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Three Domme Happy Hour

I opened a bottle of chardonnay, filled three glasses, and placed them on the dining table. I wasn’t quite finished with the hors d'oeuvres when I heard a knock at the door. We had set the time for four o’clock but it was only three-thirty. Oh shit, they were early and I wasn’t ready.

I rushed to the door to let them in, but in my haste I had forgotten that I was instructed to be naked when they arrived. I could hear them laughing outside, but their laughter ceased as soon as the door opened and they saw me fully clothed.

Mistress Helga was the first to speak, “We must have the wro... Continue»
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Another Uncle Niece Fuck

A Little f****y Secret

'I Wish to be a fly on the wall'.

A well known expression, especially if he was the fly on my wall, my bedroom wall to be more precise, every uncles dream, watching his niece discover sex.

I was a good girl, I felt his hard cock when I was 10, during a f****y get-together at the Summerhouse. I was lying on a sofa like seat reading, when he came over, reeking of booze, lent over me, and pulled my hand onto it.

I had mixed reactions, but loved the feel of it, big, strong, warm, and soft, and when he covered my hand and made me move up and down the... Continue»
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Tables are turned.........

I had dressed casually for my trip to the spa, nothing fancy, plain soft cup bra, lace matching panties and a 4 inch beige sling backs, I had only lightly made up and put on a little perfume. With a loose fitting floral dress and my hair tied back I was ready for a treatment day.
As I was about to leave the house two things happened that would change the scenario. The first was I received 2 separate bouquets. The first was plain red roses with a note saying plainly "I owe you, thanks" Alistair and a single kiss. The other was from Mistress and was large and exuberant display of early summer b... Continue»
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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 7

Il dolore, l’irritazione e la sofferenza che Profumo di Dafne sentiva per essere stata costretta a masturbarsi in quella maniera non diminuiva e continuò imperterrito per tutta la notte nonostante l’acqua fredda e la crema che aveva cercato di darsi per lenire il dolore, in più Profumo di Dafne non si era neanche azzardata a bere un bicchiere d’acqua per tutta la notte per paura di dover tornare a fare pipì cosa che le faceva subire le pene dell’inferno dato lo stato di irritazione della sua passerina.
La mattina però per presentarsi al lavoro in uno stato presentabile fu costretta a fermarsi... Continue»
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Daughter Makes Dad her Sissy

It had been a difficult past three years for Steve since his wife Amy had left him. She had left without warning. She just picked up one day and took off without even a final goodbye. And she left their daughter Jen with him to raise.

Well, that wasn't exactly the story. There had been hints of Amy's frustration for years. At some point, she must have cared for him, but for so long she had lost all feeling for him.

After their marriage, Steve had become boring. He gradually didn't want to do anything fun, especially in the bedroom. He would go to work, come home and watch TV, and then ... Continue»
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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 5

Profumo di Dafne pensava che non avrebbe avuto problemi a res****re alla castità forzata praticamente era il regime sessuale coniugale a cui era sottoposta prima di trasformarsi prima in mistress e poi in schiava, ma non aveva fatto i conti con il suo corpo, con la mente e con le perfidie a cui aveva pensato Master Jack.
Il primo giorno scorse abbastanza tranquillo nonostante l’abbigliamento con cui era costretta a lavorare, ma ormai si era abituata e non ci faceva più caso e fino alla fine della giornata lavorativa tutto ad andò tranquillo, troppo tranquillo pensava Profumo di Dafne.
Uscita... Continue»
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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 6

Dopo qualche ora di macchina l’autista arrivò a destinazione e giunse nella villa di Master Jack in una famosa località balneare del litorale romano. La villa era stupenda la macchina percorse un enorme parco che impediva dall’esterno di vedere l’edificio della villa. Dopo aver parcheggiato l’autista accompagnò Profumo di Dafne da Master Jack che gli fece segno che poteva andare.
Master Jack venne incontro a Profumo di Dafne e la salutò dicendo ciao cagna. La donna in sovrappensiero lo salutò dicendo ciao padrone il che fece lo fece molto arrabbiare che gli fece dire che avrebbe dovuto punirl... Continue»
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my step s****r kate

Me and my dad lived alone for a few years after my mum left for another man,
He had been seeing a women called Dawn for about six months when he invited her a her daughter Kate for dinner on evening
Kate was three years older then me, she was plump quite plain and small breasts, but that was just my opinion,

She was a bit shy I think we both felt awkward really, we sat in the garden talking leaving our parents alone.

She told me she was training to be a hair dresser , we also talked about hobbies,

Four months later my dad told me they was moving in with us,
Things was OK my ste... Continue»
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Cuckold with a view

Wednesday evening I came in from work and as I entered the kitchen from the garage I could smell supper cooking. Since its mid June I was of course all sweaty and smelly from working in my shop all day. I glanced around for my wife and noticed her standing just outside the patio door talking on her cell phone. I didn't want to bother her, I knew she had heard me come in so I decided to grab a shower before eatting.

I tossed my work cloths into the laundry room and went to the main bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I saw a towel laid out with my stainless chastity device resting in the ... Continue»
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'True Story b*o:' A diamond in the rough

"She came riding fast, like a phoenix out of fire flames ..."

She swept into my life like a bad storm settling over a beach littered with families on holiday. An internet find, from a random dating site I'd long given up on. Turns out we have history - from the same small town, with some distant relatives together through marriage. Turns out we also have some similar tragedy in our lives - addiction, broken families, broken marriages, pain, abuse. Eight years my junior, she proved an untamed counterpoint to life I'd lived that was only slightly more stable; the paths that she spoke of were ... Continue»
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Testing Viagra – a hairy armpit story

A couple of years ago I had a small accident, having to undergo surgery to my left leg. One thing led to another, to me testing Viagra and having a wonderful sexual experience.

Close to the playground, I stepped over a low fence and I did not look carefully when putting my foot down. I placed it on top of a tennis ball who was lying there, I lost my balance, fell awkwardly and could not stand on my left foot.
To make a long story short. Hospital. Surgery. Weeks in plaster.

I hobbled to the local pharmacy for pain killers etc. This was the best part of it all. Because one of the girls ... Continue»
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Camping with my aunt and her friends.

while visiting my aunt for the 1st time in years she invited me on a camping trip she was having with a couple of her girl friends that next weekend. I love camping and had nothing better to do so I agreed. My aunt is in her 40s, divorced, no k**s, and a heavier set woman. Like 5-6 and a solid 280lbs big boobs and a giant ass.

She started telling me about all of her friends that are going. They were megan and tayna both divorced older woman as well with grown up k**s. So now I start realizing that I just agreed to go camping with 3 divorced woman all in their late 40s having a all woman ... Continue»
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Therapy Part 2

Therapy Part 2

My sexual counsellor Colleen suggested that we set our next appointment in two weeks.  She also recommended that I refrain from any sexual activity that would result in my ejaculating, but she encouraged me to continue to watch as much porn as possible and to continue having erotic chats online - just no masturbation or ejaculation.

"I want to build up the volume of your potent seed" she explained, "If you ejaculate a bigger, more sperm filled load, both you and Cheri will be more satisfied, and it will provide you both with a greater sense that insemination has been succe... Continue»
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Online Affair - Pt 2

I woke up a few hours later, entwined with my seductress. I looked at Liz and remembered the heated passion that burnt between us. I knew what I had done to my girlfriend but honestly, I didn't care. I had found something that did more than just excite me, it made me feel alive. Liz not only fucked me, she destroyed me with pure bliss. Every kiss, every bite and thrust. All of it came to this one moment of realisation. I needed to keep my little secret.

I checked my phone and it was 6:32 am. It was time to get Liz out. I rolled over and caressed her perfect figure. Her smile came appeared ... Continue»
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plasterer fucks rich mature lady

this is a true story. I am a plasterer (dryliner) and when this happened i was 29 years old and running my owe business.
I went too the job and with my college john (dad who is a lot older 58) the job was i harrogate an expensive part of north yorkshire and when i pulled up outside the house was very old and very big there was a nice car on the drive and the place smelt of money.I went to the door and rang the bell the lady of the house answered the door she introduced herself as Caroline and ask me to follow her to the dining room where the job was. Caroline was a very hot mature brunette la... Continue»
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Mandy's Milk

ADULT. Not for selling.

By Jay Jay

1: Accidental Introduction

Mandy could not believe she was falling victim to her own devices. Had she never pushed her father into the 21st century, she would not be in the predicament she is today. Mandy was born and raised on the f****y farm. She had left to go to college and had returned after gaining dual degrees in Computer Technology and Financial Accounting. But in the five years since she had left the fourth generation dairy farm; it had become apparent that the farm was in severe jeopardy. As she worked on her acc... Continue»
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My buddies Mom continued

From a friend again to post
My buddies Mom continued,

Please read the first part My buddies Mom to understand the continuality of events. Rachel is the forty-ish mother of my buddy Russell. She is also the mother of Lori, a snotty, cock-teasing sixteen-year-old. But it was Lori who set up the previous events, which allowed me to consummate with Rachel on the foyer floor of their home.

I held Rachel’s hand as she led me up the stairs, watching her bare-naked ass sway from side to side allowing momentary visibility to her slightly swollen cunt lips. With each step, and each... Continue»
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Saving the Best for Last

My fantasy about to members meeting
Recently, two members from this site met in person for the first time. This is my fantasy of that meeting, however the final result was the real-life ending. Their names and locations have been change to keep their identities safe. In the Sex Stories Forum, there is a Calling All Writers challenge. This is my entry. Please take the time to go there, read all of the wonderful stories and vote for your favorite.

For reasons of my own, I can no longer allow public comments, nor do I make them. Please feel free to pm me with your critique. I c... Continue»
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What Lies Beneath

Hey howdy, loyal fans. Yet another twisted tale of shenanigans from a hooligan. I'm still working on The Collar 2 and it will be up pretty soon.
Marcus smoothed the piece of fabric onto his s****r's pillow. He slid the pillowcase back into place, and re-made the bed, arranging her teddy bear back the same way it had been. Perfect.

The fabric he had put there was woven with micro thin wires. His laptop was connected wirelessly to the device, and it would send subliminal suggestions to his s****r while she slept. It would also monitor her brain waves and send the appropriate ... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 3

The third chapter in a very long series
This explains so much. "So just to be clear, all of the porn you've watched is like this."

"This is the only porn I watch."

"What do you mean the only porn you watch?"

"Like, this is the only porn I watch."

"What, like this genre?"

"No, this movie."

"This...movie. Just this movie."


"...How many times have you watched it?"

"...Twice." Holy fuck.

I rested the bridge of my nose in between my thumb and forefinger. Oh my God this explains so much.

"So where..." Where do I even begin? "Where did you lear... Continue»
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