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100 shades of red

100 shades of red by Spiel_maschinerie

I was horny. I was terribly horny. My panties were all wet, I was afraid that wetness will start running down my thighs. I was in need. My need was red. I needed Him. My Master. I felt the need. The unstoppable urge to feel him. For him to be in me. For him to use me. In any way He wants.

I needed pain. I needed fulfillment.

I needed Him.

He ordered me to get dressed like a slut, because He adores to see me like that. Of course, there are also black boots, a mask on my face, leather cuffs on my wrists, collar around my... Continue»
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hot commute home

6.15 ish Saturday last weekend.

Already melting from the beautiful weather, I boarded a hot, sticky and obviously packed train home from work. After embarrassingly navigating over to the back of the unstable carriage, I find a spot wedged against the small perch seat by the secondary doors.

Arriving at the next stop seeing the expected swarm of people waiting to get on the train was daunting. I put away my phone as the doors open and the train fills. It immediately becomes more comfortable to face the window with my back against the hoard of people

The train takes off again. Still w... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman 2

I had not seen the older woman for about 4 years I was Woking around the shop i Woking past one of those sexy bra and under shop and I could see this hot older woman then I said it her she turn around and said I well just be a couple minutes I said ok so she come over said do you won't to get same thing to eat I said yes so we went and talk I was hard she said we should have fun again I said ok she said I can show you what I buy from the shop she said her my new house is I said i would came around later so I went home thinking about her smoking and how much fun we had last time so I went to he... Continue»
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Her fingers

You feel it slide down your ass crack and pool in your hole. It’s cold against your heated flesh and you involuntarily open and clench your pucker pulling some inside you. From behind you her breath catches and you hear her swear softly under her breath. A cap clicks closed and moments later you are rewarded with her fingers sliding back and forth teasing, playing in the wet puddle. The muscles in your back tense as you flex your pelvis up and silently plead for more. It’s a craving that’s been riding you hard for weeks…ever since she surprised you with her tongue down there one day.

... Continue»
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Vegas weekend

My husband and I spent the weekend of the 4th in Vegas. Flew out Friday morning. Stayed at the MGM, and flew back Sunday night. Saw the show Absinthe at Caesars Palace Friday night. What a funny show. Very crude but hilarious. But I'm sure you don't want to hear about that. What you do want to hear, is all about what happened Saturday night.

After dinner at the buffet. My husband heads off to play poker, the kind they show on TV. I enjoy playing roulette. I find a table. It's crowded, but there is a place at the end near the rope. First I should tell you what I'm wearing. Black slacks, Bla... Continue»
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I Am A Cocksucker

I’m a cocksucker. I don’t mind being called that. Or faggot, or whatever. I know what I am and what I have wanted since I was a boy.

I like being used by a man. Or men. I like the idea of kneeling down in front of a man and having my mouth used as a makeshift cunt for his pleasure. “Used” is the operative word. I want a man to take advantage of me and degrade me and abuse me, simply for his amusement.

When I was a boy, someone explained to me what a blowjob was. While I was quite enthralled at that age by the sight of a man’s cock, the idea of putting it in my mouth seemed disgusting a... Continue»
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How I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish. (pa

When I was in junior high, I would get home about an hour before my mom got back from her part time job. This gave me plenty of time to masturbate on my parents bed. This was in no way a fetish or fantasy of mine, they just had a way softer bed than I did and better yet, their door had a lock. I just locked the door, got naked, laid back and waxed the dolphin until I came on my stomach. Our house had those locks that don't have a real key, just a piece of wire you put through the keyhole and push a button inside the doorknob, so I was worried about intruders. My parents kept the little wi... Continue»
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Double trouble............

So Frank was clearly excited and so was I, As I had scratched his crotch with my shiny plum newly manicured nails I was aware of what a slut I was becoming. Any chance for cock and I was taking it. The door bell rang again interrupting my train of sexy thought. One moment I said to Frank, Kissed my finger and pressed it against his lips, he was obviously as horny as I was. As I approached the door I could see James peering through the opaque glass.I opened the door and he quickly stepped inside, kissed me lightly on the lips and said quite loudly what did that busy body Frank want. I pressed a... Continue»
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The Succubus Awakening

By Morpheus

After Eli and his friends play around with a magic spell, Eli finds something inside of him awakening.


I sat up in bed, having just woken up from the middle of a wet dream. Of course, this was more of a dry dream since I didn't get any relief. Instead, I woke up with a case of blue balls.

"Damn," I muttered, wanting to just go back to sl**p and get back into that dream. It was crazy erotic though I couldn't remember much in the way of details. They faded away too fast. "Not again..."

I got up and went to the bathroom and jacked off for a few minutes, ... Continue»
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Taken by Stan

I have always harbored a secret fetish for doggy porn, but it’s not something I would ever attempt in real life. A perfect afternoon of self-loving consists of my favorite bullet and some doggy porn on my laptop. I’m not sure what it is but it gets my pussy hotter and wetter than anything else.

My boyfriend Steve always rides me about how turned on I get while watching doggy porn and has hinted around at making it happen for real. I had no desire to make it a reality but he had other ideas. Steve and I went out for dinner and drinks and after my fourth drink I switched to water but Steve or... Continue»
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The new neighbors wife - Nikki Cuckold

My sex life was diminished to jerking off to xHamster and the occasional strip club visit after my wife died last year. This was soon to change…

Nikki and Rich have lived in the house next door for over six months, but I never really got a chance to meet them beyond the occasional wave or hello. Nikki was a hot brunet with a petite athletic build, this means smaller tits which I just love. I did notice that it always looked like she neglected to wear a bra when Rich was not around. It was easy to imagine that she had no underwear on either under her shorts, pretty sure I caught glimpse o... Continue»
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Jayce FJ Chronicles I: First GF Feet

Any questions ask! Comments are appreciated. I am doing this because many has PM'd me about the stories behind this content.

Name: Sel
Age: 19 (When Met
Height: 6'1"
Body: Tall BBW
Feet Size: 13
Ethnicity White
Other: Going to be a doctor


Maybe she was my first GF. Because the previous woman I went out with (she looked like M... Continue»
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The Boss's Office

It was 5:25 on a Friday afternoon. Fine time to be called to the boss's office. Five minutes till quitting time. No good could come of this. The blinds were drawn. No noise was coming from inside, she must be alone. Rumor has it they were dropping axes like rain clouds drop water. I knocked three times on the door.

"Come in." I heard called out from behind the door.

"Hey Dawn, what's shakin?" I said non-chalantly. My flagrant disregard for management could possibly be one reason I'd get axed.

"Not much, Tony." She razzed back without missing a beat. "Have a seat Frank."

I entere... Continue»
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She Made Me Her Bitch

This story is based on a woman I met about four years ago. She was stocky, about 6’ 1” and was definitely not a girly-girl. Lisa prided herself on her huge legs and calves and could lift as much as any man in the warehouse. We used to joke around at work and some of the guys teased me about not being about to keep up with her as we were loading trucks.

I always though her long brown hair she kept in a pony-tail was extremely hot, but my God could she use a tan. Lisa would laugh and say he even sweat more than I did. I would just grin and agree. On a Friday after work she asked if I wanted t... Continue»
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Tables are turned......

I had dressed casually for my trip to the spa, nothing fancy, plain soft cup bra, lace matching panties and a 4 inch beige sling backs, I had only lightly made up and put on a little perfume. With a loose fitting floral dress and my hair tied back I was ready for a treatment day.
As I was about to leave the house two things happened that would change the scenario. The first was I received 2 separate bouquets. The first was plain red roses with a note saying plainly "I owe you, thanks" Alistair and a single kiss. The other was from Mistress and was large and exuberant display of early summer b... Continue»
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Remote Possibilities Ch 1

As Andrew walked out the door he glanced at his older s****r, leant over the kitchen counter and reading her magazine. Holy shit he thought, his friends were right - she was a knockout. It was hard to admit that about her when she acted like such a bitch around him all the time, he wanted nothing to do with giving her any praise. But the truth remained, her luscious dark brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and below that a slim waist that led down to her graspable butt made her sexy simply from behind. But that wasn't all, her perky overflowing breasts that he had seen many times in her var... Continue»
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Little s*s Big Secret

Brad rarely saw his s****r Emma anymore. Between their going to school in separate cities and busy schedules when they were home in the summer, it was rare if they spent more than an hour in each other's' company. He still always loved seeing her, though she and he both were changing as they followed their own paths. And oh did every time he did see her remind him that she was a stunner. As they were going through school Brad knew she was going to be a beauty when she got prettier and prettier each year. However, it seemed that she never stopped; her breasts got bigger and bigger until they lo... Continue»
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Margarete Klier Teil 2 - Margarete Teil 2 –

Margarete Teil 2 – Erzogen zur Sklavin der Lust für User

Fantasie oder Deine Wirklichkeit?
Eine junge liebeshungrige Frau Namens Margarethe Klier 23 Jahre alt, von Ihren Mann unbeachtet, möchte mehr erfahren um ihre sexuelle Neugier zu stillen.
Zuerst werden Ihre Augen verbunden und werden Ihre Hände auf den Rücken gefesselt. Dann wirst Sie in ein dunklen Raum geführt. Ihr Atem geht schnell, denn Sie weißt nicht, was Sie hinter dieser Tür erwartet. Nach dem Sie diesen Raum betreten hatte, tritt von hinten jemand an Ihr heran und sagt mit ruhiger Stimme: " jetzt werden wir Dich erst einma... Continue»
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Maggie Teil 3 – als Sexsklavin benutzt - Das

Maggie Teil 3 – als Sexsklavin benutzt - Das Spiel kann beginnen
Heute bekommst Du eine weitere Lektion. Die unendliche Qual zu spüren und als Spielzeug benutzt zu werden.
Ich bringe Dich in einem Raum in dem ich schon alles vorbereitet habe. Hier steht eine Figur aus Holz welche einen Hohlraum hat. Die Holzfigur ist eine Kuh. Ich öffne die Figur von hinten und befehle Dir dahinein zu kriechen.
Ich helfe Dir dabei und schiebe Dich gewaltsam in diese Figur
Deine Arme gleiten dabei willenlos in die Forderbeine der Kuh. Dein Kopf wird dabei in Hohlraum des Kuhkopfes gepresst . Ein dehnbares G... Continue»
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Margarete Klier Teil 1 - Verführung einer ahn

Maggie Teil 1
Verführung einer ahnungslosen Unbekannten und das abrichten zur Internetsklavin

Wir hatten uns im Internet kennen gelernt. Oft haben wir uns durch schreiben, unsere fantasievollen Gedanken ausgetauscht.
Du wurdest immer neugieriger auf dem was ich Dir so erzählte.
An einem Abend hast Du geschrieben, es einmal selbst zu erleben und dass Du Lust hättest Dich einmal zu treffen. Gesagt getan.
Wir vereinbarten uns einen Zeitpunkt und wir trafen uns bei mir zu Hause.
Zur Sicherheit hatten wir uns ein Wort ausgemacht, um in bestimmten Situationen dem Anderen klar zu machen, al... Continue»
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