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Velvet Crush's New John

“That’s my mom, that’s my grandmother and, of course, that’s me.” I said as I pointed out all three of us to my boyfriend, Anthony. We had been talking about my porn career and how I had gotten into the adult industry, so I showed him one the last films that I had shot with my mom and grandmother. It had been a huge orgy, bukkake film that we had shot together, each of us taking on 100 different Japanese men, whom our producer had gotten from our fan list posted on our online websites. They had volunteered to be in the shoot for a chance to fuck and cum on their favorite, extreme porn stars. A... Continue»
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Cumming from just looking at a beautiful vagina

This may seem far-fetched, but I had the unique opportunity of putting a pet theory to the test. When I was a teenager and in college I often thought that given enough (or even a little) time I could ejaculate just by going down on a woman, assuming her vagina was attractive enough. And, let's face it, as a lifelong pussy lover, there have been very few vaginas that I didn't find aesthetically pleasing. Of course, invariably performing cunnilingus typically resulted in 69-ing, intercourse, or at least a token handjob. So the opportunity to test this theory was always (happily) interrupted ... Continue»
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This is not about Jill and myself, but its food for thought. Have any of you experienced this reaction?

The Following Is A Testimonial From A Man Who Willingly Watched His Wife Have Sex With A Stranger And Regretted It:

"Like most people who consent to watching strange men have sex with their wives, I consider myself to be a sophisticated, impotent, and very wealthy man. I am rich enough to have most of the world's amusements at my disposal, and yet I often find myself quite bored.
My wife and I have been married for s*******n years. It's been a good, loving marriage, but the spark has ... Continue»
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I guess this is pretty weird but for a long time I've had this fantasy about watching a big, black man come in my wife. When I'm making love to her I think about it.

I finally told her. At least she didn't freak out. Finally admitting it made me feel better.

Then one night when we were messing around in bed she asked me to tell her more about the fantasy. She was holding my penis, which she knows lowers my resistance. But I thought the fantasy was strange and I didn't want to tell her more. She insisted. Since the cat was already out of the bag, I filled in some details.

I said that i... Continue»
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Riding along the edge with a slutty gurl :)~

We take our time in the shower making sure to be very clean, shaved, lotioned smooth and fresh... After choosing the porn - We slip into panties and bras, then do our hair and makeup - ohh the firetruck red lipstick is really hot! Soon enough we are doing nails and prepairing the room for a long steamy passionate session... We have several fun and wild toys to share... We pile them with extra towels on the bed tables... You choose some hot lingerie and we sit on the edge of the bed and watch each other dress... I slip into my yellow dress, black pantyhose and yellow 6" fuck me pumps w... Continue»
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The night he let his friends use me

Derrik called me and told me we were going out and that I was staying the weekend with him. I get excited every time he calls. I slipped into his favorite little red dress and drove over to his place. He took me out for dinner and we talked. Afterwards we drove back to his place. Usually if we are driving and it's dark he wants me to suck him or jerk him but today he just wanted me to wait.

We pulled up and walked me to the door and led me in. The house was dark as derrik led me into the bedroom. He later me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck as he pulled down my dress. He began lick... Continue»
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cock tail party for hooker

I was exhausted after spending the last 15 hours in airports. A simple flight from Atlanta to San Diego turned into a trip involving four different airplanes, and stops in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Bad thunderstorms were messing up air traffic all over the country, but San Diego was beautiful, as always. The cab driver dropped me off at my La Jolla condo, and made some comment about how it must be nice living in a place like this. Life had treated me well since I went to work for PJ. The money was rolling in, and I had upgraded my standard of living considerably. My ... Continue»
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Impregnating Lauren

The leaves were beginning to fall last year, and the rush was already on at work to increase productivity for year-end reviews. It was the additional stress that "broke" the proverbial "camel's back". Lauren and I had just moved to the Boston area from our
hometown in the Midwest. The cost of living in Boston was much higher than we had expected and money was tight, especially with the school loans coming due.

Lauren and I had been married for a couple years, and we were trying to start a f****y. For some reason, however, we were having trouble conceiving. I knew that it couldn't be La... Continue»
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My s****r

My s****r caught me crossdressing over the weekend when she stopped by, and she was rather interested.. She stood there looking at me as I was dressed in my stuffed bandeau bra, a black sports bra over that with a gray VS cammy, and I was wearing my black VS boy shorts panties under a pair of black yoga pants, my cock was hard and bulging out of the yoga pants! She said I love how you look! "You have a nice plump girl booty in those yoga pants!" she said, she too was wearing a white cammy a bra and black yoga Capri's.. I didn't know what to say after she said that to me, all i replied with was... Continue»
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Assignation with a lover

I always loved watching my wife with other guys, most of all I loved watching her suck their cocks until they came the bigger the cock the better. I really enjoyed it if they shot their load over her face, neck or breasts but seeing it ooze out of her mouth also did it for me, for her part Anne preferred his load pumping deep inside her cunt but happily let me have my pleasure.
One day she was meeting up with a guy she was having an affair with and suggested that I might like to visit a particular isolated carpark that they occasionally used for assignations at around about 1:00pm. I of cours... Continue»
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52 adventure in a little black dress

52 adventure in a little black dress
I am just the humble scribe in all this as I have never met this lady, and though I do know her name I am not going to give it or one or two other details to “protect the innocent” as there are a couple of folk who don’t need upsetting or identifying round the lady and perhaps the owners involved, locations too have been changed but with those exceptions this is a true story throughout.
She lives with her hubby and they both love k9 sex, for which they have been known to travel long distances.
So much do they enjoy the work that she now allows her... Continue»
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Joanie's Ordeal

I love taking long, baths. The feeling of warm soapy water embracing my young body, floating weightless and care free.

This time was no different, I allowed myself to space out, submerged my head under water for a few seconds, holding my breath as I let my mind wander off.
Pleasent flashbacks from last night began to surface and sent tingling sensations all over my body, concentrating between my legs. I reached down and slowly massaged my tender clit.

I was sitting in my boyfriend's car outside my house after a date. We were passionatly making out, his hands fondled me while nibbli... Continue»
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Pantyhose Wife's First Erotic Encounter

Pantyhose Wife's First Encounter

The first erotic adventure I had with my wife was when we first started dating. She decided that she wanted to start exploring some sexual fantasies that she had, so one night she got dressed up sexy. She was wearing her black satin business suit, with a silky tan camisole and matching silky half slip underneath. She finished the look with her shiny tan dance tights and black heels.

We decided to go to a local truck stop bar. Once we arrived, I told her to do whatever she felt like doing, so ... Continue»
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sensual bliss

you come home from a long day of work as I notice your back is hurting
your feet are hurting . your wore out from a long day

I cant help how tired you look you come to sit next to me to tell me your day as
I tell you about my day of work,

I stand up and stand in front of you and reach my hand out to you.
you look up into my eyes with a smile on your face.

I slowly walk you to the bedroom as I know your in pain and I open
the bedroom door for you as you notice a candles lit with some music and a nice open fire place

I turn you around to face me eye to eye as I tell you ... Continue»
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long saturday at the arcade

what you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting of a day I spent in a video arcade booth

its early Saturday afternoon, and i'm sitting here in an arcade video booth dressed only in sexy little bikini panties, training bra (for my little a cup puberecent like titties) and a white silky like full slip, I have left the door slightly ajar while I rub my little sissy clitty, which is confined in a tight fitting chasity devise, and tucked back between my legs, while watching a really hot gang bang video, hoping for some action. when I happen ... Continue»
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Lilprincess's alien encounter pt1

It all starts one strange evening while I'm out walking my dog in the woods and I come across some sort of alien aircraft. As I approach the spaceship I begin to feel disorientated, with an almost euphoric sensation taking hold of me. I stumble forward in an almost intoxicated state unaware of the situation I would shortly find myself in! My heart begins to race as the distant noises in the woods become louder and the realisation that I am not alone hits me like a freight train.
Now my thoughts of curiosity turn to fear, my heart feels as though it is about to explode out of my chest and a... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

I am laying here with my daddy's hand holding my puss. We just made love again but he didnt go into my butt. He kept saying he would but he didnt get it hard enough. I love my dad. He asked me if he could be my boyfriend. I will definitely tell him yes. I will go back to the beginning and explain how this happened.
I was introduced to sex very young. I will not tell you how young because I don't want pity. I have gotten past all my demons so if you are not reading this for arousals purposes then don't read it.
I remember being so young watching my mother having sex with men. I remember the ... Continue»
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Brittany The Cheerleader

It was my second year as an assistant counselor at River High School. I was young, in my mid twenties. Everything was typical in the small town school. I would help students with scheduling issues, direct them towards colleges, and help them with different scholarships and programs that would benefit them. It was entirely unremarkable and nothing out of the ordinary happened until I met Brittany.

One day a woman walked into my office. She was tall for a woman of her age, yet very slender and petite, with an almost non-existent chest, gorgeous round bottom, tanned skin, and long deep brown... Continue»
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kate 7 continued

We went back down stairs, she sipped the tea which had now gone cold, make me another one please she said
I ran down and made another when I came back she was in the bathroom just taking her bra off, put it on the bath please she said,
I watched as the bra straps slipped down her arms , and the cups slipped away exposing her breasts, her dark nipples erect,
Her fingers went into the waist band of her knickers and pushed them down over her thighs until they reached her knees then she let them fall to the ground
Are you enjoying yourself she asked, I was just staring at her beautiful body, ... Continue»
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I have to pay the school fees Day One



I enter the Headmaster’s study
“Ah, Miss Duval, thank you for coming, I need to have a word with you about your school fees”
“Not more bad news, Sir?”
“I am afraid so, following your parents’ conviction and the seizure of their assets by the Congo Government, your school fee cheque has been returned ‘unpaid’ by the bank”.
“I’m sorry, I do not know what to say Sir”.
“Well do you have any friends or relatives, who could help.”
“No, I know no one who could help. Sir”
“What about any assets or monies that you might have?”
“A few hund... Continue»
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