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First Cuckold Experience

This is a story of my cheating ex-girlfriend (gallery on my page is of her) that turned me onto the cuckold lifestyle. It is 100% true, with only the boring extra details left out:

It started when I was dating a girl about 2 years ago. She was 22 and I was 21. We had been dating about a year when I discovered that I was her cuckold.

To give some background, I was off at college at the time and she had decided to take a year off out of college and got an apartment on her own. We would spend most weekends together, but we were both very busy during the week to see each other all the time.... Continue»
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My Wife's Friend's Stocking Feet

I work at home so I often, I get to meet my wife's girlfriends. On a recent day, while my wife was out, one of her friends whom I had not met, called and asked if she could drop something off. I said, "Yes." She arrived about ten minuets later. The day was cold and kind of snowy. She rang the bell and I answered. She was very attractive in her blue jeans, turtle neck, boots and leather jacket. She handed me the item she needed to return to my wife and we stood chatting at the door for a few minutes.

I then invited her to come in and continue our conversation. She accepted. However before sh... Continue»
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Quick visit

My husband went out to do some running around when his friend stopped by for a visit. I told him he'd be back soon if he wanted to hang out for a little bit. We relaxed with a drink and a smoke as he told me about his "no luck" with the ladies recently. His ex-wife, broken dates, striking out at the bar.... Time went on and he said he should probably just go because he was supposed to have a date. "I'll probably rub one out, just in case. I don't want to explode on first touch since its been so long".
"Umm, I'd like to see that", I muttered. "I mean, if you have to jack off, maybe I can wat... Continue»
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Filthy Warehouse Sex

He took her panties off the door handle as he left. I would have too. They were sexy and reeked of my wife's pussy. I hadn't realized he had her bra also. I couldn't see it. She came out several minutes after he had split. She was taking small steps. Her clothes were on. Her hair was somewhat tussled, but not out of place. She sat in the minivan for a minute. She lit a cigarette. She usually only smokes when she drinks,but I don't think she had had a drink yet. She tossed the smoke and split. Now to retrieve the evidence.

Weeks earlier I had mentioned a fantasy that came to me. It was great... Continue»
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Friends with benefits, part ONE (Edith)

This is a fictional story.

My cell rang with a familiar melody, I picked it up and looked at the screen. It was my friend Edith. I answer it and her voice on the other end said, "do yo want pizza and a fuck?"

I just giggle, "damn woman...." Then she interrupted me... "what don't you like pizza???" She cracked up...

"Hey I am in the neighborhood, mind if I stop by?" Edith said.

"No worries, bring some beer, real beer, no Coronas."

"Ok, will be there in a few."

This woman has been my friend ... Continue»
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Me and myself

It was a sunny day sun shining birds singing so i thought to myself im guna make the best of today.

With that i dressed up in my silky panties under my normal clothing and went on my way, i was going for a walk down the river bank it was beautiful on a summers day even better when i was feeling horny and slutty!

As i got further away from public i slowly kept taking items of clothing off one by one as strutted more slutty like now wiggling my little ass i did this till all was left was me in my black bra and panties, mmmh i looked down at myself and got a shiver you sexy bitch i thought!... Continue»
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She wants it so rough

I've normally written blogs about my life but sadly this is only a story although it is based upon something that should have happened last month. The woman it is about is on here and we had arranged to meet to carry out what I am about to tell you. We were so close to meeting and it was me who let her down so by way of an apology here is what I think she wanted to happen.

We had chatted for a long time about certain fantasies her reading my building site blog had her wanting to be the woman getting gang banged so hard and getting so used roughly and we chatted about meeting and having suc... Continue»
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Caught in panties

Last month, my wife and I decided to get our bedroom decorated, but as I was so busy at work we decided to get a couple of quotes from a few professionals.

We decided to go with a local guy called Vic. He was in his forties, slim but looked reasonably fit and up to the job. It was going to take a few days so we left him to get on with it. My wife was working away for a couple of days and I was home based so at the other end of the house and out of the way.

I think it was the second day that Vic had been there and I had a meeting out of town, so he was left in the house alone for the da... Continue»
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Our Second Date – December 28th, 1974 (Satur

Our second date was on December 28, 1974. I got up around 7 am, cleaned up and went to the mess hall for breakfast. Didn’t eat much since I wasn’t used to eating at the mess hall – but it was bearable – just. I then drove around the base to become familiar with the layout, where I would be assigned, etc. There was a lot of construction going on at that time with new buildings being put up everywhere – it was nice to see.

I went over to the bowling alley which was open with league bowling going on – something about league bowlers – they seem to be addicted to it. I went into the pizza parlor... Continue»
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My black wife wants more than my little white peni

My wife and I have been married for two years now, she is an African American woman with a med Brown complection, smooth skin with nice long shoulder length auburn hair, always keeps herself looking very nice with the softest most refreshing scent. I often take long wiffs of her hair and body because she always smells so good. I really like how nice she keeps her nails, always a fresh manicure and pedicure with her hair always fixed to perfection. She stands 5'3, a nice 120, very curvy in all the right places, nice plump breast with nice size nipples that perk up and poke through her shirt if ... Continue»
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Board room and Stockings

Board Room part 1:

After the meeting Amanda had noticed Marty looking at her, in particular her legs and her new shoes, after the board room cleared out after a long day only he sat in there scribbling away. He could hear the high heels clicking on the tile floors as someone approached. there was Amanda starring in. What are you doing she said leaning against the door? everyone is going home, he replied finishing up on some notes then I'll head out to. He looked at her hair perfect, eyes sexy as always, a perfect taylored grey skirt suit, and 4" black high heels, she was the perfect busines... Continue»
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Brenda picked me up early the day we began our remarkable trip to the

beach. I really didn't know what to expect from this because even though I

lusted mightily for her, she had shown little romantic interest in me. We

got to our hotel room that evening, and after we had unpacked and were

preparing to go for a walk, Brenda sat down on the bed with a mysterious

look in her eye. She said, "You've always been good to me and I want to do

something for you that I k... Continue»
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my obedient wife

I'd had a tough day at work with the boss on my case as usual and I couldn't wait to get home to my gorgeous wife.
She waited for my arrival every evening,ever the dutiful girl that I married,and as soon as I got through the door my life took an
fantastic turn for the better.She was sitting exactly where I had told her to be and had prepared herself for me to my very exacting standards.My beautiful big breasted lady never disappointed me.I didn't have to utter a word to her such was the understanding we had.With a loving glance and nod of my head in her direction she instantly knew her wife... Continue»
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Publicly connected at a milking machine

This is a true Story we both have experienced. Traudl had published half a year before her death here at xhamster in German. (Öffentlich an der Melkmaschine angeschlossen)

For over a decade, we will visit to dance a bar on the outskirts of Vienna. Every April happens there for the regulars a fetish party (PVC, rubber leather). Admission there on evenings only for couples. High-lights are the performances of the female part of the couple. The man is in advance of the management his plans with his wife known so that the moderator may announce and moderate the appearance. There are usually 4 ... Continue»
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Turned into a slut

Turned in to a Slut

It all began innocent enough. As usual Tim's mom grabbed her six-pack of
beer after she finished the dinner dishes and retired to her bedroom for
the evening. We gave her about a half hour before we slid out the backdoor
to burn a joint. Back in his bedroom we played video games for a while
when Tim asked me if I wanted to check out the prono's his b*****r had
given him when he moved out a couple weeks ago.

Of course I was game. What teenage guy would say no. He pulled a box off
a high shelf in his closet. As we started flipping through them, ... Continue»
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Janice My Secretary

Janice My Secretary

Michael, who is 49 years old moved back to his hometown about two months ago. He had been living out of state since he started college. He was married with three c***dren.. His father owned a successful business and decided to retire. He asked Michael to take over the business. Michael accepted the challenge. Janice was 61 years old with short blonde hair. She had worked for Michael's father for the past 25 years and enjoyed it very much. She was his administrative assistant and did the job very well.
When Michael started working there he decided to ... Continue»
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Angelique's experience with cock sizes

My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said.
I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a damn cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it. I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet."
"What do you mean?" she said.
I said, "Angelique if you ever had a bigger dick, you would probably go wild as shit." "I think you're big enough for me baby, she said." "Why do you think that black guys are bigger than ... Continue»
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Wife seen by my best friend true

We had been married for about 7 years and had a great relationship. The sex life had been kind of dropping off over the past couple of years though. We were trying to spice it up a bit and I suggested we make a home movie. To my surprise my shy conservative church going wife said ok.

We set everything up and it was some of the best sex I had ever had. She did anything I wanted the entire time. When we had finished I asked if she wanted to see it and she just said no get rid of it. So we put everything away.

In a couple of days I was home alone and got it out and watched it. It made me so... Continue»
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Board Room

I have written a number of stories for an erotic Palringo group, thought I would post a few

Comments welcome.

Board Room part 1:

After the meeting Amanda had noticed Marty looking at her, in particular her legs and her new shoes, after the board room cleared out after a long day only he sat in there scribbling away. He could hear the high heels clicking on the tile floors as someone approached. there was Amanda starring in. What are you doing she said leaning against the door? everyone is going home, he replied finishing up on some notes then I'll head out to. He looked at her ... Continue»
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My Bi Adventures With My Wife

I was probably the last guy in my year to have sex with Carla. At 16, she
was addicted to sex and would offer herself to any guy who wanted to screw
her. I, of course was very naive and though I heard the stories about her, I
somehow figured they were just stories, even when some of the detail was
exactly that -- detailed!

Most of the girls kept a distance from her which didn't seem to bother
Carla. She preferred the company of the boys anyway. I had heard that she
did oral sex, swallowed cum, would take on two guys at once and had even had
sex with a guy and his girlfriend. It w... Continue»
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