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Popping His Cherry Pegging

I love my husband. We married over 20 years ago and we are still best friends and exclusive lovers. Our life together has been difficult or at least challenging at times, but it has always been a good life. We've raised three wonderful c***dren, the youngest of which entered high school this year. My husband works hard and has become a very successful real estate broker. I've run the household and worked in the healthcare field. We have always been a very busy f****y.

Last week my husband left for work without taking his iPad. He never goes anywhere without it so I couldn't help but notice ... Continue»
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my bestfriends dad part ll

aSo 5 day had past since my encounter with Mr.Strutt my best friends dad. I don't know what was going on. All I could think about was how good that man worked on my huge cock. I even watched gay porn a couple times. My new found bisexuality was taking hold.

I was insane. Then last night while once again trying for find a way to even track down a gay man to get him so I can have another blow job like the one Mr.Strutt gave me last week.

At about 9pm while I was trying to find a gay bar or something my phone goes off.
I open it up to see a picture of a big fat dildo.

Who is this? I rep... Continue»
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Wifes first threesome

My wife and I were married young. I was 19 she was 18. I joined the military the following month and overseas I went. It was sometime over there while watching porn that I realized threesomes turned me especially those where it showed a wife being shared. After returning home I slowly revealed to my wife my fantasies. It stayed just that, we would talk about it when we had sex and it made things hotter.
A few months after I returned home a friend of mine happened to get stationed at the same place. I invited him over too spend Christmas with us seeing how he was away from home. He came ove... Continue»
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Story wife wrote for me while I was deployed three

Here is your E-mail

Ok, so I thought it easier to write a story about a time we shared (or how I would have liked it lot) I am really not good at this so I am so uncomfortable writing we will call the guy Wes (We don’t know a Wes so it makes it easier lol)

Ok, so you did what you do and found someone to come over for some “fun”. Of course, I had spent the last few hours shaving, bathing, and finding some sexy panties and a sexy bra to wear. The panties and bra were dark blue. They were made of lace and you could see enough to know that my pussy was clean-shaven. It smelled and looked ... Continue»
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Straight boy cums for gay gang

The five of us who ran the local gym were all gay and regular sex partners. We had shared many group sessions where we pretended to capture one of the group and subject him to fucking and torture. One of the fantasies we shared though was to do this for real and to f***e a good looking straight chap into just this position and make him cum for us whether he wants to or not and this is what we did with Simon who was our first straight victim.

Simon is a good looking British white male; not very tall but with a strong lithe body. He's very popular with the ladies being very well endowed as h... Continue»
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one day. alexa asked her boyfriend matt if he would like to spank her. he kind of looked at her with this strange look on his face.you see alexa was really into things like spanking. the harder the better. the rougher the better. for as long as she could remember she was into it and she really loved matt and wanted to be put over his knee and spanked by him!

he stared at her for a little to long and it was beginning to feel awkward so alexa was going to brush it off as half joking half serious. she looked down at the floor sadly and then looked back up at him and was about to speak when... Continue»
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Feed Me

I am basically a docile man. Simple and very ordinary. I never have asked much of my wife; we have lived a simple life. I haven't asked for much, though in my most deeply held desires I have wished that I could be a man who could ask for and receive carnal pleasures that I could only imagine. Things I have read about, and seen on video, and dreamed about.

My wife would ask me about the simplest things and my answer would always be "whatever you want is fine, I don't mind..." etc. but I do want these things, I do desire them.

She would ask me about dinner, about plans about travel, cloth... Continue»
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Mr Big

I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy. A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him... Continue»
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dinner party....

My friend Sue wanted to throw a dinner party with a difference. All the guests were sexually liberated or had expressed an interest in broadening their horizons and some knew each other through friends, clubs and from a few selected swinging websites.
Invitations were sent; cream cards with black embossed ink and they simply stated, 'Dress for dinner, no underwear allowed, hands must stay above the table, ...you must not react or alert the other dinner guests to anything that you experience over the course of dinner.'
8 guests duly arrived, ladies in cocktail dresses, gentlemen in tuxedos, a... Continue»
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Dick Pic Do I measure UP!

For some reason penis size has never really occurred to me, not mine, not anyone's. But as my picture became displayed I became known as the guy with the huge penis. The absurd part about this was that I was thirty eight at the time. I had just ended a ten year relationship and been sexually active for more than 20 years and never once did it occur to me that I am not average. Even when partners would comment on my penis I assumed they were only trying to get me more excited and turned on.

Although we met many years ago we were really only vicarious friends whose social circles only o... Continue»
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Of Well Laid Plans

Daniel was a perfectionist. No seriously!! A perfectionist since birth... An easy birth without complications, did'nt cry though his eyes kept trying to open and was clearly taking in lungfuls of air. He never cried without reason as a c***d, never laughed without one either. He was neither needy nor clingy and expressed his needs in complete sentenses as early as he could. He studied and learned what was taught at school from grade school to high school, always, with the perfect grade, perfect discipline for the perfect career path, as he would call it. With a budding career in a reputable in... Continue»
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The Waitress

There is this waitress working at our place. She is extremely flirtatious and she knows how to play the game.
I was out the back and I'd place my phone on the side. I didn't here the buzz from my notifications. ( All from Adult blogs and sites. )
As I was placing stock away. Without me knowing , the cheeky little madam had silently come out of the back for a quick fag .She picked up my phone and read it out allowed. I was so embarrassed worried that others would hear. I ran round to her and snatched my phone out of her hands. She looked shocked. Both of us Blushed with surprise. Looking wi... Continue»
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my first gangbang

hi i am a white chubby guy with a nice ass and like to wear panties and tight pants.
one night i got a text from one of my black partners asking me to come over and that he had a surprise. he asked me to wear all black even black panties. i got on a black t shirt a pair of my black bikini panties and some tight black leggings. i pulled up to his house and there were a few cars in the driveway. bill met me at the door and i followed him in. as i came in there were a few older black men standing in a group and bill went behind me and pushed me in the middle of them. they were feeling my ass up... Continue»
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why i love adult booths

i am a guy who is young, white, chubby, and have a nice round ass. i also like wearing panties and tight pants mostly leggings.
one late evening i got on a black t shirt and my pink panties and dark grey leggings. i went out to my local adult store and i went in to the booth area. i walked around for a bit looking for a open booth. there were a lot of guys in there mostly older men. as i was walking by them most of them looked at my ass or just felt it some of them would even grab it. this one guy, older white, once grabbed my ass and started to jerk off his cock right there in the middle of ... Continue»
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Wild Night in Edinburgh, 3 cocks, pleasured?

David was my first Aboriginal Black/Brown cock sex

I was sixteen and my b*****r was twelve that summer. We were living in Perth in Australia back then, and had moved across country, into the outback, up by Alice Springs, where daddy's work as a surveyor, for an Oil Company, saw him leave us for days on end, to see out our days in the heat.

We had some house servants, who were aboriginal, and one woman in particular, was our surrogate mother, and her son, who was in his twenties, was tasked with assuring our safety from the wildlife, and the environmental effect, like overex... Continue»
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Sucking off William

OK guys – I’ve just come in from some riding and I’m going to sit down and write about how I got my roommate Will down to his speedos for some horny fun.

Will moved in at the end of November and we share a room in a 3 bedroom condo. Will is 19yo from Melbourne and plays a fair bit of AFL (Aussie Rules Football). He has just finished his first year of uni and is spending his summer break (yes it is summer now in the southern hemisphere – you can’t believe how many people don’t understand that concept) in Canada for some snowboarding.

So far I think that Will looks up to me. I ended up sha... Continue»
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Training My Stud Boyfriend to Take Dick!

My name is Belinda I am a college coed who loves sex with both girls and guys. I am a hot brunette with long black hair down to my butt crack with ivory white skin and piercing blue eyes. I have a nice shapely body and love my real 36 C breasts with strawberry sized nipples. I have a clitoris that protrudes from my clit hood that looks like a cock and makes lesbo sluts mouths water. My girlfriend and lover Claire is a sexy buxom blond who is my roommate and 69 partner. We both take turns as butch and love fucking each others pussy and ass with a healthy strapon dildo.

We both have boyfriend... Continue»
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Best day at work ever? Close to it anyways. My business takes me to the lovely bowels of Detroit, Michigan several times a week. I park in a private structure where maybe my precious car will be unharmed while i run here and there. As fancy as the outside of this building looks, the inside lacks security, employs slackers, has minimal lighting and head clearance issues for someone my height.. (6'7"US) i.e. low hanging pipes and exit signs. The corner 4 spaces i lease are deep within the sub-basement..and are under the only light in the immediate area. Rarely do i encounter vehicles on th... Continue»
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Revenge Of The Cyber-Queen: Chapter 1:

(Femdom, Sci-Fi, Orgasm-Denial, Teasing, Lesbian, FBB, BDSM, Humiliation, Fetish, tragic love story)

Author's Note: The character of Professor Ava/Queen Ava is heavily-based on porn star, Ava Devine, a very beautiful, voluptuous and talented actress with a fantastic voice and screen presence, so if you want to know exactly what the character looks/sounds like, check out Ms. Devine's work.

Chapter 1: Moans of Despair And Lust.

As Johnny (dark-haired & muscular football jock) and Lucinda (cute petite ponytailed-brunette with a perky personality) were about to walk into the... Continue»
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Viagra Cuckold

I am a submissive male that loves my wife very much. I was put on this earth to serve her. She is very kinky and likes to try all kinds of sexual fantasies on me. Her new thing now is to make me take Viagra. So she can see how many different ways she can milk the cum out of my balls.

So if you don't like Kinky Bi-sexual behavior it's time to quit reading this story. If you like nasty sex and want to sit back and cum all over your self then read on. Part of my punishment is to write a story about what she did to her boyfriend, my best friend and me this weekend.

She has been experimentin... Continue»
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