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Best mother ever

MOM!! I need you again.

Here we go again. He needs me for something at least
every hour. I hope this is over soon, because this is
getting really old, really fast, thought Gina. So she
wiped her hands on her apron, removed the apron and
trekked up the stairs to her son's bedroom. As she got
closer, she could feel the tension building. She had a
pretty good idea what to expect and she wasn't

As she stepped into her 13 year old son's bedroom, the
first thing she noticed was his 10 inch cock standing
straight up and looking like a soldier at attention. The
... Continue»
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Latex Rubber Extreme Full Coverage

This is not so much a story as it is a description of a full coverage latex catsuit that I once made. I thought that you people who have a latex fetish, as I do, and just can't seem to get enough, might find it interesting.

I am gay, a Bottom and have a steady Boyfriend. I have only had a couple long term relationships where we progressed to the point of ditching the condoms and going bareback. This is about a suit that I made during one of those past relationships with a rubber loving partner.

I love wearing full coverage latex catsuits, on their own, or under other rubber clothing. ... Continue»
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Filling the Need- Shooter and SJ

Filling the Need- Shooter & SJ

Jim and Mary were preparing to take their first extended break from the academy after 2 years of year round schooling. Mary had convinced Jim that they should have a c***d. Jim knew it wouldn't be his, he was sterile, so it would be Shooters or SJ's. Neither had been asked but Mary had them both on hold while she stopped taking birth control. She planned to exclusively “breed” with them until she got pregnant.

In the mean time, both men were constantly fucking Susan. Despite her approaching her 67th birth... Continue»
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Im 42 yrs old. divorced, and a closet gay sissy. I always have been.
I cant start from the begining cuz of the u******e thing so Ill start on my 18th birthday.
I went to school for half days, then work for the other half. every day I would stop at home; while my parents were at work, and jack off.
but not like most boys. most boys would blow their load, wipe it up and be done. That was fine at first but I wanted to be as perverted as I could with my hour of total privacy. See back then, growing up in a small town before internet, I was sure that nobody masturbated as much as me and I wou... Continue»
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Fisting in Houston

Chris laid on the bed. The sheets and covers were cool and clean, recently changed by the maid. He stared at the generic flower paintings hanging on the wall that it seems all hotels seem to share in the decor. The room was lit only by a lamp by the bed. It wasn't a 5 star hotel, but it was clean and comfortable and quiet. Most important of all, it was private.
It was 5:30 in the afternoon, she wouldn't be off until 7, sitter wouldn't be to her place until 8, so she should be there around 8:30 or 9, depending on how quickly she got ready. He checked his in box again and read her text messages... Continue»
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A slut is born

This is my first story and I hope you like it. If I see positive responses I'll write some more.

have fun


“Amy wake up”. Three loud knocks on the door. “Amy are you in there”? The knoking continued. “time to go to class”. I hate waking up in a rush. “I'm up Jenny, I'm up, god can you be any louder”? I heard giggles from outside my bedroom door. “Today is my birthday so you have to be nice to me sweetie” she said still giggling as she walked away.
That was my ro... Continue»
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Girls and Marriages and Hen Nights, lots of Sex

'Do you Felicia Westbrook, take Blah Blah Blah'?

I don't need to remind you people, that have been down the isle, of our wedding vows, where we promise not to be dirty unfaithful little girls, to our pussy hungry intended husbands, some of whom, which included mine, have already banged one of my so called friends, now standing just behind me, frocked-up as my bridesmaid, with my intended to be's, sperm still being nurtured inside her pussy.

Weddings are like that from a girls point of view, they make us horny, with all the excitement and being the focal point of the big occasion.

Hen ... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 11

Jane woke with a start, disoriented.
As she came out of her sl**py haze, she felt vaguely unclean and ashamed. She realized she’d been having a very sinful dream, but she couldn’t remember any of the particulars, and she didn’t want to: those kinds of thoughts were unchristian, and she was a good christian woman.
More awake now, she felt the unfamiliar, unwelcome signs of arousal—a warm sensation between her legs, her erect, sensitive nipples rubbing unpleasantly against the fabric of her undergarments. She blushed, upset with herself: somehow she thought that if her spirit was more pure, sh... Continue»
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Ready to be a cuck

I was chatting with my wife playfully on facebook one night. So I asked her, what's the biggest cock you ever had? I did not expect the answer. "12 inches" she wrote back.

My cock got rock hard and my stomach did a flip flop. "Who was it" I asked. she wrote back, "Andrew." Andy had been my last college roommate. I had met Liz when she came to town to visit him. Because Andrew had been fucking a hot little Cambodian chick at that time, I hooked up with Liz instead.

I still remember sliding my cock into her pussy and fucking her doggie style just down the hall from her ex-boyfr... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 7

Dave came into Jane’s mouth just before the movie ended. She had just finished sucking him dry when the house lights came on. She quickly cleaned herself up as Dave zipped up his pants.
“That was nice,” Dave said. “Are you having fun?”
“N..” she started to whisper, but then replied “Yes Dave, I’m having a wonderful time.”
“Good,” he said smiling. “Let’s go. The night’s far from over.”
Jane clutched tightly to Dave as he led her out of the theater. She was embarrassed he had her offer blowjobs to every man watching the movie, and she desperately didn’t want to be seen by anyone. She spent y... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 8

Jane didn’t get home till after six in the morning and as she laid in bed trying to get to sl**p she smiled for the first time in a long time as someone may finally be able to help her. Dave had said that he would take away the majority of the commands if she would trust him. That was suppose to happen next week, unfortunately he had to go to a conference in Canada at noon, and wouldn’t be back till the following week. Jane falls asl**p thinking of better times.
When she wakes, she gets up and makes herself breakfast, it is already 12:45 in the afternoon. ‘Thank God no one is here, right now.... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 10

Jane shows up at Miss Thompson’s house right on time. Jane had wore a new outfit that was sent to her by Miss Thompson. It included a choker, a vinyl playsuit with three ring tethers. Jane’s breasts were wide open. Jane also wore garters that held up a pair of fishnet stockings. Her feet were in a pair of over-the-thigh, stay up vinyl boots, made of nylon/spandex, with three inch heels. Jane rang the doorbell and was welcomed in by Miss Collins, dressed simply in a white teddy and matching stockings. “Hi slave, how are you today?” asks Miss Collins as she pulls Jane in, pushes her against the ... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 4

Sally Mist walked into her house after finishing her morning run, sweat running down her 26 year old petite body. As she walked past her living room door she could not believe her eyes.
There, sitting in her easy chair, without a stitch of clothes on, sat Brian, the campus gardener, with some Bimbo kneeling in front on him between his legs, with her head bobbing up and down.
“What in the hell is going on here?", she yelled at Brian.
Brian quickly jumped up, searching for his clothes and quickly putting them on. “I can explain all of this Sally, honest I can. We were just having a little fun... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 5

“OK, Jane. It’s time to get even. You’ve heard that payback’s a bitch? Well, that doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I’m going to pay you back for all the shitty things you’ve done to me over the years!”
Dennis grinned from ear to ear. This was fantastic, even better than his wildest fantasy! He had just finished hearing Jane describe her incredible tale, complete with all the delicious details of her treatment at the hands of the Dean and the Security Chief.
It had all started innocently enough. He had merely asked his older s****r what she was doing home from Law School during mid-semester.
Ja... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 6

Jane flinched when she heard the phone ring. It had been a long and torturous week at home. Between the humiliation she faced at school and the humiliation she faced at the hands of her own b*****r she REALLY didn’t know what to expect next.
She considered taking her situation to a doctor, and even began to drive there until some motorist screamed at her “Get off the road, you cunt!” Besides enduring the powerful orgasm (another command Dennis reinstated during her first gangbang) she jerked the car completely off the road. She had to call home, where Dennis answered and basically guided her ... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 2

Jane woke up the next morning and thought that the horrors of the night before were all just a bad dream.
“Must have been that pepperoni pizza I had for dinner,” thought Jane, “I’ve got to watch what I eat a bit more.”
While Jane showered she thought back and what she thought was a very vivid dream.
“Gee, just thinking about that dream has must be getting me horny,” thought Jane, “I have an urge to suck some poor guy’s cock dry.”
Jane left the shower and began to don her clothes. She recoiled in shock when she looked in the mirror and saw the words written backwards in her reflection, “You... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 1

Jane was going to make something of herself. At age 24, she was determined to get through law school and become a corporate lawyer. Nothing else matter to her. Other people were merely puppets that existed only to help her reach her goal. Her beauty was merely a tool that she used to get others, especially men, to do her bidding. Unfortunately for Jane, the tables were just about to turn on her.
Jane was like a hellcat around the law school library. She would make impossible demands on the library staff, and treated them all with contempt. After six months of this treatment, the staff was rea... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 3

Jane ran out of the Dean’s office, afraid and confused as to what her next move should be. I must get an antidote to this d**g, Jane thought. But where, and how? No one in the science lab would help her, they all hated her, too. And besides, she had been told there was no antidote (Oh God, please no!).
Then it hit her, Sally Mist, the assistant to the head of campus security could help her!
She’s a woman like me, Jane thought, She’ll help me and arrest those that d**gged me and f***e the science lab to help!
Jane literally ran all the way to Sally’s house, hoping to find her at home before ... Continue»
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Redbook Date --- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part III

One week after spending the night together, Wanda and I met again. The Fremont Hilton situated next to the 880 freeway was "Ashley's" current "office". She had called me and asked me to stop by, letting me know that from now on I wasn't expected to pay her anything. I arrived anxiously awaiting to feel her next to me. I had placed my job with a "on hold", as I had the luxury of often working from home. Riding the elevator up to the 6th floor I wondered why I was going to continue to see professional, "working lady" who indulged in meth. I had seen professionals before, but not a known d**g us... Continue»
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Charlene my first UMW slut

I met slut Charlene on the campus of UMW two years ago. She was a psych major and I was a poly-sci major. I was old enough to be her father but it did not seem to matter to the slut. We chatted a few times in the library late at night while studying at the individual booths. She always had that glow on her face. One night we were leaving the library at the same time, around two in the morning, it was in May towards finals. We were talking about stress so I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said “I wish, none of these boys know what I need”, I laughed at her, I knew exactly what she need... Continue»
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