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My benggali neighbour.

Halim meminta anaknya yang berusia enam tahun itu menjengok di luar rumah untuk melihat sama-ada sesiapa yang datang ke rumahnya. Bunyi deruan angin lori yang agak kuat di luar seolah ada orang datang ke rumahnya. Setahunya tidak ada pun dia menempah atau meminta sesiapa menghantar barang untuknya. Setelah dia sendiri menjengoknya, barulah dia tahu ada orang yang akan duduk atau sewa rumah kosong di sebelahnya.

“Dah ada orang sewa rumah sebelah tu. Nampaknya benggali pula yang sewa rumah Che Ibrahim tu” kata Halim bila ditanya oleh isterinya.
Kesal juga Halim kerana sepanjang dia menyewa d... Continue»
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Kim Kardashians weight gain

Kim Kardashian one of the most talked about celebrities in the world, and star of hit shows Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. She was the highest earning realty star, and co-owner of the fashion boutique chain D-A-S-H; not to mention at the time was currently dating rapper Kanye West. She was on top of the but she had also had got some bad publicity as well during the time she was with West she announced that she was pregnant with the couple’s first c***d, and had gone on an eating frenzy at that time gaining 201lbs in the process... Continue»
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The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 01

It was about midnight when Clara finally came home.

As soon as I heard the sound of the key in the front door, my heart was racing.

I tried to look nonchalant as my wife opened the door. I doubt I was very convincing. She scowled when she saw me sitting there on the sofa.

"I thought I told you not to wait up," she said. She'd been drinking. I can't say I was surprised by that.

She was wearing a cashmere sweater and a short, tight skirt that took advantage of her legs and ass. At some point after she'd left home that morning, she'd lost her bra and I could see her nipples were hard ... Continue»
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The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02

This is a story of how a dominant woman trained her husband to be a cuckoldIt opens where Chapter 1 ended, with Richard begging Clara to fuck her co-worker Jay.


Clara held my face in her hands. "Are you sure about this, Richard? You want me to fuck Jay?"

I nodded. Tears were streaming down my face. My nose was running. I could taste the salty snot when I licked my lips. I was miserable, and yet I felt so light-headed and high that I was afraid I'd float away. Clara took a couple of tissues and wiped my face. She kissed me on the lips.

Reaching down, she took my wrist, ... Continue»
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Giant Janet's Pussy ate me up

It was a leap, but I thought that maybe going to see Janet would help us be
closer. We had been talking on the Internet for nearly a year now and she had
finally convinced me to come and visit her. I was, of course, nervous. Janet
was an older woman than me, and though that turned me on, it also made me feel
nervous about meeting someone I had, as of yet, only talked to online.

But after spending a few weeks with her, we began to get along more and more
and become quite comfortable with each other. She knew about many of my
fantasies of being dominated. So the sex had so far been quit... Continue»
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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART TWO

This is a 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Part 1

Even though my sight was hindered, I could feel the warmth coming from the twink's fresh asshole in front of my face. I started feeling my way around it with my tongue, gently licking his crack and taint, but tactfully avoiding the hole. My tongue grazed his pucker, but refused to give him the satisfaction of licking it immediately. I felt his tiny body tremble in my hands each time I passed his hole, teasing it like mad. I pulled off his ass completely and after a brief moment I finally started licking his little boy pussy... Continue»
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Slut loves to tease (part one)

Slut loves to tease (part one).

I'm standing in my bedroom looking at my reflection in my full length wardrobe mirrors. I was just about to twirl around to view my reflection when my husband walked in, stopped at the doorway and sighed.
"Are you really wearing that lot tonight?" He said almost despondently.
"Of course I am!" I replied triumphantly.
I was standing before him wearing a shocking pink PVC quarter cup bra which held my full 36 DD breasts, with my erect pierced nipples jutting forward. My waist was being cinched by a shocking pink PVC Waspie from which black seamed stockings w... Continue»
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From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut Part II

Lori was no longer the shy timid soccer mom I had first met. She was my pantyhose slut. All those missed years of pent up sexual frustration had made her wild in bed and eager to explore. I had bought her a life like dildo with balls that we could stick to the wall or a head board so that when I was fucking her she could suck my “second cock”. I would also fuck her with it while she sucked my cock. We also started to use video. I did her masturbating then us fucking and us role playing. In addition we started to take road trips. Lori would wear a sun dress that buttoned down the front over her... Continue»
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a BIG perfomance

Stephen still couldn't believe his eyes. She was right there, his favorite musician. And the best part, she was literally larger than life. He could actually feel the tremors in the stage from her footsteps as she danced to the music. The thousand dollar ticket seemed like a bargain to experience something so epic.

This was his first time at a micro concert, but he vowed to himself that it would not be his last. He pushed his way through the crowd of screaming fans, to the very front row. The only thing separating him from his idol was a thick velvet rope, and a sign with an ominous warnin... Continue»
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My wife tells everyone that I'm a cuckold

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my then girlfriend now wife, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.
Now that the background info is out of the way, we can start with the story.
Also keep in mind I try to add as much detail as I can as well as dialogue so my stories tend to have a slow build up so I recommend u pace urself!


First ... Continue»
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It would all start one morning waking up next to you. Seeing you laying there naked, your pert nipples glistening in the morning sunlight. I immediately get a morning erection. You awaken slowly - seeming to almost not even notice my hard cock, you whisper, "would you like to cum today?" Immediately, I begin to dribble small pearls of precum. This makes you grin - only to smile and say, "I said today, not right now!". With that, you slap my cock hard and say "Go make me some breakfast, now! And there is no need to get dressed". I immediately jump out of bed, with my dick already start... Continue»
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The secret exchange (Sarah)

"Your wife told me you were a crossdresser 12 years ago, still doing it?" Sarah asked me.

Very calm, I sip my coffee and answer, "Yes."

This is how this story got to this point. Sarah has been friend with my wife for about 14 years, out of college they met in the bank they both used to work. They became very good friends. Thirteen years ago I met my wife, she did not know about Iliana, back then I was just trying to be myself with my then girlfriend and one day I decided to let her know about my closet life style.

To my surprised she reacted very well, she asked tons of questions ... Continue»
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64. Total surrender. 1to4

64. Total surrender.
She had had a rough life really, she had been orphaned in her early teens, distant f****y didn’t want to know, so she had been in local authority care till she was too old for them but by then she had learnt to use her body for both pleasure and gain.
She was no shapely blond bimbo; she was a brown haired, 5 foot 6 inch, wiry, street wise, a woman with small but attractive tits, few inhibitions and a slewed slant on life. She had few untried sexual deviations, having lost her virginity to the home warden at 13; she had found herself allowing the other inmates use h... Continue»
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new self adventure

I view myself as a very open and adventerous person. I have explored many aspects of sex and loved all but few.
Well, last night I ended up stepping into one more realm of enjoyment. I was home and doing some things, as wife was out running around with her mother doing holiday stuff. I knew that I was going to be alone for at least 3 hours. one of those days, where woke up horny, just had an itch that needed scratched, ever been there.
Well, as I tried to get my wife to scratch it, she was not feeling up to it, and I understand how that it and respected her wishes. As she started to g... Continue»
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my christmas

Season's greetings to all my readers. I thought I
would share a very memorable New Year's Eve true
experience with you. This true story happened a number
of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY
Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always
welcome! Photos posted on KB with story.

For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among
other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps,
connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got
turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her
nipples and tits, and she couldn't wait to try out her
new toy. While ... Continue»
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s****r in law catches me

My s****r in law is 46 years old she is a size 14 to 16 with dyed mousy blonde hair cut in a bob to her shoulders and size 36b tits that droop slightly.I have always fancied her and imagined what she would look like naked does she shave her pubes? Does she let it all grow? Is she dirty in bed? What turns her on? And thankfully I now know.
It all started a few months ago Jane was stopping at our house my wife went upto bed but Jane and me carried on talking and drinking.I was telling her a joke and on the punch line she laughed and said "oh my god you... Continue»
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Master / Dragon's Desire

Master / Dragon's Desire
Once upon a time, in a land that existed long ago, there was a small and quaint little village. This village was absolutely marvelous. It had people that knew everyone in town and they all live in harmony for the good of the village. The men worked the fields and the mills and the women taught the c***dren and cooked the meals. They even had a beautiful little stream that run through the middle of the village.
Even the buildings in the village were beautiful. The most pride was put into the sparkling white marble of the church. Every Sunday people when to church at... Continue»
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Being a cuckold wife.

So to start its about time I had my say. Before I say anything else I want to say I love my husband very much! I've always had body issues and and low self confidence, before marrying Tony I'd only had about 4 boyfriends and only ever slept with a couple of them. Since the first night when a cheated on Tony with Steve I've been fucked by over a hundred guys and a few girls. I love being fucked by several guys at once or picking a guy up in bar. The pure passion is amazing and while I'm screwing I always think about how much Tony is getting turned on by me cheating on him and that always makes ... Continue»
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I became voyer person, slave of my perversion wife

One day our boss whos sadomise me and my wife invited us me and my wife to his office. I have to get out for 6 months by my business oversees. You - he pointed to my young wife, have to keep ring that a dave to you. Say what it means to me and your slave husbund! She said - You own me and it ring indicates and shows that i am not able to have a pussy sex, but i have to be used anally only. My former husband is not able to use me but watch my sex life only.
Yes! Said our boss, i order you my second wife to be free to find a bull for occasional anal sex whatewer you like, amoung strangers ... Continue»
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My Thong wearing Stud is part of a bi-couple

I decided to get serious about my level of fitness recently. I am not out of shape, by any means, but, I realized that it’s going to take some work to keep what I have, make improvements on my physique, and to use my body to pic up some extra cash. I’m not sure if that means stripping, go-go dancing, e****ting, or modeling. I just want to have options, and I want to wear an assortment of the sexiest gear.

I discovered that I have a great affection for spandex/jock gear. Initially, it was just about me getting hard looking at underwear catalogs, porn and other guys, but then I realized h... Continue»
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