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My favourite erotic story :P

Sebastian Bench and his wife Joan owned a small publishing company in the Midwest. They had a reasonably happy marriage but she was not as interested in sex as she might have been, which caused her husband to lust after all the eye candy that passed by his desk. Johanna Patterson was some such candy, she was a long legged, long haired, perky titted blonde whose bum moved provocatively from side to side as she walked. The problem was, according to rumor, she was having a lesbian affair with Skyla Rolf, another rather delectable piece of candy who worked in the mail room.

Somehow Sebastian co... Continue»
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Master's Gift

Masters Gift by Dogcrusher

Tonight is special.

I've slowly seduced this young female for several weeks. Early on, we just talked. Sometimes we'd go out for a bite to eat. I loved making her think I was her best friend.

Eventually, I got her to sneek out at night. We would go out to bars and talk. I'd play the older woman looking for fun. She followed my lead, expecting me to take care of her.

Finally, we slept together. I skillfuly brought her to orgasm after orgasm. She fell for me, as any young girl would. She thought it was love. I knew it was... Continue»
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Early Panty fetish

When I was in my early teens, I was a very randy fucker with my hormones raging just looking for some kind of sexual stimulation to get me started wanking. It wasn’t long before I noticed women’s panties hanging on the washing line. I would take notice of who was happy showing their underwear and those who hid theirs amongst other items of washing as not to bring attention to their smalls.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I came from a small village so knew pretty much where all the good looking older and young women lived. When I was out and about I made it my business to check out th... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties continued part 2

This is the continued story of Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp (true story)

As I sit in floor looking at her sexy yellow panties with mesh front of which a few of her black pubes extended thru the more I wanted to touch, my whole body was heated and my cock was so hard and the temptation was more then I could stand as her legs where slightly spread offering me just a beatiful view of Lisa's panty covered pussy. I knew Lisa was a heavy sl**per and the added sucurity of her being wasted and had passed out made me decide to proceed with taking further and I decided to test t... Continue»
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Linya's Interrogation

Well... We've been asked when we will continue the story about Kate, and the answer is: we won't. At least not anytime soon. We started that story because it was both the next step in the time line of our development as a couple, as well as a good example of what can go wrong during a session. But during the writing process, Melissa began to feel that this event is still just a little too intimate to share just yet. So we decided to leave it as it is for now and instead I translated one of the fantasy stories that I have written over the years.

Chapter 1

Descent into Darkness

Liny... Continue»
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Why I love feeling a cock in a hole.

What is it about a hole, created in whatever or where ever, that arouses a girl?

I told a story once when I was just ten, we went to the beach, Mum, my s****r and I. When my s****r and I returned to where mum was, she had erected a multi-coloured striped canvass wall, for wind protection.

My First Time on the Beach at 10

I noted a man had pitched his beach towel on the other side of this canvass wall, and as I lay down, I saw a tear in the canvass at ground level, and as I watched as the wind blew, it opened up, and I saw the flesh of his bare leg.

Mum and s****r had ... Continue»
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Firestorm Part 1

Marie was considered by many to be a very lovely young woman. Her slender waist and ample breasts gave her a wonderful hourglass figure which was maintained partly with good metabolism and exercise. Her deep green eyes reflected the lights of the room when she entered making them gleam. Her rich red hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and blazed in the golden candle light.
She was wearing a simple red sun dress that complimented her flowing crimson curls majestically. Her open toed sandals showed her painted toenails matched her ensemble` perfectly. She truly was beautiful.
She was so f... Continue»
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New Control

I'm no stranger to the concept of chastity and orgasm denial / control; but recent events have really opened my eyes to it and I now feel I can speak about my experiences with it now having been subjected to it for an extended time. Unlike my previous experiences with being controlled through chastity, this time I feel well and truly broken -in a totally submissive way. I had believed that my time with it before was all there was to it as previous lovers and Owners had locked me up from time to time in an effort to establish more control over me. Now my current situation has me at a whole new ... Continue»
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Helens Night In

It is Wednesday evening in November, about 6.15pm. Helen is walking back from the bus stop to her small flat on the outskirts of Bristol. She is a slim, (but not skinny) attractive 34 year old, well dressed as she is just returning from work in the centre of the city, where she is head of IT for a firm of accountants (the rest of the IT department consists of one spotty youth, Steve, who is just about capable of cleaning a mouse). She is tense with anticipation, as this is the first evening she has had at home alone since her period finished on Friday. At the weekend she visited her parents, ... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Mom

So for anyone who follows my page knows of my extreme attraction to my hot milf mother (which most of you have seen and can go see in my galleries). Well the this past Sunday I moved away to college, and Saturday was my going away party. The party was cancelled due to me having too much packing for the trip and f****y obligations. Of those obligations was to go see my mom who me and her have not been getting a long too well. About 2 months ago she went on my facebook and found that I had sent a guy friend some of her pictures and did not take that too well.

I went over to her house Saturda... Continue»
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The girl likes to be wet...

I was out shopping with a few friends from school and I paused to look at something through the window of a store. I felt the sudden urge to pee as I stared at a cute dress on the other side of the glass. I released all of my pee right where I stood, feeling the warmth of my urine flow as I peed in my well hidden, girly, pink Goodnites diaper. My skirt was long enough to hide my diaper and it remained a secret of mine since I never told any of them I was wearing them. As I stopped peeing myself I told my friends I had to go to the ladies room and I walked over to the nearest one. I walked into... Continue»
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Girlfriend Pegs Me [Part 2]

I am naked and free. Except for my hands, cuffed in furry pink cuffs. My dick has been uncaged. I'm nude, on my knees in front of two GORGEOUS, curvy, half naked women. Life is good.

Except for that painful, huge, rubber cock shoved all the way up my ass into my throat!

The warmth of Sara's body on my back is calming. I can feel her love radiating through my exposed skin. Her powerful thighs are lightly sweaty, and glued to the backs of my thighs. Perhaps its my legs that are sweaty, I cant tell. Her smell is sweet and sultry, the perfume has just enough zing to get your attentio... Continue»
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Confessions of Ass Eaters - The Mother's Stor

My name is Mitty Linden. I am 49, single, white and an ass addict.
Don't judge me too quickly. Listen to my story and tell me if I had any other choice.
Like so many women here, I am a mother of a 21 year old, beautiful boy.
I still remember when Justin was born. He was so beautiful that one look at him, and I forgot everything else.
I forgot that I was single and hand no one to care for me or my c***d. I forgot that I was broke and had no money to care for him.
I even forgot that my "boyfriend" was a married man who had several other girlfriends beside his wife.
Clayton was 10 years... Continue»
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Playing Pick-A-Dick

My husband Mark frequently invites his buddies over to the house for either poker or to watch the big game on our 50" TV. On those occasions, I dress up in something sheer and revealing and serve the guys their drinks and snacks. My favourite outfit is a French maid uniform which has a sheer, white lace top through which you can clearly see my tits and big, dark nipples, a very short skirt that just barely covers my pussy, and black scanty-hose which are open at the pussy and ass.

As I walk around serving the guys, they constantly feel me up, and before the evening is over, I eventually end... Continue»
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Sunday Sex

It all started a Sunday morning. I had been horny this past week and havent really been able to find a proper friend with benefits till I got a email Sunday morning. A local guy was looking for a cuddle buddy and had invited me over for the afternoon and evening. We talked a bit in the morning and set a time of 2pm to meet.

He is an a****l lover, 3 cats and a very energetic personable pup. He was about 5'10 British, in great shape quite fit, body covered with an eclectic array of tattoos and piercings, hair done up in dreads, a medium blonde color and piercing blue eyes. He was about 6 yea... Continue»
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My hands are behind my back

My hands are behind my back, in leather cuffs joined by a 2" chain my eyes blindfolded.I feel the bed give as you make your way over to me. One knee going over me, then the other, and then you pull the blindfold off and I see you stroking the shaft of a strap on.

Without a word you spread your knees and the tip eases closer to my mouth."It's a little dry," you say.Your hand moves to your mouth and you slowly suck on a couple of fingers. You begin to rub spit on the shaft.

I hope you're not rethinking this, because I'm going to fuck you regardless." "Guess I don't have a choice now” I say... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp

I am going to tell about how my panty fetish started and what it lead up to (true story) names have been changed to protect me.

Intially when I was a young teen it was summer break and me,my neice (Denise) whom is 18 months younger then me,my adopted s****r (Lori) of whom is 3 years older then me and my neice step s*s (Sara) of whom is also 3 years older then me where all outside playing just enjoying the day. My older s****r (Lisa) of whom is 13 years older them me and the mother of my neice lived next to us across the field and her and hubby at the time where both at work and we all went ... Continue»
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Playing with my pussy in the school bathroom

I'd only ever seen the kind of sex I wanted to be having on video's on the internet. The very small amount of cock I'd already taken up until this point were all super vanilla. Nothing spontaneous or experimental. Frankly it was boring. So I'd sworn of men until I found what I really wanted. I mean, why settle for a mediocre relationship with mediocre sex, when I could hold out for what I really wanted.

I ventured downstairs. I was already running late for school and I wasn't about to leave without having a quick cup of coffee and saying goodbye to my dad.

I was wearing a skirt that was... Continue»
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My wife and I love heels

It all started in my adolescence when I tried on my older s****rs shoes, they were I think at least 4" which was quite high for the 60s. I got an amazing erection though did not masturbate as to be honest I really did not know how to, that came later. The pleasure from it was however immense, I was hooked so to speak and wore them whenever I could which was NOT often.
Alas I was orphaned at 16yrs and to survive I joined the army which gave me a roof, clothes and food. It was during my army service masturbation became the norm. I was stationed in West Germany for most of my service and for the... Continue»
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Chikaning at a premiere

This is a story some one shared with me I just had to share here, hope you like and also hope it gets posted.

Hey guys.

Here is something I want to share here that happened to me last week.

This past Sunday, I was in the city, having dinner with friends. After we hung out for a bit, they took off and I was heading home.
As I was on my way, I passed by a large area with a massive set up including projector screens and barriers all over the place, with some people waiting in a line, while a security guard stood nearby. I walked up to the back of the line and asked two teenage bo... Continue»
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