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Horse Cock Girl 6

A few days after going to the club with Lucy and Scarlet, Amy was on her lunch break at work, thinking deeply. A lot of things that had happened or been said that night had stuck in her head and it had been bugging her since. Everything she was thinking about was to do with her relationship with Lucy and Scarlet.

She'd been thinking about something since even before the club: marriage. She loved Lucy and believed that Lucy lover her too. She was, however, wondering if, were she to ask Lucy to marry her, Scarlet might get jealous. Amy didn't want that, because both she and Lucy loved Scarl... Continue»
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At a big festival in a dark tent I had a wonderful time with a couple of teen girls. Let me tell you all about it.

I was at a big summer rock festival hanging round the edge of one of those big tent-stages waiting to spot a target going into the crowd - its basically rammed constantly in this tent and if you wait then follow a girl in, you dont piss as many people off letting a girl do all the barging and plus you end up rammed behind her :)

This fest was packed with teen girls so i didnt have to wait long.. in fact i had to hold back from two opportunities, waiting for a really good one... Continue»
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Dan was in the Philippines on business - he had just come back from a long day working with the outsourcing contractor his firm had engaged with. Walking into the hotel he noticed a number of people milling about all dressed up - and they seemed to all be dressed in Cosplay outfits. Dan secretly had a bit of a Cosplay fetish - especially for sexy woman in Cosplay outfits that were maybe just a little bit too revealing.

Following the crowd he arrived at the convention center in the Hotel he was staying at. Outside was a sign - "Private - 2014 Cos Convention". "Damn" he thought, "Just my luck... Continue»
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Hot night with Kim and Dave

As Dave arrived home, Kim met him at the door, opening it wide as she stood nude in the doorway. Dave opened the screen door as Kim embraced him, pressing her large breasts against his chest, and pulling his hips against hers, grinding against him. Dave went on in as Kim turned and paused briefly in the doorway, looking out, almost defiantly as if to say to any neighbors who saw her, "Get a good look, yes, I'm nude and this is the way I choose to live my life." She then shut the door and told Dave to go and take his shower and be sure to wash all his "special spots." Dave stripped and got... Continue»
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Erica Hyde and The Werewolf!

It was a nice night in the middle of October. I didn’t take my morning run as I had to be at work early in the morning. I just started my new job as a Graphic Designer and Model! It’s nice getting the double pay! So I put on my black with purple trim running shorts with my Purple Tight Sports bra, that just mash my Big 36 DDD tits. It really doesn’t help that when I run they still bounce up and down. I don’t care though! It gives all those Husbands, fathers, and sons to look at as I run around my community and the wood trails b... Continue»
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Sub's mission of submission

I can completely submit to him because I know He loves me and cherishes me. He knows my limits and how to slowly but surely extend them. I trust that He will mould me and my behavior to his liking more and more day by day, by month, year by year. I trust that He will ensure that I completely satisfy his needs directly or indirectly. By doing that my needs are fulfilled - because my deepest need is - to fulfill his needs.

I sometimes have a picture of him in my mind when He is 70, tanned and grinning with a sparkle in his eye holding my hand in a beach bar somewhere warm and knowing that his... Continue»
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His Primal Urge

Gerald woke with a start. His mind full of dark dreams. A throbbing erection reminding him of the potent source and he cast a sly glance at his sl**ping wife, disregarding the brief impulse to satisfy the urge on her. Tonight, he needed something much harder than she could ever give him. Satisfied she wouldn't wake he slid from the bed, made his way into the bathroom and carefully switched on a light over the mirror.
'Disgusting', he thought, 'you're a middle-aged man, respectable! Go back to bed before it's too late!'
He knew he couldn't do that, his hard-on was too persistent to allow... Continue»
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me and my p e e teacher

I regularly went to college and I also used to go to tuitions … I used to go to maths tuition and the teachers name was maria …. She was a christian and the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen and I was one of her favorite students …. She took tuitions in one rented room …. The timings differed and some times I even went to her house to clear some doubts and she lived with her mother who was really old …. We called her ms maria ,she was 27 years old and was divorced….and her height was 5ft 6 and she was fair like a rabbit and she had silky hair …. During classes many students used to comment be... Continue»
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Song was the wife of a North Korean diplomat. She was lucky - being part of the elite meant a nice apartment in Pyongyang, but it also meant a lonely life, confined to the cold, gray city. Her husband worked overseas - usually in Switzerland and so she rarely got to see him. From gossip she knew he kept mistresses over there - but she figured that as long as she had access to his power and he was doing this overseas, she could live with the compromise.

One cold, wet afternoon Song was looking for an old dress in the storage cupboard. She noticed 2 boxes she hadn't seen before. Taking them o... Continue»
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A shiny unexpected encounter

So I'm staying in Singapore for business - at the Marina Bay Sands. It's a hot afternoon so a good time for a swim in the pool on the roof. Since I'm by myself, I'm trying very hard to not stare at all the sexy girls in their swimsuits - having a bit of a fetish for them I'm trying very hard...

Then I see you walk in to the pool area. You catch my eye as you are wearing a sexy 1 piece shiny black swimsuit, high leg cut and some sexy heels. I freeze for a second, trying hard not stare. Then I think, well, no way I've got a chance with her so I go back to swimming.

A few minutes later I'm ... Continue»
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This is my second part of my hot dream of HEAVAN123 as my hot sexy horny super tall mother

in this chapter i find out shes more than just my mother ,with the big surprize that waits under her long skirts

Chapter 2

Mothers secret:

It had been several days since the bathroom encounter and i could not get my mothers sexy image to leave my mind my big horny cock would not go down even when i would beat it off and cum it stayed hard , i would sneak around to catch glimpses of her and stroke my cock ,just the fackt that she was so fucking tall and how her gigantic breasts seemed to de... Continue»
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Fisting her incredable Pussy.

After reading numerous blogs and stories I realized what an incredible pussy my ex wife has. We began fisting quite by accident. After 10 years of marriage I was trying to find new things to keep things fresh. I loved performing oral sex on her so that was normally my first move when we would get started. She always liked me eating her wet pussy and especially with a finger slid up her butt. She also was a squirter so sometimes I would go straight to 2 fingers turned up working over her G spot with my palm popping her clit to bring her to orgasm. This particular night was right ... Continue»
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The Cam Girl

Elisa was amazingly dirty, she was doing things with a light sabre that would make the most hard core pornographer blush, never mind make the Star Wars producers swallow hard. She was also very, very focused on what she was doing, nice to see someone so dedicated to doing a good job and yes it was her job, she had been performing on the site now for around 6 months and, at least up to now, was making a pretty good living out of it.

In many ways it was a perfect occupation, she could work from home, she had no personal contacts with her clients and could shut things down on line whenever she... Continue»
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My Wife Got Pregnant for her s****r

Well, to start, this isn’t really the most exciting story, but this is the way it happened. My name is Sam, and my wife’s name is Joni.  We are in our early 40’s and have been together for about 19 years. 

Joni’s younger s****r Beth had been trying to have a baby with her husband Jeff for about 3 years with no success.  They went and got checked out, and she was barren, unable to have a baby.  Beth asked Joni if she would have a baby for them.  Me and Joni talked about it; she said that she loved her s****r, and would do this for her.

Beth wanted Joni to do it because the baby would be ... Continue»
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Part 3 On Cam in our gear

I spent the next three days working out extra hard. And laying out my 5 favorite spandex pieces. I knew I was taking my N2N white bikini with cut out parts covered by mesh. They don’t make it anymore so I take good care of it. I have a lt blue cocksox bikini that is see thru when wet, A muscleskins torpedo with 1/2” inch sides in yellow and black , and a orange Jose Snyder bikini with easy off clips at the hip that I will likely bring…so what is the last piece.

As I was showering and shaving for the fashion show, I remembered that I had a white singlet that was really small on me. I ... Continue»
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Part 2 Steve Saw Everything

After Marcos left I was picking up clothes and lube when I saw my neighbor Steve on his balcony watching me. Steve is a tall, lean, sexy guy. He was only clad in a pair of white N2N mesh shorts and his rippled abs and perfectly balanced pecs and huge guns bulged as he looked at me licking his full lips. I was nude, had Marcos cum dripping down my leg, and was spent from being split in two. Steve nodded and said “great show, Johnny!”

I looked around for the new briefs and only found the red pair, and slid them on and walked onto my balcony which was almost perpendicular to Steve’s. “Di... Continue»
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Cocksucking The True Beginning

This my true story of how I discovered that I am a cock
sucker at an early age. It was a very hot experience
that created a hunger in me that has remained with me
since. I am good looking, well hung, married, lead an
otherwise normal straight lifestyle, love women, love
sex with women, but have a basic need to suck men's
cocks whenever I get the chance, which is almost daily
and usually at glory holes, in theatres or in rest rooms.

I have been sucking men's cocks for nearly 40 years
now. This is how I began this lifestyle unintentionally
and immediately realized that it... Continue»
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Opps I think she is pregnant part 2

Recap from part one, I met Jen an Asian Latin woman on tagged.com. She is a smoking hot little number, who over a course so weeks I got to mess around with. We had some great sex, but without the condom on the last great unload. Chance she got pregnant, and she is my mistress yikes.

Well...after abit time apart, Jen called me, to meet at her place. I drove over, nervous as hell. Pregnant was not too bad, but it would fuck things with my life. Once I got there, I walked up the stairs as it was the walk of shame. At her door, I knocked, followed with her opening it and pulling me inside. Once... Continue»
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I Enslaved a Black Girl and her b*****r

I write this story at the behest of xHamster member '1972Brandy', he wished a female touch to a white couple having a black girl slave for sex, and she herself a deviant, in my eyes, she loves her younger b*****r, and from there on my own deviant feminine mind went ballistic. I hope you get into the theme of the story, I know I did, love to know how you feel about it, thanks guys Love Mariel

We touched down in the city of Asmara in the early hours of the morning. The small nation of Eritrea held promise, and this six months fact finding mission for my husbands company, would be... Continue»
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I am now concerned about what kind of life I have led.( That is not really a true statement, I know I'm just a swinging dick man whore." I only say this because the rules above cover more than half of my best stories. Well, all I can say is "Shit, piss, motherfucking goat, squeal like a ****d pig, and bless the girl scouts.

I was taught about sex by my xxxxxxxxxxx. It started when I stayed over and was taking a bath. Picture me naked other person not but soaping me up really good. Okay now we all know that I know that thing is for more than xxxxxxx out of. So, I was educated early on the ... Continue»
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