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Wife caned for Husband's mistake...from Emily

Wife caned for Husband's mistake...Emily...Part I

It's official Judy is now my new BFF, she's invited me and my Husband to her fancy dress party, her house is beautiful and massive and her, rather handsome Husband, Danny is rich, works in the city, no idea what he does there but they are stinking rich and their Halloween parties are legendary...

I don't really know her Husband Danny that well but I have to confess I find myself rather attracted to him, he has such a strong, masterful presence, even my Husband said he was a man's man and when Judy declared Danny was going to dress up as ... Continue»
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Hollywood Mom- Darla and Pop

In a pitch dark room, on a bed with all black sheets and pillows, lay Darla in only a tissue thin, sheer white robe. Her arms were at her sides, her knees raised, feet flat on the bed. A soft padded, leather cuff shackled arm to ankle on both sides. Between her knees, a spacer bar, spreading her comfortably wide. Her head on a pillow and a small pillow beneath her hips, raised her cunt a few inches. The only light in the room came from a soft glow of a Flat Screen monitor on a pedestal, at the very end of the mattress. The picture she see's before her, is a tight zoom of inner thigh and full... Continue»
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Former Student Matures into Hot Nymph

I used to teach high school and the parade of hot young girls never stopped. Of course 18 is the legal age of consent and they could not be students if you wanted to have sex with any of them. Though I might have fantasized about it I never touched one of my students. One particular student was not that attractive in high school she was not one of the girls that wanted to show off her budding young body. Krystal was peculiar in an emo type of way. I was visiting a hospital in the area about 10 years after Krystal graduated. I was no longer a teacher and she was a grown woman in a job as ... Continue»
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Dawn`s ultimate fantasy2

Dawn`s ultimate fantasy2
She began to quietly cry, her heels making her legs ache, her neck painful, wrists sore, belly still full, arse raw, asking herself if she would ever see home, Andy, or her master ever again.
She wondered what price they got for her, she would have given anything to be under the master`s whip at that moment, or at home with Andy, her mind flitted from one thing to another, the bus, the leering man.
With a click he lights came up and George appeared; short, smelly barrel-fat and greasy, he twisted her right nipple again; he did it just to hear her intake of breat... Continue»
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Dawn`s ultimate fantasy 3

Dawn`s ultimate fantasy3
The week passing slowly the bruises and the piercings sore but not too bad.
Saturday came round again and by now she could read the signs mid afternoon the tall man arrived this time with his wife a dark haired woman called Pat, big of breast, short of body overweight, she fondled the dog as if it were an old friend, they waited for the baldy man, till he arrived, at five, she was showered and emptied, like some robot, she was then taken to the ‘playroom’.
Leather cuffs this time, placed on her wrists by George. She stood vulnerable and still in the centre of the r... Continue»
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Birthday bash Saturday 8th February 2015

Birthday bash Saturday 8th February 2015
The Birthday bash told from a cuck hubbys point of view:
My own birthday had been just a few days before my wife Dawn`s Today was hers and we had decided to celebrate with a meal however, we master had decided that we were to celebrate in a perhaps to some unconventional way.
For those who don’t know us I should explain that my wife has a kink, fetish joy call it what you will, about being used.
This was controlled well till I wanted as a treat to watch my wife with another man, most husbands have t... Continue»
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Dawn`s ultimate fantasy 1

Dawn`s ultimate fantasy 1
Let`s have a quick refresher about Dawn first;
she`s a pretty little thing, just 5 ft 5” tall, Married, has Husband, An occasional Lover and a Master, who Every week calls her to his lair uses her as he wishes then sends her home next day well fucked. She then sends her adventures as a note to me her Scribe who in turn writes them up as a story for her and dotes on her every word/
Meanwhile the hubby Andy (a devoted cuckold) is sat at home with his kit in a chastity cage, awaiting her return his only knowledge of what has happened is the story by the scribe o... Continue»
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What he wanted to do with my prim and proper wife

I shared some photos of my wife with a guy back in the 90s with the stipulation that he would write a story on how he would use her. Here it is. Comments encouraged.

Now... what I'd like to do with you and Pamela...
I am going to get a chance to something that most men never get a chance to do, tell another man what he would like to do to his wife!
I get the call, "room 417, come see us she's ready". I am nervous and my heart is racing as a walk down the hall. Here I am, knowing that I am going to have the opportunity to touch your wife, fondle her body, stroke the smooth white inner ... Continue»
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Work Bitch

The Plane shuttered and I closed my eyes, we were 50,000 feet up and I just got done drinking my second Bud when I decide to take a nap. It had been a long week and my wife was leaving me and my dog ran away and I lost my car. My job did not give me a raise or the promotion I was looking for and they decide to hire a women to run the sales office. I was up for the promotion but they wanted to capture the women market at the up coming trade show in Houston, so I went along for the ride. I new a guy at the ticket counter, we went way back and he upgraded me to first class so not all was lost.

... Continue»
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It's not that I don't like k**s. I like them just fine. But
when I'm trying to conduct business, they can be distracting, if
not a downright nuisance!

On the other hand...


So there I was, trying to explain to this proverbial blond how
her computer had mysteriously come to be infected with the latest

"No no Carol, it really isn't the FBI at all. That's just a
scare screen the hackers put up to scare you."

"But, I didn't do anything! I mean, sometimes I click the wrong
link and end up on some porn sight... but I always click right
back off of it!"

I coul... Continue»
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The Long Weekend.

I recieved a call from a Lindsey a beautiful woman I had met through a friend. She asked me if I wanted to stop over and have a few beers with her since her friends had sold her out. Having just walked in from work I told her that I would have to shower and eat but that I would be over in a hour or two. "Okay, Hurry, I wanna have some fun, hehe." She replied and quickly hung up. It struck me as odd the way she was acting, but I quickly shrugged it off and ready. I had been attracted to Lindsey since we had first met. At 5'6" long brown hair, brown eyes, slim, toned and tanned body, and smooth ... Continue»
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Inter-sexed 1

Back on the road again, Big Maxine had the windows down. Her loose hair blowing as wind blew through the cab. She and Casey both had on a similar summer dress. Circulating air blew their dresses back or billowed them up to flap. Max sighted Casey's flying dress and said,"you left him out"? Casey giggled back "yes, I had to. Seems fucking you has given him a mind of his own. Look at him moving. If I put him back in, he will certainly fuck me". , he actually will fuck on his own now, I do nothing". Max grinned. Casey said "I'm serious, it's your cunt he's after". Casey turned to face Max a... Continue»
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vaction with a friend

Finally I get to go, My friend Donna and I are going to her uncles time share in Mexico. It is in a big gated community on the Pacific. It was nothing special but for two 21 year old girls we were on top of the world. Our condo was small, more like a two room hotel, one bed, one bath, small sitting area and a kitchen. It was perfect for us. Within minutes we were in our tiny bikini’s and heading to the pool. Donna is wilder then I am, she is a freckly red head, has huge boobs DD, she is a bit thicker not fat just has bigger thighs and a bit of a stomach. Nothing that would stop her from wearin... Continue»
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Morning dominance

Anne was my first real girlfriend, I've had girlfriends before but never anything serious or more than a summer love, I still lived at home with my parents and in the weekends Anne would sl**p over. Those always were fun weekends with explorative fidgeting under the covers and because we were going steady for a while the exploration went a bit further every time, it didn't have the awkwardness of a one time fling. Anne had dark hair, shoulder length, a cute face with ditto smile and brown eyes, she was slim but not skimpy, there was some meat on her bones, a good C-cup with delicious nipples a... Continue»
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Black Amazon with Strap-on

There is nothing quite as sexy as a beautiful Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. The first time I saw one in a porn video, I was immensely turned on. Of course, it's not something I was supposed to admit. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Even in Canada, the Black male's image is one of machismo, raw sexuality and danger. And most of us try to live up to it regardless of how we feel inside. My name is Armand Joseph. This is my tale of getting by in the city of Montreal while seeking to fulfill my sexual desires.

Yeah... Continue»
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Adventures of a hotwife part 1

What kind of husband wants their wife to fuck someone else? I’m sure he just wants to find some young hot slut himself. Ugh! I wish we could just fuck with out him fantasizing I just came home from being with someone else! I should just do it, find someone fuck their brains out and tell him all about it; I bet he wouldn’t like it if it actually happened! All these thoughts and much more were racing through my head as I rode the stationary bike at the gym. As I started cooling and slowing down on the bike I mindlessly scrolled through my phone and seen a notification from a forbidden crush. My... Continue»
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caught by my s****r and her friend 7

Kate led me away into the garden, my head was spinning, I had just watched my mom being gangbanged by five guys including both our fathers. The image of that huge black cock stretching her pussy was stuck in my head, not to mention seeing five loads of cum running out of it, mom and dad were supposed to be away looking after grandpa not at Kate's parents house fucking everyone in sight!

Kate had led me to a grass area out of sight of the house, I was standing there in a daze with the hardest boner I have ever had and Kate was trying to get my pants down past it. Once she had succeeded she ... Continue»
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Asked to Flash ( fun on my own)

One day while I was at work my boss came in and said I had to go out of town for a few days to help get our new plant set up. I was about to ask if I could take the wife along if she could get off work. Before I could ask he said the plane tickets and were in here and handed me an envelope and said hotel reservations were all set. I didn't catch that he said, tickets were in here at first but he called judy in, (a new girl) and said the two of us were going. She sat down and he told us about it and told us to take our time and make sure everything got done right. After they left I called ... Continue»
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Note on the Plot:

Story of the Eye (French: L'histoire de l'oeil) is a 1928 novella by Georges Bataille that details the increasingly bizarre sexual perversions of a pair of teenage lovers. It is narrated by the young man looking back on his exploits.

Story of the Eye consists of several vignettes, centered around the sexual passion existing between the unnamed late adolescent male narrator and Simone, his primary female partner. Within this episodic narrative two secondary figures emerge: Marcelle, a mentally ill sixteen-year-old girl who comes to a sad end, and Lord Ed
... Continue»
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Fixing Granny's Pool

Well if you have been following my stories about my 66 year old lover Dawn you know that we had a great time in Las Vegas and both regretted returning to our hum-drum lives in Tucson. I am a forty-three year old stud with the thirty-four year old girlfriend, but it was my 66 year old granny Dawn who kept staying in the back of my mind. We kept in touch via sexy E-Mails and about a month went by without us meeting. I was worried what would happen if my younger lover would find out about our relationship and our planned cruise.

Then one day I got a frantic E-Mail from Dawn, she said her pool ... Continue»
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