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I lost my Virginity to my Grandfather.

'Is she sl**ping'?

I did not need to turn around to know who was asking the question, 'Yes', I replied timorously in a barely audible whisper , and as I spoke I could feel my legs turn to jelly, my thighs physically shake. I gripped the edge of the steel sink top, as my other hand brought the glass of water I held to my lips, back down onto the draining board.

This was it, the moment I had wanted to happen in my head, time and time again, was now upon me, and standing only wearing my short tee-shirt, figure hugging and with the hem riding high above my bubble teen butt exposed and inviti... Continue»
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I'm Finally A Girl For A Man

girly boy – boi – breasts – nipples – fucking – anal sex – crossdressing

I'm really glad I had the good fortune to be working when you came into the library. I was pleasantly surprised that I was sexually attracted to you. You were at least six feet tall and trim, and breathtakingly handsome. I couldn't help but think you were a younger twin of George Clooney, and hot! Up until now I usually didn't think of men as being "hot", but at my five feet three inches you made me feel really small and vulnerable - and strangely available.

You made eye contact with me and came over to my se... Continue»
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Cuckolding Katie (Part 1)

A tale of opportunity and temptation.

From the bed I watched Katie step into her deep blue lace panties and ease them over the curves over shapely tan thighs. She adjusted the elastic around them to ensure that no stray pubic curls were visible, then ran a finger between her thighs and sighed deeply.

"Shit Matt, I've just had a shower and I'm all wet already again." she commented more for her own benefit than mine.

Katie turned, picked up the matching bra from the bed and slipped her arms into it. Her dark nipples were firmly erect confirming just how aroused she actually was. ... Continue»
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A german porn story

The stranger Her eyes wandered over old tonnes, stacks of pallets and grid boxes dented., Completely desolate here. I am wrong. ', She pulled her short resume. She was about to turn to leave when she saw a metal staircase behind the grid boxes. She followed their height with the view, but could not really see an end of their point of view. With gentle step she approached the grid boxes, actually a stairway, more a stairway that led to the divided area of the hall. Slowly she rose step by step to the top. At the end of a corridor she saw a faint cone of light that burned in the darkness of the ... Continue»
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My Ex-Girlfriend's Mom #2

I still couldn't believe all this was happening! I had just met up with my ex girlfriends mom randomly in a bar, found out she had a dick, (a big one at that), came home with her, given my first blowjob, received my first load of cum in my mouth, got caught doing so by my ex girlfriend, and found out she had a dick too! This had been one crazy night, to say the least! And it looked like it was about to get even crazier!

Jill looked amazing. Even better than I remembered. She must have had a boob job, because I remember her only having about a B cup. Now she had to be at least a D cup, proba... Continue»
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Wet dream PART 2

Driving to my place it was a conflict, I was totally wet and my companion I bet she was too.

Olga was my co-pilot and could not help to notice that she was day dreaming, I looked at her and under her glasses I saw in her dark sparkling eyes that she wanted something. Her imagination was running wild.

We came to a traffic sign and she in a sudden move got into my crotch, unzipped my pants and let herself into my manhood, moved again my thong and .... I had to go, the light was green, this little brat got me again!!!! We took the highway and she was kissing and pumping me at 90kh.
... Continue»
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Fucked in the Train Toilet fantasy revealed.

I was on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train, when I went to the toilet, the type with the revolving halve door. The carriage was empty as it was early morning.

I checked the locking mechanism which showed the toilet as open and empty, so I pressed the button, and it opened.

I saw some articles of clothing, but being a tad desperate for a pee, I stepped inside, looking at the close door button, in my desperation to close the door, and it started immediately, as did I, raising my dress and hooking my thumbs into my panties.

Wearing suspenders and stockings and pulling my panties down as I t... Continue»
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Made into Gabriella. Feminized and Fucked *True*

I got a surprise email on a Thursday afternoon from CDTrainer saying 'I am available to host tonight and feminise you'. I was so eager, nervous and excited. I replied instantly. The timing was perfect, I had been dying to dress up gurly for some time now. It had been a while since I got to fully dress up for a real man.

One thing led to another, and there I was, kneeling on the floor in black lacey panties, thigh high stockings, black corset and heels (all provided by him) while he went to fetch his make up kit. 'Making ugly boys into pretty gurls. That's art,' he said. I confessed t... Continue»
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first time swinger mmff

We had a pussy good friend, i wanted to fuck. My girlfriend really wanted to do a mff, shes the one she wanted to do it with too. downside was she had a boyfriend. A real douche, tall, skinny.
My girlfriend texted her about a mff. She said yes, her boyfriend saw the text though she replied out loud.
"I want to, he wants to fuck Laura (my ex fiance) too though." Replied kelly.
I thought about it. The last time i let other makes fuck her i knew them well. But i wanted to fuck kelly. Laura told them we needed a few. They went to there room, we talked about it a few minutes. We agreed we woul... Continue»
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Skunk Junkies

genre: ass worship,ass kissing, fondling, licking, butt sniffing, facesitting and facefarting.

Allen and I had several things in common which drew us into friendship early in college. We were both from small towns and we fell somewhere between the labels of "dweebish" and "geekish". Throw in a little "nerdish" and I think you get the idea.

We weren't bad looking. Just skinny and socially awkward, especially when it came to girls. If one looked our way, we looked the other. Girls were like mysterious goddesses and we had no idea how to approach the... Continue»
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Adult Video Store #2

I got up and walked into the next room as she closed the door behind me.

I took a second to look around the room. First I noticed the desk she had been leaning against when she first appeared on the tv screen. Looking to my right, I saw a nice camera on a tripod. Behind it was another desk with more camera equipment and a computer with a large monitor. On the monitor, I could see the room I had just been in. The chair I had been sitting in was clearly visible in the center of the screen. I had a feeling, while I was in the other room, that she was able to see me somehow. Now I knew she had ... Continue»
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Mid afternoon Desires!

Trying to control that urge for big black dongs and thinking about preparing to be a nice Lady at a Christmas Party with Mick is very hard, in fact just thinking about being all sweet and innocent id making my pussy ache more for a black stuffing!!!
I was in the shopping mall when the urge to be naughty hit me! I was out alone looking for a new pair of killer heels and a party frock. I found the heels or rather 'porn' shoes-silver impossible heels and platformed soles. I tried them on and saw a few guys peeking at me, one really staring at my legs, so I gave him a flash of my stocking tops, l... Continue»
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M. was just as surprised as me that W. had agreed to get together. Neither one of us thought it would actually happen since we started corresponding three months ago. But there we were at the local pub having drinks. The conversation flowed easily, much to my great relief. After an hour or so (and 3 drinks knocked back in quick succession) W. says, “Alright, let’s go.”

The walk back to the house was quieter, as if we are all lost in our own thoughts. When we got inside and out of our coats W. suggests that M. and I go upstairs and get started and she will join us shortly. In the bedro... Continue»
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Megan in the sauna Part 1. Steam room blowjob.

It was monday morning in the summer of my first year at uni. I was going home soon and was desperate to take in as much of the london life as i could to keep myself going over the next few months.
I was supposed to be going to a lecture, but instead i had spent the morning shaving,cleaning and playing with myself in my dorm room, slowly toying with myself in the shower and gently moaning like the slutty girl i wanted to be.
Around ten o'clock when the dorm building was empty, i made my way down to the exit, walked out to the street, and got the bus to the centre of the city.
I had decided ... Continue»
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Chapter 5

She waited for him, kneeling, blindfolded. She kept her thighs slightly apart so that her moist pussy would be visible to him through the thin net thongs. Her hands were on her thighs facing upwards, like she was kept on a display, for her master to see and enjoy.

She was nervous and breathing heavily. Her boobs heaved up and down, threatening to jump out of the loose baby doll that caged them. Even through the AC was at full blast, she was almost sweating. But the chilled air from the AC and her own excited state had made her nipples hard and erect. They poked through the thin net materia... Continue»
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Foreskin play caught in the act

Well this story is about being caught out , my wife and I have a good sex life having sex 3 / 4 times a week , but I have a very high sex drive so give my self a handjob up too 4 times most days , could say im addicted too it , I work from home so its very easy , my wife works 4 days a week , one day not so long a go she went off too work and I was so horny the second she left the door so got on hamster tube and started watching a clip about a guy who was giving him self a handjob with an amazing foreskin , now I have a foreskin and love watching guys play with them selfs or women playin... Continue»
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It Started With Tattooed Eyeliner

"We settled on black, right?"

"I'll leave it up to you," I said. Lynn began organizing her bottles and
tubes, preparing the ink for the tattoo machine she used for applying
permanent makeup. In this case, she would applying permanent eyeliner to
my upper and lower eyelids.

"Good. Black is basic. Now, we never really settled on what style. There
are a lot of things you can do with eyeliner, and you've specifically
asked that I not take into account your being a male. Is that still what
you want? This is the last chance to change your mind."

"Y... Continue»
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Good News, Bad News

Good News, Bad News

"Honey, I have wonderful news. I've decided I'm finally ready to have a

I perked up. "That's wonderful!" I said. My wife, Laney, had dragged her
feet on for years ever since we had married eight years earlier. "What
made you decide to do it now?"

"I'm 32, and while my biological clock isn't becoming a big issue yet, I
don't want to get into a situation where it is. So I'm thinking maybe
tonight would be a good time to ... uh ... work on that. How do you feel
about that?" She gave me a sly smile and winked.

"Sounds fantastic. I'll be lookin... Continue»
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Couples mmf Independence part 3

As I sat there, stairing at the hot scene I could feel Jon walking up behind me. I looked up, little emarassed, and started to stand. "Stay where you are? Don't like the movie?". I said hell yes, you two are hot. I then felt Mary slip next to me on the couch, and her lips slightly pressed against my ear and said "we loved playing for you". I turned toward her, and we stared in one anothers eyes and kissed. I could feel my pulse race and the bl**d begin to flow back into my cock. I then felt someone else sit on the couch, and Jon was sitting on the other side of Mary. As we broke our k... Continue»
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Ballsy Secretary

Shemale - cum-eating – dominant – submissive – big cock – secretary – boss

A few more good strokes and I'd be like a fire hydrant. My breathing was ragged; my fist pumped up and down the long neck of my cock nearly as fast as my heart beat in my chest. I love this part. That moment where your knees go weak and you finally give in. Your eyes clench shut and the pressure from your balls explodes up your shaft until your tip blasts that first strand of cum and sweet relief finally takes you over.

I was there right now. My big girl had never looked harder; the massive pole looked lik... Continue»
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