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Wife with older staff member and me with her daugh

I was making the bed after my wife had left early to her florist business that she owns. I noticed
stains on the sheets which was not there the morning before and we had not sex since then.
Was she having it off with another. I needed to know even though my wife and I have a good sexual relationship.
I retrieved a mini digital wireless camera I bought to protect our house when we are away on holidays. I then powered up the recorder to tape any movement in the bedroom.
Two days latter after she went to work I downloaded the video of the day before.
Was I surprised when I saw her with the w... Continue»
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Taking advantage of d***k girl and fingering

This was my first time feeling inside a pussy and cumming on a girl

I hit puberty hard! Subsequently doing some highly immoral things in terms of peeking touching etc. The stuff i feel worst about is groping when going through puberty - i couldn't keep myself away from spying or groping

My first was pretty intensive, when i was about xx, my girlfriend at the time was a year older and came to my house with her mate one night when my parents were away. I had fancied this girl for ages and all i had glimpsed was an amazing camel toe one night when we were both clubbing, i had fantasised abo... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Mum's Panties

Girlfriend's Mum's Panties

I have had a fetish for panties ever since I was about 18. I would sneak into my mother's panty draw whenever I got a chance. She had many pairs of all different colours and materials but my favourite were her silky panties. Thongs didn't really do it for me as there isn't enough material to rub over my cock. I would sneak in and steal a pair or 2, sometimes a silky nightie, and take them into the bathroom to play with. Quickly locking the door behind me, I would strip off and wrap them round my cock, sometimes wearing them and the nightie. I remember... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-6

Lisette learns to serve me submissively, fearing the fires I ignite between her hot lustful love lips

Lisette loves to serve me submissively as best as she can so she first fine blows my big brown banana
I shoot my seed deep down her throat and send her off to the kitchen in order to bring some breakfast
She serves us two mighty mugs of tea and fried eggs in my special style she just learned last morning
Every day starts by intimate inspection and her pleasing her pretty pussy close before my eager eyes
Today I have a tantalising treat to you, as funny as fearful to tears
... Continue»
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A Shot Never Forgotten

This is the first story I wrote here on XHamster on an old profile of mine that got deleted but they kept the story. I hope you all enjoy.
Lucy and Dave are a kinky bisexual couple. Dave loves being dominated by Lucy. He never use to like it, but there is just something about her that drives him nuts when she gets her way with him. One day as Dave was watching his favorite team on tv, Lucy started to suck on his ear and rub his cock thru his pants. Dave tried to shake this off wanting to finish watching the game, but she continued to torment him. Lucy lifted up Dave's shirt and started to suc... Continue»
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Eating My First Cream Pie

I lived in Sacramento California back in 2002. Having retired after twenty years in the Air f***e I was going to college full time. Yahoo personals was really big at the time and I had a really funny profile that lots of people really liked. One nineteen year old housewife really liked it and started chatting me up on yahoo messenger. After some time discussing innocent topics she began to get to some more interesting subjects. She wanted to know if I would ever cheat on my wife. I told her that I had never cheated but that I was open to the idea. Then she came back with would you ever let a g... Continue»
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Haley's Story

You're in the bathroom, washing your hands, when I open the door and come up behind you. I kiss your neck and hold you by your hips, but my hands start reaching up, up to your shirt. I pull it off of you and start groping your big beautiful breasts, two huge hands fulls of fun. I start sucking your neck and grinding my cock against you from behind. You feel it and moan just a little as I reach one hand down the front of your short shorts and rub your clit through your panties, eventually I slide your shorts to your ankles, then your panties too, now both lie on the floor. I keep spooning my co... Continue»
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Kenzie's Story

We're sitting alone in my house, on my couch, just watching another movie together. Some RomCom neither of us are all that invested in. You're on one side of the futon, I'm on the other...the unavoidable sex scene in the movie happens...I glance over at you to see just how much you might be enjoying it, but to my surprise, your eyes are already on me.

"Heh...you want to move over to my bed? It's a pillow-top and it’s way more comfortable than this futon...haha"

"Well, if you insist the bed is more comfortable..."

I stand up and offer you my hand.

You ignore me and walk yourself to ... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl part 4

It had been nearly a year since Amy, Lucy and Scarlet had begun living together for their college studies. In that time, they'd all grown closer together. They effectively had a secret, three-way relationship going.

Amy had, the year before, grown the large cock of a horse by a freak accident at a lab on a field trip with college. She had told her best friend and classmate, Lucy, who had immediately started thinking of uses for it. It had scared Amy, at firsts, but soon after they started, she was enjoying their lesbian relationship.

They'd opened the spare room in the flat. Lucy had... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl Part 5

Author's note:

I got a fair bit of feedback on Chapter 5, stating that the chapter were too short and that the description had been lacking.

I know this will end up being under a page on here, but it is the second-longest chapter yet. I hope you all enjoy the work I put into it.

It's not been easy to keep this story going for so long, so I think I'll likely only write one or two more chapters to wrap it up. I'm not sure how it'll end, so please, don't ask me.

Once again, thanks you too everyone that reads the story. I hope you enjoy it and I welcome constructive feedback.

... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie #2

The new addition of the bunkhouse attached to the rear of the main house had simplified everything. Bud remained in "care" at the assisted living facility. All of Jackie's men were basically under one roof. Each had their separate rooms which allowed their sexual individuality out. The farmhands were quite different in their choices, but were steadfast that she belonged to all of them. They had requested that she no longer trim her pubic hair which wasn't a problem for her. She restated that they economize on their use of her. Less is more, she told them. Less energy spent to reach the same... Continue»
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Caught Panty Handed!

Caught Panty Handed!

There I stood, like I had on countless other occasions, hovering over my mother-in-law's open hamper, digging for the silken dirty treasures I knew where hidden among her worn clothes. I spied a hint of bright orange and reached in with trembling fingers to pull out an incredibly sexy pair of full cut briefs that I knew had been snuggled against her sweet mound. As I lifted the stained gusset to my nose and took a long inhale of her sweet aroma, they did not disappoint. I held them open and studied the spot where her pussy had left its indelible mark. Her p... Continue»
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A Mother Confessions

My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had got on hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine.

A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pack that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pack around a bowl so that when it ... Continue»
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The eagerness I felt to suck cock drained slowly away the further I traveled down the corridor. By midway point, I has seen two men; one of which I held no interest in. The other, well, he showed no interest in me, so there I had broken even. I removed my darkened lenses and looked to the back of the corridor. A look in the mirror made me head there after a stop at the head.
“Hello.” I said to the 5’10” tall, brown haired and eyed, well built man before me.
“How are you?” He asked as he looked me over.
“Better if I knew what wa... Continue»
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My trips to the nature

This guy enjoys jerking his cock while watching other people having sex somewhere on the beach, in the woods or in other places where they think no one will see them

Maybe it sounds corny but I used to be extremely shy and never had any relationship with girls until I was 22. I was a thin but rather handsome guy. Women over 30 told me I was cute.

As I was getting older I wanted sex more and more but I still couldn’t find someone to date. So, when I was 18 I began masturbating.

I’ll never forget my first orgasm. It happened in the toilet. The door lock was broken and I had to hold the ... Continue»
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I think I have jacked off in ever state and showed my dick too lots of girls . I love too jackoff I drive around and hunt for girls at the malls watch where they park and get as close as I can . the little malls are the best the girls don't stay long and its easy too get close too them .like the k marts in TENN .I parked next too a ford four girls get out and go in as they come out I and in my car next too them jacking my dick with the window down .as the girls get in one girl looks in my car and she sees me jacking my dick .she tells the other girls that he is jacking off .the red head looks ... Continue»
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slutty nieces tights

My sexy 18 year old niece Naomi came to stay with us over Christmas and she gave me a wonderful present.

First a little essential background. I have a major fetish for legs and nylons, especially tights or pantyhose.

My niece and her mum (my s****r) came to stay with us for the holidays. I suppose I've been lucky in life and I have a large comfortable home with plenty of space. My s****r was a single mum at only 19 and now her daughter is a gorgeous 18-year-old brunette with a petite but very shapely figure. I have to admit that I've had somewhat inappropriate thoughts about her for the ... Continue»
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The Bureau of Extra Normal Affairs

To the massive majority of people, the address on the corner of a less than salubrious warehouse district even though in the greatest city in the world was entirely unknown; just an anonymous little polygon to fill a void in the map. To some – mostly river folk or dock workers - it was the oddly located little shop that obviously didn't see any passing trade. To a small amount of people; ageing sportsmen and dedicated bibliophiles who had actually been inside, the sign (Of pealing gilt and a colour that would one day be known as “British Racing Green”.) above the door pronounced it to be “... Continue»
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Lauras Pantyhose

When I was a teenager, I lived in England with my parents who both worked for an international pharmaceuticals firm. We lived in a village about 20 miles outside of the city where my parents worked and where I was finishing high school. Most days I caught a bus home, but a couple of times a month, when I had an after school activity, I had to go to someone's house and wait for my parents to pick me up at 6:30 or 7:00. At age 18 I chafed at this restriction, but there wasn't any way around it. If I caught the later bus, my parents would be home before me.

The people I had to stay with were a... Continue»
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Aunties Stockings & Mom`s Pantyhose

0. Prologue

A lot of crazy things all occurred over a few weeks that shifted my unhealthy sexual preoccupation with my Mother and Aunt from fantasy to reality.

1. The first revelation...Oedipus Complex

The first happened in early November.

I was in my freshman college psychology class when all my unhealthy obsessions, well at least the biggest one, suddenly made sense. My professor discussed Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex which he believed was a universal psychological phenomenon that all boys fantasize about having sex with their mothers.

There was utter silence and I wondered... Continue»
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