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showing pussy at shoe store

Well it's another chance to tell you a little more story about my beautiful wife that just does not like to wear panties will it all started one day when we went shopping for shoes of course she had no panties on and a short skirt. She loves to show off her pussy any chance she gets to any guy that will look. And she looked as beautiful as ever, so we shopped around looking for a few store had a male clerk. We finally found one in the mall the young, man I would guess about 33 or 34 years old nice-looking so she shopped around for a pair shoes she liked. He approached her and asked her if he c... Continue»
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Beach pickup

Another fantasy story

Like everyone else, I like the beach - warm sun, cool breeze, refreshing water, bare flesh on view. Sometimes the quantity and quality are not there, but occasionally something just makes you think - fucking hell - that is superb.

Well, there are places to see this jaw-dropping example of perfect flesh - covered only by a few bits of cotton, and my particular story is in Brazil - Rio. Even during cloudy days, flesh of all sorts is on view - but the freshest is late afternoon/early evening with a few hours of sun to go and the party is starting somewhere. Copacabana ... Continue»
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A girl and her dog

The house was about a mile from the little village of
Flangeville, where Dotty also attended the small
country school. Farmhouse, barn and sheds were nestled
in the fringes of a thickly wooded copse that sheltered
a gurgling brook which fed the cool farm pond in the
woods behind the barn. They lived far from town, and as
the road went nowhere else, no one ever seemed to visit
the farm.

There were no other c***dren nearby the Simpson farm
and as she grew up Dotty was f***ed to find her own
simple pleasures and she early on discovered a special
satisfaction from her long s... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 8

Personal narrative of BABU 25-year old Arabian assistant to CARLOTTA who is in charge of training in the Stables of Quireme.
The new girl brought over from the Harem to be trained as a Pony was quite some beauty. If she’d been a few inches longer in the thigh, she might one day won a top honor from Princess Karina. As it was, when she settled down, I reckoned she would make up into a very nice sort of filly. Aged 22. She was five foot eight inches in height, thirty eight inches at bust and hips, blonde, blue-eyed and British.
I like the Anglo-Saxon girls. They’ve got more grit and stamina th... Continue»
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A New Life: Chapter Two

Chapter Two of my semi-autobiographical story. Please leave comments so I know what you think!


I closed my eyes and took a breath, which was far from easy. The steel boned corset, which I was made to purchase and learn to lace myself, was quite tight and pulled my body into the curvy shape that both Mistress Sally, and the men who have been encouraged to watch me on Skype, all enjoyed. The cursor moved across the screen as Mistress Sally’s Skype call continued to ring, and I clicked accept. She immediately noticed my lack of makeup and was furious.... Continue»
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Interracial Office. Toni and Paul (flip it!)

This is a contrast story.... Read it and the one before similarly titled to understand.

Toni Smith looked out over the darkened city. The Eastern horizon was just beginning to lighten. It had been 19 hours of sweat, but it was over. At least it was over until Monday. She glanced at her desk behind her and thought, “I have 51 hours to relax until I have to explain to the board what went on the last 19 hours with the failed software deployment. She had warned them that she did not like the c... Continue»
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Cock tease

Written as a fantasy….

Like a lot of young girls, I like to dress like my age. This is nice as I can move freely and do all the things I like to do. It does mean that, sometimes I get attention from much older men, and women, while I am out and about. And I like this as, now I know, I am a ‘cock tease’. I didn’t know that I was one until I overheard a few men calling me that as I went by – so I looked up this online. Well, I knew about cocks, and I knew I was a tease, so I wasn’t shy about being one.

Well, if you are going to be accused of being something then it should be tried…so I sen... Continue»
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e****t preferences

What do you want/do when you see an e****t?
I was asked this recently on a direct chat by a lady on the other end – you know, you ring them up and you pay per minute while they tell you dirty things and you wank away.
She asked me what I liked to and what I did feel when I am with an e****t – anticipation, excitement and so on. So I thought I would write a few words about it. I see a lot of e****ts – on average one every two weeks for the last 10 years….so that’s an expensive but very, very rewarding hobby. Some ladies are really expensive – some very cheap – I have blown many tens of thousa... Continue»
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Marks wife in pantyhose.

I turn up at your house and ring the bell. I am expecting to be greeted by the sight of your hard cock in sheer pantyhose. The door opens and your wife is standing there. She invites me in and I enter. She shows me through to the living room and explains that you have had to pop out on an errand but that you have left me a treat to keep me going till you get back. I wonder what she can mean. She pours me a drink and asks if I have come dressed for fun. I reply that I have and she says why don't I get rid of any unnecessary clothing while I am waiting for you. I don't need to be asked twice so ... Continue»
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"Poker Night" - The Leatheress, episode

"The Leatheress"
Episode 1 - "Poker Night"

I hadn't gone to Bruce's house that night with any expectation that I'd be finishing the night by blowing him on is black leather sofa, but that is the way it turned out. Don't get me wrong; I'd had an interest in him ever since the first time I saw him reporting on my local evening news, but it's not like I truly ever had envisioned a scenario where such an interest would grow to become anything more. It is just funny how things work out, sometimes.

I guess we should probably start with some backstory. Myself, I always had an interest in dre... Continue»
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Barebacking a Female Gloryhole Queen

I stumbled upon some amateur gloryhole porn on the Internet about 7 or 8 years ago. The videos were amateur and showed and attractive woman, perhaps early to mid 30s, sucking and fucking cocks though the hole in the wall while porn played on a screen next to her. There was something so mesmerizing to me about the way she obviously loved what she was doing. She slurped and sucked the anonymous cocks almost lovingly. Then she would get up off her knees and usually pull her sweatpants down or skirt up and just back her cunt up to the hole and let whomever was on the other side enjoy her pus... Continue»
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Mostly True

There were definitely better jobs than being a landscaper. Hell, working two jobs now and the part-time one I was pulling paid as much in two days that I got a week here. Still, I got up every morning around five and by six-fifteen garbage bag tied to a belt loop and picker in my hand. I’d go out onto the dark parking lot of the local mall. To police cans and crap till the sun comes up. Why did I do this?

“Hey darling, over here.” Peeking round the delivery door calling to me as I came round the curb. Michelle is blonde green eyed and to put it country simple trailer trash. Good looking we... Continue»
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Surprise of a lifetime

Well I thought this might be worth sharing. Sorry for the background information but it’s needed to set the scene. My step son had divorced his wife and left town. I remained in close with his ex michelle (name changed) because of the grandk**s. I would help out all I could fixing things around her house etc. One evening I had been over fixing a bad burner on her range. She had a bad day at work and had a few drinks and when I finished I sat down and enjoyed a few shots with her.
To this point our relationship was the typical FIL DIL. Now with things changed , conversations were different. I... Continue»
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Something about Tricia ..

I'm a straight white guy but recently have become curious about Tgirls.
Tgirls are wonderfully sexy and beautiful, but between their legs is a
cock. They say that they are women born into a man's body. I'm not sure
about that, but I keep hearing that they really know how to please a man.

I would never consider being with another guy, but lately I've been
wondering if I could be with a Tgirl and just enjoy their fem side. One
afternoon I browsed the t4m section on CraigsList, looking for a Tgirl I
might be comfortable with.

I saw an ad that caught my interest, "Tgirl seeking ... Continue»
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Late Night, very kinky, sexy time

I had been horny all day, and playing with my butt here and there. But we were watching TV before bed, not really planning on having sex. However, the show we were watching had a lot of sex in it (Ascension on Syfy, everyone has sex with multiple partners), and my partner got really turned on by it. Even though it was late, she really wanted to play.

I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I saw how wet she had gotten, they were full of her... Continue»
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My first abuse and humiliation

I can't see, my nipples are on fire and my throbbing cock is being teasingly stroked, all's well.

I don't get to cum without my partner and due to an extremely busy week with no physical contact I'm extremely pent up, my balls are full and my mind has been utter filth for the last 4 days. In our time apart I am permitted, no, encouraged to touch myself, edge, tease, but never cum. That is her semen, her orgasm and her property between my legs, but she always likes to have her fun before I get my release.
I answered the door in just a dressing gown, she kisses me and smiles, quirking an eye... Continue»
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I've been learning to smoke! Part 2 - The Rev

So late last night my hubby sent me a quick text from the airport to let me know he'd landed and would be home in about 45 mins, I sent one back to say I couldn't wait to see him, I'd really missed him. Then a few minutes later I sent "To be completely honest, it's your cock I've missed most, I hope you're not tired because I'm gonna need to feel it in all my holes tonight!" Followed by "I'll be upstairs waiting, be naked and ready for some fun when you come up"

I got a quick thumbs up text back so I went up and got ready, chose some dark makeup to accentuate the roll I planned to play, got... Continue»
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The Purge

Funny thing about Crossdressing, the love of the silk, the satin, the lace, can be balanced with most intense feelings of guilt. Then in a fit your clean out because you are going to go straight. Clean up your act all that stuff. So bags of carefully gathered items are consigned to the waste bin of life. Unfortunately, as I have progressed through life I have realised that crossdressing and association with womens lingerie is not a phase, it is just part of me.

Alright, I admit it – it’s a sexual thrill. It’s not a desire to transition or anything like that. It’s the joy of obtaining th... Continue»
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Interracial Office. Tony and Paula

I hope you get off reading this. Please vote and leave comments. So I know what you liked or hated!

Anthony Stewart Smith stood looking out across the southern part of the city thinking. He saw his tailored dark gray pinstripe suit reflected like a ghost image in the window and he smiled. He had come a long way from the projects. He had left behind the d**gs, the whores and the nightly gunshots. He remembered the summer the Hispanic gang decided the block he lived in was going to belong to them. It was dumb luck he was standing beside the state representative when he saw the gun. It... Continue»
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Seduced by my auntie Rita and uncle Peter

I was 18 and started work as an apprentice. I lived in Kent and worked in London. Auntie Rita and uncle Peter lived in South London. They were keen 10 pin bowlers and asked if I wanted to join one evening which I quickly agreed to. After we had finished it was late and my parents agreed that it would be a good idea to stay the night with them. I slept in their spare room and as usual I had a wank before I went to sl**p.

I wanked into a handkerchief, put it under my pillow and went to sl**p. I got up in the morning, had breakfast and went to work. The next week I went bowling again with the... Continue»
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