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Jennifer in the Monastery

Twice a day I ride my bicycle past an old Monastery, a beautiful Castle with well-manicured grounds built in the 1300's. I marvel at the structure everyday wishing I could see inside, but a Monastery is no place for a young girl. This one day I slip the chain on my bike and crash headlong into the bushes just outside the drawbridge into the main courtyard of the Castle, a Monk who is working nearby sees me and rushes to my aid. He arrives to see a young pretty girl wearing a short summer dress, laying in a very unladylike position and gets a unencumbered view between her legs. I am in no ... Continue»
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Five...,five dollar..., five dollar femdom

I went to a well known sandwich shop, where i go to get SUB par subs. Anyway, it was getting late and i wanted to get a huge gross sandwich full of processed meat, eat it, then get blazed.
I wasn't thinking about pussy, i just wanted my shit, but my sandwich artist was big fat slow, and really chatty. My slow mind finally comes around to the fact that she's flirting with me. She had a huge fat ass. Like four feet across. Her hips stuck out so far they made shelves fit for cup holders. Her tits were big and round too, extending beyond the outline of her shoulders. The great part was she wasn't... Continue»
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End of Exam Rewards

*Excuse any grammatical areas and spelling. I was really excited writing this.*

She was waiting in my dorm when I returned from my exam, like she'd promised. Emily was on all fours on the bed, her ass facing the door as I walked in, she didn't look around as I entered. Naked save for a thin black thong that only just hid her sweet lips. She wore a matching black bra slightly too tight so her 36D breasts bulge at the top, it's slightly lacy but still allows me to make out the bump of her erect nipples. her thin body is arched so her ass sticks into the air.
I locked the door behind me a... Continue»
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Heavan has her huge tall daughter carry me up to the next floor where there was a special bed constructed with a small pocket that her daughter lay me down into it so my body was sunk down even with the bed ,strapping me in so I could not move or resist what ever Miss Heavan had in store for me , some thing about I being the one for the use ,for what use.
Miss Heavan entered the room and sat next to me on the bed and told me what I had been chosen for <as Miss Heavan spoke off in the other side of the room her tall hulking daughter was undressing and I ... Continue»
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How my chastity started

There was this woman where I worked at. She had a thing for retro and would wear business skirts, high heels and actual real stockings every now and then. She had a body to die for and legs that just simply made me melt. When she walked by I would simply melt. Could not explain it this power she had over me, it was more than just sex or lust, it was like the magnetic pull that keeps the Earth in orbit. I started small talk with her and over time we began chatting now and then. I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER SOOOOO BAD!!! But would not even flirt with her in that direction because I knew from of... Continue»
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Master for me and my girlfriend

This is a fantasy story.

I live with my girlfriend and she doesn't know about my fetishes and my need to submit. I also have a secret male Master that I go to and do whatever he tells me.
One day he tells me he wants to fuck my girlfriend in front of me. I protest and try to change his mind. Tell him that my girlfriend doesn't know about this and she won't agree. But he soon silence me with some ass and face slapping and tells me that it's what he wants and I have to do it because I belong to him.

He comes to my house when I'm alone at home so he can make preparations. I am ordered to s... Continue»
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Devil May Care

Chapter 1:
The Pick-Up

So I was sitting at the bar of a club in an old part of town, on a night out, enjoying my Mojito.
My strait friend I was with had been chatted up by this handsome - if a little too slick - guy
and she and him had gone off somewhere more... Private.

I was left all alone, and every girl I chatted to was either strait or in a relationship.
I had already been drinking a lot most of the night and was now onto cocktails and shots.
Feeling bored, I was getting ready to finish my drink and leave.

As I gulped down the last mouthful of my sweet drink, a woma... Continue»
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caught by my wife

It all started with my wifes bother calling round to see us as he normally does, upon his arrival we had a few beers in the garden and just chatted and chilled out. As time was pushing on my b*****r in law suggested we venture to town for a drink which I was more than up for doing but my wife didnt want and suggested we go without her, we were all happy with this decision so thats what happened.

We arrived back from town at about 2:30am and were a little worse for wear and stumbled into the house as quietly as we could and sat down in the lounge and chatted about the evening. Whilst chatti... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman

I was waiting to be pick up and I saw this older hot girl having a smoke I love girl smoking so I was hard I was watching her I she saw my I thought o no what going to happen now she said I saw you watching me smoke and I tell her I love girl how smoke she said ok maybe we could have fun I got number then later my phone ring I did not think I would be her but it was she said guess what I'm doing she said have a smoke I was hard again I said can I came and see she was older but she was so hot I was 22 she was like 36 but I won't to put my big dick up her bottom when she was having a smoke she s... Continue»
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Sienna and Tony fuck Felicity in pantyhose

I woke with a start. What had woken me? There was movement in the bed beside me. I opened my eyes and looked to my left. There was Felicity, legs wide open and Sienna with her tongue buried deep in her pussy. It all came back to me. The three of us in our pantyhose and Sienna fucking Felicity deep and hard, licking Sienna's cum out of Felicity's pussy and the three of us in a circle, licking and sucking each other till we all came again. My cock began to rise as I watched Sienna licking my wife's pussy. As Felicity noticed that I was awake she reached out and took hold of my stiffening cock an... Continue»
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Part II

After Michelle overheard Mistress Carmen. She than starting panicking wondering who is Mistress talking but definitely to do with her. She immediately went back to work to continue the chores. Some time later Mistress Carmen comes to check up on her new slave. "I see you have done well pet, i must get some sl**p so do you whore. Mistress attaches a leash to Michelle's collar and led her to Mistress bedroom and in her bedroom was a small little cage in the corner of the room. Mistress then starts to remove some of the heavy bondage items such as cuffs and the posture collar. Mistress Carmen the... Continue»
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Peal necklace pleasure

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

My first proper job involved me basically being a dogs’ body, doing this and that, helping out where needed, working in a variety of departments, and meeting heaps of people.

In the office there were 4 women, a young housewife, a even younger typist, a older spinster an... Continue»
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Sharing Breakfast with Daddy's Sausage.

'One minute you are my little girl, and the next, wham bang, you're a hot woman'.

I was sitting at the breakfast table, in the minimum of clothing, straight from my bed, and daddy, who held me transfixed, was speaking, and as he spoke, his cock grew before my eyes, rising and raising his t-shirt as it outgrew its length, and teasingly slid down its shaft as it thickened and rose.

Daddy really was a big man, and my keen 20-20 vision, followed the thick venous veins pulsing with warm bl**d, along his length, as the protective foreskin peeled back to reveal its bullet like head, and a dew-d... Continue»
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Crossdressers first time

So let me begin and say this is my actual first time of being dressed in front of someone and my first time with a guy.
It all started when i was 21. I was in college but on christmas break and my friend pat was having a party. Living only 5 minutes away i said i would go. Party was small 5 guys and 3 girls there. The girls were getting bored after a while and were going to leave but they started whispering to each other and said lets play truth or dare. With all the guys desperate to not let this party turn into another guys night we all agreed to play. It started out typical all the gir... Continue»
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black guy i met online

black guy I met on : by Rebecca date 02/27/2015

ok I was online one day looking for a guys that would by for sex! im a 34 year old white girl 5'2' whit a nice booty sexy feet and a tight little pussy shaved smoothed! I met this black guy who was 6'3" 220! we talked for a little bit then I gave him my cell number so we texted and made planes to me up and fuck! he was gonna pay me to fuck this tight little pussy for 500$$$$ we met at the motel room it was a Friday night! so I told him for 500$$$ everything here is what I do BJ FOOTJOB ANAL ILL SUCK YOUR COCK AND BALLS YOU CAN SUCK MY FEET A... Continue»
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First Time

First Time

The first time I saw you, you were sitting on a barstool chatting away with several friends I presumed. Smiling faces and occasional laughs assured my presumption. There was a stool next to you vacant, so I sat down. Your back was toward me and I got to look you over good before I said anything, if I got the courage to say anything. Black polyester pants, fit was perfect as were the curves contained within. A simple but very nice white top with your light coat still on. Black loafer type shoes and no socks.
Courage built by my second gin and tonic convinced me to tap ... Continue»
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'Phoenyx: Flesh and Fire' Sample: Svetla

To celebrate the official publication of my first erotic novel, 'Phoenyx: Flesh and Fire Erotic Memoirs of a Striptease Artist', here's a juicy sample wherein our Berlin stripper heroine Phoenyx is challenged to a very public battle of wills an ideologies by the Amazonian dominatrix Svetlana. It's the late 80s and the Cold War is beginning to thaw...everywhere, that is, except in Svetlana's mind. Winner takes all....loser suffers total humiliation in front of a packed house...

" “I think Sweaty Lana wants a word,” Petra confided in me quietly as I turned up for my wage packet one Saturday.
... Continue»
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A little Fun for both of us

A couple weeks after I got back from my trip I was working late on Friday night. I was sitting there working when the phone rang, when I answered it,it was my wife. She had called to see what time I would be home, I told her I wasn't sure and she asked if I minded if she went out with cindy for awhile. I told her no go ahead and have a good time but told her not to get too nasty. She laughed and said why not, then said she wouldn't she would wait till I was around so I could show off for the two of them. We talked about having fun and she started telling me what she would like me to do fo... Continue»
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Held captive at the Border

My work as a Journalist took me to Upper and Lower Slobovia and as everyone knows it is not wise for a single young western woman to enter Lower Slobovia. It is well documented that the men of Lower Slobovia are a horny bunch and always on the hunt for a pretty young girl. I of course figured that as a Journalist I would be safe, they would not dare do anything to me because I was too important, or so I thought. Was I naive, yes, was I dumb, no, was I asking for it, some would say yes.

It all started the day I arrived at the Border crossing into Lower Slobovia. I was driving a ren... Continue»
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My Teachers Love Me

This story is not made up and actually happened. I was in grade 10 and my law teacher was incredibly busty and had the biggest tits my virgin eyes had ever seen. She had massage cleavage showing everyday and it turned me into a staring, drooling cave man. The best part was that she knew what she was doing to me. She would bend over in certain angles to only flash her cleavage to me. Sometimes I would zone out while staring at her tits and I wouldn't even notice that she was smiling and giggling at me. So one day I thought Id thought Id return the favor. Law was my last class of the day. When t... Continue»
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