit…. and also work up the balls to meet up (…so my balls and much more can be worked over). We’d spoken about a whole bunch of things whilst chatting, his fetishes, mine, and what both of us would like to do to the other / have done to us. From this it all seemed pretty enticing so we teed up a night we were both free to dedicate to debauchery. Thankfully for me my instincts were accurate when we meet, the guy hadn’t hyped it up, or just completely lied about what he loo... Continue»
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satisfied by a dog

I was just 13 when the girls at school started talking about sex. Many of them were having sex, and they were very excited to be telling us ‘Virgins’ about it. They talked about the different sizes of the ‘cocks’ that the boys had and how long they could go before they would cum ( I didn’t even know what that meant). They compared the tecknec of the different boys at school. How good they could fuck. Who they wanted to fuck again. There seemed to be a lot of different guys that the girls were fucking. They offered to set the ‘virgins’ up with the guys who did the best job of taking the ‘cherri... Continue»
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Lil One

Chapter One

Firstly, I will describe my newest fuck toy. I call her my “lil’ one”, because she only 4’11” short and being a foot taller, I tower over her. She has full hips and large breasts both of which fear and love my ministrations. She was sent to me for training by her current Dom. This job, as any other, I do not take lightly and so I put her through my paces.

I enter the room and find her in the center of the great room of My dungeon. She is kneeling, with her knees spread wide, back slightly curved, arms locked tightly behind her back, her head bowed and her eyes cast down... Continue»
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Black Cat the Teeanage Years

Black Cat Teenage Years

By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.com

Black Cat dominate Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey

It been a couple of days since Gwen found out Peter Parker was Spiderman. She was surprise the dorky k** she knew for so long was the wall crawler. They had been best friend since grade school and she decided it was time to make a move. She was in the bathroom brushing her blond hair, wearing a nice little skirt, sneakers and nice tank top. She had a pretty tone body because she always been a bit of a tom boy. Her breast was firm C cup but they were growing as time was going on. She h... Continue»
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Felica Hardy humilates Mary Jane

Mary Jane and May Jane get owned again (humiliation ending)

By lilguy4174@yahoo.com

Emma and Felicity have a sl**pover with their teens and their victims

Author Note

It been a while since Felicia Hardy ended her rivalry with Mary Jane Watson by completely humiliated her and making her a slave. Her daughter Felicity Hardy got in on the act by dominated Mary Jane daughter May Day Parker. Both of the Watson’s were beautiful red heads with super models looks. Mary was hot enough to be Felicia rival for years but Felicia seems to always come out ahead. In fact she would fuck her Husba... Continue»
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