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Ok, so why after the story from Cynthia's mission work in Africa, where she ruled the young men's passion and drained their seed from young innocent cunts would she want to be in the breeding room? Surely not to stop the Ladies who were her because they wanted negro seed to impregnate them by their own minds? Mmm curious?
She walked like a cat walk model in her tight nylon pencil skirt and blouse, black bra holding in those huge guns of hers, which had done all to arouse and help to milk BBC lads in Africa! She had a huge ass too, which was getting the rooms attention. The BBC's were in appr... Continue»
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The Ultimate Male G-Spot Bonking Machine for Unlim

So ~~~~ after many years of wondering how it worked, and after investing in several name brand prostate simulators with little success, I decided to build my own prostate stimulating machine.

Soon I will attach a picture of my "p-spot stimulator" which I have entered into a production agreement ~~~~ and hope to have a retail line.

Here are my observations:

#1 ~ do not touch your penis. An erection is not required, or necessary.

#2 ~ use Vaseline as your lubricant ~ you need something that is going to last a long time.

#3 ~ the machine needs to go fast for it to work (a whole l... Continue»
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Coworker rocks my world

Stephanie (25F) and I (23M) used to work together a couple years ago. We didn’t work directly together but were in the same office. It was a smaller office (only about 20 employees including us) so we saw each other quite often. She was of Latin descent with naturally dark skin, long slender legs, 32C breasts, black hair, brown eyes, a beautiful face with juicy lips, and a narrow waist with a nice bubble butt. She was always flirty and lively, full of energy. One morning I noticed her walk into work looking even better than she usually did. In the following weeks I noticed her making eyes at m... Continue»
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Finally licked my own creampie

This is a true story.
For the past year or so i have been looking at more and more fetish porn. All different types as i get bored easily, But Cei ad Joi and worshiping and cuckolding has always stuck with me!
I have tried and failed and chickened out so many times looking at cei videos and would always loose the urge to eat my cum. My girlfriend has no idea of my desires or taughts so while I fuck her i imagine licking out my creampie from her pussy, or hope she will say "lie on your back and clean up my pussy " as she sits on my face.
Last week we went on a boat trip where we had a smal... Continue»
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I fucked my co-worker, he was in his sixties

I like men in uniform, now I am old enough to take to the the next level. As a boarding school girl in private education, men liked us in our uniforms, if the number of semen stains on our tartan skirts were a measure of popularity.

Some were, if I am honest, I knew about, but kept mum, as I developed a symbiosis with these strange and exciting creatures, who looked like men, but behaved like horny dogs, that humped a girl's leg in the park.

Now I stand in front of my mirror, an educated débutante, venturing into the big bad world where men want to seed your body more than your dress, th... Continue»
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The 3rd Lady in the waiting nervously in the waiting room was Cynthia. Now she was a very prim and proper Lady of some breeding sort of upper class and well off. What I wondered was she doing here with these bulls?
She was dressed in a light cream pencil skirt a white blouse, black bra, which was showing itself through the blouse. Her hair was tied up and she wore butterfly framed glasses. Her shoes were high brown stilletos and she had a pair of seamed tanned stockings.
She had been looking at the framed photos of the masked and numbered Black Studs on the wall and written down a selection ... Continue»
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New Years

New Years fun

We had a small party New Year's Eve with a few people, 3 cpls and 4-5 singles, nothing big. I had a alternate plan for late that night and this was a great way to get it rolling. My wife gets a little wild when she drinks, so my plan was to feed her drinks all night and as the night went on I started adding some Molly to her shots. So by the time everyone was leaving (12:30ish) she was d***k and a little high too. I told her she and I needed to do a shot for the new year, just us two. I put a nice hit of Molly and half a roofie a few guys gave me to use on her. She downed that... Continue»
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Weekend Slave Pt 1

(This is my first posted story and is mostly true)

Master dropped his innocent wife at the airport, kissed her goodbye and wished her luck on her job interview.

As soon as he left the terminal, he texted slave and informed her that he would be there to pick her up in an hour.

When he arrived, they chatted as she finished gathering her things. His eyes explored her familiar body. He could tell that she was not wearing a bra or panties under her sheer black dress. Just like he liked it.

The drive back to his house was filled with more idle chat and light innuendo. He asks her abou... Continue»
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My Panty and Clothes Stealing Adventures Part 1

This is a small series of REAL life experiences, with slight changes to them to be more interesting, but based heavily on my own experiences.

I had just finished basketball practice for my highschool team, now I sat in the empty lounge waiting for a response from my mom. It was late, 6 pm, and my house was not walking distance. I got a text back from my mother, "Ill be there in 30 minutes".

Great. I sat there, finishing up my graphs for physics. It was a fast job, and I was faced with 23 minutes of boredom. No wifi, and I wasn't an iphone gamer. I decided to move to the other sid... Continue»
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Christean a personal story of lust

Christean a story of personal lust

This not meant to be porn so apologies if you feel it is. It's the actual life of a porn addicted cross dressing bisexual, other- wise straight man ( well maybe not so straight ) with in exhaustive chronic need to be sexually stimulated.
He lived with a tier of secrets. For most of his life the secrets Christean held inside barely acknowledged and some which were not yet discovered.
In the current days Christean or Phynick has fully blossomed into a gorgeous horny slut gurl.
By slut gurl I mean he is a guy who is bisexual or actually pansexual but loves... Continue»
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Kate monday evening

Kate turned to sally , what time are you leaving,
I'm being picked up at ten
I stood up and rinsed my mouth out
The girls were talking, Sally giggling
the Kate said Christine call Paul ask him to come round
Why ?
I want to film the pair of you
What no Kate please I responded
Christine do as your told, you just cum watching sally and me, so why don't you want us to have the fun of watching you two

I had no answer and I didn't want to upset Kate
I phoned Paul' his dad answered the phone and told me he was over the park playing football

I told Kate OK she said we will go over and... Continue»
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chat with a slave girl

I started chatting with a slave girl recently. She had a master in the past and is looking for another one. She says she is about 5'5" and has 36c breasts. She is black and shaves her pussy daily. Below is transcribed from a recent email chat:

Me: Do you have any sex toys, dildos, vibrators?

Her: I don't have sex toys, but there are a lot of clothes pins in the house. Sex toys are not easy to find here and even if you find they cost so much....

Me: Have you ever put a clothes pin on your own body?

Her: yes, i have put a clothes pin on my nipples... Continue»
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gloryhole surpice

I love to suck cock when I'm horny, and on this particular day I'm quite turned on.

It's late summer and school is starting up again soon. I've just turned eighteen and can't wait to start my senior year - so many football player dicks to suck! Never mind the male teachers. They hook up with students a lot more often than you think.

Craving the taste of cock, I decide to pay a visit to my favorite place on earth: the gloryhole down the street. Yes, I live within walking distance of a gloryhole. It's in the back of the adult bookstore, and it's the only place where I can get my face stuff... Continue»
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If Carlsberg did dates ...

++ This is a true story, but names have been changed ++

The first time I used an adult dating site, I got chatting to a woman named Kate. I am a fan of a more voluptuous lady, so it was a BBW dating site, and Kate, in my mind, was the perfect BBW. a size 18 but with most of it on the bum and boobs, nice toned chubby thighs and a gorgeous smile. We chatted online for a few hours and then she had to go, so we shared mobile numbers and we texted a couple of times later that evening.

The next day Kate sent a text asking if I wanted to call her to arrange a meeting. I wasted no time in calli... Continue»
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Lady at Dawn

They watched the virile youth fuck like rabbits in front of them while they rubbed each other. She nestled her index finger between his balls and massaged, while he tweaked her nipple with random playfulness. The looked on as the two 19 year olds met their crotches and pumped furiously. The nubile body took the thrusting cock. He pounded her and winced as this was the 8th orgasm in the last 12 hours. As he came inside her, he felt his balls pinch. As he gasped in exhaustion and pain, she grinded to accept the diminished load, but a load none the less. The wife promply left her husbands balls a... Continue»
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1st time at a sex club

Whilst working in England, I came across a 'sex' club that according to the website was in a house with many amenities and lots of othe sexually active crossdressers.
I sent them a message and got a reply with the next meeting date and a request for a 'donation' to help with the website/club expenses.
As a crossdresser I was promised plenty of sex from the other patrons - there were plenty of gangbang photos on the website:-)
The 'sex' day arrived and I prepared very carefully with an enema to ensure I was clean during penetration, did my make up really carefully and struggled into my pvc c... Continue»
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My new boss and I

I got a job at an accounting firm right out of college. My friends I had made in college were all going on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks I had planned to go but the accounting firm I applied at wanted me to start right away. One job requirement was that I wear a business suit every day and they had a casual Friday twice a month. Suits could be pants or skirts that could not be higher than just below the knees.
I remember my first few weeks I was nervous a lot I was afraid of making mistakes. I had been given the task of balancing books for a small local business and I spent quite a few ... Continue»
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The organised party was going really well and the Ladies that had chosen to breed had selected their stud for the evening. The Madam released the boys from their 2 weeks of chastity and allowed there weapons back into the public again!!!
I was a little surprised that a pretty, tiny and slight girl with mousy hair called Sharon was standing nervously in the breeding Ladies line up?
We spoke and she explained that she had had a couple of white lads, but said they were not up to much in bed and she was still a near virgin. 1 lad she said was told to 'bang her up', make he preggo. He had tried l... Continue»
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The Marine Studes

I just love the common toilet and bath of the place I stay in this southern city.
The urinals have no separators that I've seen lots of dicks during my stays from locals to foreigners.
The toilet/bath even though with wall wall separators have almost 6 inches gap from the floor so that one can easily see the reflection of another bather esp when the lighting is good.
This alone makes me want to bathe all day.
It was such my lucky day that during my stay it coincided with the field trip of marine students that I had a field day of transferring from one stall to another looking at the refl... Continue»
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Bi Hubby Busted at Bookstore part 3- Night at the

Disclaimer: All events and persons in the following story are ficticious.

End of part 2-

My cock was hard again. She began sucking it as we 69'ed. She was thrusting her hips on my face. I heard her say, "Oh fuck I'm cumming." At the same moment she stuck my cock in her mouth and I came for the second time in five minutes. She continued to face fuck me with her crotch and kept sucking my jizz into her mouth. After a moment of post-orgasm bliss, my wife dismounted my head and turned to face me. She lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me as my cum drooled from her mouth to mine. Our... Continue»
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