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Michele And The Predator Ch. 02

The Predator was satisfied with his first taste of the woman who he had bent over the kitchen table and held captive; but he was far from finished with her. The snooty bitch had been taught her first lesson for the evening; his warm issue dribbling down her stockinged legs was evidence of that. "I bet she's never been taken in the rear before," he thought to himself. He was still befuddled why she was wearing pantyhose under stockings though? Maybe she had really bad varicose veins or maybe her legs were just pale and untanned? These society bitches were all so vain about their appearances, th... Continue»
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Michele And The Predator Ch. 04 - The End

Michele ended up sandwiched between the Predator and the stranger who occupied the corner of the booth. She heard her subjugator murmur something about 'red' which she didn't understand. She certainly understood the implication of the next sentence that he spoke, "Look what I bought us to play with!"

Then she was f***ed to turn her face towards the Predator who kissed her and then he turned her towards the other man who also kissed her. The stranger had recently shaved and smelled of the shower he must have recently taken, and although she could taste scotch and cigarettes on his breath, sh... Continue»
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Twisted Sister V (Let the fun begin)

When we left off I had put up the cameras for Jen, at 1:30 we were in her room at the computer making sure they worked properly. Three of them zoomed and one was a night vision too. We also had sound this girl really must be mad.
About 1:45 Kerri sends her a test saying they are heading down our road so she runs down to the door. I stay right here waiting for further instructions. I do know what I am to do when they get on the deck we are guessing they will go right out there.
Luck would have it they stripped down and went out to the deck and pool. We have some foam rubber mats to lay on for... Continue»
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friend exam me

I had not been dating Dave very long when I learned he had a strong desire to play doctor, and he wanted me to be his patient. Over a lovely dinner out one night,
we had been talking about sex and our wildest ideas. He told me he had a friend who was a doctor and asked me if I would indulge him in his greatest fantasy. He wanted
to do a complete gynecological exam on me! From the look on his face, I knew he was serious and that he really wanted to do this. Nervously,
I agreed, and he told me he was so very happy that he could not wait. He kept tripping over himself, excitedly reassuring ... Continue»
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father exam step daughter

I am a physician assistant at a busy walk-in medical center. My duties include everything from minor first aid to doing complete exams on the patients. There are four
physician assistants, four physicians and eight nurses who work rotating shifts twenty-four hours a day. We all get along well, and we help to take care of medical
problems in each other's f****y, this since we are the only medical facility within fifty miles, that being the reason we are so busy. My spouse and I have been married
for about eight years. She was married once before and has a daughter, Bernie. When we were m... Continue»
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Rachel, my whore daughter.

My wife & I had been married for 6 yrs, she already had a daughter from a previous marriage,Rachel.She was just 18, long dark hair,beautiful eye's & a gorgeous tight body. She knew how good she looked & how she could use this to embarrass me,she knew in her mind how much I wanted to fuck her, and used this to her advantage. Often leaving bathrooms door open while showering, walking round in underwear, smiling at me when she gets her own way when I've said no.
My wife had booked a weekend away with the girl's, Rachel couldn't go with her,as she was at an 18th birthday party on the Saturday. ... Continue»
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Obsession with Sis in Law Barbara (Part 2)

As I promised this is part 2 to the obsession I have with s****r in Law Barbara. After running out of our first meeting Barb was not happy but soon forgive me and we continued to txt and talk on phone and as luck would have it 8 months after our first meeting Barb was living the single life again and was in the need of some sexual satisfaction. She had not forgoten what took place on first meeting and made me promise that I would not run out on her if we meet again and my obsession being as it was I promised not to do her like that again. We decided to meet on a Saturday night this time and I ... Continue»
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godess sarita 13 ( daughter of godess arrived)

its been a long time goddess sarita kept me as her slave f***efully she was now sure even if she lets me go it will b hard for me to manage outside.. with 2 years of some workouts I had a toned body workouts were done at home goddess instructed everything.. I had a toned body curvy waist and a lot of legs workout I have a bubblo shaped ass my lower chest is bigger den upper chest its more like man boobs.. I hav a waxed body long sholder length hair no facial hairs .. it looks like a girl and with make up no difference from a girl can b understood..

dat morning goddess untied me from my sl*... Continue»
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First Time Feet Experience

First off, let me tell you about my foot fetish. I've found out I had a foot fetish when I was younger. I've found myself staring at girls feet in sandals during school quite a lot. I used to go on social media scrolling through girls with cute feet pictures hoping I would find some with feet. I used to zoom in and masturbate to them everyday. I always wanted to suck toes and get a footjob. But I was too afraid to mention my foot fetish to any girls, or anyone at all for that matter.

I eventually started to get more risky about exposing my foot fetish. Later on during late spring, girls sta... Continue»
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It's rarely that you find yourself alone with Mia Reid. On this occasion, no-one else is expected for at least half an hour. You make her a cup of tea and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know her better.

You've lusted after Mia for a while now, but you've never made a move on her. You can't imagine that anything good would happen if you were ever to proposition her. Instead you make small talk and wonder if she suspects the depth of your feelings.

Mia eventually gets up from the table to put her empty cup in the sink. She's talking animatedly about something that happened l... Continue»
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Don't date a crazy girl

I'm not sure where to start this story but lets say I hadn't been in a relationship for a while when I met my girlfriend and was just really happy to have someone so I didn't always feel like the 3rd and 5th wheels. She was a little different from my friends in that she was a bit more wild and also really outwardly bi-sexual. She was overtly sexual in public and not in a way that made my friends envious but rather in a way that sort of disgusted them. Though she was with me it always felt like I could walk around the corner and find her sucking off a guy at any time. I had grown annoyed by thi... Continue»
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blue balls

My wife is my best friend. I know that sounds corny as shit but in my case it's the real deal. The reason I married her other than the fact she is a smoking little number at five foot four and one hundred pounds is that I can tell her anything without the fear of her judging me. Like when I told her that I thought it would be exciting to have her go out and have sex with other guys then cone home and allow me to eat her pussy . She said OK and that started my cream pie fun. It's usally me that picks what day she goes out but every so often she will surprise me. Well one night she and I where ... Continue»
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Obsessed with Older Men

THIS IS NOT MY STORY. I found it sexy and wanted to share it.

I knew early on that I was different from the other guys. While they always talked about tits and pussy, I wanted something different. Something I couldn't talk about. Internet porn was just getting big then, and like a lot of boys, I would surf some XXX rated sites when my parents weren't around. Unlike the others, I was more interested in the big cocks than the big tits. This wasn't something I wanted everybody to know. It was tough enough in high school surviving as a 5'7" 145lb Asian k**. It would have been impo... Continue»
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The "Cuckold" Therapist: First Visit

"My name is Dr. Grey," the trim, handsome young black man said, as my wife and I sat down in front of his desk.

We shook hands as we also introduced ourselves.

"I have only just had a chance to glance through the questionnaire," he said, pausing to look at his wrist watch.

For a moment longer, he studied several sheets of paper my wife and I had filled out earlier in the waiting room. He leafed through each page carefully. Once he was apparently satisfied with what he read, he took his reading glasses off, and looked up at us with a faint smile.

"So, from what I see here, both... Continue»
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Fantasy turned nighmare

My name is Billy and the story I am about to put to paper is true. It should serve as a warning to all men out there that think they want a thrill or adventure when in reality, that have a great life.

My life changed one day in 2005 when, after many years of fantasying about having an encounter with a dominant woman, I decided to act on my urge and made an appointment with a pro-dom, whom I found on the internet.

To set the stage, I need to back-up a bit. At the time, I was happily married and had been for 7 years. I had a normal sex life, but always had strong desires related to S&M... Continue»
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This is fiction:-

I went to a party one night in Glasgow, with one of my friends, Jennifer. This was just to get out of the dorms at Uni more than anything else. When we got there it was quite lively, a lot of good-looking guy and girls and a few older people that I didn’t know. I asked Jen who they were and what were people that age doing at a party for mostly Uni students. She told me that this wasn’t a normal night but it was a Sub & Doms party, for the older masters and mistresses to pick new slaves for them to train. I hadn’t realised that she was into that sort of thing, but obv... Continue»
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This is fiction:-

I was in both the Scouts & the Boy’s Brigade, there must be something about the leaders in these groups having control over young boys, as there always seems to be at least one pervert amongst them. I seemed to have managed to get fucked in both lots, go figure!!
It was bob-a-job week, personally, it should have been called blowjob-a-bob week in my case. My group leader took me round the houses in the evenings, supposedly there was no-one else to pair off with, aye right !
We headed out to a posh area of the city, my leader sat in the car & told me to head into this hou... Continue»
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A Night At The Theater

A Night At The Theater

My wife Chase was nervous. But I couldn’t tell if it was in a good way, or a bad way. We were in the car, headed for the local adult movie theater with the intention of doing something wild. We had talked about this often, as she loved the fantasies of exhibitionism and gangbangs, but we had never acted on them. Sometimes just talking about these fantasies during our sex play, would get her hotter than I had ever seen her. But talk is one thing, and the real thing is quite another.

She had dressed for the occasion. Wearing black shiny 5’ spike heel shoes, black... Continue»
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Pantyhose fantasy for a friend.

I decide to take a holiday in the US. I make my way to your town and book into a hotel and send you a message to say that I have arrived. After a short while you message me back to tell me how to get to your place. I shower and dress, putting on a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I pull on a pair of trousers and a tshirt and a pair of shoes. I call a taxi and give the driver the address that you have sent me. It isn't far away and soon I am knocking on the door. You open it and invite me in. You offer me a drink and we talk for a while about the th... Continue»
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step sister took advantage of me..and i liked it

"john take the trash out"

"Im busy mom make Tiffany do it!"

"Im not doing it" Tiffany replied

"Don't make me get your god damn dad"

As you can see my step mom and step s****r Tiffany are total bitches my step mom really aint bad unless her little angle is around. My step s****r is the type that always gets her way not just with her mom or my dad hell every guy that sees her falls head over hills. I can't blame them even though she is a fucking bitch she has the looks to back it up. Tiffanys 17 years old, 5'4, weighs about 125lb, wavy blond hair and the blueish eyes you would ever s... Continue»
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