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My Fantasy of Aunty

I picture you in black seamed nylon stockings, tight white sweater, black skirt and 5inch black suede high-heeled pumps. Since it is just you and I, I can see the outline of your sexy black bra against the white sweater, your full red kissable lips and sexy eyes.
You would look so hot in front of me in your high heels and black seam stockings, (Whoops, getting hard again). Your hot sexy red lips going up and down on my hard cock would be more than I could bear. Since you are so good and I couldn't hold back I'd cum in your mouth with wild abandon. After that I would want to lay you down... Continue»
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Our New Pet

Our New Pet

Durango Dan

“Please, we promise to take care of it. We will walk him and
feed him, you won’t have to do anything” I begged my folks as I
asked for a dog. My younger b*****r was on my side saying that
he would help in all the chores connected with the dog. “Think
of the protection that he would give us” he told our parents.
Mom and dad smiled at us and told us that they would think about

My name is Jennifer but all my friends call me Jen. I am 12
years old with puffy little tits with long dark nipples forming
on them already. My long legs ar... Continue»
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kate 4

Kate and I lay there just hugging and kissing,
Are you OK she said
Yes wonderful I replied
You must not tell anyone, not even Paul do you promise
I promise I said
She moved her head and started kissing my neck and nibbling my ear, her hand moved down to my chest stoking my nipples
Do you want to do this again as she moved her head down and licking and sucking me
Yes I said very much
She pushed the bed clothes off me, I went to sit up, lay still she said, her mouth moving down my body, I could feel her still erect nipples rubbing against my skin, her tongue licking my belly button , he... Continue»
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tease tag

Written by female.
meet amy! your average slut, with and alverage agenda
Tease tag
GENRE-Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Masturbation

Hey, I guess I can start by introducing myself. That’s always a good place to start. My name is amilyn. But you can just call me amy; Everyone does. I Have dark red hair, I guess you can say its almost the color of the perfect apple. Im usually a pale white but tanning does wonders. I have a tiny waist and a huge ass (or so I’ve been told) and to top it all off, I pack a D36 bra ... Continue»
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Tony was used to receiving packages; rich by birthright and lazy by nature, he preferred others to bring him what he wanted and needed. But no package, before or since, had ever equaled Silver.

His f****y had made their fortune in space technology, the new orbital factories their latest, greatest triumph. But they'd left the running of the companies to minor, more responsible relatives. Tony didn't mind, however, as this freed him to pursue his twin passions: women and painting. He fancied himself a Master of both, but lately neither seemed to produce what he would hav... Continue»
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Being Husband


Being Husband

When I was young I was a fool. When my future wife to be refused full sexual
intercourse before the marriage day, I assumed this was quite normal,
respectable behaviour on her part, the natural reaction of a nice, middle
class girl true to her upbringing. Only later did I discover that Nadia
wasn't 'respectable' at all! At the time though I couldn't see past the
smooth curves of her ample breasts, tightly constrained beneath her thin,
skin-hugging tops, or separate my gaze from the ... Continue»
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Surprise revealed........

The time had come to begin getting ready. I had my first batch en femme..... using mistress' slipper bath I drew a long bubbly bath and quickly stripping slid into the bubbles. The hot water caressing my cock and breasts was wonderful. I particularly took time washing my breasts and cock. It was lovely. I gave my self a through douche and started to lay out my clothes.
A black basque with matching thing. Back seamed fully fashioned stocking and high black strappy stiletto heels. A black silk Chinese style dress with a large red dragon and a tara slit to the waist. I choose long dangly diament... Continue»
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Jayce FJ Chronicles III: Red's Wave

Name: Red
Age: 21 (When Met)
Height: 5'4"
Body: 110lbs (Petite) [No Rack, No Ass, basically a Totem Pole]
Feet Size: 7.5
Ethnicity: White, Polish, Italian, Dutch
Other: Quite Emo, d**gs, has/had a BF, mental headcase


I met this girl using a text app called, Kik, last spr... Continue»
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I uploaded my first self porn pics here...

This story is true, see my "Me in some of my swimsuits plus cum" gallery. You should view it, it will illustrate the first part of this story. This is my first attempt at writing from a first person perspective, hope you enjoy!

Here I am, my spandex clad images on the internet for other people to enjoy... I feel exalted. I had spent over an hour doing my own half-assed porno shoot and then more time editing it to keep my anonymity. There I was... posted on xhamster, and had a couple of views already. I am hard just from editing my own pics, and seeing them online, I want to finish th... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 4

i was lead to the back room where there was a table in the middle. there were chairs all around the table which i assume was for the audience. this was an event where the audience had to pay to be there. i also noticed that there were several video cameras around to film the whole event. knowing that there were potentially hundreds of people goihng to see this really got me excited. i was given more coke to keep me in the mood before we started in on the fun. i was layed down on the table and my legs and hands bound to the legs making me totally immobile. a rolling table was wheeled next to th... Continue»
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Your walk

You are walking through the park, enjoying nature, not a care in the world. You come to a
secluded spot in the park but you don't worry because you hear a jogger approaching from
behind. Joggers are nice people.
Just as you let your guard down and the jogger is about to pass you, he tackles you from
behind. He is big and his hands and arms envelope you. He drags you into the bushes where
your first instinct is to scream.
But you don't scream loudly because he puts one of his big hands over your mouth and tells
you in a powerful whisper, "If you scream, I'll strangle you."You're paralyze... Continue»
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Fun in the Snow

Rrrawrrawarrr!!!! The snowmobile screams as we vault over the large mound of snow. The fresh powder sprays everywhere, as we land with a crash. I laugh as I do a tailspin, leaving a doughnut in the soft snow. You grip tightly around my waist, as my gloved hands rev the engine. We fly though the field, the wind whipping at our coats. We both laugh at the sheer exhilaration of the ride. The woods and scenery pass quickly by in almost a white blur as we rocket towards our destination. I had wanted you to see my special place, where no others can find me, only you.

I raise the visor on my helm... Continue»
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Step Sibling Sex (SSS PART 1)

I never really got to know my dad growing up... He was married to another woman while with my mother. He had 3 k**s with my white mom, and 3 k**s with his black wife. All girls, I was his only son... One summer we finally got to go visit my dad in Dallas, Texas. I met him before but only a few times staying at hotels with my mom. This time mother dropped us k**s off to stay with him for a whole month. It was my first time going to his house, it was a big house with a pool and jacuzzi in the back. I was super excited and didn't know what to expect. We pulled into the driveway where his wife and... Continue»
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Naughty, Dirty Boy.....!

I sneaked out and drove to a local spot where dirty men go looking for cock fun and there is occasional dogging. When I got there were no there cars so I parked up, got changed and waited. It was so exciting to be sat there in my pvc shorts, leather dog collar, black long pvc gloves, fishnet hold up stockings and some cheap black patent high heels. My ball gag was with me too but I didn't put it in as I really wanted to be using my mouth!! I was so nervous at being seen but after about 10 minutes I decided to get out and have a little walk in the cool evening air to see how it felt. I knew tha... Continue»
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Manchester Tranny Outdoor Fuck

I thought i’d tell about a meet I had a few years ago with guy from Manchester. We had been chatting on Squirt and we agreed to meet one Sunday night in a car park out past hyde.
He requested that I wear boots, stockings and a dress and that I was fully made up. This was no problem as I kept myself shaved all over and I was used to going out on the Manchester TV scene. He also instructed me not to wear any panties.
It was dark by the time we had arrange to meet and I drove into the car park, it seemed empty and large and as I hadn’t been there before I was unsure of its layout. I got out of ... Continue»
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Lesley part 20

The bedroom door closed and McPeevie picked his shirt up off the spare bed and put it on, not bothering with his tie. He was only going down to the bar for a few beers and wasn't intending socialising much. He picked up his enormous silk, ladies panties and pulled them on, making his cock and balls, hang comfortable out of the specially adapted hole. Trousers and shoes sorted he picked his wallet and phone up and set off for the bar. He deserved a few beers...he had been busy. Mary would be proud of him for the way his evening had been planned and executed. Mind it had all been very easy and s... Continue»
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Living for Master

Living for Master

Part 1

I was a green cocky k**, 18 and legal. I had no idea what I was doing really but knew i liked cock in my ass and via someone I had met in a cottage was invited to my first…and last sex party. I was so out of my depth but was having a great time. There were all manner of fetishist there. My eyes were opened and I liked what I saw. The leather men, all in tight shiny leather, shades and usually with a leatherboy at their boots; mistresses with slaves, male and female, often in the shiniest of rubber of all colours and designs. Some were goths, some were naked a... Continue»
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A very hard work out!

As a regular of a smaller sized gym I knew the people who frequented & worked out! Steph had been around for about six months & occasionally said hello & created small talk with me but I really don't go to the gym for social reasons. I always smiled & acknowledged her but wasn't in hot pursuit of her very fit & fine late thirties body. She wore clothes to attract attention but still I block out many of vain yoga tights that dance around to watch guys stare in the mirrors. It's too easy to lose focus & intensity. Steph was persistent though as sometimes she worked out on machines across fr... Continue»
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kate 3

She dried her eyes, and said mum would be home soon, I stood up and walked to the door
Chris she called , I turned she got up off the bed came over a kissed me on the cheek , thanks she said
What for I asked
Just for listening
We had dinner dad said he was away for a week in Italy, he was a long distance driver, and he was going to bed for a early start and asked me to walk the dog
It was a nice summer evening, throwing the ball for Leo our dog, as I threw the ball I saw Kate walk through the gates

We walked over to a bench and sat down, do you want one as she lit a smoke, I hesitated ... Continue»
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My l1ttle s1ster part1

So I've never really done one of these before before, but i'll give it my best shot; This is a fully true story about my little s1ster, anybody who knows me on here will know I love my little s1ster more than I probably should and fantasise about her. Anyway, let's get to it.

It was in febuart some time, can't remember the exact date, it was at the back end of the month. We had all as a f4mily been to this place where it's all clinving up things, zip lines across trees etc, pretty fun to be honest. It was a really hot sweaty day because of all of this, we where there for about 6 hours.

... Continue»
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