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Husband uses technology to see wife with another m

Jim and Carol had just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, having been married in 2025. Their sex life was good, just not as frequent or as exciting as it had once been. Carol had not been very experienced when they wed. Jim was only her second boyfriend and her first boyfriend had not made it past second base.

Recently Jim had begun to feel that Carol might have missed out on some valuable sexual experience by not having dated more before they were married. He didn't want Carol to have any regrets later in life when she wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He also thought that ... Continue»
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Nerd learns of his space bound destiny

"You're joking... Please tell me you're joking!"

"Jacob, I'm sorry," said a mildly sympathetic voice from the opposite end of the phone, the owner of the voice's attention firmly on the last minute touches of her up-do hairstyle.

"No, Courtney, you're not. You call me an hour before prom to tell me you're going with your ex instead? You know what? Fuck off!" As Jacob put up a strong front he was broken on the inside.

He threw his phone across his bedroom and ran downstairs. In his moment of rage, he began to realize the positive aspect of what had just happened. At least his parents ... Continue»
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A ranger meets an elf in the wild

Sitting on his bedroll in just his trousers, Thanir watches as the first rays of the morning sun broke through the trees. He glances quickly at the smoldering remains of last night's fire but decides against rekindling it. The next town, and a real meal in a tavern, is only a few miles away so there was no need to cook a breakfast. Rubbing the last of the sl**p from his eyes, the young ranger stands and stretches.

Just as he begins to roll up his bedding, a series of sounds jerk Thanir's attentions to the east. Dropping the bedroll, he grabs his sheathed sword and runs off in the direction ... Continue»
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World is run by women in the year 2056

I have been up since 6:30 this morning and now it's almost 7 a.m. My erection has started, as I get excited and aroused with anticipation, just thinking of what's coming at 7.

I am scared thinking about what will happen to me in two days and try hard to get it off my mind. I must enjoy the pleasures of the next two days and not think about the future.

There's a light tap on the door and it opens. It's Eva and I'm very pleased to see her. She's wearing a loose white top with very brief red shorts. I see that her breasts are pushing against her top and they move whenever she moves. She sit... Continue»
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Morning Surprise

I see you log in about 7am! hum...

So there you are just logged on... as you are reading my last msg (about
an hr earlier), you feel a light breeze inside your legs that are open
because you're cock is getting excited. You look down and see my hand
right in front of your panties hovering above your swelling cock! What a

You can see up my skirt that my panties are wet with excitement. I'm
wearing my new blue silky m&s panties and they feel so silky on my stiff
cock that i'm leaking pre cum into the gusset.

You lean under your desk to get a closer look, you reach ... Continue»
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Do you like massage?

You lie naked on the bed, I have a large bowl of hot water with oil warming and retrieve a towel from the sink that is hot and wet, I lay the towel on your back to warm you and draw the bl**d to the surface, before it cools too much I remove it and you feel the hot oil drizzle on your back. I hurry to spread it all around so it doesn't drip off onto the bed. the warm towel is on your upper legs now as I continue spreading the oil on your back. Now the drizzle is on your legs and I smooth it around refreshing the towel for your lower legs; repeating the process of apply and spreading the oil.... Continue»
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Tits Have Benefits Ch. 02

crossdressing – shemale – strapon – anal – feminization – oral – transgender

Well thanks for the positive feedback from my first story guys. I am touched that you picked up on the fact that this is actually a sensitive love story. In this next part Andrea finds that in choosing to be in a relationship with Jane she also is choosing to be in a relationship with Jane's lesbian friends.........

In summary may name used to be Andy, now it is Andrea. And after completely transforming myself into a woman, tits and all and with the only exception being my dick, I had returned to claim ... Continue»
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Never Going Back Again

feminize – feminization – transsexual – crossdresser – gay

To tell the truth, I never really figured out how to do the guy thing very well. I was always small for my age. People used to say that I'd shoot up someday, but it never happened. All through my school years, I looked about two years younger than my classmates. It didn't make for an adolescence filled with confidence, or even security. I was picked on mercilessly—teased, of course, but also actually beaten up from time to time.

It didn't help that I wasn't just small of stature but also small in the "manhood department"—s... Continue»
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Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 1, The Set-Up)

Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 1, The Set-Up)

Note: The following story is a work of fiction. All events depicted are just fantasies.

If you read my profile, you'll know a bit about my sex life. I'm married to a beautiful BBW with great big breasts, a nice round, white ass, and a large pussy (that I keep trimmed/shaved almost bare). One of my fantasies is see my wife have sex with other men. Now, we've tip-toed around talking about cuckolding, but my wife knows it turns me on. For example, when I shave my wife's pussy, our next sexual encounter always ends up the same. I'll be ad... Continue»
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Who let the kitty in?

Everyone and everything in this story was over eighteen years old at the time of writing.


His wife slept next to him every night. And his wife's cat slept curled up on the end of the bed by her feet. The cat was black, which made a big difference, because each night around 3:00 am the man would wake up in a pleasant daze and listen for a while to his beautiful young wife's peaceful breathing, except that when ever he glanced at the end of the bed, the cat sitting calmly looking at him. And without fail each night, when he glanced to the end of the bed, that black cat placidly staring, ... Continue»
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Mr Mushroom

Everyone (and everything) in this story was over eighteen years old at the time of writing.


He was new to the town, having moved for work, and he had moved into the apartment six weeks before. His wife would follow in another two long weeks. He was lonely, but he consoled himself with lengthy ambles through the Mid Western town's abundant forested parkland. The man lived on one side and worked on the other side of a particularly large and beautiful park, which stretched nearly to the downtown area, and split right through the most direct routes from work to home, and home to work. Ev... Continue»
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Daddy Fantasy – Bree

Daddy Fantasy – Bree

Bree had her wrists secured to her thighs. She was leaning forward at the edge of the bed with her pretty feet hanging in the air. Her face was pressed into the sheets. She looked like a triangle from the side with her beautiful ass in the air. A blindfold covered her eyes; she felt helpless. Her lover was standing on the floor between her feet sliding his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. He varied the speed and depth of his thrusts. Sometimes hard and fast so that he was pounding her with his body; sometimes slow and gentle with a loving motion. Occasiona... Continue»
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Walking Dead Carl fucks maggie and beth

"Would you look at that?" Carl glances up at his father's words. Maggie and Beth are in the distance and they look like they're stripping naked. He pauses to watch. He can feel himself flushing but his dad was looking as well so he figured it was alright. They don't strip entirely though, just down to their underwear and then they lay down on a blanket Carl hadn't noticed they'd already spread out. He looks at his father hearing him huff out a laugh. "Guess the world is getting better when pretty women have time to sunbathe. I sure hope they don't burn." Rick shakes his head sticking it back u... Continue»
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Hoshi Services Malcolm's Weapon

Ensign Hoshi Sato was a cute eastern-Asian mix, standing a average five foot seven, she has a very toned athletic build and a nice ass, unknown to most of her fellow crew due to baggy overalls she also had two other rather impressive features, and those were her 32-D breast, full and round in all their Asian glory. Currently Hoshi and Malcolm were working on target practice in the shuttle bay. A round silver hologram projector was fixed to a bulkhead, showing a one-foot square flying metal orb. The orb danced around the compartment, up down left right randomly juking and diving as ensign Hoshi... Continue»
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The Guys in the Suite

I should have known better.

I played pool with Jake down in the lobby the night before, and he'd invited me to the end of the hall, the suite, to watch the game with his roommates. Easy to be flattered: the golden boy with the build of a body spray commercial wanting to hang out with the skinny English major.

Our dorm had a suite at either end, three guys instead of two, but a separate bathroom. You had to be a big man to get a suite, an upperclassman for one thing, but even then it helped to know people. Or to have Jake's bright white smile and easy confidence.

I knew the other tw... Continue»
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My first real cock sucking adventure happened when I was in between my freshman and sophomore year. I went riding on my motorcycle going nowhere in particular and soon found myself by the truck stop about ½ mile from my house. I was really feeling horny, I then thought of the rest stop on the other side of the road that had dirty writing on the walls and where I'd heard of nefarious activity in the past. I wondered if it was possible that guys actually met there for sex, well I decided to check it out.

I pulled up to the rest stop and it was pretty much deserted except for a couple of cars,... Continue»
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True story 1

Well after nearly 3 very quiet weeks of very safe sex, i had two adventures in as many days.
The oldest guy i have spoken to for ages turned out to be very genuine.
He was in his 80s but very masculine and very naughty with an absolute spanking fetish.
Found him on CL and we had been chatting for a couple of weeks.
I didnt think he was genuine and im sure he didnt think i was lol.

I turned up late afternoon at his old peoples home address thinking this is a wind up lol.

It wasnt....
He invited me in and immediately told me to strip
I love a guy that takes control.
I strippe... Continue»
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True story 2

Answered an ad last week.
'Female company wanted £££" on another site.
He was 72 and we emailed a few times again before arranging for me to go and see him.

He wanted he said some light massage/lunch/company.... but his emails were quite flirty and i thought why not.

When i arrived i asked if i could take a quick shower as a baby had thrown up on the tube and the smell of sick had worked its way into my hair and clothes.

Of course he said and showed me to the bathroom.
I waited a couple of minutes and it became obvious he was just going to stand there and watch me lol.

I started... Continue»
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True story 3

So...... i did it, met the guy monday, this is what happened.

I arrived at his address, made up, little skirt and tight top as he told me to be wearing.

He answered his door and i could smell his cats lol.
A big communal block of flats in a really run down bit of london.
He wasn't the guy in the picture i replied to, he was at least 70 and even though the guy in the pic was wearing a mask...it was so obviously not him.

He thrust the strongest vodka i have ever tasted into my hand and started making small talk in his kitchen.
Porn playing in the living room and a mattress on the flo... Continue»
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Transformed by Uncle

As a toddler my mom and dad would always cringe when someone came up to
them and said, "What a lovely little girl." My mother especially took
great offense at that, but the truth is I did look more like a girl than a
little boy. As I grew up, my mom kept my hair very short and always
dressed in very masculine little outfits. For Halloween I was always a
cowboy, or a fireman, she dressed me in sailor suits. As hard as they
tried however, I had a very feminine face and when my blonde hair grew out
just a bit it would be very very curly.

I hated the toys they bought me. I did... Continue»
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