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Sissy Patti - My Toy, My Lover Ch 2 (Renamed Conti

Sissy Patti – My Toy, My Lover, Ch 2

Renamed From - My Little Toy Sissy-boi

By CDJackie

I went to the living room, turned on some music then kicked back in my recliner as I waited for her. After our little session in the bedroom I was naked except for my bra so I decided to take that off too since it felt a little restrictive. And I really didn’t need it anyway since my 38C tits sit so well on my frame with just a hint of a droop, but I like that because it gives them just that little bit of bounce when I walk braless through crowds and draws attention.

As I sat there I refle... Continue»
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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2

Oh god, who on earth could it be? Lizzy thought to herself. What a bad timing to call upon.
She sat up on her bed, listening again, making sure that there was an absolute need to attend to the door. There it went again, knock knock.

Reluctantly, she stood up with her bikini bottom falling into a heap around her ankles, she bent over and curled them back upwards. It was rather uncomfortable, to put on that cold piece of cloth against her warm body, the water from the pool mixing up with her own juices that had trickled down her inner thigh, causing it to dry up. She was almost certain that... Continue»
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The Interview

"I really need this job," I said. "I want to make sure you see me up
close - and totally naked - so that you don't make the wrong decision.
I know how great I look on film - and in person. I don't want to lose
this job because you think I'm too virginal. I really want to convince
you otherwise. I can be a real slut if the assignment calls for it. I'm
more than willing to do my part. If I can get the right photographer,
the right photo editor ... I can be such a slut on film the readers
will cream just looking at me. I love being a slut in pictures. And my
body is great."

I t... Continue»
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Part 1 - 3

A Femina Island's Tale

Ray Archer watched Miri Spencer walk away. Her long blond hair pulled back into a pony-tail that hung down to the small of her back. As she opened the door of her beachouse she briefly turned to him & smiling with those green eyes told him to behave & be ready to give her a nice long back rub when she returned.
Miri wiggled her shapely tushy at him before leaving. Ray heard the door close & waited to hear the sound of her pulling away in her Jaguar.
His eyes had been riveted on her rear in those tight white short shorts & once again he had to r... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 9

Things were back to normal in the morning.

By the time Caroline woke up, Jonathon was already dressing to go to
the office--and to the charms of his secretary--and Caroline did not
get a morning fuck or suck. As always, she was randy and feeling
frustrated. She stayed in bed after Jonathon left, but although she
rubbed her cunt for awhile, she couldn't really concentrate on the job.
She kept thinking about the elk hound.

After awhile she got up and dressed.

Screwing up her nerve, she went to call on Helen Ramsey.

The redhead did not seem particularly surprised by the unex... Continue»
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My first Cock

The first time I saw and touched a cock I was very young. My self and my next door neighbour built tents out of sheets and we played in there for hours. Even young I was curious about cocks. We used to show me yours and I will show you mine. we were both so tiny back then but I still remember seeing a cock go hard for the first time. I loved the feel of his cock and the taste of it as well.

Several years later and I turned 17 and went to a party at a posh friends house. His house was massive and had a huge barn type thing in the grounds. The party was banging and it was packed. The girls w... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 8

Darleen had been embarrassed about fucking a dog at first, and had
admitted it only reluctantly, and only then because Caroline was
denying her a suck until she confessed.

But once Darleen had revealed the truth, she seemed to want to talk
about it. And it had made Caroline horny as well, she realized. Far
from thinking that Darleen had behaved shamefully or disgustingly,
Caroline had been inspired to give her some great tongue and had
gobbled up plenty of second-hand dog cum, too.

After she got her rocks off on Caroline's nimble tongue, Darleen
stretched out along the couc... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 7

It's really silly of me to feel this way, Caroline told herself. After
all, it's not as if I was in love with Darleen. What we do together is
just physical, just, fooling around. Why should I care if she's fooling
around with some other woman? It isn't as if my husband were having an
affair with that redheaded bitch. Well, maybe my pride is hurt, a
little. I thought that Darleen loved doing it with me--not loved me,
just loved doing it, there's a difference there. But maybe she likes to
do it with Helen Ramsey more than with me. I wonder what Helen does to
her that I don't? I d... Continue»
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Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 1

Tiffany Taylor had grown up in a rough estate named Butterton, crime was rife in Butterton and there were gangs of youths on each street corner. Just about everybody who had grown up on the estate had turned to crime, d**gs or had ended up in prison. Throughout her c***dhood Tiffany hated living in Butterton and couldn’t wait to escape from the estate were she just never felt like she fitted in.

Tiffany was the eldest of two s****rs, her s****r Sarah was three years Tiffany’s junior. The mother had died when Tiffany was only five years old so their father, Michael had to bring the two daugh... Continue»
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Fucking with Darla

I need to keep this short because if I get into how my life changed from Darla the psycho redhead, the story won't be hot any more, but some shit may need to be explained over the course of the story.
I worked for this company that seemed to have an unending supply of hot women in and out, working in just about every capacity there was. The boss/owner was an old horndog from way back. He had great taste in boats cars etc.and was pretty cool about spending money partying. Well i was no more than hired help so i missed out on a lot. I ran around as much as i could with some of the more mediochr... Continue»
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I walked right into it

It was a usual Saturday at my old school chicks house. She and I had been fuckin all Friday night and didn't get up to do anything but grab a drink out the fridge. So by the time mid day Saturday came both of us were covered in dried caked up sweat. With a bush pussy plus cummy juices half dried and moistened between her legs, booty cheeks and pussy lips the aroma in her bedroom was prominent. I loved it. Mean while in the living room she had a friend staying over for a few days, that had been having a hard time lately. Monday she was supposed to leave and move with a relative. She was slightl... Continue»
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Episode 47: Jenny's baby

Teenage Pregnancy
Hi my name’s Jenny, and Uncle Dave has allowed me to write this chapter. I was only th1rteen at the time, when I begged him to organise a gangbang, and boy what a fuck session that was. Me and Mandy spread-eagled over those hired fucking-stools from the Lush Sex Shop. Uncles Abe, Bob, Colin and Dave taking turns fucking our mouths, arses and cunts.

Then I remember that fantastic feeling of a geyser of red-hot spunk filling my tight little teenage cunt when Uncle Abe’s condom burst. After that no-one cared about protection anymore and we were both coated in the stu... Continue»
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Knocking up

One of the fantasies I often go back to is one where I’m not so much physically tormented as psychologically.
In this fantasy, I work in the high powered corporate world. I’m ruthless and successful and good looking. I strut around in sexy business wear that’s just risqué enough to excite the men around me but still acceptable in the office. I have the perfect body. I fuck whoever I want to and I make my disdain clear for women who do something as useless as staying home and having c***dren. A big promotion is coming up when one of the senior people is retiring and competition for the spot i... Continue»
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Translatet With Goolge

It was Friday at had passed 1400 and looked forward to a pleasant evening with Randi. When the bell rang the doorbell. It was the record that came with the package. Waited no packages, but the visitors leveled and took the package into. I opened the box and there lay a patch. Walk in shower and wash well. There are several bags in the package, do not pack the up until you have been notified. Randi. I went in the shower, washed and shaved. Took me morning coat and went into the living room. After an hour there will be a message on the phone. Open the black bag, put on ... Continue»
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Pantyhose in the woods again.

A week after our last encounter I was once again dressed in my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I had arranged to meet Megan in the same charity shop we had met in before. As I walked along the road to the shop I spotted her car parked not far from the shop and glancing in the window as I passed, I spotted a bag on the back seat with its contents spilling out. There were several packs of pantyhose and stockings and at least one suspender belt and some other articles of sexy lingerie.
I moved on quickening my pace to the charity shop, my stiffening cock rub... Continue»
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Face time

I had been working with this model on a couple of fetish projects. Most of them had some kind of bondage theme, while this does not really excite me. This model did really got my bl**d boiling.
She was a curvy soft spoken woman in her early 30s. She seemed to be a shy woman, until she stripped out of her clothes to become a very different person.
I don't know why she wanted to do all the bondage photography, but since I liked her so much and enjoyed seeing her naked body displayed in front of my lens, I kept working with her.

At a couple of our sessions where she was tied up and restrain... Continue»
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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 1

Lizzy let herself fall on to the couch, weary from all the household chores that have occupied her for the better part of the morning. She closed her eyes as she felt the tiredness and dread wash over her. Not the tiredness or dread of household chores, but that from a simplistic and mundane lifestyle. Every day, her life revolved around the usual works of cleaning and washing. The little reprieve that she could afford herself was a nice afternoon alone at home, sitting by the pool or windowsill, with a nice cup of tea and a good book. Things were worse now, that her husband was out of town fo... Continue»
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Carin getting caught

For all of you that were wondering what happened to me, I had life take a turn for what I thought was the worst. Turns out now, long after my fear has subsided, it was more fun than I would have ever expected.
Dawn and I were enjoying our monthly massage parlour adventures, dressing up as ordered, and putting on a show for the men that watched or got a free view of everything behind the masks we still got to wear. I loved the special feeling of a man looking at me with lust in his eyes as I'm brought to an orgasm before him. So I often found myself naked on a table before a man getting servic... Continue»
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wife camps out with Mike, John and Rick.

My wife informed me last Thursday that she wouldn't be home Friday when I got home. I asked her why. She told me that she was going camping at the lake. I said alone? She said no that some of her friends would be with her. I didn't want to keep asking questions because I know that makes her mad. So I just said OK and then asked if I needed to help her pack her camping gear? She said that she didn't need to take anything that her friends where carrying all the gear. I asked what about cloths? She said all she was taking was her bikini and some shorts. That next day lasted for fever but fiv... Continue»
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My Passed-Out Wife

My 28 year old wife was drinking vodka from a flask at an out-of-town concert. She had already been drinking all day Saturday when we left for the concert.She was beginning to stagger by the time the show began. About one hour into the show, during the intermission between bands, she started falling down and slurring badly. I managed(barely) to get her back to the car. I struggled to get her into the passenger seat in the parking lot. I drove back toward out hotel with her u*********s in the passenger seat.

When we arrived at the hotel, I struggled to get her out of the car. Despite the fac... Continue»
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