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The Truth About Wolfie and Little Red

Introduction: I am here to set the record straight. The story of Little Red Riding Hood has been told as one with threats and a big bad wolf. Well, I am the wolfie but that is not how it all went down. Listen, I didn't want to eat her, okay? Hell, I'm not a cannibal. Might be a little pervy on the sniffing thing but I mean, I'm a canine so what do you expect? Anyway, what follows is the true story of what happened on that infamous day.


She didn't have red hair as many have suggested, nor did she wear a “riding hood”. In fact, she didn't wear a clo... Continue»
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Order In The Court - Part 2

Order In The Court - Part 2

A ecstatic Danielle Mais led her new White Slave out of the courthouse along with her Mother Fran & her two younger s****r's Roni & Delia.
The old VOW bus waited in the parking lot under the hot Sun. The fear in PantySniffer's eyes was very real.
Women ruled this strange world he found himself in now. Like the others, he had no idea what had happened. OK he had to admit he had a fetish for girl's panties but it was innocent wasn't it?

He remembered why he tried running from the Rec Field. He barely fit into that woode... Continue»
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Hypno sissy slut

It took a while to get a sense of reality. First my sight: blurry and hazy like my mind, light streamed through the window, bouncing off the soft white covers I was lain on. I blinked, shaking the hair that was covering my eyes, trying to see my surroundings. A largre screen TV was in front of me. I twisted my head left, and right, trying to take in the room. The room was made up of mirrors, and a blonde girl was in the centre, pillows underneath her stomach, arms and feet padlocked to the bed. It took a while, the grogginess causing the room and my mind to sway, lacking any sort of coherence,... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - Cruel Science

This is a new series of short stories that I shall write.
The idea of doing short stories was helpfully inspired by a certain someone,
you know who you are! hehe

These stories are completely fictional, involving my fart fetish,
and are pretty dark at times,
so reader discretion is advised.

Enjoy :)


Cruel Science

Please, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Dr Erica von Bloom, but I much prefer just being called Dr Bloom.
I'm a young smart and some mean people s... Continue»
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Neck Fetish (How it all started)

You have a neck fetish if you

Love watching a woman launch her head back in pleasure, and without even stroking your dick, you feel a horny sensation rise and gently soothe your body. Square jaw lines are definently my favorite, but I love the occasional soft supple long tender necks that black women have. I noticed that caucasion/ white women do tend to throw their heads back ALOT more then any other race, so if you have a neckfetish, you'd typically enjoy Caucasian women more. There are some rare instances of other races launching their heads back though don't get me wrong as proven in my... Continue»
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Dropping It

Nora was working hard with her exerciser. Tightening her abdomen muscles. 6 months of physical therapy and weight loss had shaped into a new woman. 46, divorced and c***dless, the world would be her's now. 10 years of raising Richards boys, 10 years of his running around, then finding out after he had left, she suffered vaginal prolapse, rebuilding herself was her only priority. With her was new found friend Elsa, together they planned a comeback.

After their workout, for the first time they decided to go out and just test the waters. Two mature gals on the prowl. They stopped in a fe... Continue»
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Anonymous Encounter at the buffet

Anonymous encounter at the buffet

Kris had gotten hungry while he was out, and being a little indecisive about food, he decided the best thing to do would be to hit the buffet and just have a bit of what he liked the look of, and make life easier for himself. He didn’t really like going to the buffet alone. It made him feel alone, especially as whenever he went on his own, he seemed to be the only person there without company of one sort or another. But, as he needed to eat, he always pushed this to the side and just got on with it.

He walked through the door to the buffet rest... Continue»
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Arabic/Muslim woman on train

I’ve always been turned on by curvy women – even as a teenager.

I was 18 years old and took the train to High School in Boston. I’d come across all different types of people, everyday – all ages, shapes, ethnicities, etc.

One day, as I was walking towards the train station I noticed a woman in front of me pushing a baby carriage. She was Arabic/middle eastern/Muslim and wore a head scarf; she was wearing one of those full dresses that I often saw women of this ethnicity wearing.

I instantly noticed her hips and ass – her hips were wide and her ass jiggled with each step. She w
... Continue»
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Changing desires

Sat night 06/06/15

I had tried to open myself up all Fri night with no luck. I had a good enema, it took fucking ages to get clean. I did some poppers used my smallest toy to open up for the bigger ones. To no avail. My hole would not co-operate with my & my fellas attentions. I had closed up & my fellas tonguing had little effect, which totally got me pissed off as he is so good at it. Normally this always work if i'm a little uptight (happens sometimes).I had worn my hole out I pouted & pouted. I was beginning to get very forlorn as I felt I had let my fella down. Lots of pouting & sad fa... Continue»
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In the Dark

You wait next to the front door having just received a text saying that I am outside. You stand listening to the clock ticking straining to hear my foot steps. The world is dark to you behind your blindfold you feel so prone, your senses heightened by the loss of sight. Though only seconds have ticked by it feels like an ice age. Then your heart skips a beat as you hear the sound of someone opening your front door. You can’t help but blush as you imagine what you must look like. Stood there in your bra and panties and nothing else but a smile and high heels, blindfold around your eyes. Just as... Continue»
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The First Time

I can still remember vividly the very first time I came and ejaculated semen from my penis, well it had never happened to me before and when it did happen I didn’t quite know what was happening to me. I was in my teens and quite well developed for my age, my voice had long since broken, I had started shaving regularly, my face that is and I had grown a really good bush of pubic hair around my penis.
One evening I was naked in the bathroom ready to take a shower and the door was locked so no one was going to disturb me. Since puberty my eyebrows looked like they were joining together in the mi... Continue»
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Fun in the Sun

God, Lauren would you look at the size of that one. You know, they shouldn't even make bathing suits under a size six." Tina slurred, before taking another sip from her rum and coke.

It was a pretty typical thing for her to say on a typical summer afternoon at the beach as we basked in the hot glow of the sun. It was what we had done most every day of our summer break as we worked to become, not just tan . . . but the goddess's of tan when we returned back to school. Yes, when we returned to school, everyone would either want us . . . or want to be us.

"Look at him." Tina nodded toward t... Continue»
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Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely


This video reminded me of her, and brought back memories.

I took a summer job with the chicken Co my dad worked for. I helped pick up eggs deliver feed and medication to farms. Many of those farms were in the middle of no where, and those who worked them were woman. Some single some widows and some married. The one woman I remember the most was a single woman about sixty something.
I worked with her picking up eggs and the first shift was at 6 am and the next at 6 pm. I arrived at the farm and s... Continue»
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i was in mistress jillian's home waiting for the guests to arrive.i was told by mistress jillian that tonight she will train me to be her slave for real.
it was 9 pm.
mistress was dressed in a beautiful white dress with no panties and bra underneath.
and i was kept naked with a leash tied to my neck as if i am a dog.i was hairy with hairy chests and hairy ass and also large bush over my cock and balls

at 9 15 pm the guests arrived.i found out mistress jillian accompanied with 2 beautiful ladies coming towards me.
she introduced me to the ladies and said that i am... Continue»
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Milk From My Neighbor 1 by loyalsock

"Please wait!"

Sam heard a feminine voice as he entered the elevator. He turned and saw his neighbor Kaye, carrying a bag of groceries on one hand, and on the other, a baby girl. He knew her casually; they sometimes exchanged hellos and small talk. He lived across the hall from her; they occupied apartments on the 4th floor of their building.

"Had a good day?" Sam asked, as the elevator door closed and they started to ascend. No other person was with them.

"Oh, the usual," Kaye replied. "A bit tired, I guess. You?" She laid the bag of groceries on the floor, and shifted the baby to... Continue»
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Milk From My Neighbor 2 by loyalsock


They exchanged places, and to her surprise, Sam was able to feed Micki until the last spoonful was finished. After drinking from the water bottle, Micki gave him a drooling smile and waved her chubby fists in the air.

Sam asked permission to carry Micki, and Kaye acquiesced. She felt her attraction to Sam increase as she watched him play with her daughter. He was cooing nonsense and making funny faces, and Micki was giggling as she enjoyed the show.

"Hey you clown, let's eat. I'm starving!"

"Where will I put her?" he asked.

"On her chair. She can watch us eat. She... Continue»
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My lovely wife impregnated by my friend for real

I’m the husband of Sabine and I like to tell you the story of my lovely wife’s latest natural impregnation.

It started a few months ago at the end of an afterwork party with my mature wife Sabine. Sabine, my mate Thomas and myself were d***k a little bit and just for fun Sabine started to smooch and cuddle around with both of us. Sabine asked me if it’s ok taking Thomas into our home for playing around a bit. I agreed but I wasn’t sure if this idea is good or bad.

At home we s... Continue»
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Creampie Chrissy by loyalsock

Chrissy was alone in her apartment, on her bed with her slender legs spread wide. She had masturbated herself until she was creamy, without coming to orgasm. Her trembling hands reached for the ear syringe; she dipped it in the powdered sugar and water solution and picked up some of it into the syringe bulb. She closed her eyes as she inserted the tip of the syringe into her pussy.

"Oh, yes, cum in me now!" Chrissy exclaimed aloud as she pulsed the fake semen into her creamy receptacle. "Mmmm, yes, babe, give me all your cum!"

More aroused than before, she reached for the breast pump and... Continue»
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Mrs Crotchy's Daughter by loyalsock

"You vile young pervert! How could you do that to my own mother? Week after week. You're shameless!"

Here I sat in front of Mrs. Crotchy's daughter, receiving the tongue-lashing of my young life---all for something that gave her mother (and me) such pleasure.

As I was finishing up high school, I did more and more odd jobs for some of the nicer old ladies in the neighborhood. Mrs. Crotchy was the nicest. About 66 years old, a widow, with soft silver-gray medium length hair and pale blue eyes. She always had her surprisingly full lips formed into a smile or a sexy O, depending on her mood.... Continue»
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penis growth story (100% true story)

My pictures are below just to prove that I am telling the truth. This is a real life male dick growth story. All of this actually happened to me. No joke!

I wanted to share this and I could not think of any more appropriate website to do it then this one so here goes.

It all started in high school. My dick was a little less than 2 and a half inches long and I knew that the average size was 6 inches and so I knew that I was very small. I had never had sex even though I had gotten some offers because I was afraid that it would not work out because of my small size. But then when I was 16 y... Continue»
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