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The College Fantasy Part 4

I walked towards the bathroom where she had gone before me. I was in a daze. The reality of what had been happening was sinking in and my body would not stop the incessant tingling. It felt like my skin was heating the room. A cold shower sounded magnificent.

The water was already running. I could hear it from the hallway. When I turned the corner into the bathroom she stood before me. Her whole body was exposed and for the first time I was able to observe all that had changed. Her tits had grown from the C cups they once were to D cups. Her feminine figure was as beautiful as ever... Continue»
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Written 20 years ago - Future for Males

(an old story, I just found - about the future)

1995 Dr. E Bircumshaw mastered the complexity of human DNA.
Actually, she found the DNA of female homo sapiens too complex to discern,
but the male genetic material was easily reproducible and alterable. On
submitting her research to the National Organization for Women's top brass,
she was granted 100 billion in secret research and development funds.

The secret R&D group was known as FATHOM Females Administrating the
Harnessing of Man). Funding had come from from the overhead of the
gynecological corporations, whose CEO's were long st... Continue»
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my first taste of cock

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month.

Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me.

Michael loves oral sex, both giving and rece... Continue»
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Having a brazilian waxing

I had developed a bit of a fascination for male waxing after watching a few videos on the internet. I am an exhibitionist and it having it done appealed to me. I figured that if a girl is prepared to do it she will be comfortable with a naked guy. My first time I entered the ther****ts and was told to wait. There were about 6 girls working and being treated and they all seemed to have a little smile on there faces and I felt a little uncomfortable. Then I was pleased when a girl about 23ish took me to a treatment room. She told me to take my trousers of but leave my boxers on. I had a hard on ... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #3 (continued)

"Mmmmmm" Kathy moaned. "You're right; he does eat some good pussy!"

Linda was laid back, her thighs slightly apart, her cunt shiny and juicy and swollen. She was licking her juice off the glass dildo, her eyes smiling and locked with mine.

"Grab my bag, babe," Linda directed Kathy. "And you come over here," she demanded, her toes and foot reaching around my neck as if to pull me in to her snatch. "It's my turn." With that, Linda pulled my face to her wet cunt, my tongue immediately exploring her wet hole. Her lips were so swollen and wet as I sucked them into my mouth, licking and suckin... Continue»
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Time to explore our Kinks

I laid there, waiting. I had sent the sexts, I had flirted and said I wanted it, and now he was on his way. I was a mix of emotions - nervous, excited, scared. We had slept together before, but not like this. We had never been able to fully explore our kinks.

But now, tonight was the night. We talked about how much we wanted to fuck each other, and how much he wanted to fuck my feet. We talked about how I loved pain and to be dominated. We talked about sex toys and anal plugs. All of it. He was bringing his kit, and I had mine. I couldn't wait. The more I thought about it, the less scared I... Continue»
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kate sunday

I woke in the middle of the night Kate was out cold, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on her breath was awful,
I got up and slept on the sofa
About eight thirty, I heard her come down the stairs, she looked a mess, she was complaining about her head.
I ignored her moan and not talking to her,
She finally asked what was wrong?
I reminded her of her humiliating me in front of sally
she claimed she couldn't remember, she reached across the table to hold my hand,
I got up and went to have a wash before going to football
I finished washing and was in my room getting ready, she came in... Continue»
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Remember when we used AOL to hook up ...

I have been dating or married to the same woman for over 12 years now. So my single days were quite a ways away at this point. Therefore, much of my sex and hook-up stories resulted from the use of AOL chat rooms. For nostalgia sake, I'd like to take you back to 1998 and recount a pretty interesting and amusing story.

As some of you may remember, on AOL you could scan member's profiles for people near you. As would most, I would customarily have three or four chat boxes going with three or four females. The hope (and thankfully, the reality) was that one of the 3-4 would be willing to meet ... Continue»
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After I was divorced from a 20 year marriage with
bland sex I met Marcella. She tuned into my
unfulfilled fantasizes and told me about her wild
sex life. After she introduced me to my first three
some with a black boyfriend I was hooked and we got
married. After that, my life was full of depraved
raunchy sex and even cross-dressing. (MF, MM, 1st-bi,
oral, anal, swingers, alcohol, cd, orgy, voy)


Marcella and I were a perfect match. I was in my 40s
and just out of a 20 year marriage with all sorts of
sexual fantasies She was divorced, in her 30s and
scaring guys off ... Continue»
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A teasing mom gave me lessons in bed after a big t


My buddy lived behind my house and I was over there a lot. He had a little s****r and I messed with her son. We had k** sex several times. we did oral on each other and had intercourse a lot. But his mom was the one who made me horny a lot. The woman in this video is older than she was at that time, but build and looked a lot like her. Same breast a bit saggy and body shape almost identical. Should give you an idea what I was working with.
I had been looking at his mom in her house ro... Continue»
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A visit to the Doctor

A while back my wife and I attended a cocktail party function given by a business associate. After mingling and having a few well deserved cocktails we happen to meet this very engaging woman and the three of us were engaged in some really great conversation, mainly on how boring these things are etc. She was hysterical with her off the cuff observation f different people and had us both in stitches. So I said what do you do for a living stand up comedy? She replied no I am a doctor. We both said oh how interest. My wife asked what type of medicine does you practiced. And she replied I am a s... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Wrestler

(This fictional story is based in a world where professional wrestling is 100% real and non-scripted, the fights are treated as seriously as say a boxing fight or any other competitive combat sport. I'm not the most knowledgeable on pro-wrestling so apologies to any fans of it if I get any of the technical terms and move names wrong. Enjoy!)


"- and weighing in at 128lbs, she is the World Women's Wrestling Champion... Sammy Bunns!!"
The ring announ... Continue»
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Bernadette's Initiation

Bernadette's Initiation

A shy, innocent t-girl dreams of domination by a man. She is persuaded into a day's adventure in this role and gets very much more than she bargained for, but gradually comes to understand her own desires. Contains scenes of bondage, non-consensual hardcore gay sex and breath control: if this will upset you, please look elsewhere.

I must have hesitated for a moment for a sharp jolt of electricity on my
nipples left me in no doubt that my immediate compliance was required.
So, heart in mouth, I obeyed the male voice in my earpiece and started to
... Continue»
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d***k sex made him cum twice

The night started out pretty typical. My husband got home from work and sat on the couch to watch the game. He said to me "want to go have some fun?" I replied by telling him I was tired and wanted to relax. He seemed irritated and went back to watching the game. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to do since I felt kind of bad since we have not had sex in about two weeks. He asked me to grab him a beer. I grabbed him one and even got myself one. I said "mind if I have a beer and watch the game with yiu?" He said sure but pretty much ignored me.

I sat down next to him and ha... Continue»
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First time hooking up with a shemale

Well the first time I hooked up with a shemale was an e****t visit (night out, massage and the rest :)), this was when I just started to gain interest in shemales (about 2 years ago), so I became curious and wanted to know what it was like to spend a night with one, after all they say its having the best of both worlds. I looked up a Brazilian shemale online and when I saw the pictures, I couldn't resist a visit. I mean her femininity was beyond this world, stunning from head to toe. I gave the e****t a call and asked to see if she was available for night out and it must have been my lucky day... Continue»
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What Happens on the Road...

As I was growing up I had the biggest crush on my mom. I don't know why I think all boys do. I would dream about fucking her. I would try to and often would catch her naked or catch her and dad fucking. As I grew older and my dick got bigger and I grew hair on my nuts I started to jack off all the time my mom was one of my stars. A friend of mine showed me a pair of his mom's panties which I was not impressed with till he told me to smell them, which I did. Then I bought those panties from him and started to get my mom's panties from the laundry to use as I jacked off, I would smell them and... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #3

I remember working that day with a smile never far from my lips. The sounds and smells of and tastes from our sex the night before and then again that morning were swimming in my mind and I really didn't get much done at work. When quitting time came I was exhausted, though, and went straight home.

Soon after eating dinner my phone rang. It was Linda. She was disappointed that I hadn't come back to her place and teasingly promised to "suck [my] dick" if I hurried over. As great as that would have been, because look, she could really suck a dick, I had a ton of work to do the next day and ex... Continue»
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kate Saturday afternoon

I left everythingas it was and ran down to Kate's work, she asked me to go to Sally's work, she worked in M and s and collect some clothing she wanted to go out that night
I met sally who gave me a carrier bag we had a little chat, i wished her happy birthday for tomorrow, then went back to Kate, when I arrived she was washing someones hair, when she finished, she looked in the bag and said great really excited,i want you to take these back and put them in the fridge passing me another two carrier bags with four bottles of wine in each, she told me she wouldbe going out with sally but would b... Continue»
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End of innosence

Last summer my wifes cousin came for holidays to our city.

Eighteen years old, brunette, green eyes, short with small boobs and perfect round ass. She was all the time wearing hot shorts. My imagination started to run. I would love to fuck her but it was too risky.
One night we were sitting at the sofa and we were laughing and telling jokes so i started to tickle her! We fall down and as i was tickling her i was touching her boobs and her ass. She didn't say a thing and i with her knee was rubbing my hard dick. i don't know if she did in on purpose or not for that i didn't make another mo... Continue»
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Timeless Part 1/2

It was late Friday night and Mark was just reviewing the notes from his last client’s estate planning meeting when his computer alerted him of a new call, than seeing the identifier, one he hadn’t seen in almost ten years Mark quickly pressed the accept key. It was Tina calling.
“Mark, I know your firm has been handling my f****y’s legal affairs for the last eighty years but I need your assurance that in the event that I should die that the usual client lawyer confidentiality rules will still be honored.”
Mark suddenly realized the seriousness of their conversation and while concerned abou... Continue»
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